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Slasher Universe

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Professor Samuel Loomis banged his fist on the desk asking for silence , the boys and girls attending his lesson stopped laughing and fooling around with each other, the class became silent. Loomis spoke '' Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please, we have recently undertaken one of the most controversial subjects in our psychology class, I'm refferring to the dark criminal side of the human mind''.

Some of the faces on the scholars illuminated with excitement as if they knew what the professor was about to say next . Loomis continued '' I am rather acquainted with the subject matter, I guess many of you are already informed about my involvement in the Michael Myers cases that left Haddonfield county in a state of constant dread for several Halloweens since 1978.''

Almost all the class knew about Loomis's past exploits against notorious serial killer Michael Myers, that was the reason many joined the Psychology class in the first place, Loomis was regarded as somewhat of a legendary hero around the faculty.

''I have been tied to these terrible events for what seems like an eternity and obviously I will never be able to shake free of my link that binds me to Myers's cruel and evil reign of terror…. But today I'm not here to tell you a tale and further sensationalize those events'', some of the faces darkened with slight disappointment '' Today we will dig deep into the heart of darkness by trying to understand and uncover the motives of some of the most evil and cunning murderers of the last 40 years ''. Loomis's eyes glanced across the class room staring carefully into the eyes of his knowledge hungry students. The look on Loomis's face was one of serious reflection, as if the subject he was about to tackle disturbed him on a personal level. He started walking back and forward in front of his class and said ''Can anyone of you list me some of the most ferocious killers of our time?'', a few hands shot up ready to be chosen by Loomis, many names of infamous maniacs and killers were spoken '' Jason Vorhees, Jedidiah Sawyer, Matt Cordell, Charles Lee Ray, Freddy Kueger'', some of the students even acknowleged the places where the killings took place such as '' Camp Crystal Lake, Sawyer farm, Elm street''.

Loomis nodded his head in approval of the names he just eard and replied '' Very well, these killers and their crimes are indeed the hands that have shaped contemporary life in the last century: Your front doors are no longer left open ,hitchhikers aren't going to find a car ride as easily as they used to and the girl next door isn't as eager to catch up with her new neighbor. It would be foolish not to link society's mistrust to maniacs like Leatherface, Myers or Jason… But is it just them and their deeds who have fainted the hearts of so many people or is it the legends they left behind them, some of these savage creatures have become larger than life, their stories known all around the world. Some victims who have encountered them also claim they are of supernatural origin'', Half the class giggled and laughed at the word supernatural, Loomis smirked and continued '' Of course we are quick at dismissing this otherworldly notion but what if there's a grain of truth in these claims, what if their crimes are not just fueld by rage and mental illness, what if Jason Vorhees truely rose from crystal lake to reap new victims, what if Freddy Krueger's soul came back to haunt the dreams of Elm Street teenagers like a living nightmare, or if Charles Lee Ray transferred his spirit into a Good Guy Doll named chucky, and What if Michael Myers was really a pawn used by a Diety worshipping cult'', the latter phrase sent a shiver down Loomis's spine.

The class fell silent until a girl sitting in the front row asked ''Do you believe in these stories Professor Loomis?'', Loomis stared at her with wide contemplative eyes and replied ''I believe the world must open it's eyes on the truth, we've been sleeping all this time and made the same mistakes over and over, kids have visited Crystal Lake many times only to be found in pieces the next day but that hasn't stopped other youngsters from repeating the same mistake, others have broken into the Myers house on Halloween and have gone missing, people never change because they don't believe, they are utterly sure the monsters are dead every single time and every single time they are wrong.'' Loomis thought about the past and how his life was ruined not by Michael Myers but by the people that did not believe his claim that Myers was no longer human and still at large, his years of work as a psychiatrist at Warren County Smith's Grove Sanitarium were put into discussion till Loomis was rejected by society as a crazy person, his reputation eventually cost him his position as the respected Doctor Samuel Loomis, he was lucky he managed to find a job at the prestigious California Academy where everyone seemed to be curious about his past ventures as the hunter of Michael Myers AKA the Shape.

Loomis turned his back to the class and walked to his desk, he opened a drawer and took out a hand sized cube, he turned to face the class and said ''It's been years now since the mosters have haunted our nights, most of them have been apprehended or are believed to be destroyed. The world is slowly reverting back to it's comfort, soon the front doors are going to be left open again, and cars are going to stop and help a hitchhiker on the road. The world is slowly forgetting thus becoming weak and vulnerable, it's loosing it's sense of terror.'' The scholar's expressions changed from one of interest and schepticism to uneasiness, as if they didn't exactly know where Loomis was going with this conversation. Loomis then looked down at the cube he was holding and said ''This amulet was created by Phillip Lemarchand in the 18th century, it is a sort of ancient Rubik cube if you will, it's been called the Lament Configuration, it has been told that to open it manually is virtually impossibile, but whoever manages to unlock the box will be granted eternal wonders, pleasures, power. I bet you're wondering if I've gone completely insane, the ultimate ramblings of a pathetic old man. Countless stories have been told about this object, about the things it can do, the power it holds within it is larger than the universe itself. The cube grants purification as much as it grants damnation. Sources claim it is a key to other realms, some say it even unlocks a door to Heaven and Hell. Would you believe me if I told you I opened the box last night and had a taste of it's infinite power? At first I was frightened by what I experienced but then it came to me, this is the key to salvation, it is the evil that will end all evils, and finally rid the world of fear'' One student stud up and said ''.

This isn't a lecture any more professor Loomis, I'm done with your bullshitt, you should be teaching psychology and not raving on about magic boxes and the supernatural, you're the one who should be locked away'', the young man walked down the steps and went to the class door, it was locked, he turned to Loomis and said ''Nice try, now give me the damned key'', Loomis replied ''the key is right here, ready to open a whole new reality'', the lights in the class room started to flicker, the tables started to shake, Loomis stood there with a crazed look on his eyes and then said '' Forgive me''.

As he said these words the cube started to disassemble in Loomis's hands, the pieces it was made of started to slide back and forth as if creating a new shape, actually not too different from a Rubik cube. A bright beam glowed from inside the amulet and the class lights started to shut down one after the other, the students started screaming in panic, Loomis just stood there like entranced. Soon all the room went dark and the students became silent at the sound of chains clanking on the ground, as if being dragged.Loomis came back to the sound of the chains, he felt fear but also a sense of excitement. The sound of the chains continued for what seemed like an eternity and then suddenly stopped, the light coming from the cube started to intensify it's glow, creating higher visibility.

By now the students were leaning against the class door or hiding behind their desks in complete fear, Loomis turned his head and saw a figure standing to his right, the light wasn't intense enough for him to see the figure in full detail but he could make out what looked like the shape of a human being, the face was pale like a ghost, the garments seemed to be made of black leather with chains attached to it, and the whole of the face and head was covered with pin like needles that seemed to have been inserted into the skin, Loomis also noticed what looked like inflicted lacerations that ran through the face of the entity and connected to the needles on it's face, they were almost surgical in nature, as if they he had been meticulously worked on: The eyes were black as night and the expression was serious and sever, Loomis thought the creature before him looked regal. It's stature was intimidating and the posture was martial, with it's hands behind it's back. The entity spoke, the voice was elegant as it was frightening, almost otherworldly, it also seemed to echo, as if the class room had become enveloped in an infinite void.

The entity turned to the frightened scholars and said ''Rejoice in your damnation''. Then the class turned to dark and was filled with the screams and sounds of flesh being ripped apart, blood being spattered on the ground, the mayhem went on for about two minutes and then suddenly stopped as it had started, the dragging chains started to clank again and Loomis eard the voice of the creature he had just summoned speak to him ''a soul of your word, Loomis. It isn't everyday that a human such as thee comes to seek the aid of the Cenobites'', Loomis replied in a voice choked by tears and guilt for the student's sacrifice ''what I seek is a noble cause, humanity needs to be free of the evil that walks the earth, it needs to stay vigil, if not it will fall prey to the wicked'', the entity calling hitself a cenobite gave out a deep and scary laugh and then said '' Then it shall be, you will have what you ask for, peace will soon be restored in humanity, and the evil that for so many years has evaded my grasp will be judged, my reign in hell has been questioned and my powers have began to fade. But all that will change, the greatest monsters of your century will be tricked into ignition once again, they will spill terror and violence on this realm one more time, and will finally be judged for their evil by the only power that can stop them, the cenobites. So we will finally feed off the souls of true sinners once again'' Loomis felt a hand on his shoulder, the cenobite ordered ''Now kneel before your Hell Priest, as you will be a critical figure in my success'', Loomis did as ordered and said ''I pledge allegiance to you as my goals are married to your's, I will do what you ask'' after a moment of esitation he added ''master''.

The cenobite gave a dark smile and said ''Let the game begin''. A flash of light sprouted from the amulet and Loomis had a last glimpse of the cenobite before the lighting of the class was restored and the entity was nowhere to be found. It was as if nothing had happened, the only difference being that the students were no longer present, Loomis had expected to find the blood and guts of the students all over the walls and ceiling of the class, but nothing, not even a drop of blood. For a moment Loomis doubted if any of what he had experienced actually happened but a voice in the back of his mind kept repeating ''remember your goals, do as your hell priest demands'', these words made everything clear in his mind and reminded him of his mission, he kept repeating to himself that what he was about to do was the right thing, he wanted the world to be a better place but it wasn't the right time for society to lower their heads and feel safe, leaving the monsters dormant wasn't safe enough, first he'd have to be sure every single monster was annihilated from this world, but to do that he'd have to seek them out and unleash their rage once more, even if that meant making them clash and wreacking havoc all over again.

Loomis realized he was still kneeling and holding the lament configuration (now restored to it's cube like shape), he got up and went to his desk, put the amulet away in a wood made locker. He got a list out of his pocket and started writing the names and location of the monstrous killers he'd have to manage to bring out of their lairs across different states, he wrote many names such as: JASON VORHEES – JEDIDIAH SAWYER (AKA LEATHERFACE) – CHARLES LEE RAY (AKA CHUCKY THE DOLL) – FREDDY KRUEGER – PUMPKINHEAD – CANDYMAN – THE TALL MAN – MATT CORDELL. MICHAEL MYERS was the only name he didn't need to write down since he remembered it all too well.

He knew he couldn't seek these monsters by himself, he was an old man after all, he would have to be backed up by someone who is familiar with dangers, who has encountered the paranormal before and has survived, a reject of society such as himself. Just one name popped into his brain, ASH WILLIAMS: The general consensus is that Ash butchered his girlfriend while on vacation in a cabin in the woods, but Williams claimed otherwise, he said he was forced to murder his loved one because she got possessed by demons, or more specifically Deadites, originating from a cursed book called Necronomicon ex mortis, he also ranted on that he was transported to the medieval age and battled more demons before managing to get back home. Off course this version of events was laughed off by the police and jury, he checked a few years in prison before eventually being let off because of inconclusive proof of Ash being involved in the murder.

Loomis had no choice but to believe what Ash claimed was the truth. There was no way he could back out right now, not after the events he set in motion, he thought about the poor scholars he just sacrificed to prove himself worthy of the master cenobite, (even though he saw non of the bodies he had no doubt the cenobite had murdered the scholars and taken their souls), still he tried to convince himself it was for a greater good, that the cenobites are a necessary evil to purge the world of it's true cancer.

Loomis stopped overthinking and put his guilt aside, he promised himself he would see this crusade to it's conclusion, he collected his belongings and stored them in his suitcase, he then proceded to leave the class room. As the class room doors shut behind Loomis the Hell Priest gave watch and said to himself ''Judgement is nigh, HAHAHAHAH''.

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Ash Williams opened the fridge and grabbed a can of cold beer, drank it all in one go and then stacked it on the pile of other beer cans beside the couch, he sat down and gave out a powerful belch. He turned on the tv and zapped through the channels, nothing seemed to pick his interest, a horror movie called STAB 3 on one channel, a women’s cooking show on an other: The two o’clock news had just started on channel 6 so he sat back gazing at the tv with a boored and blank look on his face.

The anchorwoman on the news was talking about a bunch of students in a university who had mysteriously vanished without a trace while attending class, some teachers were claiming they heard screaming originating from the class room. Ash wasn’t paying much attention, he got up and grabbed another beer, the Anchorwoman on the tv continued to speak and said ‘’ a lot of conspiracy theorists and occult aficionados already claim that supernatural forces are the cause of the student’s disappearance, regardless of the theory the police are searching further proof to solve the vanishing of the students.’’

Ash smirked and said ‘'occult aficionados uh? Where the hell were these guys when I needed them to back up my story'’. His head felt dizzy, wich wasn’t surprising since he went through a dozen tins in five minutes.

Ash’s life was going to waste, it had been that way for a few decades now, since the events of the cabin, being labled a murderer wasn’t exactly his life’s primary goal: Before then he’d been a regular guy, had a girlfriend, a steady job, two hands and an excellent sense of humour, Now it was all gone, well not exactly, the sense of humour was still there albeit turned to a highly cynical kind. Then came the two years in jail and subsequent freedom for absence of tangible proof on behalf of the feds since no body was ever found. Nowadays he was looked upon as somewhat of a bad joke, the people that recongnized him either backed away in fear he might do something crazy or laughed at him as if he were a clown.

He lived in an Airstream mobile home, an old battered car was attached to the front of the Airstream, he called it his ‘’oldsmobile’’: He always kept on the move, city to city, never staying long enough in the same place , not giving himself time to make new friends or bedding the same chick; He made enough money working in hardware stores of the same branch to afford the bare necessities and then move on; He frequently told himself he was living the American dream by connecting to his nomad side, but deep inside he knew the reasons were very different.

Ash turned off the tv and took a good look at himself in the mirror, his hair was thinning on the sides, he had a belly the size of a barrel, his once chiseled jaw now looked more like a rooster’s wattle and he had a fake right hand, ‘’at least you’re still the handsome one’’ he said and gave out a toothy smile, his Ego was probably the only thing about him that hadn’t aged one bit.

Someone knocked at his trailer’s door, he took his gaze off the mirror and went to greet (or not) whoever was disturbing him. He opened the door and looked down on an elderly man, quite short, staring at him: The old man asked in a british accent ‘’Ashley J. Williams, I suppose?’’, ‘’Who’s asking?’’ Ash replied: The elder gentleman reached out for a handshake ‘’Sam Loomis’’; Ash returned the handshake with his prosthetic hand, Loomis glanced at the fake hand and exclaimed ‘’Oh, it is you indeed, I know a lot about you mister Williams, so much so I could even tell you how you lost that hand’’, Ash fastly pulled away and replied sarcastically ‘’Sure pal, old people’s home is a few blocks away, probably you should check it out, have a nice day’’, he then shut the door on Loomis, the elderly man shouted out ‘’ I can help you mister Williams, I can give you back your life, you don’t have to run any longer. Just let me in and I will explain’’, Ash paused for a second ‘’ who the hell is this guy? And how does he know so much about me?’’. Loomis continued ‘’I can help you find the dagger and destroy the book’’, Loomis was reffering to the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, the cause of the horror Ash experienced at the cabin, he believed if he could find a way to destroy it he would free himself from the curse that had been following him all these years, he would be free from the clutches of the evil he ran from. Ash still possessed the book, trying many times to destroy it but unable to do so by natural means. He knew the only object powerful enough to destroy it was the Kandarian Dagger, as ancient and evil as the book was; What he didn’t know was it’s location. Could it be possible the old man at the door knew where to find it? He slowly turned to the door and opened it, ‘’How do you know about the dagger and the book?’’ he asked, loomis slightly evaided the question and begged Ash to let him in and give him a chance to explain. ‘’Ok old geezer, you have ten minutes, if you don’t make any sense in five you’re out of here ASAP’’ Ash was very irritated but nevertheless stud aside to let Loomis enter. Loomis politely nodded and stepped inside.

Loomis glanced around the room, it looked very decrepit and dirty, tins and junk all around the insides of the airstream ‘’I guess you’ve seen better days mister Williams’’ he stated with slight disgust on his face, Ash replied ‘’Yeah and you better start talking cause time’s ticking, I’ve still got a whole lot of beers to drink down and my favourite tv show starts in a few minutes’’. Loomis sighed and started ‘’I know a lot about you, I have made extensive research on the events you claim to have experienced more than two decades ago, I know you were accused of slaughtering those people at the cabin and that nobody believed you conjured demons from a cursed book by mistake, or that you were sucked into a wormhole transporting you to 1200 AD before being able to return. Your were dismissed as either a loonatic, a liar or both. But I believe you Mr Williams, we’re similar you and I, we have been rejected from society for acknowledging what goes beyond human comprehension, endured ridicule from our peers and loved once, our claims have cost us everything ’’ Ash felt confused on what the old man was trying to tell him, ‘’I’m here to change all that Mr Williams, I can help you find the Kandarian dagger you so want to find and use it to destroy the book, I can help you put an end to the dark magic that’s followed you for all these years and reclaim your life. With that comes a price, I expect you to aid me in my own quest for salvation!’’.

‘’What kind of quest?’’ Ash asked with a smirk, still not believing the old man’s words. Loomis replied ‘’ I’m in pursuit of the ones that go bump in the night, not mere murderers but predators and monsters of unimaginable evil and brute strength, these creatures can’t be stopped by natural means, I have tried encountered one several times but I’ve failed miserably…’’, Ash stopped him by saying ‘’ok mister, but what does all of this have to do with me?’’. Loomis continued ‘’you’ve battled this kind of evil before, you know it exists and know how to confront it. You’re probably one of the few people on earth who are strong enough to survive such an encounter, the power of the necronomicon would have overcome any normal human being, but you resisted the dark magic of the book and survived to tell the truth. If you help me I can lead you to the dagger and make you free of the book’s grasp’’.

Loomis finally managed to catch Ash’s attention. The last place Ash had seen the dagger was at the cabin during his horrific experience there, years later he went back to what was left of the place, nothing but ruins, what he found to his surprise was the Necronomicon, but not the dagger, he figured the dagger had probably been pulled into the wormhole when he’d been transported to another time but nevertheless he still hoped he could retrieve it someday; As to not leave it unguarded he took the Necronomicon, and locked it in an iron box, promising to not lay eye on it until the day it would meet it’s destruction.

‘’You know where the dagger is located?’’ Ash asked.

‘’I know the location where it was last seen, there is a good chance the dagger is still there, beneath the dark waters of Crystal Lake’’ said Loomis.

‘’Scared of the water old man?’’Said Ash in what Loomis regarded a sarcastic tone

‘’It isn’t the water that scares me, but what may lie under it’s surface, Jason Vorhees, an undead monster of immense strength and cunning. He is just one of the creatures I am seeking to eliminate, there are many others on my list, ever heard of Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Matt Cordell, Candyman?’’ he paused for a second and then said ‘’Michael Myers?’’, Loomis’s face darkened upon speaking that name, Ash was going to ask why (he clearly wasn’t aware of Loomis’s and Myers’s shared past) but Loomis started speaking again ‘’most of these individuals are considered dead, but I know better’’.

Ash answered ‘’ I understand you wanna bust these so called monsters, but why?’’. Loomis replied ‘’Because they are hell on earth, humanity will never be safe as long as they still live. My mission is to uncover their tracks and purge them from our realm, to achieve that I need someone like you by my side, you’re special Mr Williams, I have no doubt about it. You’re meant for something bigger than rotting away in a trailer park. Now it is your choice to make, to decide if you’re up to the task’’.

Ash opened another beer, drank up an then said ‘’geez, so let me just recap things here, you come knocking on my trailer on my drinking day asking me to team up with you and go chasing super powerd maniacs across the country, we have a 90% chance we’re gonna end up tortured, sliced and diced, devoured or God knows what else, and in return I get to turn the Necronomicon into toilet paper, am I right?’’ Loomis took a couple of seconds to answer as if Ash’s wimsicall words had thrown him off balance and then said ‘’I’d say that’s a fairly correct way of putting it, more or less’’. Ash gave out a wide smile and winked ‘’guess I’m in for the ride Granpa’’.

After accepting the offer Ash packed his belongings. Loomis couldn’t help but feel bad for not telling Ash the whole truth, about the deal he made with the Cenobites, the fact that he possessed the lament configuration or the events that happened back at the faculty : He gathered Ash wasn’t ready to know the whole truth, not yet, Loomis doubted Mr Williams would have joined the cause if he’d been asked to join forces with Demonic entities from a hellish dimension: Ash would likely find out along the way but Loomis intended to postpone the revelation as late as possible.

Ash was storing the most bizarre combination of objects inside a military sack, a chainsaw, a crossbow, an extra prosthetic hand among other strange looking gadgets: He looked at Loomis and said ‘’ these are primary necessities when you go ass kicking the creatures of the night, it sure worked against Deadites’’ he went to the closet and pulled out a shotgun ‘’ last but not least, I want you to meet my Boomstick, saved my sorry ass many a times’’ he then proceded to store it in the sack. Loomis wondered what an eccentric man he was teaming up with, Williams came off as part action hero and part standoff comedian a la Groucho Marx, it was easy to envision him fighting an Army of Darkness (as Ash had once claimed) all the while sprouting one liners.

The two men walked out the trailer and went to Ash’s oldsmobile, he started the car, looked at Loomis and asked ‘’You sure you want to still embark on this suicide mission oldman?’’, Loomis took in a deep breath and ansewered ‘’absolutely’’, Ash turned his gaze on the road, smiled and exclaimed ‘’Groovy’’. They exited the trailer park, dragging the airstream attached to the car’s rear.

The old engine roared in the sunset, leading the two men to a point of no return, filled with danger, they could loose everything in the process, be wiped away, or rise from the ashes once again.


The hellpriest, leader of the Cenobites, was sitting at his throne. Supervising Loomis every step of the way.

He could sense his position, as if he could see and ear through Loomis’s eyes and ears.

Angelique, his right hand Cenobite, almost his princess, walked up to him (her flesh as surgically deformed as her master’s) and said ‘’Any news you might want to share with us?’’. The hellpriest could sense her arrogance as usual.

He turned to her, his voice deep as thunder ‘’Loomis has found the human called Ash, a pitifull excuse of a human but still a promising pawn in our scheme.’’ He sat up and walked with his Cenobitic companion. ‘’Does he know about our involvement?’’ Angelique asked. The hellpriest replied ‘’not at the moment, Loomis may be old and flawed but he is wise in measuring his words, Ash only knows what I has to know. I have no doubt he will fulfill his promise to us’’.

After a moment the hellpriest looked at the female Cenobite ‘’you look worried’’. ‘’My faith in you is strong, but are you sure these souls you want will restore our power?’’. He gave her a cold stare and said ‘’of course’’. Angelique knew best not to inquire any further.

The two Cenobites continued to walk in silence through the halls of their realm.

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Myers house, Haddonfield, once a clean and happy home was now little more than a decrepit shell, spider webs everywhere, the ceiling was about to crumble and most of the windows were shattered.

The only people who got close to the house were punks and horror enthusiasts who challenged each other to get as near as possible: Even they knew better to never get too close.

Two teenagers were standing outside the house, eager to enter. Reluctant of the warnings given to them by their parents and friends. As he stepped on the porch, one of the teenagers turned to his friend and said ‘’come on Matt, don’t be such chicken shit, everybody knows Michael’s dead by now’’. The boy called Matt sighed and then decided to step inside.

The interior was dark and dusty, the two youngsters glanced across the hall but it was impossible to see things clearly given it was pitch black and the outside light wasn’t strong enough to reach into the whole house. The bravest of the youngsters pulled out two flashlights and passed one to Matt who said with a trembling voice ‘’ Jake I really think we should go, what if Myers isn’t really dead, some say he’s come back to the house where he killed his parents and sister, and that he’s just gone into hiding’’.
Jake turned to face his friend ‘’and you really belive that? Come on man, don’t you think police would have checked the house and found him by now? If you’re too much of a pussy to look around an old house I doubt you’ll have any chance dating Bev, you need balls to go out with a girl like her. It’s your call’’.

Matt still looked doubtful but said ‘’I guess you’re right’’, Jake gave Matt a pound on his arm ‘’ of course I’m right dude, trust me, if Bev finds out you’ve been in this house she’ll give herself up to you big time, now come on’’.
Matt followed Jake down the hall, the floor creaking underneath their feet.

A few more steps and they found a stairway. ‘’I’m absolutely checking where that leads’’ said Jake. Matt grew more unsure by the second, he usually wasn’t the type that would back up on a challenge but something felt really wrong about that place.

‘’No way I’m going up there Jake, I’ll wait down here’’ said Matt. Jake turned with a smirk and said ‘’suit youself ’’. Matt ignored the comment and stayed put while Jake explored the higher level of the house.

As he was going up the steps Jake lowered his flashlight and noticed there were footmarks in the dust, some going upward and others going downward: After a brief moment of doubt he resumed further, dismissing the footmarks as having been left there from other kids who had roamed the house at a past date.

Upon arriving on top he pointed the flashlight on another hall, this time it had two bedroom doors on each side and a bathroom at the end facing where he stud. Names were written on each of the doors, the first door on the left read Mom and Dad, the one on the right read Judith. Dud walked further across the hall and pointed the light on the last two doors, one read Laurie and the other read Michael.

Jake instantly felt goosebumps upon discovering the room of Michael Myers, the famous killing machine everybody spoke of in Haddonfield actually slept in this room. With a slight hesitation he slowly opened the door, the beam from the flashlight trembling due to the boy’s tension.
He eventually opened the door to full degree but to his disappointment (or reliefe) nothing was in the room, only an old chair in front of a window.

Jake gave out a nervous laugh and closed the door shut. Figuring he had to take a leak he went to the old bathroom, leaving the door open behind him. As Jake was about his business, the room with the name Laurie written on it silently opened, a dark shape walked out and stud in the hallway.

Jake’s back was turned to the hall. As he was about to finish the dark shape walked forward in his direction, silent and calm.

The youngster zipped up and turned around, he froze upon bumping into the shape: He slowly looked up, what he saw was a human figure, much taller than him and of a bigger build. The face was obscured by a white mask resembling a human face, covered with fake hair on the top. The figure was looking down on him, silent, holding a kitchen knife.

After a moment of complete stillness Jake whispered in a chocked voice ‘’ Michael Mye…….’’, but the figure violently planted the knife in his head, killing him instantly…..

Downstairs, Matt was feeling all the more creeped out, especially as he heard a bang coming from upstairs, ‘’probably clumsy Jake has tripped over’’, he thought.

‘’ Hey Jake, is everything ok?’’ he called,no answer came back. He thought he should’ve probably gone up to see if his friend was alright, it was a very old house after all, wouldn’t be surprised if the whole ceiling came crumbling down on his friend. After a moment of esitation he walked up a few steps, adrenaline was starting to build up, ‘’Hey Jake’’ he yelled, still no answer, ‘’Why isn’t he answering?’’.

From the darkness of the top floor an object flew down from the stair case, Matt dodged in time before it hit him. He almost tripped and fell, his heart now beating like crazy. He looked down at the object and pointed the flashlight upon it. What he saw froze the blood in his veins.

The object he was looking at was Jake’s severed head, cut right off his neck with a slick incision, his eyes still open like he’d seen the Grim Reaper itself. Matt gave out a shriek, he then sensed a person coming down the steps, looked up and saw the dark shape that had just beheaded one of his best friends.

Panic quickly gave in. Matt attempted to flee across the hallway back to the front door in order to escape, but he slipped and fell into a pool of blood forming around Jake’s severed head. He managed to pull himself back up but the figure behind him suddenly struck and sliced him on the back; He fell once more, unable to pull himself up due to the wound on his back, the panic he felt was growing, as was the pain in his back.

As Matt dragged himself to an impossible way out the Shape followed him silently and slowly, like a cat playing with it’s prey. The figure eventually reached him, grabbing him by his hair. Matt tried to free himself from the strong grasp but to no avail. The shape then positioned the knife to Matt’s throat and swiftly slashed it open from side to side, killing him in the process.

The masked figure gave a last look at the chaos it had caused, the two boys were the first victims it had claimed in a long time. It then turned to walk back up the stairs as if nothing had happened but came to a sudden stop and jolted it’s head, as if struck by a violent pain: Memories flashed back into it’s mind, names, places ‘’Laurie strode, Sam Loomis, Cult of Thorn’’, it started to remember events it had long since forgotten, as if being reawakend from a deep sleep.



Loomis was sitting beside Ash as the car drove past a deserted Highway. The man felt an acute pain in his head, he gave out a shout , alarming Ash in the process.

Loomis felt as if his brain was about to explode, during wich he experienced what he believed was a vision, or a connection of some kind. Past events appeared in his line of vision, events concerning Michael Myers, the cult of Thorn, and his last fight with Michael. He then felt as if he was looking through the eyes of his enemy; Nothing implied it was Michael’s eyes he was looking through but he was absolutely certain. He could see two people lying on the floor, butchered.

He had no power over the vision and was merely a spectator through the eyes of Michael who turned to face a mirror, Loomis noticed he was still wearing his signature pale mask.

After a moment Michael held up his right hand, covered in blood, he was writing something on the mirror, a word, it spelled L – O – O – M – I – S. He then shattered the mirror with his fists…..


Suddenly Loomis’s vision ended as did the pain in his head, he was left confused, trying to make sense of what he had just experienced. Ash was staring at him with a worried look and asked ‘’Is everything ok granpa? You almost gave me a heart attack’’.

Loomis was sweating and panting, he looked at Ash and said ‘’I’ve had some sort of vision, through the eyes of Michael Myers. Some sort of psychic link between me and Michael Myers.’’

Ash looked confused ‘’ Connective link? I’m not following’’.

‘’I’ve been in battle with Michael Myers for as long as I can remember, trying to stop him from harming others; I defeated him more than once, but all I did was merely slowing him down. Years ago I discovered that Michael was bound to an ancient Druid curse, the power of Thorn. Long ago, one child from each tribe, chosen to bear the curse of Thorn, had to sacrifice its next of kin on the night of Halloween; The curse gifted it’s bearer with near invincibility, that is why Michael kept coming back from the dead, stalking and killing members of his family on Halloween night. I managed to end the curse when I last encountered him, Michael escaped but was rendered powerless; I tried to find him and end his life for good but to no avail, I believe he’s been lying dormant, incapacitated without his powers.
But he’s now awakened, already killed two people and it seems as if through those killings he’s regained his powers and memory. Without a doubt our psychic bond has revealed my position to him and he’s now after me, fueled by revenge for almost destroying him.’’

‘’ He won’t stop until he hasn’t reached me, believe me, I know Michael’s determination and I know what he ‘s capable of. We better get going, if I’m going to face him I want to be prepared, for now we have to keep moving.’’

‘’Guess we’re gonna have to give him a warm welcome then’’ Said Ash and started the car’s engine.

Loomis reached to his coat pocket and felt the Lament configuration , he then wispered‘’ This time I’ve got a surprise for you Michael’’.

Chapter Text

One week had passed since Ash and Loomis started their journey to Crystal Lake and many more miles lay ahead of them. Loomis was still disturbed by the visions he had experienced days prior, the vision of Michael Myers was still clear to him, albeit he was trying not to think about it. They had just crossed the county of Newt, Texas, the engine roaring non stop and in desperate need of a refuel.

The Texan weather was warm, too warm: The car’s interior felt like a Hoven and the two men inside were sweating like crazy. They hadn’t come across a living soul in hours, the first sign of life was a meat factory about a mile before.

Ash finally spotted a gas station and said ‘’jeez the heat is killing me. We gotta make a stop, refill this babe and waste one or two beers: You with me granpa?’’. Loomis would’ve preferred to keep going but Ash was right, the Texan weather was too hot and god knows when they’d find another Gas station, the country side seemed to stretch forever.

Ash parked his vehicle near a fuel distributor, the station was desolate and silent, the only noise was that of the trees brushing in the wind and the birds singing. He called out ‘’Anybody home?’’.

After a moment he eard footsteps coming from the office nearby, then the door slammed open revealing a lanky elder man, from the look of him he was probably in his eightees but nevertheless still fit (surely healthier looking than Loomis) Ash thought.

‘’Howdy stranger, didn’t see ya comin for a minute there’’ the old man walked towards Ash, his shirt and trousers were all dusty and ruined, Ash thought it was the perfect hillbilly style. The old man introduced himself as ‘’Drayton, at your service’’ and then bowed like an old stage actor, giving Ash an almost toothless grin.

Ash nodded and said ‘’ Pleasure’s all mine but me and my pal ought to get going pretty quick, how long is the nearest town?’’. Drayton briefly glanced behind Ash to spot Loomis sitting in the car, he then looked back at Ash and replied ‘’ Nearest is the town of newt Newt about five miles from here.’’ He then added ‘’What’re you folks doin around here? Huntin, sightseeing…. Honeymoon?’’ upon speaking the last word he burst into a giggle, ugly enough to put Ash off his meal.

Ash knew the old man from less than a minute and he already took a disliking to him, something about him was off. He nontheless smiled back and said ‘’just passing through. Anyway how much for half a gallon?’’ to wich drayton replied ‘’Ain’t got any fuel at the moment, the oil guys should be here before sundown’’, that grin still present on his face. Ash now liked the guy even less, seemed odd to him but he let the man segue his speech . Drayton continued ‘’ You folks’re welcome to stop buy a couple hours, got some barbeque grilling in the back, I'm an excellent cook I guarantee", he winked and added ‘’anyhow I think you should stay, all the matter of dangers in the texas wilderness if you brake down with your car. Besides, an old man could do with some company, don’t get many folks around these parts anymore’’

Ash didn’t like the idea one bit but he didn’t really have a choice, he nodded to drayton as the man smiled back and said ‘’Now that’s more like it, just park the car behind the station’’, he then turned and went inside.

Ash got back in the car and Loomis said ‘’we shouldn’t be stopping, and besides there’s something about that man I don’t like.’’ Ash glanced at Loomis and replied ‘’Neither do I, but we’re very low on fuel and God knows how much we need it’’ Ash started the car, Drayton popped up again out of the station and led the car down a narrow path that ran parallel to the station.

Upon parking behind the gas station the two men got out of the car, Loomis felt week, probably the heat’s fault. Drayton introduced himself to him to wich he simply responded with a nod.

Drayton escorted the both of them inside the station, and led them to what looked like a medium sized store : It looked dirty and the smell wasn’t any good either. The store was full of stacks of alcohol, cigarettes and other stuff behind the counter; Soda’s in the fridge, fruit (Albeit decaying) and other food wich seemed to have expired time ago. Drayton offered the two men a beer, Ash almost drank the whole bottle in one go while Loomis only took a sip, something about that place was certainly off.

Drayton looked at both men, that grin still present on his face. Ash asked ‘’is it only you who runs this gas station?’’, Drayton answered ‘’yessir, just me. Used to work at the meat factory down the road about 50 years ago, when that went down me and my brothers opened this station, only cow meat we got now is the one in the meat locker behind yerselfs’’ he pointed to a metal door on the far side of the room.

Loomis asked ‘’where are your brothers now?’’, at first Drayton looked perplexed by the question, as if caught off guard, then said ‘’oh my brothers, they’re long dead and buried I’m afraid, just me now’’ and gave out another giggle. Loomis looked at him with suspicious eyes, that man just didn’t seem right, he nevertheless said ‘’sorry to ear that’’. ‘’ Well it ain’t that bad, I make a decent living of the station. Always will miss the old days though, ain’t nothing like killin…..’’’’ he suddenly stopped, as if he was about to say something he shouldn’t, he looked at the men and brought back that horrid smile ‘’cows, I mean killin cows, we were good at it. But I guess I was always better at cooking ah ah ah’’.

Ash and Loomis were now a hundred percent convinced that the man was hiding something. Ash was starting to regret entering the station, he’d should’ve listened to his instincts and left right away.

He looked at Loomis who was as creeped out as he was, Ash quickly understood Loomis’s expression, it was a ‘’let’s get out of here now’’ kind of look. He turned back to Drayton, cleared his throat and said ‘’I’m afraid we gotta skip that barbeque , just remembered I got a gallon of fuel in the back of my trailer, it will do just fine.’’ Drayton looked at both of them and said ‘’how come so much in a hurry, we haven’t even started yet, it ain’t something I said is it? I’m just an uneducated man, I don’t mean no arm’’.

Ash said ‘’ Oh not at all, don’t get me wrong I’d love to stay but we should be on the road by now’’. Drayton looked annoyed but quickly reverted to his friendly persona ‘’oh alrighty then, I’ll show you the way out’’.

The two men were accompanied outside by Drayton. Ash nodded goodbye to the old man and got in the car, Drayton replied with ‘’good look folks, hope ya have a safe trip’’, the car got back on the road and roared away. As Drayton watched Ash and Loomis leave the station behind them he whispered ‘’Oh you gonna need a whole lot of luck’’ The grin on his face grew larger as he spoke these words.


Loomis turned to Ash ‘’ creepy fellow that one’’. ‘’He sure was’’ Ash replied, ‘’a good job we got away from him, there was something about him I didn’t like. The conversation only made it worse. Shame we’re low on fuel though. Guess this old girl can still go on running an hour or two’’.

Loomis looked in the rearview glass to his right, then looked back at Ash and sarcastically said ‘’make that a minute or two’’. Ash looked confused so Loomis pointed at the back, he noticed the lower part of the car’s oil tank was leaking heavily, ‘’HOLY CRAP’’ he yelled.

He quickly pulled over and got out of the vehicle to check the damage. It seemed as if the whole lower part of the tank had been brutally cut open, the metal torn by some heavy blade. Ash said ‘’I don’t like this, must be linked to that Drayton guy’’; Loomis added ‘’I knew something was very wrong, we should’ve never stopped’’, Ash yelled ‘’that son of a bitch!!!!’’ he then sighed ‘’Ok Ash take a hold of yourself, keep calm and think’’.

After a moment of reflection Ash decided he had to go find help, there was no way they could get the car going again, he checked the trailer but he found no useful object to repair the damage. It didn’t help that the sun was also about to set. Hehad to find help, and quick. He gave Loomis a crossbow from his stash of weapons, it looked like it came out of the medieval ages and probably it did: Ash loaded his boomstick, positioned his chainsaw on his back and was ready to go. Before he left he said to Loomis ‘’Stay in the trailer, I’ll be back as soon as I can. Make yourself comfortable and watch out for hillbillies’’, he left and came back a moment later to remind Loomis ‘’and please don’t shoot me by mistake’’; Loomis nodded and replied ‘’relax mister Williams, I shot my first target when you were still playing baseball in third grade’’. Ash gave Loomis a half smile and then left to find help in the middle of nowhere.


Ash had been walking for two hours in the middle of thick woods, the sun was now almost gone and the only illumination he had was that of his flashlight. He was sure as hell not to go back in the direction of the fuel station and that Drayton creep. He had no doubt that Drayton had something to do with this, someone must have helped him and done the damage as Drayton was entertaining them inside his store.

The sound in the woods was at a minimum aside from the occasional scratching and howling of animals, coyotes probably, or at least he hoped. As he walked he suddenly halted, startled by a large dark figure of a man standing in between two trees about 15 feet away, the figure was holding what looked like a heavy object and seemed to be breathing heabily, almost panting. Ash pointed the flash light and said ‘’who’s that, show yourself?’’, as he said those words he eard a noise he was all too familiar with, it echoed all through the woods in a powerful artificial roar of steel , it was the noise that deadites feared when Ash faced them: The starting of a chainsaw!

Chapter Text

The chainsaw roared through the silence of the night, so loud it made Ash’s ears soar. It was dark but Ash could spot glimpses of the individual holding the chainsaw, what he saw was a hulking figure.

Fortunately Ash brought his own chainsaw with him. He dislodged his prosthetic hand and quickly replaced it with the saw. It lodged perfectly to his stump, making a clicking sound: The weight of the saw momentarily through him off balance, it had been years since he’d graced the machine on his right hand.

The sound of Ash’s chainsaw mixed with the one of the huge man standing in front of him, the sound of the two saws was almost deafening. He called out to the figure ‘’Come and get some’’. The man in front of him burst into a battle cry (although it sounded more like a squeal), nearly feminine in nature given the man’s stature, and then suddenly started running towards Ash, keeping his chainsaw high and ready to strike!

Ash positioned his saw right in front of him like a shield. The giant was intimidating, in that fraction of a moment Ash noticed that the man was twice as tall as he was, with a fat build but powerful looking and doned a strange looking mask that looked like leather.

The giant’s saw came roaring down on Ash but was stopped by the latter’s. The two saws clashed together, forming bright sparks as metal clanked against metal. The colossus continued to let out his battle cry and Ash joined him in a desperate shout of rage.

Ash was now holding his chainsaw against the weight of the giant who was practically leaning against him in a murderous fit. He feared he could not take the weight any longer and get sliced apart. He counted up to three and used all of his energies to push his weight against the one of the man with the leather mask, in doing so he managed to push the colossus off balance. The crazy individual bounced backwards and fell to the ground, almost sawing his head off in the process.

Ash managed to take a breath, he was sweating like crazy and felt as if his heart was about to explode ‘’ This shit is starting to take a toll on me’’ he said.

He grabbed his boomtick and walked up to the giant who was still lying on the ground seemingly unconscious. Ash had a closer look and noticed the mask on the man’s face wasn’t made of just simple Leather, it was made out of human skin: As if he’d cut someone’s face off and sewn it to his own.

Ash said ‘’You’re a crazy mothefucker alright, too bad I won the fight’’, suddenly the colossus opened his eyes: Ash lifted his boomstick ready to shoot but the maniac grabbed his chansaw and sliced the boomstick in half, he then kicked Ash so hard that he sent him spinning through the air.

Ash landed on the ground, feeling like all of his bones had been crushed. The huge maniac managed to get himself up, picked his still active chainsaw and walked up to Ash, who was too banged about to get himself up.

The maniac lifted his weapon ready to strike, ready to let out his battle cry once more………

Suddenly the madness was interrupted by a bright beam, the headlights of a pickup truck. A voice came from behind the giant ‘’JED, STOP. YOU GODDAM FOOL’’. Jed turned as if startled by the voice.

Ash got a glimpse of the man shouting and realized it was Drayton, the old man from the gas station.

‘’Don’t you dare kill that man, we promised Leslie we’d bring one back alive for him to take care of!’’, Jed lowered his head down and started whining in cowerdice, he was afraid of the old man. ‘’Get back in the truck right now! You shouldn’t even be out here’’, Drayton took a piece of wood out of his truck and started beating Jed on his back as he led him to the vehicle. The giant called Jed was actually afraid of Drayton.

After forcing Jed to mount the truck he turned and walked up to Ash who was still lying on the ground and said ‘’You should excuse him, my brother is mentally disabled, he means no arm’’ he then gave that horrid smile he’d given Ash and Loomis at the gas station. Before Ash could do anything Drayton knocked him out with the wooden stick and ordered Jed to load him on the truck.

Jed picked Ash up and dropped his unconscious body on the rear of the truck. Drayton menaced him once more with stick calling him ‘’Fool’’, ‘’retard’’ and all manner of insults. He then got inside the truck and drove away, that grin still present on his face. As he drove he spoke to himself saying ‘’finally some fresh meat, it’s been a hell of a long time!!! Hope Leslie catches the other one too’’.


Loomis was still waiting in the trailer, still holding his bow. Ash was nowhere to be seen, hours had passed and things were not looking well.

Something wasn’t right, all day he’d had a strange feeling and knew something was going to go terribly wrong. Suddenly he noticed a glowing light originating from his coat’s right pocket, the lament configuration.

He reached inside his pocket and grabbed the square box: It was glowing from the inside, it’s golden surface was now almost transparent. ‘’What can it possibly mean?’’ Loomis thought. Before his mind could find an explanation he heard a noise from outside.

Someone was approaching the trailer, at first he suspected it may have been Ash but he soon realized the footsteps belonged to someone else. Loomis approached the door slowly, his bow still in hand and ready to shoot. He then hurried outside as fast as he could ready face whoever it was but to his surprise no one was there.

‘’Whoever he is he must be fast’’ Loomis thought. He slowly approached the rear side of trailer to check the other side…. All of a sudden he eard the noise of feet running towards him, it came from the back of him. Loomis tried to turn but whoever was stalking him was much more faster. The next thing he felt was the prick of a needle in his neck and then pitch black……


When Loomis woke up he could feel movement all around him, many high pitch voices. At first he could only see shadows but after a bit his sight started to clear. He couldn’t move and soon realized he his hands were tied behind his back.

What he saw next made him regret even waking up.

In front of him was a long dinner table adorned with dishes and glass cups as well as bones, at the center of the table was a human skull with a lit candle inside. Loomis highered looked up and noticed three men standing up as if awaiting for him to come to. One of the men said ‘’rise and shine’’.

He recognized the man in the middle right away, it was Drayton and was sporting that ugly grin he so liked to expose. The man standing to Drayton’s right side was much younger, his face half burned and was holding a scythe, he seemed very excited.

The last man standing beside Drayton was huge, so huge he towered above the other two men and was wearing a suit. He doned a mask made of human flesh and covered in woman’s makeup.

Upon seeing the colossus Loomis’s blood ran cold and everything became clear: The first step to completing his mission was right there. That explained the glow emanating from the Lament Configuration, it was trying to warn him. Loomis thought how stupid he was for not realizing it sooner, and now he risked being murdered before his mission had even started.

One of the killers he vowed to destroy was standing a few feet away from him, as scary as the stories about him had claimed, maybe even scarier. It was he who had claimed countless victims with his chainsaw.

The monster standing in front of him was the notorious Jedidiah Sawyer, better known as LEATHERFACE!

Drayton stretched his arms as if to greet Loomis to a wonderful place and said ‘’Welcome to Sawyer farm’’.

Chapter Text

Ash woke up, slowly opening his eyes. His head was killing him, as was every other part of his body.

He realized he was lying inside a very tight space, the inside was pitch black and actually very chilly, ‘’It’s freezing ‘’ Ash said. After a moment of clueless contemplation ‘’wait a minute, I’m inside a fucking refrigerator!!!’’.

Nor the chainsaw or his prosthetic hand were attached to his stump anymore. He hoped to god the fridge wasn’t sealed or he’d die inside that freezing casket. He managed to bend his knees to his chest close enough to give him the force to kick open the fridge door.

To his surprise the fridge door slammed open on the first kick, ‘’Those Loonies aren’t even smart enough to seal a damn door’’. Not without pain he managed to get himself up and out of the fridge. He looked around the dark lit room. He caught the sight of a lot of meat hooks and what looked like a make up mirror with light bulbs running around it and stained with lipstick marks: Beside it was a open wardrobe filled with clothes for men and women.

Ash spotted a masks hanging of the otherside of the room. Upon closer inspection he noticed they were actually people’s faces cut away from their owners and sewn into sick masks, a few belonged to men, some to women, while others were sewn in a way to blend both sexes.

Ash had seen enough twisted stuff in his time not to throw up but any other person would have surely passed out. He came to the conclusion that this had to be the room of that deranged colossus called Jedidiah, the masked giant who tried to slice him apart and almost succeeded.

There was no time to waste, Ash had to get out of there Asap. He looked around for any weapon and found a few tools on a bench stained with old blood, no chainsaws, his or the one of the killer. What he did find was a meat hook not too different from the ones hanging on the walls. It was no chainsaw but it would have to do for the moment. He could ear voices coming from upstairs, one of the voices was sounded like Loomis.

He noticed a stairway leading upstairs. After taking in a deep breath he slowly made his way to the top.


Loomis was still strapped to the chair, reconnecting with his surroundings: The room was full of bones, chairs made of human skin and more. He was still wrapping his head around the fact that the crazies in front of him were the last remnants of the murderous Sawyer clan. Leatherface’s brother Drayton was talking, almost as if he was talking to a crowd when the only people there were Loomis and the other two members of the Sawyer clan.

‘’Mister, you should consider yerself lucky. We haven’t had any folks staying at the house in a long long time! The big guy over here is my brother Jed’’ he then glanced hardly at his towering brother and reached for his stick ‘’now you get in the kitchen you fool!!! Go fetch us some cutlery’’. The giant with the leather mask let out a scared cry and did as his brother ordered. ‘’Excuse his manners, he’s simple in the head but he sure is the muscle around here! And the guy on the left is our adopted brother Leslie! He ain’t blood relative but he does the family good justice!’’.

Loomis regretted that he hadn’t connected the dots earlier or he could’ve prepared for his encounter and now his chance of getting out alive were very thin to say the least. All he could do was buy time by chatting till he could figure something out. He figured his only chance of survival was if he could reach into his pocket and get a hold of the lament configuration, summon the cenobites. He started to talk.

‘’Oh I know you, the infamous Sawyer Clan, your reputation precedes you. You were the cause of one of the most barbaric massacres since 1975. Worst is you were never caught for your murders, all the police ever found were the horrific scenes you left behind. Three more cases were reported since then, minor but apparently related; The witnesses all claimed they were savagely tortured by a family of cannibals and pursued by a masked maniac wielding a chainsaw, I’d say that fits the bill.’’

Drayton paused for a second and then chuckled ‘’You know your history sir!’’ Leatherface came back in holding knives and forks and setting them on the table, Drayton looked at him and continued ’’ Over the years Jed has been forced to stay with my cousins, all because of some girl’s fault! That Sally girl who got my brother Nubbins run over by a truck and almost ruined the family by escaping and telling the lawmen about what we did!!!!’’, he got close to his brother Jed and shouted in his face ‘’But all that wouldn’t have happened if you would have just taken her down before escaping, ain’t that right you big idiot!!!’’. Leatherface cowered and looked away sobbing and crying like a child.

‘’Now it’s just us’’, Drayton’s expression turned to sadness ‘’all dead, Grandpa, Chop top, Tex, Vilmer. All of them dead because of folks like you, their determination to survive almost cost us our whole bloodline’’.

Loomis ignored Drayton and looked over at the burnt man called Leslie ‘’ I know you too. What brings you to join the family, Leslie Vernon?’’, Leslie’s expression varied between shocked and amazed, ‘’You, you know me?’’.

‘’Off course I know you, I’ve been studying maniacs like you all my life, it’s my job. You were apparently a fan of people like Jason, Leatherface or Freddy to begin with. Your Mentor was non other than the infamous Sorority prowler Billy Lenz, it was he who instructed you on how to kill. You subsequently stalked and killed a few members of a camera crew, until you were stopped and set ablaze by the last girl standing, ahahah’’.

Leslie was starting to look annoyed and asked viciously ‘’Why are you laughing old man’’. Loomis replied ‘’hmmm sorry for my bad manners, it’s just that I always found it ridiculous how you staged the whole thing, as if you wanted it to be like some cheap slasher movie! And look where it led you to, you wanted to match Michael Myers, but instead you ended up becoming the weak link of a family of crazed cannibals, now that’s some career advancement ahaha’’ Loomis’s attempt to taunt Leslie would end in two ways, buy him enough time to untie his knot or get him killed even sooner.

Leslie was visibly furious ‘’ You should shut your mouth, this is my family now. They took me in and recognized my true nature!’’. Drayton went up to him and tried to calm him down ‘’ok boy now calm down, look at him he’s just a crazy ol fool, you’re gonna be the one to make a pez dispencer out of him very soon, so hold in your anger for when it’s worth it, in a few minutes that his!’’ He grinned and Leslie grinned back at him ‘’Yes, you’re right’’. Drayton ordered Leatherface to ‘’go get your cousins and bring them to the table, I want mister smart ass over here to meet the family!’’

Jedidiah Sawyer, his mind was little more than a childish rage and fear. He wasn’t able to contemplate anything aside from what his brother told him to do. The only thing that consoled him was his masks made out of human skin, the only thing that lent him an identity, would it be a man or a woman, it didn’t matter, he would adapt to his role and feel whole. The second object he loved was his chainsaw, protection against the outsiders his brother taught him to hate.

It wasn’t always like that, in some unconscious part of his mind he could still spot glimpses of his life as a young man, at the Gorman House institute, before being reunited with his deranged family. He was a healthy sane teenager, but by chance or by destiny he was lead to a path of madness. His past life was a blank spot lost in a dark ocean of violence and despair. Jed was now just a pawn, nothing more than a killing machine, a mindless hound that followed his master’s instructions.

Leatherface came back in the living room rolling three wheelchairs. The chairs contained mummified corps of deceased members of the Sawyer clan, ‘’I want you to meet the family members I mentioned, or what’s left of’em. Chop Top Sawyer’’, the body had e metal plate attached to one side of the skull. ‘’ My cousin Vilmer Slaughter and last but not least Granpa Sawyer’’, The last one was all stitched together with scotch paper. ‘’Poor Granpa, he was about to turn 120 when that piece of shit Sheriff Lefty Enright blew him up, almost killed me in the process too.’’

Leatherface positioned the corpses close to the table, Drayton smiled and spoke to the Granpa corps ‘’Hey granpa, soon Leslie will honor your memory by killing this worm and making you and the others proud!’’.

Loomis once again insulted them to the face ‘’If I had any doubts about your craziness then this is my ultimate confirmation’’. Drayton turned to Leslie ‘’Now’s your chance boy, make your family proud’’.

Leslie answered ‘’with pleasure, and lowered his mask over his chared face. He went for his Scythe, it wasn’t there ‘’damn, I forgot my weapon in the cellar’’, Drayton rolled his eyes ‘’then go get it’’.

As Leslie was about to turn, Ash came walking into the living room holding Leslie’s murder weapon ‘’Looking for this? ‘’.

After a moment of sheer panic on Drayton’s face he screamed at Leatherface ‘’you incompetent fool,. I told you to lock the fridge. Drayton suddenly stopped and his expression turned to shock, his eyes wyde, then blood started to spray out of his neck. Ash had severed Drayton’s artery with a swift stroke of the blade. Drayton stood there a moment longer, still sprouting blood everywhere and collapsed soon after.

Leatherface and Leslie passively watched their brother hit the floor, the giant started screaming soon after and disappeared in the kitchen, Ash had no doubt he’d gone to retrieve his chainsaw.

Ash turned to Leslie and said ‘’want a piece of me you cannibal hillbilly?’’, Leslie looked at him in terror, he backed away in panic, fell over the corps of granpa Sawyer and then fled the house. Ash was about to pursue him but Loomis called ‘’Ash, untie me, it’s our only hope of survival’’. Ash smiled at Loomis ‘’miss me? You were about to get turned into a Christmas turkey.’’.

Loomis replied ‘’I’ve never been happier to look see your arrogant face Mr Williams’’ they both laughed. Soon after freeing Loomis they eard the starting of a chainsaw, Ash said ‘’we better get going, I haven’t got my own chainsaw’’. Loomis said ‘’no, I have something much more powerful to use against him’’, Ash looked puzzled.

Leatherface reentered the living room, chainsaw in hand. His eyes looked furious, like a mad animal. He let out that terrible battle cry. Loomis took the lament configuration out of his pocket and stroked the object in the same pattern he did at the university class.

Leatherface was about to run towards Ash and Loomis, ready to strike but was alted by a bright light emanating from the object. Ash wasn’t sure of what was going on, he was as frightened as Leatherface.

The walls of the house started to tremble, the lights went out. One of the house walls started to glow, some kind of portal had magically opened into it. Leatherface turned to the glowing opening, as if mesmerized, he even dropped the chainsaw to the floor.

Chains suddenly sprung out from the opening, aimed at Leatherface. One after the other they violently clung to his flesh, he screamed in pain. A figure appeared at the entrance of the portal, Loomis quickly recognized him to be Hell Priest. The entity was backed up by two more figures, one looked like a female while another looked like two bodies had been conjoined by the head like twisted symese twins. They were both dressed in a fashion similar to the hell priest.

Ash’s jaw dropped with incredulity. The Hell Priest walked to Leatherface sporting a slight smile, the giant was incapable of moving as the chains seemed to sink into his flesh at his every breath, he also was visibly in a serious amount of pain, crying and sobbing. Loomis almost felt sorry for the creature.

The Hell Priest lay a hand on Leatherface’s mask, almost as if stroking him and said in his deep and otherworldly voice ‘’Don’t cry child, I will put a stop to your suffering!’’. He made a slight gesture with his hand, the ground suddenly opened beneath Leatherface, full of the same glow that poured out of the wall. Leatherface continued to scream in agony as the chains pulled him down into the ground or more precisely into the realm of the Cenobites, until his sounds became distant by the second. The Hell Priest turned to Ash and Loomis ‘’You have completed the first piece of the puzzle. The menace that is Leatherface will no longer be a threat to your realm, but the road is still long and I expect you to honor your pact in finding the other lost souls I require.’’

Ash expected Loomis to be as flabbergasted as he given what was happening but he was surprised to ear Loomis’s reply to the entity ‘’I will, your request will be granted’’.

The Hell Priest was about to walk back to the portal but then turned as if he’d had a second thought ‘’I almost forgot, it is better you move fast. Your nemesis Michael Myers is pursuing you right now and I suggest you put as much distance as possible between you until the time is right to fight him.’’

Loomis nodded ‘’I know. Michael and i have been sharing some sort of psychic link since I started my journey. I believe dark forces have regenerated his power and now he’s on the hunt to stop me from completing my mission’’.

The Hell Priest was reassuring ‘’you will know what to do when the time comes, for now you have done well‘’. He turned and walked back to the portal, the other two creatures stud beside their leader, waiting as he disappeared into the light. They soon followed.

Instantly everything returned to normal. The Lament Configuration had once again reverted to it’s cube like shape. Leatherface was now gone, probably the Cenobites were already consuming his soul. Drayton’s body was still on the floor, as were the mummified corps of the Sawyer clan.

Ash still couldn’t believe what he had seen, he turned to Loomis and said harshly ‘’you owe me some explanation for what I just saw’’. Loomis replied evasively ‘’for now we should get out of this place’’. Ash lost his temper and grabbed Loomis by his coat, pushing him against the wall ‘’what the hell is going on here old man, what have you been hiding, I want to know!!!’’. The elder man was startled but remained composed ‘’I will explain everything to you as soon as we get to a safe place. For now it isn’t safe to be here!’’.

Ash didn’t look very convinced but he let Loomis go and said ‘’You’re excuse better be worth it or you’re on your own from now on’’. Loomis nodded ‘’it is worth it Mr Williams’’.

They both collected their belongings, chainsaw included. Ash had proposed to find Leslie but Loomis said ‘’we have no time and Leslie Vernon isn’t a threat, with the Sawyer clan eliminated I bet he’s cowering in some hole’’.

As they walked out of the house the sun was about to rise.

With the oldsmobile out of use Ash decided to use Drayton’s pick up truck to continue their journey. He managed to attach his trailer to the truck. Both men left Sawyer farm behind them.

After about an hour drive Ash thought he desperately needed a shower, and some answers from Loomis. He spotted a Motel on the side of the road. The place looked decrepit from the outside but as long as the owners weren’t called Sawyer it was ok by him. The sign read BATES MOTEL.

Chapter Text


Leslie had waited long enough, he came out of the barn where he’d been hiding the whole time. Something strange had happened inside the Sawyer House, all he had witnessed was a bright light coming from inside the house.

He went back inside sure that the two men had left. Drayton was still lying dead on the floor. He called for Jed but no one answered. After failing to find Jed he went up to his room. He was desperate, what would happen to him now that the Sawyer clan was no more?. After all he himself knew he was a looser, in search of a bigger meaning. He would never be a true Slasher of the likes of Jason, Myers or even Jed. He couldn’t even stand his ground to that Ash fellow and now his brother Drayton had been butchered, probably Jed had met the same fate.

He sat on the bed and reached for the cupboard and pulled out a strange looking book. He’d discovered it consealed inside an iron case in Ash’s trailer soon after he drugged Loomis. Leslie was pretty sure it was made out of human skin. The cover on the front looked like a face, eyes, nose, mouth.

Leslie opened the book, it was filled with weird looking iconography and the writing was incomprehensible to him, some ancient language. When he found the book he also retrieved a cassette recorder stored in the same case. He pressed play and a voice started talking ‘’This is Professor Raymond Knowby, department of Ancient History, log entry number two. I believe I have made a significant find in the castle of Candar. Having journied there with my wife Henrietta, my daughter Annie and my asscociate Professor Ed Getley. It was in the rear chamber of the castle that I stumbled upon something remarkable. Necronomicon Ex Mortis, the Book of the Dead.’’

Leslie stopped the tape for a moment, he couldn’t believe his own ears. He had researched stories about the book of the dead. Many thought it was nothing but a myth.

He started the recorder and Knowby’s voice continued ‘’My wife and I brought the book to this cabin where I could study it undisturbed. It was here that I began the translations. The book speaks of a spiritual presence, a thing of evil that roams the forests and the dark bowers of man’s domain. It is through the recitation of the book’s passages that this dark spirit is given license to possess the living. Included here are the phonetic pronunciations of those passages.’’ The voice paused for a moment and then started reciting ‘’Kanda….’’ Leslie quickly turned the recorder off.

He heard stories about what happened when someone used it. It apparently conjured evil spirits that possess the living and the dead. It couldn’t possibly be true…. But what if it was.

After a moment of contemplation an idea dawned in his mind. What if he could bring his brothers back from the dead? ‘’Heck I could probably bring back granpa too’’.

And he desperately wanted revenge against the bastards that annihilated the last members of his new found family. He’d already lost his mentor Billy years prior, he wasn’t going loose them too.

‘’And how come those two were even in possession of the book?’’ A question he didn’t have an answer to at the moment, and he didn’t even need one.

He made his mind up, this was his chance to make Granpa Sawyer proud and bring back the whole clan, no matter in what kind of monstrous form. At least he had to try.

He Brought the recorder and the book downstairs. The whole floor was covered in Drayton’s blood. The other corpses were still strapped to their chairs, all but granpa who had broken in half when Leslie knocked him over earlier. ‘’No worries, granpa. You’ll feel better soon’’. Leslie was overcome with joy, he finally felt like this could be his chance to be someone, he was the legacy of the Sawyer clan and he would do anything to honor their name.

The recorder and the book were now on the table. Leslie closed his eyes and pressed play. Professor knowby’s voice started to recite the passage.

‘’Kanda, Estrata, Amantos… Ilres, Lagt, Nousferatus……. Kandar… Amantos….. Kandar’’.

Everything around Leslie started to shake, after a moment the windows of the houses exploded into millions of tiny fragments. Doors came loose from their hinges in a powerful bang. Chaos was now all around him, he could ear demonic voices whispering into his ears and a sound akin to a powerful thunder storm.

And then silence.

A demonic voice said ‘’open your eyes!’’

The deceased Sawyer members were all floating in mid air, Drayton, the mummified torso of Granpa, Chop top and Vilmer were now hovering in mid air and looking at him with white eyes.

As soon as he lay eyes on them he understood that what he had resurrected were no longer his family members, but evil spirits who had possessed their bodies.

The possessed Drayton said ‘’It feels good to be back. Don’t you think so my fellow deadites?’’.

The other three giggled and laughed histerically, teeth exposed, eyes bulging from their sockets ‘’it sure does ihihihihih’’.

Leslie introduced himself, his voice trembling with fear ‘’I’m I’m I’m I’m Les Les Leslie.’’

The granpa Deadite said mockingly ‘’nice to meet you Les Les Les Leslie ahahahah’’, The Vilmer deadite laughed accordingly ‘’Alright alright alright, now we gonna have fun with this one’’. The Chop Top Deadite nodded with an evil grin, all the while scratching the metal plate on his head with a hot metal rod.

The Drayton Deadite said ‘’SILENCE….. why have you summoned us?’’. Leslie managed to speak ‘’Two men have killed my whole family, I recited the incantation from the book of the dead to bring my family back… Drayton is that you? Don’t you recognize me?’’.

‘’You idiot, your family of canniballs is no more, now we’re Deadites!!!’’.

The Drayton Deadite hovered towards Leslie. Leslie fell backwards in fear. ‘’Now it is time to swallow your soul!!!!’’.

Leslie shouted ‘’STOP, one of the men I’m looking for is called Ash, I found the necronomicon inside his trailer!’’.

The deadite hovered back ‘’Ash? Ash Williams?’’. Leslie answered ‘’Yes, he’s the one that caused all of this. You know him?’’.

Granpa Deadite joined in ‘’of course we know that son of a bitch. We’ve been trying to tear his soul apart since the dark ages.’’. Leslie didn’t know what the demon meant by that but he decided not to ask.

The Drayton Deadite demanded ‘’What else can you tell us? Speak’’.

‘’I I’m not sure but I overheard Ash talking about some dagger, and that he was on his way to retrieve it at Crystal lake’’.

The deadites immediately started screaming and floating around the room in what looked like a fit of rage.

When they calmed down the Drayton Deadite said ‘’He’s after the Kandarian dagger so he can destroy the Necronomicon for good and we have to stop him. Does he know you have the book?’’

‘’No he doesn’t, he still thinks he has it’’. The demon grinned ‘’good, this means we can take him by surprise, once he retrieves the dagger he will head for the book. His expression will be priceless when he notices it isn’t there ahahahaha!’’ the three other Deadites laughed too.

Leslie asked timidly ‘’are you’re gonna help me find Ash and the old man?’’.

Drayton Deadite answered ‘’ It’s your lucky day human, you get to see another day. We’re gonna help you chase that scumbag to Crystal Lake but first we have to build an Army of darkness and yo’re gonna help us little man.’’

Leslie was kind of relieved at the demon’s words, for now he could live and probably get his revenge on Ash and Loomis. The deadite mentioned building an Army of Darkness, and by that he meant possessing other people to create a whole legion. He had an idea.

‘’I know exactly what you need. The town of Newt isn’t far from here, I can help you find new hosts for your Army’’.

Vilmer Deadite chukled ‘’Now he’s a smart one aint he?’’. Drayton Deadite grinned, his blank white eyes looking straight at Leslie’s ‘’Then make way’’.

Leslie packed up his stuff and prepared to head out and find new victims for the Deadites. He knew the demons were only keeping him alive out of need of need and not out of compassion. But it was okay. As long as he had meaning again everything was going to be alright. Probably if he succeded the Deadites would even reward him.




Leatherface’s screams echoed through the halls of Labyrinthian, his soul was being retooled by the Hell priest’s surgeons in the dark recesses of the Cenobite’s dark realm.

The supreme Cenobite entered the chamber where Leatherface was held. The massive killer was strapped to a table, portions of his flesh had already been removed and his eyes were bloodshot with terror and pain.

The deformed surgeons stopped working and stepped aside as their master entered the chamber. Angelique followed at his side.

The hell priest looked upon Leatherface with a solemn smile. Leatherface looked back, he was still sobbing.

The hell priest spoke ‘’Here lies the first step to rebuilding our once infinite power. Thanks to him we will be once again relevant in this universe’’.

Angelique replied ‘’Yes, but we have still a long way to go. This soul is still too weak compared to the others’’. The hell priest’s smile turned serious, he turned to Angelique ‘’Patience my dear, patience. Ash and Loomis have proven their ability’’.

‘’I have to warn you about something’’.

‘’Speak’’ the hell priest said.

‘’I sense many obstacles in the way of our plan, I feel it everywhere.’’

The hell priest said ‘’What do you mean by obstacles?’’. Angelique looked away. ‘’I dare you not to hide any information from me, NOW SPEAK!’’.

After a moment of silence Angelique confessed ‘’I just had a vision. I’m afraid the Necronomicon Ex mortis has been stolen from Ash’s possession and it’s Demons set free. They are sworn enemies of Ash Williams and I guarantee they will hunt him down’’.

An expression of worry briefly appeared on the Hell priest’s face but was quickly replace by sureness. ‘’No need to be fearful. Ash and Loomis will complete their bidding in time, after that nothing will be of danger to us'’.

''It is probably wise to warn them about this''.

'' of course not, I will not put my plan in danger by swaying them from their objective. Have faith my dear and everything will go as expected''.

Angelique spitefully answered ‘’the last time I had faith in you we were both almost annihilated! Remember what happened with John Lemarchand?’’.

‘’SILENCE’’ the hell priest yelled. ‘’Do not put my strategic abilities into question. Remember it was I who gave you a second chance at power!’’.

Angelique’s expression was regretful, she lowered her head in reverence. ‘’I am ashamed for my doubts, I ask your forgiveness’’.

Hell priest ansewerd ‘’ Good, because there is no room for doubts for what we are about to achieve’’. He walked towards Leatherface, the giant was still sobbing in pain and fear.

‘’ Do not fear my child, soon you will rejoice in your pain. You will be reborn, superior to what you once was, in service of a higher goal. Soon you will become the first Neo Cenobite!’’.

The Hell priest turned and exited the room as his surgeons got back to working on Leatherface’s flesh.

Angelique followed his steps. Her doubts still lingering inside of her.

Chapter Text

Ash parked the pick up truck in front of the motel and woke Loomis. The two exited the car and entered the Motel reception.

Nobody was waiting for them behind the desk so Ash rang the bell on the desk, it was very late after all.

A few second later an elder lady with a cigarette in her mouth greeted them, her expression was extremely depressed ‘’What can I do for you?.

Ash answered ‘’a room with two single beds for the night’’.

The lady pulled a drag of her cig and blew out a cloud of smoke ‘’That’ll be 10 bucks each…. You look like you’ve had a rough night’’.

‘’You have no idea’’ Loomis replied.

The woman asked ‘’hope you’re not looking for trouble, we have enough around here. The history of the motel alone attracts enough creeps’’.

Ash would’ve usually said something smart but he just looked at her dead serious and replied ‘’Lady, just hand us the keys, please’’.

The woman looked at him harshly but after blowing another puff of her cig she handed him the key to room number 1.

The two wished her good night and exited the reception.

Ash asked Loomis what she meant by the motel history, Loomis answered ‘’apparently this is the famous Bates Motel, home of the famous serial killer Norman Bates’’.

Loomis caught Ash’s worried expression and smiled ‘’no worries, old Norman is probably dead by now . He surely won’t be bothering us’’.

Ash sarcastically answered ‘’Since when being dead has stopped bad guys from coming back to life? Anyway I’ve had enough people trying to murder me for one night’’.

The two entered room number 1. It was surprisingly clean. The window’s view looked out on a huge old house towering on a hill behind the motel, Loomis told Ash that was where Norman Bates used to live ''He murdered his mother and hid her corpse for years. Reports say Norman suffered from a split personality desorder and frequently impersonated his mother.''

Ash wasn’t particularly interested in the details, he'd had enough of the macabre for the day. The first thing he did was head for the bathroom to take a shower. After that the two could talk about what they had previously experienced at the Sawyer house. Before he entered the shower Loomis called at the bathroom door ''oh and before you take a shower i warn you that Norman killed a woman in this room, or more specifically in the shower''.

Ash rolled his eyes '' Oh that's just great''.


Ash came out of the bathroom. He noticed Loomis sitting at the window looking in direction of the Bates house with a blank look in his eyes. He looked very tired and banged up, Ash would’ve almost felt pitty for the old man if it wasn’t for the fact that it was his fault that they seriously risked getting chopped into little pieces by a family of cannibals.

‘’Ok, now we’re in a safe spot, we’re relaxed and out of danger. You owe me an explanation or two.’’

Loomis turned his head slowly and replied ‘’What would you like to know exactly?.’’

‘’Tonight I experienced some of the weirdest shit in my entire life, and believe me, I’ve seen plenty of shit in my time. The cannibalistic version of the Addams family is one thing, but you taking out that shiny cube and summoning a creepy guy dressed in bondage with a head full of pins is quite another. You can start from there.’’

Loomis sighed deeply, he wasn’t sure if revealing the truth was the right move but he guessed it was the least he could do. After all Ash was head deep in this as much as he was. ‘’The entities I summoned belong to a hellish realm beyond our dimension, a place where souls full of lust and sin are trapped and tortured for eternity. The soul’s fear and pain provide an infinite supply of power to the beings that rule the realm, they call themselves Cenobites.’’

Loomis paused a moment, Ash's expression was puzzled but not in disbelief, he’d seen enough to not doubt the existence of anything.

Loomis continued ‘’The tool I use to summon these creatures is called the Lemarchand box, or lament configuration. It is the key to opening the rim between their world and ours. I came into possession of the box after i heard stories about it's power and what it could do. I managed to open it and take communion with the creatures. I was scared at first given the cenobite’s violent nature, but instead of ripping me apart and adding me to their collection of souls they offered me a deal.’’

‘’I came to the discovery that the cenobite’s power was slowly drifting away. The human souls in their possession no longer able to give them the energy they required, and thus their world was rapidly decaying. We made a truce, they offered me a chance to finally take down the most vicious and evil souls on this earth, creatures of immeasurable power. Many of them of supernatural origin and nearly impossible to kill. The only way to get rid of them is to trap them in the cenobites’s world, so in turn the cenobites can drain these killers of their energy and save their realm by regaining their power.’’

Ash added ‘’And why you? Why did they choose you for this task?’’

‘’I suppose because of my past, because of my eternal conflict with Michael Myers. They know how far I would go to cleanse the world of monsters such as Myers and others alike. I guess it was the box who chose me instead of the other way around. As you can see I accepted the bargain. ’’

‘’Why didn’t you tell me this right away? I’ve been sticking my head out for both of us, risking my life’’

Loomis tried to explain ‘’I was afraid you wouldn’t accept my offer to follow me on this quest if I told you the whole truth. I was afraid you wouldn’t understand.’’ Ash shrugged and sat on the bed.

Loomis lowered his head, and after a few moment of silence he looked back at Ash with tearful eyes ‘’Ash, I’m truly sorry for dragging you into this…. I know this isn’t your fight and that I should have been more sincere. Believe me, if I had the strength I would have pursued this task by myself and you were one of the few people I could rely on to accompany me on this journey, like me you have looked into the eyes of beings truly evil and corrupt. I have dedicated most of my life to destroy that kind of Evil, embracing the burden of living my life in solitude so to not see the ones close to me be killed…’’ He dried his eyes and cleared his throat.

Ash’s expression loosened a bit, regretting being so harsh on the old man.

Loomis added ‘’I cannot force you to continue the journey with me. You’ve already done more for me than I deserve. You are a good man. If you wish to part ways I will understand!’’.

Ash stood up ’’I guess I can stick around a little longer, but ear this, I don’t like any of this Cenobite team up crap and once i retrieve the Kandarian dagger and you are on your own’’.

Loomis gave a slight smile and nodded ‘’I guess that sounds like a fair agreement Mr Williams’’.

The tense atmosphere started to loosen, the two men shook hands in agreement. After a moment Ash said ‘’Boy I’m hungry, mind if I go out and fetch us something to eat?’’

‘’Now that you speak of it that would be a great idea, just not anything containing meat, not after almost being turned into a cheeseburger myself’’ Loomis joked.

Ash smirked and replied ‘’so you do have a sense of humor after all. Gonna be back in ten, take care of yourself old man and try not to drop dead before I return’’.

Loomis chuckled and nodded. He felt very relieved about telling Ash the truth. He hadn’t felt that way in a long time. He felt alive again.


Ash left the Motel room and started walking to the pick up truck parked not too far. The lights were dimly lit and he couldn’t see very far away. As he neared the car he suddenly heard footsteps behind him.

He turned around startled and noticed a silouhette in the darkness. '’who goes there? Show yourself'' he shouted. After further inspection he noticed the figure was that of a woman.

After a moment the woman walked up to Ash, the light slightly illuminating her attractive features, ‘’I’ve come to warn you’’ she said.

‘’Warn us about what?’’.
‘’You cannot trust the Cenobites’’

(Just when I thought I was done with surprises here goes another one) Ash thought, confused yet again.

He asked ‘’Who are you honey?’’

‘’My name is Kirsty Cotton and I’ve come to warn you about the Cenobite’s true plan’’

‘’Now this just gets better and better’’ Ash claimed in disbelief.

Chapter Text

The woman going by the name Kirsty Cotton walked towards Ash, her long dark brown hair blowing slightly in the night breeze, ‘’You cannot trust the Cenobites’’ she repeated.

Ash felt more and more confused.

The woman looked irritated, ‘’we can’t talk here’’ she gripped Ash’s forearm and firmly guided him to the rear of the motel.

‘’Talk about getting ahead of yourself, I usually go on a date before this happens’’.

Kirsty stopped behind the Motel’s office ‘’now shut the hell up and listen to me, listen carefully’’.

Ash was still confused but decided to go along ‘’whatever you say pretty face’’.

Kirsty sighed and continued ‘’you and the old man must abandon this quest, the Cenobites are not what they seem’’.

‘’. ok ok, hold on a second, how does a pretty chick like you have anything to do with this stuff in the first place?’’.

Kirsty answered impatiently ‘’listen, I know the cenobites, I’ve dealt with them before and if you think for one minute that they will stay true to their promise then you're dead wrong.’’

After a moment of silence she continued ‘’I was in possession of Lemarchand’s box before it fell into the hands of your friend. I’ve had a connection to the Cenobites since I was a young girl, I’ve entered their world and have since shared a link to their dimension. This is how I've managed to follow you all this time.’’

Ash was puzzled ‘’you mean you’ve been stalking us? Could’ve given us a hand at the Sawyer house’’.

Kirsty looked all the more irritated and shook her head ‘’No you idiot, I’ve been following you in my dreams. The return of the Cenobites into our world has created some sort of mental connection between us all. I kept the box safe so no one could unleash it’s horrors but since I lost it and Loomis made a deal with them I’ve been able to have introspection into their minds and motifs.’’

‘’And what have you discovered?’’ Ash was becoming more serious.

‘’The Cenobites are not just trying to repair their world but to extend it and merge it with ours. They can achieve their goal by gaining the souls of supernatural and powerful creatures such as the ones you’re after. They are using both of you as pawns in their evil plan, once you complete the mission they will take over the world.’’

‘’But how? I mean how can the Cenobites become so powerful by gaining the soul of some supernatural dude?’’.

‘’The cenobites have the power to turn their victims into cenobites. Just a few rare souls are deemed worthy to become Cenobites, they are reworked into becoming all powerfull beings who rule over their dimension and inflict an eternity of pain on whoever they take into their domain. Even their leader was human once. Now that they are loosing power they want to create a new generation called the Neo Cenobites, and the only souls deemed worthy enough are the ones of these supernatural killers.’’

It was a lot to take in for Ash, especially in one night ‘’Ok, I guess you’ve proven your point.’’

Kirsty looked at him firmly ‘’You have to abandon this mission before it’s too late for all of us’’.

Ash nodded ,‘’We have to warn Loomis about this’’.

Suddenly they both heard the starting of an engine and the roaring of wheels.

Ash ran to the front of the Motel just in time to notice the pick up truck leaving and heading for the road, the trailer still attached to it’s rear ‘’what the…?’’

The door to room number one was still open ‘’LOOMIS’’ Ash shouted, ‘’Loomis, someone stole the car….’’

Loomis was nowhere to be seen, a hand written note was on the bed. Ash walked up to the bed and read the note, it was Loomis’s writing (I’ve over heard your conversation with the woman from the room window. If what the woman says is true then Goddamn if I deserve to burn in hell, but if there is any chance that she is wrong I will take the risk. I’m sorry for stealing the vehicle but I know you will try to sway me from my mission and that is something I cannot accept. I will stop at nothing to bring down these creatures even if it means I will die in the process, you can follow me or not as you wish but I will bring this story to a conclusion. I hope for all of us that I’m right but I have to believe!).

After reading the note Ash looked up at Kirsty, her worried expression was mixed with disbelief ‘' we have to follow him’’.

‘’Dammit Loomis you stubborn fool’’ Ash said and kicked a chair over.

Kirsty suddenly suggested ‘’ I’ve got my car, we can follow him right now’’. Ash stopped her ‘’we can’t reach him, he’ll be far gone by now. And I know where he’s heading, to Crystal lake! Only bad news is that I haven’t got my gear on me, it’s all in the trailer. God I’m tired, I need some sleep’’.

Kirsty abruptly said ‘’You can sleep in the car. I’ll drive!’’. Ash sighed and grinned ‘’you’re quite the hasty one aren’t ye?’’.

‘’You have no idea’’ she replied!

‘’Ok you win, I’ll go and warn the old witch at the front office we’re about to leave’’. She stopped him ‘’I’ll think about that, I’ve got a room here myself’’. She walked out

Kirsty walked to the office, the light still on. She knocked at the office door and entered. ‘’Hello?’’ no answer, behind the desk there was a dark lit room. The old lady was in the room although Kirsty could only notice her fat legs, she was sitting down. She called to her once more ‘’Hello? I need to check out my room’’, still no answer, the woman didn’t seem to be moving at all.

Kirsty was starting to feel creeped out, she slowly moved forward toward the room. As she entered slowly she glimpsed the elder lady in full detail at every step, a cigarette burning in her hand all the way to the butt. What Kirsty saw next made her jump back in panic.

The elder lady’s jugular had been severed to the bone, blood was pouring from the wound and her head was lifted, an expression of sheer terror fixed on her bloody face.

Kirsty was about to scream when she noticed a figure standing in the dark corner of the room. The figure of a well built man, in spite of the panic she noticed he was holding a bloody kitchen knife. She tried to turn and escape but fear caught a hold of her and she lost her balance.

She quickly turned on her back while crawling backwards and trying to stand up at the same time. The dark figure walked towards her, the dim light uncovering the man’s features, a white mask.

She recognized who the murderer standing in front of her was, although her mind wasn’t clear enough to elaborate on the matter at that moment.

She managed to pull herself up just as he was about to strike her. The kitchen knife managed to slightly graze her calf!

She lamented in agony but nevertheless walked out of the office limping. She screamed for Ash’s help but the masked figure was about to reach her.

She couldn’t run to the room or the killer would manage to grab her. She turned to the old Bates house, it was probably a wrong idea to cage herself inside the house but it seemed like the only option.

Kirsty ran up the steps leading to the house, opened it’s large front door and slammed it violently behind her. All the while the killer was pursuing her. She only hoped Ash had managed to hear her screams.


Ash was already packing the only stuff that wasn’t in the trailer, and it really wasn’t much. No weapons aside from a swiss army knife.

All of a sudden he heard a scream coming from outside the door, it sounded like Kirsty. He looked out of the window and exited the room, he noticed Kirsty limping towards that old house, pursued by a man with a knife and a mask.

With Kirsty already inside the house Ash ran towards the house too, ‘’Hey you, pick on someone your own size’’ Ash taunted the villain.

The killer stopped half way up the steps and turned slowly to face him. What Ash felt was not fear, but a new born loathing for Loomis, the masked man in front of him was no other than Michael Myers, come to kill his archnemesis Sam Loomis. He was in for a disappointment

Ash further taunted Myers ‘’Ahah, you’re too late big boy, old Loomis has already left! You’ve got me to worry about now!’’ He then lifted the swiss knife in front of his face, it wasn’t much but it was still a weapon.

Myers didn’t reply or couldn’t reply, he just stud there looking at Ash, the expressionless white mask illuminating the night. Calmy but swiftly the Shape walked down the steps towards Ash, holding the kitchen knife high above his head. Ash held his swiss army knife tightly in his hand ready to defend himself, all the while cursing at Loomis for involving him in this endless nightmare.


Kirsty looked around for a place to hide, the house was huge, she gathered it must have been turned into a museum of sorts since it was full of memorabilia, probably belonging to Norman Bates and his Mother. A billboard in the hall explained that this was the house where Norman murdered his mother and committed a few of his crimes. Years later the house was almost burned to the ground by Norman for reasons unknown, probably to break loose from his violent past, apparently he had been reinstated in society and cured of his insanity.

There was no time to loose. A maniac much worse than Norman Bates was about to kill her and she had to find a place to hide. Near the staircase she noticed a sign that pointed to the cellar. She had no choice but to follow the sign, hoping the cellar wouldn’t turn into a cage.


Myers slashed his weapon while Ash withdrew backwards, loosing his balance and the small knife in the process.

Ash fell on his back while Myers caught up to him, staring down on him. Myers lifted his knife once more ready to strike down.

For a moment Ash thought it would be his end and instinctively stopped Myer’s blade with his prosthetic iron hand. Ash thought how having a fake hand was useful once in a while. Myer’s blade could not cut through the powerful iron prosthetic.

With all his energies Ash pushed the blade backwards while myers resisted and tried to push it down. Ash was surprised by how strong Myers was, while not as imposing as Leatherface he was by far Leaner and more powerful, probably a result of his supernatural nature.

He managed to pull himself up while holding the blade firmly in a vice. He couldn’t resist much longer.

Suddenly Myers lifted his right hand and striked Ash with a powerful slap. So powerful it sent him flying backwards into the tall uncut grass below.

Myer’s just stud there for a moment. As if contemplating if it was worth it to walk over to Ash and finish him or follow the woman inside the house. He chose the second option.


Kirsty entered the dark cellar. It was cold and empty aside from an old wooden rocking chair and a furnace.

Kirsty hid as far back in the cellar as she could.

She heard the creaking of the front door of the house, Myers was inside. His footsteps heavy and menacing. She could only pray he didn’t notice the cellar.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer. She looked around for any object she could use as a weapon, straining her eyes to see in the daerk. no luck.

Suddenly she noticed a faint glimmer of light originating from what must have been the moon. A cellar door leading to the rear of the house! Kirsty hurried to the door attempting to push it open, locked from the outside. ‘’Goddamit’’ she whispered.

The footsteps grew closer by the second. As she was about to give up and accept her destiny she had an idea ‘’ The boiler, I can activate it and burn the whole place down.’’, hoping it would work after all these years.

She reached for the boiler and turned the gas activation knob. luckily it worked!

The gas slowly extended across the cellar. She reached for a box of matches in her pocket and waited.

The footsteps came to a stop and she saw the door open, the shape entered the room, his white mask about the only visible thing in that dark room.

She tried to light on the matches to no avail, knowing that if she succeded it would kill her too. She was sure about one thing, if she had to die then she would take this mother fucker with her.

Myers walked slowly around the room, knowing she was there but unable to find her. Kirsty could feel her heart beating faster as Myers drew close. Meanwhile the gas had almost enveloped the whole room, causing her to fell dizzy. Myers didn’t seem to be affected by the gas.

Suddenly a bang at the cellar door coming from outside, as if someone was attempting to break the lock with a shovel or something. Whoever it was they succeded, the double door opened, letting in the bright light of the moon.

It was Ash, he’d managed to break the old lock with his iron prosthetic, useful once again. ‘’Come on girl, let’s get outta here’’.

She was so glad to see him. Quickly running the the door. Myers was already approaching, ready to strike.

She quickly turned and managed to light the match ‘’Eat this you son of a bitch’’ and through the match at myers feet .

A powerful explosion , Ash and Kirsty were instantly blown away from the house. They flew backward and luckily landed on the grass.

After a few moments Ash came to, coughing but unscathed, he turned to kirsty who was lying still but hopefully alive ‘’Kirsty’’ he called, ‘’wake up’’. As he was starting to fear the worst she instantly rushed awake coughing and panicked.

They both looked at the house, burning and crumbling ‘’You’re one crazy lady’’ Ash said with a smile.

‘’I just hope that bastard is dead’’ she replied.

‘’I’m not gonna stand here and find out, come on we gotta get going. Cops are gonna be here any minute’’.

They both walked down the hill and reached Kirsty’s car. Ash and Kirsty gathered their belongings.

They entered the vehicle, exhausted but glad to still be alive. Kirsty started the car and drove as fast as she could away from Bates motel and the burning house. They could already hear the police sirens approaching. Ash turned to Kirsty and said ‘’you alright?’’, she was visibly shocked.

‘’You did good’’ he said and gently placed a hand on her shoulder. She looked at him and nodded.

‘’Now let’s go and get that old goose out of trouble.’’ The sun was almost up as they drove on the horizon.


The police and fire squad were already on the site of the fire. Bate’s house was still engulfed in the fire and hardly standing.

Sheriff Hunt and his deputy approached the site, one asked ‘’What the hell is going on here?’’, the deputy answered ‘’don’t know yet, apparently somebody killed the old reception lady and blew the whole house to the ground’’, the deputy looked at the sheriff ‘’you thinking what I’m thinking?’’.

‘’I doubt this is Norman’s work. He left the town years ago. Some say he’s probably dead. We’ll leave it to homicide squad to look into this’’.

One of the fire men approached the sheriff ‘’Sir there is no one in the house fortunately. Just a whole lot of stuffed birds and animals.’’

Meanwhile unbeknownst to everyone a police car exited the drive way. The driver was wearing a white mask and heading in Ash and Kirsty’s direction.

Chapter Text

The fog hovered above the dark still waters of the lake, the only sound was the slight breeze caressing the trees.

The muddy shores of the lake were dry and grey, covered by withered sea weed scattered here and there.

A decaying wooden pier sticked out onto the lake, waiting to give in to it’s own weight and sink to the bottom of those deep waters.

Camp Crystal lake was once a place of joy and laughter, families used to come here and set up camp in the summer. Young counselors used to make love and smoke weed on the shore, sing and tell campfire stories under the moon.

All that was in the past, what remained was nothing more than a dark memory, engulfed by fear and violence.

It all started with the drowning of little Jason Voorhees, after that an everlasting stain of terror tainted the lake. A stain that never disappeared.

The waters of the lake started bubbling, as if a small volcanic crack had just opened from beneath it’s surface. A massive figure rose from the water bed. First the head, the massive torso and the strong legs for last.

The humanoid pulled out of the water and on the shore without the slightest effort. It looked as if it had just walked out from beneath the lake.

He wore a ripped and wrinkled jacket, the same can be said for the trousers. He was holding a thick machete in the left hand, a severed head gripped firmly in on the right.

The bald head of the giant looked slightly swollen, while the face was covered by a hockey mask. The Masked creature paused on the shore for a moment, looking around as if to inspect the surroundings.
He looked down at the head he was holding as if he had just noticed it and held it up in front of his face. It was the head of a badly burnt man, the wound on the neck seemed to have been caused by the machete.

The giant spent another moment looking at the head and then launched it away a great distance, falling in the lake with a splash.

He then turned and walked into the thick woods surrounding the lake.

His footsteps echoed heavily in that silent and empty forest. The Machete still firm in his grasp.

What he heard next made him stop ‘’Jasooon’’, the voice of a woman ‘’Jasoon, come to your mother’’.

The echoing voice was all around him. Suddenly an elder lady appeared from behind a tree, short blonde hair and wearing a white sweater. ‘’Come Jason, your mother is calling you’’.

The colossus named Jason let go of his machete and slowly walked up to his mother.

Once he had reached her he looked down on her, towering several inches above her. She looked upon him smiling and held out a hand to caress his mask.

The creature stood still mesmerized by his mother’s eyes and her touch.

‘’You’ve been a bad boy Jason, mother has been very disappointed .’’ Her smile turned from one of motherly love to an evil grin of hate ‘’You’ve been a very bad boy you mother fucker!’’. Her fingers turned into sharp razors and she violently slashed at his mask.

Jason instinctively pulled away in surprise, she firmly grabbed his neck ‘’You’re in my world bitch, you bow to my rules’’.

She launched Jason through the hair and he landed violently against a tree trunk. He managed to sit up and saw what he thought was his mother walk towards him. ‘’You never learn do you? you dumb fuck’’.

Her appearance slowly changed, from a middle aged woman into a full grown man with a burnt face. The sweater turned from white into black and red. The clawed hand into a glove adorned with razors at it’s fingertips. ‘’Freddy ain’t finished with you yet’’.

Jason quickly reached for his machete and stabbed freddy in the heart. Freddy’s expression was surprised but quickly turned into amusement ‘’ Oh That hurt ahahaha!!!’’, he then grabbed the blade and plucked it out of his chest, the wound instantly healed.

Jason tried to react but Freddy ripped the blade out of his grip and swung the weapon knocking Jason in the face with the handle. Jason lost his balance and tumbled several meters away.

Freddy shook his head ‘’After all this time you still don’t get it. We’re stuck in this together. Thought you’d learn after all this time but I guess we can carry on doing this for the rest of eternity!’’ He ran to Jason and kicked him in his ribs.

‘’We could’ve been pals but those damn kids turned us against each other. You thought you got rid of me, You rose up from those waters thinking yourself victorious but guess what, here I am! You stripped me of most of my power but a piece of me is still stuck in your dreams probably forever, might as well have some fun!’’. As he spoke he slashed at Jason with his glove ripping chunks of flesh from his bones.

Jason was now dragging himself on the floor powerless. ‘’You know what the great thing is of living inside your mind? You never die, so I can kill you countless times and you still keep on living, we’ve done this a thousand times before and we’re gonna keep on doing it for shit knows how long. Of course sometimes I regret the old times on Elm street when I used to haunt the dreams of fresh teenage victims but I guess those times are over. The only way of getting away from you would be if some new people came to Crystal Lake to get the crap scared out of them’’ He slashed at Jason once more and hatefully screamed ‘’BUT NO ONE EVER COMES TO THIS SHIT HOLE NO MORE!!!!’’.

Freddy shook his head ‘’But why am I even telling you this. You’re probably too stupid to even know what I’m saying! One thing is certain, if I’m not powerful enough to escape your mind then I’m gonna be fucking sure that you never get to wake up!’’As he was about to strike Jason and finish him off for the umpteenth time he stopped. Freddy looked around, he felt something.

‘’You sense that? Speak of the devil, someone’s actually come to this place. Probably the time has come to get out of this nightmare’’. Jason just looked at him, his body more dismembered than whole.

‘’Could this be my calling card out of this place?.’’

He looked at Jason with contempt ‘’Ah shit, I guess I’m forced to need your help once more. Get ready bitch, and this time don’t screw it up’’

Suddenly the whole world around them started to disappear until darkness devoured everything. Jason closed his eyes and died once again only to be resurrected moments later.

He opened his eyes. He could see the rays of the moonlight stabbing the surface of the water. The sound of a car engine in a distance could be heard although dimmed by the waters of the lake.

A voice in Jason’s head ordered him ‘’Wake up Jason, Wake up my boy and kill once again for your precious mother’’.

Jason would never dare to disobey his mother.

Chapter Text

Loomis was driving as fast as he could, he’d been on the road for four days, trying to make as few stops as possible.

He was still berating himself for fleeing the Motel in such a hurry. But he also knew it was the right thing to do. Giving up now wasn’t an option, he’d invested too much to turn back now.

The Cenobites could not possibly be lying to him, he had his proof when he defeated Leatherface, they had no reason to betray him.

He had to believe he was making the right choice. He also had no doubt Ash would follow him and probably try to stop him.

He also sensed Michael was not far behind. He didn’t know why but he was not ready to face him. He knew it would be futile to postpone any longer. Soon he would have to face his demon.

Loomis was heading to Crystal Lake to investigate on two of the most evil souls who had ever walked the earth, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. Apparently the two were last seen fighting on the shores of the lake and had killed each other. Loomis knew this could not be possible, one of them was still alive, if not both.

The first thing he needed to find was the Kandarian Dagger, the only weapon known to have stopped Jason.

He found an old wooden entrance with a billboard saying (WELCOME TO CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE). He opened the entrance easily and got back in the car following the path that would lead him to the lake.

The woods around him were dark, the path in front of him was almost invisible if not for his car beams.

After a five minute drive he arrived at the shores of the lake and turned the engine off. He carried a flashlight with him.

What was left of Camp Crystal Lake was now just a decaying memory.

Loomis passed by some old cabins where the counselors used to accommodate. They were now completely empty and decrepit.

The first place to look for the dagger was the old shack where Jason was known to hide in. Or so had been claimed. The shack had never been discovered by law enforcement and hence Loomis had to rely on rumors.

After a while of searching endlessly Loomis walked up a hill and found an old shack made of different pieces of wood and metal, it seemed like the place could collapse at any minute.

He gently pushed the wooden door and entered. There was very little space on the inside, a shrine was present at the center of the room, upon the shrine lay a mummified head, probably the head of Pamela Voorhees, Jason’s mother.

To his amazement he noticed the dagger was standing right beside Pamela Voorhees’s head. It was big and made out of bone. He retrieved it

As he was about to turn he felt a stabbing pain in his stomach, he looked down and noticed the knife that had slashed him. In front of him was not Jason as he was probably expecting but a white expressionless face, one he knew too well.

‘’Michael’’ he said with a sigh ‘’you’ve finally found me’’. Loomis pushed Michael aside and fled down the hill just outside the shack, Myers slowly followed him out watching as his archenemy made his futile escape in a fashion similar to how a predator would look at it’s prey.


Kirsty had her sight fixed on the road while Ash was taking a nap. Ash’s snoring was incredibly loud but Kirsty didn’t complain, after all he’d been through a lot and deserved a good sleep.

A bump on the road suddenly woke him ‘’aahh… oh man, how long have I been out?’, he yawned.

Kirsty glanced at him and smiled ‘’awhile, feel relaxed?’’.

‘’Exhausted you mean, eh eh’’. She slightly chuckled back and both drove silently for the next few minutes.

Ash turned his head to face Kirsty ‘’So are you gonna finally tell me your story? You and the Pinhead guy have a past, ex boyfriend?’’ he gave her a mischievous smirk.

He noticed how his sarcasm didn’t work on her so he stopped smirking and turned to look out the window.

After a moment she answered ‘’I met the Cenobites for the first time when I was just a young girl. My Uncle Frank was a maniac that had a secret relationship with my Dad’s new wife. He was the one who brought hell into our family. He’d retrieved Lemarchand’s box and used it to explore new pleasures beyond the senses unaware that he’d evoked the Cenobites. They took him to hell but he found a way to escape and used my stepmother to bring him victims so he could feed off them and regenerate his body.’’ She paused a moment and sighed.

‘’My Dad was the last of his victims. When I discovered what was going on I managed to take the box and found a way to bargain with the Cenobites, i led them to Frank and my Stepmother so they could reclaim Frank and take my stepmother’s soul too. But the Cenobites wanted me too. I escaped their grasp but have since encountered them several times and even struck deals with them on many other occasions.’’

‘’Deals?’’ Ash asked puzzled.

Kirsty replied ‘’I’m not a good person Ash, my soul is as dark as Pinhead’s. I’ve done terrible things to achieve my goals and have made deals with the Cenobites that have damned my soul forever. But I can’t stay and watch in the wake of Humanity’s destruction.’’ She turned to Ash with tearful eyes ‘’I deserve to be in hell as much as they do’’.

Ash was silent for a moment but then gently lay his hand on her shoulder ‘’ What’s important is that you’re making the right choice now. Nobody’s perfect, we’ve all done things we are regretful of’’, he then cleared her tears.

She nodded and turned back to face the road.

They eventually arrived at Crystal lake. Loomis’s truck and the trailer were parked there.

Ash exited Kirsty’s car ‘’Loomis is already here, I’ll check inside the trailer and get my gear back’’.

Kirsty nodded and equipped her flashlight.

Ash opened the trailer door, nobody was inside. He equipped his chainsaw and a second boomstick he stored in a case. ‘’Groovy’’.

Upon exiting the trailer the two walked further deep inside camp Crystal. Loomis was nowhere to be seen. As they walked by the old cabins Ash commented ‘’So this is supposedly where Jason Voorhees lives?’’.

KIrsty replied ‘’Yes, Loomis has come here to find him and hand him over to the Cenobites. If they manage to take Jason’s soul and turn him into one of their own they will have enough power to cross over into our world for good.’’

‘’Loomis believes the Kandarian Dagger to be here too, he says it’s the only weapon able to defeat Jason’’ Ash said. ‘’I guess if it is here we can kill two pidgeons with one stone. It’s also the only weapon that can destroy the Necronomicon…..’’ he paused ‘’The Necronomicon!!!!’’.

Kirsty looked at him puzzled ‘’What’s wrong?’’.

‘’The Necronomicon, it was missing from the trailer. We have to go back and make sure…’’.

Before Ash could turn back he heard a raspy voice calling ‘’Ash’’. It was Loomis. Ash and Kirsty noticed Loomis running down a hill holding a hand over his stomach. He’d been badly wounded.

‘’LOOMIS!’’ Ash called out. They both ran to aid the wounded man, Loomis collapsed into Ash’s arms. Loomis managed to talk ‘’Ash… Michael has found me. He has finally catched up to me.’’ Ash looked around ‘’Where is that son of a bitch? I thought we’d killed him at the motel’’.

‘’He’s coming after me to finish me off.’’. He grimaced with pain and coffed blood but managed to add ‘’I’m sorry if I left you both at the motel, i….’’. Ash reassured him ‘’No worries buddy, we understand’’.

They turned and noticed the Shape walking towards them from out of the woods ‘’He’s here’’ Loomis said.

Ash picked the wounded Loomis up and lay him down in the trailer bed ‘’we gotta get you some help’’. As Ash was about to head back outside Loomis grabbed him by the arms

‘’I want you to Take the box, it’s the only way’’, he took the box from his coat and handed it to Ash. Ash knew it was a bad idea.

‘’Ash, I’m dying. It is you who has to complete this mission’’.

Ash sighed and replied ‘’The Cenobites are not who you think’’.

‘’Then if I’m wrong you must be the one to make amend for my wrong doing but right now the Cenobites are your only chance of survival against Michael. You have to promise’’. Ash nodded and took the box from Loomis’s hand. ‘’I promise. I will get us out of here alive’’. Loomis winked and said ‘’I have no doubt’’.

Ash ran outside and spotted Michael getting closer. There was no point in running away, he’d made a promise to Loomis and intended to keep it no matter what. He turned to Kirsty ‘take the box’’.

She jumped back ‘’What? No way.’’. Ash was impatient ‘’Kirsty, I’m gonna try and stop Myers with my own hands. If I go down you have no choice but to use it. Now take it ’’After a moment of hesitation she took the box from Ash.

Kirsty said ‘’I hope I don’t have to use it’’. Ash looked at the seriously and sighed ‘’me too’’.

Ash waited for Myers to draw close, his boomstick hidden behind his back. He was just waiting for the right time to take it out and blow Michael’s head right off. ‘’Come on you son a bitch, mano to mano’’.

Myers advanced, his kitchen knife in his right hand still tainted with Loomis’s blood, he lifted his weapon menacingly as he drew close.

Ash waited till Myers was close enough, he then drew out his shotgun from behind his back ‘’gotcha’’. The explosion was powerful and the pellets hit Myer’s chest, sending him rolling to the ground. He didn’t get back up.

Ash blew the smoke from the gun barrel ‘’eat this’’.

He turned to Kirsty and smiled ‘’See? That wasn’t so bad’’.

Kirsty sighed in relief but then noticed Michael had managed to get back up and was behind Ash ‘’LOOK OUT!!!’’. Ash turned in time to evade Michael’s strike but fell to the ground and hit the back of his head on a rock passing out instantly ‘’Ash!’’.

Michael was about to stab Ash with his knife but suddenly stopped. He gazed down at his chest, a blade had just pierced through him. Michael then looked up and fell back. The machete had been thrown from a distance.

Kirsty turned and noticed the great figure that had involuntarily saved Ash’s life, he’d apparently risen from the lake, sea weed still dangling off of him and off his hockey mask, it was Jason Voorhees.

Michael was still lying on the floor, apparently dead. Jason walked towards him to retrieve his machete.

Kirsty had to be quick and decided to pull the passed out Ash back into the trailer and flea. She had to be quick before Jason noticed her and killed her too.

She ran to Ash and used all of her strength to pull him back. She was half way to the trailer when Jason turned to them, machete in hand. He started towards Kirsty.

She looked back at the trailer, there was no way she could make it in time and she had no intention of leaving Ash behind.

Kirsty had no choice but to conjure the Cenobites even if it probably meant dooming them all.

She quickly let Ash down and decoded the box as fast as she could.

The lament configuration started to change it’s shape. A bright beam appeared, a rip in our dimension, a portal. It got bigger and bigger. Jason stalled and turned to face the portal. After a moment several chains shot out of the portal and sank into Jason’s flesh.

Out came the Hell Priest, followed by his fellow Cenobites Angelique, the twins and the Neo Cenobite Leatherface.

The Hell priest spoke. ‘’what seems to be the problem?’’, he inquired with a grin.

Chapter Text

Jason couldn’t move but didn’t seem to be in pain, he just gazed at the Cenobites. The hell priest scanned his surroundings and noticed Myers lying on the floor ‘’His soul will still be of use to us’’, he then ordered Angelique to apprehend Michael.

He turned back to Jason ‘’And you, you are the key to my success, Jason Voorhees’’. He lifted his hand as if caressing the air ‘’I sense your body contains not one but two souls. A dream demon’’.

He heard a voice calling to him ‘’Hey Pinhead’’.

He turned and noticed her ‘’Kirsty?’’

She looked at him menacingly, ‘’Yes it’s me’’.

The hell priest laughed ‘’Ahahah, so you’ve come to sway me from my plan?’’

‘’You can’t do this. Remember this was your world too. You were Elliot Spencer, a man of honor’’.

His eyes suddenly filled with fury ‘’Do not speak to me about my past life. All this world has ever brought me is pain and suffering. It wasn’t till I found the box that I discovered my true meaning. Remember it was you who defeated the God Leviathan and brought chaos to my world.’’

Kirsty didn’t know how to answer.

‘’Kirsty, oh little Kirsty. It seems forever that our paths have intertwined. You know this is the natural consequence of things. You can rule by my side as one of us, this is where you belong, destiny has bound us together for a reason. I have some sights to show you! .’’ He pointed to the Neo Leatherface Cenobite. His skin had been ripped from his bones, he wore a mask and an apron made of Black Leather similar to his fellow Cenobites, and his chainsaw was molded to his arm and sticking out of his flesh.

Kirsty was disgusted, she turned back to the Hell Priest and said ‘’I’d rather die than join you’’.

The hell priest grinned and said ‘’Then I will grant you your wish my dear, after I attend to more important business’’.

In the meantime Ash started regaining consciousness. He picked up his shotgun and pointed it at the lament configuration ‘’Hey needle face, I will destroy your prescious box so you can no longer cross over into our world’’.

The hell priest turned to Ash.

‘’Ahaha, silly boy. How can you possibly think you could destroy Lemarchand’s box with such a primitive tool. Anyhow it wouldn’t matter. I’ve got what I needed, I should thank you and Loomis for being such good pawns. Anyhow I’ve had enough of your nonsense, I’m sure an old acquaintance of yours is dying to rip you to pieces’’ With a movement of his hand he ordered Leatherface to attack him.

Ash looked at Kirsty ‘’Well that’s just great’’. The Cenobite Leatherface screamed and charged at Ash. Williams loaded his chainsaw and charged towards Leatherface accordingly. Their saws clashed as they had done in their previous encounter, only this time Leatherface was stronger, probably due to his Cenobite abilities.

Leatherface whacked Ash in the face watching him as he landed several feet away on the pier on the lake.


In the meantime the hell priest struck Jason with more chains trying desperately to drag him to his realm. Jason did not flinch and was making things hard for the Cenobite Leader.

Jason started ripping the chains from his body, opposing the power of the Hell Priest.

The Cenobite called to Angelique and the twins who were busy dragging Michael Myers into the portal ‘’Assist me, his will is stronger than I ever imagined’’. Angelique and the twins nodded and conjured more chains to appear from the ground to attack Jason. Their presence wasn't of much help as Jason was resisting nonetheless .


Kirsty heard Loomis’s voice calling her from inside the trailer. His conditions had worsened and he was sweating but still conscious. He told her to come closer ‘’Kirsty, I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I overheard the Cenobite’s words. I can stop him’’. She looked at him with tearful eyes ‘’There is nothing we can do. If he takes Jason’s soul his powers will be unstoppable’’.

‘’I know a way to stop him’’ he replied. He pulled the Kandarian Dagger from his coat. ‘’This will stop him, it’s the only weapon that can kill Jason. If we manage to pierce it through Jason’s heart we will thwart the Hell Priest’s plan as he won’t be able to claim Jason’s soul’’. She tried to take it from Loomis’s hands but he stopped her ‘’no, I must be the one to do it, I started all this and I intend to finish it’’.

‘’But you’re not strong enough’’ she said. Loomis replied ‘’I have an idea, help me up’’.


Inside Jason’s mind Freddy Krueger was in tremendous pain as the walls of Jason mind were crumbling on him. He had to find a way to escape his host and latch on to someone else.

The Cenobite's minds were too powerful for him to merge with.

If they managed to drag Jason into their realm it would be the end of Freddy. He could already feel Jason's strength draining way.

‘’These sons of bitches may take the big guy, but I’m gonna find a way to escape’’ he reassured to himself.


Ash was trying to buy himself distance between him and Leatherface. He ran on the old wooden pier and Leatherface followed him barking like an animal.

Leatherface then charged upon him but Ash managed to block his strike and pushed him backwards.

Ash retreated till he’d reached the end of the pier that overlooked the lake. ‘’Shit’’, he was trapped.

He thought about jumping into the water but that would hardly help him, Leatherface could easily wait from him on the shore. He then noticed two barrels of fuel standing on one side of the pier.

He pointed his boomstick at the barrels and winked at Leatherface ‘’Toasty’’. Click, click, click.

The shotgun was empty. He had to reload and fast, Leatherface had started towards him ‘’Come on, come on, come on goddamit’’ Ash swore at his shotgun as he tried to insert the pellets.

As Leatherface was about to cut him in half the monster suddenly screamed in pain, Ash noticed the creature had a kitchen knife stuck in it’s back, it was Michael Myers, he was alive even after he’d been shot and impaled by a machete.

Leatherface ignored Ash and turned his attention to Michael. As the two monsters wrestled on the pier Ash managed to reload his shotgun before one of the two killed each other and finished the job.

He pointed the boomstick at the barrels and pressed the trigger.

The pellets hit the barrels and a magnificent explosion occurred, it engulfed both Michael and Leatherface. The force of the explosion hit Ash sending him flying off the pier and into the lake.

The pier was instantly destroyed. Ash thankfully rose out of the water with just a few bruises. He jumped when Leatherface’s chainsaw rose out of the water, fortunately it was just a piece of him. The rest of Leatherface’s limbs soon came up as well. Ash sighed in relief.

Myers was nowhere to be seen but Ash had no time to ponder about and swam back to shore.


The Cenobites were still trying to pull Jason with their chains, they would rip him to pieces if they had to. The Hell priest was visibly distressed ‘’GIVE YOURSELF UP JASON, YOU CANNOT RESIST MUCH LONGER!!!!!!! ‘’. Angelique looked worried, she turned to her companion ‘’He is too powerful, even for us, we can’t…..’’. The hell priest cut her off ‘’NO, KEEP FOCUSING, HE WILL RELENT!’’.

Kirsty walked out of the trailer supporting Loomis with one arm around his shoulder.

Loomis was holding a crossbow loaded with an arrow and the Kandarian dagger tied at the end of it.

Kirsty called the Hell Priest, ‘’Pinhead’’, the Cenobite turned his head, ‘’We’ve got a surprise for you’’.

For the first time the master Cenobite’s expression of proud arrogance turned to one of preoccupation. ‘’No’’.

Loomis spoke ‘’We had a deal, I trusted you! But you’re just as monstrous as the creatures I hunted for you’’.


‘’I bargained with you once, I won't be fooled again’’.

The Hell Priest snarled ‘’You both think I am creating Hell on Earth, but I am actually creating a new Heaven, if you will not serve me then you will both perish in the flames of damnation’’.

Loomis Laughed ‘’Somebody once wrote, better to reign in hell than to serve in Heaven’’.

Loomis then pulled the trigger. The Hell Priest screamed ‘‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’’.

The Kandarian Dagger propelled out of the crossbow and lodged itself right into the undead heart of Jason Voorheese.

Jason moaned and shook himself free of the Cenobite’s chains. A red light opened out of the ground and Demonic creatures rose up trying to pull Jason down with them. He tried to resist but the creatures were too powerful and managed to drag him down to the abyss of their realm. Jason disappeared as the ground closed above him.

The hell priest fell to his knees fazed by what had just happened. He had lost his only chance of regaining his kingdom.

In the meantime Ash had seen everything from a far and rejoined with Kirsty and Loomis.

Angelique and the twins retreated back inside the portal leading to their dimension.

The Hell priest, still on his knees turned to face the trio of mortals who had managed to beat him, the Cenobite seemed exhausted but talked in a voice that sounded like desperate defeat ‘’ Look what you’ve done. I don’t understand, I gave you a chance for power, immortality and you spit in my face. You prefer to live inside that rotting flesh of yours instead of being enlightend for all eternity. Why?’’.

Ash gave a straight answer ‘’Because it’s called being Human asshole’’. He walked up to the defeated Pinhead ‘’and next time you open a portal to invade our world remember that my boomstick will be waiting on the other side. Now get out of here’’.

The Cenobite managed to get back on his feet and walked back to the portal. He then paused and turned to Ash ‘’I sense something, a great threat is coming for you Ash Williams. Someone has stolen the Necronomicon and is preparing an Army to come and rip you to pieces’’, he grinned ‘’I will rejoice in knowing you will suffer’’.

Ash replied ‘’Then my boomstick will be take care of them too’’. The Cenobite turned and disappeared inside the portal shortly before it closed.

Ash returned to Loomis and Kirsty ‘’So I guess this is goodbye for mister Pinhead’’ He scanned the earth where Jason had been pulled in and noticed that the Kandarian Dagger was lying on the floor, he was relieved to see that it hadn’t disappeared with Jason. ‘’He retrieved the dagger and said ‘’Just my luck, now I’ve got the dagger I’m missing the book. At least I’ve got something the Deadites are afraid of if they ever manage to find me’’. Kirsty and Loomis smiled.

After a moment Loomis collapsed to the floor.

Ash and Kirsty supported him and gently lay him on the grass. Loomis looked at both of them, ‘’Thank you Ash, thanks to both of you. I was foolish to believe the Cenobites would keep their promise, I guess I’m paying the price’’. Kirsty looked at Ash ‘’we must take him to a doctor right away’’.

Loomis stopped her ‘’No, it’s too late. Nothing can save me, and I’m more than willing to accept my fate. I have been lucky enough to have good friends by my side in my last moments. I hope to meet you again someday, in another life’’. He slowly closed his eyes as he passed away.

Ash drew some tears away from his eyes ‘’See you around old geezer’’, he picked up Loomis’s body and placed it in the trailer. Kirsty then retrieved the lament configuration promising herself to seal it away where no one could find it or use it. They both hopped in Ash's car leaving Crystal Lake behind them. They didn’t talk but just drove as the first light of dawn appeared on the horizon.


After Ash and Kirsty were gone a shape arose from the waters of Crystal Lake, his mask was half destroyed but his body still intact. Michael Myers walked on the shores of the lake and made his way into the woods.

Loomis was dead, his mission complete. He could go back to Haddonfield into hiding.

In the Recesses of Michael’s mind someone had found a new host. Freddy laughed ‘’ahahaha, I thought I would never make it out from Jason’s mind. This new guy sounds interesting. Michael Myers, you will be my new vessel to strike fear in people’s heart’s. It's going to be carnage bitches. Haddonfield, here we come, AHAHAHAHA!’’.

Chapter Text


Ash and Kirsty were standing over Loomis’s grave. Kirsty had brought some flowers and placed them on his tombstone.

They both stud there a moment, Kirsty srtated to walk away, before Ash followed her he nodded and said ‘’thanks for helping me give another chance at living, rest in peace old buddy’’.

He catched up with Kirsty and they exited the cemetery. Ash’s oldsmobile was waiting for them parked outside the walls of the Cemetery, he’d managed to retrieve it and fix it back together.

Kirsty smiled and asked ‘’So what do you say we hang out more often?’’.

Ash looked at her and replied ‘’Not half a bad idea’’ he then held her close and kissed her.

They were both suddenly interrupted by Ash’s cell phone ringing. Ash winked at Kirsty and answered ‘’Ash Williams here’’, a voice of a man was on the other end of the line, it replied ‘’Ash Williams. I really need to talk to you.’’.

‘’Who is this?’’ Ash inquired. The man on the phone cleared his voice and said ‘’My name is doctor Herbert West, I was a medical student at Miskatonic University.’’

Ash shrugged ‘’Why are you looking for me?.

‘’I ear there have been some strange happenings in various Cemetaries. Bodies being stolen from graves by a Tall Man surrounded by midgets. And shiny spheres being spotted wherever this Tall Man goes. Since you are experienced in supernatural phenomena I hoped you could be of use to me in my investigation….’’.

Ash cut short ‘’Listen buddy, not gonna happen. I’m on vacation. See ya’’.

‘’Wait, just let me explain, this is important……..’’. Herbert West was still talking as Ash closed the call.

He turned to Kirsty. She asked ‘’Who was that?’’. Ash sighed and answered ''Just some guy''

Kirsty smiled ''You sure you don't want to continue hunting monsters ? After all, there are many more out there''.

Ash replied ‘’The only thing i want right now is the beautiful chick standing opposite to me’’. He winked and kissed her. ''Hail to the king baby''

They both hopped onto the oldsmobile. Ash turned on his favorite song (Space Truckin’ by Deep Purple) and drove off into the sunset.


As the sun went down a Tall Man walked by the tombstones holding a silver sphere in his hand as a group of ideous small hooded creatures followed.

His shadow seemed to extend forever behind him, like a bad omen of dark days to come.