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Revvit's Tail

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With the other three Reptools surrounding him, Revvit had again explained what had happened at the lava pits when he was pinned and then when he had been trying to use his tail. This included a description of the grinding feeling that was generated when the tool bit had gotten stuck. That had sent a full body shiver up Click Clack’s frame.

“It makes sense,” said Ace. “The dent here is big enough to block the bit from getting through. It’s a good job you managed to get it back out or this could have been a whole lot worse.”

“How does your tail feel without a tool bit stuck in there?” enquired Waldo.

Revvit slowly flexed his tail, noting a slight grinding feeling again as he did, though it was certainly not as bad as it had been earlier.

“Can you still use y-your tail spray?” Click Clack asked.

“Hmm, I have not tried.” Revvit shot an experimental blast of air from his tail. They could all tell that it had been weaker than usual.

Ace suddenly turned around and ran to the area under the nearest window where a stray leaf had yet to be cleared out. Bringing it over to hold it against the crack in Revvit’s tail she said, “Do it again Rev.”

Revvit complied and the leaf gently fluttered as air escaped from the split plate. “It might not be too bad,” Ace consoled her friend. “Fixing the plate might be enough to stop the air leak.”

“Yeah, well we won’t know for sure until we get that plate off and see the damage inside.” Waldo countered.

Ace shot him a ‘look’ as Revvit’s worried expression deepened, while Click Clack was looking like his was going to lose his bits. Waldo looked apologetic but didn’t say anything else.

“How about spinning your tail without a bit inside it?”

Revvit gave it a try and instantly felt the grinding shock again. The pain was so sudden and so much worse than before that it knocked him off his feet with a yell, startling Click Clack and causing him to jump so hard that he lost a couple of bits as he tucked his head in and fell to the side.

“Woah, Revvit I think you sparked! Do it again.” Ace shouted excitedly.

Revvit winced as he picked himself back up. “I would rather avoid doing that again, if it is all the same to you.” The pain had diminished a little, but it was still present enough to send his head spinning as he stood and the threat of losing his bits made him shut his eyes briefly.


Suddenly, there was the sound of two larger engines rushing towards them followed by the sight of Ty and Skya re-entering the garage.

“Rev! You OK? We heard you shout from outside!”

Revvit opened his eyes, pleased that the garage was back to its usual stability. He turned to face the Dinotrux, the pain settling into something more manageable.

“Yes, I am fi…” At Ty’s glare Revvit trailed off and tried again. “I am OK, but I believe that my tail is not.”

The clinking of bits announced Click Clack’s reappearance as he said in a shaky, panicked voice, “Your tail is definitely not supposed to do that!”

Ace and Waldo caught Skya and Ty up on what they had learnt so far while Ton Ton and Dozer re-joined them, forming a circle around Revvit again. As the others began a debate on what to do next, Ty focused his attention more on the Reptool at the centre of the topic of discussion.

Usually Revvit would be adding his ideas to the conversation but he was staying unusually silent. In fact, it was clear to Ty that he didn’t want to be a part of this conversation at all. Lowering his head down to Revvit’s level so that no-one else would hear, Ty asked “How you doing Rev?”

Before Revvit could answer, Ty sternly added, “Don’t say you’re fine. I’ve realised that you don’t use ‘fine’ with the same definition as the rest of us.”

Revvit gave a sheepish expression and looked like he was really thinking about the answer before he gave it.

“To be honest I would rather be anywhere else right now. I am uncomfortable with the amount of attention that I am receiving.”

“Really?” This had genuinely surprised Ty who usually watched with pride as his much smaller friend conveyed his ideas with confidence. “But you regularly have everyone’s attention on you. Like when we come up with builds and etching out the plans.”

“That is different.” Revvit shifted uneasily. “This is a level of scrutiny that I am unused to. Also, when I am etching…”

“It’s for a build.” Ty finished for him.

“Exactly.” Revvit was glad that Ty understood. In fact, he was glad that there didn’t seem to have been any irreparable damage to their friendship.

“Ty, I am truly sorry for withholding this injury from you. And, thank you for being here.”

“No problem Rev. I got your back.” Ty smiled, receiving a grateful and relieved expression in return. He straightened up, tuning back in to the conversation around him and noting that Revvit was at least paying attention now as well. It quickly became obvious that Ace and Waldo were both in agreement about having to replace the tail plate; a concept that had Click Clack looking queasy again and honestly made Ty a bit uneasy too. Revvit, unsurprisingly, seemed to have accepted this news like he was expecting it. The debate now was how they were going to replace it.

Waldo was adamant that there were no spare parts at the garage that would be useful. Ace instantly volunteered to go the Ravine.

“There’s bound to be spare tail parts there.” She sounded so confident that the discussion moved on to removing the damaged plate while she and Ton Ton, who had happily offered to go with her, left on their parts run.

Click Clack was not happy to learn that he would be required with the repair, his bits already shaking at the idea.

“Do not worry Click Clack,” Revvit reassured him, “I have no doubt that you can do this.”

“Th-thanks Revvit.” Click Clack didn’t stop his shaking, but it was clear that he appreciated the vote of confidence in his abilities.

After that it was a matter of waiting for the replacement tail plate before they could start.

“Just don’t do anything that could damage your tail even more.” Ordered Waldo as he wandered off, presumably to go and sort something. Click Clack decided to visit his panic box for a while. Skya and Dozer left to go and get a drink of water, already arguing before they had left the garage. That left Ty and Revvit, the latter finally relaxing now that he wasn’t the centre of everyone’s contemplation.

“Hey, Rev? If your tail plate is coming off anyway and it’s making things…grind, “Ty winced as he said this, “in there, how come we aren’t taking it off now before it can do more damage?”

Revvit always enjoyed answering genuinely inquisitive questions when he could.  “Once my tail plate has been removed it will mean that the inner workings of my tail will be exposed, leaving them unprotected from more serious damage. It is not a good idea to leave it that way for too long.”

“Oh, OK.” That hadn’t done much to put the T-Trux’s mind at ease, but he accepted that the Tools knew what was best. And if he had to help his friend to resist using his tail for a little while, he wasn’t going to complain.

They decided to stay close to the garage so that they would be nearby when Ace and Ton Ton got back from the Ravine. Ty decided to start by going to the ore station as neither of them had had the chance to eat since the day before. After their meal they headed to the water tank for a top up and then went for a wander around their home. Ty figured that with Revvit sat in his usual place on top of his head and them staying in close proximity to home there was little chance of anything too exciting happening to exacerbate the Reptool’s injury.

Passing the time by thinking up some new build ideas and upgrades they could make had helped to relax them both, and after a couple of hours Revvit was spinning his bits in excitement about what they had come up with. Eventually, they heard the unmistakeable sound of Ton Ton racing his way back across the Flat irons, and so began making the short journey back to the garage to meet them. The other Tools and Trux had had the same idea, which meant that everyone was present when Ace broke the bad news.