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Creepypasta/ Marble Hornets Omegaverse Short Stories

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As an Omega, something Jay can sometimes detests immensely or somewhat accept to some degree he never would’ve expected that not only one Alpha but two would oh so, lovingly catch his attention. Really, he had the most divine crush almost creepy devotion on the two that he once considered friends later turning into something much more every time when he spent even a single moment with them. Hell, he didn’t know how he hadn’t allowed his Omegan instincts to go crazy with want over the pair every time he hung out with them after finishing things for Marble Hornets. Once done with being on the set for however long, he simply forgot anyway when catching himself staring at either man it was always going an issue for him mostly when stuck in a rather crowded car ride back home with them. It was going to be a painfully dull day for the lone Omega with the two Alphas not paying much attention towards him then at the road ahead and a lazily smiling Brian staring out the backseat window. 

That smile the Beta gave usually all the time knew much underneath it that he didn’t know if he should be left quite unsettled from it when the other man takes a quick glance towards him before returning to watching the swiftly changing environment. Car was driving quite erratically in a rush but that’s what you get when two Alphas are sitting up in the front with one being his usual angry self silently cursing underneath his breath. Jay knew what the other was complaining with shitty actors and anything else not working out however knew better then to butt into that conversation especially once a grayish puff of smoke blew into the peeved face to the driver. It went kind of went downhill after that to be all honest as he saw the two almost literally getting into a heat argument over what the dark-haired male had carelessly done that he can see only responded back with a nonchalant shrug. Sometimes the Omega simply wondered why on earth he ever liked in that romantic manner in the first place as he now sees that he’s beginning to gawk at the men.  

A gawking at the cockfight which it pretty much was at this point when he senses the strong, spicy scented pheromones seeping from the Alpha’s pores which in return didn’t scare him like many others in this particular predicament. Quite the opposite for this unmarked male Omega as he instead if anyone who wasn’t blind nor death and or both can tell by the thin legs tightly wrapping around each other and slight bucking to his hips that he was surprisingly enough betting aroused by it. It may be a little bit more understanding if they were fighting over him not having a mate or something like it then some simple ‘accidental’ blow of smoke from a cigarette that turned into a more verbal brawl than anything else. Now he couldn’t help to biting down at his bottom lip in order to suppress the needy mewl wanting to escape his thin lips. So badly humiliating it will be if everyone in the tight squeeze of the car heard that coming from him especially to the Alphas that most likely cast him off like some weird nut case for getting off on this sort of thing. 

‘Who’s your Alpha, blue jay?’  

A gruff, deep voice lures the said male into the welcoming soft touch where he couldn’t help it any longer to nuzzling up in the crook of the Alpha’s neck. Upon gently resting his head down, he can smell that overpowering scent filling up his sensitive nostrils. ‘... Y-you are... You are, T-Tim...’ It left a muffled groan to come and went as he feels the Alpha’s grip wrap around his slender waist once he utters those words. There he hears another groan not coming from the one holding him but someone else entirely from behind where he shivers, no in fear but it was a surge of pleasure. Droopy eyes twist themselves in order to get a better look and all he sees is the blinding reflection coming from glasses he knew only been worn from one male alone as he gave a lopsided grin.  

‘Must you ask that from him? We clearly know who he favors more, right Jay?’  

He knew, Tim knows and the one he understands to be Alex surely understands that saying such a blunt thing can get any Alpha extremely jealous and territorial over any unmarked Omega without a mate. A second time however it felt like the millionth in a row that the other men were getting into an argument about who’ll be better to be his mate that seems to always end the same way with it turning into a verbal then physical incident. ‘... Alex. I. Y-you my Alpha...’ The next thing he knows is when his skinnier body is tugged away from a caring embrace to now being made to lay down on his back to see the two Alphas glaring down at him with a deprived lust in their eyes. Soon his skin becomes unbearably hot with heat to its own upon contact with a double set of hands tearing off his loose fitted clothes. He gasps suddenly in shock when the Alex bent down to harshly nibble at his flesh nearing his mating gland and in response, he holds onto him for dear life.    

‘... Which one of them? Can’t choose the both of them? That be rather greedy of you...?’ Even when those words from the darkest crevices of his mind spurs that it hurts him really since he has an equal crush on both. No matter he says right now when Tim grabs at his hips and lifting them with care up in the air before being planted on the Alpha’s lap. ‘... Then once again if you choose only one it leaves the other hurt? You’ll be seen to them as a dirty little heartbreaker? What a horrible person you truly are…?’ The Omega didn’t want to think to such stuff as he feverishly sway back and forth in dwindling patience to have the Alphas near and eventually inside him. Now he can only plead with hopeful eyes to the ones he’s been crushing on for what seems like an eternity to do something with him to that they happily descend on their instincts. ‘... Now you’re in an endless cycle clueless to what you really want? Maybe you should talk to them and if they deny your sentiments its well, your loss? That’s what you get for being presumably a tease or an awful friend…?’ A dream to come true as one Alpha moves him over to his hands and knees with his backside facing the other to which soon enough before anything can really happen it was cut abruptly short .  

“... When are you going to tell them?” A calm voice beside him softly pipes out shaking himself from his very sexual day dreams that didn’t satisfy him to his fullest desires. 


“You know what I mean” The Beta playfully wiggles his eyebrows, “I see how you look at them. It's quite obvious you want something more than a simple friendship with them and if they’re weren’t constantly fighting, right now they’re easily sense your sweet smell craving them” 

Whatever Brian was telling him couldn’t be true in the slightest but it did the effect of making him blush heavily from the cheeks and ears downwards to his neck to finally chest. “I. I don’t k-know what you mean” A soft chuckle leaves the blond as he simply rolls his light-colored eyes at how badly ridiculous the Omega was reacting to what he said. Awkward silence came between the two with the bickering from the Alphas only making it less so yet still it was making Jay wiggle in his seat. “... O-okay. Maybe I do like them but... But the real issues are that I don’t know which one of them I should pick, really without hurting the other in the process?” Spoken in a hushed whisper so no one besides them in the backseat can hear as eyes once heavy with sleep was now wide awake and large with uncertainty. No matter what he wouldn’t anything to be furthered possibly heard by the men continuing with the argument in the front seat to the car. Oh, how badly embarrassing will it be if he were to so carelessly admit his crush right there in the open for anyone to hear which he will never let himself live it down ever in his life span. 

“Why not choose both?” Brian replied, shrugging his shoulders. 

Jay couldn’t believe his ears right now when staring back and replying, “I can’t just, y’know pick both. That be awful for everyone involved” 

“How come? I think it be quite good for you guys? I’ll support it” An eyebrow was raised in great confusion, “Even when all three to you have contrasting personalities and attitudes, yeah it may spill out in total disaster but hey, maybe not with you guys working it out and you’ll get some love making set up in your path?” 

God know his scent was all over the place that the Alphas slowed down then stopped talking to one another to staring confused at him.  

“What’s wrong, Jay?” Tim curiously asked. 

Soon Alex all the while pushes his glasses back up his nose, “Yeah, I can’t think fucking straight when your scent is all over the damn place?” 

Now or never as the shaggy haired blond Beta gently nudged him to stop with the clueless act to say something that’s been on his mind for quite some time. A low, pitiful groan escapes as a badly shaking hand up to his face where a noticeable blush was prominent to everyone in the car. Jay soon turns his head around to get a bit of reassurance from the other man sitting next to him yet he can only sigh from it. The Beta next to him gave him a bright, toothy grin in return with a silent mouthed sentence speaking to him saying to go on ahead do it for the sake of everyone for the worrisome Omega. “... I. I need to tell you guys something. Something kind of important” Then he hesitantly opened his mouth to hopefully be able to say what’s been on his mind for so long tormenting him that would change his life for better or worse.