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Creepypasta/ Marble Hornets Omegaverse Short Stories

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Toby as a young adult and newly presented Omega without a mate so unused to the world he can tend to be quite oblivious to the things so obvious around him. He wasn’t even eighteen just yet and had already went through a torturous first ever heat on his own completely on his own. Like he had no means in knowing what to do at the time besides crying out for anyone to help in a scentless, padded up room meant to make sure people like him were no one can get in or out. Only ever people allowed to enter the said room for Omega in heat were besides his faceless boss checking up on him was his fellow proxies who were Omegas too like himself as well, he felt always at ease with the pair for it since they knew the hardships long before he even presented just a few days ago.  

Looks ranging from disgusted to perverted from the other residents mostly from the Alphas were staring down at him like he had nothing on whatsoever down to the point he was nothing more than a simple hot piece of meat to them. His heat just happened so randomly and in such a strong fashion where it felt like a legit heat wave had sucker punched everyone in the face with his scent meant to lure in a mate. Thankfully before any other sick, knot headed asshole decided to have their way with him by brute force his boss like the savior the young boy see the other as lead him to a room only allowed for Omegas in heat. In naive oblivion, really as the twitching teen puts it, he didn’t even realize underneath it was all a façade keeping him completely unaware. Far will it be too late when he’s ushered into a room to himself as the tall figure in the black suit brushes a cool, bony hand through his hair then all the way down to the nape of his neck where his scent glands were unmarked of an Alpha mate yet.  

‘... Just wait here until your heat hopefully blows over. It won’t be too difficult with the right helping hand...’ His boss replies quite calmly although shown something to the Omega’s opinion as unnaturally so when he’s left alone with his thoughts in the stone room, ‘... But other than that just relax as much as you can for the moment being. I’ll be right back...’  

Once having a moment to himself, the young teen moves over to the only thing in the room which was a bed not looking entirely comfortable with very thin blankets and a floppy pillow with barely anything inside so, it had to do now when making a durable nest. The nest he made out of naturally built instincts still being wired into his brain was lazily made in his haste to get comfortable in some extent. Soon he weakly crawls in where he laid inside on his back with the clothes long ago beforehand discarded to the side lines which he was only left with his loose t-shirt on. In order to keep his modesty in check somewhat besides being in a vulnerable period. A period where he felt extremely lewd too as his moves his quivering hands down below his waist that he began to touch his most private parts to settle the need to mate and be bred by an Alpha becoming too much yet before he got too in it the door suddenly opens.  

“... Hey, Toby. How is your heat going so far? Is it getting any better or no?” Asked by Masky looking concerned at the youngest proxy while holding out his hand to be held by his hooded counterpart to lessen the nerves getting the better of him for the teen’s health.  

Whipping his hands up far from his privates the newly presented Omega looks up wide eyed with terror full humiliation he may have been caught to see he had some company, “... I’m d. D-doing so good s-so far? F-fine and dandy...?” Chuckling nervously, he waves the two inside and they did so when closing the door behind them.  

Slowly nodding his head, Hoodie sighs sympathetically awhile rubbing his gloved hand at the boy’s sweaty back for some sort of comfort, “We know how heats especially the first one more so can be and it's so horrible without an Alpha with you but it does get better eventually with them”   

A mere thought to having an Alpha even if whoever it was may be the kindest soul in the whole wide world, Toby was far too young to have a mate and was deep down terrified by the prospect to submitting then producing children just like his other proxies, close friends in his eyes currently were now. It made him smile and crack a few jokes back then when knowing at the same time the pair were pregnant or as he says knocked up with what was many children by how noticeably round, they were so early on in the masked man’s dismay. “... I d-don't know, guys. Its... I really d-do think I’ll be much better o-off on my own through m-my heats...” Then when he finishes the two looked at one another with uncertainty down to even knowing fear written across their faces like they knew something he didn’t know at the precise moment. “... I. I a-ah don’t know if I’m really o-or at all ready y-yet? So, this h-here check u-up isn’t just f-for you to make s-sure I’m o-okay, is it...?” Murmuring silently underneath his breath, he scoots back from the pair as he suspects something is up and they’re not telling him what was precisely wrong.  

From what Toby saw with eyes widening up in growing confusion while sitting up from his previously laid position as Hoodie spoke, “... Toby. By experience speaking here... It won’t get easier if you were to spend this first heat by yourself like this? You really need someone to be here with you and I know you’re worried but...”  

“... But the boss like the respectful, intelligent, and uh, well equipped Alpha that he is will surely help you like he done with us so many times beforehand. Even if you’re terrified at first by the idea of having to spend your heat with an Alpha don’t be as he’ll make sure you’ll well treated only so, if you behave like a good Omega” Reassured by Masky in a soothing, motherly manner thanks to the maternal hormones pumping thickly in his veins due to his pregnancy along with the hooded man’s own, the youngest can know was done by their boss.  

In shocked silence, not knowing what to even say about this whole thing Toby abruptly pushes his weak self away from the others, “... B-But?! I... I w-wouldn't want to share m-my heat with anyone especially t-the boss of all people?! I c-can't do this, plea-” Soon when he was going to yell out another jumbled incoherent mess, they were all hearing the infamous static ringing in all their ears.  

‘... SILENT. Timothy, Brian please take your leave and go back to your room until I’m in need you next for something so, just rest and take care of yourselves and the children...’  

 Yet he was to know when a booming voice interjected all three of the Omegas into still silence as the two proxies so heavily pregnant it was such a surprise to see them slowly with careful ease manage to sit up. His fellow proxies actually left him whom was only barely seventeen here with their faceless boss thinking this was only for the best for him was totally absurd in his teary eyes. The thought alone to being cooped up in this room in the cusp to his first heat now appearing to be like a prison cell than anything else made the teen to stumble out from his nest. Once they were gone far off to what the brunette can see in his glossy eyed vision to another room as the sound of a door was closed shut behind the other who entered in a silent yet creepily eerie manner. Eventually, the teenaged proxy was horribly shaking like a leaf, hands moved up to hold his head aching with a powerful headache awhile his scent was emitting the fresh maple smell without his control.  

‘... Tobias...’ It was the voice of his boss now looming over him with a hand placed on his shoulder where the grip was iron cold leaving him to lay back inside his nest like a stature, ‘... I’m only here to help you but if you insist to acting in such a rough, childish manner like this I won’t mind teaching you how to be an obedient with a rough lesson...?’  

The Omega once on the bed inside the nest was ripped from any state of conscious and rather misbehaving thought when the eldritch climbs on top him as his slender, pale legs were propped up in the air then placed on the other’s shoulders. “... P-please Slendy . I a-ah, not r-ready. Y-you know I. I’m a. A virgin h-here...” Whining softly the teen hopes by this startled to terrified expression giving through his puppy dog expression from his baby face will be enough however, it wasn’t as he felt long shaped fingers getting slicked all the while scissoring his entrance until it would relax. It wasn’t going to be an easy or pleasurable experience for either involved mostly him, he so didn’t want this when his hole although puckering for the other to knot him was far from loose enough to take in such a huge thing. But the faceless being he saw only as a replacement to a father since his original one was an abusive piece of crap had other plans for him when carelessly pushing in with nothing beside his slick to help. “... F- fffuck !? Slendy , p-please, stop, oh ugh... Its w- waysss t-too much…!?!” Crying out loudly the teen was arching his back up once the beings perceived ‘gentleness’ was thrown out the very window upon jerking his hips in bone shattering thrusts.  

Leaning down to give his youngest proxy a few bites from what he formed a mouth to do so on the supple, young skin, he growls lowly in the other’s ear, ‘I’m only doing what’s best for you, Omega even if you may or not like it and nothing will...’ Sharp teeth roughly grazes against the teen who only moans in response as he soon sinks them into the gland marking them like his others for life, ‘... Change it as your mines. Got it?’ Nothing will change the fact and the slender being relished in that small but very important fact he owns another Omega in his circle or harem if they call it that now. Eager to please the tempting need to fill this young thing up with his seed was growing too much to bear as he continued his quick, rough, and merciless pace into his third mate still begging him to stop this at once. ‘Now you have the other two to help you learn your rightful place under me as my mate so, no worries at all. The only thing you need to even worry about is being a good boy for your Alpha and like this then take my seed whole. Grow me some strong, healthy children and please me in each and every way imaginable’ Growling some more the Alpha dug his nails into the teen male’s sides to keep the smaller form in place underneath him so, he can hit the sweet spot with no misses. Such spot wasn’t missed to the faceless being’s utter delight where he then afterwards pounded into it, not pulling out due to the knot formed locked them in place. A big knot he can tell was having his hurting Omega squirming in pain mostly in emotional distress since the poor thing couldn’t feel dang thing underneath him on the nest like bed trying to adjust to the sudden size in such a tiny, tight space.  

“... P-please Slendy . I c-can't take this any l-longer. Pull o-out, I’m begging y-y-you. Too m-much. I d-don't w-w-want this...” Once again, the Omegan boy was pleading with its whole heart to have this whole thing to come to an end despite his body naturally wanting this to happen due to the heat, “... Ssshit. P-please, I c-can't... Don’t want t-this... S-s-stop it...”  

‘No. Never. I will take what I want from you and you’ll learn to love this and cherish our times together in our growing family’  

A sickly growing, painfully controlled family to the Alpha’s wishes whom finally blew his filling load in the teen’s body then when the knot swelled down pushes off from the other letting his new mate relax to comprehend what gone down between them as nothing can ever change it.