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Creepypasta/ Marble Hornets Omegaverse Short Stories

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"... You're so devastatingly beautiful. Has anyone ever told you that before, dear?" A gentle yet deep voice asked the male Beta that made a soft stroke on the canvas. He was an educated painter and the other man who just seconds ago complimented him was from what many would say by his name alone was a puppeteer. 

"Not a whole lot, really. I'm not surprised by it however as I don't often fit into their tastes for mates?"  

"Hm" The other man hums rather lowly that sounded more like a predatory growl than anything else. "I'm surprised by it? I just don't get it? You're amazing to me" A hand from the man behind him trailing down behind his back. The smells of lavender mixed with arousal was smelt rather easily by the painter that glances back at the Epsilon. "I guess that's why I'm the only one that matters?" That deep voice belongs to the man sent a tingling shiver down his spine where he slowly turns to face him. Despite being a Beta without the strong urges to submit it to even dominate he couldn't help to feel the same way the other felt about him as he shifted underneath his deep blue jacket he worn. 

"... I suppose you are right on that?" Painter shrugged nonchalantly, "No one else matters besides you?" The Epsilon's hands soon cupped his cheeks that left him to squeal in surprise afterwards from it. 

 "You like that?" Puppeteer growls when pinning the Beta to the wall whilst scenting the weak scent glands of his mate that only belonged to him as well the other way around too since they were both equals. "... Do you like this too?" Soon the grey skinned Alpha that sunk his teeth into the sensitive flesh which in response gave him a melody which was only high-pitched moans for anyone else in his ears that answered back to his previous question. It wasn't long where he was littering the pale skin that stood in contrast to his own with deep purplish marks along the jaw, neck and collarbone that anyone can see it. A lustful idea pops up in his mind where he decided to moved his hand away from the man's back towards the front and towards a man's special area. It resulted in the skinnier, slightly shorter male then he to jolt up in surprise.  

 "... A-ah... I. I need to go back to my paintings..." The Beta male breathlessly gasps out. 

A chuckle leaves the puppeteer's lips while shaking his head, “... Oh but I must my sweets. How will I ever display my affectionate love to my beloved?” 

The color of a peach pink washed over the Beta’s entire face that his mask was placed on the desk beside him so he couldn’t cover the fact that he was extremely flustered about something so simple. It was so highly embarrassing that he was acting like a swooning Omega to the other man’s compliments that felt so genuine and maybe it was if he allowed it to be for him. Sometimes he always wondered to himself often in the middle of the night trying to fall asleep or at the times were he’s alone doing an art piece to why such an elegant Epsilon like the other would be so invested in courting him, a lonely male Beta that would rather spend time alone then with friends and family. Yet to his utter surprise he was indeed been the one someone was totally infatuated with that wouldn’t take his courteous no as an answer when now rubbing his stiff hard on against the skinnier male that was amazed to his position that was currently leaned up on the wall. “A-argh... Pupsy... W-what are. Are you doi- A-ah?!?” He asked curiously before being interrupted by the Epsilon’s hands that loved to play trickster games with him like the very one right now. 

“...  Sorry, I adore how you react so pleasantly to my actions that I must do it even more to get you to emit that artistic beauty for me?”  

Ah, that alluring voice drawn the Beta even more into oblivion where he wasn’t even paying attention to his surroundings anymore. It did however come flowing back to him upon feeling yet another deep mark of affection given to him this time being on his chest that slowly risen up and down for some shallow breathes of air to enter. The needy moan that escaped couldn’t be controlled as he wrapped his arms around the man’s sloping shoulders. Bite marks continued to be placed alongside kisses were made all over his remaining body that hadn’t been covered by them. “... I love you so much, dontcha know that...?” His Epsilon lover admitted truthfully to him with passion written all over him like an open book. 

“I k-know you do. I love you too” He replied with a soft, loving grin when planting a kiss on the man's forehead. 

“Yeah, I know...” Puppeteer spoke up seductively, “... And you don’t even know how much you make me love you...?” A throaty chuckle came and went when going down again to biting the skin starting to bruise a purplish red hue to it. The taste to copper blood seeping past his sharp canine teeth to sliding past his throat where he feverishly went ahead to licking up the rest. A Beta like the painter laid out in front of him made him all the crazier in lusting desire had the best tasting blood around than anyone else. Eyes scanned at the Beta who was softly panting to accommodate to the pained stinging that arises alone by the deep bites. “... I love you so much...” He had managed to say before pulling away and finally now allowing the man to go back to his wonderful work of art that is up to no match to the natural beauty to the Beta he desired for so long.