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Creepypasta/ Marble Hornets Omegaverse Short Stories

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“You didn’t have to do that to your own brother? He may have said some really insulting stuff but please, next time think before you act up like that again?” The eyeless medic grunts as he fixes up his battered mate that displayed such nasty bruises and cuts all over his pale white skin. It was stupid for an Omega to fight someone who was twice his size and of a ‘better’ dynamic though what was said to the smiling killer was just plain rude. Words along the lines that his Omega mate deserved to be raped by that horrible student and that no one should’ve helped him even flesh and blood. Nobody deserved to be treated with such low regard like that and even Jack who was known to be a pretty chill Alpha for the most part with rare occasions where he would lose his cool. Liu got him dang close to actually blowing his lid with that no-good smart ass of a Beta that imagined it to be a great plan to insult his hot head of a brother. 

Jeff rolled his pale eyes, “I know. I know be ‘nicer’ to your only brother. You only get one, know that? Jeeze you sound like my bitch of a mother when she was still kicking around here?” 

“... I’m only saying that you should be safer. Not every battle you’ll be in will be a win for you like that one with Liu?” Jack replied sternly when finishing up the patch job on the other man that groans deeply like some young child even when he was nearing his mid-twenties. “I care about you so much that it be a heart break to see you getting hurt right in front of well, my empty eye sockets over this? Hell, I don’t care if you greatly dislike your brother to the core now and if you so please, I can kick his ass to be nothing then dust just for you?” Also, the Omega may be tainted from purity in the eyes of the public but he didn’t care about that, not a single bit as he loved the guy for who he was and that is a knife wielding manic that sometimes often than not looked like a Joker rip off. Some and it was many say he was crazy to fall so deeply in love with the Omega that had committed many unforgivable acts against humanity, he did too yet it wasn’t that badly frowned upon due to being an Alpha. A show to dedication was right there in front of the Omega killer that appeared like always to be so thick headed and stubborn about his own actions. “...I love you immensely, Jeff that I want to be by your side until y’know death parts us? I don’t care if some say that you’re worthless since your... cherry has been popped or whatever the phase may be but it doesn’t matter to me” A kiss was given to the male that took a seat beside him that didn’t expect something so affectionate to be given to him. 

It wasn’t the response Jeff was looking for from his Alpha as he moves his scared hand up to his face, hoping that the pinkish hue on his cheeks would wear away but it didn’t do so for him. “You really do? About someone such as me? I’m someone that everyone calls not worthy for anybody?" Even though Jeff may not act like the stereotypical Omega there were still some tendencies that was to please an Alpha and their mate. Jeff despised that part to himself however it didn’t affect him too much when he was around the cannibal it was totally different thing that he didn’t get the hang of it. “... I’m over thinking it, aren’t I?” Jeff cocked his head when observing how the Alpha shook his head, figuratively telling him no that he wasn’t and it was only normal. Maybe he wasn’t what some want as an Omega but he already got himself some nice piece of ass next to him that took great care of him so he shouldn’t be caring to what the haters says about him behind his back or even in front of him.