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The Illumination

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The Illumination
Part 5: Fantasmix
As the Winx and the Specialists flew to the Cave of Jubilation, Flora stared out the window with worry. Seeing her, Helia asked, “Flora, are you okay?” He sat with her and held her hand.
“I’m just worried about Volt and his sisters. We’ve already been gone for a while; anything could have happened to them by now. I know we’re trying to earn Fantasmix so we can protect them, but I really wish they’d come along with us.” She sighed.
“I think the Illuminates will be fine,” Helia assured her. “Mira is one of the most advanced fighters I've ever seen, Volt is a very powerful fairy and Psyche is a very powerful witch. Besides, with the Light of the Illumination spell they can summon, they can drive off almost any threat.”
Noticing her, Stella hopped over and sat with Flora. “Remember to stay positive! We're going to be earning our Fantasmix powers! Ah! I can't wait to see the outfits!” She clasped her hands together and squealed.
Up towards the front, Bloom stood next to Sky. “Any news?” she asked, looking at the screen.
“Nothing yet; the Cave of Jubilation is pretty hard to find,” Sky replied. “We’ve passed over the coordinates about five times now, and no caves have showed up on the radar.”
“That’s not reassuring,” Bloom sighed. “Maybe we should land.”
“Bloom, not only is the ground below freezing, there are ice golems wandering as well as snow wolves. Leaving the ship, to put it simply, is a bad idea,” Timmy explained.
Almost immediately after he said that, the wind howled and a tornado began spinning towards them, sparking with bluish-white lightning. that hit the ship and immediately fried the systems. The Winx and Specialists screamed as the ship plummeted to the ground.
When the ship crashed, Stella groaned, “You really had to say something, didn’t you Timmy?” She had been thrown uncomfortably on the ground, halfway on top of Tecna.
With a grunt, Tecna stood up shakily and walked to the console. “Timmy, help me run a report,” she said. The two of them typed and ran programs; Tecna plugged in her phone and pulled up a holographic screen. After a moment, Tecna said, “Well, there’s good news and bad news. Good news is that the damage is repairable. The bad news is that it is going to take a long time to repair. We’re going to have to split up.”
Timmy added, “The guys will have to stay back here with me and help repair the ship, while the girls head up to the mountain. It might take too long for you to wait, and we need to get back to the school as soon as we can.”
Helia commented, “Shouldn’t at least one of us go up with the girls? We’ve dealt with harsh terrain like this in our wilderness survival classes.”
“Don’t worry, Helia,” Flora said reassuringly. “Remember, we’ve been to the Omega Dimension, and to Domino before its magic was restored.”
“And don’t forget, we were by ourselves the first time we went to Domino,” Musa proudly commented. “So don’t underestimate us, boys.”
“Besides, I’ve made perfectly fabulous outfits for it!” Stella happily announced. She snapped her fingers and in an instant the Winx girls were dressed in warm and colorful winter jackets.
“Wow!” Aisha said. “Stella, these look great!”
“You’ve really grown into your own as a designer,” Bloom added. “These are really warm, too! You’ve really mixed style and functionality with these!” She did a little twirl in hers, looking at all the details.
With a mischievous grin, Stella turned to the Specialists and said, “Don’t worry, boys, I have outfits for you too!” She snapped her fingers again and the boys were dressed in winter coats as well; each one was a darker shade of the color his girlfriend was wearing.
Each of the boys walked up to his girlfriend and held her. “Be sure to come back safe, okay princess?” Brandon said. “I can’t wait to see your new Fantasmix form.” He kissed Stella’s forehead gently.
“Of course we will!” Stella replied. “You think I’m going to miss out on a new fabulous transformation?” She laughed and kissed him passionately.
“I believe in you,” Helia whispered to Flora. “You’re the strongest fairies I know.” He gently brushed Flora’s hair from her eyes.
“And, hopefully, we’ll be even stronger when you see us again,” Flora replied, hugging him tight. “I just hope that we’re strong enough to protect Mira, Volt, and Psyche.”
Sky looked out the window nervously. “This area seems pretty inhospitable to house the Cave of Jubilation,” He told Bloom. He sighed. “I don’t want any of you to get hurt on your way there.”
“We won’t, Sky. We’ll have the magic of the Dragon’s Flame protecting us. We’ll find Fantasmix, and we’ll be even more equipped than ever before!” Bloom said, giving him a kiss. “I promise.”
The girls zipped up their jackets and packed up their bags. They waved at the boys before Timmy opened the door and they headed outside. Immediately, the boys began working on the ship, working as hard as they could to get it in the air again.

The Winx walked through the snow and wind, which strangely seemed to be actively working against them. It was unrelenting and cold, to the point that it seemed to be getting worse the closer they moved to the cave.
“We should transform!” Stella said. “We can just fly up the mountain in our Butterflix forms and be there and back in no time at all!”
“Are you kidding?” Aisha asked. “The winds will just blow us down again. At least on the ground we have a chance to keep from being blown everywhere.”
“We haven’t even reached the base of the mountain,” Tecna commented. “If we manage to create a shield between us and the wind, it could give us more of an opportunity to to fly up.”
“See, Tecna knows what she's talking about!” Stella happily said.
“However, creating shields might create even more wind resistance and push us back even more,” Tecna added.
“Never mind she's being ridiculous,” Stella grumbled.
“Let's try it,” Musa said. “How much time can we lose, really? It's not like we've made a great deal of progress.”
“We are much stronger in our fairy forms,” Bloom commented. “Why don't we at least try?”
The three of them look imploring at Aisha, Tecna, and Flora. Stella added, “Also, remember, it's for the Illuminates.”
Aisha sighed. “Fine.”
“Magic Winx! Butterflix!” The girls shouted, activating their Butterflix forms.
“We'll need to converge to make this shield,” Bloom said. The six girls joined hands and combine their magic, creating an iridescent half bubble around them.
The Winx fluttered their wings and flew up the mountain. The magic of their shield redirected the wind around them and protected them from being blown down by the wind.

Hidden behind a cliff, Icy muttered a small angry curse. “Why do those Winx always have everything work out for them!?” She growled. “We’re even using our new Wraithix powers!”
“Well, We haven’t fully activated our Wraithix powers,” Darcy commented. “Besides, we've faced their new butterfly powers before and we didn't exactly defeat them.”
“I'm aware!” Icy snapped. She thought for a moment. “Obviously making the environment work against them didn't, well, work. Let's try to get the jump on them!”
“Let’s activate our Wraithix while they're flying and make them drop out of thin air!” Stormy cackled.
“No, we have to bring them back to Doom alive,” Icy argued.
“Is it really that important whether or not if we do?” Stormy retorted. “We finally have the power to get rid of those pesky fairies, once and for all!”
“I don't want to think what Doom will do to us if we don't!” Icy hissed. “She's more powerful than us and she has the strongest Wraithix. She might be able to kill us by blinking!”
“I’m with Icy on this one,” Darcy agreed. “Doom has a really strong negative vibe, even compared to all the baddies we've worked with before.”
“But she's never faced the Trix!” Stormy persisted.
“I have the feeling that if she wanted, she wouldn't have to,” Darcy replied.
“Let's go, sisters,” Icy growled. “The Winx are getting away from us!” the Trix growled and flew after the group of fairies.

Back at the ship, the boys were doing their absolute best to get the ship repaired. Timmy was reprogramming the navigation, Helia and Nex were rewiring the thrusters, and Brandon and Sky were patrolling outside, making sure no one attacked while the others were busy.
“You should have seen Mira in her hand-to-hand combat class!” Sky told Brandon. “She's become such a strong warrior! I'm so proud of her.”
“You've met the Illuminates before, right?” Brandon asked. “I remember you telling Cordatorta.”
“Yeah. Before it closed off contact with the other magical worlds, Minerva was a very resourceful planet to trade with. Eraklyon and Minerva traded mostly in jewels, and when Minerva first started clostling off, Eraklyon was one of the few kingdoms Minerva stayed in contact with. I met the Illuminates a few times as kids, but I hadn't really understood about their mixed up powers,” Sky explained. “They're about the same age as Safira, and I think I remember a marriage contract from a while back.”
“Safira?” Brandon asked. “Diaspro's bratty little sister Safira? Who'd be in a marriage contract with her?”
“Volt is. Or was. When Minerva finally cut the trading partnership with Eraklyon and cut off all contact for good, I'm pretty sure Volt's and Safira's engagement was cut off, too.” Sky chuckled. “Lucky for Volt, because I hear he found himself a boyfriend.”
“Oh yeah, I think Mira mentioned that guy. Orbo, right?” Brandon asked. “Well, I’m happy for them. All of them really. Living such a sheltered life must have been terrible. At least they had each other.”
Sky patted Brandon’s shoulder, but they both heard a sudden noise and drew their weapons. “What was that?” Brandon asked in shock.
“I don’t know, but I don’t want to find out,” Sky replied. “Let’s see if Timmy has the repairs done yet.” Nervously, their weapons still drawn, the two of them headed back into the ship.
They didn’t notice the shadowy blue figure slip through the snow.

The Winx girls pushed through the wind and snow, using the fullest extent of their Butterflix powers to keep from freezing. They reached the cave opening and landed. Each of them brushed the snow off of their Butterflix dresses.
“You know, that wasn't as difficult as Timmy was making it out to be.” Stella commented pointedly. The fairies started walking through the cave, when they heard a loud growling.
“You just had to say something!” Musa scolded. The Winx girls watched as a large beast made of ice and snow formed in front of them. It glared before planting its feet and roaring, sending a gale of icy wind that nearly blew them out of the cave again.
Bloom growled and shot a few bursts of flame; it pushed the beast back some, but not by a great deal. In fact, this just seemed to enrage it more, making it lash out at them.
It shot icicles at the fairies, causing them to scatter and dodge. Bloom created a fire shield, which melted the icicles as they passed through it. Bloom, Musa, and Stella all blasted at the monster, while Aisha created a Morphix lasso around the monster’s waist, which stretched and twisted around the monster. Tecna ran an analysis, trying to figure out the monster's weakness.
“Wait!!” Flora bellowed. All of the other winx girls--plus the monster--froze. Flora took a deep breath and said, “This is the Cave of Jubilation. What if this is one of the tests? Aisha, let it go.”
“But…” Aisha protested.
“Let. It. Go.” Flora instructed. Her tone startled the others so much their spells fizzled out right there. Flora fluttered up to the monster and said, “Natural Whisper.” Her aura glowed green and she gently touched the monster. “What's wrong?”
“The storm outside is scaring my babies,” the monster explained. “Then you flew into the cave and attacked me.”
“I'm sorry we attacked; you startled us, but we overreacted. Please accept my apologies.” Flora told the mother. “We did not cause the storm, but maybe we could cheer your kids up.”
The mother calmed down a bit, and turned into a lovely ice spirit. “I accept your kind offer. Follow me, please.”
Flora and the other Winx girls followed behind the snow spirit, and Bloom asked, “Flora, how did you know that would work?”
“I didn't,” Flora replied. “But if we’re going to earn our Fantasmix, we need to try to help, not just fight.” She looked at the worried ice spirit, who was now talking to a very apologetic Aisha.
Bloom sighed. “Yeah, I guess you're right.”
Soon, they came to a quaintly decorated cave, with small, fuzzy, child-sized spirits.
There was a crack of thunder, and the group flocked to their mother. The mother purred and clicked her tongue, and they calmed down. Bloom knelt so she was eye level with them and said, “Hi there!!” She created a small spark of flame and began making it dance around.
In a moment, the little spirits cooed and floated from behind their mother and began playing around. Stella replaced the flames with little balls of light so the snow spirits wouldn’t get hurt. They began floating and singing around the Winx girls, making the ice glow with aurora lights.
The Winx began laughing and flying around, playing with the little frost spirits, until the spirits grew tired and laid down with their mother. “Thank you,” the mother said.
“No problem,” Flora replied. The Winx girls waved goodbye and flew further down the cave.
Before, there was a roar which shook the walls. The Winx heard the sound of a large creature running towards them, and they all braced themselves. A large, icy sabertooth cat was running at them, roaring. It was so large that the winx weren't even the size of its head.
All of the Winx girls flew out of the way except Musa, who said, “She sounds scared.” She calmly stood there as the beast halted to a stop, covering her with snow. Musa brushed off the snow and gently touched the animal's fur.
“Her babies are in danger!” Musa gasped.
“Oh no!” Flora replied.
Musa turned to the cat and said, “Lead us to them.”
The cat growled, and the Winx followed her down to a large cave. There was a steep, icy slope to a large crevice, and the little cubs were stranded on a single ridge. “We have to save them!” Aisha shouted. She tried to fly down, but Tecna stopped her. “They're too large for us to carry. I might have an idea, though. Flora and Aisha, stabilize the ridge. Bloom and Stella, provide light. Musa, you and I will levitate them.”
The other Winx girls nodded, and they all flew into their positions. Aisha and Flora used their respective powers to stabilize where the cubs were stranded, Bloom and Stella created a strong light so everyone could see what they were doing, and Musa and Tecna combined their magic to levitate the cubs to safety.
The Winx regrouped with the mother cat, and she happily purred and nuzzled them. “Aw,” Musa laughed. “You're very welcome!”
The Winx continued even further down the tunnel before they heard some very familiar voices. “Bloom!!” They heard Sky's voice echo through the walls.
“Stella!!” Brandon's voice echoed. “Girls? Where are you??”
“We're over here!” Stella shouted.
“Where is here??” Nex bellowed. “It sounds like you're shouting from every direction!”
“You're one to talk!” Aisha replied. “You guys are just shouting and--”
“Everyone be quiet!!” Musa bellowed. The sound reverberated across the caves. “I can locate where the sound is coming from. Sky, start whistling. No matter what, just whistle!”
There was a moment of silence and then the girls heard a Sky whistling a tune. Musa closed her eyes and opened them again. “Follow me!” Musa told the others. The fairies flew through the cave, following Sky's tune, until they rounded a corner and ran into the boys...literally.
They joyfully reunited, all of them hugging and laughing, while Musa proudly said, “Ha! I told you so!”
“It was so strange,” Timmy commented. “The moment you flew away, the air cleared and all of the issues with the ship seemed to fix themselves!” Timmy commented.
Grimly, Tecna said, “I believe someone is trying to prevent us from finding Fantasmix.”
“Yeah, and I think her name is Doom!” Stella replied.
“We should keep moving,” Bloom said. “We all know how dangerous Doom is, and I don’t think that we want to be sitting ducks when she strikes next.” The others nodded and they all continued walking down the cave.
Soon, they all heard a crying sound as they came across a muscular, greenish-blue ice man in light blue armor. Seeing him, the boys immediately drew their weapons, but the girls stopped them from attacking. “Wait!” Stella shouted. “This is the Cave of Jubilation, we have to be nice!” She walked up to the crying iceman, who jumped and drew his sword and pointed it at her. “Whoa, whoa, hey…” Stella gently said as Brandon shouted in alarm. “We don't want to fight you, we're just hear to help.”
The tall, formidable iceman began shaking, before collapsing and wailing. “My b-beloved...has been taken! And I cannot” He broke down sobbing.
“Oh no!” Bloom gasped. “Do you know where your beloved was taken?”
The iceman shakily pointed his finger before crying again. Tecna and Aisha gently patted his back, and Bloom assured him, “Don't worry, we'll help you find your beloved.”
“R-really?” The iceman sniffled and wiped his face. “Thank name is Borean.”
“I’m Bloom, and these are my friends, the Winx Club!” Bloom introduced. “Could you lead the way?”
Borean nodded, and the group moved further into the cave. The deeper they went, the colder it became. Not just physically, either, but like a very dark presence was watching them. “Do you think Doom is watching?” Musa asked, looking around the cave nervously.
“I have no doubt,” Tecna replied. “She seems like the type to watch her plans unfold.”
They heard a shouting noise, and Borean gasped, “Australon!” before running. The Winx and Specialists gasped and ran after him, until the sound of cackling froze them in their tracks.
Floating in the air were the three Trix, in all of their terrible wickedness. They leered at the Winx while a bound iceman levitated in the air behind them, completely unconscious. “Australon! My love! What have they done to you?” Borean gasped.
Australon’s eyes fluttered open and he asked, “ that you…?”
“Oh shut up!” Icy snapped. She snapped her fingers and Australon's binding tightened.
“Hey! Stop that!” Bloom shouted. She shot a burst of flame that dissolved the bindings, and Aisha caught Australon as he fell, before handing him to Borean.
“How did you escape!?” Bloom asked. “You were trapped in limbo!”
“We escaped...with a little help,” Darcy chuckled darkly.
“Well, at least it's just the Trix and not Doom,” Stella commented. “Not like we haven't beaten them before.”
“Oh, this won't be like before,” Icy cackled. The Trix grinned evilly as they revealed the golden, jewelled bracelets on their wrists. “After all, Doom sends her regards.”
“Wraithix!” The Winx gasped.
“Oh how perceptive!” Icy laughed. “Sisters, let's give the little fairies a reward!”
The Trix held up their Wraithix and shouted, “Wraithix Shadow!!” A wave of negative energy emanated from the Trix and dissolved the Winx’ Butterflix, dropping them to the ground.
As the Winx watched, the Trix were wrapped in shadows from their Wraithix. In a moment and a flash of light, the Trix were transformed and more horrid than ever. They were dressed in dark ball gowns and crowns, decorated with the same jewels that adorned their Wraithix. Their hair grew longer, and Icy’s was pulled up into pigtails.
The Trix cackled wickedly and Icy shouted, “We have finally become the queens we were meant to be!” The Trix cackled and summoned their magic, blasting it at the Winx. The Specialists pushed the girls out of the way, and shouted in pain.
When the girls looked, the boys had all been turned to stone. “Oh no!” Bloom gasped.
“How dare you!?” Aisha screamed. “Butterflix!!”
Nothing happened, and the Trix grinned. Once again, Aisha shouted, “Butterflix!”
“Sinking in, yet?” Darcy asked.
“Run.” Bloom said. When the Trix began summoning their spells again, she shouted, “RUN!!” The Winx dodged the spell, and ran down the cave. The Trix laughed maniacally and flew after them.
As the Winx ran, Stella asked Aisha, “Did you forget that Wraithix removes us of our powers??”
“Sorry! Heat of the moment, I was angry!” Aisha replied. Without warning, the Winx slipped and slid down a twisty slope, until they landed much further down than the ledge they'd been standing on.
Tecna's phone beeped and she pulled it out. With a gasp, she said, “I'm picking up readings of an extremely powerful magic source through there!” She pointed to a cave opening nearby.
“Let's go, quickly!” Bloom urged. The Winx began running to the tunnel, but suddenly found their way blocked by the Trix, appearing in bursts of darkness.
“I wonder how Doom will reward us for capturing the Winx!” Stormy cackled excitedly.
Bloom tried to blast her magic st the witches, but it fizzled in midair. The Trix cackled wickedly and floated up to the Winx, ready to capture them.
There was a sudden roaring noise, and the Trix were knocked out of the way by a gust of wind. With a gasp, the Winx watched as the snow spirit, saber tooth cat, Borean and Australon attack the Trix. “Go!” Borean shouted. “We'll hold them off!”
“But…” Bloom muttered.
“Don't worry!” Australon shouted, blasting icy winds at Darcy. “You saved us and protected our happiness!”
“It’s the least we can do!” The ice spirit agreed. The cat roared in agreement and swept Icy out of the way so the Winx could run through.
“Thank you!!” Stella shouted. “We really appreciate it!”
The Winx ran through the tunnel towards a bright white light glowing at the end. They ran through and found themselves in a large icy cavern lined with grand, crystalline thrones. There were seven in all, and on each sat a grand-looking magical being made of ice. One, an ice cairy dressed in frills and lace, smiled kindly at the Winx.
“Winx Club, welcome to the inner sanctum of the caves of Jubilation,” She said. “We are the Lights of Joy. We represent the Joy of Laughter,”
“The Joy of Wisdom,” A man in Zenithian-like robes said.
“The Joy of Beauty,” A woman in a Solarian dress said.
“The Joy of Life,” A woman in Lynphean clothes said.
“The Joy of Music,” A man in Melodian Robes said.
“The Joy of Excitement,” an icy merman said.
“And the Joy of Love,” A woman with dragon wings finished.
The Ice Fairy continued, “I am Abigail, the Fairy of the Cave of Jubilation, as well as the creator of Fantasmix. The six of you travelled here for a new power to help you protect your new friends, and so we gift to you the power of Fantasmix!”
Six different colored lights floated up from the ground, and formed into small floating, glowing stones. A red music note flew to Musa, an orange heart flew to Bloom, a yellow star flew to Stella, a pink flew flew to Flora, a blue raindrop flew to Aisha, and a purple triangle flew to Tecna. “These Fantasmix stones will grant you the power you need against the darkest darkness,” Abigail said. “Your greatest joy will become your strongest spell.”
The Ice Melodian said, “For Musa, you have the Memory of a Melody.”
The Ice Dragon continued, “For Bloom, you have Blazing Love.”
“Princess Stella has the Glorious Spotlight,” The Solarian added.
“Flora, you will wield the Beauty of Nature,” The Lynphean explained.
The mermaid chimed, “Aisha, you now have the Dance of the Ocean.”
“Tecna, you now have the Perfect Solution,” The Zenithian finished.
“We will guide you on your journey, as you find the Luminous Jewels and unlock all of your Fantasmix powers,” Abigail explained. The little stones floated onto the Winx’ palms, and turned to light that was absorbed into the Winx’ chests.
“Wait, are our special Fantasmix spells attacks? Or are they healing powers?” Bloom asked.
“You shall see,” Abigail said with a small laugh.
Flora added, “Do you think we could take an extra Fantasmix stones for our friends back at Alfea?”
The Zenithian cleared his throat. “Unfortunately no. To earn a Fantasmix stone, one must pass the trials of the cave. And while your pupil Volt would make an excellent Fantasmix fairy, it is just not possible.”
“To bring any magic in contact with the Illumination would be to change, even reverse it. You might end up trapping him in a power equivalent to Wraithix,” the Dragon said.
Flora looked worried and disappointed, before they heard a shout of pain and a booming noise. “Oh no!” She gasped.
“Our new friends are in danger. We have to help them!” Musa said.
“Go,” Abigail said. “Save them.”
As the Winx ran out, Abigail shouted, “To find the Luminous Jewels, just be yourselves!”
“Thank you!” Bloom shouted in return. The Winx ran through the tunnel to see that the Trix were now winning again the ice army.
Seeing them, Darcy taunted, “Awww, are the little fairies back for more??”
Bloom growled, “Oh trust me, we're more than you can handle. Ready, girls?”
As a group, they shouted, “Magic Winx! Fantasmix!” In a flash, they transformed into their new Fantasmix, covered in ribbons and with lacy wings. Esch girl wore her Fantasmix stone on the center of her chest.
The Trix were taken by surprise, but shouted, “Wraithix convergence! Ultimate Wraithix Shadow!” Their Wraithix sent out waves of the cold, negative magic, but for the Winx it felt nothing more than a chilly breeze.
Stella flew into the air and shouted, “Glorious Spotlight!” She held up her hands and summoned a strong golden light. The Wraithix power seemed to retreat in contact with this power, and the Winx’ friends seemed strengthened by it.
“Lotus Blast!” Flora shouted. She summoned a glowing lotus flower that blasted the Trix, knocking them out of the air.
“Resonant Echo!” Musa added. She blasted a wave of sound at chunks of ice above the Trix, which fell down upon them. With a growl, the Trix disappeared.
“That was easier than expected,” Aisha commented. “Almost too…” she froze as she looked at the Ice Spirit and her children, and she noticed that one of the children had a strange, aqua-colored aura. In her head, she heard a small voice say, “I wish that the witches would never come back, so we're always safe.”
She had no idea what this was, but she thought, “Me too.” Before she realized it, small aqua bubbles floated from her hands and popped in the air with bursts of glitter. The Winx and ice creatures watched in amazement, before Stella screamed.
“The boys! We left them!” She flew up the slope, shouting, “I'm coming, Brandy-poo!” Musa, Aisha, and Tecna followed closely after.
Bloom and Flora turned to Australon and Borean and asked, “Do you need us to fly you up?”
“No thanks,” Borean said. “We know these caves like the back of our hands. Now go! Your beloved await!”
The two girls nodded and flew after the others. Before long, they were in the cavern where the boys had been--and still were--petrified in stone. “How are we going to reverse this?” Stella asked.
“I have an idea,” Tecna said. “This spell was caused by the Wraithix, so our Fantasmix powers should be able to fix it. Let's each converge our special Fantasmix spells!”
“That's a great idea!” Bloom agreed. “Come on, girls!” The Winx flew into a circle in the air and each held out her hand. Bloom started with, “Blazing Love!”
“Glorious Spotlight!”
“Memory of a Melody!”
“Beauty of Nature!”
“Perfect Solutions!”
“Dance of the Ocean!”
Together, the Winx shouted, “Fantasmix convergence!” They combined their spells, creating a bright burst of light.
When the light faded, the boys groaned and collapsed, no longer frozen in stone. With laughter and tears, the Winx happily hugged the Specialists.
“Whoa! Check out the new threads!” Nex laughed. “Aisha, you look great!”
“Does this mean you've acquired Fantasmix?” Timmy asked.
“Yes,” Bloom answered. “It also means that we can finally fight back against Doom.”
“It also means we can head back to Alfea!” Stella sighed happily. “I can't wait to get out of this cold!” She saw their new ice friends and chuckled nervously. “No offense.”
“None taken,” Australon replied. “We know these caves aren't the warmest. We would happily escort you from the caves, however.”
The Ice Spirit said, “We know a few shortcuts,” before giggling.
The Winx and Specialists shared a look before Stella said, “By all means, please lead the way! I'm freezing!”
Everyone laughed as they walked from the cave.

In the airship, Stella sighed happily next to the heater. “For being so cold, those caves are actually quite nice...when they're not filled with witches.”
“Glad you think so,” Musa giggled, “Because we promised Australon and Borean that we'd bring the Illuminates over for a dinner party.” She laughed at the shocked expression Stella gave.
“Speaking of,” Aisha thoughtfully said, “Right after we defeated the Trix, I think one of the little ice spirit kids wished for them never to return.”
“Really? I didn't hear anything,” Musa commented.
“It was in my head, which was weird enough,” Aisha replied, “but the weirdest thing is that I think I granted the wish.”
“Well, Abigail did say we'd discover all sorts of powers with our Fantasmix. Maybe that's one of them,” Tecna replied. “We can look it up in the library.”
The ship landed and they dismounted, with Stella telling Tecna, “Doesn't this seem like something we should figure...out...on our own?”
They looked at a slightly alarming sight: Volt was in a new fairy form, next to a red-headed fairy with freckles in a santa-like costume. Volt, the new fairy, and Volt's other fairy friends were standing around with a strange magic charm. Volt looked at the charm, his friends, then his fairy form and nervously laughed, “We can explain…”