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Ready Player Two

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You’d had the pleasure of not having to leave your room for three days. As you stood up from your computer to stretch and walk around a bit you were suddenly struck with another wave of apathy. It had been happening more and more lately. You’d hoped that this new expansion would quell the growing emptiness in your gut, but after pumping nearly the last 72 hours playing you’d completely lost interest. I should log off for a while. You switched your computer off with a sigh, the familiar chime of the powering off sequence striking you with a bit of anxiety. You don’t get out often. The world didn’t understand you and the feeling was mutual. That was why you loved playing games so much, there were rules, patterns, strategy. It was your bliss, and you poured over the texts for your favorite games and learned all the best strategies.

Playing competitively was becoming quite lucrative, and with your insane talent at the games you didn’t need to have much personality to hold a decent streaming fanbase. Much to your parents’ dismay you’d found a way to completely waste your life playing video games. They’d wanted you to step up and help with the company like your brother, but you lacked the drive nor the interest in such pursuits. You’d started playing professionally as a way to ignore their threats of taking your trust fund away. You had a steady income which was quite impressive, so they stopped bothering and moved on to other concerns. As they usually did. It was better that way, most people found you weird. Not like you brother, he was the golden child in every way. You weren’t jealous, it took the pressure off you. All you wanted to this point was to be able to hang out and do whatever you wanted. Lately it had been gaming more than usual, but you’d occasionally get obsessed with something or another and pour all that god given talent into. You could pick up on anything insanely fast, you could occasionally be quite charismatic (as long as you could keep your creepy ass sense of humor under control for the length of the conversation.), and you were very intelligent. If you weren’t so lazy and socially awkward you’d likely be a great candidate for domination in some field or another.

Not as a hero though. You had a really helpful and powerful quirk, but no real interest in using it. Being able to restore stamina in real time from a distance would be useful to quite a few fields that didn’t hold your interest in any way. You pretty much had to work for one of the Hero agencies, the police, the military, or in events like sports festivals. No thank you. This Cleric hasn’t met any worthy adventurers yet.

After a yawn you pop yourself on the cheeks with a light slap to get yourself going You throw on a loose hoodie splattered with fake blood and the name of an anime you like on it and a pair of leggings. You were out to impress exactly no one as you went questing out in the real world. There were a couple of items you needed for your inventory and you wanted to look into getting VR so you could start playing around with it. Maybe you could take your little game design hobby and focus on it for a while.

Would that make me feel happy again? It wasn’t that you felt sad, but for most of your life you’ve felt a numb sort of blankness. It reminded you of boredom. You could laugh and smile and enjoy yourself, but you were never truly happy. You never really truly felt much of anything. You were pretty sure other people could tell you were so blank inside, they were often uneasy around you despite you being on the surface very charming. They could just tell something was off, though they couldn’t put their finger on it. But, neither could you, so you didn’t mind it too much. Every now and again you would conquer something in the game that felt impossible and you felt a twinge. It was the most beautiful feeling and as hard as you tried to hold onto it, it would alway float away leaving you satisfied yet craving more. You shove your DS into the hoodie pocket just in case you find a nice bench to play on. I should really spend some time out, you think while also still keeping it as an optional side quest in your mind.

You shuffled out of your room and up the stairs into the main house. You looked around nervously but didn’t see any of the help or your awful family around and navigated your way through the ridiculously immaculate home the rest of your family somehow didn’t see as tacky and excessive. Like you had room to talk, your entire room was a shrine to excessive fandom and nerdy collectibles.

You got to the garage in a hurry and made your way to your car. -Quest Complete. 200 xp. New Quest. Drive downtown, don’t have a panic attack in traffic. Quest Reward? 300 xp. Limited Edition Comic book. Optional Side Quest. Speak to a new human. Reward? +1 Social Skills, -1 Anxiety.- You took a deep breath and hopped in the car. Piece of cake.

-Quest Complete.-


Tomura knew what he was supposed to be doing. He and Sensei had laid out a perfect plan to destabilize the integrity of hero society, gather more allies, and slowly pick off the pros before making a huge debut to overturn the system. Before he showed the world what he’d become. With Sensei and All Might finally out of the picture it was up to him alone to continue with the mission. His Numu army had gotten quite impressive since he’d acquired the programmer into the league. He wasn’t sure exactly how it worked, but the mans quirk allowed him to talk to computers and get information from them. He used it to pinpoint people with quirks of interest and monitor their movements with their cellphones. He didn’t understand it, but it made them 100% more effective.

He was burning with a sense of stress and irritation about carrying out the next step of his plan. He was sure something was missing and yet he couldn’t pin it down. He’d spent so much time pacing around the leagues’ base and running strategy in circles it was driving him insane. He simply worked better with someone to bounce off of and without Sensei he felt like he didn’t have anyone on his level to talk with. Kurogiri was a loyal and intelligent sidekick, but his inability to just straight talk him was a huge hindrance. There was simply no one on his level in the league anymore and the loneliness was pissing him off and making him itchy for destruction.

“We’re attacking the city. Get 4 Nomu and pick a place, Kurogiri. I don’t care if we lose them, but everyone else be careful and blow off some steam.” He turned immediately without addressing his stunned...minions? Hunchmen? Underlings? Guildmates, he decided. They were on a Quest to destroy the world. He wanted to just attack in force right now, but that wouldn’t satisfy the main plotline. He wanted to cause irreversible damage, not just some light terrorism. I need someone else in my party. Someone who would stand up to him but that he wouldn’t murder for it. Tall order. He was fucked.

It wasn’t long before his Guildmates (Yep, that sounded right.) had prepared for the raid on the city. They would cause 30 to 45 minutes of destruction before getting out of there and leaving it to the Nomu to do whatever. Everyone could have fun as long as they got back to the rendezvous point safely. The Programmer would stay at base and monitor everyone via their phones and keep communication with Tomura who was going to hang out amongst the crowd as if he was a civilian. Everyone looked at him with strange expressions and he shrugged them off. He just wanted to watch the destruction and clear his head a bit.

Plus there was nothing like being in the thick of it when you are OP as fuck.


You are on your way out of the comic book store when you spot really comfortable bench across the square that doesn’t look crowded at all. There was just a dude with a hoodie playing with his phone. You could tell he was gaming because it was turned sideways and his expression would change as he tapped more furiously or leaned to one side. Seems safe over there. You swing by the little coffee shop and get a frozen coffee before moving over to the bench kind of close but not too close to the guy in the hoodie. He looked tired but around your age and he was completely focused on his game. You smile to yourself. My people. You take a gulp of your delicious coffee and pull out your DS, firing it up while poking your finger into the whipped cream topping and licking it off. As soon as the game fires up you are instantly immersed as usual. You’d forgotten you left off in the middle of a battle and quickly shoved your coffee to your side on the bench and started playing wildly.

Since you were a healer in real life you always played a thief or assassin character in games. Being sneaky and evil was always more fun and the plots of the games you liked always had the best strategies for the evil factions. Right now, the Kings Mages were attacking your stronghold, why did you pause in such a precarious situation? You cursed your past self and dove in trying to assess the situation as quickly as possible.You were so lost in the game you hadn’t noticed your panic has caught the attention of the guy on the next bench over, who was now subtly watching you while tapping emptily onto his cellphone.

-Quest Complete. Reward: 75 gold, Stronghold Upgrade, Title Upgrade: Enemy of the Mages Guild.- Very cool.

It took a moment before you became aware of your surroundings again. You shook your head lightly and noticed the look the man next to you was giving. It was amusement and was that attraction? No way. You were taken aback by his direct eye contact, they were red and tired looking but burning in a way you had never seen before. It was terrifying and exciting and it shook you to your core. Who the fuck did I just catch the attention of?Your stomach jolted while all the alarm bells in your brain went off, making your arms swell with goosebumps and your body start pumping with adrenaline. Your heart raced and you forgot how to speak. It was the first time you’d felt anything this intense in as long as you could remember. You’d never felt so alive. The terror was quelled by the sheer excitement of having the fog cleared for a moment. His eyes continued to bore into yours while you let all of these new intense emotions wash over you.

He watched you the entire time. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you from the second you’d caught his attention and now that you were looking back at him he was frozen. You were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He’d watched the fierceness in your body when you were gaming and he could see it even stronger in those dead eyes when they lit up after you’d won. When you looked up at him and made that face he couldn’t read, it made his heart beat fast. You looked ecstatic to see him and it caught him off guard. Even in his civilian clothes he knew he gave an aura of fear to those around him. It was kind of the point as the leader of the League of Villains, yet you had come to sit right next to him on the next bench over and were now looking at him with a nervous happy face. Like a schoolgirl with a crush. Was he misreading this? The thought made his heart ache and he decided he would have you whether you liked it or not. You were his now.

He had gotten distracted and forgotten the attack was starting, so when the first crash echoed through the square he jumped in place just like you did. It broke your eye contact and you looked to your left and froze for a moment as four large villains started attacking the hero agency on the far end of the square. Holy crap that’s ballsy. You thought as you were still frozen in your seat. People were running and screaming, but the trouble seemed to be focused quite a good bit away from where you were. It would be cool to see this play out. You look to your right and it seems like gamer boy has the same idea. He looks pretty calm but a little stiff like he is ready to bolt at any minute. You take his lead keeping an eye out for danger but watching the situation play out.

The Pro Heroes were on it insanely fast and a battle started raging on. Luckily the fight kept moving further away from the area where you and gamer boy are sitting so it looks like you are going to be pretty safe staying here.

“Party alignment is off, strategy is shit, where's the leader?” You mumble to yourself while watching the fight.

“What did you say?” The man next to you said sharply making you look back at him. His eyes bore into yours with a new intensity you couldn’t read, it scared you a little more this time but you answered him steadily. He seemed offended in some way. You assumed that you were probably misreading his expression.

“Sorry, I’m a huge nerd.” You look down nervously but continue when you realize he hasn’t stopped staring at you. It makes you blush a lightly from embarrassment, “I was talking about the villains like it was a video game. Sorry.”

“How could it be better?” He turned toward you more leaning down to keep eye contact with you. Your anxiety made you forget that this dude was probably a huge nerd too! His scratchy voice seemed less intense, but his gaze didn’t let up, it was as if he was pulling you into those deep red orbs that burned like the sun. You had the feeling that those eyes burned those who got too close and the excitement made your heart start pumping. You suddenly remembered the story of Icarus and stilled before turning back to the scene ahead.

“That one,” you point, “Great Ranged DPS, but it’s pulling too much aggro from the tank.” You point again at the Nomu on the ground, “Though I can’t see them, I can tell by the heroes movements that the four big ones aren’t the only ones in on this fight. But their entire party is divided and not working as a unit. You can tell because there is evidence of little skirmishes happening all through that area. It looks like the party leader is absent. The whole strategy doesn’t make sense.” He keeps watching you with an intensity that you chalk up to nerd respect before focusing again on this strange strategy playing out before you. You were glad you’d stayed with him, it was nice to talk about this kind of stuff and you rarely got the opportunity.

As he stared at you his mind was painting beautiful pictures of your future at his side. You were unaware that he was lost in thought deciding how best to drag you into his world. The more you spoke the more sure he was that you were his destiny. His angel dropped onto this earth to help him achieve everything that he needed to. He was so excited to take you and open your eyes to his world. Twist that innocent gaze into something more like his, he wanted to watch you beautiful face bathed in his darkness. Always at his side where he could keep you safe with him.

It was about time for him to head back to base. Shit. He didn’t want to leave you behind, but he had to get back. It wasn’t the right time to take you and he wondered if maybe he could get you to come willingly if he could just relax and not act like a psychopath for once. You were his soulmate. It wouldn’t take long until you realized it and loved him back. Maybe you already did. He searched your eyes for love but didn’t find it. Yet. That was okay.

He would follow you for a while and find out all the ways he could make you happy.

“A girl like you probably already has the new expansion, huh?” Gamer boy said to you as he gestured to the poster up on the side of the comic store. His voice seemed defeated and you had no way of knowing it was because he was sad to have to leave you behind today. He wanted to just take you now and force you to love him and he knew he could pull you to him with time, but he didn’t want to break you. No, he wanted you strong enough to stand at his side.

“Yeah. Spent the last three days getting to the level cap and running as many solos as I could.” The emptiness in your eyes returned and it broke his heart. He wondered about your life and how you lived it, why you seemed so empty as if you were also not a part of the world like he was, he imagined taking his hands through your stunning hair and pulling it with all of his strength while your back arched and you moaned beneath him.

“No party?” He questioned, a flicker of hope not missing you but confusing you and igniting your fight or flight instincts for some reason. God, this anxiety is going to be the death of me.

“Can’t find a party that can keep up with my skills” You say lightly but factually. Most parties end up keeping you down so you haven’t bothered grouping up outside of the dungeon finder. Your playstyle is too calculated, you’ve realized, most players just want to hack and slash their way through the game. It frustrates you to no end to be honest, but you never seemed to play well with others anyway.

“I bet.” He hadn’t looked away from you in a long time, that look of longing still on his face that both scared the hell out of you and filled you with excitement. You waited for him to say anything else, but he didn’t say a word. It was as if he was comfortable sitting here and staring at you forever, despite a literal villain attack happening less than a block away.

“What’s your game id?” You asked deciding to break the silence. You weren’t well accustomed to talking to others, let alone sitting in ‘comfortable’ silence with another person. No, you were more the type to fill any break in conversation with some kind of noise. Whatever made its way out of your mouth at the time was good enough for you. “Maybe we can run an instance sometime…”

“Yeah!” He beamed before giving you the details. Luckily you had the game app on your phone and you could add him there on the spot. He watched you enter his ID and add him almost like he didn’t believe that you would really add him. When he saw you press the button with your finger his entire body language changed. He seemed giddy in a way. Probably about as socialized as I am. “So what do I call you?” He asked as he stood up to leave. You assumed he had places to be. Of course he would. People don’t just hang out on benches indefinitely, you hoped he was a good player and you two could become friends. You didn’t really have any of those.

“You can just call me Whiplash.” You grinned at him and he pulled a grin back at you. It was better to just introduce yourself by your gamertag, you definitely responded better to it and you weren’t a fan of your real name anyway, you parents were the type to name you like you were an 18th Century Lady instead of the heiress to a major tech company. It was exhausting to explain.
“Nice to meet you. I’ll shoot you a message in game sometime.” He tried to sound casual but you could feel the strain in his voice and body language. Maybe he needed a friend just as much as you did. This could be good for me. Maybe you could actually find something to make you feel like he did when you first saw him again.

I just want to feel alive.

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“No,” The Programmer said much to the surprise of his boss.


“Why not?” Shigaraki replied, trying to keep calm. This man had never denied him before, there may be a decent enough reason for him not to choke the life out of him.


“Do you not know who she is?” The man questioned, obviously uncomfortable. His boss shook his head and he continued. “That girl is the Melancholy Heiress of Havenarc Industries. They are the highest ranked network security firm in the world. If I got within 100 yards of her tech, they’d have us pinned in an instant.”


“How irritating.” Shigaraki said plainly. How would he watch his beautiful princess if she was hidden in a tower far away? He shifted on the spot and contemplated murdering the man who dared tell him no before deciding that was probably not the best idea and he should relax. Being away from his woman was messing with his judgement.


“I’m sorry, boss. If it was anyone else, I’d do it without hesitation.” The guy was scared for his life and Tomura wasn’t proud of the fact that he’d made him feel that way. Kurogiri had told him before that being erratic and terrifying weren’t actually great traits in a leader, even to villains, and as much as that fact pissed him off, he knew it was true. He needed to be more calculated like Sensei was. He took a breath.


“It’s fine. I guess we’ll have to do this the hard way.” And with that Tomura Shigaraki took a seat at the computer next to the Programmer and started up the MMO. Without acknowledging the man any further he slid on his headphones and began the process of logging into his account and accepting her friend request.


She’s online. He smiled to himself as his pointer hovered over the button to send a private message. What would he say? His gaze shifted over to his guildmate who was back to work at his computer doing whatever it was that he did for the league with a stoic expression. No way that guy had any good advice about talking to women. Who could he ask? Dabi seemed like a pretty smooth guy, but he wasn’t sure the man wouldn’t make fun of him or intentionally give him bad advice.


Kurogiri was a really gentlemanly type, but something gave Tomura the thought that although he seemed like someone who’d be good at talking to women, he’d probably actually kind of suck at it. That left Compress, Twice, and Spinner… Well that wasn’t going to work. He obviously had the best chance of success if he soloed this quest. He mustered all of his courage and clicked the button causing a little text box to appear. Now he had to think of a message! His cheeks started to burn red as his fingers hovered inches over the keyboard, completely paralyzed and without a clue what to type.


Suddenly the little dots to symbolize the other person in the chat is typing appeared, causing his heart to thump in his chest. Of course, you’d spare him this discomfort, you were his soulmate. You were so perfect that deep down you knew it would be hard for him to initiate conversation. It made his stomach tumble lightly in joy and anticipation.


Whiplash: You’re online (:
Osiris: I am, want to party up?
Whiplash: Of course I do! You still have to prove your nerd cred
Osiris: You’re funny
Whiplash: I’m serious! This is a test, and if you fail….lol
Osiris: I never fail.




You were completely awestruck by this boy and the way he played the game. His movements were swift and calculated, and his brutality and decision making gave him the kind of efficiency that only a dangerous predator would have. It made your heart thump in your chest as you stared at your victory screen with a stupid grin painted on you face.


“He’s amazing.” You mumbled to yourself as you clicked back into the private chat between you two. You’d never experienced this kind of harmony between yourself and another player. It gave your foggy brain a moment of clarity and excitement. This was the second time this boy gave you this feeling.


Your memory shot back to the villain attack you’d witnessed together earlier and felt a bit lucky for just a moment. If you’d never accepted the quest to go outside and meet a new person you wouldn’t have been so happy in this moment. Maybe other people and outside weren’t so bad after all? That was another new feeling. This…Osiris was the kind of player you’d spent years dreaming of partying up with.


It was enlightening and he was perfection.


Osiris: So… how did I do?


The message popped on your screen causing you to grin. You read his message in a cool and sarcastic tone, which made your grin turn into a full-blown smile on your face. The boy knew he was amazing, and you could tell. You had to contain a schoolgirl giggle while you sat back in your chair and shot him a cool response.


Whiplash: I suppose you’ll do. (:
Osiris: Cute. You’re really good at this game.
Whiplash: no u


You started to blush as soon as you pressed enter, anxiety trickling through your body and spreading like wildfire. You’d never been the type to flirt like this before, so what was getting into you now? You were pretty sure you knew what it was, it was him. His nerd cred was high, his skills were comparable to yours in his class, and he was cute with a dangerous vibe. It made you feel a little light headed and you paced around your room a bit in nervousness awaiting his response and hating your fingers for allowing you to type anything at all. You were thinking about how you were an idiot and you should just log off forever when you heard the familiar chime of another in game message.


Osiris: When can I see you again?


Your breath caught in your throat for just a second as you read the message and sat back down in your chair to stare at the screen, dumbfounded. This was probably the first time anyone had ever said anything like that to you. Was it possible that maybe you weren’t the only one who felt a spark between the two of you? Was he just being nice? All of these feelings were pretty new to you. Even at your age, you hadn’t ever really been interested in anything before, let alone a person.


He made your stomach flutter as you stared at his message. He wanted to see you. And you most definitely wanted to see him too. But was this a good idea? He was just a random dude you’d met on a bench a couple of hours ago during a villain attack. Your mind raced for the answer of what to do. You’d never been in a position like this before. Sure, you’d been invited places many times in your life, but you never actually wanted to go see someone before. The unfamiliar feeling of longing started to spread though you as you gave yourself a light tap on the cheek to ground yourself before you typed out your reply.




Tomura Shigaraki stared blankly at his screen, his entire body tense as he awaited your response. The Programmer had picked up on the strange energy in the room and dismissed himself for his safety, which was a wise move on his part, because Tomura was feeling like a bomb was about to detonate in his mind if you didn’t answer quickly and enthusiastically.


She’ll be happy to see me so soon, she’s my soulmate, he thought to himself with a small and ever so slightly forced grin. He was both sure of and skeptical of the fact that you two were meant to be together. Not that what you wanted really mattered all that much, he would have you with or without your consent. Though he would prefer to have you come to him willingly. He loved you after all, and he didn’t want you to be sad or upset with him. But, if you weren’t going to cooperate, he was not against breaking you down before rebuilding you in his image. Right as he was about to decay his computer, the universe, and everything a light chiming on his computer calmed him down and gave him a moment of sanity. His eyes darted to the screen feverishly and he had to read the words three or four times before the meaning finally sunk in.

Whiplash: I’m free whenever….
Whiplash: But I have to admit, I’m not a very social person.
Whiplash: What did you have in mind?


You wanted to see him too! He let out a small chuckle of relief to himself as he shook his head lightly. Of course you did! It was ridiculous of him to have been worried about it at all. How many times did you have to prove yourself to him before he could just relax and have faith in you? You were such a perfect being to him and every time he doubted you and you proved him wrong it filled him with both insurmountable joy and disappointment in himself. Was he really just planning to come and take you by force again? He really needed to dial back this intensity that he’d been feeling toward you. He needed to keep calm and give you a chance to be the perfect Angel made manifest that you were. Just for him. And you seemed to be happy about it too.


God, he loved you so much.


He finished up making his plans with you and gave you the number to his current burner phone before he shut off the game and navigated his way to his bedroom at his newest hideout. When he got into the room, he looked over his belongings and realized that he had no acceptable clothing whatsoever. Not that you would care, right? You were just like him. A beautiful angel who wouldn’t care if he showed up to meet you in his same black hoodie as earlier. Yes, that was right, you were his and you’d never be bothered by him being himself. He steeled himself and pulled his large black hoodie over his tight-fitting t-shirt and grinned.


This was fine. Everything was fine. He pulled Father from the oversized pocket on the hoodie and placed it on his nightstand. He was going to leave it at home tonight. He didn’t require the comfort if he was going to be with you today.


You’d both agreed to meet up for drinks. Little did you know that the bar you’d be attending would be his, the bartender that would be serving you would be a guildmate of his, and that he had absolutely no intention of being away from you again after tonight. We will be together forever after today, he thought to himself as he looked over his bedroom once more in mild irritation.


This room was not very welcoming. The thought made him worry that you would be uncomfortable in a place like this. He was sure you’d never be uncomfortable with him, but apparently, you were some kind of heiress and likely lived an immaculate lifestyle. Would you be miserable living in the guild HQ with the League? The thought made his anxiety start to spiral again.


No, no she will be fine if she is with me, he smiled as he picked up the small amount of clutter around the room.




~New Quest - First Date: Meet the boy, have a drink, don’t have a panic attack.


You were really, really nervous about meeting up with Osiris tonight, and you paced violently around your room trying to figure out how the hell you got yourself into this position. Your first date at this age? Madness for a normal person. The fact that you’d never had a date before today was not nearly as surprising as the fact that you not only had one now but were actually excited about it. You took a deep breath and regarded your closet.


Most of it was filled with obnoxiously expensive crap that your mother had tried to force you into for events and things of that nature. You hated these clothes with a passion and found yourself scrunching up your nose a bit at the idea of putting any of them on. This won’t do, you thought as you turned to the pile of clothing that was more you than anything in your closet.


After a long internal debate, you settled on not changing your clothes at all. You were meeting him at some dive bar on the almost outskirts of town and figured anything too fancy would look like you were trying too hard. You’d be mortified if the boy figured out that this was your first date, so you needed to be calm and casual about it. You then walked over to the huge full-length mirror in your room to regard yourself carefully. Your hair was cooperating for once in your life and you wouldn’t know how to put on makeup even if you’d wanted to, so you supposed you needed to just be okay with your appearance as it was.


But the anxiety was making you feel itchy.


~New Quest – Nectar of the Gods: Get yourself a VERY stiff drink.


Deciding that you absolutely needed to do something to calm yourself down before this date, you headed up into the main house to get yourself a glass of whiskey. Adorning your typical look of ‘please don’t talk to me’ you entered the busy kitchens and made a beeline past the nearly panicked staff straight to the liquor cabinet and grabbed yourself a glass.


They all knew that you weren’t the chatty type and seemed to move around you wordlessly. With a great sigh you poured the expensive drink three fingers deep into the glass and turned on your heels to head back to your basement paradise. As soon as you’d made it safely into your space you turned up the glass in a moment of panic and downed it.


Quest Complete: Reward – A decent buzz, the ability to relax, 100xp, and a little bit of courage.


I guess I was more nervous than I thought. I should probably take a taxi to the bar, just in case.


After a bit more pacing around the room the taxi arrived, and you were ready to head out.You packed your purse with your DS and your laptop, just in case he wanted to game, and made a break for the front door hoping not to run into your parents. As you slid into the back seat of the taxi, you shot the boy a short message to let him know you were on the way.


Whiplash: ETA 20 mins
Osiris: See you soon.


This was going to be fun.

Chapter Text

His crimson eyes burned into the side of your face as you chuckled lightly into your second glass of whiskey. Every word that escaped your lips sent sparks of electricity through his body and straight into his chest. You said something in a low and flirtatious voice, but he didn’t seem to hear it. Instead, he was lost deep in your features, far too spellbound to focus on any one aspect. It wasn’t until you tilted your head back, casually brought the glass to your lips, and downed its contents sharply that he seemed to snap out of another his dazes. Why had you just done that? What had you just been saying to him? You let out a small cough and smiled brightly into his face.


“Plus one to intoxication.” You said through a cheerful laugh, your shy and nervous expression mixed with your obvious excitement at being able to make a joke like that caused him to let out a small laugh himself. You finished it up with a shy prodding question. “Plus three to charisma?”


He nodded, still unable to form words at the adorable expression on your face. Your question wasn’t prodding in the way he was used to women being toward him. Though his experience with them was limited to say the least, he could still tell that you were something special. Something to be coveted by him.


Only him.


He stopped his possessive thoughts in their tracks. Kinda. Not that he had a single problem with possessing you in any and every way, mind you. No, it was more that he knew he needed to dial it back for you. He wanted you to come willingly and this was only the...fifteenth time he’d had to remind himself of that over the last hour. His eyes shot to Kurogiri and gave him a death glare. The bartender reached for the bottle and poured you a much smaller glass, following it up swiftly with a glass of water. You gave the bartender an empty smile before promptly returning your gaze to his.


That was when you saved his life. How lucky for Kurogiri that you were perfect and that outside of occasional glances around the bar at the select few of his guildmates that were scattered about in an attempt to make the bar more legitimate, you kept your stunning gaze planted on him. He mused internally that his female was a hero who’d saved many lives tonight and continued to return your shy gaze.


It was obvious that you were downing these drinks like this because you were nervous, and although that was very cute, Tomura wanted you to keep your head on straight. He couldn’t have you forgetting a single second of your time with him. He wanted you to remember everything, every. single. detail. Each time that he made you smile, grin, laugh...blush.


He couldn’t stop his memory from going back to that moment, not twenty minutes ago, when he got to touch you. It was brief, but his hand still burned from the light graze of your cheek. And you’d blushed, he was completely sure of it. His charms were working on you and you needed to remember every second of it so that you would just hurry up and love him already. Again you smiled shyly at him and his frustration melted away.


“...But it’s only in English, I haven’t been able to find it with Japanese subtitles anywhere.” Your eyes sharpened on him as your tone lost its innocence and took on a more curious timbre. One of your perfectly imperfect eyebrows raised as you rotated ever so slightly on your barstool toward him. The renewed lighting caused your eyes to sparkle at him, along with defining the light dusting of a flush on your cheeks and the seemingly enchanted ghost of a smile on your lips. “Do you speak English, Osiris?”


“...Tomura.” He managed to let out breathily, his eyes not leaving their hyper focus on your lips until he noticed your entire body language shift drastically. His gaze zoomed back out onto your entire frame and noticed you had turned fully toward him with a look of mild confusion. Your head was tilted slightly to the left which caused your soft locks to tumble over your shoulder and your bangs to disrupt the perfection of your face in small wisps. He smiled into your beauty and found his voice again. “My name, I mean. You can call me Tomura.”


“Oh,” you said with a soft grin of realization. Again, you blushed and averted your eyes from his for a moment before taking a breath and returning it to his cheerily. “I’m (f/n), but, really, everyone just calls me by my game id, even irl. Except my parents, I guess, but they suck. You do not want to meet them. They are the actual worst people...” You were even cuter than usual when you couldn’t stop talking from nerves. He smiled into another of your short ramblings before something you said brought him to full attention.


“...So, I started streaming games online, and I’m really good at it and I’m having fun, yeah? Well at some point, I get an email from the admins on the site. ‘You haven’t attached a bank account and we need to know where to deposit your money.’” You paused and mocked a dumbfounded expression, clearly imitating yourself in the past. “‘What do you mean, a bank account,’ I said to the man, confused. Because my parents had never explained to me how banks work. I wanted money? They gave me money. Never thought once about the process. I’m twenty-two, Tomura. Twenty-two. I absolutely need to move out of there before they try to marry me off or something, but I don’t even know where to start. Google can find me an apartment, but holy crap what comes next, you know? How do I make the internet in the house? What about power? Electricity? The INTERNET!”


And in that moment, he was sure that you were an angel. A sweet, innocent, naive, doe eyed angel that had fallen straight from heaven into his darkness. He’d never been happier in his entire life as he nodded along sympathetically and carefully calculated his next moves. He needed to be delicate about how he approaches this. Everything needed to be done with surgical precision. You’d really made it too easy.



Dabi needed to talk to the boss as soon as possible. As much as he’d hated the man in charge, Shigaraki was starting to grow on him as a leader since the man had finally inherited All for One. And today during the attack on the city, it seemed like his boss was willing to give him a little more say in what was going on. Despite it being, technically, an attack to blow off some steam and test the emergency response times of a couple of hero agencies in the area, he’d left Dabi in charge of the Vanguard Action Squad’s movements. The responsibility was enlightening for him and he wanted to take the opportunity to try and finally start getting along with his leader.


Even if he still really couldn’t stand the man.



He hadn’t come back to report after the battle finished up. Instead, Dabi had taken the opportunity to sneak himself into one of the agencies and with The Programmer’s help, he was able to plant an ‘self-replicating keylogger’ into their system. Dabi only had a vague idea of what that computer nerd was ever talking about, but it was made clear to him that this thing would be a valuable asset to The League. Something to monitor their system subtly and without them being able to find out. Either way, he’d given them another outlet for information, and although that caused him to miss his rendezvous with Shigaraki and the rest of The League after the destruction in the city, Dabi was sure he’d accomplished something good for his team.


Programmer sent him a text to explain that the boss had been acting strange in the wake of the attack and he decided to wrap up his side work and hurry back to the bar. That computer nerd was rarely shaken by the behavior of the boss and Dabi knew that he was one of the few who could calm the man down when he broke into another of his fits.


He pushed through the door of the bar and stopped immediately in his tracks. The normal rag-tag group of villains who tended to frequent the bar when Kurogiri cared enough to hop back there and play bartender were nowhere to be found. Instead, the typically dimly lit and rowdy bar appeared more like any dive bar one would happen across in the city. Shigaraki had obviously turned the lights up a bit and spread sporadically through the room at the tables were some of the more respectable and quiet members of The League. He paused and made eye contact with Kurogiri who immediately darted his shining eyes toward a female sitting at the bar next to the boss.


“Welcome back to the bar, sir.” Kurogiri said in a way as to imply to Dabi to play along. He followed the gaze of the bartender onto the woman and his eyes widened ever so slightly.


You were beautiful.


Possibly one of the most beautiful things he’d ever seen. Though the entire aesthetic was ruined by the obvious admiration that you were holding for the man beside you. Shigaraki. His eyes traced your perfect figure, the way that your hair seemed to be the perfect length and color as to frame your face perfectly, and your eyes that were shining brightly even if they weren’t trained in his direction. You had a glass of some kind of brown liquor in your glass and you were in the middle of taking a small sip with an enigmatic smile on your face.


He stood frozen on the spot for a beat before lowly clearing his throat and straightening himself up. This was not what he’d expected when he’d heard that Shigaraki was acting strangely. He expected something much more murder-y from the man. And yet, as his gaze was locked on you and he had a small grin of satiation on his face. All of his stress and irritation seemed to have disappeared from his face. The man was staring at you like you were some kind of angel to him.


He took a few steps toward the bar and slid onto a stool in front of where Kurogiri was standing casually wiping down glasses. The bartender approached and raised an eyebrow to Dabi, who subtly nodded his head toward you and Shigaraki. After a silent exchange, Dabi got the idea. You were some kind of civilian and Shigaraki was trying to court you. This was not typical behavior for the man and though he didn’t think it was possible for the boss to flirt. He turned his attention toward your conversation and eavesdropped while gripping his freshly poured beer in his hand tightly.


“Are you an idiot?” You said to the violent sociopath with a grin painted on your face. Dabi tightened and awaited the cleanup of your body but instead was met with a light chuckling from Shigaraki that didn’t sound psychotic for once.


“Is that the only response you have?” The boss chuckled once more and reached out to push a bit of hair out of your face. Dabi could practically hear you blush and was feeling totally dumbfounded. “Just because you’re Zerg trash, doesn’t mean that you understand Kerrigan at all.”


“That’s the Queen of Blades to you, Protoss scum.” You replied in jest with a smile and another sip of your drink. The boss feigned offense and continued to hold your eye contact. “The Swarm never falls.”


“My life for Aiur.” Shigaraki chuckled in response.


Dabi watched as the boss capitalized on the opportunity to move closer to you and place a hand on your cheek. You looked away sharply, he assumed because you were shy, but Shigaraki used his hands to tilt your chin back toward him. A wicked smile painted on his lips he whispered something to you, and you seemed to giggle nervously before talking out of obvious nerves.


“I-it’s really not your fault though, from the sounds of it you aren’t able to properly manage your macro while pushing offensively. I could even tell in the game we played that your micro is great. It’s just that—” It was then that the boss was apparently tired of your nervous rambling and pulled your lips into his. Dabi almost spit out his drink in shock at the scene that he’d just witnessed. Kurogiri just turned away and started emptily wiping down the far side of the bar.




You couldn’t stop yourself from talking. Although you were typically the kind of person to talk a lot when nervous, it was never quite like this. Tomura seemed perfectly happy to sit and watch you chatter on about one nerd thing or another, all the while smiling like he genuinely was enjoying himself. You traced the tired lines on his face with your eyes, wishing that you knew him well enough to ask about it. The entire time you sat here with him, you hadn’t felt that familiar emptiness at all.


It was almost like you were a normal person, you assumed. You’d been completely engaged in his conversation, excitedly opening up about yourself, and only finding yourself anxious or nervous when the conversation leaned in a flirty direction. After a particularly long debate about StarCraft lore, Tomura closed the distance between you two slowly. Your eyes widened, knowing what came next regardless of having never actually experienced it before.


Emergency Quest: Don’t freak out!


His beautiful eyes seemed to burn into yours as his face moved in closer. You watched as he subtly surveyed your reaction and his face moved in closer and closer. You tried to keep your face and expression neutral, as you didn’t want to tip the guy off to the fact that this was your first kiss. His hand was planted on your cheek, keeping you from looking away shyly. You did your best to maintain eye contact with him until his eyes were mere centimeters from yours. You couldn’t hold in a sharp inhale as you slammed your eyes shut and felt a light dusting against your lips.


Tomura leaned back out of your space and you opened your eyes slowly to meet his. You couldn’t help that your entire face was beet red and your heart was pounding out of your chest and you didn’t like that he was seeing you so flustered. He had a small grin painted on his lips as he surveyed your reaction, clearly pleased with himself. You couldn’t hold eye contact for long, choosing to shift your eyes to the floor shyly instead. He reached his hand out and placed it atop yours softly. You shot your eyes back into his and gave him a small grin while you tried to get your rushing emotions under control. You could still feel the lingering warmth of his lips on yours, the heat seeming to radiate and pulse through your entire body while he watched. These were emotions you weren’t used to feeling and the harsh wave of them became an addiction almost immediately.


Achievement Unlocked: First Kiss (50g)

Quest Complete – Rewards: +3 Romance, 1000 xp, +1 Anxiety

New Quest: More Please - With tongue this time, for science.


He continued to stare at you inquisitively until your mouth started to move without your consent, “C-can you p-please do that again?”