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Don't Call My Boyfriend A Cuck, You Cuck

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Welcome to Twitter. See what’s happening.

Username: groundzeroofficial

Password: ******************


(9 mins) @chloe_elise: lmao @dekuofficial whats up with him?

(8 mins) @rblx: @chloe_elise hes a lil bitch. Keeps crying at award ceremonies saying hes gonna be no. 1 hero and all that shit lol cuck cant even defeat that planetoid guy last week.

(6 mins) @mhundo02: @chloe_elise @rblx go home endeavor stan

(3 mins) @callmeloverboi: @mhundo02 I’m an endeavor stan and I take offence to that.

Spotify, play songs on demand.

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maroon 5 before they sucked.

Bad Boy – Red Velvet



Now Playing: Domo 23 – Tyler, The Creator

Welcome to Twitter. See what’s happening.

@rblx listen here u lil shit stain dont call my boyfriend a cuck u cuck or I will end ur pathetic lil bacterial existence w the heel of my boot. go home and masturbate to online doujins u cheap fuck cant even afford to buy an original copy and support the artist u absolute dick. i tried fucking ur mom yesterday couldnt even put the tip in cuz u were stuck trying to push ur head back inside. I would fucking resuscitate ALL FOR FUCKING ONE just to sic him on u u unwanted sperm. Oh did u hear? Ur dad gave me head yesterday then I fucked him nice and good on your fortnite sheets. I aint fucking playing here homeboy deactivate your account or I s2g I will hunt u down and push ur osu numpad so far up ur ass u’ll s rank everytime u breathe.

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lil nerd: kacchan why are there explosions coming from our apt?

i can see them from my building

kacchan i s2g