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Small Might vs Hisashi Midoriya

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“I find our roles in this game terribly biased Inko.”

She rolled her eyes at her husband’s words as she shifted through their linens closet.

“Izuku picked our roles Hisashi. Are you trying to say that he purposefully made you a villain?”

Hisashi huffed a bit as he leaned against the wall, the hint of a pout on his lips.

“Considering he cried yesterday and called me a ‘meanie’ because I refused to buy him another All Might action figure, yes.”

“…He’s three. He’s probably forgotten about that by now.”



She barely held herself back from rolling her eyes again as she grabbed a white sheet from the closet and closed it.

“I am sure our son only picked you to be the villain because your fire breath is more “villain-like” than my ability to catch his toys before they fall and break.”

She swore that her husband’s pout increased at that.

“I stand by my analysis.”

She let out a sigh at his dramatics and leaned over, pressing a small kiss to his lips

“Stop trying to psychologically analyze our child and just enjoy playing with him. Before we know it, he is going to be an angsty teenager who just hides in his room all day.”


Her husband’s face colored a this and he looked away from her to her amusement.

6 years together, 3 of which they had been married, and he still was so easily flustered.

“Very well. Shall we get into position then?” he asked quickly, not meeting her eyes.

She nodded at this, holding back a giggle.

“Of course.”

She moved to the center of the room, tugging the sheet over her head as she sat down on the floor and making sure she was facing away from the door as she pulled her knees up against her chest. In the background, she heard her husband shift into place. She waited a few minutes for him to stop moving before calling out to him.

“Ready?” she questioned

“Ready.” he confirmed.

“All right…” she held back a smile as she raised her voice, “Help! Help me! I have been caught by a villain!”

The sound of tiny feet running could be heard after a few seconds. It was followed by the loud noise of a door being thrown open, as well as a familiar little boy’s voice.

“I am here!”

“Small Might!” Hisashi’s fake gasp of horror nearly made her break character and laugh, “What are you going here?!”

“I am here to save Mommy!” the small child declared.

“Well then! I am forced to stop you then Small Might! Behold my evil fire!”

She looked behind at this. While she had no fear of Hisashi actually hurting Izuku, she did want to make sure he was not accidentally burning anything.

And what she saw melted her heart a bit.

Her son was standing proudly in front of his father in a cute little All Might themed onesie, his bright green eyes practically glowing and a large smile on his face. His tiny fists were up in a punching position, but she knew that to him it was his ‘hero’ fighting position.


She found herself covering her mouth with her hand at this, in order to hide the smile threatening to break out on her face.

Somehow, her husband was managing to keep up his facade. But looking at him, she was able to notice the softness in his eyes as he gazed upon their small child.

She could tell that the same thought was echoing in their minds at that moment.

Izuku was the definition of adorable.

Hisashi moved onto his knees so that he was at eye level with Izuku. He took a deep breath, then slowly exhaled, emitting a weak stream of fire from his lips .

Izuku giggled at this and waved his hands through the fire erratically. Thankfully, it seemed that Hisashi had realized that Izuku would do this in advance and lowered the temperature of the flames so that it did not burn him.

After a minute or two of this, her husband stopped, a false look of horror on his face.

“Oh no! I seem to be out of fire!”

“Aha!” Izuku beamed at this, “Just as I planned! Face my fury villain!”

Izuku launched himself at his father then, bombarding him with small punches.

Hisashi went down easily, taking all of his son’s punches without protest. She noticed, however, that he was biting his lip a bit as Izuku ‘fought him’, most likely in an attempt to hide his laughter.

“Ah! I give! You have won Small Might!” Hisashi finally let out a sigh of disappointment after a few minutes, “Your mother is yours.”


Izuku’s smile grew at this and he happily jumped back onto his feet. “Yay! The hero wins!”

He sped over to her then, looping his arms around her happily.


“Look Mommy! I saved you!” he cheered.

She smiled herself at this and wrapped his arms around him, hugging him close to her.

“You did! I am so proud of you Small Might!” she cooed, kissing the top of his forehead .

Izuku was obviously pleased by the praise and happily burrowed closer to her, giggling a bit.

She soon heard another laugh fill the room, this time coming from her husband. His arms wrapped around them both, engulfing both of them in his comforting hold.

“I shall win one day Small Might.” Hisashi chuckled, moving a hand to affectionately ruffle their son’s hair.

Izuku grinned up at him, determination in his eyes.


She just shook her head, a fond smile on her lips as she cuddled close to her boys.