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Revvit's Tail

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The Reptools were each working on their respective Dinotrux as usual. Revvit had just finished working on Ty and made his way over to Skya to see if Click Clack required any assistance. Click Clack was happy to see his friend acting more like himself. “I’m still working on her gears, could you make a start on Skya’s neck?”

 “Not a problem.” Revvit jumped onto Skya’s treads and quickly climbed up to the base of her neck, then carefully continued upwards while checking that everything was in top condition. After finding no damage or loose parts he reached Skya’s head and noticed a bolt on the underside of her neck that required tightening. The angle was too awkward to use the bit on his head, so he transferred it to his tail.

 Or at least, he tried to. The bit got stuck near the end of his tail and wouldn’t go any further, causing an unpleasant grinding shock that Revvit was unprepared for.


 Skya was startled by the Reptool’s sudden outburst. “Is everything OK back there?”

 “Yes, sorry about that.” Revvit slowly straightened out his tail and retracted the bit back to his head. The grinding pain eased away and Revvit breathed a sigh of relief.

 But Skya still needed that bolt tightening and Revvit was not going to be able to do it. He leaned away from Skya’s head and called down, “Click Clack, I could use your assistance up here for a moment please.”

 Click Clack appeared from underneath Skya and looked up to where Revvit was perched. “OK, I’ll be right there.” There was no hesitation as he began climbing and it was a good feeling to know that despite his many anxieties, he had mostly overcome his fear of working on Skya even at her head height.

 When Click Clack reached Revvit he was ready to help with whatever complicated fix that needed two Reptools to repair.

 “I need you to tighten this bolt here.” Revvit indicated the bolt while Click Clack just blinked at his friend. Then his eyes narrowed as he thought about what he was being asked to do. A simple job that was only complicated by where it was located. Still, it should have been no problem for any Rotilian Reptool, unless for some reason they couldn’t use their tail.

 Once the bolt was back in place Click Clack loudly asked “Hey Revvit, what’s wrong with your tail?”

 Revvit lowered his head and quietly replied, “Well, let’s just say that it is not working at its optimum capacity.”

 Skya couldn’t really see the two Reptools where they were standing but she could hear them perfectly. “Revvit, what’s going on?”

 Revvit and Click Clack moved down to the floor where she could see them. Revvit looked back up at her with an innocent expression and tried to sound light-hearted. “It would appear that my tail has sustained some minor damage that has prevented me from using it to make a small adjustment to one of your neck bolts.”

 “Wait, your tail is damaged!” Skya exclaimed. “How bad is it?”

 “How bad is what?”

 Revvit turned around to see that Ty had joined them, the others coming up from behind and stopping in a circle around them.

 When it became obvious that Revvit didn’t want to answer, Click Clack spoke up for him. “Revvit has damaged his tail.”

 Even though this wasn’t exactly a surprise to Ty he still hadn’t fully expected it and he was especially unhappy that he hadn’t heard about it from Revvit himself. “So what kind of damage are we talking about?”

 “He couldn’t use it to tighten a bolt on Skya’s neck.” Answered Click Clack.

 “How come dude?” asked Ton Ton.

 This time everyone looked at Revvit expecting him to answer. Knowing that it was pointless to keep it to himself Revvit took a breath and said, “When I attempted to transfer the necessary tool bit to my tail, it seemed to become jammed and would not move past this section here.” He indicated to where the problem had been.

 Click Clack, Ace and Waldo moved closer to inspect the tail while the Dinotrux leaned in to try to get a better look. It was Ace who noticed the crack first. “Look, I found it!  This doesn’t look good Rev.”

 “She’s right.” Waldo added. “This whole plate section is damaged. I’m not sure it can be repaired. We’d have to replace it.”

 “Is it that bad?” Revvit asked, wincing.

 “Yes. And, I think it was stupid and reckless not to mention it earlier. I thought you were supposed to be smart!”

 “Wait,” interrupted Skya, “earlier?”

 Ty lowered his head closer to Revvit’s level but still spoke loud enough for everyone to hear. “You got hurt when you were pinned by that block at the lava pits.”

 “Yes Ty, I believe that is when I sustained this injury.” Confessed Revvit.

 “Hold on, you gave me an earful about pushing too hard when my pressure seal needed fixing”, Dozer scolded, “and then you failed to mention you got hurt and carry on as if nothing happened?”

 Revvit hung his head low. “You are right. I apologise for not mentioning it sooner.”

 Ty let out a large huff of air and left the garage, clearly not happy. Revvit watched him go and then looked to the floor again.

 “I am truly sorry. I did not know the extent of the damage until this moment, although I did suspect, and I should have said something.” Revvit lifted his gaze to look at the door where Ty had disappeared and then at his tail which, although looked fine from where he was sitting, did not feel right at all.

Skya hated seeing Revvit looking so down, and she had a feeling that it was more to do with Ty than anything else. She moved closer to Revvit and lowered her voice so that only he could hear. “Don’t worry. He isn’t angry with you. Just worried.”

Before Revvit could respond Waldo gave him a nudge and ordered him over to an area of the garage where there was more light. “Better see what we’re working with here.” Revvit complied without a word and Skya assured him that she would go and check on Ty for him.



“Hey Ty, wait up.” Skya caught up to Ty halfway down the ramp. He turned to face her looking angry but Skya could see the worry there too. And something else that she wasn’t sure of. “Where are you going?”

“I just need to clear my head.” He started to turn to leave again but paused when Skya continued.

“You wanna talk about it?”

Ty heaved a sigh, his head hanging low. “I’m just…angry. But not with Revvit. That’s why I needed to get out of there.”

“I don’t follow.”

No, thought Ty, but Revvit would. “I’m angry at D-Structs. And the volcano. And…”

“Yourself.” Skya realised.

“Yeah. I should have realised sooner that there was something up with Revvit.”

“How? Even Revvit didn’t realise how bad it was until just now.” Skya reasoned.

“But I bet he suspected it and didn’t mention it or think to get it checked!”

Skya gave him a pointed look.

Ty sighed again, calming himself a little. “OK, so maybe I am a little mad at Rev.” Ty admitted sheepishly. “I just wish he had talked to me sooner. We normally have each other’s backs, you know?”

Skya smiled gently at him. “Well, I think he could probably use you in there right now.”

“But I came out here so that Rev wouldn’t see me angry and think it was because of him.”

“Ty, Revvit thinks you left without saying anything because you’re mad at him. He really is sorry that he didn’t say something earlier.”

Now it was Ty’s turn to look upset, and his worry for his friend was showing through even more.

“C’mon, maybe we should go in and see how the Tools are getting on.” Skya suggested.

“I dunno,” Ty hesitated, “I might stay out here a little longer. Though I do feel better. Thanks for listening Skya.”

“Any time Ty. I’ll see you inside when you’re ready.” Skya turned to go back to the garage while Ty continued down the ramp. Before he could reach the bottom however, there was a shout of pain that both Trux recognised as Revvit!