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Creepypasta/ Marble Hornets Omegaverse Short Stories

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This is what the eyeless cannibal wanted which was to be roughly shoved on his stomach on the lap of his Alpha. An Alpha known to not be the best at controlling neither his anger or his raw strength that was an undeniable turn on for the human eater whom squirmed all over the place. It was already known for both that he was getting turned on by this alone and what will come out of it that will eventually be here any second now. The right actions had to be done , he thought to himself as he slowly but surely without hesitation lifted his round, bouncy ass up swaying a little in order to give a show to the other man . Plan worked greatly in his favor as his ass cheeks were firmly held by big, strong hands resulting in a small squeal to leave his pouty lips .  

“... You’ve been so, badly shamelessly teasing daddy for quite some time now. What’s even worse that you had the audacity to strut your bubbly Omega ass for everyone to gawk at” His Cheshire smile mate spoke in a low tone sending all the right pleasured shivers down his spine.  

Surely, he shouldn't have done such a careless activity in front of so many unmated Alphas, Betas and even other Omegas when his own mate was right there in his line of vision watching him. Way his pale, raven haired Alpha mate was glaring at him was exquisite as he saw the heated desire underneath those pale blue eyes taking one good look at his curvaceous body that was hidden under his baggy attire. Anything could’ve happened right then at that very spot with the Omega not minding whatsoever if there was a group watching the tow getting down and dirty but surprisingly to his displeasure nothing like that went when at the time, he saw the other male simply walk out. “I’m so sorry to have embarrassed you... I just thought that instead you would’ve done something about my bad behavior than being a little submissive, meek sheep like them watching something they can’t dare touch?” The cannibal was then quickly met with the hands still gripping on his ass with one going on ahead to securely holding him down on the wooden table by the neck. Nonexistent eyes forced themselves to painfully look over to see Jeff giving a devilishly smug smirk.  

“Watch your mouth, pretty thing or I’ll have to take immediate action...” Jeff replied deeply alongside his growing manhood between his legs gently rubbing up on the smaller male, “... I was only waiting for the perfect time to take you and show you your place”  

A muffled moan escapes into the once silent kitchen that only held the two men so thankfully no one can hear all those lewd noises that were to come, “L-like what? What will you do to a bad, misbehaving Omega like me? What’s my punishment, daddy?”  

“Hm. I see that you already know what’s going to happen to your sweet ass, good. There won’t be any confusion with us then”  

Quickly the Omega saw himself being easily lifted up from the table by his waist where he hears the scraping to a chair grating on the floor and eventually felt his body soon laid down on the man’s lap. Surprise riddled him as he stares over with wide sockets to the Alpha and it was when he jolted to a stiff position upon a hand slapping across his ass. That wasn’t what he expected clearly by the shock written over his face when tightening his cheeks together however it didn’t deter the smiling killer to stop. “Oh m- my !? Je- Daddy... W- wh -what are you doing...?!” Jack almost broke an important rule set up by his Alpha to never calling him by his first name ever so he had to bite harshly at his bottom lip to silence the pained groans. Another then a third and around maybe fifteenth slap though he couldn’t remember exactly in his current haze yet he cared less at the moment.  

Soon a hot breeze of air blew past his nape and it gotten him to carelessly throw his head back in result. “Ah. I see your enjoying your punishment. It's not supposed to be like that at all? I want to hear you scream my name and beg for it...” The Alpha hisses softly in his Omega’s ears while later leaving a trail of dark purple bitemarks across the soft dull gray flesh. One would think that by doing this he was done with smacking his mate’s ass cheek or how he puts it ass slapping his naughty, smart mouthed breeding bitch in his place for misbehaving in front of him. That would be right since he was close to forgetting about his original punishment due to his forgetfulness getting the better at him yet he was able to get back on track to deliver a next blow on the other male. “... I don’t like hurting you, baby. It's just not like me to do to someone so beautifully exotic and monstrously intelligent at the same time like you but you got me in a tough spot?” Even when being considered a brute of an Alpha he despised having to do harsh things to someone that gotten him wrapped around his blackened sharp finger with ease.  

“I. I do... S-so fffucking much...” What a naughty little Omega slut he was indeed and he held absolutely no shame in that being him. His Alpha and himself loved that he can get kinky under the sheets during the intimate moments that been nights filled with undying passion for one another. “... M-maybe I’m not learning my punishment good enough and m-my big Alpha daddy needs t-to put more effort into it...?” And then something fully snapped in his mate where he was no longer given soft pecks but instead much harsher as he loudly gasps with his claw like nails digging deeply in the other’s flesh. It wasn’t what he thought everything would go down however he was never going to deny that he enjoyed the feelings being displayed right here as he moans out his mate’s pet name awhile another array of lustful sounds. Bothersome exhaustion was creeping on him by the way his body’s movement slowed considerably downwards then his speech became a slurred mess.  

“Is someone tired? Finally getting through to you now about your horrible actions done?” Jeff calmly replied, slowly picking up his Omega and placing the other to sit on his lap where he made sure to comfort the uncomfortable aches, “Great to hear someone learnt his lesson of teasing his Alpha”