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Field of Vision

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Establishing shot: A long shot used to portray a new scene, a new subject, or new object that is important to the film for the first time.

Dabi had come to learn many things about Hawks in the weeks since they'd began their enemies-with-benefits arrangement.

They were small things: the shudder of his feathers, his sensitivity to aural stimuli, the habitual breaking of eye contact when he approached climax. Mapping out the cartography of an unexplored body sated an unexplained hunger he never knew he had.

Most surprising of all was how much Hawks seemed to enjoy the nerve-wracking threat of discovery.

From Hawks reaction, Dabi isn't certain whether or not he'd been aware of this himself, nor if its source were a fetish for humiliation, exhibitionism or whatever else. All he knows for sure is that first moment of realization: there was a rap on Hawks' hero office door 30 minutes after closing time, when Dabi was buried deep in his ass, the other definitely tightened, unbearably, until the knocking stopped and the late visitor walked away.

His certainty of this vulnerability solidified when it was confirmed the next week, at the abandoned warehouse that served as their rendezvous site. When Miruko called as Dabi was bouncing on his lap, the pleasure that glazed over Hawks' eyes was immediate, undeniable. He'd leaned down to his ear.

"Answer it." 

"H-Hey. Girl." 

"Hawks! Where are you?" Hawks bit his lip as the other ground down.


"Did you forget we're checking out the new store today?"

"I-ah!" A moan escaped as the other lapped as his neck. "I didn't forget, I just got caught up."

"You okay?" A deep flush spread across his cheeks, down to his collarbones.

"Stepped on lego." 

'Wow, that's the best you can come up with?' Dabi whispered into the other ear. The arousal in Hawks' eyes didn't let up even as he glared at him. Miruko didn't question the unusual response, though.

"Well, what time will you be here then?"

"Ah!--At 8."

"Get fucked, bro" Dabi sniggered at that. "If you aren't here by then I'm never lending you emergency eyeliner before press conferences ever again."

And with that solemn threat, she hung up.

Hawks loosened up, but only for a brief moment, before he'd gracelessly shoved Dabi down to the grimy floor. He’d manhandled him to his hands and knees and pounded into him with an unforeseen ferocity. Panting, Dabi turned his head to throw back a smirk.

"You love this, don't you?" Hawks looked away. Typical.

"I fucking hate you."

Hawks came faster than either of them anticipated. And his eyeliner privileges were maintained.

Somewhere down the road, he'd managed to unearth another compromising vulnerability about Hawks: his soft spot for Endeavor. He thought he'd imagined it at first -- the way his jaw would tighten whenever he'd make a jab at the new number one hero. He'd said nothing about Hawks’ casual meet-ups with the flame hero outside of their professional duties, nor of the small Endeavor action figure he'd found in his drawer on a hunt for condoms (he'd never lost a boner so fast).

"When you denounced the heroes at the ranking ceremony broadcast...did you mean it?" He'd asked once.

"Does it matter?"

"Why're you so chummy with Endeavor?" Hawks let out a dry laugh.

"Why d'you think I'm getting close to him, other than to investigate him and his allies' weaknesses?"

"What do you think of him," Dabi pushed, "really?"

"That's not important. He trusts me." He'd answered with a smile. It was prideful -- almost warm.

I don’t, Dabi thought, but what he said instead was:

"Would you fuck him?"

To his surprise, Hawks sputtered out his drink. 

"Don't..." Hawks wiped the dribble with his sleeve, lowering his gaze. 

It disgusted him, almost. But above all else, it had filled him with contempt.

Bypassing the guards at the main entrance of Hawks' building, Dabi scaled the emergency stairway, leapt past a couple of ledges, and slipped into his balcony. When he rapped on the glass, Hawks fumbled his phone a bit from where he was reclined on the sofa. He quickly recovered and advanced swiftly, a smirk tugging at the edge of  mouth as he slid the door open for his self-invited guest.

"C'mere, asshole," Dabi is dragged into Hawks' living room by the collar, the coat tugged off his shoulders, a pair of lips nipping at the crook of his neck. 

"Welcoming as always, I see," He shoves the other back a step, grabs his hand by the wrist and twists it. Hawks grunts as Dabi turns it further and pushes him chest first against the wall. He breathes into his ear, "Let's talk business." 

Hawks suppresses a shudder.

"They've identified four possible locations for the League's main hideout." He pauses to bite his lip when he feels lips against the nape of his neck. "Names of the local detectives in charge are in the folder. By the TV."

"Hm." Dabi hummed in approval. He let go of the other's wrists in favour of encircling his torso. His palms slip underneath the thin tee shirt to palm at his chest. "What's the timeline we're working with?"

"Ah--about three weeks from now," He began letting his feathers fall to his feet, reducing his wings. "They want to infiltrate with a surprise attack." Dabi snorted in response.

"That's some confidence." 

"Well," Hawks swallowed as the shirt was lifted off his body.  "Look over the files then, and tell me how much of that confidence is baseless."

"Stay." He commanded as he went over to the TV to grab the documents. Hawks huffed.

"What am I, your dog?"

"You sure bark like one." 

Hawks spun around indignantly to see Dabi flipping through the pages. As he began walking over, the other put his hand out in a halting gesture, palm sparking with blue flame. Hawks stopped in his tracks.

"Don't make me say it twice."

"Tch." Hawks folded his arms in front of him as the other perused the papers. He grew impatient as the silence dragged on.

"So," he prodded. "You wanna tell me which location's the real one?"

"Wing Hero Hawks," Dabi shut the file. "Which one do you think it is?"

Hawks rolled his eyes.

"You know, if you'd only show me, I could do a lot to mislead the police and hero investigation."

"You're doing enough for now." 

"But--" Dabi was right in front of him in a few swift strides, and had a patchwork palm up against his mouth.

"Shigaraki's words. Not mine." The defiant look in Hawks' eyes remained, brows furrowed in doubt. "Don't look at me like that, I've been vouching for you, okay?"

Hawks pried the hand off his mouth.

"I should've contacted Mr. Compress instead." He remarked. "Or Spinner, maybe Twice...hell, even Toga might've gotten me somewhere by now." Dabi chuckled.

"Yet, you came to me.”

"Thought I could work with you." It came out like a sigh, and resignation weighed his bare shoulders down. Slowly, almost cautiously, he embraced the other. Hawks let him. 

"We do work well together." He felt the other shudder as his hands slipped into the other's pants.

"Prove it."

Almost 300 kilometres away, Endeavor steps out of the towering skyscraper that served as the venue of a public safety conference, and frowns down at his phone.

Hawks shivers against the kotatsu's surface, voicing a needy “fuck, fuck, fuck” as Dabi works a finger inside him. 

"God, will you hurry up?"

"Stop rushing everything," He plants his free hand on the base of the other's spine. "Take this as an exercise in patience." 

"Ugh, I could've done this myself in--" his breath hitches when it thrusts in hard. He hears a dark chuckle behind him. "--in 10 minutes." 

Just as he's about to return a quip, they're both startled by the sound of Hawks' ringtone. To the blond's chagrin, the other recovered first, and reached back to grab the phone from the sofa. 

"Now, who could this be?" There's an unusually long pause, and an unexpected pulse of heat emanates from the body behind him, feeling like a sickening wave of anger. Hawks holds his breath.

"Oh, it's your favourite hero," Dabi finally announces. Hawks turns around and finds it difficult to place the other's expression – a mix of fury and excitement. "It's a video call."

"Dabi," He asks quietly. "Do you want me to answer it?"

He glances down at him, and recognizes that familiar arousal in those wide, pleading eyes. His mouth splits into a wicked grin.

"Of course." Hawks fingers tremble as he takes the device. Dabi pushes him back to his original kneeling position, elbows resting on the tabletop as he answers the call. Endeavor's face appears onscreen, illuminated by the light of a street lamp.

"’Sup, bro?" He gives an easy grin. He's met with a sigh.

"I've had a long day. What is it?"

"What's what?" His vision goes a bit foggy as he feels two fingers plunging into him now. He sighs quietly.

"You asked me to call you, what is it?"


"Didn't you text me earlier to video call you?" Endeavor's brow furrows impatiently. "I just got out of a meeting. I'm leaving the Hiroshima public safety HQ now."

"Um..." It's hard to search his memory when his brain's slowly succumbing to pleasure. "I just missed you and wanted to talk to you!" 

The fingers moving inside him roughly crooked, making him bite his lip down in alarm. Endeavor's frown deepened.

"How characteristically frivolous of you." He replies flatly.

"Ah--aww!" Hawks exclaims unsteadily as Dabi begins a fierce search for his prostate. He's familiar with its general direction. "You don't wanna talk to me? I'm hurt." He places a hand to his chest. "And here I thought we were buds."

"Why are you shirtless?"

"Mind your own business, bud." He gasps and shudders as Dabi finds his target. Precum beads from his cock, pressed against the table. He clenches a fist in an attempt at self-control. "The real question is, why aren't you shirtless, Mr. Endeavor?"

"Conversation with you always proves to be a profoundly unsettling experience." He says as he massages the bridge of his nose. Hawks takes the opportunity while the other's eyes are shut to close a hand over his mouth and bite down on his palm. Dabi savours the sight of his partner's hole tighten around his fingers. As he moves the digits in and out, the slow drip of lube down his quivering thighs makes him vow to commit this moment to memory.

"Wh--Why are you still talking to me then?" Hawks teases, voice unsteady as waves of pleasure shudder up his spine. He tilts his head curiously at the other's contemplative expression.


"Truth be told, it has been a while since we last conferred." He admitted. Hawks face lit up. He thanks the heavens that Dabi can't see it from where he is.

"Aw, bro!"

"I'm an hour from yours. If you'd like to I can--"

"Fuck!" Hawks drops the phone as he feels a hot tongue plunge into his hole.

"Hawks?!" Endeavor's voice is muffled against the floor. Hawks could only press his forehead down, panting against the wood. Pleased, Dabi spreads him wider. 

"Keep talking." He urges, before his tongue plunges in with heightened fervour. 

"Augh! You fucking asshole!" Hawks breathes heavily, shakily lifting himself up by the elbows and reaching for his fallen phone.

"What happened?" He sounds so panicked. Hawks feels his chest tighten with something unidentifiable. "You okay?" 

"I'm A-Okay, man," he reassures as his walls spasm with pleasure. "I, uh, saw a cockroach." 

Endeavor frowns immediately in doubt. 

"You're telling me one of the most competent, fearless, dependable pro-heroes in Japan would shriek like he was being murdered over a--"

He's cut off by a sharp cry from Hawks as Dabi wrapped a warm hand around his leaking cock.

"Ah-oh my god. You think I'm dependable?" Hawks beams, holding back the tears brimming in his eyes.

The red flush spread from Hawks' chest up to his neck and ears. It didn't escape Endeavor's scrutinizing gaze, and he immediately shot further lines of inquiry. His cheeks burned. 

"God, where are your wings?" He tensed. "Tell me what's wrong, is someone holding you hostage?" He felt the vibrations of Dabi laughing a bit at that. 

"N-no." He bit down a whine as he ground his hips back in want of deeper penetration. 

"Where are you?"

"I'm at home, I'm not in danger."

"You're obviously not okay!" He barked, unconvinced. The physical signs of Hawks' distress were impossible to hide from the other at this point. 

"Okay, fine, I'm sick." He whined out a lie. "I texted you to call me while I was high on Ibuprofen. I'm sad and lonely and everything hurts!" 

Endeavor blinked back at him as he considered this. Hawks wiped his reddening eyes. The outburst startled Dabi enough to stop his ministrations.

"Where's Miruko?"

"On night patrol."

"You're alone?"

"Yes." He lied again through gritted teeth.

"Hold on, I'm coming for you."

"Please don't--" The call ended mid-protest. 

Dabi watches with mild amusement as Hawks slumps over in defeat, phone slipping from his slackened grip. He places his head in his hands and releases a long, frustrated groan. 

"I fucking hate you." He declares.

"You're too easy," Dabi pries the hands from his face and turns him around, pushes him so he's lying back against the table. He looks down at him.

"But that was an impressive performance, I'll give you that." It almost disturbed him, firstly, how naturally he lied, and secondly, how sincere his fondness for the flame hero appeared. "That idiot took the bait way too eagerly, though." He kisses him on the throat, trailing up to his jaw. "It's so revolting how easily you have him falling at your feet."

He claims the other's mouth with his own. Kisses were rare between them – their tongues more used to spitting venom than they were to each other's contact. Hawks whined contentedly in response, tilting his head to deepen it, holding the other's face in his hands. And Dabi devoured it all.

When he finally pulls away, the other gazes up at him through heavy-lidded eyes. 

"You better make me come before Endeavor does."