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Izuku laid on his bed in his dorm room with a flop. He’d been doing some late night training until he released how much time had passed. Looking over to a digital clock on his desk, he read 12:53 am. After a long, hot shower to ease his aching muscles, he just stared at the ceiling, reminiscing about the journey he had to get this far.

The sludge villain, the entrance exams, the battle fight, the sports festival, internships, training camp, the Kamino Ward incident, the provisional hero license exam. Every single step in his journey felt unreal, as if he’d wake up and find everything had been a dream. He’d go back to being a Deku, the name not one belonging to a hero, but one of a quirkless, useless waste of space, or as Kacchan describes him as.

Izuku rolled over to his side; wearing a pair of gray sweatpants and an All Might T-Shirt. Closing his eyes, Izuku thought about the people he met in his drive to be number one. All Might, his classmates, Aizawa-sensei, Gran Torino, Hero Killer Stain, the Wild Wild Pussycats, Kouta Izumi, All for One, and so many more that affected his stay at U.A.

They all taught him something that would motivate him to continue reaching his goals.

But Izuku couldn’t help but feel that another person deserved to be on that list.

His phone screen lit up, a ping echoing throughout his room and the silent dorms. Muttering a small apology to anyone the sound might have bothered, Izuku opened up his messages to see that someone sent him a text. Speaking of the devil…

Grabbing a light hoodie, All Might themed of course, he exited his room and the 1-A dorm. Trying his best to not get caught by any teacher, or worse- Iida (he can lecture you into regretting every decision you made leading up to breaking a rule).

Walking along a back path near the trees, Izuku found himself taking in the sight of the greenery in total darkness, the only light coming from the moon, giving a peculiar but soothing mood if that makes any sense.

Reaching his destination, Izuku stretched his leg, getting ready to jump. Activating One for All silently, Izuku shot balcony from balcony to get to the roof. He crossed the bare concrete to find the person that summoned him there.

“Hey. It’s been a while since I could see you face to face. With everything that went on, there was no time to do much of anything else.” Izuku took a seat next to the person, both now sitting on the edge of the Class 1-C dorms. One push forward could send him toppling off. The very idea sent a shiver of déjà vu to the green head.

“No kidding. I watched the news while you experienced it. I’m surprised half of your class isn’t dead by now.”

Izuku gave an agreeing hum that vibrated in his throat. The chilly night air made him wish he’d brought a thicker covering. “You wanted to talk tonight right? And I’m guessing it’s not about villains attempting the lives of my class.” Izuku stuffed his hands in the large pocket at the front of his hoodie to keep them warm jacket.

“You’re right. Talking’s nice and all, but there’s one thing I never really did properly.”

Izuku turned his head to make eye contact with the person for the first time this night. Violet eyes started deep into his soul while crazy, purple hair getting even messier from the blowing wind.

“I realized…after the Sports Festival…I never said a proper apology…or thanking you…”

“What do you need to apologies for? I should be the one saying sorry for flipping you like that at the end of our match.” Izuku grimaced slightly at the realization of how hard he had actually thrown the other.

“I do have something to apologies for.” Taking a deep breath, he explained. “I shouldn’t have said the things I did during out match. I just wanted to be a hero and get into the heroics course so bad, I was okay with other people hating me for all I said to get them to respond to my questions.”

Izuku felt a pang in his as he recalled his Junior High years. “But you shouldn’t be accepting of people hating you Shinsou! And it’s not your fault!” Izuku started out at the school in the distance form where he sat; the stars revealing themselves to the two after being covered by dark clouds. “I agree, you shouldn’t use things close to hitting home against your opponents, but you did what you had to in order to strive for your goals! Everyone does that! It’s what makes us human!”

“Yea but what good does it do when all your efforts are labeled at villainy!?” Shinsou raised his voice for the first time that night. “What good does it do when your goal makes people mock you for even trying?!”

The second statement made Izuku’s heart skip a beat, but not in a good way.

Useless Deku!

Quit tryin’!


You’ll never be a hero!


You’re just a quirkless freak!


I know a way you can get a quirk…pray that you’ll get one in your next life and take a swan dive off the roof!


Izuku scooted a couple inches away from the ledge, but still hanging off of it enough for his legs to dangle. “Believe me when I say Shinsou, that no matter what, you can’t give up. You’ve come way too far for that, and giving up will just put all you efforts to waste. Work hard for what you want, and one day, you’ll be able to achieve becoming a great hero. I know it.” Izuku took a hand out of his pocket and placed it above Shinsou’s clenched fist. He felt the fist relax steadily, until it laid limp.

“Damn. You really have a way with words, don’t you? Every time we talk, you get your way into my head, overriding the taunts that circle around my mind.” Shinsou stared up at the small dots that freckle the midnight sky, enchanted for a moment of their beauty.

“I’m always here if you ever want to talk. Why else would I be sharing the cold roof of you dorm at one in the morning?” Izuku joked.

“Cause you’re you. And your personality demand you to butt into everything, but it’s okay, cause you manage to find a solution to everything that you butt into.” Shinsou brought his head back down, neck a bit sore form craning so high. “I wanna tell you a story………one of a kid’s dreams to be a hero.”

Izuku found himself being lulled in, listening to every word.

“This kid…he wanted to be a hero for as long as he could remember, even before he got his quirk. And he believed that he could. Then one day, his quirk came in. But that’s when things started going south. The kids in daycare no longer wanted to be near the kid, and adults just rode him off as a problem child. He was constantly blamed for things he didn’t do, everyone believing the lies and adding on to the ridicules.”

Shinsou took a pause, pain showing on his face, but not the physical kind.

“They called him a kid with a villain’s quirk, and it soon turned into them calling him a villain in all. One with a quirk perfect to commit crimes and k-kill people.”

Izuku figured out from the first few sentences on whom this ‘kid’ was, but the next sentence confirmed it.

“He could control people, brainwash them, if they spoke to him.”

But that just meant that this was his past. A past just as bad as his own…

“They feared the kid. Afraid that he would take them over and make them do whatever he wanted. But what they didn’t know was that the kid was scared of his own quirk, just like the others. The kid- he didn’t want- he didn’t want people to be scared of him. He didn’t want others to shun him for something he couldn’t control! The kid just wanted everything returning to like things were! Having friends! Having a loving mother! Having a caring father! Being able to show his quirk off to his classmates and them saying it was cool!”

At this point, tears were starting to accumulate at the bottom of Shinsou’s eyes. Izuku’s eyes weren’t dry as well, the opposite actually. He started crying before Shinsou could.

“H-He didn’t want to be called a villain. He didn’t want to be taunted and bullied every moment of his life. He didn’t want to have to stay on guard all the time for surprise attacks. He didn’t want the beat downs, the humiliation, the bruises, the insults, the missing shoes or clothes, the looks of the disgust, the discouragement, the lack of faith that he’d be able to achieve his dreams! HE NEVER WANTED ANY OF THAT!”

Shinsou started to scream at this point. Izuku wouldn’t be surprised of someone discovered the two being up here. But now was not the time to think about that. Reaching out to the purple haired student, Izuku pulled him in a tight and clenching hug. He felt arms come around him as well, throating to squeeze the breath from his lungs.

“H-He…he just wanted to be called a hero.”

The two stayed like that for a while, taking in the heat the other was giving. A few sobs escaped into the air, but it was a wild guess on which snivels belonged to which person.

After what seemed like hours, but his watch telling him 10 minutes, Izuku and Shinsou finally released each other from their death grips.

“You look like a mess.” Shinsou said as he wiped away the remnants of his tears.

“Yours isn’t any better…your face is all red.” Izuku wished he brought tissues as well.

“Shut up. I just spent the last couple minutes pouring my heart out in telling my life story and the first thing you say is that my face is ugly?” Shinsou did his best attempt at a smile, lighting the mood after that whole……fiasco.

A moment of silence passed between them. It was spent just gazing out into the open.

“I need to tell you something too.”

Izuku’s voice cut through the quiet like a silver knife to the heart. Just like butter.

“Y-You shared your story…and I need to share one of my own…It’s also about a kid…” Izuku looked down to his hands, like ice from the fall chills. The scars reflected back in his face.

“There’s this kid who also wanted to be a hero. He had a best friend and they were going to be the Wonder Duo when they became pro. Start their own agency, have multiple sidekicks, be the number one and number two heroes of the whole world!”

The shine in Izuku’s eyes dimmed when he spoke the next part.

“But one day, one of the friends got their quirk……and the other…didn’t.”

Shinsou widened his eyes, knowing how this story was going to end.

“The kid was taken to a quirk doctor and was told that he would never develop one for as long as he would live. He was told to give up his dreams of being a hero. But he didn’t give up trying. He tried to move things with his mind like his mom…and tried to breathe fire like his dad…yet nothing.”

Izuku’s eyes felt wet for the second time that night.

“His classmates learned of his quirklessness, and word spread pretty fast. Sooner or later, the whole neighborhood had heard of the poor kid that lives in apartment 4c who would forever be weaker than everyone else.”

Shinsou found himself being able to relate to this kid.

“And worst of all…his friend found out about him being quirkless. From that day on, he was deemed to be useless and never being able to be a hero. But the friend still let him hang out with him during playtime or exploring the woods. He was happy for those moments. But it all came to a stop after an incident at a small river in the woods. After that, the friend began insulting the kid, becoming like all the others until….the friend became the number one bully, and the kid becoming the number one target.”

Izuku closed his eyes as he remembered that one day. The one day that changed his life, but started out as any other day.

“The kid was put down a lot. He was shoved, pushed, kicked, punched, burned, bruised….and yet no one helped him. Not even the teachers. What made it worse is that they knew….they knew the kid was being treated like trash…but they never did anything about it. Rinse, wash, and repeat every day for his life.”

Shinsou wished he had met this kid years ago. At least then they would have each other.

“One day, the kid went to school, everything starting the same. He emptied the tacks in his school shoes before putting them on. He walked to his classroom, pushed down to the floor twice on his way there. He went to his desk and tried to remove the harsh writings that his classmates had left for him to read. He checked inside his desk to see if pins have been left in there today. He took a seat, mustering a fake smile as he felt paper and spit balls hitting the back of his head.”

Izuku’s waterworks betrayed his wish to control them as they flowed freely in a tender stream.

“The teacher came in, saying that they needed to think about their futures as third years, but he threw the papers in the air and everyone cheered as they announced they’d be heroes. The kid raised his hand too, but went unnoticed. His childhood friend was in his class too, he always has been. He stood up on his desk and said that he’d be the number one hero, better than All Might himself, and everyone believed him because of his powerful quirk.”

Shinsou use to hate people like that. He still does, but Izuku had lessened that hate a bit.

“Things got bad as the teacher announced that despite his quirklessness, he still wanted to go to U.A. He was driven into a corner again; told that he would never achieve his dreams, never amount to anything. Things got worse after school. The kid wanted to go home and update his notebook full of hero analysis. But Ka- his friend had other plans. He tore the notebook he’s been working on for months using his quirk and tossed it out the window. He then……he then gave some advice.”

Izuku took a shuddering breath at the trip down memory lane, a lane he often avoided taking.

“H-He said…if he wanted to get a q-quirk……there was a fast way to do it…” Izuku opened his closed eyes to stare at the ground meters away below him. He spoke in trance, reciting the words that haunted his nightmares every once and a while. “He said to pray for a quirk in his next life and take a swan dive off the roof.”

Shinsou tackled Izuku down to the concrete, the green haired boy not realizing how far he had leaned down. Hands covering the tears now flowing out as if a dam had been broken, he shed the water that he should have let out that day and moment but didn’t for wanting to be strong.

“T-The k-k-kid w-went t-t-to the r-roof. H-He a-act-tually w-went to c-contemp-plate o-on j-jumping or n-not. He-He looked d-down a-at the g-ground a-and w-wanted to JUMP! H-HE WANTED TO JUMP AND GET THING OVER WITH! BUT HE DIDN’T! HE WANTED TO PROVE THAT HE COULD BE A HERO! HE WANTED TO SAVE PEOPLE WITH A SMILE DAMMIT!”

Shinsou and Izuku stayed like that, just one on top of the other in a side hug, the one half on top holding onto the other with a death grip.

“A-A-All the kid w-wanted to do was be a hero, and……..and he was able to get an opportunity to prove himself……… he took it…….and got to show everyone that he will be the next number one hero.”

Izuku questioned if she should be sharing this, but his mind was running high.

“He didn’t jump, and was able to get to meet his number one hero. And his number one hero told him that he could be a hero after he had proved himself……He was able to inherit his quirk, take the entrance exams, and he worked hard to get to where he is now….all because someone finally told him his dream was still in reach.”

The roof became enveloped in stillness once more, the two boys still in laying down, but now side by side.

“That hero… was All Might…..wasn’t it?” Shinsou broke it with his question.

“……yea. It was.”

“Thought so. During the Sports Festival, you gave off the same aura that he does.” Shinsou spotted a cloud that looked like a cat, but it was hard to tell while it was dark.

“You won’t…..”

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. It’s one thing that the former number one hero was a skeleton, but it’s another for the world to know that his quirk could be passed down. Villains would have a field day to get to you.” Shinsou’s final answer was that the cloud is shaped like a cat.

Izuku felt the warmth from the hugs sink into the cold cement he was laying on.



“What happened on his roof stays on this roof…right?”

“That’s agreeable.”

“Now that we let out the deep and dark parts of our horrible childhood, wanna get off this roof? It’s really cold.” Shinsou stood up, wobbling a bit, his head still pounding from the crying earlier. He offered hand to Izuku, who took it and got up to his feet.

“Your hand is cold.”

“And whose fault is that?”

“Hey.” Shinsou stopped at the door leading back in. Izuku was going to use One for All to get back to his building.


“T-Thank you for what you said at the Sports Festival…..and now too. You’re already a hero Midoriya. I need to catch up, huh?”

Izuku smiled at Shinsou, saying one last thing before heading off.

“I can’t wait to see you become one.”


Izuku walked down to the common room where half of his classmates were chilling out. He had just woken up and was thankful to whatever deity that it was Saturday. His eyes however, were not so blessed.

Todoroki was the first one to notice, going down from his room at noon to grab a water bottle. “Good morning Midoriya, your eyes are red.”

Izuku stiffened up as Uraraka came over as well. “He’s right Deku-kun! Your eyes are all puffy. You also woke up waaaaay later than you usually do. Are you okay?”

Izuku waved his hands in front of him, blushing from the close contact with his crush (and he was not talking about Uraraka ;) ).

“Um yeah! I’m fine! Just dandy! It’s just my allergies acting up! Yep! Just that and only that!” Izuku let out a sigh of relief that they bought that lie.

Izuku walked over to the kitchen to get a cup of water. His throat was a tad sore and dry.

Just as he was walking back, Aizawa-sensei was walking down the same hallway. When he passed his teacher, Izuku heard something that made him red all the way to the tip of his ears.

“I would give you detention for sneaking out past curfew, but only this once I’ll let it go. It seemed like you needed to talk things out with someone. Just make sure not to go out at night again. And Midoriya, if you need help with anything, it doesn’t need to be related to school, just ask.”

Izuku scrambled back to his room, his mood even better knowing that here in U.A., people take the time to care about him.

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Izuku laid on his bed, eyes refusing to go to sleep. Last night had certainly been eventful with everything that happened with Shinsou. He thought back to what he confessed. He basically told the purple insomniac about One for All! All Might trusted him with that and so easily he had spilt the beans about it.

Getting up and putting a shirt on, Izuku headed out of his dorm room and to the kitchen. He felt like a cup of herbal tea would help him count sheep.

What he didn’t expect was anyone else being up at this time.

Izuku turned the corner to find that the light was still on. It’s an unspoken rule that the last person in the common area turns off all the lights or else they all face the irritation of Aizawa-sensei the next school day. Class 1-A had left all the lights on once, ONCE…….and they regret it to this day.

Making his way in to the kitchen, he found a familiar hair of red and white standing at the counter. A kettle was on the stove, water inside could be heard coming to a boiling.

Izuku was about to announce his presence when he found something to be off. Getting closer, Izuku could see Todoroki grabbing at his prominent scar tightly. His eyes were furrowed and face scrunched. His gaze was firmly on the kettle, and if on a timer, it whistled loudly, disturbing the peace of the common area.

A hand lashed out to the scorching kettle, effectively knocking it down to the ground and the boiling water spilling out everywhere.

Izuku ran up to Todoroki who ended up sinking to the floor, eyes now wide in panic and breaths fast.

“Todoroki! Are you okay? The water’s hot! You’re going to burn yourself!” Izuku rushed over to his fallen friend. He seemed to have flinched when Izuku mention burning. Izuku cringed internally realizing his poor choice of words.

Hooking his arms under Todoroki’s, Izuku dragged his away from the mess and crushed the heterochromatic boy in a hug. Patting at his back, Izuku spoke softly in his ear, trying to calm him down. Todoroki’s nails were digging into Izuku’s shoulders and he was hyperventilating at this point.

“There there Todoroki. It’s okay. Everything is fine. Focus on my voice. Breathe with me, okay? Deep breaths….in…..out………out. You’re doing well. A couple more…..that’s it…” He guided Todoroki the whole time through what he believes is a panic attack. Izuku’s had these once or twice before on bad days when the weight of everything crashes down on him all at once. Luckily, he always had someone to help him through them and he wanted it to be the same for Todoroki.

Izuku estimates that they were in that position for another 5 minutes before he could feel the grip on his shoulders easing up. Two taps on his arm notified Izuku to let go now. He complied and stared at Todoroki’s face. A layer of sweat coated his forehead and the red and white sides of his hair were tangled with each other.

“I-I….um, t-thanks Midoriya….for t-that…I can…I can explain-"

Shouto was cut off with a hand squeezing his left arm.

“Let’s move to a better spot…and maybe get the kitchen cleaned up first…then we’ll talk.”

Todoroki nodded as he wobbly stood up. Walking over to the supply closet, he took out two mops and handed one to Izuku.

The freckled boy then walked over to the water on the floor which had been reduced to a slightly warm temperature. He guided the water using the mop, making sure it absorbed into the strands.

The reason he suggested cleaning the spill first was to give the other some time to collect his thoughts. He pierced over to his crush to see him picking the almost empty kettle and placing it back on the stove, turning the gas off to diminish the fire which had been forgotten about during the whole panic attack.

Once the water was cleaned up, Izuku filled the kettle with more water and placed it back on the stove, lighting the flame. With that done, he guided the still shaking boy to the couch in the common room.

“Todoroki, is everything okay?” Izuku started.

“I-The-It….I can’t-! It’s just…” The words were messed up in Todoroki’s throat as he tried to speak.

“You don’t have to force yourself to talk if you can’t. Here, I’ll make us some tea. Sit tight.” Izuku got up and walked to the cupboard to take out the teas. Selecting one that supposed to have a calming effect, he added it to the simmering water and let it seep. Once hot enough, he turned the gas off and poured the flavored liquid into two mugs.

Bringing them back to where Todoroki was sitting, head hung low, he nudged him to alert that he was back. Todoroki looked up and took the offered mug with a soft thank you. Izuku cradled his own drink and sat back down slowly. The air held a strange peaceful vibe, odd considering what just happened minutes ago.

“I-I think I can talk now…” Todoroki broke the silence.

Izuku smiled softly at the boy in front of him and encouraged, “Take you time.”

Todoroki stared into his tea cup, as if the transparent liquid held the secrets to the world. “E-Ever since the…incident…with my mother…I’ve never been able to…this is embarrassing…I’ve haven’t been able to use a kettle…What you witnessed is what happens when I hear the sound of one… that especially causes me to-to…”

Todoroki grabbed at his head, his cup of tea would have been the second mess of the evening if Izuku hadn’t caught it by the base, somehow managing the liquid to stay inside. The glass mug was sweltering at his skin, but he has felt worse before.

Setting both his and Todoroki’s drinks down in the coffee table, he reached over to the other and cradles him into a loose, sideways hug. Izuku had his arms around the dual quirk user’s shoulders while Todoroki still clutched his hair, causing the mixed strands to blend even further.

“Because of that moment, I-I can’t stand that sound. That sound……right before-right before…” Shouto released his hair and returned Izuku’s embrace, clasping firmly to the green haired, head pressed his chest. “It hurt…it hurt so much that day…it felt as if my face was melting off…I can’t remember much after that…but the pain was as clear as day…every time I see my scar, my memories go to that one moment…”

Not wanting to interrupt, Izuku listened patiently as Todoroki went on and on, saying fragments of sentences of his past and feelings. He sat there holding Todoroki, rocking him back and forth like a mother would do to calm a child.

“I can’t even make a simple cup of tea without remembering the pain I felt that day…the fear it was going to happen again…like I’m going to lose someone important again…please don’t leave me…please don’t disappear Midoriya…”

Izuku knew he should feel bad for blushing at a time like this from his crush on the boy in his hands, but emotions were going faster than Iida when using Recipro Burst. The guy of his dreams just told him to stay by his side! How else was he suppose to feel?!

But the puppy love aside, Izuku gave reassuring hug to Todoroki. “Don’t worry Todoroki. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be here for you. Everything is going to be okay. You know why?”

“C-Cause you’re here?” Todoroki released Izuku for a second time and wipe away leaking tears.

“And I’m not the only one. All your other classmates are here to support you at the drop of a hat- okay maybe not Kacchan- but everyone else is willing to help! And there’s also the teachers like Aizawa-sensei or All Might!” Izuku leaned in so his forehead was touching against Todoroki’s. “And you no longer have to be stuck in that past. You already made things up with your mother and I’m sure things are progressing between you two.”

“They are…..T-Thank you Midoriya…for everything…” Todoroki could feel his heat sunk a little when Izuku took his head off of his own.

Izuku was back to blushing, releasing what he had just done regarding physical contact. With the next words that fell out of Izuku’s mouth, his brain’s filter had taken a vacation. “C-Call me Izuku!” He could feel his face physically turn red as Todoroki stared into his green eyes in surprise.

That moment lasted for just a second before a small smile crept on Todoroki’s face. “Then can you call me Shouto?”

Nodding rapidly, even Izuku’s ears were converting to a shade of crimson.

Shouto reached down to pick up his cup of now warm tea. Taking small sips, he placed it back down and scooted closer to Izuku. Resting his head on the green’s shoulder, Shouto closed his eyes and let out a sigh.

“C-Can we just stay like this for a little, please?” Shouto looked up at Izuku with a pleading face. Not one to say no, Izuku snuggled up next to his warm/cold classmate.

Both fell asleep like that without realizing.

“You okay?” Shouto held Izuku’s hand as they walked through the street, their destination only a block away.

“Y-Yeah...I think I am! But what if she doesn’t like me? What is she’ thinks I’m not good enough? What if I make a fool out of myself and she never wants to see me again?! Idontthinkimreadyforthisactuallyyoushouldgoaheadwithoutmeandilljustwaitoutheretillyouredone-!”

Izuku’s ramble was cut off when she was suddenly dragged into a small alley and felt something incredibly soft on his lips for a good 3 seconds. He wished it was longer.

“She’s not going to hate you Izuku. I’m sure she’d going to love having you visit her.” Shouto led Izuku back out of the alley and on track to the hospital.

Two weeks had passed since Izuku and Shouto shared that moment in the common room. When both of them woke up the next day, they were surrounded by their classmates aweing and cooing at them. It was mostly the girls but Kirishima piped in with his own statement of them being manly.

Two days after that, Shouto confessed he had been harboring feelings towards him and had asked if he wanted to go out with him as a couple.

To say that it was the best day in his life was no exaggeration.

As of right now, the pair was heading to the mental hospital where Shouto’s mother was currently in. The heterochromatic boy wanted to introduce him to his mother and vice versa. Holding a small bouquet of flowers in his hands, Izuku was still shaking from nervousness.

The receptionist at the front gave them their visiting passes and the two made their way to the correct room.

“Ready?” Shouto asked.

Taking one last deep breath, Izuku donned a determined face. “Ready.”

Shouto opened the door to reveal a woman sitting in the middle of the room staring at the window. She turned her head at the door opening and a look of joy replaced her confused face.

Sharing one last nod with Shouto, Izuku stepped forward to introduce himself.

“H-Hi. I’m Midoriya Izuku….Shouto’s boyfriend. It’s nice to meet you.”


Chapter Text

Izuku smiled at the memory of last week. He had gone with his boyfriend to go see the latter’s mother. All he can say about her was that she rivaled with his own mother for the nicest and most gentle woman he knows. Izuku looked at the clock. It was past 11 at night so only a few late sleepers should be up still. He knows for a fact that Iida is asleep. And Uraraka is doing the same or having fun with the rest for the girls in 1-A.

He should go to sleep as well. Ever since the provisional license exam, classes were upped a notch and required more focus. Izuku still needed to finalize his new style that incorporates his legs more than his arms. A few new moves didn’t hurt either.

Slipping out of his room, he decided that a small cup of tea should help him feel better and send him into dreamland quickly. Izuku made his way to the common room, feeling a sense of déjà vu. Shrugging it off as increased paranoia for the dark (he’s always been a bit of a scaredy-cat); he enters the kitchen to find that once again, he is not alone.

“Oh hello Tokoyami!”

The raven male turned his head to face the green cinnamon roll.

“Oh, good evening Midoriya. How are you on this mad banquet of darkness?” Tokoyami casually said while making himself a cup of coffee. Izuku would have probably done the same if not for him wanting to actually sleep.

“I’m doing well! But why are you making coffee at night? The caffeine will cause you to lose sleep. It’s a school night too.” Izuku went over to the tea cabinet and pulled out a packet of his favorite, green mint tea. Heating water on the stove, he thinks how much faster this would have been if he asked Shouto to just heat it up straight in the mug. He then thinks about his great control on temperatures. That thought leads to if he’s able to control temperature anywhere on his body. Izuku wonders if he’s able to drink scalding tea by making his mouth cold. He asks if Shouto could then change the temperatures of his mouth while kis-


Izuku snaps out of his fantasy thoughts from the call of his name.

“Midoriya. The water is boiling.”

Izuku glances over to the kettle and sees the steam escape from the nozzle.

“Are you alright? You were mumbling as if chanting a spell to repel the demons of the dark hiding in the shadows of the room.”

Izuku brought his head down in embarrassment. How could he think of something like that! Especially at this time of night! He felt like Mineta, and that’s someone no one should ever feel like.

Tokoyami sipped at his now hot coffee pure black. Izuku look at his cup and winced internally at the bitter substance.

“Y-Yeah. I’m good. Just lost in thought.” Izuku turned the gas to the stove off to kill the fire. He pours the liquid into his cup and watched as it slowly turned color. A thought came up to his mind.

“Um Tokoyami?”


“Can I ask you something?”

“You already did.”

“O-Oh, I’m sorry. I should have worded that better. I actually needed to ask something else but if you don’t want to then I understand completely. I’m sorry for bothering you. I should actually leave soon if I want to be prepared for class tomorrow. But I was just curious and wanted to ask som-”


“U-Um yes?”

“You’re mumbling again.”

“I didn’t notice! I’m sorry!”

“No need for apologies.”

“I’m sor-”

Tokoyami wanted to cut this short.

“Never mind. What is your question Midoriya?”

Izuku snapped out of his rant of apologies and took up a bright smile at the opportunity. “Oh, I was just curious as to how you got your quirk!”

Tokoyami raised his eyebrows at the question. If Izuku saw him flinch a little, then he said nothing about it. “Why do you want to know, may I query?”

“I’m sorry! It’s not like I’m insulting you or anything but I noticed you always mention some sort of darkness to face and I never knew what you were referring to. But of course if you have something personal that you don’t want to talk about I understand like I said earlier and I also see you alone most if the time like your observing something can’t be seen if that makes any sense. And you always choose dark colors and scary things that I honestly don’t know how you’re not afraid of them cause everything I see them I get a chill down my spine but if that’s what you like then who am I to judge cause my room is basically filled with hero merch especially All Might things but who wouldn’t have his merchandise?! He’s amazing and did you know he has the highest rescue count since heroics began as a career? His debut was saving a hundred of people from a burning building and it was recorded that it was one of the most number of saves in any hero debut ever! I can’t help but admire him as an aspiring hero and I’m sure that you have your own opinions too so-”

“-Midoriya, I’m going to have to cut you off right there before my ears fall off.” Tokoyami held his hand up as to signal stop and Izuku clamped his mouth shut.

“I’m sor-” A look from the bird boi stopped him short.

Tokoyami gave a sigh, and took a long sip of his coffee. “As for your question, I believe it is something that I should never be proud of.” Izuku could see a sad look in the other’s eyes.

“What do you mean by that? Getting a quirk as a kid should always be a happy moment.” Izuku picked up mint tea, which cooled down to a drinkable temperature. He smiled sadly at the reflection, remembering the look of disappointment on everyone when he didn’t get his special moment during childhood.

“I mean what I have said. I must remain in darkness for it is where I have come forth from. And dark shadow also must stay where the light cannot touch.” Izuku thought that sounded cool, but one thinking about it, another question popped in to his head.

“Did something happen with dark shadow?”

Tokoyami’s face resembled one of resentment and regret, a feeling not too foreign to the green haired boy.

“I knew a day like this would come into the light, but I did not expect for you to be the first person I share this tale with, Midoriya.” Tokoyami crossed his arms and leaned against the counter. “It was November 14th, my fourth birthday had passed half a month ago. My head had already been slowly transforming it how it is now since I was two so it was evident what the mutation part of my quirk would be.”

Izuku paused at this. ‘Only the mutation part?’

“At the time, I had a friend. His name is not of great importance right now, but on that day, we decided it explore a cave we came across while on a joint-family vacation. That’s when dark shadow made his first appearance.”

Izuku had a feeling he knows where this is going…

“Cause there was little light in the cave…I wasn’t able to control him…dark shadow had attacked my friend.”

Izuku’s hands flew to his face as his eyes widened. “No……”

“The damage was permanent. Dark shadow fractured both his legs severely, dislocated a shoulder, and broke two ribs. While doctors with healing quirks did the best they could, his legs were far too gone.” Tokoyami squeezed his eyes shut, face twisted his regret. This was the most emotion Izuku had ever seen from the emo bird.


“I handicapped him! I took away his ability to walk and ended up bounding him to a wheelchair!”


“Not only that I took away his dreams! He and I planned to be heroes together but because of his injuries he gave up all hope! He doesn’t even want to talk to me anymore! I tried so many times to say I’m so sorry but he doesn’t want to see me at all!” Tokoyami let out a heavy sigh, catching his breath from his rant. “But I deserve it don’t I?”

“Don’t say that Tokoyami! You can’t blame yourself!” Izuku shouted out.

The room was engulfed in silence for a good, few awkward seconds before sound was made again.

“But I do, Midoriya. It’s something that’s been burdening me from the very beginning.” Tokoyami brought his arms to clasp himself.

“During the training camp…when I had to go into that cave…I may have been putting on a brave face, but I was scared to death that someone would come in and dark shadow would do something again. And then when the villains attacked and Shouji got hurt and I…lost control…it was like I was reliving a nightmare. It brought back memories that I’ve been trying to lock away forever…the feeling of being helpless, at the mercy of your own quirk...”

Izuku made his move and hugged the life out of the other.

Still in the embrace, Tokoyami continued to retell his past. “It took an actual pro hero to get dark shadow to let go of my friend…everyone was so scared that I killed him…my parents were staring at me like I was a monster and his parents looked as if I was the most wanted villain in the world. I hated the expressions on their faces as medics had to pick my friend up gently and carry him to an awaiting ambulance. That was the last time I got to see him in person. The other family cut off from ours and never wanted to talk to us again. The only reason I still know how he’s doing to this day is cause I try to visit him every week I can and the nurses there tell me his condition. They’ve known me long enough and I have built up enough trust at this point I don’t even have to ask before they fill me in.”

“Tokoyami…” Izuku squeezed harder, before grabbing the boy’s face and giving the hardest head-butt he could.

“Ah! What the heck is that for?!” Tokoyami exclaims out of character. He looks up from rubbing at the sore area and widens his eyes. He was crying. Izuku’s cheeks were streaked with dry tears and wet ones coming down.

“It’s not your fault Tokoyami. It’s no one’s fault. Your quirk emerged for the first time. And while what happened to your friend was horrible, don’t put all this weight onto yourself like this. So stop blaming yourself for something you obviously had no control over!”


“No buts and that’s final!” Izuku took a deep breathe to place oxygen back in his lungs, bringing his sleeve up to wipe away at the salty water dripping down his face. “A-As for your friend, I can’t say for sure that he will ever forgive you, or would want to see you again,” Tokoyami’s eyes watered as he listened to the green boi in front of him. “but I can say for sure that you will become a great hero in honor of your friend who couldn’t…and who knows? I could be just spouting nonsense at this point but just know that we’re all here for you Tokoyami. And we’ll all do our best in the future to save everyone, together!”

At this point, Izuku’s words caused small tears to trickle on the bird boi’s shadowed face. And while the tears held a small about of sadness to them, they were the good kind of sadness, the one that needs to be released with trustful people close.

The two short heroes-in-training ended up sliding to the floor in an emotional hug, letting all the built up pressure out to just……cry.

When the tears ran out, a few hiccups being all that remained, they separated and Tokoyami cleared his throat. “T-Thank you for that Midoriya. I…I believe I needed that.”

“I’m always here to help everyone Tokoyami! If there’s anything, and I mean anything, just know that you have a friend at all times.”



“Call me Fumikage. I believe that after all that went down in the past couple minutes, there is no need to still use last names.”

Izuku’s face rose to a small pink, signaling his embarrassment, but nodded his head. “Then feel free to call me Izuku, Fumikage!”

Seeing as the clock would not rewind and both were semi-exhausted, they bided the other a goodnight and headed to their dorm room floor. Giving one last final goodbye, the two headed into their own rooms, catching what little shut eye they could, yet they went to bed content. Tokoyami’s heart especially hasn’t felt this light in years.


The next morning, the students of class 1-A trickled down to the common room, yawns being the most heard sound. Thirty minutes before everyone needed to leave or else they would be late, Iida noticed that they were missing some people.

“Has anyone seen Midoriya or Tokoyami? It’s past their alarms and both are usually the first ones up.”

“I’ll go check on Izuku.” Shouto volunteered and headed up to get his boyfriend. Knocking on the door and receiving no answer, Shouto tried to door knob and found it unlocked. Alarms going off in his head, Shouto slammed the door open to find……Izuku still under the sheets snoring away. Quickly taking out his phone and snapping a few (dozen) pictures, Shouto gently shook Izuku’s arm and said in his ear, “Izuku, it’s past time to wake up. Are you okay? Do you need to take a sick day?”

As if a switch was pulled, Izuku shot straight up, unfortunately being in the perfect angle to hit Shouto in the chin.

“Ahh! I’m late! Why didn’t I wake up when my alarm went off?! Wait, did I even set it last night?? Now that I’m thinking about it I passed out as soon as I hit my bed. It was really late at night. By the way, did my lack of sleep causing my headache? There’s a small throbbing sensation on the top of my head but I’ve defiantly had less sleep than this before so I don’t think that’s’ the case but if it isn’t then what is causing thi-”

“Ahem, I-Izuku, I know you’re in a deep state of muttering, but please do remember I am still in the room and am currently restraining myself from pouncing on you.”

Izuku snapped up at the voice he could recognize anywhere. “S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-SHOUTO!! W-W-W-W-W-W-When d-d-d-d-did y-y-you g-get in h-here!”

Izuku also had the opportunity to look at himself to find he had been muttering while changing clothes so he was now standing in nothing but his boxers while in front of his significant other.

Giving a loud yelp, Izuku kicked Shouto out of his room and continued changing into his uniform. Grabbing his bag, he scrambled down the stairs after returning from the bathroom to freshen up. Checking his phone to see he had 10 minutes before he would be late, Izuku just grabbed an apple from the kitchen to eat on the way as he noticed the other stragglers (Mina, Kaminari, and Sero) had just left through the door.

Putting on his shoes, he noticed another quickly coming down the steps toward the exit.

“Good morning Fumikage!”

“A good morning to you to Izuku. It seems the darkness had put a curse on us to an eternal slumber if not for our comrades warning us of Chronos’s power.”

“I know! But we better hurry or else out classmates’ efforts to wake us up would be put to waste.”

The two ran out the door, checking the time every minute. When they reached the school building, they had 3 minutes to make their way to their classroom. Accepting the challenge, each dashed to the room, passing their teacher, Aizawa-sensei, in the hallway. The gloomy man was currently slinking his way to the room in caterpillar style, inside his yellow sleeping bag of course.

They slam the class room door as 18 pairs of eyes stared at the panting duo. Each had made it to their seats just as the bell rang, Aizawa coming in on cue.

The day continued as normal till the lunch bell rang. Uraraka, Iida, and Todoroki immediately crowded Izuku’s desk.

The green boi had to apologies profusely to the class mom while Iida lectured him on the importance of a good night’s sleep and punctuality. Another apology went to Shouto for what happened that morning. He had said the sorry was unneeded for he didn’t mind (Shouto was able to get one last picture before he told the other of his presence. It’s up to all your imaginations as to what the picture was of ;)).

“But Dekkun! I never knew you and Tokoyami were on such good terms!” Uraraka said. Shouto’s stoic face expression faltered for a millisecond before returning to normal. “When did that happen?”

Izuku smiled and spared the person of subject a smile, the other having seen it and nodded in acknowledgement. “Fumikage and I just had a bonding moment between classmates, that all.”

The rest of the day was spent in the usual chatter, everyone all breaking off to their respective friend groups.

But no one would deny the clear atmosphere between a certain cinnamon bun and a raven boi.


Chapter Text

Izuku woke up that morning feeling a storm brewing. He knew something was going to happen today, of course it was… He decided it would be best to just get it over with so he went down for breakfast, Mina had decided to make gummy bear pancakes for everyone! Before he sat down to eat the diabetes-on-a-plate, he decided to just up and ask “does anyone here need me to help them with something? I had a feeling something was going to happen today.” He looked around but most of his friends said that they were fine, but out of the corner of his eye he caught Kaminari looking apprehensive.

‘Denki isn’t looking so dank-i is he?’ Izuku mused. He smiled at Kaminari and received a wide but slightly strained smile back. Izuku decided that after breakfast he’d ask Kaminari what was up. The pancakes Mina made were good, but WAY TOO SWEET, Izuku felt like he needed to brush his teeth after he ate them. He decided that instead of doing that, he’d talk to Kaminari.

“Hello Kaminari-kun!” Izuku exclaimed. Kaminari jumped at the sudden voice, “Hey Midoriya!” he replied. Izuku looked at him and asked, “Is everything alright? You seemed stressed before.”

“Oh um, well it’s nothing really…” Kaminari claimed.
“It didn’t seem like ‘nothing really’” Izuku countered, “You can tell me if something is wrong.”
“I don’t want to be a burden, really it’s fine!”
“Kaminari! I want to help you, please let me.” Izuku pleaded.

Kaminari looked at Izuku and sighed, “Well there’s two things, the second one doesn’t really matter, but the main thing is that…” Izuku waited for the “big secret.” Kaminari glanced around, “let’s go to my room, I don’t feel comfortable talking here.” Izuku agreed after sending a text to his beautiful Todoroki as to why he was going into another man’s room.

After they got to the room and sat down, Kaminari said “I’m a little afraid of being in water, especially if there are other people with me.”

Izuku was confused, why would Kaminari, the boy with the electrici- oh. “Are you worried about you quirk?” Izuku inquired. Kaminari nodded, “I just don’t want to accidentally hurt anyone again… When my quirk first presented, I was taking a bath with my cousin. All of a sudden my quirk activated and… he… went brain-dead…” Kaminari looked like he was going to cry and Izuku listened with bated breath. “I have such hard time controlling my quirk normally so I don’t know what could happen what if I hurt someone… again… I don’t think I could keep going I’d-”

“STOP!” Izuku yelled, “Thinking like that doesn’t help anyone. Besides, I AM HERE to help you deal with your fear!” Izuku was sure he’d be able to help his friend; he just had to start with a few questions and a deeper explanation of wtf happened. “Could you explain to me what happened when your quirk first appeared?” Kaminari sighed and nodded, “Well, my cousin and I were being washed by my mother. We had spent the whole day outside getting filthy. My mother brought us inside for dinner and decided to wash us after we ate. We went into the bathroom and about 20 minutes into the bath my quirk presented. I… that’s when he… my mother was also hurt by my quirk but luckily only her arms were burned. Ever since then she’s worn long gloves and I’ve never been in a still body of water with another person.”

Izuku nodded absorbing the information, “So, I’m going to assume you’ve taken showers and baths since the incident? Well, did you lose control of your quirk then? This is of course discounting the first time you quirk emerged…” Izuku queried. Kaminari shook his head, ‘good, it’s all smooth sailing form here’ Izuku thought (a/n same here my dude).
“Then if you didn’t lose control by yourself, why do you think you will with other people?”
“Umm, because of the one time in my life when I was with another person in nonmoving liquid water?” Kami said as if it were obvious.
“That’s true but you’ve never discharged when you were alone, not to mention that the only time you have discharged was when your quirk FIRST appeared. When quirks first emerge, they are unpredictable and a poor child cannot be blamed for their lack of control. Don’t you think there an even lower chance of you discharging when you’re with someone else, especially now that you are older?”
“I mean… I guess… BUT STILL! I really don’t want to take any chances, especially with the pool field trip coming up. I still haven’t forgiven myself for that… incident; my aunt hasn’t either and I don’t blame her…”

Izuku had completely forgotten about the field trip, he remembered Aizawa mentioning it but he had been too busy staring at his gorgeous Todoroki. “So that’s the reason you’ve been so worried about this, also screw your aunt!” Izuku exclaimed. “Kids don’t know how to control their quirks yet not to mention the very first time they emerge they tend to be very concentrated, your aunt should know this!” Kaminari was very alarmed at the sweet boi Izuku yelling at his aunt. He did feel relieved Izuku didn’t blame him for the incident, though.

“Thanks for not calling me a monster. I know that I am in way better control of my quirk now, but the paranoia just won’t leave me.” Kaminari explained.

Izuku frowned, “Kami. You are NOT a monster. You were a CHILD; you couldn’t have known what would’ve happened.” Izuku then smiled and exclaimed “Kaminari, just remember; you are in control of your quirk, not the other way around. You want to be a hero, which means you want to protect people from harm. I have no doubt in my mind that you can control your quirk.”

Kaminari looked at Izuku with tears in his eyes, “Thank you for thinking that Midoriya, you’re right that I would never willingly hurt my friends but there’s still that fear. What do I do?” Izuku thought for a while, ‘well, he could practice in the school’s pool so that he’ll feel prepared for the field trip, it’d be best if he had his squad with him since he’s closest with them.’

“How about you practice in the school’s pool? Take Mina, Sero, and Kiri with you; I know you’d never hurt them.” Izuku suggested. “This way you can practice control whilst having fun with your friends!”
Kaminari looked up, “Yeah! I guess you’re right, I couldn’t hurt those guys; they’re my best friends. Thanks for the idea Midoriya!”
Izuku beamed, “No problem, remember we all trust you; we know you won’t hurt us.”
Kami smiled at him, “Hey dude, I know you’re pretty chill with Tokoyami and you call him by his given name so, please, call me Denki.”
“Okay then, Denki; please, call me Izuku.”
“Deal, Izuku.”

The two talked a little more about other things Kaminari could try to deal with his fear. They talked about him wearing a rubber bodysuit, staying in a separate pool, or just acting as the lifeguard. As they were talking Izuku remembered something, “Oh! Didn’t you mention that you had another problem?” Kaminari turned bright red, “Oh um, it’s nothing really…”
“Denki… we talked about this before.”
“Yeah but this time it’s about… love”

Izuku was surprised, ‘love? Does Kam- Denki have a crush?’ “So you’re telling me there’s someone you like?” Izuku was excited; he could get some tea help his friend more! Kaminari shifted, looking uncomfortable. “Yeah, I maybe, kinda, sorta like Sero… but I’m not sure if he’s into dudes so I’m hesitant to confess to him.” Kaminari explained.
Izuku smiled, “Believe me, he’s super gay. We gays have gaydar; you probably don’t have it because you’re bi, but Sero is definitely gay!”

Kaminari looked at him, “Are you sure? Because I don’t want our friendship to sour.” Izuku nodded, “Believe me, I’m sure. Besides he has pictures of shirtless superhero men in his dorm, I think it’s safe to say he likes men.”

Kaminari laughed at that, “Okay, thanks for the encouragement Izuku, I’ll ask him out!”
“I mean… sure, why not?”
“Haha, good luck!”
“Thanks dude!”

Kaminari walked to Sero’s dorm, he hesitated before he decided to knock on the door. He counted to 6 when the door flew open. “Kami! What’s up?” Sero asked, surprised to see his best friend this early in the morning.
“Nothing much, I was just wondering if I could ask you something…”
“Sure, what’s up?”
“Umm, could I come inside for this?”
“Uh, sure… just ignore the posters…”

Kaminari did NOT ignore the posters. Holy crap did Sero have a collection of shirtless superdudes, Kami realized with a gasp that some of them were FULLY naked (a/n that means showing penis). Sero looked very embarrassed at how Kaminari was absorbing his room, not great for a first impression. Sero realized with a start that this was the first time Kami had ever seen his room since they mostly hung out in Bakugou’s.

“Umm yeah, I like collecting… cool posters” He tried explaining.
“Oh they’re ‘cool’ alright.” Kami agreed.
“So, umm, what did you want to ask me?”
Kami breathed deeply, “I was wondering, would you like to, umm, maybe go out with me?”
Sero froze, “C-could you repeat that?” he squeaked.
“Would you like to go out with me?” Kami smirked.
“Nice! How’s this Friday, after the field trip?”
“T-that’s great!”

Kami left feeling VERY accomplished. Sero started squealing with joy, ‘omg do I finally have a boyfriend???’

Yes, yes you do.