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Saving Remus Lupin

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Harry had never thought that he could be rid of the Dursleys. Now though, snuggled between Remus and Sirius, whom he mentally thought of as step-mum and second-dad, with his new baby brother in his arms, his past couldn’t have been farther behind him.

Draco was there too, occasionally, but Harry had learned to take the rough with the smooth.

Including him in the family picture seemed a bit much, though.

“Sirius,” Harry whispered, while Draco beautified himself and baby James for the portrait, “why is Draco here?”

“I don’t know how he got in,” Sirius hissed back. “I suspect Moony let him in. I think that he is secretly fond of the boy. What’s he doing to Jamesy?”

They looked over at Draco, who was trying to reason with the baby. “Don’t be so ridiculous, everyone knows that blush makes the cheeks pop. Stop squirming, honestly-“

James intensified his squirming, but eventually yielded, and Draco was able to properly beautify the baby. After this battle was won, he looked around for his next victim. “Potter! Your hair is assault upon my eyes! Come here so that I may tame it!”

Harry ran, with Draco in pursuit.

Sirius did his best to wipe the makeup off of James, and made his way over to Remus, who smiled at him. “You’re looking very handsome, Mr. Black,” he teased, tugging on Sirius’ collar.

“As are you, Mr. Black,” Sirius teased back.

“Sirius, we agreed.”

“Right, right. It’s just...Mr. Lupin-Black is harder to say in bed.”

Remus tittered. “Sirius, you horndog.”

“Honhonhon,” Sirius laughed in French, “you love it.”

Remus smiled softly. “I do. Merlin help me, I do love you, Sirius Black.”

Draco had finally corralled Harry with a comb, and dragged him back to the group. “Positions, everyone!” He shrieked, taking his place.

“Circe, but that boy has to be part-harpy,” Sirius flinched.

Remus smacked him gently. “Don’t be mean,” he giggled. “Draco’s just spirited.”

They took their places, Harry and Draco standing behind a seated Remus and Sirius, who had James in his arms. “Everyone look sharp!” Draco cried. “And Potter, pout like how I taught you, your lips are far too thin-“



Everyone agreed that it was a splendid picture.

Picture Remus and picture Sirius were beaming, happy at last.

Picture Harry was also beaming toothily, Draco’s instructions to pout being soundly ignored.

Picture Draco was chattering loudly, criticizing everyone, “We know you have teeth, but for Merlin’s sakes, put them away, ‘tis improper to display ones mandibles in a portrait-“

Picture Harry would roll his eyes, “Oh, cram it, you poncey niffler.”

“Niffler! Why I ought to-“

In life, Remus looked at the bickering boys and then at Sirius. “Hell of a photo, huh?”

Sirius grinned. “It’s perfect.”

Together forever, picture Remus took picture Sirius’ hand in his own. “It really is.”