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Creepypasta/ Marble Hornets Omegaverse Short Stories

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“... I want to try something new, Ej if you don’t mind that is...?" The hooded Beta replies in a quiet tone, gloved fingers twirling around one another, “... It may seem a touch odd, I get it but it's been on my mind for some time and I think it be a nice change for our relationship especially in the bedroom sense...” Nervously spoken by the proxy, he itches at the side of his neck where he wishes a sensitive scent gland like an Omegas resides but sadly it didn’t at all. Sometimes he desires to be an Omega for just himself for the most part but as well, for his mate who was an Alpha. It also, derived from feeling at odds with himself when he was younger and at the time thought something was wrong with him especially upon presenting as a regular old Beta. Late on when he got older the problem was realized by doctors, counselors and himself too that there wasn’t anything wrong with him only that he was trans dynamic. “... It's nothing bad against you or our relationship whatsoever, really, it isn’t like at all...” Mumbling softly, he didn’t know he was itching at his neck until his mate grabbed him carefully by the hand which gotten his attention over to the o ther man.  

The hand now moved over to his unmasked face where it was gently rubbing in an attempt to soothe the proxy at ease and it was obviously a success, “Baby... You can tell me. Whatever it is, I’ll be very much supportive with you no matter what. So, now c’mon tell me what it is and I’m going to help you through it”  

Slowly nodding his head, the Beta male sighs heavily when looking anywhere else before eventually looking back at the eyeless cannibal ahead giving him the most genuine caring smile, “... Great to know cause this been on my mind for so long and it's nice to be open with one another, right...?” Trying with all his might to just spill out what he wanted to do for so long with his lovely mate who chosen him for a mate all those years ago was rather difficult the more he thinks about it. A tired, exasperated sigh leaves the blond-haired man as he moves his hands down to his sides where it continues to fiddle with the ends of his sweatshirt purely out of nervousness slowly settling down to an extent. “... I have this little kink for some time now. I just want to explore it some more if that’s fine with you? It’s a... An um, Daddy kink, y’know ?” His Alpha cocks his head to the side supposedly in confusion that worried him greatly to no end yet his worries ceased upon observing the smirk growing on the man’s face. Now the Beta found himself helplessly pinned to the wall of their bedroom behind him giving passionate kisses all over his neck down to his pelvic bone.   

The kisses continued on for however long it was along with the rough nibbles leaving noticeable dark purplish red hickeys that left both of them mostly the Alpha that is to discreet an aroused scent. Something that was long held back in the eyeless cannibal’s mind as he was already having a grand old time in leaving his art work across the Beta’s skin. Someone he really did care for so much, he’ll do literally anything to please either by the kink, treating the proxy like the Omega he wanted to be yet couldn’t at the moment or possibly ever, and anything else that made the other so special to him. “Hm" A low, predatory growl escapes the Alpha after hearing what was on his mate’s pretty lips as he goes in to bite them until they were bleeding and a touch puffy from his rough actions. “... Nice to be so open like this... We can do it. The little experiment; your kink, right now? I don’t mind at all in the slightest in being called your daddy then Alpha, baby...” He slyly comments with the teasing nickname for his Beta who in response was already squirming about underneath him and having already getting so hot over the matter at hand.  

Although so sudden the pair didn’t mind and wanted it to happen despite it as they managed to get undressed of their clothes left to the sidelines now laying on their bed continuing to passionately make out touching one another in ways that sent pleasurable shivers through both “... A-ah, oh my, Ej ...” Hoodie breathlessly gasps out as he felt his legs moved up towards the ceiling as his Alpha quickly grabs a packet of lubrication to help ease his tight entrance, not adjusted to the girth of a knotted cock due to being well a plain male Beta. “... I bet you’ll f-feel so good in m-me, Alp-D-Daddy. So neeedy f-for you to b-breed me like the Omega slut, I want to be…" Even if he was still feeling a bit awkward in calling his mate by that nickname the other man didn’t seem to mind, no he actually liked it when ripping the packet and pressed two fingers into it then pops them into his hole. The gray colored, long, sharp fingers lubed up now continued to play around in the innards of the Beta to get the muscles to relaxed for something bigger. A Beta wasn’t meant especially a male one to be precisely like his hooded lover to take in a knotted cock so huge in whole yet from their past intimate moments along with training the proxy’s body into the ways of an Omega it gotten easier over the years spent with one another. Years they’ve been trying to have the Beta be more Omegan like in any way yet it was physically impossible so, the next best option was mentally doing it. If it confuses others greatly on it, they didn’t care as they were going through this in what they saw was the healthiest manner like now for example.  

“Yeah..." Jack grunts out in pure ecstasy in wanting to take his Beta (though on the inside, they both wanted the proxy to be an Omega) right now yet he’s patient enough to ensure little to no pain as he circles with his lubed finger around the entrance from past encounters between them and training were already so loose for his liking. “... Can’t fucking wait to knot you so dang hard, baby boy. You can’t wait for Daddy to breed you with my fertile seed?” His seed even if fertile wouldn’t have an effect on the other man with the lack of a womb to suck every ounce within yet the fun was simply trying over again for the heck of it. So, he wanted to make sure his Beta mate had every single pleasurable fun in all this like any other Omega would’ve in this situation, he made sure to treat the Omega like his lil ’ baby submissive. His dominating, predatory presence overwhelmed himself along with the blond-haired proxy ahead touching himself in order to stretch his hole for the upcoming huge appendage ahead so hard in sight of this alone. In an instant flash the eyeless Alpha had made his first gentle thrust into his mate’s entrance.   

A pained gasp came forth from the male Beta yet neither bothered to stop especially himself when quickly in a rush bobs up and down on the Alpha’s cock craving for it to go even more deeper in order to hit his sweet spot. “... O-oh, Daddy... Yes, p-please, breed m-me...” Hoodie loudly whines out, his hands clawing at the cannibal’s back as the pressure in the pit of his stomach grows. It was the usually common pain that came from his body unwilling to his Alpha mate fucking him senselessly without much lubrication besides the said lube or simply spit but his body was slowly adjusting to even liking the feeling given to him. “... I l-love having you inside me so much...” Groaning softly from the pleasure becoming stronger by the second from his dulled scent actually getting stronger, the Beta was moved up where he was now riding his mate which he happily obliges to by holding down the other by the hips as he bounces up then down in a decently quick pace. Soon from himself riding on his mate’s hard cock, he yelps in shear surprise yet as well, the tingly sensation sending shivers down his spine as the knot was formed within and such a big shock was it there w asn’t any tearing this time whereas his inner muscles were taking it so good.  

It had his Alpha eagerly smiling to the point in roughly pounding his cock inside his mate to better feel up the muscles just sucking him in like he was a delicious treat and it was having them one stop closer to having the Beta being what he wanted to be as a true Omega, “... Just look at you. D-daddy is so fucking proud of you taking me in so d-d... Dang well. Show me you’re a g-good boy for me... Keep going, baby...” Replying back with more compliments making the blond proxy blush more noticeably awhile swaying his hips against the Alpha’s rushing movements telling them the knot was about close to exploding any second now and when it done, he screams out in ecstasy fulfilling bliss then exhaustingly plopping down on the man’s chest with a small smile on his face.