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Creepypasta/ Marble Hornets Omegaverse Short Stories

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“J-jack I lo-” Toby knew this was life and death situation but he had to do it for himself and he gained the courage walking up to his eyeless mate that was reading a newspaper. “H-hey Ej. Whatcha r-re-reading there?” It was a newspaper clearly that anyone who had an Iq lower than a rock can tell what the item was in the cannibal Alpha’s hands. The twitching Omega knew he wasn’t going to get a full formed response from the other man so he climbed onto the bed which he rolled his eyes when that didn’t get a quick glance from the man. “... You k-know it's so r-r-rude to ignore your mate...?” He muttered under his breathe, crossing his arms over his puffed-out chest that was used as an overly dramatic way to get his Alpha’s attention.

“I heard you? I’m not deaf? Blind maybe but not deaf?” Ej finally replied to the Omega’s relief, “Just wanted to finish an interesting article in there that caught my attention”

“O-of course...” Toby sighed as he turned around where his back faced the other male but that didn’t stay for too long until he dropped backwards onto the unsuspecting man’s chest. Chocolate eyes met the pitch darkness ones glaring down at him with annoyance that melted soon after into one of contentment towards him. “W-was the article about y-you... or something?” He asked curiously with a raised eyebrow since the meet eating Alpha he leaned his head against his slowly breathing chest. “W-wouldn’t be surprised by I-it? With you”

“Yeah it was. Nothing special anyways. Just a new case the police got of one of my recent killings” Ej shrugged.

The Omega lying on him shakes his head, “That’s got t-to be one of the m-m-most egotistical things I h-heard so far from you about r-reading an article about yourself but... Y-you're a great k-ki-killer so that’s makes u-up for it” A squeaky laugh escaped from him as he saw the scrunched-up face of his mate. He turns onto his side where he rubbed his face on the man’s chest just out of pure tiredness getting at him. Toby couldn’t help to fight back a yawn that was traveling up his throat, a straining yet ticklish sensation. It was coming from his lack of sleep the other night and so on which came from having troubles falling asleep, too afraid he was that he gets traumatizing nightmares. The proxy though was grateful though that he had someone like the Alpha near him who was only his and nobody else's as he starts to rub off the pinkish coloring on his pale cheeks.

“Well you had asked earlier on it? So, you shouldn’t be so surprised by it in the first place that I was reading an article in the newspaper about me?” Eyeless sockets stared back at him with a touch of confusion to what the younger twitching man was doing on him like his whole body was limp like a noodle. One thing he knew squat about was to understand fully on how humans work since he, himself wasn’t really one anymore as he scratches at the top of his skull. “Um, are you tired?” The medic curiously says when taking up the hints rather difficulty from the skinnier man that was using him as a comfy bed. Long, lanky arms had wrapped around his waist that pushed his crotch way too close to the brunette's head. He felt his lower regions heat up as they were in near proximity near an Omega with a sweet smell but he gave it no mind.

A laugh fills the silent room where Toby lifted himself a bit while pulling the Alpha above downwards so he be able to lay on him. “H-heh, sorry... Didn’t mean to g-get your knot there swelling up cause o-of me?” The pale skinned Omega said quietly when knowing his boyfriend was lying on the bed with him. He felt so comforted with Ej, better than anyone else that was living in the mansion that called him a stuttering retard even in front of him. Jack was such a nice Alpha and possibly be a terrific mate if Toby would let the man mark the flesh on the back of his neck. Three words needed to be said to the other to display his personal affections to him that could never be said to him due to immense fear overriding him like a puppet. “... I w-wanted to s-s-say something that’s been on m-mu mind since f-freaking forever?”


Toby said meekly, “If y-you don’t mind that I-is?”

“Just calm down? So, go ahead what is it, Toby?”

“I l-love you...?”

The cannibal stayed silent for the longest time, not even saying anything to the Omega that pushed himself away from his slowly breathing chest. Toby fiddled with the loose strands to his old, worn jacket with thoughts overwhelming him that he screwed up big time. “I love you too?” His Alpha finally replied after the long wait which gave him a big sigh of relief and sure lot of satisfaction that he wasn’t going to be shut down and be labeled as some freak. He laid back down quietly on Jack’s chest that barely moved in and out as the Alpha never needed to do such human things. The many things that Toby liked and wouldn’t want the Alpha to change if he was given the chance to appear normal to fit into the unforgiven world around them. Sleep was inevitable when closing his eyes for some shut eye for the night.