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The Illumination

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With the Winx gone, and the threat of Wraithix hanging in the air, Volt took it upon himself to do as much research as possible. His improved Enchantix powers helped, as he was able to whip through the books as quick as lightning (the actual lightning was making the lights short out). Ella, Liz, and Roxy--all of whom were sitting in the library with him--watched him in concern.
“You’re not just studying for class, are you?” Liz asked. “I’ve never seen anyone read that fast.” She put her hand on the page, which made Volt stop in surprise. “Are you even absorbing any of that information?”
“Ah, sorry. It's a spell I learned back in Minerva--lightning reading. It's pretty tricky but it cuts studying time down by like 75%.” Volt explained. “Also, I'm trying to study the Illumination.”
“You never did that on Minerva?” Ella asked. “Isn't Minerva like...a treasure trove of ancient knowledge?"
"Ancient? Yes. Accessible? Not in the slightest." Volt explained. "Not even my uncle has access to the ancient books, and he's literally the king of the kingdom they're hidden in." He gently moved Liz's hand and went back to reading fast.
Roxy's phone rang and she answered. "Roxy. Oh, you're here? Yeah! I'll be right out!" Excitedly she got up and ran out, surprising even Volt.
Volt put his book down and then him and his friends followed Roxy outside. She was meeting with a specialist from Red Fountain, and he handed her a small purple thing that twitched in her arms. "Thank you so much!" Roxy told the specialist. "He's in good hands."
The specialist nodded with a smile and flew off while Roxy waved goodbye. Ella and Liz--curious little fairies they were--flanked Roxy's sides and peered over her shoulders. "Oh my gosh!" Liz shouted. "He's so cute!!"
"Look at his little twitchy nose!!" Ella gushed. "I wanna snuggle him forever!!" She began gently petting the small creature.
"You do that and you'd probably end up with a serious shock. I'm going to introduce him to Kiko to see if they get along." The girls turned back towards the school, and Volt gasped.
Roxy was holding a small bunny lightning-shaped markings. Its fur was purple with dark purple lightning-bolt stripes, bright blue eyes, belly, and paws, with lightning-shaped ears and whiskers. The little rabbit's whiskers twitched and it raised its head, looking directly at Volt. Volt nervously put up his hands and backed away as slowly as he could.
In a flash of blue-white lightning, the rabbit jumped from Roxy's arms and ran straight at Volt. Volt shouted in alarm and quickly ran into the school, with the electric bunny in hot pursuit.
Not seeing a better alternative, Volt transformed into his Enchantix and flew through the school halls--the bunny kept right up behind him. Without realizing it, Volt ended up in the library. He flew among the books, trying to be careful and not knock any over.
The rabbit was not as considerate. It leapt from shelf to shelf, knocking books to the floor and singeing them. Volt was going to keep flying when he saw they were heading into the forbidden section. He knew that if the rabbit got in there, there'd be almost no catching it.
He turned in the air and faced it, swallowing his fear and holding his ground. He was ready for it to try to dodge and run around him. To his surprise, it crashed into his chest and snuggled into his arms.
"Awwww, he likes you!" Roxy cooed, petting the bunny's ears.
"Okay...that's great...can you take him now?" Volt asked, holding it out to her, shaking with terror. Both him and the rabbit were sparking with lightning, like a conduit for their electricity.
"Okay, okay," Roxy laughed. She took the bunny, which tried to go back to Volt before she managed to calm it down. She walked out of the library, petting it and talking to it.
"Still don't like animals?" Ella asked.
"That thing is like a mini Weezeldorf," Volt replied. "I'm not taking any chances." He shivered in fear, before deactivating his Enchantix. He looked around the library and said, "We should probably help clean up these books, shouldn't we?"
He and his friends started picking up library books, when something in one caught Volt's eye. It was a picture of a chubby, cheerful man with bright blue eyes and a snow-white beard. Volt picked up the book and read the caption: "Saunta Clause. Delivers presents every Christ-mass around planet earth."
Hearing this, Liz turned and asked, "Do you mean Santa Claus?"
"Santa...Claws?" Volt asked. "Wait, does he have claws??"
"No, no, that's just his name." Liz replied. "Why are you so curious about him?" She walked over to him, and he showed her the picture.
"This 'Santa Claus' is an Illuminate!" Volt explained. "Look at his hair and eyes!" He pointed to the picture, and sure enough Santa's eyes were the same electric blue as Volt's, and his beard was as white as Volt's hair. "I need to talk to him."
Volt turned sharply on his heel and walked out of the library, carrying the book with him. Ella and Liz shared a look, but quickly followed him. Just like with reading, Volt could move quickly when he wanted to; the two girls had to practically run to keep up with him.
"Volt! What about cleaning the library?" Ella asked.
Volt replied, "This is more important!" He came up to Faragonda's office and opened the door before slamming the book on her desk.
"Hello, Volt. How can I help you?" Faragonda asked after her alarm wore off.
After a moment of stammering and stuttering, Volt explained, “Miss Faragonda, I need to go to earth. I need to meet this Santa Claus and ask him about the Illumination. He’s so much older than I am and he might have info. Look! He’s an Illuminate!” He pointed at the picture of Santa Claus in the bok.
“Oh my!” Faragonda exclaimed, investigating the picture closely. “I’ve never realized that before. But Volt, you’ll be in terrible danger if you leave Alfea, especially with the Winx going to find Fantasmix.”
“What if it was me, my sisters, Angelo, Diablo, Trixie, Ella, Liz, and Roxy?” Volt asked. “Between the nine of us, we should be able to protect ourselves from Doom and her Wraithix while we’re out of school. Please, Miss Faragonda, I need to learn about my powers.”
Faragonda looked at Volt’s earnest eyes and sighed. “Very well, I will allow you and your friends to visit the earth. Be very careful, because as soon as you leave Alfea you’ll be in terrible danger. Make sure that you and your sisters can get everyone ready.”
Volt nodded and quickly ran out of the office. “Volt!” He heard Liz shout. He paused and let his friends catch up, and Liz asked, “Are you sure about this? Santa is just a legend on earth...we don’t even know if he’s real. Besides, even if he is, how do you that he knows anything about the Illumination?”
“I’d rather try and be wrong then not try at all,” Volt explained. “Besides, if I know my sisters, they’re already growing stir-crazy like I am. Can you two get Roxy while I call Psyche and Mira?”
“Of course,” Ella said. She grabbed Liz’s hand and pulled her along, leaving Volt by himself. Volt quickly went to his dorm and called his sisters, ready to make plans.

Not too much later, Volt, Liz, Ella, and Roxy were waiting outside for the Red Fountain ship. Roxy was holding the little rabbit from earlier, which was still trying to get to Volt. Volt just stood to the side and eyed it nervously.
Before long, the ship flew in and landed, before opening. Mira and Psyche walked out, and the triplets shared a hug. Behind them, Angelo, Diablo, and Trixie climbed off. Mira cleared her throat. "Ella, Liz, you remember these guys. Roxy, meet Angelo, Diablo, and Trixie."
The introductions went around, and Angelo asked, "Who's that little guy?" While pointing at the little purple fluff in Roxy's arms.
"Oh! This is Zing, he's a little Shock Rabbit that I'm taking care of." She showed Zing to the others, and immediately Psyche, Trixie, and Angelo gasped.
"Cuuuuute!!" They gushed, walking up to her. In response, Zing's nose twitched and his ears sparked with electricity. The three of them backed up a bit.
"Alright, if we're done fawning over a rabbit, could we please get going?" Diablo asked. “I have more important things to do than chase after a Sandy Clown, you know.”
“Dio…” Angelo muttered.
“Don’t ‘Dio’ me, ‘Gelo’, you have all of the same important things I do!” Diablo argued. “My brother and I have a full exam tomorrow, which, now that I think of it, so do you Mira.” He crossed his arms and said, “You might be prodigal or whatever, but Cordatorta isn’t going to take it easy on you because you’re young.”
“Ugh, I hate to admit it,” Mira groaned, “But when Diablo’s right, he’s right. This is a day trip so we need to move!” She clapped her hands together and herded her siblings into the ship, before stopping. “Say Roxy,” she turned, narrowed her eyes, and asked, “Is it safe to have a Shock Rabbit on the ship?”
Roxy laughed nervously and said, “Of course, I have Zing here under perfect control, and...if things go out of control, Volt here can help.” She winked at Volt, whose face paled several shades of color.
“Volt? Control an animal? Now I know you’re joking,” Mira commented drily. “In the ship, people!” She forcefully pulled Psyche and Volt (despite their protests) in the ship, followed by their friends.
On the ship, Psyche and Mira sat Volt down and began interrogating him. Mira started with, “So, why are we going to earth exactly? Sandy clowns? Your message was kind of weird.”
“I told you everything!” Volt protested.
“No, you said ‘Earth. Now. Fat guy. Illumination!’” Psyche replied. “Then you shouted ‘Sandy Clowns’ and hung up. So...who is this Sandy Clowns guy?” She sat down next to Volt and crossed her arms as Mira sat on his other side.
Volt pulled out the book from the library and flipped to the page with Santa Claus. He showed the picture to the two of them. “Roxy says that his name is Santa Claus. He’s an old guy who spends one night a year delivering gifts around planet earth.”
“Wow, his hair is as white as ours!” Psyche gasped.
“And his eyes are so blue…” Mira added. “Is he an Illuminate?”
“I don’t know, that’s why we’re heading to earth,” Volt explained. “If he is an Illuminate, then he might be able to help us with our Illumination powers. I mean, he can deliver packages worldwide in a single night, so he must be doing something right.” He put the book away and sighed. “I’m just worried, especially with what happened with Psyche and the Wraithix.”
“Volt, I’m fine,” Psyche said. “My magic was only affected temporarily and I’ve gone right back to normal!”
“Besides,” Mira added, “Your Enchantix can neutralize the Wraithix’ power, can’t it?”
“Let’s hope it can do it twice,” Volt mumbled nervously.

From her cave, Doom watched the Illuminates on her darkness screen. “The North Pole? That could be interesting.” She looked at her own Wraithix, which only had the red and green gems attached to it.
“Blue is still spying on those Winx, but maybe…” She lifted the Waithix to her mouth and whispered, “After them, Red.” She lifted up her Waithix and the gem glowed with bright red light and detached from the bracelet. It turned into a ball of light and flew out of the cave.
Doom crossed her arms and smirked. “This will be fun,” she commented.

The trip to earth was surprisingly quick, especially once Trixie summoned a party popper wormhole. In a swirl of color, earth was in sight. Everyone turned to Trixie with absolute shock and little fear, before she giggled innocently and shouted, “That was fun!”
“Right. Fun.” Mira commented, looking like she had seen a ghost. “Where does Santa Claus live again?”
“The North Pole,” Liz answered. “The northernmost point on the entire planet.”
“We know what poles are,” Diablo sarcastically commented. "We're not dumb."
Angelo scolded, "Diablo, don't be rude. Roxy, can you please point out which of the poles is the northern one?"
"Um, surprisingly, the one on the bottom," Roxy said, pointing. Hearing this, Liz scrambled up to the display.
"Oh my gosh, we're approaching earth upside down!?" She and Roxy turned to look at Trixie, who snickered then just fell to pieces laughing.
"Alright, let me recalibrate," Angelo announced. "Everyone, brace yourselves!!" He pushed a few buttons on the console, then Diablo spun the wheel. The ship made a 180° flip, then flew at the North Pole.
"You sure have a strange sense of humor," Volt told Trixie as he helped Roxy stand. Then he looked at Roxy and asked, "Hey, um, Roxy?? Where'd your little electric bunny friend?"
There was a build up of static, and the hairs on the back of Volt's neck stood up as he turned to see Zing on a shelf, staring straight at him. When their eyes met, Zing squeaked and shot at Volt before he could react. Electricity sparked from the little rabbit and Volt absorbed it through his fingers. “Please take him,” Volt asked in a shaky voice.
Roxy put on her rubber gloves and grabbed the little ball of fluff, with Volt still shaking on the floor. Psyche and Ella quickly went to help him stand, and his hair was standing in all directions from the electricity. "Come on, Volty," Psyche said. "I thought you were over your fear of animals!"
"Why would you ever think that?" Volt asked. "That...thing jumps at me everytime I look at it!" He shivered with fear, and looked at Roxy, who was gently petting Zing.
Zing was facing away from Volt, but immediately turned to look at him. With a laugh, Roxy said, "I just think he likes you. He has lightning powers, you have lightning powers, he's an animal of prey, you act like an animal of prey…" She giggled and said, "Honestly, you're more of a bunny than he is!"
Volt blushed. "I am not!" He protested.
Suddenly Volt heard purring and felt something fuzzy brush up against his neck. He looked to see a black cat with orange, purple, and green stripes rubbing up against him. With a shriek he jumped up and backed away. Suddenly the cat started laughing and turned into Trixie with a puff of smoke. "Seems that way to me!"
Psyche laughed and high-fived Trixie while Volt blushed. "If you guys are done tormenting Volt, we're going to be coming in for a landing," Mira announced.
"Please be seated," Angelo continued.
"And that bunny better not short out the ship!" Diablo snapped. The brothers and Mira operated the control, but as soon as they entered the atmosphere, disaster struck.
There was a giant blizzard that immediately caught the ship and was blowing it all helter skelter. "Everyone buckle in!" Diablo shouted. "This is going to be a rough landing!"
The fairies and witches each took their seats and buckled themselves in, bracing for impact. Roxy nervously clutched onto Zing, but the little rabbit made no attempt to escape. "Volt, Psyche!" Mira shouted. "Each of you make a shield!"
Psyche and Volt both nodded, and used their magic in an attempt to make a shield around the ship. It wasn't a lot, but it was enough for Mira. Taking a deep breath, Mira stood up and walked to the center of the ship. "Boreal Diversion," She whispered. In a flash of light, she activated her paladin form and threw her hands outwards. The blizzard diverted around the ship, and her power helped Psyche and Volt's shields cover the ship.
Unfortunately, they still crashed. When Mira collapsed from exhaustion into Angelo's arms, Liz immediately said, "That was amazing! Have you always been able to do that?"
Mirs yawned and replied, "I'm the Jewel of Snow...of course I have." She yawned and fell asleep, and Angelo looked at Volt and Psyche in a panic.
"Her Paladin powers really wear her out," Volt explained. "We'll need to brew some special tea for her."
There was a sudden banging on the door that made the whole group jump in surprise. Angelo and Diablo drew their swords, while Trixie, Psyche, Ella, Liz, and Roxy began summoning their powers. "Hey!" A young female voice shouted. "Are you okay? I saw you crash!"
Angelo and Diablo shared a look, then Angelo pushed a button to open the hatch. The harsh wind whipped through the door as it opened, and a small figure ran in. Angelo immediately shut the ship door as the person shivered and brushed themself off.
"Oh good! No one was hurt!" The person said in relief. She pulled off her goggles and pulled down her hood. She was a very pretty girl with electric blue eyes, freckles, and wavy red hair. She noticed that Mira was unconscious and gasped. "Oh no! I'm sorry! Did she hit her head?"
“Oh! No, no, she kinda just exhausted herself trying to...lessen the crash,” Volt explained. “She’ll be fine, but she just needs to recuperate.”
The girl sighed in relief and smiled. “Well, that’s good. I have somewhere she can rest. You’ll all just have to come with me. Do you all have warm clothes?”
Liz and Ella looked at Volt curiously, and he shrugged. Turning to the girl he asked, “What do you know about magic?”
With a smirk, the girl waved her hands around, and colorful light flew and shone in between them. “You were saying?”
With another shrug, Volt said, “Alright, I think we’re good! Time for a trick Ms. Stella taught me.” He snapped both of his fingers, and in a swirl of light, him and his friends were dressed in thick snow jackets. “They’re not the most stylish,” he admitted, “But they should work!”
“Great! Follow me!” The girl exclaimed, putting on her goggles and hood. The group moved through the hatch into the snow. The wind was so strong that every step felt like Volt was going to be blown off of his feet.
“You wouldn’t have any tricks up your sleeve, would you Witch of Tricks?” Diablo asked in a loud voice.
"Not against a blizzard!" Trixie replied.
"We're almost there!!" The girl shouted. She led the pack forward, until they approached a strange rock formation. The girl tapped it gently, as if inputting a code, and as the group watched a swirling portal of color opened and she walked through. They followed, and collectively gasped.
It was a large city of red brick buildings, with a large domed building at the center. The whole thing was protected by a magical barricade, and the rough blizzard turned into a gentle snowfall. Turning to the others, the girl smiled and said, "Welcome to the North Pole! My name's Christa Cringle; I'm Santa's daughter."

Unbeknownst to the group, the red light had been following them through the whole trip, undetected by the ships' radars. It flew through the polar winds, stopping and surveying the crashed ship.
It flew in and the Red Wraith took her form, looking around. The ship was completely shut down in the cold, and the open door was allowing the snow to come in. She could see the traces of fairy, witch, and even paladin magic, as well as fear they had felt. With a whispering hiss that could be mistaken for a chuckle, the Wraith absorbed the remnants of the negative energy, but it was pretty small meal for her. Suddenly the ship shook and rumbled, and the Wraith looked out the window. Giant, wooly white creatures were carrying it through the snowstorm; it was impressive, but she couldn’t detect strong negative feelings from them.
However, they were moving towards a city (there was a disgusting amount of positive energy, but in every city, there was always a fair amount of negative energy).
The Wraith laughed and hid herself in the ship.

“Don’t worry about your ship,” Christa said. “I called for some help from our yeti crew; they’ll be extremely careful when they bring the ship into the city.” She brushed some snow off her hair and smiled brightly at them.
Liz and Roxy seemed skeptical, while the others were just completely confused--except Volt, who was beyond himself with excitement. “How do we know you’re really Santa’s daughter?” Liz asked.
Christa shrugged. “You’ll have to take my word on it, won’t you?” She winked and stuck her tongue out playfully, which made Roxy and Liz groan in frustration. “Would you believe me if I told you that I’m the Fairy of Auroras?” She began dancing around, and in the sky, beautiful and colorful lights flared; they spun down around her before flying up into the air again.
“Wow...pretty! What was that?” Psyche asked.
“The Aurora Borealis!!” Christa exclaimed, “also known as the Northern Lights!”
“The Fairy of the Northern Lights…” Roxy mumbled.
“No, the Fairy of Auroras,” Christa corrected. “That includes the Northern Lights, the Southern Lights, the Eastern Lights, the Western Lights, the South-Eastern Lights…” she giggled when she saw their expressions. “Just kidding! Though there are the Southern Lights--they’re called the Aurora Australis!”
“Right. Do you know Aurora, the Fairy of the North?” Roxy asked.
“Indeed! She’s a good friend of my dad!” Christa happily explained. “He did everything he could to help her, and he was so sad when she disappeared. She was...very surprised to meet me, to be honest.”
“I’d imagine. I’m Roxy--” Roxy started.
“Daughter of Morgana, Princess to the Earth Fairies and next heir to the throne when she comes of age,” Christa recited. “Yes, I know all about you.”
“I’m more surprised that I don’t know about you,” Roxy replied. “My mom has told me about all of the fairies on earth, including Liz here!” She motioned to Liz, who waved.
“Dad made sure that Aurora kept me secret,” Christa explained, “And the Wizards of the Black Circle never came after me because I’m not technically an earth fairy, kind of like Liz.” She led them through the city, pointing out all sorts of landmarks. Wandering around were elves, leprechauns, even a unicorn or two; just about every magical creature imaginable.
“This is a much more diverse work environment than I was led to believe,” Liz commented.
“Dad is an equal-opportunity employer,” Christa explained. “By the way, none of you have introduced yourselves,” she added in a sing-song voice.
“Oh right!” Volt shouted. “I’m Volt, the Fairy of Lightning. These are my sisters Psyche and Mira--Psyche is the Witch of Spirits and Mira is the Paladin of Snow. These are our friends Ella, the Fairy of Night, Trixie, the Witch of Tricks, Angelo and Diablo.”
“Wow. What an introduction,” Diablo commented, rolling his eyes.
Angelo whispered, “Be nice Diablo, it’s not his fault we don’t have titles yet.” He smiled kindly and held out his hand. “Angelo Van Deagon, it’s a pleasure!”
“Nice to meet you all!” Christa said. “My mom is cooking a delicious lunch for everyone and my dad is going to join us as we’re eating. It’s going to be so fun!” She jumped around happily. An elven family passed by, and she happily waved at them.
Too eager to keep his questions back, Volt moved forward and walked beside Christa. “Hi there Christa, um, I was wondering if you knew anything about a magical event called the Illumination?”
“Absolutely nothing!” Christa replied happily. “Does it have anything to do with the Northern Lights?”
“” Volt commented. “The reason I was asking is because my sisters and I were affected by the last Illumination 17 years ago. We were hoping that you dad had been affected and knew a thing or two about the powers we got from it.” He tapped his fingers together nervously.
“Seventeen years ago?” Christa asked. “Do you mean the White Aurora? My dad’s told me all about that a whole bunch.” She giggled and added, “He says that’s where my powers come from.”
Volt gave his sisters a smug grin and asked, “So Christa, you’re the Fairy of Auroras? We’re friends with Stella, the Fairy of the Shining Sun. You should meet her, she’s great!”
“That sounds fun! If she’s ever in the North Pole, I’ll be happy too!” Christa said. “The farthest I’ve been out of the city is just in the polar north where I met you all. My parents are...pretty protective.”
"Oh yeah, ours were too," Psyche commented. "Maybe we could convince your parents to let you enroll at Alfea. That's what ours did!"
"To be fair though," Mira commented, "our kingdom was attacked by a psychotic witch and her undead minions." At Christa's look of alarm, she explained, "It's a long story, to be honest."
As they walked, they were suddenly passed on the side by a group of large yetis carrying their ship. As they ran by, Diablo screamed, "HEY! BE CAREFUL AND WATCH THE PAINT JOB!!" He went to run after them, but Angelo grabbed his arm, stopping him.
"The ship will be fine," Angelo commented calmly. He turned to Christa and apologized, "Sorry for my brother's...behavior. He's not good at pretending to be civilized."
It took Diablo a moment, but he shouted, "Hey!" And crossed his arms. With a snicker, Mira and Angelo high-fived.
Trixie looked at Psyche, and saw that her friend was pale and wide-eyed, staring at the ship as it shrank in the distance. "Psyche?" Trixie asked. "Are you okay?"
With a small jump, Psyche blinked and rubbed her head. "Sorry, I just could have sworn I felt a presence--a dark presence--on our ship. I could have imagined it though."
Trixie wasn't convinced. "Psyche…"
"Sh!" Psyche shushed her. "We can investigate later. We don't want to cause a panic. Especially with my brother."
"But Psyche!"
The two witches glared at each other for a moment before Trixie mumbled, "Fine. But we are going to investigate, okay?"
"Okay," Psyche agreed. Seeing that Trixie was still upset, Psyche booped her nose. Trixie tried to look upset, but snorted and giggled.
"Psyche!" Mira harshly whispered, "hurry up and listen?" Psyche ran up and joined her siblings as Christa and Volt continued to talk.
"So that's how Santa delivers all of those presents during a single night!" Roxy gasped in amazement. "Wow, Christa, you must be so happy with him as your dad."
"It's pretty nice," Christa admitted, "but he's usually pretty busy year round." She stopped the group as a young fawn led a herd of reindeer in a line across the road in front of them.
Volt froze at being so near the reindeer, but Zing heard their grunts and rumbling hooves and panicked. Roxy shrieked as he shocked her with his bolts of lightning. Immediately, he leapt at Volt. Volt, of course, panicked and transformed, flying away from the little rabbit. Again.
"Volt! No!" Roxy shouted. Volt was too panicked to listen and flew off, with Zing in pursuit. Unlike before, the two of them were both generating an alarming amount of electricity. Bolts of lightning shot from Volt's wings, striking streetlights and shorting them out, overpowering decorations, and spreading mayhem. “Oh no!” Christa gasped.
“Volt! Calm down!” Psyche shouted. She changed into her witch form and flew after him, trying to cast a spell to calm his nerves. Mira rolled her eyes and took on her paladin form. With her strong, eagle-like wings, she shot from the ground and quickly caught up with Volt and Psyche. She wrapped the two of them in her arms and held them still.
Zing shot at the three of them, but before he collided, a green magic bubble appeared. Roxy, in her Believix, hovered the bubble to her hands. “I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do this, but this sphere should contain Zing’s power. I hope it doesn’t wear him out too much before I can feed him. Shock Rabbits have a strange diet; they actually feed on electricity.”
“It’s trying to eat me!?” Volt shrieked. “It’s just like a mini Weezeldorf!”
“Volt, calm down,” Mira commanded. “I do not think that the bunny wants to hurt you. Take a deep breath in…” she and Volt slowly inhaled together, “and a deep breath out…” they exhaled slowly together. “We need to talk to Santa Claus. I really don’t think we can achieve that if you keep freaking out over animals. Do you think you can keep calm long enough to make it?”
“We believe in you, Volt!” Psyche added. The two sisters hugged their brother tight, and the three of them floated back down to the ground. Christa was calming the crowd, while Trixie, Liz, and Ella were helping repair. Angelo and Diablo were now rounding up the now stampeding reindeer and doing their best to calm them down. Diablo was...surprisingly good at calming them down. When they landed along with Roxy, Volt expected Christa to start yelling at them.
“Don’t worry!” She shouted to her people, “I’m sure that Volt here can restore power, right?” She turned to Volt and smiled at him expectantly. “Riiiight??”
“Right! Yes!” Volt shouted. He clapped his hands twice and summoned and sphere of electricity in his hands. He threw it into the air and streams of electricity shot out in every direction, restarting the street lights and other electric items.
“Great! Thank you!” Christa said happily. “We’re almost to my house!"
Volt fluttered over to her and detransformed. "Sorry, Christa. I didn't mean to cause so much trouble."
"It's perfectly okay!" Christa said happily. "We all have our fears! Personally, I'm afraid of being alone." It didn't seem too hard for her to admit; she was still as happy as she had been the whole time. "Fairy of Lightning is a good title for you, Volt! Was that your Enchantix?"
"Um, yeah," Volt replied. "It activates a lot when I panic." His hands sparked with electricity as he sighed, "I don't know why I'm afraid of animals, though…"
“Probably because most of the animals on our planet can eat you,” Mira commented matter-of-factly. “As well as that bird that attacked you in Alabone when we were kids.”
The Illuminates' friends shared startled looks but didn't ask about the incident. Neither did Christa, though she looked rather alarmed. Shaking her head, she told them, "Anyway, we're here!!" With a bright smile, she opened the door and they walked inside.
"Ohmygosh…" Liz muttered. "You live in the workshop!?" She began squealing excitedly alongside Roxy, making Christa giggle.
"Christa!!" A harsh voice shouted. A tall, muscular young man with strawberry blond hair in spikes walked up to the group. He was impeccably dressed and had a small goatee, with electric blue eyes. He had noticeably pointed ears that matched Christa.
"Everyone," Christa sighed, "this is my bossy older brother Michael. Michael, these are my new friends!"
Michael groaned. "Christa Marie Cringle, you know you're not supposed to bring anyone into the North Pole under any circumstances!!" He glared at the others. "We will have to wipe their memory of this, otherwise it will spread and--"
"Michael!" Christa shouted. "Most of them aren't even from earth! These three--" she gestured to the Illuminates, "--just want to talk to Dad!"
Michael was taken aback for a moment, and groaned. "Very well, but be warned that the consequences for revealing us are dire."
Liz, who was blushing furiously, stammered, "D-duly noted."
"Good. Follow me, please," Michael continued. He led the group through the building until they climbed the stairs into a spacious apartment. Once inside, Christa called, "Hey mom! I brought some guests over for dinner!"
"Oh, wonderful!" A sweet voice called. A lovely, heavy-set woman with long blonde hair, pointed ears, and ice blue eyes walked from the kitchen. She smiled and immediately began hugging the Illuminates and their friends. "Absolutely darling to meet you! I'm Elenora Cringle, but many call me Mrs. Claus."
"Wow!" Roxy gasped. "I never realized you were an elf! Are you a fairy too, like Christ?"
"Oh, no my darling. I am merely a polar elf; Christa here is the only fairy in our family," Elenora explained.
"And she'll brag about it any chance she gets," Michael mumbled irately.
"Do you know when Dad'll be home?" Christa asked. "Volt, Psyche, and Mira need to talk to him."
"Soon, dear." Smiling at the Illuminates, she asked, "Am I correct in guessing that you're here about the White Aurora?"
"Yes," Mira replied, "Though we personally call it 'The Illumination'." She looked around and commented, “Very homey; do you have a library or the sort?"
"A few doors down, dear," Elenora commented, "but right now it's time for dinner." She led the kids to the dining room, and they all took a seat.
"Whatever you're cooking smells delicious!" Angelo gushed.
"The food on Domino is better…" Diablo mumbled before Angelo whacked him on his head.
Either unaware of or ignoring Diablo's comments, Elenora brought out a scrumptious-looking feat which size rivaled that of a Minervan festival. “Yummy!” Trixie laughed. As she laughed, a fun, upbeat tune began playing. The beat was infectious, to the point that the chairs actually danced right up to the group and pushed them onto their seats and pulled up to the table.
They began eating; the food was absolutely delicious, even more so than the food the triplets had on Minerva. As they ate, they heard a loud, hearty voice say, "Wow, that smells delicious!"
A large, imposing man came in; he was stocky and solid, looking like he was made of bricks. He had curly white hair and a white beard, but didn't look older than his 30's. His eyes were electric blue, just like Psyche, Volt, Mira, and Christa's.
Liz began screaming with excitement, while Roxy looked like she was ready to faint. "He is real!!" Liz shrieked happily, as Christa got up and hugged the big man.
After a big hug, Christa introduced, "Everyone, meet my dad, Nicholas Cringle--also known as Santa Claus!!"
Santa (as he preferred to be called) was as genial as Volt had read about, but, unfortunately he didn't have much information that he could share about the Illumination.
"I'm very sorry, Champ, but I don't understand the White Aurora any more than you do," he explained gently to Volt. "I wish I could help more, but all I know is that it turned me from human to the man you see before you."
Volt looked at his sisters and sighed, "Alright, thank you." They all went back to eating.

The ship was in the repair shop, being tinkered on by the elves. Seeing her chance, the Wraith slipped out through the shadows. Immediately she was struck (and disgusted) by the sheer amount of positive energy in the air. All of the magical creatures were genuinely happy and enjoying their work.
She hissed quietly and floated in the darkness, completely hidden from sight. "You need to be more careful!" An annoyed voice shouted. "If you plug in the wrong wires this whole thing will blow!"
"I know what I'm doing!" An equally annoyed voice snapped back. The acidity and resentment in her voice caught the Wraith's attention.
She looked to see a pair of elves arguing with each other. One--a smaller, younger looking elf, was red in the face while holding a few wires while the other elf, taller and older looking, scolded her. "If you can't take your job seriously than you shouldn't even work in the workshop!"
The younger elf's ears drooped and she ran off, crying. The older elf froze, immediately regretting what she had said. The Wraith cackled as she pursued the younger elf, following the scent of her negative energy. Eventually, the elf stopped, her fist clenched, then she pulled something from her pocket and threw it on the floor.
With a hiss, the Wraith flew right at her, possessing her as she morphed into a giant monster.

Despite the lack of information Santa could provide, the Illuminates and their friends enjoyed their dinner. Volt was especially enjoying the quick glances Ella stole of Christa; every time she did he'd raise his eyebrows at her...then she kicked his leg.
Mira and Diablo were having an intense, unspoken competition of who could eat faster. Their eyes were locked on each other and you could cut the tension between them. Angelo and Michael were watching with equal fascination and disgust, while Psyche and Trixie were cheering Mira on. Liz didn't seem like she could choose what she wanted to watch: Mira's inevitable victory or Ella's mounting embarrassment. Santa and Elenora were watching all the kids with calm, quiet and amused grins.
Santa was about to start laughing when there was a loud, guttural roar that nearly burst all of their ear drums. The Triplets' eyes went wide and they stood up: they knew that roar.
Since she was closest, Psyche ran up to the window and gasped. "Someone's been possessed by the Red Wraith and she's destroying the city!!"
Without any more questions, Volt and his friend transformed, Mira and the twins drew their weapons, and Trixie and Psyche switched to their witch forms. Psyche opened the window and the fairies and witches flew through, while the specialists summoned some sky flyers with a remote.
Outside, a giant red monster was roaring and blasting electricity everywhere. "Wait for me!!" A voice shouted. There was a flash of rainbow color, and Christa flew out. Her winx form was a white fur dress that looked like the outfit she'd met the Illuminates and their friends in. Her wings kind of looked boomerangs: two on top and two underneath. She wore a belt with rainbow colors and a ponytail.
When Christa saw the monster attacking the city and narrowed her eyes. "So why is there a giant red lightning monster attacking the North Pole?" She asked with frustration.
"The Red Wraith; it's a creature of dark magic that must have followed us!" Volt explained. "I'm sorry!"
"Less regretting, more blasting!" Psyche shouted. "But for the record, I told you, Trixie!" She flew straight at the Wraith monster, and hit it with a ball of her green energy. The creature recoiled, but quickly recovered and blast its lightning at her. Trixie snapped her fingers and teleported in front of Psyche, creating a large shield shaped like a giant lollipop. She snapped her fingers again and the two witches teleported back to the group.
"Psyche, we can't just rush that thing!" Mira scolded. "Remember when Angelo and Diablo got possessed? We had to combine our magic with Flora's."
"Team effort, sis. Team effort," Volt added. "Angelo, Diablo, do you think that you can keep the monster distracted?"
Diablo opened his mouth to reply when Angelo interrupted and replied, "Yeah we can do that!"
Even though Diablo was giving Angelo the stink eye, he didn’t protest. They revved their sky fliers and flew at the monster, brandishing their swords. Their light blades cut through the monster’s dark body easily, but since it was shadow it healed just as quickly.
The monster roared and swiped at them with its claws. It didn’t seem recognizable to Volt or his sisters, but Christa gasped, “Verity!”
“Verity?” Mira asked.
“She’s a technician who works on Dad’s sleigh,” Christa explained. “Her older sister is like Michael is with me, always getting after her for not being careful enough with it.”
“Well, that’s probably the reason that she got possessed by a Wraith,” Psyche said. “But how are we going to separate them? Our Illumination powers won’t work on their own, but we don’t have the Winx to help us.”
“Well, you have Liz, Christa, Trixie, and me,” Ella said, putting her hand on Psyche’s shoulder. I’m sure that we can combine our powers into something...or other.”
“Right, right,” Mira said, “But we shouldn’t go full convergence just yet. We need to keep fighting it and try to wear it down.” She called on her own sky flier and pulled out her own sword. “I’m going to hold off using my paladin powers for right now, though.” She hopped on her flier and flew to help the twins.
“Trixie and I can provide more magical distractions,” Psyche told Volt. “You and the other fairies see what you can do.” Trixie and Psyche nodded to each other and flew into the air, using their powers to make magic tricks and summoning spirits.
Volt immediately turned to his fairy friends. “Alright, so I’m the only one of us who has an Enchantix. I can be the brunt force of our magical attacks, but Ella and Liz, and I need you to strike as often and as hard as you can. Christa,” he turned to the redheaded fairy, “Can you do the magic you showed us on a bigger scale?”
Christa summoned a big ball of colorful light. Volt nodded and said, “That’ll work. Can you help Liz and Ella please?”
“Of course!” Christa enthusiastically said. The four fairies’ wings began flapping and they joined the fight. Volt summoned a surge of white lightning and blasted it at the monster. With a sudden twist of its head it absorbed the electricity.
“Uh oh,” Volt commented. With an extra loud roar, the monster blasted red lightning at Volt. Volt crossed his arms and created an electric shield that deflected the lightning...right at Christa's apartment building.
Christa screamed and shouted, "My family!!" And flew that way.
Liz shouted, "I got this!!" She flew into the flames, dodging and weaving until she found Santa, Michael, and Eleanora huddled together. "I'll get you out, I promise!!" She moved her hand to part the flames and shouted, "Go, go, go!" Waving the family along. They ran with Liz behind them, until they came to a window.
"Jump!!" Christa shouted from below. "I'll catch you!!" Santa and Eleanor jumped, both of them caught by their daughter, bjt Michael was stuck in place, his knees shaking.
"I-I don't think I can do it!" He stammered. Liz was about to talk him into it when she senses something in the flames.
She pushed Michael out into his sister's arms as the apartment exploded. Liz was thrown out into the air, and was going to hit the ground when Angelo caught her on his flier.
Liz was limp and unconscious as he landed, and Christa gasped, "Oh no!" She gently touched Liz's face and teared up.
Suddenly, Liz's body began shining with a golden light and she floated into the air. As they watched, her magical form changed. Her wing grew large and sparkly, taking on a shape similar to a butterfly, with purple hearts and green highlights, and her outfit became a dress of many strands of fabric and a ruffled skirt. Her eyes fluttered open, and she looked at herself. “My Enchantix!” She gasped.
With a laugh of relief, Christa flew up and hugged Liz tightly. “I’m so glad you’re okay!”
Liz hugged Christa back and said, “We need to get back to help the others.” Christa nodded and they flew back into the battle. Volt wasn’t attacking, but he created an electric shield to help protect his friends from the monster.
Seeing Liz and Christa fly back, Ella gasped with delight and hugged Liz and Christa. “I’m so glad you’re okay!”
“Me too!” Volt shouted, absorbing electric blasts as much as he could, “but this thing is not going down!”
Liz flew up next to Volt and helped maintain the shield. “You got your Enchantix?” Volt asked. “Great!” There was a surge of electricity that pushed them back. “I can’t hold it off much longer.”
“Why don’t we converge?” Liz asked. “Between you, me, Ella, and Christa, we can make strong enough spell to cure the monster.”
“But what about my sisters? I don’t know if I have enough Illumination light for this,” Volt replied. He looked at his two sisters, both of whom were attacking and dodging with earnest.
“I have some White Aurora light,” Christa commented, surprising Volt. “It’s not a whole lot, but I did inherit some of it from my Dad.” She held out her hands and summoned a pure white light--the same light that Volt and his sisters used.
“And like you said, I have my Enchantix,” Liz said. “I think we can do this.”
Mira flew by and shouted, “Try it! Psyche and I can’t hold off to try to converge for you!” She immediately flew off and joined the twins, jumping off her flier and taking off on her paladin wings.
“Okay, let’s try,” Volt commented. He powered up the shield so it protected both him and his friends. He joined hands with the other fairies, and a bright, colorful light grew in between them.
“Convergence!! Blinding aurora!!” The fairies shouted. The ball of light burst upwards in a rainbow of color, before curving in the air and striking the monster. It screamed in pain and stopped attacking, which gave Mira and Psyche a chance to hit the monster with their own Illumination light. Trixie summoned magic confetti which flew at the monster. Surprisingly, the twin brothers even contributed to the attack: a red flame spiraled around Diablo’s right arm and a blue flame spiraled around Angelo’s left. The two flame shot at the monster, Diablo’s taking the form of a horned, vicious dragon, and Angelo’s taking the form of a feathered, more serene dragon. Their combined power cemented the convergence spell; the monster exploded in a burst of light and separated into two beings: Verity, who fell through the air, completely unconscious, and the Red Wraith, which flew off.
Christa immediately dove towards Verity to catch her, but Volt and his sisters tried to catch up with the Red Wraith. When it noticed that they were following it, it shot off in a stream of red light. Mira’s Paladin form immediately began flickering; luckily her sky flier caught her before she fell. At the same time, Christa caught Verity before she hit the ground.
When the Illuminates and their friends landed, the inhabitants began cheering. Christa’s family rushed up to hug her while Verity’s sister hugged her. When they let Christa go, Santa walked up and shook Volt’s hand. “Thank you, thank you all. Our kids mean everything to us.”
“She was a big help,” Volt said. “Christa’s a really powerful fairy.”
“It would be a good idea for her to get formal training,” Mira added. “Alfea, the school for fairies, is a great place for her to develop her skills. Also, it’s extremely safe.”
Psyche finished, “Doom, the witch who sent the Red Wraith here...there’s no saying whether or not she’ll attack again, especially since Christa’s an Illuminate like us.”
Santa considered their words thoughtfully. “Will she really be safer at this Alfea?”
“Definitely,” Volt, Mira, and Psyche replied in unison.
With a small sigh, Santa turned to Christa. “What do you think, Christa? Do you want to go to Alfea?”

Later, Volt was hanging with Ella, Liz, and Christa in Alfea’s courtyard. Volt was showing Christa the Luminous Charm that him and his sisters had found. As they talking the Winx’s ship landed nearby. When the Winx walked off the ship, Volt immediately saw their shocked expressions. He looked at the charm, Christa, and then his Enchantix and laughed nervously.
“We can explain…”