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Creepypasta/ Marble Hornets Omegaverse Short Stories

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All throughout the effeminate mask wearing proxy’s life he was told being an Omega and male was a horrible disgrace. Why would anyone want some hermaphrodite freak who had both female and male junk to them yeah, no one? It was said that often by his parental or anyone else really that Alphas are meant to be guys and females were to be the Omegas while Betas are allowed to be whichever gender since well, they weren't as important. Some society it is to say so openly and bluntly that people are to be controlled by their reproductive abilities and what they can bring to help strengthen the supposed weakened world. The whole thing was one to many reasons why the said hidden Omega decided it be just for the best if he didn’t tell anyone of his little secret.  

‘You can’t hide forever. They’re going to know sooner or later. Mostly sooner’  

True was the statement which made him all the more antsy and downright terrified that when everyone in the crowded to the brim mansion filled with predatory killers; mostly Alphas with the occasional Beta know what he was it be game over. Anyone would horribly think with unsettling perverted intentions that it was a fair game to that he was basically asking for their thick cocks to be rammed into his tight virgin hole. A thought to being taken against his will by anyone else in the old time-y mansion right there out in the open for any person to see some pitiful Omega; him to be more exact to get taken by in brute force to learn a ‘lesson’. It is some sick lesson to be all honest to actually see himself taking it like the touch deprived and horny slut society always sees in Omegas and female Betas like him. Slick would surely be dripping down his quivering thighs spread wide apart for that particular Alpha lucky enough to have captured him in his most vulnerable moments.  

‘... Aw. Now who’s the slut? Just feel yourself. A tingly, needy feeling for a strong strapping Alpha is overwhelming you, right?’  

Fuck. A naughty image pops in his head to both his disgruntled dissatisfaction and forced pleasure. It wasn’t something he was meant to imagine especially when the sexual fantasy was involving himself being taken in a miraculously brutish manner by Alphas. People who most likely didn’t care a single fuck about him only his tight little ass engulfing their monster sized hard cocks all at once. The proxy can feel it happening this very moment. Soon a hand hastily travels down to in between his thighs. Then the sudden realization. Warm, almost hot slick smelling to a bakery store filled of strong deliciously sweets hits his nose among horrifyingly enough a different scent.  

“... Y-you're an Omega?!”  

Soon the smaller yet older proxy stumbles forward in shock yet was able to cover up the other one’s agape mouth who was so close to carelessly blurting out his secret, “... O-oh... Yes?! Yes, but please don’t say a dang thing about it to anyone else... Please”  

What an embarrassment of the ages to be caught in the act; dirty one really with him thinking to being taken by many Alphas at a time right in front of the other proxy. “Um, s-sure, I guess?” Dark brown eyes scan over to watch the other itch the back of his neck nervously before speaking up again, “You n-n. Never told me o-or anyone that you w-were an Omega? Always t- th -thought you be a Beta or hell, e-even another Alpha like m-me?”  

The masked proxy let out a strained chuckle when moving his own hands away from his groin, “Yeah, thought I would’ve been a Beta or even an Alpha myself too yet... Well, here we are, huh?” What an utter disappoint it was to realize so suddenly one early cold morning in the middle of winter to find himself feeling like his body was literally on fire. Disappointment came immediately from his dear mother where he can just tell then and there, she wanted a strong Alpha son to support the family not an Omegan one with psychological issues. Oh, how much he wanted to prove to not only her but the rest of the dang world he was so much more than a weak vessel to carry litters for his mate. Beside desiring to be anything else then a broodmare for some pervert he just needed to do this for himself as well. “But. But please, Toby. Don’t tell anyone about this, okay or they never let me live it down ever” He weakly to pretty much close to shamelessly begging on his knees for his secret to last longer than to be blurt open to the unforgiving world.  

“... Sure... I won’t t-t-tell, Tim. A secret is a. A secret and I k-know how to keep o-one by the way?” He can see the younger Alpha male spasm ever so noticeably by the bone cracking twitches to the naked eye with him and if they were in an entirely different situation, he would’ve cracked a mean spirted joke from it. This time though he couldn’t do such a thing to the one promising to keep this secret about his secondary gender from everyone else instead of using it against him for a sick ploy to humiliate him. It made him extremely thankful to the point he was smiling dopily in total relief like a complete idiot in front of the very man and Alpha he dislikes. Toby being the usual and often childlike yet snarky, cynical and grudge holding person he was would’ve made his life a miserable one whilst making him even if he was a ‘superior’ to the other proxies heavily heave a hearty, deep sigh for some fresh air when being a knot wanting slut deep throating a stiff cock in his agape mouth. “Make sure though this doesn’t happen again? It wasn’t just me who caught a whiff o-of your scent” Then to bring him out from another dreamed up fantasy a hand pats him back to reality alongside an utterance of carefully made words to his overall safety and the other man's quick departure.