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The Illumination

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The Illumination
Part 3: The Power of Fantasy
The Winx, needless to say, were distressed by the news. “Your counterpart from a dimension opposite of ours came and attacked you outside Alfea?? That should be impossible!” Tecna said, pacing anxiously.
“Not that we don't believe you, of course,” Stella commented. “It's just so hard to picture an evil Bloom!”
“I was turned evil by Lord Darkar, remember?” Bloom asked. “Besides, she's not just an evil version of me. Doom is the Witch of the Kraken's Ink. She has the power of the Dread Kraken, like how I have the power of the Great Dragon.”
“That does sound formidable,” Flora worried.
“But if this Doom is Bloom's opposite...who are ours?” Musa asked. “And are they as powerful as we are?”
“My guess is that our opposites are these Jinx that Bloom mentioned,” Aisha said thoughtfully. “Six witches who are coming to the magic dimension. Coming for us.”
“And we can't even fight against one!” Tecna said. “I searched every database I could think of, and none of our current or past powers can resist Wraithix!” she groaned and put her phone in her pocket.
“Oh, come on Winx, they're not here yet!” Stella said. “I feel that, like always, we'll find a new power that will help us out.” She stood up and said, “Besides, we have a new class of students to welcome, so let’s get to it!”

Volt walked alongside Daphne, nervously rubbing his arms. “I don't know about this, Daphne. I didn't even share a room with my sisters...”
“It will be fine, Volt. You and the girls might share a dorm, but your room will just be yours.”
“Okay…” Volt mumbled.
“You'll fit in just fine. Besides, we're not heading to your dorm--we're going to your orientation!” Daphne told him cheerfully. She put a hand on his shoulder. “I was nervous my first day--both of them, actually! But Volt, you are a fantastically powerful and kind fairy. You’ll fit right in, I promise!”
Volt nodded and walked with her. “I learned some spells from the fairies of Minerva, but never got any formal training. This will be my first time ever at a school.” He looked around. “It’s quite intimidating, to be honest.”
As the two of them walked outside, Daphne chuckled. “I don’t imagine that will be a problem--in fact, I can see you being quite popular. And Volt, I think that we can learn as much from you as you can learn from us.”
“Thanks, Daphne,” Volt told her. When they made it outside, they broke apart. Daphne joined the teachers. Even in the crowd, Volt stood out, been a white haired boy among the girls of Alfea. He looked around nervously, noticing a brown-haired girl who was watching the stage. She saw him and waved with a friendly smile; Volt blushed and looked away shyly. The girl looked surprised for a moment then turned her attention back to the teachers.
Faragonda stepped forward. “Welcome everyone to the first day of the new school year. I’m very excited to help you all start on your path to becoming wonderfully powerful fairies, and the guardian fairies of your realms, like our resident Winx!”
The Winx, in their Butterflix, flew over the crowd, before landing next to Faragonda. “If you study hard, practice every day, and devote yourselves to all that is good, you can become as powerful as they are. Bloom, would you like to share some words?”
Bloom walked up and said, “Hello, everyone! It's wonderful to see so many faces eager to become new fairies of the Magic Dimension! I can't say that this path will be easy, but it is worth every step of the way.”
One girl raised her hand and waved it around, desperately trying to catch Bloom's attention. Bloom, rather confused but definitely curious asked, “Yes?”
“Why is there a boy here? Alfea's supposed to be for fairies.” The girl gave Volt a scrutinous look and he shrunk into himself.
“Gee, Amaryl, why haven’t you graduated yet?” The brunette girl from earlier asked.
Amaryl and the girl glared at each other as Faragonda commented, “Amaryl, this boy is Prince Volt of Minerva, and he has every right to be here. Volt, can you transform for us, please?”
With a shrug, Volt transformed into his Winx and flew into the air. He saw that everyone was staring at him and grew nervous. He landed on the stage next to Faragonda. “I’m Volt, the Fairy of Lightning,” he introduced himself. “I’m also the Prince of Minerva.”
There was some mumbling amongst the other fairies and Volt backed up. He wasn’t used to being the center of attention and he did not like it. “Oh dear…” he mumbled quietly.

At Red Fountain, the specialists stood in the arena as Saladin made his start of year speech. Mira stood stiff to attention the entire time, while the boys around her goofed off and roughhoused. She didn’t lend her attention to them, and they didn’t seem to notice that Mira was even there.
“Lastly, let me introduce a special new student: Princess Mira of Minerva!” He motioned to Mira, who bowed her head gratefully.
One guy suddenly snorted and walked over to Mira. He was a bit taller than she was, so he leaned down and asked, “Princess Mira, huh? Aren’t princesses supposed to go Alfea?” He had blood-red, messy hair and purple eyes.
“Diablo!” An identical boy, with clean blue hair and purple eyes said. “Leave her alone!” He pulled the red boy--Diablo-- away from Mira and apologized, “I’m sorry about that, my brother is kind of a jerk. My name’s Angelo, my brother and I are the Princes of Calliope.”
Mira shook his hand. “Miranda, Jewel of Snow, Princess of Minerva,” Mira introduced herself.
Angelo smiled, then glared at Diablo. “Is there anything you want to tell Mira?”
“Pffft, she won’t last long enough for me to say anything.” He smirked at Mira, “After all, princesses belong in Alfea.” He walked off as Mira glared at him.
“Ugh...again, sorry about that. My brother is extremely cocky--he thinks he’s the best thing to happen to Red Fountain. Sure, he’s good at his classes, but he thinks this makes him invincible.” Angelo sighed. “See you around!” he waved and walked off to Diablo.
“Now, as is tradition at Red Fountain, we shall have two of our students face each other in combat. Do we have any volunteers?” Cordatorta asked.
Mira stepped forward. “May I issue a challenge?”
Cordatorta looked taken aback, but he said, “I don't see why not. Is there any particular you’d like to challenge?”
Mira pointed. “Diablo of Calliope,” she said. “I challenge Diablo of Calliope.”
Everyone looked at Diablo, including a rather smug Angelo. Diablo scoffed at first, until Angelo whispered something in his ear. Diablo's face turned as red as his hair, and he stormed over to Mira loudly saying, “Of course I can beat a princess!”
Mira respectfully held out her hand for a handshake, but Diablo just rolled his eyes and swatted it away before walking away from Mira. “Very well, then,” Mira mumbled. “If that is the way you want to play it, then let's play.” She walked to the other side of the designated battle area.
Diablo pulled out his phantoblade--a crooked blade that resembled a hook. Mira pulled out her triblade. Diablo scoffed and asked, “You expect to defeat me with that?” He laughed. “That sword has more holes than cheese!”
Mira asked, “Are we fighting or what?”
Diablo looked surprised, but quickly shrugged it off and lunged at Mira. Mira jumped backwards and blocked his blade. She twisted around pushed him from behind. Diablo growled and spun on his heel, trying to get Mira with his sword. Mira caught his blade in one of the gaps of her own. She spun the sword around and disarmed him with little effort. With one more kick, she knocked Diablo to the ground. Without any change in expression, she tossed both swords to the ground.
Mira walked over to where Diablo lay on the ground and squatted next to him. With a small, smug grin, she told him, “You’re right--princesses do go to Alfea, and if you enroll now, they might still take you.” She stood up, picked up her sword, and walked back to her classmates.
“That. Was Awesome!” Angelo gushed. “Honestly, I think everyone was waiting for someone to teach Diablo a lesson.” Everyone looked at Diablo as he stood up and brushed himself off. With a glare of utter contempt at Mira, he picked up his sword and walked away.
“Well, not the most conventional way to start a school year,” Saladin commented, “but an impressive one nonetheless.”
As Angelo patted Mira’s back, she calmly grinned.

Cloudtower was going to be a breeze for Psyche. She stood among the other young witches, barely noticeable (excluding the fact she was trying to make friends). The other witches gave her some withering looks but otherwise didn’t pay her any mind. Well, excluding one girl--she had black hair with orange, green, and purple highlights, striped stockings, and a short black dress. She giggled and grinned at Psyche.
“We begin another year at Cloudtower,” Griffin announced. “Here, young witches can hone their craft to become the most powerful witches they can be. However, not just any witch can enroll in Cloudtower. You will need to prove your capabilities. Consider this an entrance exam.Who wants to go first?”
“Ooh! Ooh! Me! Me!” Psyche shouted. She ran in front of the crowd, and Griffin gave her a skeptical look.
“You do know that after this morning doing the entrance exam would be redundant...don’t you?” Griffin asked.
Psyche grinned. “Maybe, but what witch doesn’t like showing off?” Her hands glowed with white energy and she summoned her violin--a grey, skull-shaped instrument. She began playing a slow, somber tune. The other witches looked confused and a little bored. Psyche grinned and picked up the tempo. She floated in the air as spirits whipped and spun around her. Her hair floated into the air and her eyes glowed ghostly white. Her violin disappeared and she shouted, “Astral Projection!” She threw the spell at the other witches and suddenly, they turned into spirits.
With a giggle, she blew them a kiss and turned them back to normal. “I'm the Witch of Spirits,” she told her class.
“Impressive,” Griffin said. Psyche curtsied and joined her classmates as Griffin asked, “Who will go next?” Most of the other witches glared at Psyche, but the more traditionally-dressed witch grinned.
She stepped forward. “I’m Trixie, the Witch of Tricks.” she said. With a puff of smoke she summoned a deck of cards. “Who wants to volunteer?” Without warning, a pair of magic gloves grabbed Psyche’s wrists, lifting her hands. “Great!” Trixie whipped out a chain of handkerchiefs, grabbing Psyche and pulling her forward.
With a wicked grin, she flew into the air and shouted, “Trick ball!” she shouted, summoning a ball of orange light and threw it at Psyche. There was a burst of glowing confetti, and suddenly Psyche was extremely dizzy. Trixie landed in front of her and said, “Come on. Hit me with your worst curse.”
Psyche summoned her power and shouted, “Silence of the ghosts!” She blasted her spell at Trixie, when suddenly it curved back around and hit her. Suddenly, her voice was gone. Luckily, Psyche knew the counter spell and cast it silently. To her surprise, she just got blasted in the face with more confetti.
Laughing, Trixie floated down next to Psyche and snapped her fingers--the effects of Psyche’s and her own curse wore off. “My Trick Ball can scramble any spell into my favor. As you can see, it turned Psyche’s curse back onto her, and disabled the counterspell. The best part is that while the Trick Ball is in effect, it’s always a surprise on what will happen!”
Griffin and the other witches have Trixie respectful applause.
“Nice hex,” Psyche said, holding her hand out for a handshake.
“Back atcha sister,” Trixie said. “I've never been a ghost before she shook Psyche's hand and said, “I can't wait to have class together!”
Psyche's cheeks flushed and she quickly turned to watch the next witch go up.

Icy admired her Wraithix bracelet, and asked, “When do we get to try these bad boys out?” She summoned a barrage of ice crystals and shot them at the cave wall. They didn’t shatter, but instead created a wall of frost that reflected like a mirror. Icy checked her hair.
“I wanna use this power on the Winx!” Stormy shouted. She summoned a dark storm cloud and started firing lightning in every direction.
“This power is epic!” Darcy added, vanishing in and out of the shadows. “I can't wait to use it on the Winx!” She created the image of the Winx and blasted them with all her power.
“Not yet,” Doom told them. “Right now, we have the element of surprise. The Winx know of me, and somewhat of the Jinx, but they have no idea that you three are back. Once you have a decent mastery of your Wraithix, I’ll let you attack.” She watched the image of the three Illuminates in her swirling void. To herself, she mumbled, “How do I make them tick?”
Stormy protested, “Come on Doom! Our powers are boosted and we can summon wraiths! I think we can handle it.”
Doom turned to Stormy and gave her a withering glare. “Oh, yeah? Show me that you can summon your wraiths.”
Icy and Darcy glared at Stormy, then the Trix began focusing. Their Wraithix jewels glowed a bit, but nothing else happened. “See? Can't handle it as much as you thought, hm?” Doom asked. “Not only can I summon a Wraith, I can use it to control others. Like a certain specialist who was just humiliated by a princess.” The void image turned into Diablo, the boy who'd fought Mira.
“Blue, my darling, possess his broken pride.” Her blue jewel detached, and took on the ghostly appearance of the Blue Wraith. The Blue Wraith looked at her, nodded, and flew off like a ghost. Turning back to the Trix, she said, “Now watch and learn.”
Angrily, the Trix watched Doom’s void illusionary screen, begrudgingly curious on how things would pan out.

In Faragonda’s office, Volt was standing with Faragonda holding the most peculiar book. The cover was pitch black and lined with gold, with a swirling, pale, rainbow-colored stone on the front. Faragonda looked worried, but Volt seemed more or less at ease.
The Winx came in, since classes hadn’t started that day, and Bloom immediately asked, “What’s wrong, Miss Faragonda? Have you found out anything about Doom?” She seemed nervous--rightfully so, considering how Doom overpowered her so easily.
“Yes, actually,” Volt replied. “It was lucky I snagged this book from the Library of Minerva. It’s a record of dimensions, with information on every parallel universe to this one. Doom is from the Cursed Dimension, the universe directly opposite to ours. The Cursed Dimension is like you’d expect it to be--a dark, reversed mirror image of the Magic Dimension. In it reside the Jinx--six terrible witches, Doom included, who are the opposites of you six. I can’t find any information on the others, but Doom is a nasty character.”
“I’ve seen that firsthand,” Bloom agreed.
“It’s worse than you think,” Volt explained. “Her whole chapter is like a horror story.” He shivered. “I’m going to have nightmares for a month. Anyway, the Jinx have one goal: the conquest of every alternate universe. They’ve taken theirs, and now have their sights set on ours. They are as powerful as you six, but they seek a way to become ultimately powerful.”
“Oh no…” Stella groaned. “We’re not going to try to find another ultimate power, are we? My wardrobe can’t handle the stress.” She looked at her clothes dramatically.
“Um...Stella, I don’t know how to tell you, but you six don’t need to find an ultimate power. You are the ultimate power...more or less. The Jinx and you have opposite powers. By absorbing you and your powers, theirs will be boosted.” Volt explained. When the Winx looked confused, Volt explained, “It’s like with light and darkness--by controlling one, you more or less control the other. The more light, the less darkness, and the less darkness, the more light. If Doom controls the Kraken’s Ink and the Dragon’s Flame, she’d be all-powerful, controlling the magic forces of every universe.”
Bloom held her chest in shock. “Well, luckily the Dragon’s Flame can’t be stolen from me, so Doom can’t take it.” She said with a bit of half-hearted relief.
“Bloom...that’s not what she intends to do,” Volt sighed. “Doom wants to absorb you, Dragon’s Flame and all, by using her Wraithix. I finally found information on it, and it’s even worse than I feared. Wraithix is a power that originates in the Cursed Dimension. It is the manifestation of the darkest power in the universe--despair. Those Wraiths that Doom can summon? They were regular people, until they fell to despair.”
All six of the Winx girls look horrified, but Aisha gathered face and said, “Well, we won’t let that happen. Bloom knows we always have her back!”
“Doom against the six of us doesn’t stand a chance,” Bloom agreed.
Volt looked grim. “That’s why she’s bringing the Jinx. All six of you versus all six of them is an even fight, plus all of the negative powers from the Wraithix. I think I know a way to stop them, though. We need to find the Luminous Jewels ourselves so Doom and the Jinx can’t. Luckily, with the Wraithix, only Doom can cross between the worlds.”
“But there’s no way that Doom will just let us find the Luminous Jewels,” Aisha said. “We already know we can’t fight against her or her wraiths as long as she wears that bracelet.”
“Which totally clashes with her outfit anyway,” Stella commented.
“Statistically speaking,” Tecna added, “as long as Doom has her Wraithix bracelet, we have zero chance of being able to even fight her. What if she decides to attack us again? Her Wraithix wipes us of our butterflix powers.”
“There must be a way,” Musa said. “If the Cursed Dimension is truly the opposite of the Magic Dimension, then there should be a power here that can face Wraithix. There is, isn’t there?” She asked nervously.
“Actually, yes!” Volt said, relieved again. “Since the Wraithix is a a power of great negative energy, in our world is a being of equal positive energy. It is the power of fantasy--the transformation of Fantasmix. It’ll create a kind of positive energy shield that will protect you from the negative energy of the Wraithix and even the playing field so you can fight fairly.”
“Fantasmix?” Bloom asked. “I’ve never heard of this transformation before.”
“It’s a very elusive and rare power,” Faragonda said. “I had only heard of it in passing myself. However, I do know that it is a great one. With it you’ll be able to fight fairly against Doom and her minions.”
“Which will be pretty useful finding the Luminous Jewels,” Volt said. “Though even with this immunity Doom is still extremely powerful. Fantasmix might not be enough to finally beat her, but the book says that finding the Jewels will help you earn a great power. A power connected to the Illumination itself. Unfortunately…that’s where the chapter cuts off. It didn’t give me a name for it.” He perked up a bit, “but hey, at least there’s hope! If you earn Fantasmix, you’ll have a solid chance against Doom.”
“Assuming we can earn Fantasmix,” Aisha commented. “Do you know how we can?”
“The Cave of Jubilation. You must succeed in a test given by the cave, and if you pass you will be granted the power of Fantasmix. I don’t know what the test is, though, so tell me all about it when you get back!” He told them excitedly.
“You’re not coming along?” Bloom asked.
Volt shook his head no. “I’m not good with cold, I have classes and most importantly, I can’t earn Fantasmix. Since my power comes from the Illumination, any outside forces trying to affect my magic have a great chance of being reversed and having the opposite intended effect. If I try earning Fantasmix I could end up with Wraithix or worse.” He held out the book. “This will tell you everything you need to know just...promise to bring it back, okay?”
“Thank you, Volt,” Bloom said before giving him a quick hug. When she pulled away, Volt’s face was bright red. “Come on, Winx, let’s get ready!”

At Red Fountain, Diablo stormed away from the other students as Angelo ran after him. “Diablo, wait!” Angelo shouted. He caught Diablo’s wrist and said, “Are you really this mad because Mira beat you? It was a fair fight! You’re acting like a child!”
“Shut up, Angelo! I should have beaten her! She must have cheated!” Diablo growled. “She’s a first year and a girl! I did nothing to her! She should have lost!” He tried to yank his fist out of Angelo’s hand.
“Diablo, you were rude to her and she took her anger out quite elegantly.” Angelo retorted. “You should think about how your words affect others before you open your mouth.”
The two brothers began shouting at each other, neither of them noticing the being of blue and black magic flying straight them. When they finally realized and looked, it was too late. The Blue Wraith hit the both of them at the same time, and they were absorbed into its dark energy.
Mira, who had been following Angelo, froze and watched in terror as the two boys were twisted and fused together into a huge, horrible monster.

Simultaneously, Volt and Psyche gasped. “Mira’s in danger!” they said. Volt transformed into his winx and Psyche transformed into her witch form. The two of them flew straight to Red Fountain, joining each other on the way.
Without any hesitation they flew and joined their sister, who was currently facing off against the Blue Wraith...or, rather, something that looked like it. This creature had the same inky black skin and uniform like the Wraith, but it had two heads: one with messy red hair and one with clean blue hair. Both head had purple eyes and large mouths with sharp teeth.
“What is that!?” Volt screamed, blasting lightning at the monster.
“Two of my classmates, Angelo and Diablo. The Blue Wraith possessed them and turned them into a monster! I don’t know how to get rid of the Wraith without hurting them. I don’t like Diablo but he doesn’t deserve this.” Mira explained in her reasonable, calm voice.
Psyche threw a spirit ball at the monster. “Their souls are...comatose. The Wraith is using their bodies and completely controlling them. We can’t harm the monster without hurting them, but we can’t reach out to them to purify them. We’ll have to completely magically wipe away the Wraith.”
The monster roared and swiped its claws at the specialists, making them fly in all directions. “Come on!” Mira shouted. She ran forward, and Volt and Psyche flew behind her. The three of them hit the monster with everything they had, but the red head screamed and punched Mira out of the way. She flew in the air, and was about to hit the ground when Musa and Aisha--in their Butterflix--caught her and flew her to Psyche and Volt.
“What is that thing!?” Bloom asked.
“A Wraith possessing two Red Fountain boys, we don’t know how to beat it.” Volt explained before shooting lightning at it.
“Can’t you summon the Light of the Illumination like you did with Wraiths?” Flora asked.
Psyche sighed. “I wish we could, but that was just with the Wraiths. With the Blue Wraith possessing them, any attacks we can do will affect them too. The Light of the Illumination could have serious, permanent reversals to them.”
“Well, no matter what, we have to help the boys!” Stella shouted. The Winx, Volt, and Mira flew into the air and fired their magic at the monster. It growled and roared, but was mostly unfazed by their powers.
When Flora hit it with a burst of natural magic, the two heads turned on each other and began fighting like they had with the students and Winx. Mira, seeing this, gasped, “Of course!”
Psyche and Volt, alerted to her revelation, flew to her. “We need Flora,” Mira said. “I think we can use our Illumination powers to properly heal Angelo and Diablo! We need Flora, though.” Volt nodded and flew back and grabbed Flora before rejoining his sisters.
“Flora, your magic seems to affect the Wraith the most. I think that your nature powers might be helping Angelo and Diablo return to their natural state,” Mira explained. “We can do another Illumination conversion to specifically heal them from the Wraith. Could you help us??”
“Of course!” Flora said. “I’ll lend you all of my power to heal!”
The Illuminates nodded and began summoning their powers. They created a large Illumination ball. Fora added her own power, and they shouted, “Illumination Convergence! Natural Reversal!” With Flora’s power, the light turned green before they collectively threw it at the monster.
In a blast of nature magic and petals, the monster separated. Musa caught Diablo as Tecna caught Angelo. They flew them down to the ground as the Wraith floated above the crowd.With a bellow, it made a wave of negative energy, making nearly everyone collapse before it flew off.
“That’s not good.” Volt commented.

The next day, while walking with Volt, Faragonda asked, “How is Mira doing?”
“She’s tired but okay. Flora’s magic really helped us,” Volt replied.
“And the two Red Fountain boys?”
“Traumatized but physically unharmed. Psyche stayed at Red Fountain to help them psychologically.”
Faragonda nodded. “Volt, are you sure you want to stay here with the Winx travelling to the Cave of Jubilation?”
“Yes. They’ll be fine without me. Also, I don’t want to leave in case Psyche and Mira are put in danger again. I’m more than certain that the Winx will earn the Fantasmix power, with or without me. They’re the Winx, after all.” Volt chuckled.
The two of them headed outside as the girls gathered for their trip. “Good luck!” Volt told them.
Bloom gave him a hug. “Don’t worry about a thing. We’ll be fine.”
With a few more waves, the girls climbed onto the ship and flew off.