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The Illumination

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After the incident with Angelo and Diablo at Red Fountain, Volt was extra worried about leaving Mira. Then he saw her beat up Diablo for attacking her and he was relieved. He hugged her and Psyche (who was quickly swept by Griffin to Cloud Tower) and climbed into the ship to Alfea. After a short, tense flight, Volt immediately left the ship and walked back to his dorm.
He paused for a moment, remembering that now he would have dorm mates. Anxiety overwhelmed him and he paused for a moment to catch his breath and calm his nerves. He opened the door and found a group of young girls his age--one of whom was the girl who’d stood up for him at the opening ceremony.
With an excited gasp, she stood up and said, “Volt! I mean, Prince Volt! It’s nice to meet you, I’m Princess Ella of Koyu! It looks like we’re in the same dorm!”
“H-hi Ella,” Volt stammered. “I...I wanted to thank you for earlier.” He was hunched over and rubbing his arms nervously. “It’s kinda new and scary for me, being the only male fairy at Alfea.”
“No problem, and yeah, I can imagine. Doesn’t give Amaryl the right to make fun of you for it. Don’t worry, though, most Alfea girls are much nicer. And now that you’re an Alfea boy, you’ll fit in just fine.” She said kindly.
“Thanks, Ella,” Volt said. “And you can just call me Volt.”
Ella smiled. “Okay!”
The two of them didn’t notice the small brooch flash on Volt’s chest.

As the Winx's ship left Alfea, Ella stood next to Volt and put her hand on his shoulder. “Are you going to be alright she asked him concernedly.
“Yeah, I'll be fine. Hopefully when the Winx get back we can start looking for the Luminous Jewels.” Volt replied.
“Hopefully,” Ella agreed. “By the way, have you gotten our potions homework done?”
“Oh no!” Volt gasped. “I forgot!!!” He ran back into the school while Ella ran behind him with a laugh.
While running, Volt collided with a pink-and-blonde haired girl who was holding a small fairy creature. The two of them fell onto their butts.
“Sorry!” Volt gasped. He hopped to attention and held his hand out to the girl. “I wasn't watching where I was going. You're Roxy, right?”
The girl, Roxy, nodded and laughed. “It's no big deal. I was distracted by my little friend here, anyway.” She showed Volt the fairy animal she had on her shoulder.
Volt winced and took a step back nervously. His hair sparked a bit and a small bolt of electricity shot up and hit one of the lights. “Ah, sorry,” he apologized.
“What's wrong?” Roxy asked. “Don't like animals?”
Volt admitted, “They make me nervous.” The one that Roxy was holding was a small, feathery crystal lizard. “Aren't those descended from Ferociodons?”
“Yes, descended, but Quartz Lizards are harmless,” Roxy explained. “Would you want to pet him?” She picked up the little guy from her shoulder and held him out to Volt.
“No thanks,” Volt declined. “I was just about to start working on my potions, so, um, maybe another time!” He ran into the library in a panic, leaving Ella and Roxy standing awkwardly for a moment.
“Can I pet him?” Ella asked. “I, for one, love animals.” She began cooing and scratching the small lizard.

In the library, Volt quickly found the book he looking for and used a bit of electricity to get it down. He grabbed the book and sat with it, then began working on his homework. He relaxed a bit, but felt bad that he’d brushed Roxy off. He wanted to make friends at this school, but the fairy animals made him nervous.
Soon, Ella walked in and took a seat next to him. “It’s a shame you don’t like animals, because that little lizard was a sweetheart.” She looked at the book. “Also, Volt, you’re on the wrong chapter. Here…” she flipped the pages.
“Oh….no wonder nothing looked familiar…” Volt said. “And why the vocabulary was so strange.”
“So you were paying a little attention in class, then?” Ella asked.
“A little,” Volt agreed. “I’ve never really understood potions and I don’t know why it’s a required course.” He began writing again.
“Have you considered that Potions is a required course because you don’t understand it?” Ella teased. “Don’t worry, I’ll help. Also, if you need it, Professor Palladium always says that he’ll help.”
Volt blushed bright red. “Ask...P-Professor Palladium?” He twirled his hair and stammered, “M-maybe…”
“Oh-ho-ho, does the little prince have a crush?” Ella teased, nudging Volt.
“Hey, I'll have you know I have someone back on Minerva,” Volt protested, sticking out his tongue. “But that doesn't mean that Palladium isn't super cute, too.” I wouldn’t be able to ask him for help even if my life depended on it.”
“Riiiiiiighhhhttt,” Ella said. “And who is this ‘someone’? Are they cute? Is it a girl, boy, neither? Do they have three eyes?”
“Orbo of the merfolk. He is handsome and sweet and sometimes he has a fish tail? What more can you ask for in a guy?” Volt defiantly replied. “We met at a peace conference in my parents’ palace. It was fun, we went on a date a while later and we’ve been dating ever since.” He pulled out his phone and pulled up a picture of the two of them together. Orbo had curly blue hair and freckles. He was thinner than Volt but looked strong, nonetheless.
“Aw, he is cute! Too bad, I was going to set you up with my brother.” She playfully tapped his nose. “Anyway, let’s focus on the homework. What parts were confusing you?”
The two of them began looking in the potions book.

Meanwhile, in Cloudtower, Psyche was working on passing her Hexes exam. It was a complete free-for-all as the witches tried hexing and cursing each other. To no one’s surprise, Trixie got their classmates hexed nearly immediately. Psyche, like everyone, was struggling with the chaos she’d caused. “Foloclees Extremo!” She blasted the hex at one of her classmates, whose hair went extremely wild and tangled.
Suddenly she was teleported out of the magic dome Griffin had created, sitting next to Trixie. The two girls fist-bumped and Psyche commented, “Nice touch with that fake countdown. You even got me!”
“Thanks!! You dodged my hex awesomely, like you were expecting it!!” Trixie giggled.
Psyche winked at her friend and said, “Come on, Trixie, we both knew you were gonna pull something. I grew suspicious that you hadn't tried anything yet.”
“Okay, okay, that's fair,” Trixie relented. “But if I had told you what I was going to do you would've pulled something on me, instead!” She playfully poked Psyche's cheek.
“Yes, yes I would have. What's the fun of being a witch if you can't prank people?” Psyche asked. “By the way, do you think I should back Riza some cookies since I hexed her hair?”
“Only if you give me one,” Trixie commented. “Why do you want to make them cookies, anyway? We’re witches, we don’t do that kind of thing. Well, unless the cookies are cursed or hexed or something like that.”
“Just because I like tricks and hexes doesn’t mean I can’t do nice things from time to time. So yes, I’ll make cookies, and yes, I’ll share them with you. Don’t worry, you’re my best friend after all.” She summoned a small bit of white magic, which summoned a small ghost. “At the same time, I love causing trouble.” She sent the little spirit into the glass dome.
Immediately, it began temporarily possessing the other witches and throwing them all helter-skelter and making their tricks and curses stop working. The two witches giggled wickedly and fist-bumped as they watched the chaos. “I’ll make those cookies after class,” Psyche said with a happy giggle.

From her cave, Doom watched the young witch curiously. “Interesting…” she muttered. “I understand that Psycharmi was affected by the Illumination, but she doesn’t act like a witch should.”
“Hey Doom!” Stormy asked, flying up to the Witch of the Black Ink. “How come we’ve been cooped up in this cave for almost a week! What’s the point of these Wraithix if we’re not even going to use them?”
Doom scoffed and waved her hand, causing the image to fade to black. “You are more impulsive than my other teammates. Why are you so desperate, anyway? To act without a plan against the Winx would be suicide, Wraithix or not.”
“’s not fair!! You gave Icy and Darcy missions!”
“Surveillance missions. I cannot keep tabs on all three of them at once. I want the Illuminates’ power to tear a hole between worlds! Then we can finally defeat Bloom and her pesky Winx lackeys,” Doom growled. “Right now, the only competent witch here is me, and we need to be more than careful.”
Stormy looked insulted, but asked, “So...why are you named Doom, anyway? Is it supposed stand for ‘Dark Bloom’ or something?”
Doom turned to Story with dark eyes. “Ask me that again and I’ll let my parents answer you. My deceased parents.” Her hair floated like it was underwater. “Got it?”
Stormy gulped and nodded as Icy and Darcy appeared.
Icy looked kind of bored, but Darcy looked almost panicked. “The Winx...they...they’re trying to find the Luminous Jewels…”
“Obviously, that’s part of the plan.”
“They’re trying to find a powerful transformation called ‘Fantasmix’ and from the sounds of it, it’ll be a problem! Apparently it will make them immune to that ‘negative-energy’ power the Wraithix have.” Darcy continued.
Suddenly, the black screen dissipated and Doom whirled on the Trix. “Did you just say Fantasmix? Ugh! You should have told me sooner! You three go after the Winx and do whatever it takes to stop them!”
“What about you, miss high-and-mighty Witch of the Kraken’s ink?” Icy taunted. “Why not face them yourself?”
Doom glared. “Because I have plans. Now go!” Her Wraithix jewels glowed and she summoned a portal. With a shove of magic she pushed them through it. The Trix looked surprised (and intensely annoyed) but they disappeared in a blink.
She resummoned her shadow screen, which once again bore the image of Psyche, laughing with her friend Trixie. “Such a potent power, such dark magic that is yet untapped. Let's see if we can draw it out…” The jewels on Doom's Wraithix glowed and in between her hands formed a new Wraithix--silver with a single, black, skull-shaped jewel. “Let's see what this princess can really do!”

Later that night, Psyche, Volt, and Mira were calling each other to say good night. “Volt, you really shouldn't put your homework off like that. Remember back on Minerva, when you were held back because you never got your homework done?” Mira lightly scolded.
Volt sighed. “I know, I know, but I didn’t think that Alfea would involve so much homework. It’s not hard but it’s kind of overwhelming. Also, I’m not sure exactly how any of this is going to help me earn Enchantix.”
“Are you sure you want to rush this? Don’t you graduate once you actually earn Enchantix??” Psyche questioned. “Don't quote me but I think that's in your syllabus.”
“I mean, yeah, but I want to be able to *protect* people, and my Winx is way too weak to do that,” Volt grumbled. “Besides you can't tell me that you both have all a's in all of your classes.”
“I definitely do,” Mira said. “Codatorta has actually been asking me to teach him some ancient Minervan fighting techniques and tell him about some legendary Minervan weapons.” She casually sharpened her sword.
“I’m either first or second in all of my classes,” Psyche added. “Griffin is even considering letting me teach my own seance class.”
Volt groaned. “Hey, it's not my fault I was born with genius sisters and only half a brain! Also, Mira, have you been teaching Codatorta ancient Minervan fighting techniques?”
“Not without Master Chiron's permission,” Mira replied, “which is currently pending.” She looked at her sharpened blade and added, “Though I got to beat Diablo up today so that was fun.”
“Did you give him a black eye?” Psyche asked eagerly.
“Nah, Saladin stepped in before I could really put the hurt on him.” She sighed. “But other than that it was pretty satisfying. Angelo’s been acting really weird, it’s like he’s afraid I’m gonna beat him up. Don’t know why, though…”
“Trixie and I got the highest scores in our hexing exam. I even was able to get one of my little ghost friends to mess with the other girls in my class.” Psyche added. “But don’t worry, the effects are temporary.”
Volt shivered, “I’m glad you only summon small ghosts. I’d be terrified if you summoned a...Ferociodon or something. I read in my Magix history book that their jaws were large enough to swallow a fairy whole.” He bit his finger nervously.
“Ferociodons have been extinct for over a million years, Volt, reasonably you have nothing to fear. And if Psyche does summon a Ferociodon it’d be a ghost and therefore completely harmless,” Mira reasoned. She yawned. “Today was a real workout, so I’m gonna shower and head to bed. Love you both!”
“Love you!” Psyche and Volt said as she signed off.
Volt yawned. “I should go to bed, too. I have a test tomorrow morning. Night, Psyche, love you!”
“Love you, Volt!” Psyche said before they disconnected. She stared at where the holos of her siblings’ faces had been. The three of them made sure to call each other every night, but Psyche was always left with a slightly empty feeling when the calls ended. Having always been nearby them seemed to have affected her more than she’d realized.
“What’s wrong, Psyche?” Trixie asked. “You always seem bummed out after your calls.”
“Just miss Mira and Volt. We used to spend so much time together it was like we were three heads on the same body. Sure Mira had he combat training while Volt practiced his elemental magic and I practiced my spiritual magic, but we were always close by. Now it feels I only see them through holograms.” She sighed. “And with Doom and her Wraiths always attacking us, I feel farther from them than ever.”
Trixie said, “I don’t think you should worry, it’s not like you’ll never see them again. And I don’t think anything could come between you three. You’re three peas in a pod.”
“You think so?”
“Of course! You can just see how much you love each other from a mile away. My sister shows her love by planting unbreakable curses that only she can remove. So don’t worry; you and your siblings will be okay.” She patted Psyche’s shoulder and said, “Goodnight, sweetie.”
The two girls went to their beds and quickly fell asleep.

That night, Professor Ediltrude was patrolling the hall when she noticed someone wandering around. “Hey! You!” The figure turned around quickly before running away.
“Come back here!!” She shouted, pursuing the intruder. She blast dark magic at the figure, which dodged but didn’t seem otherwise affected.
The figure turned a corner and ran into Zarathustra, which caused her to fall backwards. She was a young witch, and looked just old enough to be a student. She had short green hair, a crop top tank top and shorts with high heeled boots. She had a brooch with a single green jewel, and she had green eyes.
“Sorry, I’m just trying to find my dorm!” The young witch apologized. “I believe it's this way!”
“What were you doing up in the first place?” Zarathustra questioned.
“I was trying to find the answers to the next test,” the girl sheepishly admitted.
“While I can appreciate your dishonesty it will cost you tomorrow. Go to your room this instant and we'll discuss your punishment then,” Ediltrude said, pointing towards the rooms.
The girl walked away to one of the rooms and opened the door. Inside laid Trixie and Psyche, both fast asleep. The girl grinned and turned into the Green Wraith with a whirl of darkness.
The Wraith reach for its stomach and pulled off a bit of shadow. The shadow twisted and formed into the the Wraithix that Doom had made.
Floating in the shadows, the Wraith floated above Psyche's bed and put the bracelet on her nightstand.
Wonderful, my darling. Return to me at once, Doom's voice commanded. Silently, the Wraith nodded and went into its jewel, before flying out the window and back to the cave.
It floated in front of Doom before she held up her wrist and it reattached itself to the Wraithix. Doom smirked and looked at the image of Psyche unwittingly sleeping next to a Wraithix made just for her. “Let the fun begin.”

The next day, Psyche woke up and stretched with a yawn. Trixie was in the shower, and it was way before classes were going to begin.
Happily, she grabbed her violin and began playing it. Around the room, greenish spectres floated around and held her clothes. By the time she finished her song she was dressed, her hair was done, and she was ready to go.
As she took in a deep, soothing breath, Psyche realized something felt off. There was a spot in her room that the spirits were vigorously avoiding, something that seemed to repulse them. She looked and saw that on her nightstand was a pretty silver bracelet, which she picked up to investigate.
Skulls weren't her typical style--despite being the Witch of Spirits--but it didn’t look like anything Trixie would wear. “Aw, did Trixie get me a gift?” She felt herself blushing at the thought.
She slipped the bracelet onto her wrist and admired it...when suddenly it tightened on her wrist. “Okay, Trixie, ha ha! Funny trick!” She tried to pull the bracelet off but it wouldn't budge. “Trixie? Trixie!” When Trixie didn't come out, laughing or otherwise, Psyche realized that it hadn't been Trixie's trick. Fear overwhelmed her as tendrils of darkness creeped up her skin, wrapping her in a cocoon of pure darkness.
The darkness sunk into Psyche's skin, leaving her dressed in a shredded, gothic outfit. The bathroom door opened and Trixie came out. She asked, “Psyche! Are you okay?”
Psyche whirled around and glared at Trixie, her eyes filled with an anger, hatred, and evil Trixie had never seen from her. Psyche lifted up her fist and sucked all the ghosts in the room into her Wraithix. “If you cared, you would have come sooner,” she hissed at the other witch, before hitting her with a huge blast of spiritual energy. Psyche then threw her hand at the window, causing it to blow out from the castle. She flew silently down to the forest.
Trixie watched her friend in shock and horror. “I have to tell Miss Griffin!!” She opened the door and flew down the hall.

Mira calmly and coolly stared into the beast's eyes. More than half the boys in her class were checking her out instead of paying attention (hey, it was their grade, not hers on the line), but she wasn't fazed.
Gently, she put her hand on the creature's snout. It huffed and walked up to her, gently kissing her cheek.
“Good girl,” Mira quietly muttered, stroking the beast's fur. She quietly put a harness on it, and it didn’t fight her. She pressed her forehead against the beast’s and they shared a breath.
Pulling away, she turned to face a stunned Codatorta and her even more stunned classmates. “I trained the wild Abomabeasts of the Minervan Mountains. A Fuzzepard is about the same.”
“Well, I'd give that an A+!!” Codatorts announced. Most of the class (especially Angelo) clapped. Diablo and his lackeys didn't do much but glare.
Mira bowes gratefully at the applause, but her calm expression quickly hardened to her usual stern scowl. Codatorta added, “The rest of you should be able to do the same...if you paid attention”
The boys shot each other panicked looks, but Diablo strode confidently past Mira and whispered, “Let's see you top this, princess.”
He walked up to one of the chimeras and looked it dead in the eye. When Angelo came up next to Mira, she asked, “I would recommend cremating what's left of him.”
Angelo winced. “Di, I don’t think that's a good idea!!”
Diablo turned and glared at the two of them. Mira didn't react (Diablo was the last thing she was afraid of), but Angelo sighed. “Why is my brother like this?”
“He’s a sexist idiot with anger and pride issues who will likely if not definitely get himself killed because he’s too stubborn to see when he’s wrong and even more so to admit he’s wrong,” Mira said drily.
Angelo thought about it. “Yeah, that seems about right.” The two of them watched Diablo march up to the largest, most ferocious Chimera. “This isn’t going to be pretty, is it?”
“Maybe not for you--however, I’m going to enjoy this,” Mira commented. Diablo reached out to try to pet the chimera, when it hissed and tried to bite him. Diablo screamed and jumped backwards, holding his wrist like his hand had been bitten off.
Mira nearly started laughing, when a pillar of greenish-white light erupted near Cloud Tower. “Oh no,” she muttered. “Psyche, what are you up to?” She ran to a wind rider, snatching it away from Diablo. “Borrowing this! Return it later!!” She shouted, before revving up and flying away.
Diablo watched her before screaming in anger and throwing his helmet on the ground.

Volt and Ella were in their Magic History class with one of their other roommates--Lizette. Volt and Lizette hadn’t talked yet, but according to Ella she was very nice and a good roommate. Daphne was teaching about the Dragon’s Flame. “As the very force that created the Magic Dimension, the Great Dragon’s magic is the most powerful in the whole universe. Now, who can tell me who the current holder of the Great Dragon’s power is?”
The whole class raised their hands and Daphne laughed. “Yes, I was sure all of you knew that my younger sister, Bloom, is the current host for the Dragon’s Flame. Do any of you know what special power that she and her friends now possess?”
More than half of the hands went down--including Volt’s. Daphne pointed to Lizette, who answered, “Bloom and the Winx possess Butterflix--the magic of nature itself.”
“Very good, Lizette! Butterflix is one of the many powers that fairies can earn after they earn their Enchantix. Some, like Believix, are earned from doing great deeds, while others, like Sirenix, are given. The Winx are currently pursuing a new power called Fantasmix. Does anyone know what this is?”
Volt raised his hand. “Fantasmix is a special fairy magic born from pure innocent joy and fantasy. It is given to fairies who vow to protect the happiness of others. It is only found during times of great impending crisis.”
“Very good, Volt!” Daphne said.
“Nice job, dude!” Lizette said, holding her hand out for a high-five. Volt gave her one and smiled--though he shocked her a small bit with his latent static electricity. She giggled and pulled her hand away as Daphne pulled up magical diagrams of different magical transformations.
“Which transformation do you like best?” Ella whispered. “My favorite is Bloomix!”
Volt shrugged.”I can’t earn most of them, anyway. After I achieve Enchantix, I’m done. My powers are too unstable for most--if not all of--the other transformations. I’m excited to be the first male fairy to get Enchantix, though!” He smiled.
“Oh! That Fantasmix outfit is so cute!” Lizette gasped. “I'd look so great as a Fantasmix fairy!”
“You both would,” Volt agreed. “To be honest I think I'd look pretty epic in Harmonix.”
Daphne continued, “Now, who can tell me why it is that fairies can receive so many transformations?”
Ella raised her hand. “Is it because fairies use them to protect others?” she asked
Daphne smiled. “In essence, yes!! Fairy magic is the power of all that is good in the Magic Dimension. When we use it as such, we can unlock untold powers! Very good Ella, glad to see you're actually paying attention.”
Ella, Volt, and Lizette all blushed with embarrassment as Daphne continued the lesson. She was now talking about the special wings and healing powers of Believix. Volt couldn't help but notice how weird the name was written out.
Suddenly, Volt was overwhelmed with a feeling of dread, and a greenish-white light flashed outside. “Mira. Psyche!!” he gasped. He transformed and said, “Excuse me professor Daphne!!” before flying out.
Soon, he was joined by Ella and Lizette, who were also in their winx. “Is something wrong with your sisters?” Ella asked.
“Yes,” Volt said. “I don't know what it is but I just felt that both of them are in extreme danger. And something feels off about Psyche.”
The three fairies flew out into the courtyard and towards Cloud Tower--where the light was coming from.

Psyche absorbed the last of the spiritual energy she’d called upon and cast a spell into the ground. Around her, ghostly wisps grew and twisted into shapes of beasts. Before long, she had an army of ghostly and slightly skeletal creatures watching her, waiting for her orders.
“March!” She shouted.
The ghostly army moved at her command, lining up behind her. At the front was a large, ugly lizard with a huge jaw. Psyche floated up to it and gently stroked its scales. “A giant Ferociodon? Oooh, Volt’s going to love this,” She purred.
Enjoying this boost of power? A dark voice murmured in the back of her head. Power over the dead is so much more fun with a boost of darkness.
Psyche looked around. “Wait! Who are you?”
I am Doom, the Witch of the Kraken’s Ink. Also, as it seems to turn out, a kindred spirit. If you want to keep your Wraithix powers, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to bring your siblings to me. I need the three of you, and then I’ll let you claim your revenge.
“Funny, I was having the exact same thought,” Psyche cackled.

From her cave, Doom grinned. “I know.” She spoke into her Wraithix, asking, “So, Psyche, do we have a deal?”

In front of her army, Psyche grinned. “We have a deal!” She heard a whirring noise and grinned. “And it doesn’t seem like we have long to wait.” She watched as her sister landed and pulled off her helmet.
“Psyche, what are you doing!?” Mira asked.
Psyche grinned. “Marching. Like my little army, Mira? It’s almost Minerva worthy!”
Mira glared. “Don’t you dare say that!!” she shouted. She leapt at her sister, brandishing her sword. Psyche tsked with amusement and waved her hand. A large creature intercepted Mira, unbothered by her blade. It knocked her back with ease, causing her to fall into the grass.
Psyche cackled. “Don’t forget, dear sister,that I’ve always been the most powerful triplet.” She summoned her magical power and blasted it at Mira, hitting her with all the spiritual power she could muster.
Mira held her ground and blocked the force as much as she could. It was like standing in a powerful, cold draft, and she could feel her sister's magic mess with her soul. However, Mira cleared her head and focused. Her years of training paid off, and she didn’t succumb to Psyche’s power. Not at first. However, Psyche’s magic was already powerful, and for some reason it was stronger than ever. It was colder and darker than she’d ever felt.
“Mira!!” A distant, quiet, echoic voice called. There was a boom of thunder and Psyche’s magic dissipated. Mira collapsed onto her knees and was quickly lifted into the air by a very strong fairy. She looked and saw that Volt was holding her up. “How are you doing? Are you alright?” He asked.
“Yeah...yeah I'm fine but...I don't know what's gotten into Psyche.” The two siblings looked at their sister. Her new outfit was strange and definitely not Psyche's style.
Something caught Mira's eye--the silver bracelet with a lone black gem. Now, a bracelet wasn't a weird thing for Psyche to wear, but Mira and Volt gasped in surprise. “A Wraithix!” They said simultaneously.
“We need to get back to Alfea,” Volt said. “Come on.” He and the other two fairies flew Mira back to their school. Along the way, he said, “Mira, meet Ella and Liz. Ella, Liz, meet my sister Mira.”
The girl exchanged quiet hellos as they approached Alfea.

You let them get away.
“Yes I did. Mira's will is even stronger than anticipated. I can't defeat both of them by myself. Also, while they run with their tails between their legs and I make a bigger army.” Psyche explained. “Would you prefer to take Alfea, or Red Fountain?”
Doom paused for a moment. “Impressive, I must admit. Head towards Alfea; that way I can get the Winx’ school in my grasp.”
“Very well,” Psyche agreed. She slowly began walking towards Alfea, her army slowly and steadily growing.

“Psyche has a Wraithix!?” Daphne gasped. “No wonder you flew from the school so quickly. Do you know how she got it?”
Mira and Volt shook their heads. “Psyche would never knowingly put on a Wraithix. She must have been tricked!!” Volt exclaimed. “We need to save our sister!” His wings began fluttering.
“Volt, calm down!” Faragonda said, using her magic to bring him back down to the ground. “We need to approach this rationally. The only witch that we know has a Wraithix is Doom. Doom, somehow, managed to give a Wraithix Psyche, turning her completely evil and boosting her powers to summon an army of undead spirits. I just...don’t know how she got it.”
“Did anyone else notice the little orange gift box or…was that just me?” Liz asked, pointing at a small box in orange wrapping paper and a sparkly purple ribbon.
Mira looked at it suspiciously, and drew her sword. “That was not there a second ago.”
Faragonda picked up the package and read the tag, “With Love, Griffin.” With a confused look she opened the box.
In a burst of light, smoke, and confetti, two witches appeared: Headmistress Griffin, and a young girl with black hair with colorful highlights. The young witch looked at Griffin and said, “See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?”
Griffin grumbed, “Not so good, either,” while brushing confetti off of her clothes. “Due to the other two Illuminates being here, I’m sure that you’re aware Psyche has acquired a Wraithix and is marching towards Alfea.”
“She’s marching towards Alfea!?” Volt and Mira exclaimed.
The young witch nodded. “I’m Psyche’s roommate, and one of my Jack-’o-Spies saw everything.” She pulled a pumpkin-shaped charm from her hat. She waved her hand above it and it grew in a pumpkin-sized jack-’o-lantern. She waved her hand again and the curtains closed so the room was dark. The pumpkin’s face glowed and acted like a projector.
They all watched as the Green Wraith planted the Wraithix and then as Psyche put the bracelet on. Volt and Mira held each other in terror as they watched their sister transform. When it was done, they were completely stricken. Ella put a hand on Volt’s shoulder to comfort him, while Liz took his hand, spreading a comforting warmth. The door slammed open, with Diablo red-faced and fuming. “YOU!!” He bellowed. “YOU LITTLE BRAT!”
Angelo pushed him out of the way. “Sorry, Mira. He made me fly him all the way here.” He glared at his brother. “Seriously, Diablo? Grow up. Can’t you see something’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong is that little miss princess here stole my wind rider! Where is it, princess?” He elbowed Angelo out of the way and glared Mira in the eyes. “You didn’t lose it, did you?”
“Well, not in the sense that I don’t know where it is,” Mira admitted. “But maybe in the sense that it’s in the forest near where my now-crazy sister summoned an army of undead spirits that I was unable to fight back against.” She shrugged nonchalantly, before worriedly turning to Faragonda. “Is there anything we can do to help Psyche, though?”
“Well, since Psyche took the Wraithix unwittingly, there might be a chance that we can magically remove it from her and change her back to normal,” Faragonda said. “We’ll need fairy dust, and unfortunately, the Winx are at the Cave of Jubilation, searching for Fantasmix. Palladium might be able to concoct a potion to negate the Wraithix’ power over Psyche. But we need to stall her on her way to Alfea.”
Volt looked at his friends. “Do you think we could keep her busy?” He asked. “For the time being, at least?”
“I’m in,” Liz agreed.
“Sounds good to me!” Ella added.
“I want to help,” Trixie chimed, “I feel bad that I couldn’t help Psyche before; I want to help in any way I can.” She looked much more serious than the first few moments that they saw her.
“You think that I’m not gonna save my sister?” Mira asked. “You insult me!”
“We’ll help,” Angelo said, putting his hand on Diablo’s shoulder and one on his own chest.
“We aren’t going to do anything,” Diablo said, pulling Angelo’s hand off of his shoulder. “If you’re going to go on a suicide mission to fight against a crazy witch, that’s on you bro. However, I value my life.”
Angelo asked, “What? Are you scared of a princess?”
Diablo’s face turned beet red. “I’m not scared of a princess!” He snapped. With a snarl, he said, “Fine. I’ll come along. This way, I can prove I’m not scared of any princess!” He whirled his cape and walked out the door. “Let’s go you cream puffs.”
Volt looked at his sister and commented, “Well he’s pleasant.”
“Now you can see why he’s my favorite classmate,” Mira grumbled.
With a comforting half grin, Volt linked his arm in Mira’s and turned to his fairy friends. “Let's go,” he said. They all walked out together, along with Angelo and Trixie. They walked out into the courtyard, where Liz and Ella transformed. There was only one wind rider for the specialists, though.
“Here, let me!” Trixie said. She cast a spell, creating a near-perfect duplicate (excluding the fact it was green).
“Thanks,” Mira told Trixie, before mounting it. She put on a pink-colored helmet before taking to the air.
“Don't let her beat us there!!” Diablo shouted, shaking Angelo's shoulders.
“Calm down, will ya, Di?” Angelo asked. “You'll knock us off course if you keep shaking me like that.” He put on his blue helmet as Diablo put on his red one. Angelo took off after Mira.
The three fairies and witch flew after them. In the distance, Volt could see a plume of dangerously green magic. “I have a sneaking suspicion that Psyche might be that way,” he said, pointing that direction.
“What gave you your first clue?” Mira asked. “Come on, we don't have any time to waste!”
As they flew, Ella asked, “Are you doing okay?”
“Aside from the fact that my sister has turned evil and is summoning the dead, I'm okay,” Volt said. “I didn't think that a Wraithix would affect her, though.”
“Why's that?” Liz asked. “Doesn't the Wraithix affect, like, everyone?”
“Well, when the Wraiths fought Alfea, my sisters and I were immune to the negative energy wave they blasted. I figured that meant we had ‘Wraithix Immunity.’” Volt explained. “Guess I was wrong,” he mumbled.
“I think that’s because the situation’s different,” Mira said. “We’re protected from the Wraithix aura wiping out our powers, but when Psyche put the Wraithix on, it drew out her inner darkness.”
“What inner darkness? Psyche’s, like, the nicest person in the magic dimension.”
“Well, Psyche’s still a witch. Her spirit magic is, by nature, dark magic. I think that the Wraithix boosted her powers until they took her over. Also, I’m guessing that Doom is somehow controlling her.” Mira was grim. “Volt, as of right now that’s not our sister. If she attacks us, she’s not going to hold back; neither should we. Understand?”
“Do we have to?” Volt asked.
“Trust me, I’m not happy about it either, but we have to buy time for the professors--even if it means fighting Psyche.” Mira was even more grim than usual.
“Okay,” Volt reluctantly agreed. They soon flew in sight of Psyche and her army. Standing on top of a completely corporeal Ferociodon, Psyche’s face was glowing in the green light. She looked up at them with a cocky grin and waved, before throwing a huge spell of spiritual magic at them.
With a shout, they dodged her spell. It exploded above them that blew them in all different directions. “Well, we definitely don’t have the element of surprise,” Mira groaned. “Attack!”
The group of them flew down, summoning their respective powers. Without realizing it, Volt was struck by more lightning than he’d ever summoned before. He blasted it all. Ella looked and gasped. “Volt! When did you get to your Charmix!?”
“I have no idea!” Volt shouted. “But I like it!” He created a sphere of energy and spun it at several spirits in the army. “I’ve never been able to make ball lightning before.”
“Less talking, more fighting!” Mira bellowed. She sliced through as many spirits as she could (which, admittedly, wasn’t that many). She was occasionally switching into her paladin form and blasting light at them (which was more effective).
To everyone's surprise, Angelo and Diablo were cooperatively using blue and red flames against the ghosts, while swinging their swords. Trixie was lobbing hex after hex, causing all sorts of weird effects for the ghosts. Liz shot bolts of purple flame and Ella was creating moonlight boomerangs she was throwing at them.
Psyche just cackled and summoned more spirits, fighting back with seemingly no effort. She flew into the air and summoned her spirit magic to hit Volt with a spell. Volt summoned his charmix power and created a surge of electricity that caused Psyche’s spell to burst and dissipate.
“Ooh! How fun!” Psyche laughed. “Banshee Howl!” She took in a deep breath and let out a long, horrible scream. It was so loud and awful that everyone (except PsycheP) fell to their knees, covering their ears. Even some of Psyche’s spirits fell prey to the wailing and completely evaporated. When she stopped screaming, Psyche giggled.
The Psyche I know wouldn’t be so heartless, Volt thought. He was joined by Ella, Liz, and Mira. They looked up to see Trixie flying in the air, blasting all sorts of tricks and treats at Psyche. Psyche growled and lobbed a spell at Trixie. With a small giggle, Trixie teleported out the way with a burst of confetti. The spell hit a group of spirits, making them disappear. “Of course…” Volt muttered. “Psyche’s magic works on the spirits! We need to get her to attack us.”
“Great idea,” Mira agreed. “I bet Diablo is up for the task.”
“I heard that!” Diablo shouted. He hopped onto his wind rider and flew up to Psyche. “Hey! Psycho!” he yelled at her. “Try to get me!” He blasted red flames at her that take the form of a demonic face. Psyche screamed in alarm and then bellowed in anger.
“My! Name! Is! PSYCHE!!” She screamed, summoning more spirit power than before. With a resonating scream, she blasted the spirit energy in a beam of magic. With a gasp, Mira had to fly up and push Diablo out of the way.
When the spell faded, more than half of Psyche’s army had disappeared. She floated in the air as a dark aura surrounded her like a second shadow. She screamed in anger and frustration, shooting beams of the dark magic everywhere. When he spirits were hit with these beams of magic, they grew seemingly stronger and more solid.
Psyche! Don’t use up all of your power! Doom scolded her. I still need you to bring your siblings to me so I can claim the Luminous Jewels!
“Don’t worry,” Psyche panted. “I’m just getting started.” She summoned her violin and began playing a haunting, wild melody. As she played, the wind around them picked up, whipping their hair and clothes around in all directions. It was cold, and the clouds were dark, and, suddenly, it all took on a dark green hue. The spirits of Psyche’s army suddenly each had a glowing green aura. They grew more solid and larger, until each of them towered over the Illuminates and their friends.
“I’ll stop the violin, the rest of you take out as many of these...things as you can!” Volt flew up and grabbed Psyche’s arms, stopping her playing the violin. Psyche growled and tried to blast a curse at Volt, that he was barely able to dodge. Fighting against him, she made a ring with her fingers and whistled--a cold, strangely hollow sound.
There was a distant roar that made chills run down everyone’s spines. Mira was busy with sword fighting multiple spirits at once, so she didn’t notice. “What did you do!?” Volt shouted.
“Called a friend,” Psyche said with a wicked grin. Suddenly, the huge Ferociodon that she’d summoned. Only now, it was completely solid and more dangerous looking than ever before. And it was running straight at Mira.
“No!” Volt shouted. He let go of Psyche and flew at Mira. She stopped fighting and turned just as the Ferociodon was right up to her. “MIRA!!” Volt screamed. He pushed her out of the way, taking her place as the Ferociodon’s jaw snapped shut.
“VOLT!!” Volt’s friends screamed. Everyone stared at the Ferociodon in shock. With dark eyes, and flames curling off of them, Angelo and Diablo glared at Psyche. “You would do that to your own brother!? What kind of sister are you!?” Diablo shouted. The brothers hopped on their wind riders as Mira fell to her knees in shock. Liz’s eyes welled with tears. Trixie covered her mouth and looked away. Ella clenched her fists, which glowed with moonlight.
Psyche grinned wickedly, before everyone heard the buzzing. The Ferociodon’s eyes went wide as something began glowing in its stomach. There was a boom of thunder and the Ferociodon’s body evaporated. Floating in its place was Volt, in a suit with large, butterfly-like wings.
Mira’s eyes watered up. “Volt!” she gasped. “ earned your enchantix!”
Volt looked at his outfit. “Huh. I guess I did!” He clenched his fists.”Let’s do this!” His hands sparked with electricity. “Thunder Storm!” He threw his hands up into the air and blasted the dark clouds. His lightning worked against the dark magic of the storm, turning the clouds from dark green to their usual gray. The spirits shrunk and lost their green auras. Using the winds, Volt spread his fairy dust as far as he could, making all the spirits disappear.
Psyche looked around in panic. “Wha...what are you doing!?”
Volt gaver Psyche a serious look. “I’m saving my sister.” He fluttered his wings as fast as he could, and caught Psyche before she could fly away. He caught her by the wrist she was wearing the wraithix. Just touching it, he could feel its dark magic--something like a burning cold.
“Let go of me!” Psyche hissed.
Silently, Volt pulled off his fairy dust bottle and uncapped it, sprinkling the dust onto the wraithix. The dust sparkled like stars and the wraithix gave a soft scream as it evaporated into darkness. Without it, Psyche fell unconscious and her new outfit evaporated. She collapsed into Volt’s arms, and he gently fluttered down to the ground.
Mira immediately ran up to the two of them, giving them a teary hug. “Is Psyche okay? Are you okay?” She asked. “Don’t scare me like that! I thought I was going to lose both of you!”
“That’s what I thought,” Volt told Mira. “When I saw you were going to be munched by the Ferociodon, I just...couldn’t help myself. I had to save you.”
Mira gave a small smile. “You idiot. You’re a lot braver than you give yourself credit for.”
“Let’s get Psyche to Alfea. With the Wraithix gone, she should be better.” As a group the Illuminates and their friends took Psyche back to the school.

It was a few hours before Psyche woke up. “Huh?” She asked. “What happened?” She asked as she rubbed her head. “I feel weird…”
“You were overtaken by the dark magic of a Wraithix,” Mira explained after she finished hugging Psyche. “Volt got his Enchantix and used his fairy dust to remove it from you.”
“You mean that pretty bracelet? That was a Wraithix? I thought it was a gift from Trixie…” Psyche mumbled. “I’m glad it’s gone…”
“Not exactly,” Faragonda solemnly told the Illuminates as she walked into the nurse’s office. “While its physical form is gone, the Wraithix’s power was absorbed into you. It’s dormant, thanks to Volt’s magic, but the wrong kind of magic could reactivate it again.”
Psyche became sad. “Oh…”
Suddenly, Volt and Mira hugged her. “No matter what, we won’t let that happen!” Volt promised.
Mira added, “We’ll protect you!”
The three Illuminates hugged each other tight.

In her cave, Doom growled and dissipated her screen. “Why those...those stupid little Illuminates!! How could they do that to my Wraithix!?” She screamed in frustration, and inky black tentacles shot out in all directions, embedding themselves in the walls.
When she calmed down, she then said, “Still, Psyche is more powerful than the others. She might be useful in the future. The wrong kind of magic can reactivate her Wraithix? Well, I’m going to find it...eventually.”
Doom cackled evilly.