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Creepypasta/ Marble Hornets Omegaverse Short Stories

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Of course, Masky didn’t expect to have gained so much weight over the past few days like where it was noticeable when it gotten his clothes usually loose now tight mostly around his middle. However, there was a reason behind it despite his ways in suppressing it with medications along with keeping a watchful eye over himself especially more so when he was in obvious rut. The proxy loved being an Alpha as he can express himself as nothing more than strong, calmly collected, and extremely professional to anyone else’s eyes but now when nearing that bothersome monthly time. Although nearing to having his rut it was still an unbearable numbing pain making him feel well, very sexually frustrated beyond belief that without an intimate problem to fix it only food can help. Which meant high calorie foods like sweets mostly being constantly devoured when the masked man was the most stressed on the job.  

Not so surprisingly it didn’t go unnoticed by anyone including his boss shockingly enough an Omega beyond stomping over the classic, traditional stereotypes though didn’t mind going by those standards. ‘Timothy, if I may interrupt you from whatever you’re doing I must speak with you about something rather important...?’ The faceless being excused himself into what his proxy was doing which was eating from what he can see with literally no eyes another big portion of sweets. As the proxy’s attention was moved away from the food in hand over the many centuries old eldritch it was only then that the being took notice to the slight change in the human man’s scent. Brow if he can ever have one was quirked in growing curiosity but like always, he tended to push the thought to what may never happen to the back burner for the time being. ‘...May I be blunt as well if you don’t mind? I know you most certainly don’t mind what I got to say as its only for the best intentions for your well-being? It's on the quite serious topic involving your weight and how much you’ve gained over the few couple days to a week or so?’ From there the being can see his proxy, mask dangling off the neck so, he can fully see the expression once to some degree relaxed change quickly into one of clearly displayed anger.  

“... W-what...” Voice known to be calmly even to the point in being monotone cracks under the pressure to the boss’s questions seemingly hitting a nerve with the proxy nearing closer to him, “... I really don’t think that’s any of your business, sir, in how I handle myself? Like I never asked for your dang input as I’ve received quite enough from the others...”  

A response the faceless being didn’t expect from his right hand when furrowing his bow together in well deserving in his thought over opinion with emotions as concerned worry growing more stronger than ever before, ‘This isn’t normally like you with the exceptions to Toby annoying you to the brink of madness so, do tell what’s the matter and I won’t mind helping you through it’  

Soon throughout the being’s endless mother hen like rambling the masked Alpha proxy awhile had pushed a stool over and slowly with carefulness climbed on top it in order to be at least some sort of eye level to the boss. Even if still a few inches shorter with the stool helping give the rutting man and his short height some leverage over the other, he felt the anger boiling over until it was becoming too painful. The Alpha’s erected manhood between his legs were throbbing which with his jeans digging into his flesh by the weight gain wasn’t helping the situation any better. Along so, it felt like pine needles were being struck in at every freaking angle to his body which reacted from the other man, not entirely human but mind you being an Omega making him stiffen like a stature. Then gloved hands takes ahold of the smoothed out black professional jacket where soon afterwards roughly tugs the other up really, personally close to him as he rests his head on the being’s chest.  

“... If you need to know what the fuck is wrong with me then here it is...” Growling lowly in a dangerously predatory tone in the sickly pale white being’s ear, “... I’m in rut, sir if you can’t already tell by now…" As the proxy stays awfully near then the being’s liking, he out of pure instincts only grinded up against the other man. The Alpha proxy was honestly relishing the fact he was having so much power over someone who was the most powerful being in the world other than the one not able to be named undeniably with amusement the supposedly ‘weakest’ dynamic. Known as the weakest by society wasn’t such to him whatsoever when his boss was the very best example to what they can be, how they can be much stronger than the naked eye, and from it all was such a major turn on for him. His gloved hands though spasming out like him with limited self-control was able to be moved towards to be wrapped around the now laxed out shoulders to the abnormally tall Omega. “... Maybe if you’re so badly worried about my mental and physical health then you can go ahead in helping me through it if you have to be so badly persistent on it...?” Continuing to rub himself up on the other, the masked Alpha was having a much better time than before where he was badly pent up with sexual frustrations not being satisfied at the moment.  

Then the proxy feels a long, bony hand cupping at his bubbly ass cheeks letting him easily emit a desperate groan consisting to the neediness he has to mate with someone else preferably an Omega like his boss, ‘Oh? I see now. How incredibly oblivious I was, hm? My poor right hand is dealing with a terrible case of rut’ Hands now rubbed soothingly at the Alpha’s back like a parent comforting an upset child going through a temper tantrum yet this time around was with a full-grown man having a hard time goring through his rut. Innocently in some aspects the slender being wasn’t wanting to further this process in a much more intimate fasion so, he was quite alright in some degree with his proxy basically clinging onto him for comfort. Yet as time passed it seemed like his dear proxy was getting enough when he felt teeth sharpening up then eventually not much time past before it bites down at the flesh to his shoulder blades. The Alpha simply returns from biting quite the various colorful, deep marks to licking the crimson blood from his teeth then cuddles into the crook of the other’s neck. ‘Quite the biter, aren’t you? You got to be much gentler the next time you do something like this with anyone else?’ Teasing softly for his right hand’s uncontrolled actions received him another set of teeth marks on the other side littering his neck almost with him which would need a pretty good excuse or a decent enough way to hide them down the road.  

“... Shuddup...” Muttered by the Alpha obviously annoyed when continuing to grind up against his Omega boss though wasn’t getting a lot of frication due to one, the huge as hell, size difference so, he was pretty much rutting on the other’s chest. “... I. I a-argh need this, right now, p-pp-pplease...” An adorable sight to see upon taking a curious glance down at the tiny man standing with quivering feet on the stool groaning in need. The human man was whining which was so unlike an Alpha yet with the thinning patience had by his proxy it was going to turn eventually into aggression set out towards him. Deep laughter came from the no face having being when his right hand attempted to assert dominance over him that failed miserably in a cutesy manner. Chuckles did come to an end with a small, barely noticeable smirk washing over his face as the Alpha done his best in pinning him to the wall behind them, hands gripping tightly at the fine black jacket’s sides. Soon the short man deeply inhaled to the sweet scent discreetly emitted into the air around the pair in a fashion meant to lure him in however in another to tease him in something he’ll never attain within his whole lifetime, “... I f-fucking swear if you don’t h-help me, sir, I’ll j-just fuck you I-in your dumb a-ass whatever mouth y-you got...”  

‘Don’t know if you really can do such a thing, short stack? Mind you that you’re an Alpha but a rather short and incredibly soft in stature one? You wouldn’t be even tall nor strong enough to handle someone of my more well, more controlled and powerful presence in both mind to body wise?’  

Gently patting at the soft, somewhat pudgy flesh to the dark-haired Alpha, he tried to push away to end this conversation short before anyone else were to enter the kitchen to have breakfast yet was still pressed up rather roughly onto the wall. The tiled wall was very uncomfortable to bear when his proxy stares sternly at him with a lusting gaze silently telling him no one will see them like this if he likes to behave. Although staying almost humorous in his nonexistent eyes, Slender didn’t know how to exactly feel about being at the current time completely powerless to an Alpha. A groan escapes his thin line that was his lips quirked into a grin still when feeling more human like fleshed grazing then was pulled close into a rough, teeth clattering if he had any kiss. Such a passionate kiss it was as the being held onto the Alpha human man with his bony fingers brushing into the dark thick, soft locks letting them continue on like this for what felt to last an eternity then it was broken off by the proxy flushed in the face.  

“... I’ll fuck you in both ways s-so god damn hard you w-won't be able t-to walk for a week straight, sir...”  

Breathlessly spoken from a man with a gravely, broken tone of voice as the slender man had in his hold now kneading at the softness once firm and lean had which was now a long a past previous conversation between the two of them.  

‘I would love to see you attempt in trying to take me down into a time of passion there, little man?’ Soon the two were needy as the tall, slender Omega cackles from letting the other enjoy having a bigger taste to what he can be as a lover, ‘Maybe I’ll enjoy it if you do a good job in pleasing me like a proper Alpha, I know you can be when serving underneath me’