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My Hero Academia x Reader Writing Prompts

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Requested By: Rosio4599

Requested Writing Prompt: I know you already wrote a request with Toshinori, but I love him so much and wish for smut of him! Toshinori with a reader that appears innocent and small but is actually really perverted when she ‘wants him’. She uses sexual innuendos when talking to him and makes sexual gestures when she sees him. She likes teasing him out in the public by wearing revealing clothes, rubbing his leg and calling him ‘Daddy’ in his ear when they’re out. Yup, she’s got a huge daddy kink and loves to be called baby/naughty girl! Toshi having a Daddy kink and being flustered is my favorite thing in the world!

To many you were innocent—or at least you looked innocent due to your small height and the way you presented yourself to others. But, Toshinori knew better, he knew that under that innocent façade of yours was quite the devious little pervert he’d ever met. Maybe once upon a time, he had also been fooled by your innocent appearance just like everyone else until finally, the day came when he established a relationship with you. It didn’t take long for him to become aware of just how perverted your truly were, especially when you were in the mood. It was not above you to make small innuendos and gestures towards him whenever you’d locked eyes with him or be near him.

Quite frankly, he never knew how to really react to such gestures, especially out in public when there were others around. But, you always seemed to avoid the publics eyes with your gestures and lewd phrases, you always seemed to keep that innocent appearance about yourself up when it came to others. After the both of you had started dating, a new side of you seemed to just come out—instead of wearing baggy or decent clothing, you started to dress in more revealing outfits every time you were out and about with him. Your shorts would be far too small, or your shirts would be tight enough to hug every inch of your torso, showing off the curves of your body. Then the touching started, of course, it started out small and unnoticeable at first.

Sometimes you’d just rest your hand on his leg, or you’d grab his upper arm while curling up into his side, but Toshinori wasn’t a fool. He was well aware that your touches weren’t as innocent as they seemed, especially when the hand you’d rest on his lap would start to rub up and down the length of his thigh, fingers curling and squeezing at what little muscle he had to them. But, what really flustered him were the words you’d breathily whisper in his ear whenever you were close enough to press your body flush against his side. Just the feeling of your warm breath brushing against the shell of his ear as you’d whisper the words “Daddy” and then pull back with a wide innocent smile on your face. Acting like you hadn’t just reduced him to nothing more than a flustered mess that couldn’t stop himself from sputtering out nonsense and cause the people around to curiously look at him.

Sometimes you’d reduce him to nothing more than an embarrassing mess that didn’t know what to do with himself and despite being flustered because of your actions, he still couldn’t help but be turned on by them just a little. For a while he didn’t really know how to retaliate to your actions—he didn’t know how to make you feel just as embarrassed as he does when you do the things you do until he learned that you had quite the weak spot to being referred to as “baby girl” or anything similar along those lines. At first, he had a hard time referring to you in such a way, stumbling over his words and becoming flustered enough that he’d end up mumbling in the end. You would tease him about it, but for the most part, you always appeared to be patient with him and when he was finally able to say such words without looking away in embarrassment or being reduced to a mumbling mess. You would fall into a giggling fit as your cheeks would flush a dark red and your eyes would advert elsewhere while a smile would tug at your lips.

He didn’t fully understand this kink of yours all that much but seeing the way you reacted to him playing along and returning the gesture in referring to you in such ways made him happy. It made him happy knowing that he could get you to feel all flustered in return. For a good portion of the beginning of your two's relationship, he attempted to learn more about this kink of yours, this desire of yours in referring to him as “Daddy” and why you enjoyed when he’d return the favor by calling you his “baby girl” or other such names. It was still all so confusing to him even after looking more into it, but just seeing how happy you were seeing him play along told him that there was no harm in this kink of yours and if it made you happy he’d gladly let you continue referring to him in such a way. Even if it still made him feel all flustered hearing you call him such a word.

Which that feeling only seemed to worsen when the both of you finally decided to become intimate with one another. It seems you really enjoyed referring to him as such during such a time. Barely he could get anything done without wanting to just curl up in on himself in embarrassment at being referred in such a way while attempting to remove your clothing. He seemed to just revert back to when this had first started back near the beginning of the relationship. Sunken in cheeks flushed red as he’d stumble over his words in an attempt to respond while you’d seem to just cling to him, lightly chuckling as you continued to just refer to him in such a manner.

But once you gave him time to settle down and adjust, he’d finally be able to find his words and start responding back. Sometimes he’d be sneaky and lock his lips onto your own to muffle your voice and halt your speaking while you both undress one another. Your hands appeared far more adventurous than his own though as they wandered his body with more confidence while his hands seemed to move slowly with ease. While yours would grasp at whatever they could, his seemed to just ghost over your own body, gently grasping and kneading at the flesh of your chest or thighs while placing gentle kisses from your lips down to your neck and back. You still continued to call him “Daddy” every time you were able to speak after he’d pull away, and the more you called him it the more Toshinori found himself now starting to enjoy being referred to in such a way.  

Of course, his cheeks were still stained with an embarrassed blush upon hearing the words, but that feeling of wanting to curl up in embarrassment was slowly starting to fade as he seemed to become more confident in his actions. His hands started to be more adventurous in their wandering like your own. Slowly things started to heat up between the two of you, both of your breathing becoming a bit heavy as you started to grasp and touch one another more and more while now starting to leave little love bites here and there. It wasn’t long until finally, you started to move on from the touching, moving around to comfortably position yourselves while clinging to each other. Slowly he started to move and as he gently started to pick up speed and find a reasonable pace, his hands slowly started to move around your body once more before taking comfort at grasping onto your hips.

You were slowly starting to be reduced to nothing more than a whimpering, moaning mess as you panted out a mixture of his name while also referring to him as “Daddy” occasionally over and over. Your hands flying up to wrap themselves around his neck and drag him back down so that his chest was flushed against your own. Almost in retaliation, he started to breathily speak in your ear, groaning as his fingers would curl and his hands would tighten their grip as he’d refer to you as his “baby girl” which would cause pleasurable shivers to rack up and down your spine as soon as you felt the way his breath would just brush against the shell of your ear. You both seemed to just slowly drive one another wild as your hold on each other continued to tighten and his movements picked up in speed while your heavy panting seemed to just mingle together, mixing in with the sounds of your moans and pleasure-filled cries. It wasn’t long before passionate words were exchanged, words of love and praise as you both soon pressed your lips tightly against one another while clinging to each other harder than before to keep your bodies flushed fully against each other as you could now feel yourself slowly getting close.

Just that feeling was enough to make you tighten your hold around Toshinori—it was enough to make the volume of your voice slowly rise in pitch as your moans became louder along with your whimpering. You seemed to just curl your fingers and dig your nails into the blonde’s flesh as he continued to just pamper you in kisses and small praises. Just hearing him referring to you in the way you liked was really what helped to push you over the edge and cause your body to tense up before devolving into a shaking mess as you seemed to just loudly cry out his name before finally releasing your hold on him. Your energy now spent as you heavily panted and soon buried your face into the crook of his neck while he gave a few more thrusts before reaching his own end. His movements became a bit more sluggish after that and it wasn’t long before he let himself tiredly flop down beside you on the bed.

He seemed to just heavily breath through his nose, barely able to really move as his own energy seemed to be spent as well, but that didn’t stop him from opening his arms and letting you just attach yourself right into his side. Cuddling as close as you wanted to as you rested your head on his chest and wrapped your arms around him the same way he seemed to encase his arms around you before finally you both closed your eyes and basked in the warmth of each other.

A/N: This took a few tries, it actually took a while to both start it and figure out how to get everything flowing naturally. I’m not the biggest fan of the Daddy Kink, in fact, it makes me uncomfortable, but I hope the person that requested this feels that it’s to their liking. I may have cheated a bit by not putting much dialogue and not mentioning to words “Daddy” and “baby girl” a lot, but I hope that’s okay. I want the person who requested this to feel happy, but I didn't want to feel too uncomfortable writing this either. I also just really didn’t want this coming out sounding awkward and stilted, which I feel I did a good job at.