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Creepypasta/ Marble Hornets Omegaverse Short Stories

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Clock ticks up on the wall and when Nathan checked it, he knew it was early in the afternoon and he had better things to do then laze around in his home. A tired yawn escapes him when sitting up from a recliner chair set out in the living room to a desolate, long forgotten home. Hands tremoring slightly goes on to rub down at his face near the heavy bags underneath his two different colored eyes trying to stay awake during so couldn’t be helped to flutter more then he likes to admit. Yet he had a long, very long day set out in front of him and he couldn’t do such a thing, right now especially when he’s nearing his heat that wouldn’t like spending it alone. Next thing known to happen was a phone to be taken out from his back pocket to his skinny jeans then quickly sending out pervy texts telling the ones he desired to have with him to intermingle their bodies with about how his heat was coming near.  

The raven Omega enjoyed the little side hobby he taken although many people would easily classify him as some slut or worse off prostitute for ‘using or selling’ his body for other men’s pleasures. N o, n ot at all was he ever deem himself one as he wasn’t doing this to make a living though maybe okay a little bit he was but mostly he was actually relishing in the fact that Alphas, Betas , and even other Omegas like himself would love to spend some quality time with him if you knew what that entails. So, when he went into heat it was the perfect time well, wasn’t too much as he’s currently in the forest where anyone would be able to easily take him. However, before he like anyone else that be in his predicament would worry about it , he had set up a plan revolving around a group of three men; two Alphas and a Beta to come here to join him. A perverted fuck he indeed was as he bends over an old wooden stump once a full oak tree at some point in its life once feeling a dominating presence overwhelm the area around him.  

It took some time for Offender to get what he really wanted from the pair. So long in the fact that he had previously thought it may never ever happen. A panting Omega in heat was set right in front of him begging for release to come ease the hot body spasming slightly in heated tremors. The said Omega if the perverted being can remember was named Nathan yet with his upcoming rut being caused by the poor thing, he can easily care less what the name to the male was anyways. All he wanted was to satisfy his own needs and maybe the human’s own if the other behaved perfectly for him, not putting up a nasty fight against him trying to help.  

Long, pasty white hands hold the Omega in place unable to move on the cold, damp forest floor as he bends down. Head ducking into the crook of the human’s neck where from there he can smell the stong, intriguing smell to the Omega and it was absolutely driving him crazy. Alongside that it was leaving him to buck his hips desperately wanting to be inside. Feel the tightness to the one withering underneath him stretch out just for his stiff, knotted cock. It feels so amazing doing so that he basically and simply rips the other’s clothes off the body where he hears a shocked yelp yet soon enough turning into nothing afterwards, he’ll soon change that quiet mouth to be spewing out pleasurable shouts.  

“... P-please... Argh. F-fffuck...” The Omega pants heavily with hands smoothing through his sticky black hair currently in a mess glued onto his head, “... Alpha. Alpha... Alpha, please I n-need you...” How he would’ve been so ashamed of himself in any other predicament but right now he couldn’t give a freaking damn at the moment.  

“Whatever you say, doll face” Offender slyly smirks, already liking the fact there wasn’t going to be much of a fight in his case when seeing a perverted look wash over the smaller male. Oh, how the look got his cock to double in size right then and there dripping from the tip pre-come wanting to fill the Omega in his seed. However even when he still wants to do so he knows how the man beneath him plays and there were others besides himself desiring to have fun with the Omega male grinding up against his leg . “Can’t wait to fuck your brains out. Make sure you’ll won’t be able to walk properly for days” Cold feeling fingers trailed down the quivering, sweat coated skin to the human man heaving out for any form of air to enter his erratically spasming body . In response he felt the sweet-smelling body further press up on him wanting or needing more physical contact .  

Physical contact was made swiftly in one quickly rush as the Alpha pounded himself into the Omega below, “... A-ah! Oh s-shit... Fuck man…!?!” A squeaky moan came from the dark-haired man clinging onto him for dear life as the thrusts became hastily made by the being.  

“You enjoying this, don’t you?”  

White colored tendrils like the rest of him came spewing out from his back then they came inching towards the Omega’s agape mouth trying to inhale for air. “... Oh k-keep. Going, A-Alpha?! Alpha A-!?!” The tendrils enter his wide mouth as he goes on to breathe through his nose when not being able to do so the other way which was being fucked by the slender appendages. How it was splitting into smaller tendrils from the large one endlessly ramming in and out in his mouth similarly to the much larger one doing the same in his slick coated puckering ass just taking its monstrous size with no issue. Stung surely it did when the Alpha pounds his whole body up on him making the ground feel like it was shaking underneath the pair. Gasps came here to there when Nathan lets out a muffled groan then shivers tremendously upon feeling yet another tendril slip around his cock and letting a sticky mess drip down on the forest floor.  


Exhaustion must’ve crept on him as he felt literally nothing afterwards when the tall eldritch being made one final thrust in both his mouth and ass close to having him orgasming from it . The only feeling Nathan felt though was the sensation to his muscles forcing themselves to stretch impossibly so in order to contain the heavy load the Alpha had carelessly blew inside him . Although he felt really tired from the encounter there was two more men to be there helping with his heat even if long ago had dulled down to be a bit more bearable . Whatever the two men would do to him would surely be pleasurable if his kinky mind would allow him to think on it without thinking up something naughtier . It got him to be hard again as he moves his hands down to his hips to stop the bucking of them from hitting up on the tree stump .  

“... Sure, did a thing to you did he, huh?” An accented, rich voice lures him back to reality after having pretty much blacked out when Offender was done with him. From there he can see a mischievous mask split in half with one side black and another white glaring down at him with a grin entailing to much more fun. The grin stayed there as the other man by the Japanese man’s side brushes a hand through the oily black hair to the Omega slightly pulling at it to achieve soft mewls from the tiny stings of pain. What a sadistic little person the male Omega even if acting like putty in their hands was in actually enjoying all the pain endured then the upcoming more to come from them. Heat can as well, do something like that to a person even the demurest ones never thinking they ever like such a thing to happen to them by their partners.  

Another person so there were two pipes up much cooler than the last when the person who owned that bent down to his glossy, dazed eye level, “He did. I'm not surprised by it in the slightest, are you?”  

“Hm. Hopefully we won’t be too much for the lil ’ Omega here?”  

“Like hell. I. I c-can handle you guys now...” Nathan manages to playfully remarks with a tired yet smug grin on his pale face.  

His snarky comment did not go unnoticed by the men behind him as he felt thin, golden strings wrap around his wrists right above his head. Then the only Omega between what he can say was an Alpha Beta pair was easily moved on his stomach fully so on the tree stump . It was uncomfortable, yes but he tried to not pay too much attention on it as he felt his rear being moved upwards into the air. “You really do like being roughly played with? What a dirty, slutty Omega you are” The binds made it impossible for the Omega to partake in much movement besides the usual squirming about in an weak attempt . Not of a fight or struggle would arise anyways and the two men knew that to their more subdued partner whining for them to do something to the aching hole .  

“You smell like the previous Alpha, y’know? Alphas like me don’t enjoy that and wants to prove dominance and so on?” Kagekao; only ever other Alpha besides the faceless being who cherishes in giving a bit more pain to his lovers or often enough victims that where nothing but toys. It didn’t bother the Omega whatsoever too much in all honesty when feeling the binds tighten themselves on his wrists while connecting back to the arms of the gray skinned Beta man. Someone else although being classified as something bland and unworthy for Omega or Alpha mates can even peruse better pleasure then they at the best times like now for example such as sliming in a tongue into the Omega’s mouth in a French kiss. Left Nathan to be completely breathless while the Beta in question kept at it pulling the strings up forward. All the while the Japanese Alpha smirks down at them lining himself at the Omegas looser then before entrance. 

“... Pups...” The Omega hisses lowly between breaths, “... Argh. K-keep pounding in m-me...”  

From predatory instincts the Alpha hears that pretty voice speaking up and it was enough for him to go pounding into the Omega’s hole with no prep . Pure adrenaline spikes in Nathan’s icy cold blood upon feeling the harsh jabbing motions and the deep biting on his flesh by the Beta . He finds himself soon enough being pushed to one man to another as he begins to let out expletives after the known puppeteer breaks the kiss from the feeling of come filling him up to the brim . The puppeteer was however not entirely done with him just like the Alpha ramming inside him went over to crawling over to his backside where the known possessive black and white man moves over to the side for room . Then it happened with Nathan snapping forward now awake as ever as not only one cock was inside him but two and there seems to be so much room for double the usual intake .  

“... Oh... O-oh shit... Fffuck yes...!?” He screams, it bounces off the tress for any bystander to hear. In him, he didn’t care if there were bystanders watching him as he digs his nails into his flesh to ease the upcoming new pains in his body happening at every orifice in his body mostly ass. All he cares for most part was the pleasure in having the normal stinging, annoying pains that was his heat fully subsiding in his body and it felt the absolute best. Relaxed now than ever before he didn’t even realize how much he was being filled up with the men’s come until he felt the two hard stiff ones leave his entrance. Come was spilling down his thighs which just like the rest of him couldn’t support his body when slipping to fall onto the damp, cold forest floor below in order to rest the sore spots for another time.