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My Hero Academia x Reader Writing Prompts

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Writing Prompt: “You’re a bloodthirsty cryptid/ghost/mythical creature and I’m a skeptic so I’m starting to think you mean it sexually when you say you’re gonna tear me limb from limb” AU

Halloween was always your favorite night, a night for ghouls and monsters of all kinds to come out and roam the streets looking for something sweet to eat. Of course, when you say ghouls and monsters, you didn’t mean the kind from fiction but the children that would dress up and run around the neighborhood from door to door asking for treats.

“How late do you plan on being out tonight?” your mother asked as she poured another large bag of candy into a big black and orange bowl.

“Uh...I’m not sure, no one really told me how long this party was going to last” you shrugged, listening to the sound of your short heels clicking against the floorboards as you moved about the house in search of your phone. Sure, that you had left it in the living room by accident last night. “But if I had to guess, I say it would at least go until midnight.”

“That late?” your mother frowned, already becoming worried with the thought of you being out so late. Normally on Halloween night you and a couple of friends would just walk around—maybe even attempt to mingle in with the children as they go door to door asking for candy—but would always be back before ten. This year was different though, this year you and your friends had been invited to a Halloween party being thrown by one of your classmates. You didn’t know the details, you just knew that you were invited and where the party was being held. Your mother was under the impression that the party was being held at a friend's house which is why she was so willing to cave in and allow you to go when in truth it was being held out in the woods near the lake.

“Don’t worry, mom, I’ll leave early and even call to let you know when I’m coming home” you said, smiling in triumph when you finally found your phone hidden underneath the clutter of wrappers and empty candy bags that littered the coffee table. “Geez, don’t you think you overdid it this year with the candy?” you muttered.

“You can never have enough candy and besides, the little ones will be pleased to get two big handfuls instead of one this year” your mother smiled. “I remember how upset you’d get whenever the other kids would push you back and you were unable to get as much candy as they did” she suddenly said, already starting to reminisce about the past which you took as your cue to leave.

“Yeah, well I have everything I need, so I’m off—I’m sure Midoriya and the others are already waiting for me” you smiled, pressing a quick peck to your mother’s cheek before making a b-line towards the front door.

“Already leaving?” you froze, one foot already out the door, at the new voice that suddenly spoke up. Looking back, you gave a strained smile as you locked eyes with your grandmother who was staring down at you and your mother with disapproving eyes. “I can’t believe you’re letting her go out tonight of all nights” she said with the shake of her head.

“Mom, we’ve already discussed this, there’s nothing bad about this night” your mother groaned as she started to gather up the trash of the empty bags of candy she had bought.

“This is a dangerous night, a night were monsters and spirits are given free rein to wander among us humans, so do be careful dear. I’d hate to lose my only grandchild” your grandmother said, lips drawn into a thin line though her eyes held a gentle expression as you slowly nodded your head and muttered a silent goodbye. It wasn’t that you hated your grandmother or anything, she was just sometimes a handful what with the nonsense she normally sprouted around Halloween. She hated the holiday, she hated it with such a passion as she truly believed that monsters really did roam the streets instead of just innocent youths dressed to look like those fictional beings. The second you stepped out onto the porch and fully shut the front door behind you, you sucked in a deep breath and shivered at the chilly air that hit whatever skin you had exposed.

The night was still young, and you couldn’t help but smile at the children and adults that wandered the streets, all of them dressed in a variety of costumes—some scary and others sweet. Falling into a comfortable pace behind a family of four, you pulled your phone out and pulled up the directions that had been sent to you the night before by Midoriya. You were thankful for having such a sweet friend that remembered to actually send you the directions instead of leaving you to waste your night in finding the area yourself. Keeping your eyes locked on the screen of your phone, you quietly muttered to yourself as you would only glance upwards on occasions to make sure you were heading in the right direction before wincing as you felt someone harshly smash their shoulder into your own. Your body jerking at the harsh contact as your hand immediately reached up and grabbed hold of your now aching shoulder.

“Hey, watch where you’re going, dumb bitch!” you were taken aback by the harsh and aggressive voice that suddenly snapped at you as you stumbled back when you looked towards the owner of said voice. Before you stood a young man around your age, his blond hair spiked every which way as sharp eyes the color of blood glared down at you while a vicious sneer decorated his lips. The costume he wore was mainly made up of black, red, and white and poking out from underneath his upper lip were two-pointed fangs that looked almost a bit too realistic and made his costume quite clear in what it was meant to be.

“S-sorry, I wasn’t paying attention” you apologized, already bitterly thinking in the back of your mind that he had no need to be so rude when he had been the one to harshly smack his shoulder into your own. It had to have been his fault, you were walking at a leisurely pace, it was impossible for you to have been the one to make such rough contact. The blond only glared down at you before grumbling as he turned and started to walk away. “No need to be such a dick about it though” you breathlessly muttered, still rubbing your sore shoulder and not noticing how the blond halted in his tracks, shoulders hitching upwards.

“What'd you say?!” you and those few around you all jumped at the increased volume of the teen’s voice, the unadulterated venom in his tone as he quickly whirled around was enough to send you running the other way, not wishing to endure this stranger’s wrath. Silently you cursed yourself for not being quiet enough or at least not waiting until the guy was completely gone. You didn’t dare sneak a glance back, even if you didn’t hear any harsh footsteps following after you, you didn’t slow your pace. Not until you were completely sure there was enough distance between you and the blond. With a wheeze you came to a stop and silently caught your breath, already looking back down at your phone and then around you to make sure that you didn’t miss any turns that you might have needed to take.

Pleased to see you were still on the right track, you quickly threw a single glance back to happily find that the blond was nowhere in sight before continuing on your way. Already pushing the encounter towards the back of your mind.


“You sure you don’t want any of us to walk you home?” Midoriya worriedly asked as he, Ochaco, and Iida all frowned once you told them you were ready to take your leave. It was well into the night—already way past midnight as the party was now slowly starting to die down.

“No, I don’t want to bother any of you" you said with the shake of your head. "I live on the opposite side of town, so I don’t want to burden any of you and besides, I’ll call mom once I get back near town so there’s no need to worry” you reassured them, already waving a dismissive hand at their protest before waving bye as you took off. The moon was high in the sky and proved to be your only light source as you wandered down the single path that would lead you back out towards the main road. You didn’t know whether to be in awe or scared as you looked all around you at the shadows that were cast on the ground from the trees that towered above you. The light of the moon kissing their bare branches and seeping down in lines towards the ground.

The night was so peaceful and quiet saved for the occasional howl of the wind or movements from small woodland creatures that had yet to hide away for the approaching winter. You could still faintly hear the chatter of your friends and classmates, but soon even that sound started to grow distant until their voices were barely a whisper in your ears and then you finally found yourself all alone for the time being. Well, that’s what you thought at least until you felt yourself suddenly bump into someone.


“You! I’ve been looking for your ass all night!” a familiar, angry voice growled as the front of your costume was suddenly grabbed and you were pulled very close towards the familiar face of the blond teen from earlier in the night. His gaze was still just as sharp as before as his red eyes were lit with a fiery flame of hatred. The tip of his nose was barely touching your own as you shivered upon feeling his warm breath fanning over your face as he continued to just glare down at you and bare those realistic looking fangs of his. “Just staring at your face is already starting to piss me the fuck off!” he suddenly growled as he pulled you even closer. “I just want to tear you limb from limb!”

Now, you weren’t sure if it was because of the fear or how worn out you were from the party, but your mind decided to process his words in a whole other meaning that was the opposite of threatening. Your face slowly flared up in color, eyes widening as you became flushed with embarrassment.

“W-what?! B-but, I barely know y-you!” you babbled, hands flying up to grab at your redden cheeks as you suddenly turned your head away from the blond who raised an eyebrow.

“What the fuck are you babbling about?!” he growled, jostling your body just a little as you continued to babble in your embarrassment.

“Please, I-I’m not ready to do such l-lewd things! Especially with s-someone I only just met!” you flushed, screwing your eyes shut in embarrassment as it suddenly fell silent between you and the young man who looked to be processing your words.

“What are you, an idiot?!” the blond suddenly snapped as you were harshly pushed back and away from him, slowly peeking one eye open you were a bit surprised to see the faint pale pink that colored his cheeks as he venomously glared at you. “Where the fuck did you get such a stupid ass idea that I meant something like that, dumbass?!” he snapped, continuing to throw profanities your way as the faint blush on his cheeks only seemed to darken just a little as he brought a hand up in an attempt to hide it.

“What?” you asked with the tilt of your head. “But…but you said—”

“I meant I was going to kill you, fuckface!” he embarrassingly snapped, raising his fist and drawing it back as you squealed and held your hands up in defense. Screwing your eyes shut as you waited for the impact that never came, instead, you felt your ears perk up when you heard him give a low huff. “You’re not even worth the effort” he grumbled as he suddenly stormed past you while you slowly lowered your arms and opened your eyes to stare after him.

“Hey, wait!” you called out, not able to stop yourself before the words just slipped right out. You watched as he stopped, barely even turning his head to look back at you. “Can I…uh…at least get your name?” you asked, not knowing what else to say.

“Katsuki Bakugo” you were surprised that he even humored you enough to answer instead of just shouting out more profanities.

“[First Name] [Last Name]” you quickly responded when you saw that he was already starting to walk away.

“Yeah, whatever—just get the hell away from me, you’re annoying” he huffed with a half-assed wave as you simply only nodded, strangely finding yourself smiling as you turned away and continued on home. A small part of you hoping to have another run-in with Bakugo sometime soon.

A/N: Don’t know why I decided to start this with Bakugo seeing how he isn’t really my favorite character, perhaps because the prompt felt like it matched him. Also, don’t know if I followed the prompt exactly the way it was meant to be followed but still this whole one-shot followed the basic outline that the prompt gave so I count that as a win. 

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Requested By: Lunalight

Requested Writing Prompt: The reader, best friends with Izuku, has just made a plushie doll out of her crush, Tokoyami, and secretly brings it with her everywhere for good luck. One day, she misplaces it in class, and Aizawa finds it before announcing it to class and telling the owner to come get it after class. Once class is done, everyone wonders who made the plushie doll and the wondering leads to basically an Ace Attorney parody.

“There, done” you smiled brightly down at the finely stitched up doll, letting the tips of your fingers brush against the fine materials you had used to create the small plush. Small, cute, and an exact replica of your classmate and crush—Fumikage Tokoyami. Midoriya perked up from his spot beside you, the two of you having taken residence in your home after school to work on your homework together. Well, that’s what he was doing, you had gotten caught up in your little project and had long since abandoned your open notebook on the coffee table.

“Done with what?” the young man asked with the tilt of his head as he curiously peered over your shoulder to stare down at the doll that gently rested in your lap. “Did you make that? It looks exactly like Tokoyami!” he awed, already crawling up beside you and reaching a hand out to silently ask if he could hold the small plush which you gladly handed over to him while giving a firm nod.

“Yeah, I’ve been working on it for a while now” you bashfully admitted, a blush already starting to form on your cheeks as you thought back to the day you had decided to make the doll. Most would think it weird, but you didn’t care. You’ve liked Tokoyami for a while now and due to your inability to just approach him and confess, you opted for an alternate solution that would allow you to hold your crush whenever you desired.

“But, why exactly did you make a doll of him? Did he ask you to or something?” you were snapped out of your thoughts by your friend's questioning.

“Uh...well…not exactly” you muttered, not knowing exactly what to tell him as you knew he’d only scowl you for your weirdness if you openly confessed that you made the doll of someone without their consent. “It’s a…a…it's a secret! Yeah, that’s it!” you simply lied when you saw the confused look on the teen’s face. “It’s a secret gift I plan on giving him for his birthday” you continued with your lie, already starting to nervously sweat as you watched Midoriya process your words.

“But isn’t his birthday another month away?” he suddenly asked.

“Yeah, well I didn’t know how long it’d take me to make the thing, so I started earlier is all” you nervously laughed as you scratched the back of your head. “But, Deku, you have to promise me that you won’t tell Tokoyami or anyone else about this.”


“Because then it wouldn’t be a secret or a surprised birthday gift if he knew about it, now would it?” you smiled, watching as your friend nodded his head in understanding. “Now, how about we get back to that homework.”

-A Week Later-

For a week now you had been carrying your little Tokoyami doll everywhere with you in your bookbag, only pulling him out for a quick hug or two whenever you were surely alone and was in need of a pick me up. In your mind, the doll was like a good luck charm which is why you carried it everywhere with you. Keeping it close to your person at all times. As class came to an end for the day, you slowly packed away your things and patiently waited for the room to clear out. This wasn’t strange to your other classmates as you were normally the last one to leave, though they never knew the reason why.

The second the last student walked through that large door, you quickly snatched up your Tokoyami doll from your bag and tightly clutched it to your chest, in desperate need of some form of comfort from the tiring day. 

“[Your Name], come on!” you jumped, quickly trying to shove the doll back into your bag as Asui and Ochaco reappeared at the classroom entrance. Peering in at you with tilted heads and curious eyes as you gave them a wide, nervous smile. Not noticing how your hand had missed the opening of your bag and instead ended up accidentally dropping the doll to the ground—none of you noticing it at all as you zipped up your bag and threw it over your shoulder.

“I’m coming, don’t worry” you said, trotting over to the two before the three of you made your way to the school’s entrance. As soon as the three of you left, Aizawa was already starting to wake up from his usual nap that he sometimes took whenever he busied the students with classwork that could be done in silence and for the remainder of the class period. He didn’t sleep all the time, but a nap every now and then helped him power through the remainder of the day before he had to go out on patrol later that night. Standing from the floor and gathering the yellow sleeping bag up in his arms like he normally did, he rubbed at his eyes and started to gather the papers that needed to be graded before stopping as he suddenly caught sight of something on the floor. He had assumed it was trash at first, already preparing to scold his students the following morning for littering up the floor of the classroom but stopped that line of thinking when he actually saw what it was.

“A doll?” he muttered, picking up the small plush that looked just like one of his students. Looking around to find the room empty save for him, he peered down at the desk he found the doll by, too tired to exactly remember who sat there and with a simple shrug he gathered the last of his things, bringing the doll with him as he left. Sure to bring attention to it tomorrow.

-Next Day-

“Are you alright?” you jumped at the calming voice of Tokoyami, your cheeks feeling warm as you avoided all eye contact with the teen as you peered down at the surface of your desk. “You seem distressed” he noted, as you finally force yourself to take a peek at him and instantly becoming captivated by his strange appearance from the jet-black feathers that shined underneath the fluorescent lights to the sharp yellow beak. Ruby colored eyes peered at you with curiosity and perhaps even slight concern as he stared you down.

“I’m just dandy, thanks for asking” your smile was strained, he was right, you were in distress because you had been unable to find your plush of the teen beside you. You had been sure that you had it with you all day yesterday and that you hadn’t removed it from your bag after shoving it back in there when Asui and Ochaco had surprised you with their reappearance. A silence soon fell over the class as everyone quickly returned to their appropriate seats when the door to the classroom suddenly opened, Aizawa entering in the same manner as always. Carrying his things underneath his arm as he made his way to the podium at the front of the classroom.

“Before we begin today, I have an announcement to make” the tired man said before suddenly holding up your plush doll and causing your face to explode with color as your heart seemed to just stop beating altogether. Those around you erupting in whispers of surprise and curiosity of the doll’s appearance, you were too scared to listen to what they had to say just as you were too scared to peer at the bird-headed teen beside you. Frightened to know what his reaction would be. “I found this yesterday on the floor, at the end of class today I advise that whoever lost it come and get it. Now that that’s done and over with let’s begin” and just like that he was already starting to teach, not caring about how the other students were looking around at one another.

Trying to pinpoint exactly who the doll belonged to. Class went by all too quickly to your dismay and as Aizawa gathered up his things—leaving the doll on the podium—he was already out the door muttering about needing a nap. No one moved as they all waited for the owner of the doll to stand and claim it. But no one dared to move, you didn’t dare to move as you sat perfectly still and waited for them all to leave. To leave and let you silently take your doll home so you could curl up to it and die of embarrassment.

“Well come on, whoever it belongs to, go up there and claim it” Mina was the first to speak, already motioning with her hand and giving an encouraging smile to everyone as if trying to coax the owner to step up and claim the item in front of everyone. You didn’t know if her intentions were pure or if she just wanted to know who to tease for owning such a doll.

“Come on now, we all already know who the owner is” Kaminari suddenly said, leaning back in his seat with a wide smirk as everyone curiously looked his way.

“We do?” everyone asked.

“Yeah, it’s Tokoyami’s. I mean it is a doll of him, so it makes sense that it belongs to him” the electric blond said, sounding so sure of himself and as if the answer was truly that obvious.

“That’s absurd, why would I own a doll of myself?” Tokoyami frowned, not looking happy with his classmate’s assumption.

“Because you’re just that narcissistic” Sero said, causing a few people to scoff.

“Tokoyami is the least narcissistic person in the class, that title more or less goes to Yuga” Jiro said, jabbing a finger towards the sparkly blond that sat in the very first seat of the first row.

“I do wonder who’s doll this is, perhaps I can ask them to make one of myself” Yuga muttered, not seeming to pay attention to the insult that was just shot at him as he stared at the doll that continued to innocently sit at the front of the class.

“Momo’s quirk is to create things, maybe she made it” Asui suggested as everyone now turned their attention to the raven-haired teen that sat in the very last seat of the last row. The young woman’s cheeks already starting to become stained a little at the sudden attention and accusation that she was the creator of the doll.

“Wha—no, I have no reason to create such a thing and if I were to, I would have at least gotten consent from Tokoyami before doing such a thing” she quickly explained herself, wanting to get the attention off her.

“How do we know you’re not just lying?” Kirishima asked with a raised eyebrow.

“That’s ridiculous, she has no reason to lie” Shoto said, all his things gathered up as he looked as if he was ready to leave but made no efforts to stand. In fact, most of the people you expected to already be gone were still perfectly seated in their seats. Making it clear that they too were curious to know who the doll belonged to. Even Bakugo was still in his seat, even if he didn’t look like he was invested in the conversation at hand, he made no attempts to stand. “She’s never lied before so what reason would she have to start now” the mixed haired teen calmly asked.

“Though that’s true, there’s always a possibility that she actually secretly likes Tokoyami and just didn’t want to admit it!” Kaminari wildly accused before he and the others jumped when you suddenly stood up, your chair legs harshly scraping against the floor.

“She does not!” you had to quickly bit your tongue, cheeks flushed as everyone now turned their attention towards you. You cleared your throat, laughing nervously at the attention as you looked around at everyone that stared at you with curious eyes before finally, your gaze landed on Tokoyami who had been silent the entire time. Sure, he wasn’t the only one being quiet, but his silence is what disturbed you the most. His expression was hard to read as he continued to silently sit there, staring intensely at the plush doll of himself as if he was trying to process if it was really there or not. “I mean, it’s quite rude to go and assume who a lady likes, what if your accusations lead to rumors being spread?” you tried to cover up your negative reaction with a logical response before slowly sitting back down.

“What do you think, Deku?” Ochaco suddenly asked, now directing everyone's attention to the young man who had also been silent this entire time. He looked to be sweating bullets now that all eyes were directed towards him, his gaze constantly flickering from the doll to your person then back to the doll. “Do you have any idea who it might belong to?” the brunette continued with an innocent smile on her face.

“ see…” he started to babble, stumbling over his words as he tried to figure out what to do. Should he tell the truth or come up with a lie? Could he even come up with a believable lie?

“Of course he doesn’t have any idea who it belongs to, this is getting ridiculous, let’s just leave this be and go home” you spoke up once again, starting to nervously sweat as well when the attention was brought back to you. Everyone now looking back and forth between you and Midoriya.

“That sounded a bit defensive just now, [Your Name] is the doll perhaps—”

“Finish that sentence Kaminari and I’ll make you regret it” you hissed, face now fully red as you saw the mischief glint in the electric teen’s eyes and the smirk that tugged at his lips.

“So I’m right, the doll does belong to you!” he boisterously proclaimed as the others started to murmur to one another over the possibility with nods.

“Is that true, [Your Name]?” Ochaco gasped, hands covering her mouth as her eyes lit up with excitement as every single eye was on you now, even Tokoyami had directed his attention towards you with a curious gaze.

“N-no, it’s not!” you sputtered out.

“Liar!” Kaminari shot back.

“You have no proof!”

“We do and he’s sitting right over there!” the blond suddenly pointed a finger towards Midoriya who silently squeaked as everyone whirled their head around to face him. “All we need is for Midoriya to testify and we’ll have our answer, you’re reaction earlier was enough proof that he knows something!”

“He ain’t going to say shit!” you hissed before twirling around in your seat to stare down your friend. “You’re not going to say a word, you got that” you huffed with crossed arms. “You promised, remember?” you barely breathed out, hoping that the green haired teen would remember the promise he had agreed to.

“Uh…uh…uh...!” Midoriya started to slide down his seat in an attempt to escape the eager stares that were sent his way as everyone excitedly waited for him to speak—to rat you out.

“Come on, man! Just say who it belongs to already, we know that I’m already right so there’s no reason to drag this out any longer” Kaminari impatiently said.

“Oh, like you were right with your other guesses? Please, we all know you’re wrong and just wasting our time!” you snapped, becoming flustered by the whole ordeal. You started to nervously shift around in your seat as your harden glare started to turn into a silent pleading look the longer you looked at Midoriya who was still trying to form a sentence.

“Just spit it out already, Deku before I force it out of you!” Bakugo suddenly snapped, growing agitated with the young man’s babbling. Sometimes you wondered how those two were even childhood friends to begin with, what with how violent Bakugo was towards Midoriya.

“Uh…uh...!” your friend was already starting to sound more desperate to come up with an answer before suddenly screwing his eyes shut. “Sorry, [Your Name], but I can’t take this much attention! The doll belongs to—”

“This is pointless” everyone grew silent as Tokoyami suddenly stood from his seat and marched towards the podium. Taking the doll and holding it with such care as he turned to face the whole class that all stared at him with wide eyes. Not expecting him to do such a thing. “If no one’s going to claim the doll then I’ll take it” the bird-headed teen said before returning to his seat, but instead of sitting down he looked towards you and held the doll out. You tensed up, fearing that he was already aware that it belonged to you.

“So, it is [Your Name]’s!” Kaminari exclaimed, getting the same impression as you from the young man’s actions.

“No, as I said, if no one is going to claim the doll then I will” Tokoyami calmly explained. “Since it’s now mine, I have the right to do whatever I please with it and I decided I’m going to give it to [Your Name] as I have no need for such an object” he explained, though there was the strangest tint of pink on his cheeks that was nearly impossible to see due to the feathers. Your face was pure red as you gently took back your doll and muttered a small thanks. “If the real owner truly wants it back then they can just ask her for it” you couldn’t stop the smile that tugged at your lips, heart fluttering at the amazing solution your crush had given as to avoid anyone suffering—mainly you—at the hands of embarrassment. His words seemed to calm everyone down, their excitement over the discovery of who the doll’s owner was now dying down as they all stood and left the room, having no need to stay any longer.

It wasn’t long before the room was almost completely empty saved for you, Tokoyami, and Midoriya. Your friend not staying long as he only stopped by your desk to silent babble out apologies for almost ratting you out. You only waved him off with a smile as you forgave him with ease, you never could stay mad at someone as sweet and innocent as him. When he left it was now only you and Tokoyami, neither of you saying a word as you continued to sit there in silence.

“I didn’t expect you to do such a thing” you suddenly spoke up, breaking the silence between the two of you.

“If I hadn’t done something we’d be here all night” he calmly said, before a gentle smile tugged at his lips. “You seemed quite determined to deny the ownership of your own doll.”

“You knew?!” your face exploded with color as you whipped your head around to face him, a look of shock on your face.

“As Kaminari said, it wasn’t hard to figure out after you quickly shut Midoriya down from speaking. Why else be so defensive if it didn’t belong to you?” he asked as you slumped down in your seat.

“You probably think I’m a weirdo then, right?” you muttered.

“Well, no, I find it quite flattering that you would go out of your way to make a doll of me” Tokoyami’s response shocked up as you slowly sat back up and stared at him with a raised eyebrow. “You’re quite talented to make something so small and accurate with your own two hands if I’m being honest” he admitted, gently smiling which only caused your blush to darken even more.

“Really? You really think so?” you breathed out, eyes shining just a little at being complimented by your crush as he nodded his head.

“Though, I feel it’s kind of unfair for you to be carrying a doll of myself around” you were confused by his words at first, tilting your head as you furrowed your brows. “You never asked if I wouldn’t mind having a doll of my own to carry around as well.”

“Wait, you want a doll of yourself?”

“Not exactly, more like I want a doll of you that way little me won’t be so lonely when you bring him around” you had to look away from him, hand coming up to cover the lower portion of your face as you didn’t know what to say to such a thing.

“I guess I could make you one” you quietly mumbled, refusing to look his way as you listened to the sound of shuffling before owlishly blinking when you felt his hand rest on top of your head and the tip of his beak barely pressed against it as well.

“Good, I can’t wait to get it, see you around” and with that he left, your eyes watching as he exited the room and leaving you all by yourself with a red face and a million questions. The number one question being was if that was a kiss he had just given you or not?

A/N: I don't know how well I did with the Ace Attorney parody part of your request, but I hope this was still good and that you like it. 

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Requested By: Autumn

Requested Writing Prompt: He overhears her confessing she loves him to someone (like Midnight in the teachers’ lounge?) but she doesn't think she's good enough for him, so she just says she'll deal with it and never tell him?

Today had been a good day, at least that’s what Hizashi thought as he happily whistled to himself, a stack of papers underneath his arm just waiting to be graded as he made his way towards the teachers’ room. Though he came to a halt just outside the slightly cracked door when he became aware of the quiet voices that softly spoke to one another. Though it isn’t strange for the teachers’ room to sometimes be empty saved for one or two people during this time of day as classes were still going on and students were still moving about the building. It was strange that the voices that spoke from within the room weren’t spoken at the normal volume as if those that were speaking wished for their words to be a secret. Hizashi stopped for a moment to think if he should wait, perhaps another teacher was in there speaking with a student about something serious or maybe two of the teachers were wishing to speak of something in private.

The longer he listened to the quiet chatter, the more curious he became until finally, he found himself shamefully leaning closer towards the door, peering in through the sliver of a crack to see exactly who was talking. He was pleasantly surprised to see both Nemuri and you speaking close to one another. He was almost ready to just head in right then and there and join whatever conversation the two of you were sharing as the three of you are close friends with one another. Surely you and Nemuri wouldn’t hide any secrets from him.

“I just don’t know if I can do it, Nemuri” he stopped all movements as he heard just how broken your voice sounded, head drooping downwards.

“Just tell him, what’s the worse that could happen?” the raven-haired woman questioned, one hand gently rubbing up and down your back as you pulled and picked at your hero costume, face scrunching up at the idea she had just suggested. Hizashi tilted his head, curious to know who exactly the two of you were speaking of and just what it was you needed to tell them.

“Everything! Ever horrible thing you could ever image could happen, and it would be all my fault!” you suddenly stressed.

“You’re being overdramatic, dear—it’s only Hizashi” Nemuri said, rolling her eyes at your worries before releasing a silent sigh as she continued to rub at your back in her attempts to soothe your nerves. Hizashi was even more curious now that he was aware that he was the object of interest in this conversation of yours, leaning even closer towards the door as he held his breath. There was the faintest feeling of guilt and disgust in his stomach for his eavesdropping, knowing that as a Pro Hero that what he was currently doing was wrong. He should just enter and make his presence known or even just simply leave and come back later.

“Overdramatic? Nemuri, if I told him that I loved him that would totally destroy our friendship!” emerald eyes seemed to widen as the blond hero felt his face suddenly flush at your confession, the one thing he least expected you to say.

“You don’t know that until you try, and I doubt Hizashi would let something so small ruin a friendship” Nemuri tried to reassure you, though the confidence that would normally be found in her voice was lacking as even she didn’t seem certain with her words. It wasn’t too farfetched to believe that the awkwardness of a possible unrequited love could destroy the bond two people share. Your worries and fears were understandable, he watched as you suddenly slid down to the floor, clutching at your head as you seemed to just curl into yourself.

“Not even you believe something so ridiculous, just imagine what it would be like if he doesn’t feel the same way! The painful silences, the awkwardness of a broken heart, the feeling of not being able to hang around without the stinging reminder that I love him, and he doesn’t love me back!”

“They should have made you the drama teacher” Nemuri muttered as she looked at your pitiful self, giving another small sigh as she crouched down and gave your shoulder a slight squeeze. Silently trying to coax you to look at her. “Come now, if you want I can try and figure out if he might return your feelings, I am good at being discreet” you almost seemed to snort at that as you finally force yourself to look up at her. Tears pricking just the corners of your eyes as you loudly sniffed.

“No, it would be wrong to pry into his romantic life, I’ve…I’ve dealt with these feelings for this long without telling him. So, it shouldn’t be too hard to continue doing just that, besides it doesn’t matter if you ask him or not—I already know that I’m not good enough for someone like him anyway” you sound so defeated, so broken at the resolve that you had come up with after rejecting every solution Nemuri had given you. You wondered why you had even bothered her with such a thing before remembering that it had all started because she was curious to know who you liked. Hizashi felt like his own heart was going to break from the tone of your voice and he felt frozen in place just watching as Nemuri silently comfort you while you seemed to be attempting to hold in your tears.

“What are you doing?” it must have been luck that the blond didn’t scream right then and there from surprise at being caught eavesdropping. Making sure not to drop the stack of papers he was still carrying around, he whirled around to face the person that had spoken from behind him. Only to just find Shota standing there, an unamused look on his face as he carried his own stack of papers and sleeping bag.

“O-oh, hey there Shota, buddy!” Hizashi cleared his throat as he shot his friend a nervous smile. “I’m just, you know, hanging around” the amount of sweat that had built up on his forehead was surely enough to give Shota an idea that something was up with the blond, but the tired man’s only response was a deadpanned expression.

“I already told you, don’t call me Shota during school hours” he said as he simply walked past the normally eccentric man and pushed open the door that led into the teachers’ room. Hizashi was ready to speak and stop his friend from walking in on such a fragile moment that was being shared between Nemuri and you, only to stop when he found that you both were seated at your respective desks. Though you looked fairly drained, you seemed well composed and at first glance, no one would even think to ask if something was wrong. Hizashi was hesitant to follow after Shota, occasionally sending short glances your way as he found his mind running over all the things you had confessed not too long ago. Even when he took his seat at his desk, he was still sending glances your way.

“Is there something on my face, Present Mic?” you asked, taking on a formal tone and referring to him by his hero name now that there were more people in the room beside you and Nemuri. You only got personal and used real names and first names when it was just you and that person alone. Despite how formal your tone was, you held a gentle smile and for the first time, he noticed the pining look in your eyes. The love and adoration that he’d never noticed before, but he also became aware of the slightly broken look that shined through the cracks of that love. A look caused by fear and worry.

“Only that it’s lacking that cute smile of yours” he shot back without thinking, internally screaming as his cheeks flushed a little at how his words brought both Shota and Nemuri’s attention towards him while you seemed surprised at the flirtatious remark. Your own cheeks flushing a darker color than his as you looked down in embarrassment. Nemuri seemed to send a smirk his way, a mischievous glint in her eyes as if to warn him that she wasn’t going to let such a remark slide by. Shota on the other hand only raised an eyebrow, looking at the blond as if he had suddenly grown a second head for making such a remark out of nowhere. Really, he didn’t know what compelled him to say such a thing.

It wasn’t that he disliked you as you feared and was fretting over earlier, in fact, he returned your feelings but was seemingly too shy to really take the reins and approach you. To others it felt strange to associate the words shy with someone like him due to how loud and excitable he normally was, but if one were to learn that he had never truly taken any romantic approaches with another human being before they’d come to understand that shyness of his. So, he never really attempted to flirt or give any signs that he returned your feelings—in a similar manner he too had just chosen to silently deal with his feelings like you had. Perhaps it was your overheard confession that suddenly gave him the bravery to say such a flirtatious remark. Though due to that remark, the remainder of his day was spent being teased by Nemuri, the raven-haired woman being merciless in her attack as she took any chance she had to bring up his bold move.

The school day seemed to go by all too quickly and soon he found himself once again in the teachers’ room, but this time alone with you as the two of you found yourself having to stay late to finish grading some papers. There were still others in the building with you, but they were elsewhere either not yet ready to leave or maybe even still deciding if they could hold off from finishing the work that they had left to do. Normally Hizashi would have just taken whatever papers he had left to grade and do them at home, but today he felt like staying as a way to find a moment to speak with you.

“Are you alright?” you suddenly asked, snapping him from his thoughts as he blinked his eyes and stared at you. “You’ve been staring nonmoving at that one paper for over five minutes now, did one of the kids put a confusing answer?” you asked, already looking ready to stand from your desk and head over to his to help him.

“Oh, it’s nothing just…thinking” how was he even supposed to approach you about this? You weren’t aware that he had overheard your conversation and he didn’t want to know how angry you’d be if he told you that he had eavesdropped on such a private moment.

“About what?” you curiously asked, putting down your pen to lean forward on your desk, a small teasing smile suddenly tugging at your lips. “Is it about that slip-up earlier today?” you teasingly asked causing him to blush a little before giving a joyful laugh.

“That was no slip-up, baby!” he winked and shot you finger guns as you looked away and gave a weak laugh. He loved the reaction you gave, finding it quite cute how bashful you were to be called such a name. Feeling braver now with the knowledge of your feelings and having already flirted with you once already and it didn’t blow up in his face, he felt it best to finally approach the one thing that’s been on his mind all day. “[Your Name]” his tone was unusually serious, which caused you to look at him with curious eyes as you hadn’t expected his attitude to take such a sudden turn.

“Yeah, what is it, Hizashi?”

“Do you perhaps like anyone? You know, like maybe one of the other teachers?” he decided to take a slow and cautious approach, thinking to have you confess your feeling to him similar to how you had willingly confessed it to Nemuri. He watched how your body tensed up, eyes only slightly widening as a look of panic came across your face for but a moment before disappearing as you tried to cover it up with a strained smile.

“Why do you ask?” you didn’t really answer, only avoiding his question with another question.

“Oh, you know, just wondering is all. I mean you’ve worked here for a while now, you’re single and quite attractive that I just couldn’t help but wonder if anyone here’s caught your interest” he said, whistling as he subconsciously patted his back for the slight compliment he had slipped into his sentence. Your cheeks flushed once again as you coughed into your hand and adverted your gaze elsewhere.

“Well, there is this one guy, but…”


“But…I don’t really think I have a shot with him” your gaze became downcast as for a single moment as you let your sadness and fears be shown.

“Why do you think that?” Hizashi was silent in his movements as he stood from his desk, watching how your head drooped downwards and you seemed to pay him little attention.

“Because I’m not good enough, he’s perfect and extraordinary in every way and I’m just…me” you confessed, knowing that the blond wouldn’t understand that you were speaking about him. But you were surprised when you suddenly felt your head been tilted upwards as a pair of lips were gently pressed against your own. Nose wiggling just a bit when you felt the hair of his small mustache tickle against your face as his lips slowly moved against your own. Your eyes were open wide with shock before slowly slipping shut as you melted into the kiss, hands reaching up to hold his face as you started to respond by moving your lips as well. Though to your disappointment, it didn’t last very long as he slowly pulled away, just enough to let his lips continue hovering over your own while resting his forehead against yours.

“I think you’re just perfect, I’m the one who should be feeling that they’re not good enough” he breathed out, widely smiling at how red your face became as you seemed shocked by his words.

“How…but…I mean…what?” you were confused, sure that you had given no hints whatsoever to who it was you liked.

“Earlier today I sort of overheard you and Nemuri talking and heard some things I’m sure you didn’t want me hearing” he finally admitted with a nervous laugh, looking a bit guilty as you only brought your hands up and covered your face. Embarrassed to learn that he had overheard your confession before frowning as you realized he had basically eavesdropped on such a private conversation. Slowly your hands slid from your face as you soon crossed your arms over your chest, huffing as you turned your head away from him.

“That was very nonhero like of you, what sort of example is that for the young’uns?” you asked, looking a bit playful as you scolded the blond and gave him a disapproving look that he only returned with a nervous smile.

“I know, it won’t happen again” he said, before once again resting his forehead against your own as you both stared into each other eyes. “So, are you free later tonight?” he suddenly asked, chuckling as he watched you hum in mock thought.

“Hm, my schedule's a bit full, but I think I can make some time—what’d you have in mind?”

“A movie and a bite to eat” Hizashi smiled, closing his eyes as he was still leaned over you, enjoying the feeling of your arms slowly snaking around his neck as you once again hummed, but this time in agreement.

“That sounds nice, it’s a date then.”

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Requested By: Anon

Writing Prompt: I had the weirdest dream about you and now I can’t stop imagining what you’d look like naked.

A/N: Any students that are requested for smut type stories will be aged up to eighteen, also since the person that requested this didn’t give a specific writing prompt, I found one that would work well with what they were asking for in their request. I hope they don't mind and please understand that I will be doing this for any requests that don't have any specific type of writing prompt to them. Also, I’m not the best with dirty talking, so please forgive me if it’s not the best and that there's not much of it.

You woke with a start that morning due to the blaring of your alarm clock, cheeks flushed and an uncomfortable sensation between your legs as you laid there for a moment in a daze. Staring at your ceiling as bits and pieces of the dream you had just found yourself ripped from fluttered in and out of your mind as you stood from your bed. You moved about in a trance almost, going through your normal morning routine as you prepared for school, thoughts still wandering back to certain aspects of your dream. You felt your cheeks heat back up for but a moment as you huffed and threw your bag over your shoulder. It wasn’t strange for you to have a filthy dream or two every once in a while, but this one had for some reason struck a chord in you.

Normally you’d wake up from such dreams without any clear memory of what they were about, already pushing them to the back of your head as you prepared for the day. But, this one was different, this one wouldn’t leave you alone no matter how hard you tried to forget about it. Leaving your home and making your way to school, you tried to rid yourself of the blush that continued to stain your cheeks, trying your hardest to act casual and normal as you shot friendly smiles and waves to those around you.

“About time you made it” a familiar and very welcomed voice greeted you at the front of the school as your eyes lit up and you looked up at the tall young man that stood before you. Hitoshi Shinso, the man you had the pleasure of calling your lover of a year and your exact opposite. Where you were a social butterfly that cheerfully talked to those around you and joked, Shinso was always the kind to keep to himself and found comfort in silence most of the time—though he was just as capable as you in holding up a conversation. Many found it strange that two people with completely different personalities would end up together, but you felt the two of you worked just well together. There was never a dull moment between the two of you as your clash in personalities could sometimes lead to very interesting conversations.

The minute you both locked eyes with one another, you felt your face heat up even more than it already was as you were once again reminded of your dream from last night. Shinso raised an eyebrow, finding it quite strange how your smile seemed to deflate only a little as your gaze flickered away from his own for a moment. Normally you were never one to shy away from eye contact.

“Something a matter?” he asked the moment you stepped up to him, the both of you falling into step beside one another as you walked to class. You were silent for but a moment as you thought over your words carefully, wondering how he’d react if you were bluntly honest with him while all these people were around and were within earshot. Deciding against it, you gave your head a small shake and smiled brightly at him.

“Nothing” he raised an eyebrow before shrugging, directing his gaze forward as you gently slipped your hand into his own, intertwining your fingers together with his. Strangely it felt as if the day was moving painfully slow as you felt your mind constantly wandering back to your dream, especially every time you would end up looking at Shinso. By the time the school day had finally ended, you both followed your normal routine of walking back to your home to spend the rest of the day. Your gaze seemed to just be glued to his person as you both walked hand and hand once more with one another, drinking in the sight of him and noticing all the little things you never took the time to notice before. Like just how soft his messy indigo colored hair looked and how you just wanted to run your fingers through the strands and perhaps even attempt to make them look a little neater.

You noticed how the sunlight made those beautiful violet eyes of his shine, despite how tired and drained they looked most days there was a certain fire in them. A determination to fulfill a dream that he’s had since childhood. You noticed how smooth and almost perfect his skin look saved for the dark bags that marred it from underneath his eyes, making you wonder if he had been getting the appropriate amount of sleep like you had been nagging him to get. Once again Shinso raised an eyebrow as he caught you staring, a faraway look in your eyes as if you were too lost in thought to really pay attention to anything else. But this time he kept silent, returning his gaze forward as he subconsciously tightened his grip around your hand, taking the initiative to guide the both of you to your home as you looked far too distracted to even lead yourself.

When you both reached your home, you slipped in through the front door and into the empty and silent home as your parents were away on business and had left you all by your lonesome self or at least that’s what it would have been like if you didn’t have Shinso. Neither of you paid any attention to the darkened living room as you moved through the house with ease before disappearing into your room.

“Is there a reason you’ve been staring at me all day today?” Shinso wasn’t one to dance around things, always straightforward and blunt with his questions and answers as he shut the door behind him and looked to face you. Watching as you plopped yourself down onto your bed and leaned back onto your arms.

“I had a dream last night” you suddenly said, lips tugging up slightly as you watched him cross his arms, leaning back against your bedroom door as he silently motioned for you to continue. “Though I don’t remember all that was in it, there was one thing I do remember, and it’s been eating away at me all day” your lips twisted up into a small smirk.

“And what exactly is it that’s been eating away at you all day?” he asked, his curiosity peaked upon seeing such a look on your face as you shifted your position, leaning forward and letting your eyes becoming half-lidded as you stared at him.

“Just the thought of what you’d look like naked” you purred, before bursting out into a small fit of laughter at the taken aback look on his face before slowly a smirk of his own tugged at his lips. Distracted by your own laughing fit, you didn’t catch the sound of the lock to your bedroom door being turned.

“Is that so?” he hummed, taking long strides towards your giggling form that was already starting to calm down before coming to a halt right in front of you. “Well, I guess we’re just going have to satiate that thought of yours then” out of all the ways he could have responded to you, that was the one thing you hadn’t expected. Your mouth was agape with shock for but a moment before your lips twisted back up into a smirk as you leaned back onto your arms once more.

“Continue” you motioned, watching as he was already pulling at the tie of his uniform, loosening it up before completely untying it. Bit by bit each piece of clothing was removed from his person, the layers peeling away to allow your eyes to peer at the pale flesh of his body. Drinking up the sight of what muscles he had and it wasn’t long before he was left in just his pants, hands hovering just above them as he looked at your intense gaze with amusement.

“You know, I strangely feel as if the roles here should be reversed” you snorted at his comment, waving a dismissive hand at him before shooting him a wide, innocent smile.

“Oh, you wish that were the case, darling” he rolled his eyes at your response, closing his eyes as he chuckled a little before finally pulling his pants down and leaving him in nothing but his boxer shorts. You barked out a laugh at the white underwear that had nothing but different colored cats printing all around its fabric. You were aware that your boyfriend had a love for the adorable animal, but never expected him to own such clothing. What with how serious he usually was.

“You laugh now, but it won’t be long before that beautiful voice of yours is too busy moaning out my name to laugh” you giggled, already shifting around on the bed to lean forward and hold your hands out towards him and the moment he took them, you jerked him towards you. Standing up and twisting your bodies around until you were able to harshly push him down onto the bed before jumping back and away from his reach.

“That striptease of yours was quite a bore if I’m being honest, how about I show you how it’s truly done” you winked, watching as he leaned back onto his arms—taking on a posture similar to your own when you had been watching him earlier. Your movements were far slower than his own as you took your sweet time in removing each article of clothing. Peeling them off one by one and letting them drop to the floor as your eyes held a very sensual look to them and you wore a teasing smile as you watched those violet eyes of his flicker up and down your body. It was now his turn to drink in the sight of you. Following every curve, the bending of your limbs and movements of your hips as you undressed.

It wasn’t too long before you found yourself standing in your undergarments—a pair of lacy [Favorite Color] underwear and bra. Your arms were stretched upwards as you seemed to strike a bit of a pose and looked at him with what one would deem bedroom eyes.

“Now that’s how you do a proper striptease” you breathed out, smirking as he hummed with a nod of agreement. It was silent between the two of you for but a moment as you seemed to just drink in the sight of one another left in such little clothing.

“You’re so beautiful” he suddenly breathed out, eyes glazed over with want and desire as he continued to examine your form. “I just want to kiss those pretty lips of yours, oh and the ones on your face as well” he smirked as you chuckled at the flirtatious remark, quick to move closer to him and plop yourself down on his lap to straddle him. Arms snaking around his neck as you pressed your lips against his in a kiss that was neither slow nor fast, but just the right pacing for the two of you to get started. His hands all to soon found themselves gripping your hips, thumbs rubbing at them while curling to tease and pull at the piece of fabric that prevented him from making skin to skin contact with them. Your lips moved against one another in sync, eyes slipping shut as one of your hands slowly moved upwards to dig your fingers into his hair.

Massaging them against his scalp as he moved back to lay against the bed and pulling you down along with him as his hands started to explore and his hips would occasionally grind up against your own. Your own hips would quickly respond, jerking just a little to grind back against his as you shivered in delight at the feeling of his fingers lightly dancing across the flesh of your sides. Moving all the way up to just beneath your breast before slowly gliding back down and moving even further down to grip at your ass. It wasn’t long before you both were forced to pull apart for air, panting as you stared one another down. Neither of you knew what to say at that exact moment, eyes moving to take in the sight of each other before suddenly you were flipped onto your back with Shinso hovering over you. His hips pressed flushed against your own.

“Someone’s quite eager” you breathed out, smirking as you could already feel just how excited he was. Able to feel the way his excitement pressed flushed against your clothed private and rubbed at it with each jerk of his hips.

“Only for you” he muttered before pressing a quick and almost harsh kiss to your lips then slowly moving his way down from your lips to your neck where his kisses started to turn into little nips.

“Well then, you better keep me entertained cause we’re going to have all night to play” you hummed, moaning a little at a particularly harsh bite that was then followed by the flat of his tongue slowly running up alongside it as if to apologize. It wasn’t long before his lips traveled elsewhere, teeth slightly nipping once again as they looked for another area for him to sink them into. With each harsh bite of his, it was followed by a sharp tug of his hair and a shaky intake of air from you that would only slip past slightly parted lips in the form of a shaky moan. Slowly he started to work his way down from your neck to the valley of your breast, hands moving to tug at the piece of fabric and pulling it down until your girls popped out and allowed his lips to attach themselves to one of the buds of your nipples. You shivered, face flushed, and eyes glazed over in a slight haze as your body was attacked by the tingling sensation of feeling his tongue and teeth grazing over the sensitive bud over and over before giving harsh sucks here and there.

Pulling away he was soon moving to the other bud that had been neglected this whole time, giving it the same treatment as you continued to lay there. Shivering and taking in shaky breathes as you relish in the sensation before almost releasing a whine when he completely stopped and shifted himself to sit up. Half-lidded tired eyes staring down at your own half-lidded glazed ones.

“What do you want?” he muttered, his tone slightly sultry as he waited for an answer.

“What do I want? There's a lot of things I want” you panted, suddenly taking the moment to once again flip the two of you over as you were once again straddling his waist. “I want to ride you until you or the bed breaks—whichever comes first—I want to ride that face of yours until your practically begging for air” you breathed out, holding his face as you leaned over him and let the tip of your nose barely touch his own. Shinso smirked, his hands moving to grip your hips once more and buck upwards.

“That so? Then why don’t you do it instead of just saying it?” that was enough to get you moving as you once again crashed your lips against his own. It wasn’t long before the last bit of clothing you two were wearing was aimlessly tossed to the floor and your bodies were soon tightly pressed against one another. Wandering hands grabbing and touching whatever they could reach as the springs of the bed seemed to creak, hips jerked and twitched with each movement as you both found yourselves constantly fighting for dominance. Constantly twirling each other around in a sort of dance as you attempted to restrain one other in some way or another. Moans and cries of names were thrown out as desperate pleads in breathless voices filled the room along with the sharp sounds of skin slapping against skin.

Praises, teasing, and filthy words were mixed into the batch as well as sweat coated both your skin and you each found yourselves reaching your limit.

“What do you want?” that same question was brought forth once more as Shinso tightly held your waist, pumping himself in and out of you as he pressed himself close enough to breathily whisper in your ear. “Tell me what you want” his questioning tone morphing into a demanding one as he started to slow his speed to an almost snail pace.

“I want…I want to…to cum” you shakily moaned, trying to find the right words as you felt yourself lost in the sensation, groaning in agony at how his pace was becoming far too slow.

“What’s that?” he teasingly asked, turning his head just enough to show that he wanted you to repeat your words, to repeat them louder.

“I said I want to…” you gave another loud moan as you tried to clear your mind and vocalize your desires clearly. “I want to cum, dammit!” with that, his speed picked up as you once again found yourself on the edge and with only a few more quick thrust you were already spilling over, crying out his name as shivers racked up and down your body and your head tilted back as you tried to catch your breath. Your moans loud and almost high pitched as he continued to thrust, riding both himself and you of your orgasms. His pace soon started to slow back down before coming to a complete stop as he continued to pant while peering straight down at your relaxed and slightly shaking form.

“You get your fill?” he asked, pulling out and sitting straight up as he peered straight down at you, the position you both had found yourself in near the end having him right on top of you as you laid flat on your back. Your arms were stretched upwards and above your head, as you gave a pleased hum and nodded, closing your eyes for a moment before they quickly reopened when he suddenly yanked you towards him once more by your hips and gently started to rub his thumb against your soaked entrance. “That’s too bad because I’m not quite done myself” he said, smirking as he looked at you with such a heated gaze. “You said earlier you wanted to ride me ‘til you broke me, well I want to maul you until you can’t walk straight for a week” he purred.

A/N: I hope the person that requested this is pleased and got what they wanted, I don't know how well I did with the ESTP part of your request or if I did a good enough job with alluding to the reader being fit. I'm normally used to being slightly ambiguous to the reader's body shape and weight when I write most of the time, so yeah. Again, I hope you like it.  

Chapter Text

Requested By: Evaessis

Requested Writing Prompt: Maybe something where the reader is a hero who was once retired but comes back to help teach at UA. Her powers revolve around emotions (she has fox ears and tails....I love kitsunes and fluffy tails haha) so when she feels different things her ears and tails light up the color she is feeling and gives her different abilities ( fire for anger/red, ice for loneliness/very pale blue, water for sadness/deep blue) however every time she sees Toshi in his true form she turns bright pink and a sweet and calming aroma emits from her....but only around his true form, not as All Might.

Eventually, he figures it out (with some help from his students) and it could lead to some very naughty things :D

You angrily grumbled to yourself as you entered the teachers’ room, the fur of your tails puffed up as they slowly moved back and forth, their color a deep red as smoke and embers fluttered off of them. The smell of smoke and firewood was strong, as the temperature of the small room started to rise, causing the other teachers to slowly start to build up a sweat at the sudden increase of heat.

“Let me guess, Bakugo?” Nemuri hummed the moment you plopped down into your desk chair. Angrily dropping the stack of papers in your hands down onto the desk.

“That child just gets on my nerves sometimes” you grumbled, ears twitching before flattening completely back against your skull as you attempted to calm yourself. Not wishing for your quirk to get out of hand and set off the fire alarm. “I just don’t understand, he does well in all his classes, his fighting skills are exceptional and not to mention that he’s been gifted with quite a powerful quirk—it’s just that damn attitude of his that gets me” you frowned. “You’d think for someone wishing to be a hero, he’d get that rude behavior and aggressive personality of his under control” Nemuri only nodded, already returning her attention to her own work. This wasn’t the first time you had come into the teachers’ room in a bad mood after handling Class 1-A or more importantly, after handling Bakugo’s cocky self.

You had only been teaching at U.A. for about three months now, coming out of your retirement after being offered the job. Back in your younger years, you had been known as the Pro Hero Kitsune, a young hero born from a mother whose quirk was Elemental and father whose quirk was Fox. When you were born it had been clear that you had inherited your father’s quirk as you bore two fox ears and multiple tails that were caused by a strange gene mutation. For a while, it was only believed that you had taken after your father quirk wise until around your fourth birthday where a particular fit from you almost burnt the apartment down. Thanks to this strange mixture of your parents' quirks, you found your emotions coming to life in various forms of elements.

The fur of your ears and tails changing colors to match your mood as shown right now by the red of your fur and how well it corresponded with the irritated and frustrated look on your face. But as you released a sigh and allowed yourself to calm, that red color started to fade away as your fur returned to its natural color and the air of the room returned to normal while the smell of smoke and firewood simply disappeared. Pinching the bridge of your nose, you slumped in your seat looking tired and slightly worn out.

“All I asked of him was to watch his language and play nice with the others” you muttered as Nemuri only shook her head—you were still so new to the teaching world and someone like Bakugo wasn’t the best student for a new teacher to find themselves stuck with. Your ears suddenly perked up as you heard the sound of the door to the teachers’ room being opened and the moment it shut a loud familiar hissing sound filled the room. Your mood almost seemed to brighten the moment you peered up to see who had just entered, the color of your fur quickly becoming dyed a bright pink as your tails stood up and a wide smile tugged at your lips upon spying Toshinori. He was no longer in his hero form as his body lacked any muscles and his features were much sharper than they normally would have been if he were in his hero form. A sweet aroma suddenly filled the room and it wasn’t long before everyone around you started to feel calm and relaxed.

“Toshi, how’d your class go?” though you knew you weren’t being very professional by referring to the blond with a nickname, you just couldn’t help yourself.

“It went over well; the students are showing great improvement” Toshinori answered with a smile and you couldn’t stop your heart from just skipping a beat at how adorable of a smile it was. Your tails had now started to sway back and forth, their movements far different from how they were earlier when you had come into the room in a sour mood. The sight wasn’t unusual as the other teachers had become quite acquainted with the display, your feelings for the taller man so painfully obvious that it almost made them all pity you with how…dense Toshinori was seeing how he was the only one that didn’t seem to pick up on your feelings. It had been like this for about a month now, no one knew what caused the sudden shift in your feelings towards the Symbol of Peace, but every time you saw him—mainly in his true form—your fur would just become a vibrant pink and your body would emit such a sweet aroma that those around you would instantly find themselves calm and relaxed. You were also painfully aware of how obvious you were with your feelings, a downside to your quirk, and you were also aware of just how dense Toshinori seemed to be when it came to your quirk.

He was a smart man, you knew that by heart, but when it came to feelings and emotions you had no doubt he struggled in such fields. It wasn’t uncommon, many Pro Heroes found themselves lacking in the romance department as it was hard to find a person that wasn’t just after you for your fame or one that wasn’t just confusing their admiration for the things you did as love. It was also just as difficult to find romantic interest in other Pro Heroes as the media tended to squirm their way in and stir up trouble where it didn’t belong sometimes. So you were always ever the patient one when it came to the blond, your mood never souring at his lack of acknowledging your feelings. You both spoke to one another like old friends, speaking to one another in such a familiar way as you both talked about which students had improved greatly or were still in need of improvement.

You both always seemed to find yourselves lost in each other’s company and by the time you’d stop, it would already be time for your next class and you would find yourself out the door leaving behind the previous classes papers that still needed to be dealt with. You’d take that sweet aroma and calming atmosphere with you and the moment you were out of sight your fur would slowly start to return to normal and your heartbeat would slow back to its usual pacing. Toshinori blinked his eyes as that sweet smell that he always caught wind of when he entered the same room as you disappeared and the once calming air returned to normal as those around him straightened themselves and returned to their work having found themselves feeling lax thanks to the atmosphere your quirk had created. While those around him worked, he found himself becoming lost in his thoughts for a moment. He had a simple understanding of your quirk, aware that your emotions played into it.

When angry your fur would bristle bright red, flickering flames dancing around as smoke and embers would come off of your tails which was always accompanied by the sort of smell one would expect to catch a whiff of when in the presence of burning wood as the air would grow hot and humid. When feeling down, your tails would droop, the fur looking soaked to the bone as it becomes a deep blue. Water swirling around and dripping from the soaked fur as the smell of seawater would assault everyone’s senses and the temperature would drop to feel like a cool summer breeze. He understood perfectly what certain colors meant, but other times he’d find himself at a loss for words, not knowing the emotion behind other colors. Like days when your fur would be pure white and almost transparent like a wisp of smoke or pure black like an abyss that eats away at the light that shines on it and blends in with passing shadows.

What were you feeling when those colors shined through? What did those colors even represent? There were so many things he still didn’t know when it came to your quirk, you never spoke of it just like everyone else, it was always just there and apart of you. For the past month he became aware of the new color you started expressing, one that was always accompanied by that sweet aroma and calming air, it seemed like every time he saw you that would be the only color you’d wear. Did that mean you were happy? Excited?

What he found even stranger was that color would only be on your person when he was in his true form, the days he’d approach you while in his hero form, your fur would be its natural color and there would be no sweet scent surrounding you. It made the gears turn in his head, made him wonder why there was such a difference in your mood when it came to his hero form and his true form. It was a thought that ended up eating away at him for a majority of the day, thinking over and over about it, growing increasingly frustrated the longer he was unable to come up with a definite answer. But through his frustration, he was able to remember that he had one trick up his sleeve—a person who had a very detailed knowledge on all things related to Pro Heroes and their quirks. When lunchtime had rolled around, Toshinori wasted no time in turning into his hero form and tracking down his soon to be successor.

“Midoriya, my boy!” he boomed out as he came up behind the teen, resting a large hand on top of his shoulder and giving it a slight squeeze. “I need to borrow you for just a moment, there’s something important that I must speak with you about.”

“Uh...sure” the green haired teen straightened his back as he became more alert and aware. Assuming that the hero wanted to speak more with him about All for One and perhaps even give him more history on the quirk itself. Though what he didn’t expect the moment he sat down across from the blond—watching as his body deflated back into his true form now that they were both alone and away from prying eyes—was the question he asked. “You want…you want to know more about Ms. Kitsune’s quirk?” he repeated, owlishly blinking his eyes as he looked at the Pro Hero with a questioning gaze.

“That’s right, I was wondering if you could help me gain a better understanding of her quirk, it’s been bothering me all day” Toshinori nodded. “I figure you’d know something that I’m not aware of myself.”

“Well…uh…hold on” Midoriya said, opening up his bookbag and digging around in it before pulling out a decent size notebook that looked burnt. He flipped through its crinkled pages before stopping and holding it out to the hero who took it. His vivid blue eyes looking at the page the young man had stopped on, an amused smile tugging at his lips as he saw the decently done drawing of you in your hero outfit. Your hero name was written at the very top and underneath it was the name of your quirk with a short description explaining how it worked. Off to the side of the drawing was a list of colors and elements followed by the emotions they corresponded to.

Red/Fire – Anger

Light Blue/Ice – Loneliness

Deep Blue/Water – Sadness

White/Mist – Anxiety

There were other colors, but at the current moment, Toshinori wasn’t in need of knowing their meanings as he looked through the variety of colors and elements in search of that bright pink. But all too quickly he found himself frowning as he discovered that there was no such color in the list.

“Where’s the pink?” he suddenly asked, looking up at his pupil who once again owlishly blinked at him.

“Pink?” Midoriya questioned. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen her sport the color pink if I’m being honest” he mumbled, already starting to quietly mutter to himself as he thought over this new color that was just brought to his attention. Questioning if he hadn’t done enough research as he normally did when it came to his study and notes of other Pro Heroes.

“You haven’t?” Toshinori frowned, shoulders slumping just a bit at finding that his hope of gaining answers lead to a dead end.

“Ah! B-but maybe we can f-figure out it’s meaning through d-deduction!” Midoriya quickly exclaimed, not liking seeing the hero wearing such a disheartened expression before he started to quickly and quietly mutter to himself. Listening off all the current colors he had written down and mentioned the ones that he had yet to see. “In most cases, the color pink is associated with various things—sweet, tenderness, peace, and in some cases, it can represent love…” as the teen continued to mutter to himself it was like a light flickered on in Toshinori’s mind.

“Of course, that’s it!” Midoriya flinched, crying out in shock at the amount of blood that came spewing out of the blonde’s mouth as he hit his fist against the open palm of his hand. Looking excited and almost giddy at discovering the answer to his worries before his smile fell all too quickly as his attention was brought to another problem. How cruel of him to be so unaware of your feelings—to be ignorant of them for a whole whopping month.

“W-what is it, All Might?” the green haired teen asked, not quite following his teacher’s line of thinking before suddenly he felt a gentle pat be delivered to the top of his head.

“I must thank you, young Midoriya” he brightly beamed down at the young man before suddenly transforming into his hero form once more. “But if you’ll excuse me, there’s something important I must handle right now” and with that he was off, leaving the embarrassed teen behind. It was already nearing the end of lunch as he seemed to just race towards the teachers’ room where he was certain you would be at that moment. Aware that you normally liked to eat your lunch in peace at your desk—during a time when you knew not that many people would be in the room to disturb you. Bursting through the door, he was unable to keep his hero form any longer as smoke was already starting to emit from his body, but as he deflated he watched how you flinched at the sudden entrance he made.

The fur of your tails puffing up in surprise as your ears perked right up and your eyes flew away from the screen of your computer to look his way. Instantly calming down when your [Eye Color] eyes locked with his vivid blue ones. He watched intensely as the color of your fur turned that same vibrant pink as you calmed yourself and let your shoulders relax. That familiar sweet scent came wafting off your body and filling the room as he instantly found himself growing calm and relax as the air of the room shifted due to your quirk activating.

“Toshi, you almost gave me a heart attack” you chuckled, resting a hand on your chest as if to make your point. “What are you doing barging in here like some madman?”

“Your fur” was the only thing he said, already moving closer towards your desk as one of your ears twitched, eyes flickering down to stare at your tails that were already starting to gently sway.

“Yeah, what about—”

“That color” he suddenly breathed out, moving around your desk until he was standing in front of you. Even if he was unhealthily thin with sunken-in cheeks and eyes and looked so frail that one could push him over with just their finger, that didn’t change the fact just how much taller he was than you and how he always seemed to tower over you like a giant. Whether he be in his hero form or his true form, you always felt small around him and with him standing so close to you while you were comfortably seated in your desk chair, you were forced to tilt your head up quite a bit to be able to look into his eyes. You were almost taken aback when you saw the guilt that was shining in those bright eyes of his. “I’m sorry” he scooped down before you could react and tightly wrapped his long limbs around you, holding you close and tight to his person.

“Wha…?” you were at a loss for words, confused by his actions.

“I’m sorry I never noticed how you truly felt until now” your breath seemed to catch in your throat, suddenly feeling as if you were in a dream as you never truly expected the day that Toshinori would become aware of your feelings so suddenly. Your arms immediately flying up and wrapping around him, your fingers curling and tightly gripping the back of his suit as if to ground yourself and silently tell yourself that what was happening was truly happening.

“Took you long enough to figure it out” you weakly laughed, grip tightening when you felt his hold on you tighten before he pulled back just a little to clearly peer down at your face. Just staring up at him, just being so close you found yourself unable to speak—to say anything. The words were there, just in the back of your throat, but they refused to rise any further and slip from your lips which were just barely parted as you both just stared at one another for a moment. Just as you finally found your voice, you were cut off from any chances of speaking when he suddenly pressed his lips to your own bringing you into a soft and gentle kiss. His lips felt just the littlest bit chapped but still strangely soft in their own way against your own.

All your tails straightened up completely as both ears perked up while your eyes widened for but a moment before fluttering shut as you returned the kiss. Both of you moving your lips slowly against one another as you seemed to pull each other closer until your bodies were completely flushed against each other. Pulling away for air, both your cheeks were stained pink as you stared with half-lidded eyes. You stared at each other once more before locking lips once again, this time pressing your lips harder against one another and before you knew it your back was being pressed against the edge of your desk as he deepened the kiss. When you pulled away that time, you were both panting before suddenly you enveloped one another in a lovingly tight embrace.

“I’m so sorry for taking so long to notice your feelings for me” you heard him mutter as you moved your hands from his back to his chest, wrapping your fingers around his necktie while tilting your head up once again to look up at his face before giving a sharp tug downwards so that his lips were once again hovering over your own.

“Well then, if you truly feel bad about it there are ways you can make it up to me.”

A/N: I decided to be a bit ambiguous with the ending, so you guys can kind of decide if the way All Might makes it up to the reader is either with something fluffy like a date or smutty like…yeah. To the person that requested this, I hope this is to your liking and that it’s at least somewhat as you wanted from your request. I won't lie, I did struggle with it a bit and it kind of turned out a bit too much on the fluff side that I felt it would have just been strange to dive straight into anything too smutty once I reached the end so I'm sorry about that if the ending isn't exactly what you wanted. But I do hope that you still like it. 

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Requested By: Yumeko

Requested Writing Prompt: How about a reader who is quirkless and born from a quirk marriage, so her parents are kind of the worst so when she is 18 she tries to run away only to be found by Shota who graduated U.A. last year and is now a Pro Hero (at first he might try to take her home but after hearing about her circumstances doesn’t)

Quirk marriages weren’t uncommon having appeared shortly after the manifestations of quirks. Your parents were an example of a quirk marriage, both sole purposes of marrying to produce a child that’s quirk would be a mixture of their own and possibly making it better. For the first four years of your life, things were so simple…so sweet and loving as they treated you like parents were meant to treat their child and then the truth came out shortly a month or two after you had turn four. Your concerned parents had taken you to the doctor's when it was revealed that you were the only one out of your class whose quirk had yet to manifest. It was if a switch had been flicked when the older gentlemen calmly explained to your parents that your quirk was never going to manifest—to be blunt, you were quirkless.

The once loving air that surrounded your parents had seemed to suddenly disappear as your life spiral downwards into a living hell. You became their stress reliever, whenever one of them was in a bad mood you were the one to suffer and only catching a breather when they’d turn on each other. Angrily pointing fingers as they attempted to shift the blame back and forth on whose fault it was that you were born quirkless. You kept silent, never finding the courage to ever speak out or reach out for help and instead chose to quietly suffer as you constantly found yourself wondering what it was you had done to cause your own parents to turn against you in such a violent manner. As the years went by the bruises multiply, the scars grew, and your mind took many dark twists and turns.

It wasn’t until your eighteenth birthday did the thought of running away ever enter your mind, tiredly and silently shuffling around in your room as you packed what little belongings you owned. Stopping in your movements and holding your breath anytime you’d hear the slightest of sounds, fear gripping at your heart at the thought of one of your parents waking up and catching you. One would find it strange that at the age of eighteen your resolution was to run away instead of just simply announcing to your family that you were moving out. You were old enough, an adult that had the right to make their own choices…well, at least that’s what anyone else would think. You had become aware at the age of fifteen that such a thing would never be an option.

You were a failure in your parents' eyes and if you were being quite honest, it was crystal clear that they enjoyed taking their anger and frustration out on you. Common sense told you that they wouldn’t let you leave, that they wished to keep you close and locked away from prying eyes, so no one could see the disgrace of a child that they had as well as continue to feed their sadistic nature upon using you as some sort of punching bag. You didn’t want that, you wanted out and the only way you found was to run away with the moon being your only witness. You didn’t waste much time, only packing what little belongings you owned as well as the small amount of money that you had saved up over the years. You crept through the house on tippy-toes, slipping out the door and taking off in a sprint the moment it softly clicked shut behind you.

Your heart was racing, eyes wide as your mind reeled and voices seemed to taunt you of what would happen should you fail to get far enough away. Despite how late into the night it was there were still people out and about, a strange mixture of friends out for a little late-night fun, tired workers looking for release from the stress of work, and individuals who didn’t have good intentions. No one paid you much attention, their thoughts elsewhere and only casting a glance your way anytime you’d accidentally brush up or bump against them in your attempts to head as far away from your home as possible. You couldn’t help but think about just how long tonight was going to be as you were sadly aware that you only had the vaguest idea of what you were going to do. The further you went, the more you started to notice that you were now entering a part of the city that not many dared to go near.

There weren’t many people out now, but strangely enough, you felt no fear as you wander down the almost bare streets. Passing by maybe one or two people every now and again, some dragging highly intoxicated friends/family members back home and others silently whispering to one another and making exchanges that were not meant for prying eyes. You didn’t know if your lack of fear was due to how shitty your life had been up to that point and no longer caring what happened to you or because like most people you were aware that Pro Heroes tended to lurk around areas such as these at night, keeping their eyes peeled and their ears open for any sounds of trouble that would require them to act. As you were passing by an open alleyway, a choked sound left your lips as the back of your shirt was suddenly grabbed and your body was roughly yanked backward. The collar of your shirt for a moment painfully pressing against your throat and cutting off your windpipe before you were released, and your body was thrown further back into the alleyway.

“Give me everything you got, and I might consider letting you off easy!” a croaky, grating voice lowly growled. The owner dressed in garbs that were clearly meant to hide his features to the best of their ability as his hand was nothing more but a sharpened blade. You blankly stared at him for a moment, you had barely anything of value and if you're being honest, you were sure one could tell you weren’t well off by just your appearance alone. “Are you daft? Didn’t you hear what I said?!” he seemed to grow quickly irritated with your lack of a response, no doubt used to people blubbering or immediately moving to give him the things they had on them at that moment.

“No” the words left your lips before you could even stop to think, taking a single step back as if to put some distance between you and the man, your hand tightening for just a moment on the strap of your bag. You had so little and you weren’t going to part with it so soon due to the sliver of hope in the darkest corners of your mind that seemed convinced that things would get better once you were away from everything horrible in your life.

“What do you mean no?” he looked taken aback, shocked as if he had never heard such a word being directed towards him in his life and before you knew it you suddenly found yourself being lifted off the ground and your back smashed against the brick wall of the alleyway. One hand tightly gripping the collar of your shirt as the sharpen blade that was his other hand was positioned dangerously close to your neck. Still, you barely reacted as if there was nothing this man could really do that would ever compare to what your parents had been doing to you for years. “I’m not asking you, I’m telling you to give me everything you got, kid!” he snarled as the sharp edge of his blade started to press down even more, dangerously close to slicing into the flesh of your neck.

“And I said no, did you not hear me?” you didn’t regret what you said, flinching only slightly as the man raised his bladed hand and prepared to strike only to stop and grow confused as the blade suddenly morphed back into his normal hand, a piece of white fabric wrapping around his wrist to keep his arm from moving and soon more of that same fabric wrapped around his forehead and neck. His body was suddenly pulled from your own, the fist that tightly clutched the front of your shirt released you and let your body drop to the ground as you sat there in slight surprise and confusion. Everything happened far too quickly for you to really process it, only becoming aware of the new man standing before you as your attacker laid sprawled out and unconscious on the ground. He was dressed in all black, a thin white scarf was wrapped multiple times around his neck as his shaggy raven hair seemed to fall around his face and shoulders. He looked about a year or two older than you at most.

“Are you alright?” he didn’t sound too concerned or all that worried as he looked down at you with tired eyes, on his face you could see the faintest bit of scruff where he was now starting to gain facial hair. You didn’t answer him right away, slowly nodding your head instead as you watched him with wary eyes as you had never seen him before until now. “You must be quite shaken from such an experience, are you not aware that someone such as yourself shouldn’t be out this late at night? You never know who might just be lurking about” you owlishly blinked at the way he seemed to scold you even though his expression never changed from that tired and uninterested look.

“Who are you?” you asked the moment you found your voice and watched as he raised an eyebrow before giving a tired sigh.

“Eraser Head” you owlishly blinked once again at his blunt response, head slightly tilted as you thought for a moment, feeling as if the name he had given you sounded vaguely familiar.

“You’re that new Pro Hero the news has been talking about this past year, right?” you asked, having the faintest of memories of overhearing the media sprout on about a new up and coming Pro Hero that was already making a name and reputation for himself. Not much was given, only that he worked mainly at night and that his hero name was Eraser Head, other than that though they had nothing. The young man keeping to himself and seemingly avoiding the spotlight. He looked slightly amused as he gave a curt nod before looking towards the unconscious body of your attacker.

“I should be getting him to the police station, but first why don’t we get you home” the moment he reached a hand towards you, he was taken aback when you harshly smacked it away—your body tense and eyes wide at the thought of being returned home all too quickly.

“I’m fine, I can take care of myself” you didn’t know if you were talking to him or yourself. “I can look after myself” you muttered.

“Don’t be stupid, there are plenty of other people like that guy over there just waiting for the right person to come walking straight into their line of sight” he muttered, looking only slightly annoyed as you slowly stood up and crossed your arms over your chest, giving your head a harsh shake.

“I said I’m fine” you sternly repeated, watching as those tired eyes of his flickered from your face to the book bag on your back and it wasn’t long before a look of realization crossed his face as he pinched the bridge of his nose and heaved a sigh.

“You’re a runaway, aren’t you?” he asked, taking your silence as a yes as you just stood there looking at him. “Look, I don’t want to know what stupid reason you have for suddenly leaving home, but you’re obviously not smart if your first instinct was to come to this part of the city” you were barely phased by his insults, having heard worse. Your lack of a reaction is what caught his attention since he started his hero career a year ago he’s had a few incidents before that involved a runaway and typically they all normally got defensive and angry when he’d insult them for their stupidity. He waited for you to suddenly grow angry, to suddenly argue that your reason for running away from home wasn’t dumb. But instead, you continued to just sit there and stare at him as if silently waiting for him to say more.

“Come on, I don’t have time to deal with this tonight” he muttered, watching as you jerked back and away from him when he reached a hand out towards you. You took a step back towards the entrance of the alleyway and the moment you did, what little light that fluttered in from the street lamps finally gave him a clear view of your appearance. You didn’t look too good, your clothes were far too baggy and just by looking at your face he took note how your eyes looked sunken in, the bags under them clear against your deathly pale skin. As if you had been denied sunlight for such a long time. You looked worn out and tired, but the look in your eyes is what really got him, that look of fear as your muscles seemed to tense up.

You looked so scared, so frightened by the concept of going home that he had to stop for a moment and really think. Most cases of runaways were always something simple—an angry child upset with their parents or a teen that felt as if they weren’t properly understood or felt unloved. But there was also that one certain case, the one among the group that’s reason was understandable and the longer he stared at you he was starting to become aware that perhaps you were that one with the understandable reason.

“Your parents aren’t good people, are they?” he almost wanted to smack himself for approaching such a sensitive subject so bluntly, having to remind himself that he was a hero and as a hero, he had to make those around him feel safe and comfortable. How was he to do that if he went around bluntly approaching sensitive subjects? Though you didn’t look fazed by his bluntness, only nodding your head as you slowly started to rub at your arms and let your gaze drift elsewhere. There was no point in lying when he seemed to hit it right on the nail. It was silent after that, neither one of you really knowing what to say until you heard shuffling as he moved a bit closer towards you, though his movements were slow as if to allow you the chance to move further away or stop him if you so desired.

“That’s quite the problem, still that bag of yours looks far too small—how do you plan on making it on your own with so little?” he suddenly asked, that uninterested look of his softening just a bit as if he was trying to calm you and make your tense muscles relax by knowing that you were safe in his presence. “I assume you don’t really have a place to stay” he continued, watching as you slowly nodded before holding his hand out towards you. “Then I guess it can’t be helped, you can stay at my place for the night and come tomorrow morning we’ll figure something out” you stared at the hand that was offered to you. “Of course we’ll have to make a quick stop at the police station to drop him off, but that wouldn’t be too much of a problem, right?” moving your gaze from his hand to his eyes, you felt your cheeks heat up just a little and a small smile tug at your lips as a warm feeling suddenly flooded your chest as you nodded and took the hand he offered you.


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Requested By: Yumeko

Requested Writing Prompt: Reader gets kidnapped by villains and Shoto rescues her so now she makes him sweets every day and goes to U.A./His agency to give them to him and make sure he is taking care of himself.

A/N: Since I messed up Yumeko’s first request by accidentally using the wrong character because I’m an idiot who misread who she was requesting. I decided to get her second request—using the right character this time—done first as an apology, so I do hope the rest of you understand. I will be getting back to doing the other requests in the order they were posted after this one.

You never thought of yourself as anything special, just an average high school student, no one really noteworthy so to find yourself caught in the hands of a bunch of no-name villains really wasn’t something you ever expected to experience in your life. It was tiring and frightening all at the same time, your nerves frayed as you sat there trying to keep your breathing leveled. You could hear the way your heart thundered inside yourself, the sound ear-splitting that you feared your captors that quietly whispered with one another could hear it. Your knowledge was limited, you didn’t know their plans, you didn’t know their quirks, and you sure as hell didn’t know their names. They were nothing more than a bunch of nobodies that got the slip-on you and were holding you hostage—did they think you came from a wealthy family?

Did they think that by kidnapping you they’d make a name for themselves? That they’d become the next big shots that were constantly talked about on the news? You flinched when two of them suddenly directed their gaze towards you, body tensing at the way they intensely stared at you before they slowly turned away and continued whispering whatever it was they were whispering to one another. You weren’t aware how long you had been held captive under their watchful eyes, mind still in a slight haze and head still slightly sore from the blow it had received after your encounter with them. But you were certain that it hadn’t been more than a day or two since you were whisked away and tied down.

You had little to no idea of where you were, eyes constantly flickering around the room to find even the slightest of signs that would hint at where they had you hidden. Barely any light reached inside the room, candles the only source as their flames constantly flickered around and caused the shadows of the room to dance along with their flickering. Your ears perked up the slightest at the steadily growing murmur that came from the group of villains, their whispers slowly growing louder and louder as you also became aware of their irritation. One of them even started to tug at the collar of his shirt as another stood from her seat and removed her jacket.

“Why is it so fucking hot?” you heard one of them lowly growl as he swiped the back of his hand against his forehead. Now that he mentioned it, you were also starting to become aware of the rise in temperature. The room starting to feel stuffy as sweat was already starting to build up on your own forehead and you began to feel uncomfortable in your fall clothing. The thin jacket layered over a long-sleeved shirt not providing much help as a soft exhale left your slightly parted lips. Just as the villains were starting to fidget and grow irritated with the heat, you also started to grow agitated as well as slightly fearing the possibility of suffering a heatstroke if the temperature of the room kept rising the way it was.

You soon flinched, a loud yelp escaping you when the door to the room suddenly burst open, flames curling and licking around the edges of the doorframe as smoke quickly started to fill the room. Your vision was soon cloud by the gray wisps in the air, ears only perking up to the sound of chair legs harshly scrapping against the floor as your captors found themselves on high alert. The temperature of the room was now unbearable, the heat so thick and heavy that you felt as if buckets of sweat was just pouring off of you and drenching your clothes as your breathing picked up a little, making it sound as if you had just run a marathon. But, just as the heat had come it quickly disappeared and was soon replaced by a sudden chill of the air, a shiver now taking hold of your body as through the smoke that was still thick you could see a thin layer of frost starting to take hold of the walls and floor. The villains around you already kicking up a fuss, their voices boisterous and loud as they sneered and screamed at their “guest” to reveal themselves as they recklessly moved about.

Some of them not taking caution of the steadily growing ice on the floor as they ended up slipping while others found themselves unable to move as the ice had already started to creep up their feet and encase their ankles. You were cautious, raising your feet and letting the soles of them just hover barely over the ground when you saw that the thin sheet of ice started to creep its way towards the chair you were tied down to before giving a slight sigh of relief when it stopped just an inch or two away from you. Thanks to the decrease of temperature, you were now able to see your breath every time you exhaled through your mouth, watching as the smoke of the room was starting to lighten up more and more until you were given a clear view of everyone’s silhouettes. The lack of an open window making it difficult for the smoke to completely disappear. Counting each shadowy figure, you quickly became aware that there were just one too many people in the room than there was earlier and before anyone else could take notice, the new figure lashed out.

With lack of sight and the inability to move for various reasons, you watched in awe as the figure—which you became aware whose physique was that of a young man—moved with ease. Taking advantage of his enemies confusion. Had it been his quirk that had caused both the sudden increase and decrease of temperature in the room? You figured that had to be the case, the only explanation as you watched his silhouette move and even if you couldn’t see much detail you became aware of how your captors one by one would quickly find themselves unable to move—as if they had just been frozen in place. The fight was over all too soon and you watched as this mysterious man approached you, his features becoming clearer the closer he got and the more the smoke in the air started to clear, finally choosing to seep its way out the open doorway and through the rest of the building.

“You alright?” his voice was calming as you stared up at him with wide eyes. He truly didn’t look that much older than you, his body looking as if it was just simply split into two separate appearances. The right side simply sporting white hair and a gray iris while the left side held red hair and a turquoise colored iris as the eye itself was surrounded by a nasty scar. Despite how different the two sides of his body were and the scar over his left eye, he was still quite attractive if you were being honest. You owlishly blinked when he suddenly waved a hand in front of you, those eyes of his giving you only the slightest look of concern yet his face stayed impassive.

“Huh?” you asked.

“I asked if you’re alright? Are you in need of medical attention?” he asked, already starting to work his way behind you to free you of your restraints. “I do hope you forgive me, it was a bit reckless of me to use my quirk while in such a small area—if I hadn’t been cautious you could have potentially been hurt” you listened to him say, his voice still soothing and calm that you couldn't figure out if he was truly guilty for his recklessness or if he was just using his voice to keep you calm. The moment the ropes that restrained you loosened and fell to the ground, you moved your hands to the front of your body, [Eye Color] eyes peering down at the red marks around your wrists. You hissed at the stinging sensation that came from them every time you made a slight movement with your wrists while also curling and uncurling your fingers. You owlishly blinked as your savior gently rested his hand on your shoulder, his palm feeling cool to the touch as he peered down at you as if silently asking if you needed any assistance in standing.

You didn’t really answer him, instead slowly pushed yourself up into a standing position and then suddenly taking hold of his arm the second you took a tentative step onto the ice-covered ground. The sole of your foot harshly sliding against the slick surface and almost sending you falling if you hadn’t grabbed onto his arm so tightly.

“Careful” he muttered, moving himself to hold your arm and help you keep balance as he placed his left foot down onto the ice. Steam rising out from underneath it as the frost started to slowly melt. Slowly, step by step you both made your way out of the room and then through the building, your body leaned close towards his as he helped lead you and kept a steady hold on you. Once outside, you stood still and watched from the corner of your eyes as your savior softly spoke into his phone, informing the police of your location and the group of villains that were still immobile inside the frozen room. When he was finished and had returned his phone to his pocket, he turned to you, his face still in that blank expression. “They should be here in a few minutes until they arrive I’ll stay and keep you company” he told you which caused your lips to slightly twist upwards.

“Thank you” you breathed out as a peaceful silence soon fell over the both of you, neither really knowing what to say before finally it was broken by you. “May I get the name of my hero?”

“Shoto” you pursed your lips and racked your brain for any signs of that name being familiar before your eyes lit up.

“Your that kid that won second place in the U.A. Sports Festival, correct?” you seemed pleased with yourself for remembering such a thing as most people tended to care more about the first-place winner when it came to that school. He nodded, confirming your assumptions. “Man, it must be nice to attend such a school like U.A.” you smiled with a slight sigh. Shoto was amused, figuring that your mind had simply pushed the feelings of fear to the very back and out of the way. He was sure though that after he left, and you found yourself alone, those feelings would rush back as the weight of the situation you had been in would come crashing down on you like a ton of bricks.

But for now, he kept silent and allowed you to speak freely as it seemed to keep you smiling and in a peaceful state of mind. He was aware that many people reacted differently, that shock and the human mind were strange things that determined whether a person would react poorly or not after being exposed to such a terrifying situation.

“My quirk isn’t all that great, so I didn’t really see a reason to apply there” you muttered, eyes becoming slightly downcast.

“Your quirk?” he questioned, eyes lighting up in slight interest as you nodded and went straight into giving him a basic explanation of your quirk. It wasn’t anything big or spectacular nor could it even be considered a hero quirk. You both seemed to fall into such a comfortable conversation after that, but you quickly found that Shoto wasn’t one for speaking as there were long periods of him just nodding as you continued to speak. You were sad to part with him when the police finally arrived, bringing with them an ambulance that you were quickly rushed towards as they insisted to at least give you a look over. By the time they were finished, one of them using their quirk to take away the stinging sensation in your wrists that you had been ignoring this entire time, you were sad to find that Shoto had already taken his leave before you could even give him a proper thank you.

Though you weren’t sure if a simple “thanks” would really be enough. Your mood soon picked up though when an idea suddenly entered your mind, surely he liked sweets. Most people you knew enjoyed indulging themselves in something sweet every now and then such as a cookie or cake, you could bake him something nice and give it to him the next time you saw him. Though that brought up another problem, when exactly would be the next time you see him? Before your shoulders could even think to droop downwards, they perked right back up as you knew exactly how you would be able to see him sometime soon.

Now the only thing left to figure out was what kind of sweets he would like.

-Months Later-

You flashed your brightest smile as you saw the familiar faces of the Pro Heroes that stood guard at the U.A. barrier, a large set of metal doors that stayed closed at all times. Only opening for students and faculty, as well as anyone that possessed a “Special Entry Permission” ID. Both heroes gave their greeting, happy to see your smiling face as they had grown used to it due to your frequent visits, stopping by once every day and bringing with you a box of various sweets. The first time you had visited the school to properly give your thanks to your savior, you had been nervous and scared of being accused of something awful or denied entry. But the guards seemed to have understood your reasoning perfectly well, seeing no problem with letting a young lady such as yourself onto school grounds for a short while to drop off a delivery.

Shoto had of course been surprised by your sudden appearance and the box of sweets you had gifted him with. Having not expected you to go out of your way to come visit him and give him such a gift nor did he expect you to repeat the same actions the next day and the day after that. You weren’t exactly sure what kept you coming back, but you did, and you always had a new treat to give to the young hero. Soon it became a tradition, your face becoming a familiar one to both the students and the teachers as the months went by. You had become such a frequent visitor that you had eventually been given your own ID that would allow you to enter the school with little to no trouble.

You were harmless, there was never a reason for anyone to be on guard when they saw you and you figured that’s why your presence was never a problem. You also always made sure to wait until a break between classes before entering, not wishing to interrupt the upcoming generation of heroes from their lessons. With each visit, you and Shoto seemed to become close, even if he was still somewhat distant and struggled just a little whenever it came to socialization as he always fell back into his habit of silently listening instead of participating. But it always brightened your day to see him, to talk to him, to check up on him and see how he was doing.

“Back again I see” one of the guards said, giving a slight chuckle as you happily bobbed your head up and down.

“What do you have for him this time?” the second guard asked, peering into the box the moment you pulled its lid open to reveal various cookies, each one different from the last.

“Nothing too wild, just some new cookie recipes I decided to try out and wanted to share with him” you explained before holding the box further out as you silently offered the two a chance to take one themselves. You always made sure to make extra so if Shoto desired he could easily share with his class—which he always did. Both politely declined as they let you in, each of you exchanging a small farewell as you entered the school, already knowing the layout well enough to know where you needed to go. It took you no time to reach the Department of Heroes and stop just outside his class. You patiently stood there, glancing at the clock on the hallway's wall every now and then and the moment you knew that you weren’t going to disrupt class you opened the door and smiled at the many faces that lit up upon spotting you.

Sometimes you couldn’t help but feel like you were apart of the class just as much as the other kids, almost all of them happily accepting you and finding your gesture of bringing Shoto sweets every day adorable. The moment you and Shoto locked eyes, you gave him the sweetest smile that he returned with a small one as you walked over to his desk and gently placed the box of cookies down on it. Like always, he opened the box and peered inside, taking just one before giving a small glance to those around him. Letting them all know that it was alright for them to take one as well. It always warmed your heart upon seeing just how close this class seemed to be with one another.

The second the others settled back into their own small group of friends after grabbing themselves a cookie of their liking, you turned your attention fully to Shoto, watching him take a small bite of the sweet in his hand.

“So, what do you think?” you asked, looking quite eager to know his answer. It was the one thing you looked forward to every day after you’d hand him whatever sweet treat you had spent the night before preparing. Out of everyone, he was the one that you wanted to be the most pleased with the goods you baked.

“It’s good, as always you did a wonderful job, have you possibly considered going into the confectionary business?” he asked, lips curling upwards as he watched you give a joyous clap. Not really answering his question, which he didn’t mind as he instead gave a slight chuckle upon seeing how happy you were to receive such a positive reaction from him.

“Of course it’s good! It has to be good because my hero deserves nothing but the best” you suddenly chirped, tensing as your hands quickly flew up to your mouth as your face was already becoming flushed with embarrassment upon accidentally letting such words slip out. You hesitantly cast a glance towards Shoto, scared to see his reaction to such words. You found that his own cheeks were slightly flushed as he looked surprised to hear you say such a thing. Before he could even form a response, you were already turning away from him to further hide your embarrassment while casting a glance towards the clock. “Well your next class should be starting soon, so I shall be taking my leave.

“See you tomorrow” you seemed to just squeak out before quickly rushing out of the room and ignoring the stares and slight giggles that came from the other students that had been within earshot and heard what you had said. Shoto watched as you left, almost tripping over your own two feet in your quick movements before he finally looked back down at the box of cookies that still had a decent amount of the sweet treats left once you were fully out of sight.

“Your hero?” he quietly muttered to himself, repeating the words you had said to him before feeling his lips tug up into a small smile as the light flush on his face started to darken in color. Already in his mind, he was mulling over different things to say to you the moment you stopped by tomorrow, knowing that he had to return the favor to you. You weren’t allowed to be the only one to say such sweet things and he was going to make sure of that.

Chapter Text

Requested By: Lunalight

Requested Writing Prompt: The reader may be a U.A. Student but she's secretly an anti-hero, which is a hero that kills villains. She later kills the traitor of U.A. (I'll let you decide who it may be) as well as Shigaraki and some other villains because they are villains, but at the cost of everyone learning, she's a cold-hearted killer. She escapes, and several years later, she's still a secret anti-hero, killing off villains and making a bit of a name of herself as the Villain Killer, making villains fear her and some civilians praise her work. She thinks back on some happy memories with her boyfriend, Tokoyami whom she hasn't seen for a long time and hasn't broken up with yet because she left so suddenly. She finds Tokoyami and Dark Shadow heavily injured by a dangerous criminal one night and kills the criminal mercilessly before she takes Tokoyami to an abandoned hotel to heal his wounds. They talk and...well, you can decide what happens next.

“[Y-Your Name]” the shaky voice of Midoriya broke you out of your trance, eyes slowly trailing away from the unmoving body of Shigaraki that laid still underneath you. The flesh around your wrist was damaged and decayed in the man’s attempts to pry your hands off of him. His body wasn’t the only one that littered the room, there were other villains who laid still—whose faces were twisted up into looks of slight agony before they met their demise. Though there was one body among the mix that you had been particularly brutal with. Their face a familiar one, even through the mutilation and swollen bruises one could still tell that it was one of your fellow classmates that laid there among the bodies of the villains.

You couldn’t bear to look at their lifeless form and instead directed your full attention towards your classmates. Shakily standing up as you carefully observed their every move. They were scared, their eyes wide and their faces pale as their bodies shook, some of them even had to cover their mouths and hold back whatever sob or gag that wanted to slip through. But it wasn’t long before some of their expressions morphed into looks of disgust and hatred, some now baring their teeth and positioning themselves into a fighting position as if they thought you were going to attack them next. You stood perfectly still, not knowing what to say to them—what to say to let them know the sight before them wasn’t as bad as they believed.

You were on their side, you were just like them, it was just that you took matters into your own hands. These people…these monsters that laid sprawled out on the floor had no right to live. They had no right continuing to draw another breath for the crimes that they have committed especially them. The one that had pretended this entire time to be yours and the others friend, the one that you and everyone else had shared laughs and tears with. They were nothing more than a liar, they never cared and in the end, you knew if you didn’t take them out now they’d only hurt everyone else further down the road.

Of course, the others wouldn’t understand that at the moment, their minds still believing that the former classmate was still their friend.

"It’s not…” you took one small step towards them, stopping when they all tensed up, more of them getting into a fighting position as the rest stepped back and away from you. Your heart seemed to just ache at the sight, eyes now desperately looking through their own to find any indication that one of them—any of them wasn’t truly against you. It didn’t take long before your gaze landed on Tokoyami, your lover, and the moment you saw him avoid eye contact with you was the moment you heard your own heart shatter. Even he was afraid of you, disgusted by what you have done. “Please, Tokoyami—”

“Shut up!” Bakugo’s infuriated voice made you jump, he looked absolutely livid. His eyes narrowed as he seemed to spew venom from his lips with every insult that came flying from him. He looked so angry, he had such a murderous intent surrounding him as you prepared yourself for a fight when you thought he was ready to charge at you. But before he could even make a move, the blond found himself being yanked back by Dark Shadow, restrained from being able to move any closer towards you.

“Don’t, it’s too dangerous, we should wait for the teachers and proper authorities to arrive” Tokoyami’s voice was calm, but his head was now turned away from you as if he was trying to deny your presence altogether. Your whole body tensed up and your heart painfully twisted inside of your chest as you realized that your own lover had just claimed you too dangerous to even come near.

“Please, just—” you stopped upon hearing the sound of sirens piercing through the air and steadily growing louder the closer they got. You couldn’t stay, you knew you couldn’t stay least you wished to face whatever punishment they planned to serve you for your crime. Even if you were in the right to rid the world of such scum in your goal to make it a safer place for the public, the justice system would still view it as a crime despite the victims being nothing more than monsters. You cast one finally pleading look to your classmates—to Tokoyami—but when none of them made the effort to speak, to fully make eye contact with you. You only turned away from them and took your leave before anyone could really think to stop you.


You heaved a sigh, not know what had made you suddenly decide to remember that event from all those years ago. The event that had made your fellow classmates aware of just what you really were. By definition, you were what most people labeled as an anti-hero, someone who did things that weren't very heroic in the name of justice. You kept to the shadows, never revealing yourself and only working out at night and as the years went by you slowly built a name for yourself. The media called you the Villain Killer—the exact opposite of the Hero Killer who had dominated the news all those years ago.

Villains had learned to fear you and your actions seemed to have the public’s opinion of you split. Some praising your work and others making claims that you were no better than the villains you killed. You were out patrolling once again, keeping yourself to the shadows as to avoid any contact with Pro Heroes that were known to work in the night, it was always a race between you and them to see who would arrive at the scene of the crime first. You were aware that most villains—mainly ones that were just starting to make a name for themselves—typically wished for the Pro Heroes to be the ones to arrive first as they knew when you arrived there were no second chances. No chances of forgiveness as you would only end their life and then take your leave after ensuring that the victims of the villains were safe and sound.

But tonight seemed quiet, slow almost as there were rarely any sounds of a ruckus happening at all. You almost felt bored and within that boredom, you found your mind wandering. Wandering back to your time at U.A. before everything that happened did. The good times spent with friends laughing and talking about the plans over the weekend. Then your thoughts started to think about Tokoyami, your boyfriend.

He had been a mature young man for his age and proved to be quite a gentle lover even if he wasn’t overly affectionate and sometimes didn’t always know what to say. He was always there to lift your spirits and you loved him even after all these years of being apart you still did. You wondered, would he even still feel the same as you? Did he even still consider you his lover as you did him? It had been so long since you last saw each other and neither of you had properly broken it off with one another as you had shortly disappeared after running away that day. You were soon brought out of your memories, being brought back to the present by the loud sound of something harsh smashing against a couple of trash cans down one of the alleyways closest to where you stood.

Your mood perked up, excited and eager to finally bring an end to this slightly boring night even if you were certain the only thing you’d encounter down that alleyway was a drug deal gone wrong or the struggle between a victim and mugger. But that excited mood of yours was quickly snuffed out when you snuck yourself towards the entrance of the alley and peered over the corner—wanting to assess the situation first before rushing right in. You were overtaken by a sense of unyielding rage the moment you spotted the familiar bird-headed man that laid motionless on the ground, the slight sound of wheezing piercing through the air as the dark shadow that was in the shape of a bird and coming out of the man’s chest swayed in the air. It looked like it could barely even hold itself up against the criminal any longer. You were right as you watched as the shadow soon fell down to the ground, now leaving both it and the man vulnerable to the criminal.

You didn’t waste a second, your legs already starting to move down the alleyway as you slowly started to pick up in speed before you were full-on running towards the villain. Watching as his head swirled upwards as his narrowed eyes slowly widened when you launched yourself straight at him. You were quite merciless with your attack, not yet reaching for one of the two knives at your side as you instead chose to repeatedly hit your fists against his face. Listening to the sound of his nose soon breaking as blood came gushing out and staining the knuckles of your gloved fist that were already starting to ache even if they were covered, but that didn’t stop the pain of the bone of your knuckles making harsh and painful contact with the bone of the man’s face. You weren’t even aware when you had finally drawn one of the knives from your side, holding its blade just up against his jugular and staring deep into his hazy eyes as he seemed lost in a daze.

You figured that the shock of a broken nose and the possibly cracked and fractured bone structure of his face was enough to put him out of it. He seemed to be moaning and whimpering at the same time as each movement of his head caused him to release a hiss of air. Silently you could hear his breathless pleads as the blade of the knife started to press down harder and harder against the flesh of his neck before finally penetrating it as blood started to bubble and seep out. Like a waterfall, the thick crimson liquid seeped down his neck letting gravity guide it downwards but you didn’t stop as you continued to push the knife further in. Barely bothered by the choked gasps and thrashing of the man beneath you.

You didn’t pull away until he had gone still, standing and wiping the blood that now stained your knife off on your pants. You didn’t care about the blood that always ended up staining your clothes at the end of the night, having learned how to deal with such messes once you returned home. Slipping the knife back to your side, you turned to look at the still body of Tokoyami, sure of yourself that it was him as you didn’t know that many people with a bird-shaped head. He was still breathing, still loudly wheezing as he laid on the ground, one hand resting on his shoulder that had a decent amount of blood leaking out. Just looking at him you were right with your assumptions that it was Tokoyami and Dark Shadow, neither one moving as you were certain they had both passed out due to exhaustion and pain.

“Still handsome as ever” you couldn’t help but breathe out, cheeks heating up just a little as you moved closer to bend down beside him, already starting to push his robe open—wishing to get a closer look at his wound. Just a glance at it told you that it wasn’t deep enough to require stitches, but it was still bad enough that you needed to stop the bleeding. Despite your profession and your methods, your quirk was a simple healing quirk. Similar to an animal, you had to lick the wound—your saliva had to make actual contact with it for it to work. Of course, it didn’t work all that great on deep wounds that needed stitches, nor could you do it to multiple people at the same time as the constant taste of blood would make you nauseous.

Leaning over him, you let your tongue drag over the length of the wound, nose scrunching up just a bit at the metallic taste that hit your tongue. But you couldn’t help the small smile that pulled at your lips as you pulled back and rested a gentle hand on his cheek, rubbing a thumb over his feathers as you watched the bleeding of his wound slow to a stop and your saliva started to work its magic. You don’t know how long you sat there just staring at Tokoyami’s face and letting your hand gently rub at his cheek before finally standing and setting to work on moving his body. It wasn’t safe to leave him out here all alone and even if your quirk did help in stopping the bleeding and closing the wound, it still didn’t take away the pain that he’d feel from such a wound right away. Racking through your memory, trying to remember the layout of the area you were in, you were reminded that there was an empty hotel that had been left to rot the minute this part of the city became infested with villains and petty criminals.

Your home was too far away and there was only so far you could carry Tokoyami’s body before it became too much for you, so the obvious choice was to go with the hotel. You say it’s abandoned, but you were aware that some of the rooms were being occupied by those who had nowhere else to go at night or had money to really afford a decent place to stay. It took you a while to get Tokoyami to such a destination, having to hook your arms underneath his own and lift him up just enough that his lower half dragged against the ground. It wasn’t that you were weak but you knew that it would be quite difficult to carry a grown man and his shadow beast that still laid passed out on the ground. Getting him into the hotel wasn’t too bad, it was getting him up the stairs and into one of the rooms that had been the hardest part, but with time you had made it and let his body flop down onto the bare mattress which caused a layer of dust to fly everywhere.

You released a huge breath of air, wiping imaginary sweat from your forehead before moving his body around into a comfortable position on the bed. Once you were through, you just stood there and let yourself once again just stare at his peaceful face, glad to hear that his breathing had calmed down as well and no longer had that wheezing tone to it. Dark Shadow was curled up on top of him, resting as well. Just seeing how peaceful and comfortable they both now were brought a sigh of relief from you as you were just happy that you had arrived on time. You let your mood slowly sour for just a moment as you softly plopped down on the edge of the bed, now thinking of what could have possibly happened if you hadn’t had shown up.

Your ears perked up soon as Tokoyami started to shift around, softly groaning as his eyes slowly blinked open.

“Where am…?” he looked around in a daze for just a second as he tried to process his surroundings before his eyes finally landed on you. His posture seemed to tense up as he shot straight up into a sitting position, startling Dark Shadow awake from suddenly being flung off the young man’s chest. “You!” he frowned, keeping a defensive posture as you casually leaned back onto your arms and stared at him. Despite the slight ache in your chest upon noticing that his first reaction upon seeing you after all these years was a defensive one, you wore a bright smile.

“Me” you responded, chuckling a little at the way he rolled his eyes as Dark Shadow sluggishly lifted himself back up and rubbed at his eyes as he tried to regain his senses. “You know, that’s not a nice way to thank your savior” you said, watching as he slowly blinked and continued to stare at you in suspicion.

“Savior?” he questioned as Dark Shadow was now starting to take on an offensive posture, looking ready for a fight as he kept to the front of Tokoyami. They were the perfect duo, one that could play both offense and defense with such ease. He seemed to be in thought for but a second, it not taking him too long to remember the weak and pitiful position he had been in not moments ago until you had shown up.

“That’s right, if I hadn’t had shown up like I did you’d be dead in some alleyway, but don’t worry about it—I took care of everything” you said, giving him your brightest smile while ignoring the way his eyes looked elsewhere. He wasn’t stupid, he knew exactly what you meant when you said you had taken care of it. It grew silent after that, neither of you knew what else to say to the other. It had been so many years since you last saw each other, and you were sure that his only memory of you was your clothes stained in blood and a multitude of dead bodies all around you. The silence that settled between the two of you was awkward and uncomfortable as your mind seemed to be working a million miles an hour. Question after question, there were just so many things you wished to ask him.

So many things that you truly wanted to know but couldn’t bring yourself to ask, not knowing just how willing he’d be to speak with you.

“You look like you’ve been doing well” you owlishly blinked when he suddenly spoke, casting a glance his way you saw how he and Dark Shadow had lowered their defensive and offensive postures, yet his body was still tense and Dark Shadow still looked prepared for a fight if one were to break out.

“I have, I see you’ve become a hero as you’ve always wanted to” you slowly nodded. “I guess you’re the kind that works at night.”

“Indeed” he nodded, finally lifting his gaze to look you in the eyes. For a second his features had softened, and he gave you the gentlest smile that he could as his eyes became glazed over. It made you wonder if he was perhaps thinking about the happy moments. The moments where you both had been happy together and nothing was complicated, and you were both working towards the same goal. But that’s not how life works, everything couldn’t really be that simple.

Sure you both had similar goals, but in the end, you ended up taking different paths to complete those goals and the path you took was one that neither he nor many others agreed with. You watched how that gentle look on his face suddenly disappeared as those sweet memories most likely lead back to that day. He shifted around in his spot, swinging his legs over the bed to let them now rest on the floor as he stared down at the floor with a steadily harden glare.

“Why’d you do it?” he quietly asked.

“Do what?” you tilted your head, playing dumb as you knew perfectly well what he was asking.

“Why’d you kill…them?” he put a lot of emphasis at the end of his question.

“Oh” your face dropped as those bitter feelings started rushing back as you thought back to that person—that traitor. “They deserved it” you harshly stated.

“They were our classmate! Our friend!” you rarely ever saw Tokoyami lose his temper, but it was obvious that even after all these years he was still hurt by what you had done. You wondered if the others were the same way if they all were also hurt by what you had done.

“They were a traitor!” you hissed right back. “They weren’t our classmate and they weren’t our friend, they were a liar!”

“So? That doesn’t exactly erase all the memories and fun times we had with them!” he seemed agitated by your response. “To kill them like that…do you honestly feel no regret?” you let your hands slowly curl up into fists as your face twisted up into a scowl, that bitter feeling in your chest growing the longer you thought back on all the happy times you shared with that liar. They weren’t a friend, those happy memories meant nothing knowing that they weren’t even real to begin with.

“No, I don’t” you muttered. “They were a traitor, they didn’t care about any of us and if I hadn’t had taken care of them the way I had they would have only hurt you and the others” you voiced your reasoning, knowing that you were in the right for what you had done.

“You don’t know that for sure though, there was always the possibility that they could have had a change of heart.”

“How do you know?!” you snapped as you looked right at him. “How do you know that they could have had a change of heart?! They were nothing but a filthy traitor—a villain and like any other villain they don’t have the heart or soul to change their ways!” your voice was harsh and breathing heavy before you stood up and pointed a finger right at his beak, ready to continue speaking before he cut in.

“Murder isn’t justified, no matter who the victim is! You should have told the teachers when you had found out who the traitor was instead of being reckless, what you did was cruel!”

“Cruel? You know what’s cruel? The fact that you backed down and refused to look my way that day, the fact that—just like everyone else—you were afraid of your own girlfriend!” you shouted as tears slightly pricked the corner of your eyes. “You thought of me as nothing more than a danger at that moment, you know how much that hurt? I thought as my boyfriend you were going to stay by my side no matter what, not look at me like I was some monster!” his gaze was as hard as steel as he glared right back at you.

“You call me cruel, but at least I wasn’t some pathetic loser that was afraid of his own girlfriend” you hissed out the insult and before you could blink you found yourself suddenly on your back on the bed. Dark Shadow restraining your arms as Tokoyami hovered over.

“Pathetic? You call me pathetic, but how else do you expect me or anyone else to react when you were covered in blood and surrounded by the dead? How else do you expect a bunch of young adolescence to act when barely any of them could think straight due to the steadily growing scent of rot and finding the body of a fellow classmate among all those villains?” he asked, grabbing hold of your face with one hand and forcing you to continue looking right at him. Both your breathing was heavy as you glared at each other, not knowing how to continue on from there. Your heart was pounding in your chest and as you opened your mouth to further snap at the bird-headed man, it was soon cut off as he suddenly swooped down and pressed his mouth to the best of his ability to your own—it was always difficult to kiss him with that beak of his.

He had to angle his head just the right way each time just to make sure that the very tip of his beak didn’t painfully scratch the skin of your face. Your eyes had widened for just a second at the sudden gesture before falling shut as you quickly returned the kiss with the same force. It was sloppy and rough, not the same as it used to be all those years ago. You barely pulled apart from one another before you both dived right back into the kiss. You didn’t know how it happened, but it wasn’t long before you both found your clothes off and on the floor, your body sprawled out on the mattress of the bed as your arms were painfully restricted above your head by Dark Shadow who seemed to snicker as he held you there.

Your face was red and breathing heavy as tears seemed to prick the corner of your eyes and your mouth was wide open. Loud moans leaving the back of your throat as Tokoyami’s hands tightly gripped at your hips, his nails digging right into your flesh as the thrust of his hips was fast and rough. The sound of skin slapping against skin was loud and seemed to bounce off the walls of the hotel room as his face was buried right into your neck. The tip of his beak scrapping against your back as he harshly bit and sucked on the flesh of your neck. Moving to different areas once he was satisfied to add more marks.

He showed you little to no mercy as he continued to hold your hips, pushing down on them to prevent them from jerking up the way you wanted them to while the movements of his own were quick. Your back arched itself as you loudly and shakily called out his name, toes curling as your legs tightly wrapped around his waist and attempted to pull him closer than he already was to you. He was rough, he was dominating as he seemed to just attack you mercilessly and drive you wild as your moans started to turn into loud whimpers and cries that seemed to beg him to keep going. With him inside you, you felt so full and your mind could barely process anything that was really happening as you found yourself listening to the harsh creaking of the bedsprings beneath you and the sounds of both your flesh smacking harshly against one another. Your fingers curled up into a fist as your arms would jerk every now and then, as you felt the strong desire to wrap your arms around him and drag your nails down his back.

Just as you found yourself near the edge, he stopped and before you could even think to ask or snap at him, your body was suddenly flipped around as you now found yourself on your knees with your bottom in the air. One of his hands still tightly gripped your hip as he started back his thrusting and your arms were still being restricted by Dark Shadow who was now starting to worm himself around you before nestling himself between your breasts and started to nip a little at the flesh. Tokoyami’s other hand gently slipped up your back until his fingers wound themselves up in your hair and then curled up into a fist as you released a loud cry when your head was suddenly yanked back. His face now hovering close to your ear as he gave his own breath of shaky moans. His comments were silently lewd and made your face even brighter in color as he continued thrusting.

It didn’t take him long to find that one spot, that one spot that had you seeing stars as your eyes rolled back and saliva was already starting to build up and leak from the corner of your mouth. He seemed to just abuse that one area, hitting it with every thrust as his grip on your hair would tighten and loosen every now and again. You listened to the way he grunted, the way he panted out how he wouldn’t last much longer before you gave another cry as he bit down on your shoulder once more and Dark Shadow gave his own harsh bite to one of your breasts. Your body started shaking, tears just seeming to flow down your face as your own juices seemed to leak out and down your legs as Tokoyami gave a few more thrusts before he tensed up and released himself. Neither of you moved, your bodies a panting and twitching mess as you continued to lie there in such a position.

His movements were slow as he pulled himself away, peeling his body off of your own and letting it flop back down onto the mattress with Dark Shadow following his lead and disappearing back into his body as yours slowly slide down until you were laying completely on your stomach. Still shivering and shaking from your orgasm as you felt his release start to seep out of you along with your juices, staining the bare mattress beneath you. You turned your head to look at him with half-lidded eyes and saw that he was already looking at you. You couldn’t read what he was thinking, couldn’t know if he was already starting to regret what happened or not. But before you could further lose yourself in your own thoughts, you felt your body slowly being pulled towards him and laid over top of his own as he just seemed to gently hold you.

“Sleep” was all he said, muttering the words as he held you close to his chest and let his eyes flutter shut. It didn’t take his breathing long to grow slow and steady as he drifted off to sleep and even you were already starting to feel sleepy as you gave a yawn. A small smile pulling at your lips as you decided that you’d leave the mess you two had made for tomorrow you to deal with.

A/N: If you couldn’t tell, I’m trying to figure out my own style when it comes to writing smut. So, I need to know if this sort of style is really good for you guys and if it’s a satisfying read when it comes to smutty stories. I do hope it was good and that you enjoyed it as well. Also, I kept the traitor vague just to make it easier for you all to just pick who you personally think it is because I'm not that far in the series yet, I'm aware there's a traitor I just don't have enough evidence to really put my guess in there on who I think it is. 

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Requested By: The Hero

Requested Writing Prompt: Toshinori Yagi x Reader—maybe it takes place before All Might's injury—fic where they're married and Reader-chan has a quirk that turns her energy into physical energy (kinda like a Lantern from DC). One day they're doing a mission and Reader-chan discovers a bomb about to explode, so she uses her quirk to create a barrier around the bomb, but the shockwave is enough to break through and she ends up paralyzed.

That morning had really been like any other as you had tiredly awoken curled up beside your husband to the sound of your alarm clock going off, telling you both that it was time to wake up and prepare yourself for the day. Of course, just like every morning you had only groaned and buried yourself further into Toshinori’s side, the muscular man chuckling as he was already sitting up and stretching his arms upwards. He had always been more of a morning person than you, but that was to be expected of the nation’s number one hero.

“Come on, darling! We have another day of heroic work ahead of us!” you only responded to him with another groan, sluggishly flipping your body around and away from him and his naturally booming voice. Your eyes still screwed shut as you listened to the springs of the bed creak at your husband’s movements before his loud footsteps could be heard next as he left the room—for a man his size, you never blamed him for being as loud as he was. You laid there for a few more minutes, ears perking up just the slightest as you heard the shower start up and your husband started his morning routine. After a minute or two had passed, you finally pushed yourself to move, shuffling out of the room and towards the kitchen where you got started on breakfast. Knowing you would have to wait your turn to use the bathroom next once he was finished.

The home you two shared was just the right size, one that accommodated for both your needs. It worked well with Toshinori’s large built and ever intimidating height as well as pampered to your needs of not wanting to live in too big of a home. Even in your tired and sluggish state, you were still able to move with such ease around the kitchen as you prepare breakfast. [Eye Color] eyes flickering from the ingredients you had out before you to the ring on your left hand. No matter how many times you caught sight of your wedding ring, it still amazed you to just look at it and think to yourself how lucky you had been to meet someone like Toshinori.

You found yourself pondering over the number of years it had been since he had proposed, smiling at the memory of that day as well as the memories of your wedding day. Soon those thoughts started to wander and you started to think about all the things you two have done together since your marriage. Despite how many years it’s been, you had yet to bear children and though to many that may have seemed strange, you and Toshinori had already made the decision that such a big step and topic should be saved for the day you both retired from hero work. Knowing the dangers that came from having a child while in your line of work. You jumped when you suddenly felt a pair of muscular arms snake around your waist, pulling you back against a broad chest as you husband rested his chin on your shoulder.

Humming in acknowledgment, you smiled a little as you watched him silently watch you work after placing a peck on your cheek. You knew he was just eager to start eating, always having a love for your cooking. Indeed, the morning had been just like any other, perhaps that’s why you hadn’t expected things to go so horribly wrong later that afternoon as they had.


Hero work was fickle, you never knew what you would be doing. Some days you would find yourself doing something as simple as patrol—walking around the city and keeping your senses sharp as you looked for any signs of trouble. But other days tended to be more active, there were days where heroes and police officers would find themselves working together to achieve a similar goal. There were days when certain situations couldn’t just be handled on their own and today had been one of those days. You were given limited information and knew you had to work fast—it was simple, a tip to the police revealed that a bomb had been placed in a certain office building, where?

No one really knew. Your husband and a few other heroes were tasked with evacuating the building as well as scouting out the surrounding area in case the villain that had planted the bomb was nearby, watching. You and a few other heroes were asked to locate the bomb and disarm it as soon as possible or at least contain it so that damage was minimal. You were all under a time limit, moving fast and splitting away from one another sometime during your search to cover more ground. Despite the stress and potential thoughts of failure, you had been able to keep yourself calm and allowed your adrenaline to slowly build up.

When you discovered the bomb, it was heavily taped up to one of the pipes in the boiler room, you almost wanted to snort at how cliché it felt for the bomb to be located in such a place. Being cautious, you tapped the earpiece in your ear and spoke loud and clear to inform the other Pro Heroes as well as the police that you had discovered the bomb. Eyes squinting to look at the numbers that flashed as they slowly counted down, there wasn’t much time left. Moving closer, you listened to the sound of your own heart beating as adrenaline flowed through your veins but that wasn’t enough as you were already reaching for one of the pockets of your outfit. Two energy supplements soon being popped into your mouth and swallowed dry.

You were going to need as much energy as you could get, needing to account for the many factors of just how powerful of a blast this bomb was going to generate. Letting your hands hover over the hazardous object, a light [Favorite Color] glow started to emit from your fingertips and palms as a barrier began to form over the bomb. With luck, the supplements would be just enough, the more energy you had the stronger the barrier. You calmly spoke, informing the heroes that were still in the building with you to take their leave as you had everything under control. You had the bomb detained and everything was sure to be fine.

Your eyes never left the blinking numbers that were slowly counting down as you spoke, silently counting along with them in your head as you watched them dangerously get closer and closer towards zero.

“How are you holding up, sweetheart?” your lips twitched upwards as you heard your husband’s voice on the other end of the receiver, touched by the worried tone of his voice that you knew only you could pick up as he was sure to still be smiling for the public sake. You almost wanted to laugh when you realized that, quite unprofessionally, he had referred to you by one of his many terms of endearment instead of by your hero name.

“I’m doing just fine, dear” you calmly responded, voice soft-spoken as you let your eyes flickered away from the decreasing numbers for but a moment. “Everything will be just—” though the barrier you had around the bomb did a wonderful job in detaining the blast, it still wasn’t strong enough to withstand the shockwave that came off of the blast. A sharp pain jolting through your body as the barrier shattered and you were suddenly thrown back as the building around you dangerously shook. You cried out in pain when you smashed through two walls before your back painfully smashed against the edge of an office desk. There was a sharp cracking sound before both you and that desk were pushed further back.

The desk falling on its side as you rolled across the ground in a similar manner to a ragdoll. Your ears were ringing as the lights on the ceiling widely continued to swing. Desk, chairs, tables—so many things had fallen over due to the force of the shockwave. Even if the damage was less than what it would have been had the blast of the bomb truly hit the building first, the shockwave still seemed to do quite a bit of damage itself. Your ears were ringing so loudly and your vision was a blur as you kept fading in and out of consciousness.

Your breathing was shaky as your body seemed to scream in agonizing pain, but what scared you the most was that you couldn’t feel your legs, in fact, you couldn’t feel any portion of your lower half. Though your fingers could still bend and—even if it hurt to do so—your arms were still able to move, the same couldn’t be said for your legs and toes. Nothing below your waist wanted to function just right and before you knew it you were already starting to hyperventilate which wasn’t helping you in the slightest as it made your vision blur even more and soon black spots started to appear. You could barely hear the frantic voice that called out to you, only seeing a blur of yellow and blue worriedly hovering over you before promptly passing out. Toshinori was understandably frightened the moment he found your broken and bruised body just lying there, loudly wheezing as you seemed to be fading in and out of consciousness before finally passing out.

He was scared to touch you—scared to touch his own wife as if you were made of glass and would only shatter even more if he even thought to move you. He had been the first one to respond when he heard your cry followed by the loud boom that shook the entire building. It thankfully didn’t collapse and was still intact even if the inside looked like a mess thanks to the powerful shockwave that had shortly followed after the explosion. Looking at you, it scared him the most to see just how badly damaged you were, bruises and cuts from where your body had basically plowed through two walls. But what scared him was just how damaged your lower half appeared, how it looked slightly twisted and uneven from the rest of your body.

“[Y-Your Name]?” he barely had the energy to raise his voice any louder than a whisper, hesitantly placing a large hand on your face and brushing strands of hair away as he slowly started to shake. You face wasn’t any better, blood already starting to pour down your forehead and he was certain you also had blood leaking from your ears from how close you had been to the area that the shockwave originated from. You were still breathing—even if it was wheezy and a bit uneven—which was a good sign and being as careful as he could. He slipped his arms underneath you, one under your legs and the other under your head that he cradled close to his chest as he gently lifted you up and held you close. He winced when you suddenly whimpered, face twisting up into an agonizing look of pain that he was quick to apologize for and halt all movements to just hold you as still as possible until you relaxed.

“D-don’t worry, you’ll be fine, we’ll g-get you help” his voice was slightly shaky as he slowly made his way back through the mess of the building and towards the exit. Cooing out words of comfort and promises that everything would be fine.

-A Week Later-

It wasn’t until an entire week later after the incident had you finally woken up, body tightly wrapped in bandages and still sore to the point that you almost wanted to cry with every movement. Your lower half was restricted, tightly bound in a cast that kept it in place and made sure you wouldn’t be able to move it. The first thing that had greeted you besides the early morning sun was a very tired and disheveled Toshinori. He was slouched over asleep in one of the room’s chairs that were pulled close to your bedside and you couldn't help but wince at how uncomfortably small the chair was compared to him and was a bit impressed that it was able to hold his weight just fine. You didn’t attempt to wake him, not trusting your own voice to sound all that lovely after being out of use for an entire week while you slept.

Instead, you reached one hand out—trying not to move too much as to limit the pain that ached from your sore muscles—and pouted when your fingertips barely brushed against your husband’s large hand. You were startled just a bit when the door to the hospital room opened, silently hissing when you quickly straightened your body and felt a sharp pain jolt through almost all your limbs.

“Finally awake I see” the delicate voice of the doctor was the first thing to greet your ears as the middle-aged woman stepped into the room followed by a young man carrying a small vase of flowers. He granted you a small smile without speaking a word as he moved to set the vase down on the window sill. You had only focused on your husband the moment you woke up that you hadn’t been aware of the flowers and balloons that decorated your room. It surprised you, knowing that some of them were most likely from friends and family, but you had no doubt that a majority of them were from fans as it wasn’t uncommon for Pro Heroes to receive such things anytime they found themselves in the hospital. From beside you, Toshinori jumped, startled awake by the sound of the hospital room's door closing as well as the slight clicking of the doctor’s heels as she moved about the room and gathered up the clipboard at the end of your bed in the process.

He looked to be in a sluggish daze for but a moment before those beautiful blue eyes of his widened when he spotted your [Eye Color] eyes looking straight at him. The first thing he did was take your delicate hand in his larger ones—his gesture almost similar to what you had attempted to do earlier—and pulled it close towards his face. You felt your own heart twist when you saw the tears that suddenly pricked his eyes, never imaging the day you’d see the Symbol of Peace himself on the verge of breaking down crying.

“You’re awake, you’re finally awake” he muttered, raising his closed hands that held your own to his forehead and silently muttering those words to himself over and over.

“How long…how long was I asleep?” you both winced upon hearing just how rough your voice was from lack of use, it sounded hoarse.

“A week” he breathed out, lowering his hands and looking right at you with those tearful eyes that seemed to make your heart want to shatter.

“A week?” you gaped.

“Indeed, we believe the trauma from the impact put you out of it as well as the shock delivered to your body because of a broken spine” the doctor finally spoke up, flipping through the papers on your clipboard before looking up at you with gentle eyes.

“Broken spine?” you winced at the imagery.

“Indeed, though the good news is the surgery had gone just fine and your spine seems to be perfectly healing now, in no time the bone will mend itself back together” she informed you, despite how pleasing the news sounded you could see the slight strain in her smile and the sympathetic look in her eyes. “But, just as there’s good news there’s also bad news” she sighed as you felt Toshinori’s hands tighten around your own. His body tensing up as you had no doubt he was already aware of the bad news, why wouldn’t he be? He was your significant other, so he was always going to be the first person they told when it involved your health and well-being. “Though the surgery had gone just fine and your spine is on the right track in the process of healing, the damage delivered to your nerves was quite extensive and we couldn’t do much to fix them.

“Even someone with a powerful enough healing quirk wasn’t able to do much…I’m sorry to inform you but, the lower half of your body is now completely paralyzed” you weren’t really sure what you had been expecting her to say but it certainly hadn’t been that.

“Paralyzed…” you weakly repeated, eyes darting back and forth as you tried to fully process what she said.

“Only from the waist down” she nodded, her eyes becoming downcast before she cleared her throat. “I’m sorry, I’ll leave you alone, so you may have some time to process all of this. I know it must be hard for a Pro Hero such as yourself to hear such a thing” she lightly bowed before silently taking her leave and leaving Toshinori and you alone. You were at a loss for words, at a loss of how to react to such news as your eyes continued to dart all around before finally looking at your husband. He looked so torn up upon seeing the broken expression on your face, the desperate look in your eyes as if you were silently pleading for him to tell you that this was all just a lie.

“Toshi…” your voice was so small and weak, quivering just the slightest as tears were already starting to prick the corner of your eyes as you became aware of just what this exactly meant. How could you continue hero work if the lower portion of your body was now useless? How could you be sure to guarantee protection to the citizens when your legs were now useless? Hero work required a lot of movement, a lot of running and a lot of fighting and you weren’t sure just how well you could do such things now without the lower portion of your body. You didn’t have to say anything else before you felt your husband’s arms wrap gently around you as he held you close to his strong chest.

“Don’t worry” he muttered, pressing a kiss to the top of your head as your shoulders shook and you tightly gripped the front of his shirt. “We’ll get through this together.”

-Two Years Later-

The morning was like any other as you grumbled lowly to yourself when you heard your alarm clock loudly blare, arms curling themselves tightly around your husband who was already starting to shift around. He chuckled when he felt your arms tighten fully around him as you attempted to hold him in place, only to whine when as he stood up from the bed with ease. Lightly dragging you across its surface as he moved about your bedroom while being careful not to let you fall off the bed.

“Come now, we have work to do!” he smiled, looking down at you with those beautiful eyes of his as you only responded back by sticking your tongue out before heaving a sigh and returning his smile. Letting your arms slid from him, you happily beamed as he bent down and pressed a sweet kiss to your lips before exiting the room to get started on his morning routine. You prepared yourself as well, moving across your bed and back to your side as you reach out and pulled your wheelchair closer to your bedside. Carefully and with ease, you transferred yourself from the bed and into the chair before already making your way out of the room. You were able to navigate through your home with such ease after having gotten used to using such a thing for two years.

You happily got started on breakfast the minute you were in the kitchen, humming a gentle tune to yourself as you blocked out all sounds before perking up when you felt Toshinori suddenly lean over the back of your wheelchair and watched you work. Tilting your head back and smiling up at him, you were pleased when he swooped down to place a kiss to your lips before allowing you to continue with breakfast as he busied himself with getting down the plates. Your morning routine followed as usual, both of you preparing for the day and it wasn’t long before you were out the door. Walking together as you happily chattered about what today may bring and what you should have for dinner that night before parting ways with a simple “love you” and a passionate kiss as you both came to a stop once you reached your workplace. Though you had chosen to retire from hero work after you had been released from the hospital two years ago, that didn’t stop you from going out and pursuing your second desired career option.

Though things were now different, the day was truly no different from any other.

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Requested By: darkrose100

Requested Writing Prompt: Nsfw pet play with Aizawa and his girlfriend.

A/N: I know little to nothing about the pet play kink, only some of the basics. So, I can’t guarantee that this is going to be the best thing in the world. I’m mainly going to write it more as the reader being someone who’s never done pet play before and this is their first time to try and make up for this small hindrance of my lack of knowledge on the subject. Even with research, I don’t have a good understanding of how to write this correctly.

Your cheeks were flushed as you gently and hesitantly nudged the top of your head against the palm of your boyfriend’s hand. Currently on all fours on the bedroom floor as he sat up on the bed, looking down at you with amused, half-lidded eyes. Even if you were embarrassed by the events that were currently playing out and you had little to no idea what you were supposed to do, you couldn’t stop yourself from enjoying the feeling of his fingers gently scratching against your scalp and moving through your hair. Being mindful of any knots that he might accidentally snag. He was being gentle with you, which was strange as he never usually was gentle, perhaps he wanted to ease you in comfortably for what was to come.

He had been the one to suggest the little change up you currently had going on, saying he wanted to try something new in the bedroom with you. Like the fool you were, you agreed before even asking what he had in mind. Then again, you hadn’t expected him to suddenly thrust cat themed lingerie into your arms along with some ears and a tail, in fact, that was the last thing you had expected from a man that looked like the walking dead with how tired and messy his appearance was. When looking at Shota, pet play was the last thing you’d ever think to associate him with, then again, perhaps you should have figured he’d be into such a thing what with his love of cats. But this was just all so embarrassing, so new, so…enticing?

There was just something so enthralling about trying something new, something you’ve never done before. But just as it was thrilling, it was still oh so embarrassing as you had little to no idea of what you were supposed to do. You knew the basics of what he wanted from you—meowing, purring, playfulness, and so on—he wanted you to take on more cat-like qualities. It was no different from roleplaying you told yourself, which wasn’t much help as that was also another thing you hadn’t done much of before. You attempted to give a small purr, closing your eyes when he suddenly reached underneath your chin and let his fingertips gently brush against your skin, tilting your head up just the slightest.

You shivered at the feeling of the slight tingle his touch left behind as he continued to gently scratch underneath your chin and once again you gave an attempt at a purr. Your eyes open just a little as you hazily peered up at your boyfriend when you felt his thumb suddenly press down against your lower lip as if he was silently asking you to open your mouth for him. You obeyed, blushing a little as he muttered slight praise for your obedience. You felt him push his thumb into your mouth, pressing it down against your tongue and further opened your jaw as your hands moved up to grab hold of his arm. His gaze was intense as he felt you dig your nails into the flesh of his arm like claws as your tongue gently swirled around the digit in your mouth before you lightly bit down on it.

You weren’t sure how long you both were in that position before he suddenly pulled his thumb from your mouth, leaning down and harshly pressing his own lips against your slightly parted one. His lips were soft against your own and like an expert they moved against it with ease as he pressed the palm of his hand underneath your chin and held your face, slowly guiding you up off the floor and towards him. You were soon settled onto his lap, his hands moving to grip at your exposed thighs, squeezing and kneading at the soft flesh as he seemed to deepen the kiss. His grip on you was tight and before long he had you flat on your back, hovering over your body as his hand rested on your stomach and gently moved up and down. His fingers would occasionally curl up as he moved his hand, his gaze watching your every move as you squirmed lightly.

His movements were no different from an owner scratching their cat's stomach.

“You’re a good kitten, aren’t you?” he mumbled, lightly breathing out the words as he watched you give a small nod. Mewling slightly as his hand moved up and his fingers started to tease just beneath your bra, not yet pushing fully underneath the fabric. He carefully watched your face, watching how your eyes were glazed over and lidded, how your cheeks were stained a vibrant red and small whimpers and meows slipped passed your lips as you continued to squirm around. He leaned down towards you, letting his other hand join the one that was still positioned just beneath your breasts. His mouth hovered over your own as both his hands now started to sneak their way underneath the fabric of your lingerie, automatically cupping the lumps of flesh that made up your breasts and gently kneading at them as he moved his mouth closer to your ear. “Purr for me” he breathed out as he continued to knead at your chest before moving to gently pinch at the perky nubs of your nipples.

You shivered lightly at the tingle that followed that action, attempting to give him what he wanted. He hummed, pleased to hear the purr that you gave as he continued to fondle your chest before letting one of his hand slipped away and move downwards. His touch was still light, leaving a trail of goosebumps down your stomach until he reached your clothed private. He barely touched you, only dragging the tips of his fingers up and down, pressing down just enough to gently rub circles before pulling back and continue moving with the tips of his fingers. He seemed to enjoy the small pants of breath that left your parted lips and the slight jerk of your hips that had him pulling his hand away as he continued to slowly knead one of your breasts.

He slowly pulled back and away, once again hovering over you and looking straight down into your eyes.

“You’ve been such a good kitty, listening to your Master in such an obedient manner” he breathed out as he gave a slight tilt of his head, letting messy strands of his raven-colored hair fall into his face. “Good kittens deserve to be rewarded, don’t they?” you were so tempted to speak, but stopped yourself and instead gave a weak meow and another nod of your head. His movements were slow and deliberate as he started to put more pressure against your lower region and rub at it. Smirking at how wet the fabric of your underwear was becoming as he continued to tease and pleasure you lightly. You gave another shiver, hands moving up as you latched your hands once more to his arm and dug your nails into his flesh.

Dragging them downwards as you looked up at him and gave a drawn-out meow. Your hips jerked upwards, wanting for him to press his fingers more against you and you could soon feel this tightening feeling in your lower abonnement that all too quickly disappeared as he suddenly stopped. But when he attempted to pull his hand away, you pulled back—tightly gripping it and forcing it to stay in place as you tried to make him continue what he was doing. He smirked, eyes lightening up as he once again tried to pull his arm away only to have you pull it right back. You knew that he was humoring you, there was no way you were that much stronger than him.

Though he didn’t humor you much longer as he finally pulled his arm back and caused your nails to drag down the length of his arm before you clasped both your hands over his own. You seemed to just mewl at him, looking up at him with wide, pleading eyes as he moved your hands above your head and leaned down to press his lips against yours in a quick peck. The hand that had been kneading one of your breasts slipped away and downwards so he could hook his fingers underneath the waistband of your underwear. His lips were only connected with your own for but a second before he moved down, placing large kisses to your chin then down your neck, lightly biting at the flesh as he worked his way down. You continued to hold his hand between your own, lowering it above your head the further down he moved so he wouldn’t have to strain too much.

The moment he reached your stomach he finally pulled his hand free of your own and moved it down to join the other one and hooked his fingers underneath your underwear’s waistband. He pressed gentle kisses to your stomach as he slowly lifted your hips up and started to work your underwear down your legs, you couldn’t help but smile as you enjoyed the feeling as his lips peppering kisses along your stomach before hissing when he suddenly gave a harsh bite. You were ready to shout at him, stopping when you looked down to see those tired and half-lidded eyes look up at you with mischief as if he was waiting for you to break and give him enough reason to bite down again. Had he done that as punishment for trying to keep his arm in place? You doubted it, that was such a petty thing to be punished over, but then again, Shota can be petty when he wanted to be.

You owlishly blinked when you suddenly felt him drag his tongue over the bite mark, soon staring down at him with questioning eyes as you were tempted to ask if he wanted to switch roles and wear the cat-themed clothes instead. The thought of him in such an outfit almost made you choke as you bit back a laugh. The smile on your face and laughter in your throat didn’t stay long as you suddenly gave a drawn-out moan when he finally moved his face down between your legs and ran his tongue up the slit of your wet entrance. The tip of his tongue just barely pushing through and brushing against your sensitive nub. He gave a few more drawn out licks before finally pressing his lips fully against your lower ones—he was truly an expert when it comes to kissing.

Your moans came out as drawn-out meows and small mewls as you tried to wrap your legs around his head, only to be denied such a thing as he used his hands to push your legs far apart from one another. His tired eyes seemed to peer up at you, watching how your chest heaved up and down as your eyes seemed to water slightly at the intense feeling of his tongue’s teasing. The ears on your head pushed further upwards when you suddenly threw your head back and your arms instantly shot downwards so that you could entangle your fingers into his messy hair. Letting your nails dig into his scalp as you mewls started to increase in volume and your meows turned into heavy pants. You were trying your hardest to push his face further into your private, shaking as that tightening feeling returned in your lower abonnement.

You were trying your hardest not to just shout out pleads and begs, keeping to your feline persona. Shota was reminded of an animal in heat with how desperate you were to find release. Once again when you found yourself so close, he stopped. His lips stopped, and his tongue retracted back into his mouth as he pushed himself up to stare at you as you continued to dig your nails into his scalp. You looked down at him in slight annoyance, finding that smirk of his almost unbearable at the moment as you continued to pant.

“What’s with the face? Are you becoming annoyed?” he cooed, chuckling as you gave a hiss before pouting. “Hissing? Well, that isn’t nice” he pulled away fully this time and stood up. “You were doing so well earlier, but I guess kittens such as yourself can’t always be good” he hummed as he pushed down his boxers and let himself spring free. He moved and positioned himself at your entrance, just letting the tip barely press against your wet entrance as his hands held your hips and he leaned down to hover his face close to your own. “I should punish you, but since you’ve been doing so well up until now and you're so new to this, I’ll just let you off with a warning” he muttered and before you could react he suddenly slammed himself right inside you with no warning which caused you to give a strangled cry that was suddenly swallowed up by his mouth pressing against your own.

He didn’t move right away and allowed you to adjust to the sudden intake, this wasn’t your twos first time being intimate, but he never gave you all of him in one go before. You felt so full and there was a slight throb of pain between your legs due to your entrance being suddenly stretched with no warnings. You weren’t aware of the stray tears that had slipped from your eyes and down your face until Shota pulled away from the kiss to press soft kisses to your cheeks. Like he wanted to kiss away the pain before his kisses moved down your face and to your neck where he buried his face. You both stayed like that for a few moments longer before he slowly started to move, his hips rolling in a gentle manner at first as you looped your arms around his neck and closed your eyes.

Purring as you felt the pain slowly start to ebb away into pleasure. It didn’t take long for his movements to pick up and the rolling of his hips to turn into slow thrusting that slowly picked up in speed. You were back to your mewling as you now started to dig your nails into his back, pressing down hard as you dragged them over the flesh before giving small yelps and growls at the sharp bites he started to deliver to your neck. He’d adjust his position every now and again, but no matter what the position, he was always on top and your body was always harshly pressed down into the mattress of the bed. Skin slapped against skin as you continuously dragged your nails over any surface of skin you could reach and if he was close enough you’d return his love bites with your own.

You growled and gave out long meows, mewling every now and again to his touches as he’d let his hands move. He’d squeeze your thighs and hips any time he held them, rub up and down your sides while admiring the sweat that coated your skin and the heaving of your chest. Admiring the sounds that left your lips as the ears on your head became crooked from your movements and the fur of the tail became matted and tangled from the sweat and movements of your twos body. Your face was fully flushed, and your body seemed to shiver and shake with every thrust as saliva build up inside your mouth and dripped down the corner of your lips. You gripped and clawed at everything you could get a hold of and it wasn’t long before your eyes fluttered shut and your back started to arch upwards.

He knew you were close—he was as well—and with that he pressed himself right down on top of you, wanting for the both of you to be flushed right against one another as he moved his mouth close to your ear. Breathily whispering out praises and compliments, the words he spoke sounding like ones you’d expect an owner to give their pet which only caused your blush to darken further before finally, you gave a loud cry as harsh shivers jolted through your body before you almost fell limp. Shaking with each thrust he continued to give which were slowing down before his whole body tensed up and his hips gave one last thrust as he released himself inside you. You both stayed still for the longest time, just grasping one another as you tried to catch your breath and calm your fast-beating heart before he finally peeled himself off of you and rolled to the side. Almost instantly his arms were around you and you found yourself pulled flushed against his chest as he pulled the ears off of your head and tossed them aside.

“Was I good?” was the first thing you thought to ask as Shota yawned, already feeling tired.

“You were alright for your first time, just need a bit more practice. There’s more to it than sounds” he muttered as he snuggled closer to you and looked ready to fall into a content sleep. You only nodded, snuggling yourself closer to him as you wrapped your arms tightly around him and buried your face into his chest. Already starting to drift off yourself to the sound of his soft breathing and the rhythm of his heartbeat that you could faintly hear from within his chest.

A/N: I’m sorry if the pet play aspect isn’t that strong, I tried my best to figure out how to really write it without it coming off as awkward—I didn’t want the dialogue to come out stilted either. Like I said, I tried to write the reader like someone who had no idea what they were doing and was embarrassed about the thought of messing up and such. I hope it was still good though and that I did at least somewhat of a decent job of portraying the pet play kink.

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Requested By: Autumn

Requested Writing Prompt: “You almost died, thankful you're alive” smut with Hizashi and his s/o.

“I already told you, I’m fine, Hizashi” you muttered, cheeks lightly flushed as your head rested just underneath the blonde’s chin. He carried you close to his chest, his handle on you was gentle yet firm as if he was scared that if he wasn’t careful he’d only cause you agonizing pain. He stood outside the door of your twos shared apartment, shifting you around and leaning the crutches he had dangling from his arm and dragging behind him on the floor against the wall before digging through his pockets for his keys.

“Fine? I don’t call almost having your leg ripped off as fine” he frowned, vivid green eyes staring you down from behind his glasses. “I told you to be careful and instead of listening, you rush headfirst into a fight you weren’t prepared for” he seemed to be scolding you as he shoved his keys into the lock, twisting them as the others on the ring loudly jingled and clashed against one another.

“I’m just as much as a Pro Hero as you and the others—it’s my job to keep the people safe—I had to do something or else innocent bystanders were going to die” you calmly explained yourself, recounting the events that had lead to you being in such a position. How were you to know just how dangerous that villain’s quirk was against your own? How were you to know that he’d play with your body as if it was a rag doll? Throwing you around while shredding your torso and right leg to shreds. He had been merciless in his attacks and you were near the brink of passing out by the time Hizashi and a few other Pro Heroes arrived.

Your mind was blurry after that, barely able to register what happened as you had finally fallen unconscious when you felt someone run to your side. The next time you woke up, you found yourself resting in a hospital bed. Stitches running all over your torso and a cast plastered over your leg, making it itchy and irritated at being restricted. It seems the bones in your right leg had been shattered and nearly ripped from its socket. The exposed skin of your thigh was so badly bruised, a disgusting mixture of black and blue bruises that made the appendage throb from the slightest of touches.

The rest of your body was no better really, battered and bruised just as much as your leg was. You had been restrained to your hospital bed for weeks, constantly having a staff member with a healing quirk come in and heal you bit by bit until you were able to finally move from your bed without any ailments and the bruises started to fade away a lot faster than they would have had they naturally healed on their own. Hizashi had been by your side the entire time, even when you were finally discharged from the hospital, he hovered right over you, hands staying close to your person as if he was frightened you would fall right over. You didn’t blame him; how could you blame him? You had nearly died; the doctor had made that realization clear to the both of you the moment you had woken up.

But even still, you didn’t want your own significant other to look down on you, to ever think you didn’t have what it took to be a Pro Hero like him and the others. You had both attended U.A., you had both graduated and worked hard to make a name for yourselves. This was only a major slip up, you just needed to be more careful next time. Hizashi didn’t say anything as he twisted the doorknob and used his foot to push the door open all the way and grabbed your crutches. The sound of your crutches dragging on the floor was loud as he entered the darkened apartment—barely any sunlight was peeking in through the window as the day was already starting to come to an end—and kicked the door shut behind him.

Not bothering to lock it right away as he maneuvered his way through the small apartment. Silently he entered your twos bedroom, gently sitting you down on the bed and leaning your crutches beside you. He made sure you were comfortable before sitting a pillow right underneath your damaged leg, being careful not to be too quick with his movements and cause any pain to you. Before you could even utter a word, before you could even reach out to him, he was already exiting the room and leaving you alone with only the sound of his footsteps to keep you company as he returned to the front door to properly lock it. You silently huffed, scooting further back into the pillows behind you and tilted your head upwards to stare at the ceiling.

When he did return, he didn’t speak a word, being unusually silent as he crawled into the bed beside you and hesitantly wrapped his arms around you. Being mindful of the pressure he put on your torso as he rested his head against your chest. You didn’t say anything but slowly wrapped your arms around him in return. Letting your fingers gently rub against his scalp and tangle themselves in the messy strands that were contained in the bun that was already starting to fall down. Hizashi had been unusually quiet the entire time since you woke up, it scared you.

He was normally so loud and cheerful, always belting out his words. That was one of the things you loved most about him, his loud personality, his booming voice that—though to some was annoying—sounded beautiful and always brought a smile to your face. It made your heart ache to think that you were the cause of this sudden change, of the sudden sadness that took away your lover’s smile and joyful laugh. Just that thought alone was enough to cause your vision to blur and your eyes to sting with each blink as your lips quivered and you tried to hold back a sniff. Before you even had the chance to break down, you found yourself owlishly blinking and hesitantly looking down when you suddenly felt Hizashi’s body seize up and be overrun with small shivers.

A painful throb emitted from your heart when you heard the pitiful whimper that left the blond as the front of your shirt slowly started to feel wet. You had to strain your ears, listening as he said something that was muffled out by your shirt.

“What was that?” your voice was barely a whisper, the tone of it quivering and cracking as your own tears were already starting to overflow as you bit your lower lip to keep the sobs from coming out. You felt him move a bit, slowly lifting his head up off your chest to look up at you. His glasses were crooked, and his eyes were misty as he loudly sniffed and stared up at you. Gently you removed his glasses and set them aside on the bedside table, letting your hands take hold of his face as your thumbs wiped at the tears that spilled from the corner of his eyes.

“I’m just so happy that you’re alive, I thought I had almost lost you completely” he hiccupped, more tears falling from his eyes as he reached up with one hand to rest it against the side of your face. Using his thumb to wipe away some of your own tears as you both continued to stare at one another before slowly you started to break down into a sniffling mess.

“I’m s-sorry, I’m so sorry that I s-scared you like that!” you cried, sniffing loudly as you babbled out apologizes, wrapping your arms around him as he moved up to pepper your face with kisses. Kissing all around your red face—kissing away the tears.

“There’s nothing to apologize for, you’re here and that’s all that matters” he whispered in between kisses, mumbling lowly to himself before finally locking his lips with your own. Both your movements were slow, the kiss starting out small and slowly becoming more heated—more romantic and intense as soon clothes started to be shed. Gentle touches were placed all around, wandering hands moving with ease and gliding over soft skin or barely brushing against slightly sore muscles. His eyes never left your own, even when you felt his fingers hesitantly and slowly trace the scars from where your stitches had been he kept his gaze only on you. Continuously pressing kisses to your lips and mumbling just how thankful he was.

It wasn’t long before you found yourself on your back—found yourself in an all too familiar position as Hizashi hovered his body over your own. His forehead pressed against your own as he made sure to not put too much of his weight onto your body. His hands lightly gripped at your hips, his own rolling softly to a steady rhythm as you both found your breath starting to mingle together and sweat begin to build up over the surface of your skin. Your muscles still felt sore, but for just the moment the pain seemed to ebb away and was replaced with the pleasuring tingle that emitted from your lower abonnement and spread throughout your body. How wonderful did it feel to feel him moving inside you, to feel his gentle touches on your battered body and warm breath on your face as you both closed your eyes.

You were in pure bliss, heavy breathing mixing with his own as he breathily continued to whisper his praises to you, whisper how thankful he was that you were alive and just how much you mean to him. Even as he held himself back and let his movements be slow and gentle. His words soon turned into a repeated mantra of love as tears continued to pour down your face and your fingers curled themselves within his blond locks as your breathing started to pick up and increase in volume. Soon your body tensed up, intense shivers overtaking you as your toes curled and your grip tightened in his hair while pleasure filled cries started to leave your slightly parted lips. Eyes opening just a sliver and becoming glazed over as you looked at your significant other.

Hands sliding from behind his head to once more take hold of his face and pull him towards you until his body was now particularly lying on top of your own. He opened his eyes just a little, gazing into your own with so much love and adoration before fully locking his lips with yours, his body tensing up and hips giving a few jerky thrusts before a shiver of his own went through his body. His body soon went lax, arms shaking as he held himself up just a bit longer to hold the kiss you two were locked in before flopping onto his side and pulling your body flushed against his own as he tried to regulate his heavy breathing. Neither of you said anything, then again you didn’t need to as your actions had been enough proof of how you both felt at that moment. With nothing else to do—to say—you both seemed to just curl up against one another and fall into a blissful sleep.

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Requested By: Breezy_Chan

Requested Writing Prompt: I've seen some pics of Toshi in a skeleton-like tuxedo costume and maybe the school throws a big Halloween party. Would love to have the reader dress up as a sexy cat or wolf. Maybe has a quirk that animates objects so her ears and tail move. Maybe she lures Toshi away from the party for a little more adult fun haha. Aizawa and Hizashi could totally walk in on it and they will never let Toshi live it down.

A/N: I’m not sorry for the title, with Toshi dressed like a skeleton I couldn’t miss this opportunity even if the nsfw isn't that strong in it. But, I might change the title later if I think of a better title though unless you want to keep this one. Also, I had originally planned to post this on Halloween, but both college and life got in the way. Now that Christmas break is about to start, and the semester is coming to an end, I’m going to try and catch up on a lot of the request.

“Well, what’s a cutie like yourself doing over here by your lonesome self?” Nemuri purred as she came up beside you and threw an arm around your shoulders, pulling you flush against her side which drew a surprised yelp from you.

“Oh, you know, just being lonely” you responded, not even bothering to question the woman on her costume choice. You knew just as better as everyone else in this school than to question the raven-haired woman on her choice of clothing. “I mean, I am a wolf, so…” you shrugged, smiling at the small snort that left your friend’s lips.

“Please tell me you weren’t about to make a “lone wolf” pun or something of the sorts” your smile only grew as she shook her head. “You’re awful, though I’ll admit, I like the use of your quirk” she complimented, watching as the fake tail attached to your shorts lazily swayed back and forth and the ears on top of your head seemed to twitch. “I almost thought they were real.”

“Both you and Shota it seems, I literally watched him have to do a double-take when he first spotted me” you chuckled, remembering the way the tired man had stop and stared at you with a questioning gaze. One that you had been quick to return when you saw bandages that were lazily wrapped around him and the white suit he had worn. You were a bit disappointed that he hadn’t dressed up like a cat as you had hoped and instead came dressed as a mummy.

“Speaking of Shota, have you seen him? He’s seemed to have disappeared as of late, neither Hizashi or I can find him anywhere.”

“Probably hiding away somewhere with that sleeping bag of his, I thought I saw him dragging it around with him earlier” you truthfully answered as the woman slowly nodded, letting her arm finally slip off of your shoulders and allow you to straighten yourself back out. “You know how he feels about this sort of stuff, don’t know why he even bothers coming around in the first place.”

“Hizashi” that all she had to say as you nodded your head in understanding, knowing that saying no to the loud blond was nearly impossible. It wasn’t unheard of, but it was impossible to say it and not have him breathing down your neck for the next hour or so until you’re forced to change your answer. “Oh, look who just arrived” you turned your head in the direction of the gymnasium’s entrance, cheeks heating up just a little as you spotted the familiar head of blond hair and piercing blue eyes. “It’s your man” Nemuri teasingly whispered to you, snickering as you swatted at her.

“Don’t start!” you embarrassingly hissed right back, heart fluttering for just a second when you saw the way his face seemed to light up upon spotting you and immediately he started to cross the gym. You took the moment to admire his costume, a fancy tuxedo made up of black, white, and red with skeleton bones printed on it. It was a costume that oddly fit him thanks to his overly thin and skeletal appearance. You ignore the way the raven-haired woman snicker as she watched the tail attached to your backside start to pick up in speed as it excitedly wagged back and forth upon seeing the blond.

“Hello, [Your Name], Nemuri” Toshinori greeted as he finally reached the two of you, his lips tugged upwards into a gentle, sweet smile.

“Hey, I didn’t think you were going to show up” you tried to keep yourself calm and relaxed, ignoring the way your heartbeat quickened and the warmth that spread across your cheeks. You and Toshinori had been an item for at least a few months now and were slowly starting to get serious with one another.

“Yeah, sorry about that, I got a bit distracted is all” he admitted, rubbing the back of his head as a light blush seemed to dust over his sunken in cheeks when he finally took time to admire your costume. It was a bit revealing in its own way, the shirt stopping just short of your stomach and the shorts only coming to a stop mid-thigh. But, despite how revealing it was, you were happy to say that it was still more decent looking than Nemuri’s costume. “You look…wonderful” he seemed to have to stop for a moment to think over his words carefully before finally saying the one word that he thought was the best at describing how you looked.

“And you look spooky” you joked, blushing in slight embarrassment and wanting to just hit yourself upside the head for saying such a thing since he had taken the time to actually compliment you. But you were pleasantly surprised when he gave a joyous laugh, seemingly enjoying your joke and accepting it as a compliment. Perhaps it was a good compliment as Halloween was a night for all things spooky.

“Well, I think I should leave you two lovebirds alone” Nemuri smiled, already waving bye and taking her leave before either you or Toshinori could speak. Both of your cheeks lighting up at her words as you smiled and laughed a little. For a couple of minutes, neither of you seemed to speak, not fully knowing what to say to one another at first before slowly you started to speak. Asking simple questions that seemed to help push the conversation along and allow you both to fall into a comfortable conversation and look like any other couple. Compliments were passed around and occasionally a remark or two about the surrounding students and their costume choices were brought up.

You both even joked a little about how both you and Bakugo seemed to have come as the same thing with only major differences in your costume designs. You even gave compliments to young Midoriya’s costume which was quite adorable. It didn’t take long for your conversation to drift away from the topic of Halloween and onto other topics. You weren’t sure how long the two of you had talked before you had gotten the idea to take the blonde’s hand and lead him out of the gymnasium and away from the excitement of the party, having finally grown irritated from having to talk over the loud music and also having the desire to spend some quality alone time with your man. You both seemed to take shelter in the teachers’ room and when finding yourself alone together you started to steal kisses from him.

They started out short and sweet before slowly growing in length and becoming a bit more heated. It wasn’t long before hands started to wander and tug as you soon found yourself propped up on Toshinori’s desk and trapped in a very heated kiss. You weren’t sure what brought on this sudden moment of heated passion, but hey, you weren’t going to complain as you pulled your lover close and attempted to deepen the kiss while wrapping your legs tightly around his waist as he started to tug a little at your shirt.


“Come on, Shota, buddy. The party’s not all that bad, the kids seem to be enjoying it” Hizashi smiled as both he and Aizawa walked down the empty halls of the academy, the raven-haired man dragging behind him both his yellow sleeping bag and a few bandages that finally decided to free themselves from around his limbs.

“I’m not a kid” the tired man bluntly responded, keeping his eyes peeled for a good place to disappear down into in hopes of losing the hyperactive blond again so he could attempt to find another place to sleep. Just as they were starting to near the teachers’ room he stopped, holding a hand up to silence Hizashi before he could say any more. “You hear that?” he quietly asked.

“Hear what?” Hizashi surprisingly was able to lower his voice into a whisper as well when he saw just how serious his friend was being. Both of them waiting patiently in pure silence until they heard it, it was soft sounding and almost barely audible, but it was still there. The sound of a small groan.

“That, it sounds like it’s coming from…here?” Aizawa frowned as he realized the sound was coming from inside the teachers’ room. He was sure that everyone else was still inside the gymnasium, but at the same time he wouldn’t doubt it if a couple of students had snuck off and hid themselves away in the first empty room they came across. With a sigh, he didn’t even bother to knock and instead threw the door open, ready to scold the teens that had thought it smart to wander off and away from the party, only to be caught off guard by a high-pitched squeal and shout of surprise as two familiar people half naked attempted to now cover themselves.

“Oh, wow” Hizashi whistled as he peered over Aizawa’s shoulder and into the room. Chuckling as he pushed down his glasses to look at the two lovebird’s that were trying to hide themselves away in their embarrassment. “I didn’t think you’d be the type of person to do that sort of thing in public, Toshi” the blond snickered as he watched the former Symbol of Peace cover his reddening face.

“You got to be kidding me, I think I’m blind now” Aizawa groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose as he disappointingly shook his head while you hastily attempted to put your shirt back on while babbling out incoherent words and curses towards the two men. It was an embarrassing moment that both you and Toshinori knew you’d never be able to live down for the rest of your lives.

A/N: I'm actually pleased with this and I hope the person that requested this and all of you all are pleased with it as well. Sorry if the nsfw content wasn't really that strong.

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Requested By: EvIsNotOk

Requested Writing Prompt: I'd like to request a small fic with either Shinsou or Dabi and a fem!s/o who is really desperate for them *wiggles eyebrows* but they have to be quiet either because (for Shinsou aged up ofc) they're in her dorm or (for Dabi) because they're in the LoV hideout and the other members are there too.

A/N: Decided to do Dabi since I already have a Shinso story up—and I’m pretty sure I’ve already got another request for him later down the road—and also because the villains need some love as well.

“Got to be quiet, you don’t want the others hearing us, do you?” you couldn’t help but shiver at the way Dabi’s breath brushed against the shell of your ear and how that raspy voice of his seemed to just reverberate within your eardrum as he huskily whispered to you. His hands were gentle and slow in their actions as they slowly started to move about your body, running up and down your sides as if to feel every curve and dip before slowly his fingers inched their way up underneath your shirt and towards your chest. You weren’t sure what had triggered such a response from him, what you had done today to get him to want to shove you against the wall and start exploring your body with those hands of his. Dragging his fingertips gently across the flesh of your body and huskily whisper in your ear as he forced low, drawn-out moans from your lips. You won’t lie though, you were pleased with this sudden urge of his seeing how you’ve been lately desiring him to be more affectionate towards you.

You both had gotten together a week after you had joined the League of Villains but hadn’t done more than kissing after that. There was the occasionally touching, but it wasn’t enough—it never was enough. You wanted more and almost as if he had read your mind, he finally decided to give you what you wanted despite the fact that you two were just right outside the main room of the hideout. You both were in the worst position and you knew that; you knew that if someone opened the door and came walking right into the room they’d catch you—if you just made the slightest of sounds you’d be heard and prompt those in the next room to come investigating. You were forced to be silent as you were basically trapped, body pressed flush between the wall and his own body as his hands groped at whatever they touched.

“You don’t want them catching us, do you?” he almost sounded mocking as he whispered this before gently nipping at your earlobe, seemingly pleased by the way you shivered at the action. Your hands were pressed against his chest, fingers curling and grasping at the white shirt he wore as his own hands continued to grope your chest. Squeezing at the squishy lumps after working his way underneath your bra and occasionally taking the time to flick his thumbs over the hardening buds of your nipples that sent tingling jolts down your spine. Shaky moans slipped through half-parted lips as you tried to restrain yourself, sucking in sharp breaths of air after each moan in desperate attempts to contain yourself. You wanted to desperately beg him to give you more than just mindless touches and gropes, you wanted to loudly whine how much you needed him at that very moment.

But at the same time, you didn’t want that embarrassment, you didn’t want the others catching you both in such a compromising position—his hands up your shirt and body almost pressed flush against your own. What were you to do other than shakily moan and give quiet, needy whimpers that conveyed to him just how much you needed him? He only seemed to chuckle right into your ear as he listened before slowly working one of his knees between your legs and pressing it right up against your crotch. Slowly moving it against the clothed area and creating a sort of friction that seemed to almost drive you mad and force your hands to release their grip on his shirt to instead cover your mouth. Your cheeks were stained, and your eyes were wide as heavy breaths came through your nose and muffled sounds slipped through the fingers of your hands that were tightly clutched right over your open mouth as you moaned the more he worked his knee against your crotch.

Dabi seemed to just adore tormenting you—teasing you as you could feel the breathless chuckles that left his parted lips and blew hot air right onto the shell of your ear. His amusement only seemed to grow though when he heard the muffled whine that followed after your shaky moans the moment he pulled away, slipping his hands from underneath your shirt and lowering his knee away from your crotch. Looking you in the eyes as he drunk in the sight of you, seemingly loving the glare you shot his way as you slowly lowered your hands down and away from your mouth. He seemed to happily drink in the sound of your silent hisses as you seemed to just curse him out before finding your venomous words swallowed right up by his rough lips pressing up against your own and capturing you in a lust filled, passionate kiss. Immediately your eyes fluttered shut and your arms wound themselves right around his neck as his hands now worked their way right down to the front of your jeans.

It wasn’t long before he had your pants off which was quickly followed by your underwear, both dropping to the floor as he soon set to work on undoing his belt as he freed himself. It wasn’t long before you were lifted up and pressed fully against the wall behind you while your legs wrapped themselves around his waist and your fingers intertwined themselves inside his hair. Your lips still locked with one another as he wasted no time in taking you, swallowing any pain or pleasure filled cries that escaped your lips as he pushed inside and slowly started to take you with a set of thrust that started out slow and quickly picked up in speed. You pulled at his hair as he bit your lips, his hands squeezing and clawing your thighs as heavy pants and sloppy, breathless moans came out in a musical melody that seemed to drive him wild. You were shaking, pushing his face closer and not wanting him to pull away as your hands soon moved away from his hair and instead now took hold of his face as a way to hold him close.

As a way to keep him from pulling away and leaving you without those lips of his, leaving you without his taste. He was driving you wild just as you were driving him insane, neither of you wanting to pull away—wanting to leave the other as you continued to swallow and inhale the blissful whimpers and moans of one another. Shivering at the sounds of your heavy pants and slapping skin as you slowly helped bring each other to the edge until your bodies seemed to just seize up. Grips tightening as your nails dug into each other’s flesh and your teeth seemed to just clash as the kiss you were locked in grew fiercer in those final moments before finally the tension in your bodies released itself and you both pulled away. Nothing was said between the two of you as you looked into each other eyes, listening to the heaving breathing of the other and drinking in the sight of flushed faces and sweaty foreheads as well as messy hair.

Nothing had to be said as with a blissful sigh the raven-haired man flopped forward and buried his face right into your neck and pressed kisses against your jugular while you tenderly wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your own gentle kisses in return to the top of his head. You stood there, leaned up against that wall for quite a while before finally moving to dress. Your body having to lean against his own for just a minute as you found your legs felt like nothing more than jelly the moment he sat you back down on your feet and helped you pull your underwear and pants back on. He almost seemed to silently tease you, chuckling at the way you clung to him to keep yourself from falling before capturing your lips in a gentle kiss the moment he locked eyes with you. Pleased with the kiss, you both pulled away and intertwined your fingers together as you both finally met up with the others in the next room.

“What took you idiots so long?” Shigaraki asked, barely even bothering to glance up from the handheld device in his hands as he boredly looked at the two of you through the fingers of the hand that was clamped onto his face for a brief moment as the others also lifted their heads to look your way.

“Nothing really, just doing some stuff?” you and Dabi shrugged.

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Requested By: gia

Requested Writing Prompt: How about Tomura Shigaraki x reader? Reader and Shigaraki already have an established relationship, after a day of ignoring her, the reader starts to tease Shigaraki and somehow leads to sex?

You were aware that pursuing a relationship with someone that was so damaged—so ill and mentally unstable was going to prove to be a bumpy ride. Somewhere deep within your mind, you knew that the relationship you pursued with Shigaraki was unhealthy, that it wasn’t right and that there were many signs that showed that a stable relationship between the two of you was nearly impossible. Sure, you weren’t much better than he was when it came to moral decisions and you had a few loose screws of your own. But even then, you still proved to be much better off than him—there was a chance of salvation for you, a chance to turn your life around and claw your way out the grimy darkness that was your villainous life. When you looked at Shigaraki though, a part of you bitterly felt that there was no chance in saving him, in turning his life around, it was as if the villain life was made just for him.

There was a time when you could have left, a time when you could have chosen to leave the League of Villains and start your life anew. But there was only one thing stopping you and that was him—Tomura Shigaraki—the leader of this group. Despite the cruel words he spoke, despite his uncaring personality, you were absolutely captivated by him. It was almost wrong to feel that way towards someone like him, but you couldn’t help it. Thus, you did not hesitate to give in to your desire of accepting his offer to start a relationship with him.

The relationship had its ups and downs, there were signs of possessiveness on both sides and the arguments that the two of you could find yourselves wrapped up in were endless. But through the rough patches—through the constant storms that rolled your twos way—you continued to pursue this relationship. Even if you were upset with each other, even if there were times where you found yourself heavily crying or screaming in frustration, you both would still end up saying you love each by the end of the day. Your relationship with each other had magically been able to stay intact for a few months now and today you were feeling quite irritated towards Shigaraki. Since you had awoken this morning, he had been ignoring you or at least that’s what it felt like.

Throughout the whole day, he barely seemed to acknowledge your presence and wouldn’t respond to you when you spoke. Instead, he kept his head down and attention focus on whatever was in front of him at that exact moment, quietly grumbling to himself and irritably clawing at his own neck until he had flecks of dead flesh chipping off and making the scarred flesh look even worse. You weren't sure if his sour mood was caused by one of the other villains or if you had done something to upset him, then again, you could never tell with Shigaraki. He was almost like a ticking time bomb with how easy it was for one to frustrate him. You could simply sneeze, and he’d probably snap.

But despite not knowing who was at fault, you couldn’t help but be irritated with him for ignoring you. In a way you enjoyed the attention he gives you, you adored when those red eyes of his were focused solely on you. So, of course, you weren’t pleased to find that he wasn't even bothering to give you a single glance even though you were both in the same room. You could have simply just ignored him right back the next time he attempted to talk with you, but strangely enough that didn’t feel like it’d be all that satisfying. Neither did confronting and angrily snapping at him, demanding to know why he wasn’t giving you the attention you normally craved from him.

That wouldn’t have been satisfying enough either, in fact, you knew all it would do was most likely cause a fight to break out between the two of you. Shigaraki could be just as stubborn as a child—if you demanded him to tell you something he’d be less likely to tell you and more likely to just irritably insult you and demand you leave him alone. Sure, it wasn’t like the two of you didn’t fight most of the time, but this time you weren’t in the mood for another shouting match or tossing insults at one another. No, you almost felt like you were at a loss in what to do to get back at him. But slowly, one thought did seem to worm its way towards the front of your mind, a thought that made your cheeks heat up a bit as you slightly scolded yourself for thinking such a way for a moment.

Now, yours and Shigaraki’s relationship was not a stranger to the idea of sexual relations as you both had discussed trying such activities with one another before. In fact, it seemed that both of you had a lot of pent up sexual frustration due to how young and full of hormones you both were. But at the same time, you didn’t have a very active sex life thanks to how busy the League of Villains has become recently. It was obvious that you both were in need of release and because of that, you had the brilliant idea to use that against him. You let most of the day pass by with ease before slowly starting to enact your plan midafternoon.

It started with light touches, very gently dragging the tips of your fingers over his shoulders or even lower back each time you passed by him. Even though he didn’t look to acknowledge you, you still saw that your actions had an effect on him from the way his body would lightly tense as a light shiver would run down his spine. Slowly your actions started to progress, going from light touches to then leaning in close enough to him to lightly blow into his ear and even leaving small nips on his earlobe. Even if he’d violently wave you away, huffing and making sounds of annoyance you could tell his body was having the desired effect that you wanted. He started to shift around as if uncomfortable and irritated every time he sat down or stood in place, he also started to slowly look your way more and more.

Shooting small glances towards you every time you both were in the same room and the moment you noticed that he was starting to look your way, you upped your tactics. You intentionally swayed your hips when you walked and would gently start to bite at your lower lip while shooting what one would call bedroom eyes towards him. He seemed to slowly grow more and more frustrated with your antics as if he didn’t like the way you were seemingly teasing him. But, anytime he tried to approach you, you were quick to make an excuse and slip out of his reach—leaving him to stand there in irritation and wait for you to return and start teasing him once again. Slowly, nightfall came, and it now seemed that it was time to wrap up the day.

Now since you and Shigaraki had established your relationship you both had started to share a room. Near the beginning of the relationship, you had continued to sleep in separate rooms, but eventually, it hadn’t taken long for you to wind up moving right into his room and sleeping in his bed with him. You were already ready for bed by the time he came storming into the room, slamming the door shut behind him as he narrowed his eyes in a glare when he spotted you in only your undergarments instead of the normal pajamas that you wore to bed. You innocently stared at him as he seemed to just storm his way towards you, leering at the way you cutely blinked your eyes.

“Oh dear, you look quite mad, whatever is a matter, dear?” you seemed to play dumb as your lips pulled upwards into a wide smile.

“You got a lot of nerve pulling a stunt like that” his voice wasn’t smooth, and it was a matter of opinion on whether it was pleasing to the ears or not. To many, it wasn’t, but to you, it was like music to your ears.

“What do you mean? I’m not quite following” you continued to play dumb, almost laughing and sort of scrunching up your shoulders to draw back when his hand suddenly shot out and he wrapped three fingers around your neck, being mindful not to let those last two digits make contact unless he desired to end your life. You continued to lowly laugh, though you weren't sure if you were laughing out of fear that he was going to irrationally kill you for teasing him or because you disliked the feeling of his fingers touching your neck.

“Don’t play dumb, you know exactly what you did” he growled, slowly leading you back until the back of your legs hit the end of the bed and you fell back onto its soft surface with him quick to crawl on top. No more words were exchanged at this point, the only sound was your uncontained giggles mixing with slight pants as he continued to sneer down at you before finally latching his lips onto your own. You’ll admit, kissing Shigaraki wasn’t always pleasant. Sometimes you were able to look past the rough feeling of his chapped lips and other times you just couldn’t do it. You had attempted once to get him to fix the problem by buying a pack of chapstick that he promptly ended up destroying.

Though this time you were able to look past the feeling of those rough lips of his to mindfully wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him right back as he finally removed his fingers from your neck and proceeded to deepen the kiss between the two of you. Both your movements had to be slow and gentle as to avoid him accidentally touching you with all five fingers and causing damage. You both always had to go slow and even though it irritated you both and you wished you didn’t have to always take your time with everything, it was always worth it in the end. Tonight didn’t seem to be any different except that things felt a bit more heated this time, your movements slower than normal as you seemed to strip one another of whatever clothing kept you from seeing the other naked. Your kisses felt more passionate and even his small touches seemed to send stronger, pleasurable tingles throughout your body.

You both moved with ease, being mindful of his hands like always as the night seemed to pick up and you both found yourselves in a naked embrace that felt different from the few previous times. It felt like there was more of a spark behind it, it felt more romantic and left a warm feeling behind as you clung to him. Only you could cling, only you were able to fully wrap your arms around him and drag your nails down his back or grab at his arms and tightly grip them. He didn’t have that luxury, he could never fully touch you. He could never fully embrace you or feel every inch of you with his entire hand—no, he was only limited to two or three fingers.

He could only drag the tips of a couple of fingers over your flesh and could never fully grasp you with his entire hand. He’d never admit it, but he envied you for that reason. He envied that you could touch and cling to him all you wanted and there’d be no repercussions while he was cursed to never be able to do such a thing unless he wanted to reduce you to nothing but dust. But he wasn’t able to dwell on such bitter thoughts for much longer as he soon became distracted by the expressions you wore. By the way, your face was twisted up into a look of pure bliss as you panted, moaning and whimpering out his name while seeming to beg for him to keep going—to let you come undone.

It was sounds and sights like this that he adored the most, that seemed to make up for the fact that he could never fully cling to you like the way you clung to him. It wasn’t long before both of you started to reach your limit and soon enough you both fully came undone, falling into a slight mess of shivering, sweaty bodies on the bed that laid there, heavily panting and staring up at the ceiling while lost in thought over what you had done together with small smiles tugging at your lips. Neither of you attempted to move and cuddle with one another, cuddling was never an option after a fit of passion like that. No, instead you seemed to just turn away from one another and simply let yourselves drift off into a peaceful sleep where you could snuggle close to one another in your dreams.

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Requested By: Evaessis

Requested Writing Prompt: Toshi and Kitsune have been dating for a while and go on a date (that could start off great but end up disastrously funny haha). Then you would be able to fit the nice NSFW smut goodness at the end. But only if you feel like it.

You were nervous as you found yourself pacing back and forth in your bedroom, casting small glances from the open closest to your bedroom alarm clock to assure yourself that you still had a decent amount of time to get ready before Toshinori arrived. Though that thought process did very little to calm you down as you still found yourself anxiously pacing back and forth—your tails rigid as they barely were able to sway back and forth while your ears seemed to just press themselves back down against your skull. Your fur was ghostly white and almost transparent looking as wisps of smoke now started to seep off your tails and swirl around them. A clear sign that your anxiety was starting to act up pretty badly.

“What to wear? What to wear?” you were starting to nervously nibble on your lower lip as you finally force yourself to halt in your movements to face your open closest completely. You were aware that Toshinori had told you to wear something nice, but what exactly did he mean by nice? Formal wear nice or casual wear nice? Part of you knew that your anxiety and high-strung nerves weren’t really because of the idea of wearing the wrong outfit. No, this awful, stressful feeling was because this was the first time in years that you were going on a date and if you were being honest, you could barely even remember the last time you went out with someone.

Maybe the last time was way back in your youth during your teenage years or maybe even later than that—you weren’t exactly sure, but you knew by heart that the last date you had, had been before you had become a Pro Hero. Once you had pursued your career, you had pushed the idea of dating to the very back of your mind as it wasn’t all that important to you during those years of your life. But now, now you were retired and back in the dating scene. What really seemed to get the butterflies in your stomach moving though was the fact that this was yours and Toshinori’s first date together since you both had established a relationship with one another a few months back. Thanks to recent events both of you weren’t really able to catch a break and it wasn’t long before you were both too overwhelmed day in and day out to really think about going out on any real dates. But now, things have seemed to calm down for just the time being, giving you both a bit of a break to now spend some quality time together.

Which sounded wonderful, but that didn’t stop your anxiety of feeling like something would go wrong. Feeling like you were going to do something wrong and embarrass yourself or even accidentally scare the blond away. Yes, that’s the real reason for your high-strung nerves at the moment, but instead of facing those fears you choose to believe that your worry was because of some outfit. Because it was easier to worry about what was in front of you and not over something that hadn’t happened yet. After almost half an hour of rummaging through your closet, you finally decided on a decent dress that wasn’t extremely formal nor was it too casual.

It fell right in the middle in your opinion, though you were sure someone might argue that it fell more into one or the other category. Now that you were dressed you didn’t take much time in picking a nice pair of comfortable shoes that went along with the dress before getting started to adding any other small additions that you felt necessary. Whether that be makeup or jewelry, all you found yourself doing was just wasting that last remaining hour before Toshinori was expected to arrive at your apartment to pick you up. By the time you were finished, you couldn’t help the way your heart seemed to skip a beat as a lump formed in your throat the moment you heard the gentle tapping of one’s fist against your apartment door. Your fur was still white, and your tails were still moving in a stiff manner as you made your way to the front door, your whole body tense as you attempted to wear a relaxing smile on your face—though you were certain it looked more strained then relaxing.

But, the moment you opened the door to greet your blond-haired lover, all that anxiety and worry seemed to just finally melt away as the white color of your fur changed into a familiar vibrant pink the moment you spotted Toshinori in his true form. You couldn’t stop the blush that crept its way onto your cheeks or the elated chuckle that escaped from the back of your throat as you took in his appearance. He wasn’t overly dressed nor was he underdressed, the clothes he wore were quite dashing and made him look even more handsome than he already did in your eyes. His own cheeks were also dusted in that same pink hue that your own were as he seemed to just drink in the sight of you, causing you to embarrassingly advert your eyes towards the ground the second he locked eyes with you.

“You look wonderful” the compliment was genuine, you knew that by heart that he wasn’t just saying that to flatter you. He was saying it because he meant it because he truly did believe that you looked wonderful. “Are you ready to go?” he asked, watching as you nodded your head and slowly stepped outside of your apartment. You didn’t quite yet trust your voice, fearing that if you attempted to speak it would only come out as a squeak or a laugh as you felt this sort of bubbly feeling building up within your chest and attempting to escape out your mouth in the form of embarrassed giggles. Truly you now found yourself feeling giddy like a young teenager going on her first date as you couldn’t seem to wipe the smile from your face while locking your door behind you and hooking arms with Toshinori who lead you to his car—he seemed to wear his own bright smile as you both walked in silence.

Even the car ride was silent as you didn’t bother to question him right away about where the two of you were going. Though it wasn’t an awkward silence, no it was a blissful sort of silence—a relaxed kind though that might have been because of your quirk as the car was slowly starting to fill up with a sweet aroma that put both you and Toshinori in a calming mood. Totally different from how you were before he had arrived, instead of being constantly anxious you now found yourself in a lovestruck mood like you had been all those months ago when you first developed your feelings towards the blond. But that wasn’t anything new, you would find yourself still in these moods even long after you had become a couple, you couldn’t help it. Every time you saw him—saw him in his true form—it was like falling in love with him for the first time all over again.

Instead of speaking, you comfortably listened to the music that softly played from the car’s radio while also peering out the window and out towards the darkening sky that had a sea of stars appearing one by one while the sun was slowly being replaced by the moon.

“You’re very quiet today, normally you’re quite talkative whenever we hang out, are you feeling well?” Toshinori was finally the one to break the silence and dragged your attention away from the window as you looked towards him.

“Yeah, I’m just excited is all” your smile slowly seemed to widen as you carefully spoke your words, trying to contain the excited laughter that wanted to slip out. “This is the first time in years since I’ve gone on a date. What about you? Are you excited, Toshi?” you tilted your head, curious to know if he was feeling the same way that you were. Though as you looked at him, you couldn’t stop the way your breath seemed to just get caught up in your throat as you watched the way the lights from the street lamps you passed by outside seemed to just light up and highlight his features in the most breathtaking of ways.

“Yeah, I know exactly how you feel” he lowly chuckled, taking a hand off the wheel to embarrassingly scratch at his cheek as that blush from earlier returned. “I honestly don’t remember the last time I went on a date—I don’t think I’ve ever been on a date before really.”

“What? Really?” you seemed to just gasp, surprised to hear such a thing. “I don’t believe that, you’re far too handsome to not have gone on a few dates before in your lifetime. Don’t you lie to me, mister” you playfully scold, smiling at the way he laughed while that blush of his seemed to just darkened.

“You flatter me, [Your Name]” just hearing him say your name was enough to make your heart just skip a beat, truly you were far too deeply in love with him. You hadn’t felt this way about anyone in such a long time that it was honestly so nice, it was such a pleasant feeling that spread a comforting warmth throughout your whole body, a warmth that you never wanted to lose. You both seemed to fall back into a comfortable silence after that and it wasn’t long before you arrived at your destination, a small restaurant that didn’t look overly fancy nor cheap. It was the type a restaurant you’d expect to find young lovers just starting out or friends that desired to spend a night out together to go to. It was the type of place that many would claim would make the perfect place for a first date and you were sure that’s what Toshinori felt when he chose it.

The blond beside you was quick to get out of the car and reach your side before you had the chance to open the door yourself, it made you feel flattered when he opened the door and held his hand out for you to help you climb out. You weren’t surprised though, during the past few months since you started to date Toshinori you became aware of just how much of a gentleman he could be, though he never crossed the line and understood perfectly well when to back down and allow you to do things yourself when you desired it. Tonight though you enjoyed letting him play the role of a true gentleman as you once again locked arms with him and entered the restaurant together. The restaurant itself had a very comfortable atmosphere about it and there weren't that many people inside which you were thankful for, you weren’t one for extremely large crowds as they were always quick to become quite annoying. The moment you two were inside and seated, left alone to think about what to order was the moment you finally started to speak.

You both fell into a comfortable conversation, speaking of nothing in particular and hopping from topic to topic while your tails and ears fur seemed to finally return to normal. Sometimes you’d speak of hobbies and any new interest either of you had recently taken up, other times you’d give mention to work—speaking about certain teachers and students with a smile and laugh as you both attempted to speak at a decent volume to not disturb the other patrons within the restaurant. Though among the many topics you spoken about there were only two that neither of you touched up on, you didn’t dare speak of hero work nor the talk of the League of Villains. Neither of you wanted to bring up such stressful and serious topics because tonight wasn’t a night for stress and worry, tonight was meant to be a night swarming with love and peace. So instead you both continued to speak of your lighthearted topics, cheerfully laughing with one another as your hands seemed to just find one another over the table and your feet would lightly poke and probe at the others underneath it.

The meals you ordered were light, neither of you truly hungry for one reason or another as you instead found yourself wanting to enjoy the company of the other. Even though at the beginning of your date you both were silent, now you couldn’t keep your mouths shut as all you could do was laugh with one another and speak of topics that seemed to make both your eyes brighten and your lips curl upwards into the sweetest and brightest of smiles that either of you have ever seen. Even when you had finished your meals, neither of you attempted to move right away and only continued to speak with one another as the night slowly dragged on and by the time you finally paid and took your leave, the moon was already at its highest point in the sky. Though neither of you truly wanted the date to end as you climbed back into Toshinori’s car and while still calmly chatting with one another you seemed to come to the agreement to go to his place instead of back to yours. His apartment was obviously a bit bigger and nicer compared to yours, but it wasn’t overly fancy like one would think.

It was a nice apartment that felt cozy despite being big. You both didn’t seem to waste any time as you had headed straight for the bedroom the moment you entered the apartment, but instead of getting into anything heated you just simply laid down beside one another on the bed and continued to comfortably talk. Slowly inching closer and closer towards each other until your arms were wrapped around one another as you continued to happily speak. It seemed that just listening to each other talk was enough to make you both feel relaxed and at ease and slowly the conversation started to die down and be replaced with soft kisses that started out short and sweet before growing in length and becoming more heated. You didn’t rush each other, nor did you force anything, no, you both simply took things slow enough to give the other time to back away anytime they desired.

But neither of you wanted to back away, instead, you pushed onward. Articles of clothing were slowly removed, and hands began to wander, dragging gentle fingertips over either smooth or rough skin while continuing to pepper one another in passionate kisses. Your eyes seemed to move, drinking in the sight of each other anytime a new piece of clothing was removed and soon those soft, gentle touches started to become just as heated as the kisses did. Fingers curled and hands groped and grabbed at whatever they could reach as you both became intertwined with one another in an entanglement of limbs. You both seemed to just press yourselves as close as you could to one another, desiring to feel the warmth of the other’s bare body pressed against your own.

There was a bit of nervousness near the beginning that only seemed to slowly drip away the further along you went until finally, you both were slowly starting to become a panting, sweaty mess as you seemed to just cling to each other. Your movements slow and steady before picking up in speed and becoming more heated and passionate that it had you seemingly loudly crying out Toshinori’s name over and over in a mantra. It was as if his name was the only word you now knew, and you couldn’t keep yourself from letting it spill from your lips into a mess of loud cries that had started out as nothing more than breathless pants and soft whimpers before growing in volume. It was like you didn’t know any other words and just as you chanted his name, he seemed to just breathless call out your own as his grip on you tightened as he tenderly looked down at you before locking you in another kiss that drowned out both your voices. You weren’t sure how long you both were like this, but when you finally pulled away with only a string of saliva connecting your lips and the sight of your flushes faces were the only thing you could see you both couldn’t stop the way your bodies tensed up before crumbling into a shivering mess as you tightly clung to one another while still moving.

You both found yourselves overcome with immense pleasure that had your grips on one another tightening and your heavy breathing loudly mingling together as you seemed to just ride each other through your orgasm before finally it stopped and you both now laid in a mess of tangled limbs that were too tired to move at first. But slowly, you both seemed to inch your way close against one another once again, arms wrapping tightly and loving around the other as you tiredly drifted off into a peaceful sleep while mumbling your praise and love to one another.  

A/N: That feeling when you want to work on the new story you've recently come up with but also want to get requests done is the worst, but you can tell which feeling won out in the end. Anyways, sorry that the date didn't end disastrously, it seems that when it comes to All Might I can only ever really write fluff. Even the smut came out a bit fluffy in my opinion, but I'm always more of a fan of passionate smut then hardcore smut so that doesn't bother me. I do hope you all like it though. 

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Requested By: Rosio4599

Requested Writing Prompt: I know you already wrote a request with Toshinori, but I love him so much and wish for smut of him! Toshinori with a reader that appears innocent and small but is actually really perverted when she ‘wants him’. She uses sexual innuendos when talking to him and makes sexual gestures when she sees him. She likes teasing him out in the public by wearing revealing clothes, rubbing his leg and calling him ‘Daddy’ in his ear when they’re out. Yup, she’s got a huge daddy kink and loves to be called baby/naughty girl! Toshi having a Daddy kink and being flustered is my favorite thing in the world!

To many you were innocent—or at least you looked innocent due to your small height and the way you presented yourself to others. But, Toshinori knew better, he knew that under that innocent façade of yours was quite the devious little pervert he’d ever met. Maybe once upon a time, he had also been fooled by your innocent appearance just like everyone else until finally, the day came when he established a relationship with you. It didn’t take long for him to become aware of just how perverted your truly were, especially when you were in the mood. It was not above you to make small innuendos and gestures towards him whenever you’d locked eyes with him or be near him.

Quite frankly, he never knew how to really react to such gestures, especially out in public when there were others around. But, you always seemed to avoid the publics eyes with your gestures and lewd phrases, you always seemed to keep that innocent appearance about yourself up when it came to others. After the both of you had started dating, a new side of you seemed to just come out—instead of wearing baggy or decent clothing, you started to dress in more revealing outfits every time you were out and about with him. Your shorts would be far too small, or your shirts would be tight enough to hug every inch of your torso, showing off the curves of your body. Then the touching started, of course, it started out small and unnoticeable at first.

Sometimes you’d just rest your hand on his leg, or you’d grab his upper arm while curling up into his side, but Toshinori wasn’t a fool. He was well aware that your touches weren’t as innocent as they seemed, especially when the hand you’d rest on his lap would start to rub up and down the length of his thigh, fingers curling and squeezing at what little muscle he had to them. But, what really flustered him were the words you’d breathily whisper in his ear whenever you were close enough to press your body flush against his side. Just the feeling of your warm breath brushing against the shell of his ear as you’d whisper the words “Daddy” and then pull back with a wide innocent smile on your face. Acting like you hadn’t just reduced him to nothing more than a flustered mess that couldn’t stop himself from sputtering out nonsense and cause the people around to curiously look at him.

Sometimes you’d reduce him to nothing more than an embarrassing mess that didn’t know what to do with himself and despite being flustered because of your actions, he still couldn’t help but be turned on by them just a little. For a while he didn’t really know how to retaliate to your actions—he didn’t know how to make you feel just as embarrassed as he does when you do the things you do until he learned that you had quite the weak spot to being referred to as “baby girl” or anything similar along those lines. At first, he had a hard time referring to you in such a way, stumbling over his words and becoming flustered enough that he’d end up mumbling in the end. You would tease him about it, but for the most part, you always appeared to be patient with him and when he was finally able to say such words without looking away in embarrassment or being reduced to a mumbling mess. You would fall into a giggling fit as your cheeks would flush a dark red and your eyes would advert elsewhere while a smile would tug at your lips.

He didn’t fully understand this kink of yours all that much but seeing the way you reacted to him playing along and returning the gesture in referring to you in such ways made him happy. It made him happy knowing that he could get you to feel all flustered in return. For a good portion of the beginning of your two's relationship, he attempted to learn more about this kink of yours, this desire of yours in referring to him as “Daddy” and why you enjoyed when he’d return the favor by calling you his “baby girl” or other such names. It was still all so confusing to him even after looking more into it, but just seeing how happy you were seeing him play along told him that there was no harm in this kink of yours and if it made you happy he’d gladly let you continue referring to him in such a way. Even if it still made him feel all flustered hearing you call him such a word.

Which that feeling only seemed to worsen when the both of you finally decided to become intimate with one another. It seems you really enjoyed referring to him as such during such a time. Barely he could get anything done without wanting to just curl up in on himself in embarrassment at being referred in such a way while attempting to remove your clothing. He seemed to just revert back to when this had first started back near the beginning of the relationship. Sunken in cheeks flushed red as he’d stumble over his words in an attempt to respond while you’d seem to just cling to him, lightly chuckling as you continued to just refer to him in such a manner.

But once you gave him time to settle down and adjust, he’d finally be able to find his words and start responding back. Sometimes he’d be sneaky and lock his lips onto your own to muffle your voice and halt your speaking while you both undress one another. Your hands appeared far more adventurous than his own though as they wandered his body with more confidence while his hands seemed to move slowly with ease. While yours would grasp at whatever they could, his seemed to just ghost over your own body, gently grasping and kneading at the flesh of your chest or thighs while placing gentle kisses from your lips down to your neck and back. You still continued to call him “Daddy” every time you were able to speak after he’d pull away, and the more you called him it the more Toshinori found himself now starting to enjoy being referred to in such a way.  

Of course, his cheeks were still stained with an embarrassed blush upon hearing the words, but that feeling of wanting to curl up in embarrassment was slowly starting to fade as he seemed to become more confident in his actions. His hands started to be more adventurous in their wandering like your own. Slowly things started to heat up between the two of you, both of your breathing becoming a bit heavy as you started to grasp and touch one another more and more while now starting to leave little love bites here and there. It wasn’t long until finally, you started to move on from the touching, moving around to comfortably position yourselves while clinging to each other. Slowly he started to move and as he gently started to pick up speed and find a reasonable pace, his hands slowly started to move around your body once more before taking comfort at grasping onto your hips.

You were slowly starting to be reduced to nothing more than a whimpering, moaning mess as you panted out a mixture of his name while also referring to him as “Daddy” occasionally over and over. Your hands flying up to wrap themselves around his neck and drag him back down so that his chest was flushed against your own. Almost in retaliation, he started to breathily speak in your ear, groaning as his fingers would curl and his hands would tighten their grip as he’d refer to you as his “baby girl” which would cause pleasurable shivers to rack up and down your spine as soon as you felt the way his breath would just brush against the shell of your ear. You both seemed to just slowly drive one another wild as your hold on each other continued to tighten and his movements picked up in speed while your heavy panting seemed to just mingle together, mixing in with the sounds of your moans and pleasure-filled cries. It wasn’t long before passionate words were exchanged, words of love and praise as you both soon pressed your lips tightly against one another while clinging to each other harder than before to keep your bodies flushed fully against each other as you could now feel yourself slowly getting close.

Just that feeling was enough to make you tighten your hold around Toshinori—it was enough to make the volume of your voice slowly rise in pitch as your moans became louder along with your whimpering. You seemed to just curl your fingers and dig your nails into the blonde’s flesh as he continued to just pamper you in kisses and small praises. Just hearing him referring to you in the way you liked was really what helped to push you over the edge and cause your body to tense up before devolving into a shaking mess as you seemed to just loudly cry out his name before finally releasing your hold on him. Your energy now spent as you heavily panted and soon buried your face into the crook of his neck while he gave a few more thrusts before reaching his own end. His movements became a bit more sluggish after that and it wasn’t long before he let himself tiredly flop down beside you on the bed.

He seemed to just heavily breath through his nose, barely able to really move as his own energy seemed to be spent as well, but that didn’t stop him from opening his arms and letting you just attach yourself right into his side. Cuddling as close as you wanted to as you rested your head on his chest and wrapped your arms around him the same way he seemed to encase his arms around you before finally you both closed your eyes and basked in the warmth of each other.

A/N: This took a few tries, it actually took a while to both start it and figure out how to get everything flowing naturally. I’m not the biggest fan of the Daddy Kink, in fact, it makes me uncomfortable, but I hope the person that requested this feels that it’s to their liking. I may have cheated a bit by not putting much dialogue and not mentioning to words “Daddy” and “baby girl” a lot, but I hope that’s okay. I want the person who requested this to feel happy, but I didn't want to feel too uncomfortable writing this either. I also just really didn’t want this coming out sounding awkward and stilted, which I feel I did a good job at.