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My Hero Academia x Reader Writing Prompts

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Writing Prompt: “You’re a bloodthirsty cryptid/ghost/mythical creature and I’m a skeptic so I’m starting to think you mean it sexually when you say you’re gonna tear me limb from limb” AU

Halloween was always your favorite night, a night for ghouls and monsters of all kinds to come out and roam the streets looking for something sweet to eat. Of course, when you say ghouls and monsters, you didn’t mean the kind from fiction but the children that would dress up and run around the neighborhood from door to door asking for treats.

“How late do you plan on being out tonight?” your mother asked as she poured another large bag of candy into a big black and orange bowl.

“Uh...I’m not sure, no one really told me how long this party was going to last” you shrugged, listening to the sound of your short heels clicking against the floorboards as you moved about the house in search of your phone. Sure, that you had left it in the living room by accident last night. “But if I had to guess, I say it would at least go until midnight.”

“That late?” your mother frowned, already becoming worried with the thought of you being out so late. Normally on Halloween night you and a couple of friends would just walk around—maybe even attempt to mingle in with the children as they go door to door asking for candy—but would always be back before ten. This year was different though, this year you and your friends had been invited to a Halloween party being thrown by one of your classmates. You didn’t know the details, you just knew that you were invited and where the party was being held. Your mother was under the impression that the party was being held at a friend's house which is why she was so willing to cave in and allow you to go when in truth it was being held out in the woods near the lake.

“Don’t worry, mom, I’ll leave early and even call to let you know when I’m coming home” you said, smiling in triumph when you finally found your phone hidden underneath the clutter of wrappers and empty candy bags that littered the coffee table. “Geez, don’t you think you overdid it this year with the candy?” you muttered.

“You can never have enough candy and besides, the little ones will be pleased to get two big handfuls instead of one this year” your mother smiled. “I remember how upset you’d get whenever the other kids would push you back and you were unable to get as much candy as they did” she suddenly said, already starting to reminisce about the past which you took as your cue to leave.

“Yeah, well I have everything I need, so I’m off—I’m sure Midoriya and the others are already waiting for me” you smiled, pressing a quick peck to your mother’s cheek before making a b-line towards the front door.

“Already leaving?” you froze, one foot already out the door, at the new voice that suddenly spoke up. Looking back, you gave a strained smile as you locked eyes with your grandmother who was staring down at you and your mother with disapproving eyes. “I can’t believe you’re letting her go out tonight of all nights” she said with the shake of her head.

“Mom, we’ve already discussed this, there’s nothing bad about this night” your mother groaned as she started to gather up the trash of the empty bags of candy she had bought.

“This is a dangerous night, a night were monsters and spirits are given free rein to wander among us humans, so do be careful dear. I’d hate to lose my only grandchild” your grandmother said, lips drawn into a thin line though her eyes held a gentle expression as you slowly nodded your head and muttered a silent goodbye. It wasn’t that you hated your grandmother or anything, she was just sometimes a handful what with the nonsense she normally sprouted around Halloween. She hated the holiday, she hated it with such a passion as she truly believed that monsters really did roam the streets instead of just innocent youths dressed to look like those fictional beings. The second you stepped out onto the porch and fully shut the front door behind you, you sucked in a deep breath and shivered at the chilly air that hit whatever skin you had exposed.

The night was still young, and you couldn’t help but smile at the children and adults that wandered the streets, all of them dressed in a variety of costumes—some scary and others sweet. Falling into a comfortable pace behind a family of four, you pulled your phone out and pulled up the directions that had been sent to you the night before by Midoriya. You were thankful for having such a sweet friend that remembered to actually send you the directions instead of leaving you to waste your night in finding the area yourself. Keeping your eyes locked on the screen of your phone, you quietly muttered to yourself as you would only glance upwards on occasions to make sure you were heading in the right direction before wincing as you felt someone harshly smash their shoulder into your own. Your body jerking at the harsh contact as your hand immediately reached up and grabbed hold of your now aching shoulder.

“Hey, watch where you’re going, dumb bitch!” you were taken aback by the harsh and aggressive voice that suddenly snapped at you as you stumbled back when you looked towards the owner of said voice. Before you stood a young man around your age, his blond hair spiked every which way as sharp eyes the color of blood glared down at you while a vicious sneer decorated his lips. The costume he wore was mainly made up of black, red, and white and poking out from underneath his upper lip were two-pointed fangs that looked almost a bit too realistic and made his costume quite clear in what it was meant to be.

“S-sorry, I wasn’t paying attention” you apologized, already bitterly thinking in the back of your mind that he had no need to be so rude when he had been the one to harshly smack his shoulder into your own. It had to have been his fault, you were walking at a leisurely pace, it was impossible for you to have been the one to make such rough contact. The blond only glared down at you before grumbling as he turned and started to walk away. “No need to be such a dick about it though” you breathlessly muttered, still rubbing your sore shoulder and not noticing how the blond halted in his tracks, shoulders hitching upwards.

“What'd you say?!” you and those few around you all jumped at the increased volume of the teen’s voice, the unadulterated venom in his tone as he quickly whirled around was enough to send you running the other way, not wishing to endure this stranger’s wrath. Silently you cursed yourself for not being quiet enough or at least not waiting until the guy was completely gone. You didn’t dare sneak a glance back, even if you didn’t hear any harsh footsteps following after you, you didn’t slow your pace. Not until you were completely sure there was enough distance between you and the blond. With a wheeze you came to a stop and silently caught your breath, already looking back down at your phone and then around you to make sure that you didn’t miss any turns that you might have needed to take.

Pleased to see you were still on the right track, you quickly threw a single glance back to happily find that the blond was nowhere in sight before continuing on your way. Already pushing the encounter towards the back of your mind.


“You sure you don’t want any of us to walk you home?” Midoriya worriedly asked as he, Ochaco, and Iida all frowned once you told them you were ready to take your leave. It was well into the night—already way past midnight as the party was now slowly starting to die down.

“No, I don’t want to bother any of you" you said with the shake of your head. "I live on the opposite side of town, so I don’t want to burden any of you and besides, I’ll call mom once I get back near town so there’s no need to worry” you reassured them, already waving a dismissive hand at their protest before waving bye as you took off. The moon was high in the sky and proved to be your only light source as you wandered down the single path that would lead you back out towards the main road. You didn’t know whether to be in awe or scared as you looked all around you at the shadows that were cast on the ground from the trees that towered above you. The light of the moon kissing their bare branches and seeping down in lines towards the ground.

The night was so peaceful and quiet saved for the occasional howl of the wind or movements from small woodland creatures that had yet to hide away for the approaching winter. You could still faintly hear the chatter of your friends and classmates, but soon even that sound started to grow distant until their voices were barely a whisper in your ears and then you finally found yourself all alone for the time being. Well, that’s what you thought at least until you felt yourself suddenly bump into someone.


“You! I’ve been looking for your ass all night!” a familiar, angry voice growled as the front of your costume was suddenly grabbed and you were pulled very close towards the familiar face of the blond teen from earlier in the night. His gaze was still just as sharp as before as his red eyes were lit with a fiery flame of hatred. The tip of his nose was barely touching your own as you shivered upon feeling his warm breath fanning over your face as he continued to just glare down at you and bare those realistic looking fangs of his. “Just staring at your face is already starting to piss me the fuck off!” he suddenly growled as he pulled you even closer. “I just want to tear you limb from limb!”

Now, you weren’t sure if it was because of the fear or how worn out you were from the party, but your mind decided to process his words in a whole other meaning that was the opposite of threatening. Your face slowly flared up in color, eyes widening as you became flushed with embarrassment.

“W-what?! B-but, I barely know y-you!” you babbled, hands flying up to grab at your redden cheeks as you suddenly turned your head away from the blond who raised an eyebrow.

“What the fuck are you babbling about?!” he growled, jostling your body just a little as you continued to babble in your embarrassment.

“Please, I-I’m not ready to do such l-lewd things! Especially with s-someone I only just met!” you flushed, screwing your eyes shut in embarrassment as it suddenly fell silent between you and the young man who looked to be processing your words.

“What are you, an idiot?!” the blond suddenly snapped as you were harshly pushed back and away from him, slowly peeking one eye open you were a bit surprised to see the faint pale pink that colored his cheeks as he venomously glared at you. “Where the fuck did you get such a stupid ass idea that I meant something like that, dumbass?!” he snapped, continuing to throw profanities your way as the faint blush on his cheeks only seemed to darken just a little as he brought a hand up in an attempt to hide it.

“What?” you asked with the tilt of your head. “But…but you said—”

“I meant I was going to kill you, fuckface!” he embarrassingly snapped, raising his fist and drawing it back as you squealed and held your hands up in defense. Screwing your eyes shut as you waited for the impact that never came, instead, you felt your ears perk up when you heard him give a low huff. “You’re not even worth the effort” he grumbled as he suddenly stormed past you while you slowly lowered your arms and opened your eyes to stare after him.

“Hey, wait!” you called out, not able to stop yourself before the words just slipped right out. You watched as he stopped, barely even turning his head to look back at you. “Can I…uh…at least get your name?” you asked, not knowing what else to say.

“Katsuki Bakugo” you were surprised that he even humored you enough to answer instead of just shouting out more profanities.

“[First Name] [Last Name]” you quickly responded when you saw that he was already starting to walk away.

“Yeah, whatever—just get the hell away from me, you’re annoying” he huffed with a half-assed wave as you simply only nodded, strangely finding yourself smiling as you turned away and continued on home. A small part of you hoping to have another run-in with Bakugo sometime soon.

A/N: Don’t know why I decided to start this with Bakugo seeing how he isn’t really my favorite character, perhaps because the prompt felt like it matched him. Also, don’t know if I followed the prompt exactly the way it was meant to be followed but still this whole one-shot followed the basic outline that the prompt gave so I count that as a win.