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A Quirk of Dominance

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Chapter One

Aizawa Shouta stood there, eyes seeing red as he stared at the four year boy in front of him. The boy was unconscious with blood all around him on the floor. The red of the blood mixed with his curly green hair.

“What the hell happened here?!” Shouta heard Yamada Hizashi, his best friend and boyfriend of two years ask with shock from behind him.

Shouta didn’t answer...couldn’t answer. He looked next to the boy, on the ground was a green haired woman with a single arm lying across the child’s chest, as if protecting him. Shouta bit his tongue to keep himself on the ground before he turned to his boyfriend.

“Call an ambulance. We have one in critical condition and one casualty. Both civilians.” Shouta kept his voice incredibly even as he spoke. He was grateful his partner knew him so well and hurried to do as he asked.

Shouta continued to observe the scene silently, thinking about the events that had led up to that moment.

About an half an hour prior

“She’s late…” Shouta muttered as he stood in the cold winter night in a street alley, bundled up in his hero costume. Almost as if on cue, his phone rang when the words left his mouth. He wordlessly answered it after confirming it was the “she” in question.

I’m so sorry, Shouta! ” Kayama Nemuri, better known to the public as the 18+ Hero: Midnight, and the woman Shouta was supposed to be patrolling with.

“Our shift started half an hour ago, Nemuri.” Shouta stated with annoyance.

I know! And I’m so sorry! ” Her apology was followed by a large coughing fit, and Shouta put the pieces together.

“If you were sick, you should’ve just called me earlier.” He scolded her lightly.

I know...I’m sorry, Shouta. I called Hizashi and asked him to cover for me. ” She sighed before coughing again.

“Alright. Get some rest.” Shouta told her with a sigh before he hung up his phone, slipping it back into his pocket. He looked up to the dark night sky, illuminated by the countless twinkling stars. He had a sinking feeling in his gut even as he looked at the beautiful view above him. He shook it off, willing himself to believe it was nothing, before he used his capture gear to lift himself up off of the ground to one of the nearby rooftops.

He loved being on the rooftops. Not only did they allow him to watch over most of the city, but they provided a beautiful view, especially at night. He perched himself on the ledge, planning to just watch and wait for Hizashi. He hadn’t even been waiting for ten minutes when his phone began blaring the emergency tone. He quickly pulled it out and looked at the message.

“Domestic Disturbance. Danger level: Mid-High.” The moment Shouta read it, he heard an explosion from the residential area. He looked up towards the small mushroom cloud, and put his yellow goggles on before he used his capture gear to leap from building to building.

It took him longer than he would’ve liked to arrive on scene, but despite the 15 minutes it took him to sprint his way there, the villain was still there, standing right in front of a burning house. Shouta froze on the spot upon seeing the man dressed in a nice black suit. The man turned to look at Shouta, his arms crossed behind his back.

“Well, well. That took longer than I expected.” The man stated as a matter of fact.

“Freeze! You are under arrest!” Shouta shouted at the man as he activated his quirk and sent his capture weapon at the man.

“This is why you heroes are no good.” Shouta heard the man mumble before he broke through the capturing weapon. Shouta’s eyes widened. He hadn’t released his quirk, and thus his foe shouldn’t be able to use his quirk...but that wasn’t the case. This unnamed villain was able to break free of Shouta’s restraints, with seemable ease he would note.

Shouta’s eyes widened as his body reacted before he even saw the huge fiery blast from the man’s mouth. He resisted the urge to cry out as he quickly used his capture gear to put out the flame on his arm. He only barely managed to put out the flame when he had to move again to dodge another flame. He cursed under his breath as he had to put out another blaze on his side this time.

Shouta was expecting another fiery blaze to come at him once the fire on his side was put out, but none came. Instead, he was confronted with a huge blast of air. Shouta was pushed back by the sheer pressure of the wind, and his back collided with a street lamp, knocking his breath away. Shouta felt his vision start to go in and out as he tried to crawl his way back onto his feet.

He glared at his unknown foe, who was now on the phone. Shouta couldn’t see his face, but his gut told him that was probably for the best.

“I suppose we will have to finish this the next time we meet, Eraserhead. It would seem I have other business to attend to.” The well-dressed villain stated in a polite tone. Shouta stood up on his weakened legs.

“W-Wait…” He tried to stop the villain, but as he reached out, he felt the air shake around him with a scream that was louder than even Hizashi’s. He froze in his tracks until the voice shakingly stopped. Shouta hadn’t even realized his foe disappeared until the scream stopped. He quickly looked around, and determined that the villain had left, just as he had said he would.

Shouta looked at the house, which had formerly been burning. He wasn’t sure when it started raining, nor was he sure of when the blaze had been put out, but that didn’t stop him from, no doubt recklessly, running into the building. He ran to the very back room, where his vision turned scarlet, reflecting the large pools of blood on the floor.

Present Time

Shouta stood there, pondering the events that hadn’t even occurred an hour ago, or maybe it had been an hour...he couldn’t be sure. He didn’t even realize the paramedics had arrived until they neared the boy. Shouta wanted to go with them, wanted to keep an eye on the small boy now on a stretcher, but knew he would only get in the way. He knew Hizashi would drive him if he asked, but he didn’t think he would need to ask in this situation.

Silently, he followed Hizashi to their car and got in the passenger side. Not a word was spoken as Hizashi drove them to the hospital. The ride was several painful minutes long, and when they arrived, Shouta moved faster than he ever had before and practically jumped out of a moving car. He heard Hizashi try to  stop him, but he was too focused...too pissed off to actually listen to what his boyfriend had to say.

Once he got to the ER desk, he pulled out his hero license. “A boy should’ve just been brought in by EMS. Green hair and freckles.” Shouta told her. She seemed to instantly know who he was talking about and nodded.

“He’s in surgery right now. Normally, only family is allowed back there, but your pro hero license gives you a special privilege.” She explained as she gestured to where he needed to go.

As soon as he had the directions, he took off at a fast pace, not quite running, but definitely not walking, as to not get stopped for breaking hospital rules.

Soon enough, he felt Hizashi on his tail. Based on Hizashi’s breathing, Shouta assumed he had ran to catch up. “Shouta, slow down.” He heard Hizashi pant. “You need to get checked out, too!”

Shouta looked down at his bloody shirt, and all of his minor cuts, bruises, and probable broken bones. He knew he should at least get the burns looked at, but he could do that later. He returned his focus to the hallway in front of him, and pushed any thoughts of pain to the back of his mind. He heard Hizashi sigh behind him, and knew he was going to be scolded for this later...but it would be worth it if he could confirm the kid’s status.

Unexpectedly, when they arrived at the waiting room, they weren’t the only ones there. They recognized a few people, such as their ex-homeroom teacher, and current principal of Yuuei High School, where they both attended and graduated from the hero course. They also recognized the prime minister of Japan. A few people neither of them recognized were the man in a brown trench coat and matching hat (obviously a detective), a skeleton-like man with  blonde hair and an air of familiarity about him, and lastly, a short old man wearing a yellow and white costume with a black eye mask.

All five people turned to look at the two pros as they came in. “Aizawa-kun? Yamada-kun? What brings you two here?” Their teacher asked them.

Both heroes instinctually wanted to back away from the rat(?), but neither gave in.

“We wanted to know the status of the boy who was just brought in. We were on the case.” Shouta answered his teacher emotionlessly, much to his credit.

Everyone in the room turned grim at the mention of the boy. The next to speak was the skeletal man. “You said you were on the case?” Shouta nodded in answer. “Did you see a man...he would’ve had scars all over, been extremely arrogant with a high class aura, and power like no other.”

“I did…” Shouta answered seriously.

“If that were true, sonny, you wouldn’t be alive.” The old man stated.

“I would agree, except he seemed to have had some other business to take care of, or at least that’s how he put it.” Shouta looked down at the short old man. He closed his eyes before he looked back up at the others. “Now, you aren’t going to tell me that the principal of Yuuei, the prime minister, a retired pro hero, a detective, and a skeleton of a man gathered here for nothing, are you?” He asked, narrowing his eyes at them.

“No, we are going to tell you not to stick your nose into this any further.” Nezu, the principal, stated seriously.

Shouta looked to his boyfriend, who was now standing next to him. They nodded at each other, and Hizashi grabbed his hand. “Sorry Sensei, we can’t do that. I’m not leaving until I know who did that to that kid, and why.” Shouta declared. He stood firmly with the knowledge that he could only do this because Hizashi had his back, and he would eternally be grateful for that fact.

Nezu sighed. He looked at the skeletal man. “It’s fine, Toshinori. Aizawa-kun is an underground hero, and Yamada-kun knows better than to reveal such top secret information.”

The skeletal man nodded, and practically gave Shouta and Hizashi both a heart attack when he turned into the number one hero, All Might, and consequently also their senpai. “I was injured in a fight with that man you two saw earlier. He destroyed my stomach and half of my respiratory system. I can now only work as a hero for a few hours at a time before my body needs to rest.” All Might explained.

Shouta nodded in understanding while Hizashi stood there in disbelief, his mouth agape. Shouta elbowed his companion silently, bringing the voice hero back to life.

Then, All Might returned to his skeletal form in a coughing fit, a noticeably large amount of blood flowing from his mouth. Once he was done coughing up what seemed to be his remaining lung, he stood up straight. “My name is Yagi Toshinori.” He introduced himself.

“Aizawa Shouta, underground hero: Eraserhead.” Shouta introduced himself quietly.

“I’m Yamada Hizashi. Pro hero name: Present Mic.” Hizashi also introduced himself.

“Now, about the kid…” Shouta said seriously, his eyes narrowing ever so slightly.

“His name is Midoriya Izuku, and the reason we have all gathered here is because…” The detective took a deep breath before continuing. “His quirk allows him to have full control over all other quirks.”

The room was silent for a moment as Shouta and Hizashi processed this information. Then, Shouta broke the silence. “Full control?”

“He can absorb all emitter type quirks. They have no effect on him. Yours is probably not an exception, Aizawa-kun.” Nezu elaborated.

“Not only that, but he can take quirks and give them out freely. He could make any quirkless being no longer quirkless. There are no limits to his quirk from what we’ve been able to tell.” The prime minister added, a slight tone of disgust in his voice.

“...He’s the son of that man you saw earlier.” All Might said after a silent minute. That caught Shouta’s attention almost dangerously.

“He is also the one who made Midoriya-kun that way.” The detective also added.

Shouta’s vision went completely red at the words he was hearing. He could feel his quirk getting ready to activate of its own volition. He thought he would have to fight to keep it under control until he felt Hizashi’s comforting hand on his shoulder.

“Easy, Shouta.” The loud blonde whispered. Shouta nodded, and blinked his eyes for good measure as he recomposed himself.

Shouta took breath before speaking again. “What’s Midoriya’s condition?”

“He’s stable, however, according to records, he was born blind...after this encounter, he has also become a permanent mute.” A doctor explained as he came out with perfect timing.

Shouta clenched his fists at the new information. The detective asked a few more questions regarding when he could ask the boy questions, before giving his thanks.

“Aizawa-kun, I know how you feel right me. But, I will tell you this right now, going after that man, All For One as we call him, will only get both yourself and Yamada-kun killed.” Nezu warned seriously after the doctor took his leave.

Shouta looked at the rodent, his vision tinted red. “He deserves to rot in the flames of hell for eternity.” He spat, and for the first time in his life, he didn’t bother to hide his rage, which seemed to surprise the rodent and Hizashi.

Shouta was pissed. He wanted that man dead...hunted and his own hands. He had never been so angry...not even when he faced his own abuse only a couple years prior. He was practically shaking with fury.

“So, we’ve discussed Midoriya’s medical condition and family problems, but what about what he’s gonna do after he recovers? You can’t keep him locked up forever.” Hizashi asked, a slight authoritative tone with no basis sitting at the end.

“Of course not.” The detective agreed, clearly to the distaste of the prime minister. “He will be put into the foster system with a few conditions.”

“Conditions?” Shouta questioned.

“At least one foster and/or adoptive parent must be a pro hero at any given time, and he will undergo a name change. Besides that, we would prefer encouragement towards going to Yuuei, but if he doesn’t want that, we will just supervise him another way.” The detective explained.

Shouta nodded, and as if reading his mind; “When can he be adopted?” Hizashi asked.

Everyone there looked at them with their jaws to the floor. Everyone, except Nezu and the detective. “Whenever he wakes up, Detective Tsukauchi will need to get the full story from him first.” Nezu told them.

“Detective, how do you plan on communicating with a blind mute toddler?” Shouta asked.

“We’ll look into getting him a sign language tutor.” The detective answered.

“No need...Shouta and I can do that.” Hizashi responded seriously. Shouta looked at his partner, keeping his thankfulness out of his expression as best as he could.

“How fluent are you?” Tsukauchi asked, clearly a little skeptical.

Hizashi sighed before he reached up to his ears and pulled out a small device from each. “I’m mostly deaf...can only hear with the hearing aids thanks to my quirk. Been like this most of my life. I’m fluent in sign language in multiple different languages as well.” He explained before he replaced the hearing aids.

“I see...then that would be much appreciated, Yamada-san.” The detective bowed respectfully.

“Don’t mention it...Shouta probably would’ve offered if I didn’t.” Hizashi shrugged. The detective nodded and they were all caught in a deathly silence.

Until finally, Nezu spoke up. “Go take care of your injuries. You are bleeding all over the place, Aizawa-kun.” Shouta opened his mouth to protest, but Nezu beat him to it. “Looking like that won’t help Midoriya-kun. Go get yourself treated, and then, you can come back.”

“He’s won’t be doing the boy any good by looking like you just went through hell.” The old man agreed.

Shouta wanted to protest more than anything, but reluctantly agreed. He followed Hizashi out to the ER waiting room, where he got quite a few odd stares from other waiting patients. Shouta signed in and went to sit down next to his boyfriend.

Shouta was glad when Hizashi followed him back, because he really didn’t like doctors or hospitals. They were too sterile...too white for his liking. However, the main reason he didn’t like hospitals was the lingering feeling that death was all around you. As pessimistic as he was, he didn’t condone that way of thinking.

He felt Hizashi grab his hand, and hold it with his own as they walked side-by-side. Shouta let himself relax, and smile gently at his partner’s gesture. Hizashi may be loud, and act like an idiot at times, but he was the most perceptive person Shouta had ever met...with the exception of Nezu.

Eventually, they parted so the doctor could have more space in the tiny ER cubicle to treat Shouta’s wounds. Shouta did his best not to glare or scowl at anyone and just did as he was told, if only to save himself from being scolded by Hizashi later.

It was maybe ten minutes later that the doctor let Hizashi enter the room. He seemed to be looking Shouta over with a serious expression that didn’t match his hero persona. “I thought I told you to be careful when you left the apartment.”

“I was.” Shouta told him. “Instead of having my whole arm cut off, I only had a bunch of deep cuts.” He said seriously. Despite Hizashi obviously noticing his dry humor, the loud hero didn’t laugh.

“I’m serious, Shouta.”

“So am I.” Shouta told him. “It was hard enough just to barely avoid fatal attacks...he could’ve easily killed me where I stood. He let me go.” He mumbled.

“We should’ve checked with Nemuri earlier...I shouldn’t have let you go out to the meetup point alone.” Hizashi said, regret filling his voice.

“It’s just some deep cuts and burns. I’m not dead.” Shouta stated in an attempt to reassure the blonde.

“But you could’ve been!” Hizashi all but shouted.

“But I’m not.” Shouta insisted with more force than he had intended. At that moment, the nurse finished bandaging him up. The bandaging wasn’t overly dramatic. He could still move his fingers and make use of them, but he assumed he shouldn’t given how painful it was just to wiggle his pinky. His whole torso had been wrapped in bandages, as well as his right shoulder and arm. He had light bandaging around his forehead for a cut he got when he collided with the street lamp.

“No hero work for a month, no arduous activity for two weeks, and no lifting of objects over fifty pounds for one week.” The doctor who had stayed in the room, instructed as he handed Shouta a prescription for some pain meds.

Shouta groaned inwardly, but reluctantly nodded before leaving the room prescription in hand.

“Thank you, Doctor.” Hizashi thanked before he followed his boyfriend out. “That was rude, Shouta!” He lightly scolded, the dark tone still not lifting from his features.

“If I can’t do hero work for a month, we won’t be able to pay rent, and you know it.”

“I’ll pick up some overtime shifts.” Hizashi tried with a weak smile.

“Don’t even try that. We both know you couldn’t pick up that many shifts when we both are already picking up overtime.” Shouta said emotionlessly.

“Maybe we can ask Nemuri-” Hizashi stopped with a red eyed glare from Shouta.

“No…” Shouta thought for a moment before he decided on the only option left. He sighed. “Guess it’s finally time to use that teaching license.”

“You aren’t thinking-” Hizashi cut himself off.

“I am.”

“Then, I’m going, too.” Hizashi stated as they returned to the surgery waiting hall. It had seemed the prime minister had left, as did All Might and the old man.

The detective and Nezu looked at them as they came closer. “Any word on Midoriya?” Shouta asked.

“He’s out of surgery, and is resting.” Tsukauchi answered.

“How are your wounds?” Nezu asked him.

“He has to take a month off from hero work.” Hizashi answered before Shouta could even get a word in.

“I’s good that you are okay, Aizawa-kun.” Nezu told them with a compassionate smile that looked weird on his face.

“Is Midoriya allowed to have visitors?” Hizashi asked, once again, as if reading Shouta’s mind.

“Family only...and given the situation, he won’t be having visitors anytime soon.” The detective shook his head.

Shouta glanced at the recovery room, where Midoriya was no doubt resting, before he returned his attention to the detective. “You never answered the question. How long until he can be adopted?”

“The adoption process is long...probably a month at best...maybe two.” The beige clothed man answered.

“That is correct, however, Aizawa-kun, if I may be so bold, I don’t believe you and Yamada-kun can afford your rent with yourself out of the field for a month, let alone afford to take care of a child.” Nezu added seriously, but with an obvious curious tone.

“About that...Sensei, is that job offer still open?” Shouta asked cautiously.

Nezu smiled up at him. “Yep! Both of them!” The rodent was clearly expecting this outcome, which only served to irritate Shouta.

“Then, I don’t believe there will be any problem.” Shouta stated, ignoring Nezu’s chipper tone.

“Well, you will also need to figure out how you both will be able to watch over a toddler between your jobs.” Tsukauchi stated.

“That won’t be a problem. One of us is almost always home...and if one of us isn’t, on the off chance, then we can bring him with us.” Hizashi stated, almost as if to show Shouta wasn’t doing this alone.

“What about when you start working at Yuuei?” Tsukauchi quizzed.

“Actually, Tsukauchi-kun, I would permit them to bring young Midoriya-kun to the campus. It would be safer for him and allow them to work.” Nezu stated with an unusual kindness, catching the rest of them off guard.

“Sensei, please don’t take this the wrong way...but what are you scheming?” Hizashi asked hesitantly. Oddly, instead of the usual chuckle they were expecting from the rodent, they got a normal and serious answer.

“I owed his mother a debt.”

They all nodded in understanding. No one pressed the rodent further, despite how curious their minds were. The four of them stood there in silence for several minutes before Tsukauchi decided to take his own leave.

Several minutes after the detective left, Nezu broke the silence. “You two should go home. Wash up, sleep. The boy will still be here in the morning, and if he isn’t I will call you.” The rodent told them.

Shouta would’ve protested, but even he could see that he probably looked horrifying in his torn, burned, and bloodied clothes. Even if Midoriya did wake up, Shouta would probably just scare the boy. Then, he glanced at his boyfriend. Hizashi was looking at him expectantly.

He sighed and nodded. “Call if something happens.” Shouta said before he made his way back down the hall, not waiting for Nezu’s response. He could hear Hizashi behind him as he led them back through the ER and to Hizashi’s car. Shouta got himself into the passenger side of the car, and Hizashi got in the driver’s side. Together, they sat there in, a comfortable silence falling on top of them like a warm blanket.

Hizashi started the car, and slowly pulled away from the pitch black parking lot. The drive back to their shared apartment wasn’t even fifteen minutes. When Hizashi pulled into his parking spot, instead of immediately turning the car off, he leaned back into his seat and looked over at Shouta.

“Are you sure we are ready for this?” Hizashi asked him.

“For what?”

“An adoption...Shouta, are we ready for a kid?”

“We will have the financial capability, and we have the extra bedroom.” Shouta stated knowing that wasn’t what his boyfriend was asking.

“I don’t mean do we have the financial capacity or the room. I mean, are we emotionally ready to deal with a child? Shouta, this kid is bound to have nightmares, and maybe even some social disorders, are we prepared to deal with that?” Hizashi asked in a serious tone that seemed to match the mood of the night.

Shouta looked at his partner. He could see the worry and concern in Hizashi’s eyes. He reached over to the blonde’s hand, and grasped it with his own. He wasn’t good at reassuring others, but he couldn’t stand that look on Hizashi’s face. “I don’t know...but I won’t let him be fed to the wolves.” Shouta whispered with all of his resolve. He watched as a small smile appeared on Hizashi’s lips.

“Yeah.” Hizashi nodded with a satisfied smile before they both exited the car and walked to their apartment. The moment Hizashi had the door open, Shouta wandered in, his destination already known to him as he strode to their shared room and took a shower in the master bath. He made record time as he almost immediately came out of the shower right after getting in. He collapsed onto the soft bed, happily clothed in his pajamas. He closed his eyes, and listened as Hizashi came into the room.

“Thank you, ‘Zashi.” Shouta thanked quietly, his words slurred from fatigue. He peeked at his boyfriend, who was now sitting on the other side of the bed.

“For what?” Hizashi asked, genuinely confused.

“For having my back.” Shouta whispered in an even lower volume.

“We’re a team, Shouta. Of course I’ll have your back.” Hizashi stated gently as he pulled the covers up over Shouta. “Now, get some sleep.”

Shouta nodded, and just as he was told, closed his eyes and fell into a much needed deep sleep. 

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Chapter Two


Clean. Everything was clean. Too clean. Unnaturally clean. It was that smell, the smell of fresh cleaning alcohol, that Midoriya Izuku woke up to. He felt his eyes uselessly flutter open. He turned his head to his right, where he could hear the quiet, but obsessive beep of some sort of monitor.

So many questions ran through his head, most of them without answer. His thoughts were scrambled, and nothing made sense. Where was he? Why was he where he was? Where’s Mama? Why did he feel like he just got hit by a tanker truck? All of these questions in his head, but one in particular seemed to stand out to him as the most important one; what happened?

He thought back to the last thing he could remember before waking up; the arrival of the strange man. He remembered his mother’s panicked fear-filled breaths, and the way she had stood in front of him, no doubt in a protective manner. He could remember the strange smell around the man, a sour cleaning solution. The man, who he could recall his mother calling Hisashi, had said something about no longer needing a “worthless blind heir”.

He remembered trying to reach out to Hisashi, to defend himself and his mother from whatever the man’s hostile breaths had intended. Izuku could vividly remember the excruciating pain from what he could only assume was an inferno. The heat and burning sensation in his arms was more blinding than his actual blindness. The pain prevented him from paying attention to his surroundings, and before he knew it, he had been tossed to the ground. He tried to stand up, but two hands, which he recognized as belonging to his mother, stopped him, keeping him low to the floor.

Izuku felt tears stream down his face as he remembered the dangerously long minutes that followed. He couldn’t tell you how long he and his mother had sat there in silence with the occasional cough from one of them. He couldn’t even tell you why they never started crawling away from the flames. The only things he could tell anyone, was that his mother never made it out of their apartment alive, and that the man named Midoriya Hisashi was very bad news.

Silently, Izuku wept, mourning the loss of his only family. He didn’t fail to notice the slight pain in his chest and the lack of noise whenever he tried to cry out for her. After a few minutes, he finally calmed himself down enough to think rationally, or as rationally as a four year old could. He uselessly looked around with his foggy green eyes, making a small click with his tongue as he did so. The room he was in was completely closed off except for the lone door in the upper right corner of the room from Izuku’s position.

Based on the smells of the room and the basic hookups on the wall behind his bed, he could only assume he was in a hospital. Though, he had no idea how he had gotten there. He ran his fingers along the guard rail, looking for the nurse call button. He could tell there were a lot of buttons, and with his fingers bandaged, he couldn’t feel the braille. He pressed a random button, and hoped he had pressed the correct button.

He discovered that he had not pressed the correct button when a loud, constant alarm began to sound from his bed. He raised his bandaged arms up to his ears to block out the noise, his eyelids closing tightly in an attempts to keep the coming sound-induced migraine at bay.

Over the loud ringing, Izuku heard the door open quickly and forcefully, followed by several sets of rushed steps.At first he thought there were only two people, but then he heard another set of steps, but these ones were much smaller and softer, and although they carried an urgent pace, it wasn’t rushed like the other two sets.

The noise died down, and Izuku felt a pair of hands he recognized as being distinctly female gently pull his hands down away from his ears. He flinched at her touch, and had to resist the urge to pull away. If she noticed any of this, she didn’t say anything.

Once his hands were back down in his lap,he listened to the breaths in the room, trying to confirm how many people were in the room. Altogether, he could confirm that, besides himself, there were three others in the room. The woman, another much older adult, and someone else, but Izuku couldn’t quite tell what this other person was. Their breath was oddly smaller than the other two, but not like a child’s, and it bothered Izuku that he couldn’t figure it out.

“Midoriya-kun, my name is Doctor Shuzenji.” A male voice said. It didn’t come from the person with an oddly small breath, it was from the older person. Izuku turned his head to his left, where he heard the voice. “Ah, good. So you can hear me.”

Izuku nodded as his mother had taught him to say ‘yes’. Then, he heard a light, almost unnoticeable shuffling from the corner by the door, where the small breath was standing. He didn’t sense any hostility, but he put his guard up anyway. He pulled his hands closer to himself, his body stiffened. He tried to make it unnoticeable, but that was hard seeing as he couldn’t actually see how big his movements were.

Apparently it wasn’t subtle enough, because the next to speak wasn’t the older man, nor was it a woman. Izuku guessed based on where the voice came from that it was the source of the small breath. “No one here is going to hurt you, Midoriya-kun.”

Izuku nodded again, but he didn’t put his guard down. After all, if they wanted to hurt him, would they actually admit that straight out? He didn’t think so.

Izuku heard a soft chuckle from the source of the small breath followed by the small pit-pat of the person’s feat. “My name is Nezu.” The voice introduced.

Izuku scrunched his nose up in thought. He knew that name. He had definitely heard it before, but he couldn’t place it. No one moved while he thought, not until he finally remembered where he had heard it, and nodded, with what he hoped was a proper smile. His mother had mentioned the name Nezu on several occasions, not to mention, Izuku was pretty sure Nezu was the principal of U.A., the number one hero school. He went to say that he knew who Nezu was, but remembered he couldn’t speak for whatever reason. His mouth open, slowly closed,his lips pressed into a thin pout. He pointed to his throat and tilted his head, hoping he looked like he was asking a question.

“We were forced to remove your vocal cords in surgery. I’m sorry, Midoriya-kun. If you have any other way to communicate, we will accommodate whatever it may be. If not, we do have someone who has offered to teach you sign language, and we can arrange for that as soon as you are feeling up to it. Until then, we can settle for yes/no questions.” Doctor Shuzenji said, an apologetic tone filling his voice.

Izuku shook his head, saying ‘no’. He did have another way to communicate that wasn’t sign language. He moved his hand like he were playing with his mother’s pens on paper.

“Braille or ink?” Nezu asked him. Izuku made a small motion,as if he were poking a hole into something. “Braille it is.” Nezu stated, a slight cheerful tone in his voice.

Izuku heard, who he assumed was the female nurse, hurry out of the room. She returned rather quickly, and grabbed one of his hands. She gave him the familiar equipment made to create braille on simple paper. He nodded in an attempt to convey his thanks. Then, he proceeded to use the braille writer to tell present company his idea.

When he finished writing, he held the paper up. He wasn’t sure who took it, but he was pretty sure it was the woman. He heard her pass the paper to someone. It sounded like she put it on the floor, so he assumed she gave it to Nezu, whose voice was closest to the ground.

“Morse code. Radio.” Nezu read what Izuku wrote aloud.

“I see. So, your idea is to use a radio and communicate using morse code, that is, until you learn sign language?” Shuzenji asked. Izuku nodded. “Okay, we can arrange for you to have a radio in here. Is there anything else you would like help with now or in the near future?”

Izuku raised his bandaged hands for the doctor to see.

“Unfortunately, Midoriya-kun, the bandages will need to stay on for at least another week. We can change them now if you would like?” The doctor offered, sympathy clearly in his voice.

Izuku exhaled a sigh and nodded. He put his hands back down in his lap, his guard loosened. He could tell these people meant no harm. Some people may think, as a blind toddler, he is in no position to be determining who is a threat and who isn’t, but he’s always been more mature than others his own age, smarter too. Plus, being blind actually let him pick up on people’s malicious intentions easier, so he thought he was a pretty good judge of character. His gut had never served him wrong before. Not with Kacchan, his best friend, and not with his mother.

Kacchan. He wanted to see his explosive friend. Kacchan was the only one who would ever get close to him at school. All of the other kids were scared of him. Scared that he would take their quirks, whether it be by accident or on purpose. If it weren’t for Kacchan, he would be alone. However, despite his desire to see his best friend, he didn’t think it would be possible with how the doctor was acting.

“Is something wrong, Midoriya-kun?” Nezu asked.

Izuku turned his head towards the voice. He wasn’t sure how to ask if he could see his friend so he shook his head.

“Very well. Your sign language tutors will be here later in the day to introduce themselves. You won’t have to do anything today if your not feeling up to it.” Nezu told him in a kind voice. Izuku nodded.

“Rest up. We will come back to check on you and change your bandages in a little bit.” Doctor Shuzenji stated in an equally kind tone.

Izuku nodded and laid his tired head back on the pillow, thinking about everything that had happened. 

Aizawa Shouta’s eye flew open when he heard his phone ring. He bolted upright and grabbed the cellular device, not bothering to check the caller-ID before answering, “Aizawa.”

“Ah, Aizawa-kun. Good morning. I just wanted to let you know that Midoriya-kun is awake. He seems rather conscious, too, given the circumstances.” Nezu answered back.

“When can we see him?” Shouta asked.

“Yamada-kun and yourself may come by later. We are letting him rest for now. You both are only being allowed to come on the pretense of teaching him sign language. No other reason has been given to him.” Nezu explained.

“Does he have any way of communicating?”

“He seems confident in his ability to use and understand morse code, as well as his ability to understand braille, however with his fingers wrapped in bandages, braille is out of the question for the moment.” Nezu spoke, giving Shouta one of his long-winded answers.

“Understood.” Shouta nodded, despite the fact that he knew Nezu couldn’t see him.

“Good. I will see you in a couple of hours.” Nezu stated.

“One more thing. Does he know what happened?” Shouta asked quickly but not without caution.

“It’s unclear. I suspect he knows what happened to his mother. Anything beyond that will have to wait until he can fully communicate with us.” Nezu answered. Shouta couldn’t see the rodent-like creature, but he could hear the sadness in his voice at the mention of Midoriya Inko, the deceased green haired woman he had found next to the boy.

“I understand. Yes, we will see you in a few hours…” Shouta paused before he continued, “Thank you, Nezu-sensei, for calling.” He hung up his phone. He stared at it for a moment before he looked at the time. It was only 07:00. Hizashi had morning patrol, so he left already, and probably wouldn’t return until around noon.

Shouta sent a quick text to his boyfriend, updating the blonde hero on the boy’s status, before he put his phone back down on his nightstand. He debated on whether he wanted to go back to sleep, or start getting dressed. In the end, he decided to take a shower

He let his long black hair air dry against his shoulders, something Hizashi would yell at him for later. Normally, he would at least tie it up, but he was too exhausted to bother. Not to mention how his burns hurt, especially after showering and having to change the bandages.

He considered taking a few painkillers, but that would knock him out for too long. It was nine, and Hizashi would be calling soon to check up on him. Of course, he could just send Hizashi a text and tell he was taking his painkillers, but that was more effort than it was worth when he could just bear the pain.

Shouta made a cup of coffee, and turned on the TV. He flipped through the channels until he ended up on the news. There was no surprise to see a hero fight being broadcasted, however, Shouta was surprised that the hero was Present Mic, aka Yamada Hizashi, his boyfriend. Hizashi was fighting a villain with an unusually strong quirk, but Shouta couldn’t help but notice the childlike control the villain had. Almost as if his quirk had just manifested.

The villain’s quirk was some sort of metal bending quirk. There were shrads and shrapnel flying everywhere from what he could tell from the television. Shouta watched as Hizashi shouted, his voice repelling any shrapnel coming his way. However, he wasn’t able to repel all of them, some got through, their path slowed enough to only make shallow stab wounds.

It didn’t take much longer for Hizashi to arrest the villain, who seemingly over used his own quirk. The price was that Hizashi was clearly heavily injured, with shrapnel sticking out from his body, blood dripping from the places that shrapnel had fallen from his body.

Shouta turned up the volume when the reporter went to Hizashi who was smiling in a familiar way. A way that had a hidden meaning for Shouta. The erasure hero cursed under his breath. Hizashi was apologizing, which meant he would be ate, which further meant that he would be making a stop at the hospital. Though, that last part was obvious just by looking at the voice hero.

“Present Mic! According to an anonymous source, you and another hero responded to the domestic disturbance call with the fire last night! Can you tell us anything about the boy who was admitted into the hospital?!” The reporter bombarded Present Mic with questions.

Shouta could tell from the look on Hizashi’s face, they both were thinking the exact same thing: how the fuck did the media find out about Midoriya Izuku?! Shouta took out his phone with lightning speed, and dialed Nezu.

“Yes, Aizawa-kun?” The principal answered with a curious, oblivious tone, which told Shouta he hadn’t watched the news yet.

“Turn on channel 6. Now.” Shouta stated. He waited for the small creature to do as told.

“Oh my.” Nezu responded after a few seconds. Shouta knew it was in reaction to the news broadcast.

“How did they find out?” Shouta asked in a calm tone, which did not reflect his most definitely not calm mood. He wasn’t panicking, but he was most definitely not calm.

“Hm, I don’t know. But this could pose a problem.”

“How so?” Shouta asked, “Hizashi won’t say anything to compromise the kid.”

“No, I’m aware of that. What I mean is that, one of the few people who knew of this occurrence leaked the information.” Nezu stated, a dark tone enveloping his words. “I know neither you nor Yamada-kun have said a word, nor did Toshinori, Torino, nor Tsukauchi. That leaves the prime minister, which I highly doubt...or All For One.” Nezu analyzed quietly, but loud enough for Shouta to hear.

The erasure hero grunted in agreement. “What do we do now?” He asked.

“We keep everything under wraps. We don’t reveal a single thing to anyone outside those who know the full story.” Nezu instructed. “Be careful, Aizawa-kun. It would seem Yamada-kun has attracted the media’s attention, who’s to say if they know you were involved.”

“Yes, sir.” Shouta responded habitually. He heard Nezu hang up and put his phone back down at his side. He stared at the TV, watching as Present Mic dodged the questions about Midoriya Izuku. “Fucking media.” He grumbled as he got up and made another cup of coffee, this time to go.

He grabbed his capture weapon, which Hizashi doesn’t let him wear around the apartment, and set out to meet his partner at the hospital. He sent the loud blonde a quick text saying that he would meet the blonde there. As he walked down the street, he suddenly started wishing he had taken a painkiller before leaving. His back hurt like hell, and his burned arms were no better. Everything hurt with every movement.

He stopped and stepped to the side to let the foot traffic move, when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He pulled it out, and cringed. Hizashi was using all caps to scold him, for an assumption, granted it was a correct assumption, but an assumption nonetheless, that Shouta was walking to the hospital without taking meds. Shouta sent a quick text back saying he was fine, which Hizashi refuted without any hesitation. Sometimes Shouta resented the fact that his loud counterpart knew him so well, but that feeling never lasted. Even Shouta couldn’t stay mad, or resent Hizashi for that long.

Shouta sighed before telling Hizashi that he would take his time. His boyfriend gave a clearly, by way of emoji, grudging okay. Shouta smirked ever so slightly, hiding it behind his scarf, before he returned his phone to his pocket, and continued his walk to the hospital.

He made a mental note to ask Hizashi about getting a license when he finally arrived at the hospital about 45 minutes later. He grumbled inwardly as he walked into the hospital. He honestly didn’t think he would be back here for Hizashi, especially after he himself had just needed treatment. He couldn’t tell if he was pleased to see that Hizashi was waiting for him in the waiting area, his costume bloody and torn, with bandages visible beneath his sleeves, or if he was pissed that it took him so long to get there.

Hizashi waved him over, visibly cringing as he made the dramatic waving motion. Shouta clicked his tongue, before he walked over to his obnoxious partner. “How bad?” Shouta asked seriously.

“Three days. Recovery Girl was on call today, so she took care of most of the deeper cuts.” Hizashi stated with more enthusiasm than was needed for that kind of statement.

“What happened?” Shouta asked. He usually wasn’t one to pry, but two things struck him about the earlier fight. One; Hizashi was actually hurt due to the raw force and nature of the attacks, and two; the villain barely knew how to use a quirk he should’ve manifested at age four. Things didn’t add up. Hizashi wasn’t one to get hit by raw power attacks, he was actually quite nimble despite his looks. On top of that was the villain. Shouta didn’t have an explanation for that, and that bothered him tremendously.

“I don’t know. Patrol was going fine, no one was causing trouble, and then, out of nowhere, shrapnel and other metallic pieces just started flying around. It took a little bit of time to actually find the source of it all, but when I did. The guy claimed he was quirkless, that I had the wrong guy, but there was no doubt, he was the one using that quirk.” Hizashi explained as a puzzled look took over his face. Shouta sighed as he leaned up against the reception desk.

“Ah, Aizawa-kun, Yamada-kun. I thought I might find you here.” They turned to see Nezu standing on the floor to their right. He was looking up at them, his small paws crossed behind his back, a smile curled on his white face. “How are your injuries, Yamada-kun?” Nezu asked.

“They aren’t bad. I have to take three days rest, which is fine. I had the next three days off anyway, y’know, except for paperwork and deskwork.” Hizashi smiled back. Shouta saw through both of their smiles. Neither one was truly happy, and Shouta recognized both as signs of annoyance. He wasn’t sure what it was that annoyed them so much, but he could take a wild guess that the media had something to do with it, as they always did. It was no secret that Shouta hated the media, it was the reason he became an underground hero, but his hate never really showed beyond his profession of choice. However, even Shouta was beginning to show some inkling of annoyance towards the vultures.

“I see. I’m glad you are okay. Come, I believe it might be best if we find a place to talk in private.” Nezu turned around and started walking back the way Shouta assumed he had come. Shouta looked to his boyfriend, who nodded, a serious look in his eye.

Shouta glanced at Hizashi, who was walking next to him. The blonde pro hero was limping, and Shouta could tell his arm was bothering him as well by the way he held it. Shouta would’ve scolded him for not saying anything or for moving before he was ready, but he knew now was not the time.

They followed Nezu for several minutes, down several white, sterile walls until the halls were void of people and they were the only ones there. They stopped when Nezu did. The white creature turned around to face them, his face unnaturally serious. “I talked to Toshinori and Torino. Neither of them have spoken a word. The same goes for the prime minister and Tsukauchi, and we’ve ruled the both of you out. That leaves the only person who knows these details, but isn’t being supervised.” Nezu stated plainly, venom seeping into his voice.

“All For One.” Shouta supplied the name of the leak. Nezu nodded.

“The fact that he knows Yamada-kun was there, even after he left the scene, means he either has some sort of quirk that let him know, or he had someone staking out the house. Either way, it is likely he knows both of your identities at this point. Why he didn’t release that to the media, I have no idea. But, there is no doubt, he knows who you to are.” Nezu said, his tone darker than either pro had ever heard it before.

“If he knows who we are, it would be best if we had no more contact with the boy, right?” Shouta tried to pick Nezu’s mind. He didn’t like the dark expression the mouse-like face took. It was unreadable, blank, except for the eyes. Nezu’s eyes were hard and cold, not unlike when he leans into his sadistic side, but he lacked the emotion for that to be the case. Shouta didn’t like the implications that could result from this one bit.

“Unfortunately, I fear that may only spur All For One into attacking you two.” Nezu shook his head, and for a moment, his cold hard eyes wavered, with what Shouta thought might have been some form of empathy. “All For One hasn’t attacked yet, and that is a big part of this. Why hasn’t he attacked yet? He’s waiting for something. Perhaps, he is waiting for you two to adopt Midoriya-kun.”

“Then, all the more of a reason for us to not see the kid anymore!” Hizashi practically shouted. Practically. Shouta didn’t fail to notice the restraint the voice hero was showing, the slight shaking of his arms, and the small drop of sweat gathering at the base of his neck. No doubt, Hizashi was restraining himself from blowing the whole building down with questions and protests.

“Yes, that is correct, Yamada-kun. However, we are only speculating at this point. Even if the likelihood is high, speculating will only strain us. As much as I hate to admit it, we don’t have the resources to properly deal with this situation.” Nezu admitted, disgust practically spitting out of his mouth.

“Then, what do we do?” Shouta asked. He watched his former teacher with great interest. It was rare for the rodent to not go off on a tangent by this point, and even more rare for an emotion other than playful joy, or sadistic joy to be seen on the small creature. Nezu looked at him, and Shouta didn’t fail to see the softened look in the rodent’s eyes when they met Shouta’s.

“We stick to our original plan. You and Yamada-kun will come by, in secret, at least four times a week, to tutor Midoriya-kun in sign language. And, if you both still wish for it, we can arrange for the adoption. Tsukauchi said he can go over people’s heads to get the papers administered faster if he must.” Nezu told them, his hard look became soft, and almost returned to normal. He looked at them, and Shouta realized he was expecting an answer.

Shouta looked at Hizashi, who in turn was looking at him. They both nodded before turning back to their teacher. “Nezu-sensei, nothing would please us more than to take this boy in.” Shouta stated. He could feel Hizashi’s bright smile beside him, as he looked down at Nezu, who was smiling. Almost all traces of the serious atmosphere they were just in, disappeared. Still, Shouta could see the twitchy nature of his boyfriend, a sign that the blonde was still aggravated. Not to mention the way Nezu still had yet to go off on a tangent. That was probably what bothered him most, but given the circumstances, he couldn’t blame the principal. Nezu seemed to have some sort of connection to the Midoriya family, and obviously that came with personal feelings. No one could blame Nezu for acting the way he did, no matter how unusual it was for him.

“Very well. I will call Tsukauchi, and tell him to push the paperwork through.” Nezu nodded with a smile, his tiny paws now resting at his side instead of crossed behind his back. He smiled at them, “Would you like to meet Midoriya Izuku?” He asked them.

Chapter Text

Chapter Three

Nezu smiled as he watched the bewilderment rise and fall on his former-students faces. It was rare, and in his honest opinion, fairly amusing, to see bewilderment of all emotion on Aizawa’s face, which was usually stern and emotionless. Nezu barely managed to hold back a chuckle at the expression when Aizawa recovered. He could read the man like an open book, and he suspected the underground hero knew it, too.
Aizawa seemed to quickly recompose himself and nodded in response to Nezu’s question. Yamada, however, seemed to take a few seconds longer before he also nodded, the bewildered look not leaving his face. Nezu held back a chuckle, and smiled kindly at them before he turned around. “This way, then.” He led them down the empty, sterile, plain hall. Even he found it slightly disturbing how empty it was, but he also knew it wasn’t without cause.
The walk seemed short to him, but he feel the uneasiness roll off of Aizawa and Yamada in waves with each step. He knew neither of them were fond of hospitals, and frankly neither was he, so it was understandable that he would feel uneasy. It didn’t help that each of their steps, even his small ones, resounded loudly, echoing through the halls.
After a few silent minutes of walking, Nezu led his former students to a white door with a round silver door knob. Nezu stood facing the door, and gestured for one of the two men behind him to open the door, as he was too short to reach. Aizawa was the one to reach over and turn the knob of the door, which creaked open. Once it was open all the way, Nezu entered first, and judging by the sound of the steps behind him, he was followed directly by Aizawa, who was thence followed by Yamada.
The room was illuminated brightly. The white of the walls reflecting the light around the room. Nezu didn’t flinch at the sudden illumination, unlike Aizawa, whose eye twitched slightly. The principal’s eyes habitually scanned the room, processing all of the information faster than a human genius, before they landed on the young green haired boy who was staring right through the small gap in between Aizawa and Yamada. His clouded emerald eyes seemed to see everything, without him actually being able to see.
Everyone was still for several minutes, waiting for a reaction. Nezu was smiling, he had been since they walked in. It wasn’t his sadistic smile, nor was it his “I know your secret” smile either. It was a genuine, from the heart smile, which he had learned nearly twenty years earlier. Twenty years earlier, when he escaped those dastardly scientists. When he stopped being a lab rat, and became Nezu. Nezu, not unlike Aizawa, didn’t make a habit of letting his mind wander when he was in the presence of others, but this was one time he was willing to make an exception. After all, he couldn’t help but let his mind wander as he stared at the familiar green hair, and those eyes that seemed to look through your entire being.
He could still feel the cold rain pelting his tired, and beaten body as he lay in the middle of the street. His body, too heavy to move. He barely had the strength to keep his eyes open, when he saw the young green haired woman. He could remember the soft, soothing, but clearly worried tone of her voice, but he couldn’t remember the words she spoke.
His thoughts were interrupted by the muffled sound of white noise. Midoriya had turned on the radio on his side table. Nezu heard a series of “dih”s and “dah”s which he easily translated as eventually being the word “Who?”. Nezu didn’t bother introducing either Yamada nor Aizawa. If they didn’t know what the boy was asking, then he had no idea how they graduated from U.A.’s hero course, as Universal Morse Code is a mandatory course that students take in their second year, and if they want to go into more depth, their third year. He smiled at the boy as Yamada took a small step forward, now standing in front of Nezu.
“My name is Hizashi. The one over here with me is Shouta. Nice to meet you little listener.” Yamada crouched low, probably to avoid seeming threatening out of habit. The blonde was right in front of the greenette, who visibly flinched at the sound of Yamada’s shuffled steps, but Nezu didn’t miss the way that the stiffness in the child’s shoulders relaxed at the sound of Yamada’s voice.
Apparently he wasn’t the only one who noticed, as he watched a small crack of a smile play on Aizawa’s face. The dark clothed man stepped forward, his steps almost completely silent. Yet, still, the young greenette flinched with each step. Aizawa stopped right behind Yamada. His expression had returned to being deadpanned, as he said, “We will be teaching you sign language once you are feeling up to it.” His tone was not unkind, nor was it as blunt as Nezu had become accustomed to. It was kinder and softer, but not completely out of character.

Chapter Text

Izuku directed his head towards the door, where he heard several sets of steps stop, and plant themselves. He recognized one as belonging to Nezu, but he didn’t recognize the other two. He reached over to the side table, on which resided a radio. He flipped the switch to turn it on, and spun the dial with incredible precision, creating several “dih”s and “dah”s which he knew formed the word “who”. After he finished spelling out the word, he sat waiting for Nezu to reply in answer.

As such, he was fairly surprised when the one to answer was not the small creature, but instead the man he recognized from the radio. “My name is Hizashi. The one over here with me is Shouta. Nice to meet you little listener,” the man introduced himself and his companion. His footsteps were quieter than most people’s, but they were still overwhelming to Izuku’s ears. The voice, on the other hand, had a soothing effect. It relaxed him. 

He flinched a little less when the other man, Shouta, approached. His footsteps were near non-existent, but just as always, Izuku could hear even the dust settle whenever someone breathed. “We will be teaching you sign language once you are feeling up to it,” Shouta told him, his voice sounding bored, but also caring. 

Izuku couldn’t help but feel excited at the idea of being able to use sign language. He knew it would be difficult without being able to see, but it was possible. But even more than that, Izuku was ecstatic at hearing Present Mic’s voice in person. His mother loved the hero’s podcast. He used the radio to say “Present Mic” and gave a small tilt of his head to indicate it was a question. 

“Y-Yeah, how’d you know?” the hero questioned. He sounded surprised, but there was a little bit of something else in his voice. Almost like the man was holding his breath a little, or like his wanted to scream. The latter could be possible. Present Mic was famous for how loud he was, both in and out of costume. 

Izuku tapped his radio twice in answer to the hero’s query. 

“You listened to my radio show?” Hizashi asked him. Izuku nodded his head. 

Then, the other man, Shouta, came a little closer. “Midoriya-kun, I want to test something, would that be okay,” the man asked.

Izuku nodded but not without a little bit of hesitation.

“Aizawa-kun,” Izuku heard Nezu warn.

“When I say ‘okay’, I want you to try and take Hizashi’s, Present Mic’s quirk. Is that alright?” the man questioned.

Izuku pondered it for a moment. He was curious as to why they would want him to take Present Mic’s quirk away. He nodded, too curious to know where they were going with this. He leaned over to his radio. “Touch,” he spelled out. 

He heard the hero’s shuffled steps get even closer until they were right next to Izuku’s bed. “Here, little listener,” he felt a very gentle touch on his bandaged hand in his lap. Izuku wrapped his small fingers around the man’s hand in waiting.

He closed his eyes to focus, and waited for Shouta’s signal. He heard a small whoosh before he heard the man say, “Okay.” 

Izuku took Present Mic’s quirk and released the hero. He turned his head in the general direction of the other man. “Hizashi, how is it?” the man asked.

“Not there,” Hizashi revealed.

“I told you, Aizawa-kun,” Nezu chuckled.

Izuku tilted his head, with confusion before he grabbed Present Mic’s hand again, and regifted the voice projection quirk. Then, he turned the dial on his radio, “happened?”

“Aizawa-kun attempted to temporarily erase your quirk using his own,” Nezu explained. 

“It didn’t work,” Shouta revealed. 

Izuku thought for a moment. The concept of erasing quirks seemed familiar somehow. He vaguely remembered it from one of his conversations with Kacchan about heroes. Supposedly there was a deep underground hero that could erase quirks. No one really knew much about him, if anything at all, besides his title: The Erasure Hero: Eraserhead. Kacchan had said that there were no videos of Eraserhead anywhere. 

He leaned over to his radio hesitantly. “E-R-A-S-E-R-H-E-A-D” he spelled it out slowly, sounding the word out in his head. 

The room went quiet for a bit before the man in question responded. “That’s right, kid. Where’d you hear about me?” the question wasn’t malicious sounding. It was filled with what Izuku could only describe as a childish curiosity.

“Kacchan,” he spelled out his friend’s name.

“Kacchan? What’s a kacchan?” Hizashi questioned.

“I’m guessing a friend,” Shouta guessed before Izuku even had a chance to use the radio. Izuku nodded to confirm the hero’s suspicions. 

Then, Izuku yawned silently, his mouth opening, but no real sound coming out. It hurt his chest a little bit, and caused him to enter a short coughing fit. Both of the heroes in the room came closer and rubbed his back as he coughed. It felt nice...and it reminded him of his mom. He instinctively relaxed back into their hands as his cough subsided. 

“Easy, little listener,” Hizashi whispered. 

“Well, you’ve met your sign language tutors, and we’ve made some good progress for the day, I think. So, how about we let you get some rest, Midoriya-kun,” Nezu suggested.

Izuku felt both of the heroes move their hands and quickly grabbed the one on his left, which he determined was Shouta’s. The man stilled, and put his other hand on top of Izuku’s. “It’ll be okay,” he assured Izuku. Izuku stayed as he was for a moment before he nodded and let go of the hero’s hand. He listened to all three of their footsteps exit the room before his drowsiness kicked in and he dozed off to sleep.

One Week Later

Shouta grumpily dragged himself out of the house after his chipper boyfriend. Normally, he wouldn’t be as grumpy as he was, except they weren’t going to the hospital to visit Izuku, as they had been every day for the last week. No, today was their first day at Yuuei high school as teachers. 

Apparently the old hero they had met a week ago was actually one of the Yuuei teachers, not that they had remembered him from their days there. He was entering his retirement today, and Shouta would be his replacement. Hizashi would take over one of the English classes that the old pro had been teaching as well. 

“C’mon, Shouta! You can’t just sulk for the rest of the day! We can go see Izuku after classes end,” Hizashi elbowed Shouta gently. 

“I’m not sulking,” Shouta said flatly as he put his seatbelt on, and Hizashi started the car. They didn’t live far from Yuuei, and honestly could’ve walked had it not been for the massive amount of vultures that had been chasing Hizashi around lately. They made it practically impossible for him to go anywhere on foot. Even when he was on duty. So, the ride was short, and less agonizing than Shouta had thought it would be. 

However, Shouta did not expect to see, of all people in the parking lot, the 18+ Hero: Midnight, otherwise known to them as Kayama Nemuri. She turned to look at them after hearing them shut their respective doors. She came running at them and wrapped her arms around both of their necks. “I heard what happened! I’m so glad you both are okay!” She explained as she released them. 

Shouta groaned, but understood her sentiment. “Yeah, we’re fine,” he assured her. 

“That aside, Nemuri, what are you doing here?” Hizashi asked her, his chipper mood still very apparent.

“Oh, that? Nezu-sensei hired me about a week and a half ago to teach Modern Hero Art History,” she explained with a smile. “But then I caught that cold, so I’m only now coming in for my first day,” she added.

“Then, why don’t we all get going?” They all jumped at the sound of Nezu’s voice. The large rodent then appeared from behind Shouta. “Aizawa-kun, if you would, please,” Nezu gestured for Shouta to give him a lift. Shouta did as instructed and put him on his shoulder, resting in the folds of his capture weapon.

“Sensei, why does it seem as though you knew that Shouta and I would take you up on the offer this year?” Hizashi asked the rodent. 

Nezu merely laughed as he sat on Shouta’s shoulder. “Let us head in,” he gestured for Shouta to take the lead. 

Nezu guided them to their respective rooms, knowing they all knew where the staff room was. After all, all three of the pro heroes were graduates of Yuuei. They knew the lay of the land. 

Their first stop was to Nemuri’s classroom, which was empty for the time being. “Your first class will be in two hours. You have your materials in the desk over there,” Nezu pointed to the small desk in the corner, which Shouta and Hizashi both knew would end up being what she sat upon in the chair’s stead. 

Nemuri smiled mischievously at them from the front of the classroom. Shouta sighed while Hizashi laughed at her antics.

“Classes will start soon, let’s move on,” Nezu chuckled as he pointed down the hall. 

They walked to the other end of the hall where Hizashi’s classroom was. Unlike Nemuri, his actually had students inside. Shouta walked in with his boyfriend, knowing that Nezu would want to do the introduction.

The whole class went silent from their previous idle chatter when they saw Hizashi, or as they probably recognized him, Present Mic. Then it became a pin drop silence when they noticed their principal on Shouta’s shoulder. 

“Good morning, students!” the Rodent greeted loudly, and with far too much energy for Shouta’s tastes. “As you all know, we have had a few teachers retire very suddenly. But even still, you all must continue in your studies to become the best of the best heroes. To help you with that, we have recruited graduates of Yuuei’s hero program to teach you. So, without further ado, I shall now introduce your new English teacher and your temporary homeroom teacher, Mic-sensei,” Nezu was as long-winded as ever. 

“Yo, how are you listeners doing?!” Shouta flinched slightly at his boyfriend’s loud as heck voice. The class then applauded with a bunch of “whoops” and “yays!” 

“Then we shall leave you to it, Mic-sensei,” Nezu chuckled and gestured for Shouta to continue on. He left the room, and closed the door behind him leaving Hizashi to answer the many questions that his students had. “You will be next door to Mic-sensei’s room, as the homeroom teacher for this year’s Class 1-A,” Nezu told him. Shouta opened the door and found that his class was less than...organized. However, he did notice that for just a moment, when the door first opened, they all went silent. Though, after they confirmed it wasn’t who they thought it was, they returned to their rowdiness. 

Once Shouta reached the front, Nezu hopped off of his shoulder and onto the podium. “AHEM!” the rodent coughed. All of the students quieted down and looked up front. “This is your new homeroom teacher, Aizawa-sensei. I expect you to show him the same respect you showed Torino-sensei. Now then, Aizawa-sensei, I leave them to you,” Nezu made his introduction significantly shorter, and more to the point, which Shouta did appreciate. 

Once the principal had left the room, the class resumed its chaos. Shouta stood there and watched them for a good couple of minutes. They were like a bunch of wild animals. Quirks of all shapes, sizes, and kinds were running like loose cannons. He was surprised at how the whole building was still standing with their chaos in that room. He let them go for about ten minutes before one boy with a mutation quirk lunged at another boy who had a wood manipulation quirk. The wood manipulator got flung across the room towards Shouta.

Shouta didn’t miss a beat. He unraveled his capture weapon and stepped to the side, wrapping the long scarf around the flying boy before the kid hit his head on the wall. He then activated his own quirk, erasing one boy’s quirk that was setting flames to their textbooks. That seemed to grab their attention. 

The students stood staring, their jaws dropped as Shouta set the wood manipulator down on the ground. He kept the fire quirk erased, however. “My name is Aizawa. And had this been your first day of school, you all would have failed miserably in my class.”