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Creepypasta/ Marble Hornets Omegaverse Short Stories

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Alone in heat; either in the beginning, at the cusp to middle, or even nearing the end it wasn’t a good thing for an Omega like Jane especially when she feels the most vulnerable which she always hated the feeling more so now than ever. Everyone else was gone per the faceless being; Slender’s orders detailing they all needed to leave unexpectedly for a random but important mission except her of course due to being a vulnerable Omega. It was slightly understandable but at the same time too was just annoying that they all think she wasn’t or just as capable and maybe more so than they are which made her chuckle a little. Yet the laughter quickly died down once her heat decided now wasn’t a time to be really laughing as she hunches over, arms tightly wrapped around her middle. Then when the pain became unbearable the wavy, raven-haired woman found herself on the carpeted floor curled up in a ball and when she thought nothing was going to get any better, she felt two new presences coming into the room.  

Then she saw who it was that possibly caught a quick, deep whiff of her honey sweet scent and it so happens to be both Smile dog along with the massive beast known as Seedeater looking over at her with curious expressions, “... Argh, g-go away... Shoo. G-go, shoo...” Her hands were badly shaking as she weakly tries to usher the only other two ‘residents’ to the vast, now empty mansion besides herself weren’t even human yet they knew something was terribly wrong with her so, they curiously inched closer. Not entirely human, Jane wouldn’t know what the two animalistic creatures were possibly thinking about at the moment when hovering over her with unknown intentions. Submission to being an Omega in heat was cracking through her often-tough shell yet she couldn’t submit in a situation like this due to it being, well having an encounter with things not human but more animal which sounded wrong for her to even think on. “... I. I be fine, r-really so, no w-worries here...” Soon she tried to get back on to her feet again since moments earlier had fallen onto the floor due to a powerful surge of heat suddenly passing through her small, delicate body not meant for something like it. It was morally wrong but her heat was saying other things like no one beside the three of the mostly her will remember the predicament she shamefully got into on her own.  

Now it wouldn’t be too long as Seedeater moved behind her which casted a huge, dark shadow over her small frame as well, the mansion’s pet dog lazily trotted over ahead to her front with that wide, toothy grin that put even Jeff’s own to shame, “... A-ah, I. I don’t think I should b-be really doing this, y’know it's not right a-and. And u-ugh, b-be fucking careful? Oh, s- ssshit !?!” When they decided to go down and dirty the two creatures didn’t bother to go easy on the human woman at all. Brutal force was made by the large creature in making sure the female Omega took the girthy cock at least whole to the point she had felt it almost reaching all the way up to her stomach. All the while at the same time the smaller, much furrier with blazing red and contrasting black fur beast had got on his hind legs with front pars resting on her tensed shoulders. Out of pure instinct most the shaken woman had opened her mouth wide in thinning patience wait for the dog to just fuck her mouth where the child eater behind her was clawing at her sides with each deep thrust. Smile dog kept at the inhumanely quick pace like the other who was harshly taking her at the rear which made her undeniably bled at both ends as she can only gurgle out in both ecstasy and pain.  

 “... Hngh , f-f-fuck... Ah, o-oh, shit...” It was still quite odd and well, downright just wrong yet her mind was clouded over with lust currently to care at the precise moment as later she can fret over it, “... P-p- ppplease ... ssshit ...” Pain mixed with the crimson blood and the sticky, pearly white come from both sides by both creatures leaving her body to noticeably quiver underneath the much heavier forces propped up against her. Noises left the three of them as Jane kept up in squirming as her stomach was churning and her puckering cunt all slicked up was just taking in the cock where his mouth was lapping up the furry cock. Although sandwiched in between the creatures made her overwhelmed in confusing feeling to emotions, her mind along with her petite body was melting into nothing more than gooey mush. Her warm tongue was slowly with hesitance was lapping across the mutt’s stiff appendage that was ramming in her similarly to the one behind her making sure everything was felt. Eventual when the time came the lone Omega was heavily panting where it tries to catch a single needed breath; her mind so blank it was unbelievable which had just allowed herself to run ragged with little to no care .  

Heat was coming to an end for the time being as it was closely enough being satisfied until the time the others returned back home so, she can possibly get better help yet now she was surely getting the quote unquote help by the creatures close enough to coming within both orifices, “... O, s-shit... That-uh, did the trick, h-huh...?” Once the task in helping settle the awful ache in her gut at hand was easing up by the passing second as she was filled to the brim with filling seed, the two doing this to her scurried off in another direction somewhere else in the mansion.