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The Illumination

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Volt and his friends met with the Winx in Faragonda’s office to discuss the new developments. Both groups described their ordeals, with the Winx being granted their Fantasmix powers, and all that had happened with the Illuminates. Psyche, Trixie, Mira, Angelo and Diablo had all gone back to their respective schools, but Volt got a feeling that his sisters wouldn’t be quite ready to go back to class yet.
“So that’s how we’re going to find the Luminous Jewels?” Aisha asked, pointing to the interlocking rings with the white jewel in the center.
“I think so,” Volt replied. “I think the White Jewel is mine, but I don’t know how it appeared.” With a small shrug he apologize, sorry, I thought that I would be more helpful.” He shrunk the charm into a small bracelet and put it on his wrist.
Flora put her hand on Volt’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, Volt. Finding this charm is more helpful than you realize. And besides, with our Fantasmix powers, we don’t have to worry about the Wraiths or the Trix wiping out our powers.”
“Statistically, it boosts our chances of finding the rest of the Luminous Jewels by almost 70%, so it is a great help!” Tecna commented.
Bloom was thoughtful. “When we were leaving the Cave of Jubilation, Abigail shouted something to me: ‘to find the Luminous Jewels, just be yourselves’. I can’t say for sure, but maybe finding them will be like Charmix--overcoming personal weaknesses.”
Stella groaned, “Haven’t we gone on enough of these quests? Can’t we take a break for once? The inter-school dance is coming up for Solaria’s sake!”
Ella added, “Also, Volt, Christa and I have a project for Wizgiz. We’re going to Pixie Village to interview the pixies and try to learn more about magic bonding.”
“You shouldn’t go by yourselves!” Flora gasped. “You really should have an escort!”
Aisha stood up and looked at Volt. “We can split up; Flora, Stella, and I can take Volt, Ella, and Christa to Pixie Village, while Bloom, Tecna, and Musa stay back and research the Luminous Jewels.” She gave Volt a quick noogie and said, “You might be an Enchantix fairy now, but we’re still in charge of protecting you.”
“Can Liz and I come with Bloom?” Roxy asked, while brushing Zing. “We’re doing our project on Fairy Animals, and I want to see if we can pull up any extra information.” Volt and Zing were eyeing each other, but for once the little Shock Rabbit made no moves to chase the fairy.
"I don't see why not," Bloom commented. "But aren't these Wizgiz projects supposed to be groups of three?"
"Roxy and I were assigned to a girl named Amelia who missed class today," Liz said with a shrug. "We were planning on starting the project and filling her in on it later."
"Very well," Faragonda said. "I will let your professors know that you'll be doing supervised research." She gave Volt a stern look and added, "And Volt, if your sisters join you, please make sure you're actually doing your research."
"Yes ma'am," Volt said, "Though I don't think Mira and Psyche will be tagging along."

At Red Fountain, Mira was sparring with Angelo. The two of them clashed with sword and shield, each fighting to their full strength.
Mira watched as Angelo jumped back, having been deflected by her shield. Mira paused for a moment and stood still, anticipating his movements.
Angelo ran at Mira and lunged with his sword and she moved to dodge when suddenly he turned in midair and hit her with his shield, catching her off guard and sending her flying.
Mira tumbled to the ground a bit away, and Angelo landed on his feet. Immediately, Angelo ran over to Mira and held out his hand. "Mira, are you okay?" He asked concernedly, holding his hand to help her up.
"Yeah, I'm good," Mira replied. "Nice touch with that shield hit, I was not expecting it." She stood and stretched her shoulder. "Though that was definitely a tough tumble…"
"Here, lemme get that. I learned some massaging techniques when my family visited the planet Ohm." Angelo said. He moved behind her and began rubbing. "Wow your shoulders are like...rock hard. Are you stressed about something?"
Mira sighed. "Just...everything with Doom and my siblings…I'm the rock that Volt and Psyche lean on."
Suddenly, the two of them heard, "Boooo!!! Mira should have won!!" They turned to see Psyche and Trixie in the stands, shouting and hollering.
"Speak of the devil," Mira muttered, before shouting, "Psyche! Trixie! What are you two doing here!!"
The two witches fell over like they were made of cardboard, and Mira jumped as a hand plopped on her shoulder. She turned to see Psyche with Trixie snickering just behind her. "We came to cheer you on!" Psyche laughed, giving Mira a hug.
"Shouldn't you two be in class?" Mira asked.
"Shouldn't you be in class?" Trixie retorted playfully.
"Touché," Mira said, "But since I'm acing all of my classes I get a free day on Friday. I use it to study." She deactivated her phantoblade and added. "Or practice my swordswomanship. What about you two?"
Trixie rolled her eyes, but Psyche giggled. “We're taking medium classes and I'm already a medium. So, we’re going to go annoy Volt. Wanna come along?” Psyche asked.
Mira looked at Angelo. “You think we got enough sword fighting in for today?”
Angelo shrugged. “Your call, Mira,” he said. “Like, you’re way above my level.”
With a shrug, Mira said,“Let’s go annoy Volt.”

In the cave, Doom was waiting by her magic screen. She was staring into inky darkness in a strangely distant way; however, she immediately turned as the Trix appeared and calmly said, “You’re late.”
The Trix cringed as Doom stood, but she didn’t yell at them or try to attack. This calm demeanor, without her usual coldness, completely freaked the Trix out. Darcy and Stormy ducked behind Icy and shoved her forward. Icy glared at the other two witches before turning back to Doom. She mumbled, “We...uh, didn’t stop the Winx from getting Fantasmix.”
“I’m well aware,” Doom nonchalantly commented. She pointed to her void screen, which was dark and foggy. There were muted voices and dark figures, but it was nigh impossible to figure out what was happening. “Between the Winx gaining Fantasmix and the Illuminates finding the Luminous Charm, my magic is being disrupted.” She sounded a tad annoyed, but not particularly angry. Turning to the Trix, she said, “I’m sending you on a new mission. I need another jewel for my Wraithix so I can keep tabs on our do-gooder friends, and we need more information about the Luminous Charm and the Luminous Jewels. You three,” she pointed at the Trix, causing them to flinch, “will get me a yellow jewel for my Wraithix while I disguise myself and infiltrate Alfea.” She crossed her arms and asked, “Understand?”
Stormy raised her hand. “Why don’t the three of us infiltrate Alfea? We don’t really know how to use our Wraithix yet but we can disguise ourselves as fairies.”
Doom’s eyes narrowed and she commented, “I’m well aware of how that went the last time you three went as fairies together. And are you telling me you haven’t even figured out how to summon your Wraiths?” She groaned, “I had much more faith in you.”
“Well you haven’t taught us how to even use these powers!” Darcy protested. “You just slapped these bracelets on our wrists and sent us away.”
“Talk to them,” Doom said.
“What?” Icy asked.
“Talk to your Wraiths. Your Wraiths will do whatever you ask of them; the catch is that you have to ask for it. Whether out loud or in your head, you have to be clear. These are beings not spells.” She held up her own Wraithix; the jewels spun around and formed the Wraiths who floated around her and stared intensely at the Trix. Even though they were human-sized, the Trix felt small with the glowing eyes bearing into their souls. Doom twisted her wrist and they flew back onto the golden band.
“Okay, and what about this jewel? How can we find it?” Icy asked. “Is it hidden in Pixie Village like the Codex Piece?” Her voice was listless and dry, sarcastic and generally uninterested.
Doom stepped up to Icy, as Darcy and Stormy stepped back. “My dear Icy, that’s the easy part. Go to Pixie Village, summon your Wraiths and cause trouble. Find a pixie with a yellow aura. Make that pixie to fall deep in despair and when she’s at her limit…” she stepped forward and clenched her fist. “Steal her soul.”
All three of the Trix blinked in surprise. They’d done a lot of evil, and causing trouble was no big deal, but soul stealing was a level of evil they’d never tried. Doom stepped back and said, “You’d better hurry, because you’ll have company, while I…” She snapped her fingers and her appearance changed to a blue-haired fairy that bore a striking resemblance to Bloom. “...have some reading. Now go, and don’t disappoint me this time.”
Suddenly, the Trix felt a surge of power flow from their Wraithix and in swirls of darkness they vanished. Meanwhile, Doom turned to her screen, focused on a darkened image of Bloom. “I’m coming for you...sister.”

At Pixie Village, a lone pixie say in her room, staring into the mirror on her dresser. Shapes and colors swirled, and the pixie caught an image of three witches coming into the village, followed by giant shadow creatures. They attacked, ripping through the village with Malice. The pixie let out a shriek, and the mirror cracked. The sound of breaking glass echoed and resonated in every direction, and the pixie heard the collective shout of, “RHEEEEEAAAAA!!!!”

Back at Alfea, after the friends said their goodbyes, Bloom’s group headed back into the school. Bloom, Tecna, and Musa led Roxy and Liz to the magical archive.
"Wait up!" A voice shouted. They turned to see a young blue-haired fairy running to catch up with them. When she did, she said, "I'm in your group!"
"Amelia?" Liz asked.
The girl nodded. "Yep! Fairy of Stories." She walked along with the others, and asked, "So what were we researching again?"
"The bonds of fairies and fairy animals," Roxy explained.
"Oh cool, are the Winx helping us?" Amelia asked, looking at the older girls. There was something vaguely familiar about her, but it was hard to pinpoint what, exactly.
"Nah, the Winx are looking for something else," Liz said. "Don't worry about it, it's not going to change anything in class."
"Awwwww, I wanna be included!!" Amelia complained.
Liz and Roxy shared a look; Roxy shrugged and Liz sighed before telling Amelia, "The Winx are researching the Luminous Jewels they have to find in order to beat the evil witch Doom."
Amelia snickered a bit, which made the other two girls look at her in confusion. "Sorry, I just think how silly of a name 'Doom' is."
Meanwhile, Musa asked, "Do you think we can find anything about the Luminous Jewels? I mean, there isn't a lot of info on the Illumination as is. Even Fantasmix is something that we're learning as we go along." She crossed her arms. "Usually there's a legend or some sort of easily accessed info."
"Nothing pops up in my search engine that we don't know related to the Illumination" Tecna added. She typed on her phone and pulled up an image of the rings. "But I might have something that can help with the jewels. This image means unity, but there's something else too." She pushed a button, and the reigns became solidly colored circles. "This is the RGB color spectrum. It's used in TV and computers. Red, Blue, and Green are the primary colors of light."
Bloom looked at the image and said, "it's not a lot, but it definitely helps." She smiled and said, "Good job, Tecna."
They reached the Magical Archive and walked inside.

Aisha's group trekked to Pixie Village with minimal difficulty. Everyone was talking and getting along well enough. Volt was chatting with Ella about their project, and Aisha and Flora were talking about how excited they were to see the pixies again. As for Christa and Stella, well things were interesting to say the least.
“Wow! Your planet has three suns?” Christa gasped. “That’s so cool!” She was so excited she transformed into her winx and fluttered around Stella excitedly. “I live in the North Pole. We have six months without sun every year, but we get to see the Aurora Borealis just about every night.”
“You’re the Fairy of Auroras, right?” Stella asked. “It’s nice to meet another light fairy!” She smiled and added, “What can you do?”
“My powers mostly revolve around colors and rainbows,” Christa said, “But with some extra focus I can make some powerful light blasts.” She waved her hands around, creating small wisps of color.
Stella smiled up colorful lights and laughed, “You’re so talented with your magic! If you’re every up for it, I can help teach you more light magic!”
Christa gasped and flew up in the air excitedly. “That would be amazing, thank you so much!!” She landed and transformed back into her civilian clothes.
“I also must say you have an adorable sense of style,” Stella added.
Christa giggled again as there was a sudden gust of cold wind. The winx girls gasped and looked ready to attack, when Psyche, Mira, Trixie, and Angelo appeared in a flash of light. The fairies all blinked in surprise, but Volt quickly and happily gave his sisters a hug. "What are you two doing here?" He laughed.
"We came to annoy you," Psyche explained.
Volt laughed and said, "Well I'm glad you're here anyway. The more the merrier!" The group continued moving forward as Aisha pulled Volt to the side.
"Volt, I understand you're happy to see your sisters, but I don't think it's the best idea for Psyche and Trixie to come into Pixie Village."
"Why not?" Volt asked. "Psyche's always wanted to meet a pixie."
Aisha sighed and explained, "The pixies have had some bad experiences with witches; mainly the Trix. I get that Trixie and Psyche aren't like that but…"
"It'll be fine," Volt assured her. "I trust Psyche. She'd never hurt a pixie and they'll see that when they get to know her." He smiled, and it was kind of hard to argue against his smile.
In their silence, they heard Flora talking to Psyche. "Psyche, do you know if plants have an afterlife?"
"No, they don't," Psyche explained. "Plants automatically reincarnate when they die! There aren't many 'new' plant souls, especially because of how long trees live."
"Oh…" Flora mumbled. "That really makes you think."
Trixie and Psyche giggled together until Aisha said, "We're here." While the Winx girls had been to Pixie Village, the others were absolutely fascinated by what they saw.
"Aisha! Flora! Stella!" A group of small voices shouted. They looked to see a group of pixies: the pixies bonded to the Winx themselves.
Each of the girls joyfully reunited with her respective pixie, as Ninfea came up with three pixies flying behind her. Two of them were comforting the third, who seemed shaken and shy. On the left, the pixie had pink hair in a ponytail and rainbow jersey. One the right, the fairy had cosmic-looking hair and a fashionable outfit. The pixie in the middle had long white hair and a fancy gray dress.
"Thank goodness you're here!" Ninfea said. "Pixie Village is in danger!" She moved aside and let the other three pixies come forward.
The pink-haired pixies nudged the white-haired one and whispered in her ear. The white-haired pixie backed up a bit before the other two pushed her forward. "Um...I…"
Volt sympathized with the pixie and knelt down. "Hi there, little pixie. My name's Volt, what's yours?" He held his index finger out to her. "I'm the fairy of lightning."
"'m Rhea...the pixie of reflections," Rhea mumbled. Taking a deep breath, she blurted, "I saw Pixie Village get destroyed in my mirror!"
"What!?" The Winx girls exclaimed.
"What happened?" Volt calmly asked when Rhea squeaked in alarm. He held his hand out to her and she climbed on. The other two pixies floated up and hovered next to her.
"I was looking into my mirror, and I had a vision of Pixie Village getting destroyed by three witches: one in red, one in blue, and one in purple, with big shadow monsters." Rhea shakily described.
"It's had her shaken up all day," the pink-haired pixie explained.
"I see," Aisha said. "Well, you have the promise of the Winx to protect Pixie Village with our Fantasmix powers."
"My friends and I will help as much as we can," Volt added, giving Rhea a sweet, reassuring smile. Rhea smiled back, as the other two pixies flew to Volt's friends.
The pink-haired pixie flew to Christa and said, "You have a bright smile and radiate excitement!! I'm Nike, the pixie of games!"
"My name's Christa, the fairy of auroras," Christa introduced. Nike giggled and flew around before giving Christa a hug.
The star-haired pixie flew up to Ella and said, "I love your outfit, and your hair! I'm Polaris, the pixie of wishes!"
"Nice to meet you!" Ella giggled. "I'm Ella, the fairy of night." Polaris giggled with her, before talking to her about all sorts of things.
As the students bonded with their pixies, but were nervous about the impending arrival of the Trix. They didn't have to wait long, though, as dark clouds gathered in the air.

Amelia didn't seem interested in researching fairy animals. She seemed to be drifting off the more they discussed the topic, and was frequently looking over at the Winx with a strange look of grudging longing. "Amelia," Liz scolded, "this is supposed to be a group effort."
"I know, but why don't we help the Winx for a little while, take a small break from this." Amelia suggested.
"I'm having fun…" Roxy mumbled disappointedly. Then she sighed and admitted, "Though I do want to find out more about these jewels."
Amelia quickly stood up and said, "Are we all in agreement?" She smiled eagerly at the other two.
"Sure, I guess," Roxy relented.
Though tight-lipped, Liz sighed, "Okay, fine."
"Great!!" Amelia grabbed the other girls' wrists and pulled them over to where the Winx were standing.
Noticing them, Tecna asked, "Did you find everything you needed for your project?" She smiled and said, "I'd be more than happy to assist you when we find what we're looking for."
"Actually, we wanted to help you!!" Amelia giggled.
"Really? Well, that's really kind of you," Bloom said with a smile, "but I think that your studies should take priority."
Amelia's smile seemed to tighten a bit, when Tecna gasped. "I think I know which book it is!!" She ran over to one of the lifts and activated it, rising up to the book that she needed. She pulled it out and quickly came back. "A comprehensive text about the Illumination and the Luminous Jewels! Everything we need to know to defeat Doom!"
Hearing this, Amelia let out a long, slow sigh and said, "Thank goodness, this was simply exhausting…" she floated up in the air without wings, and in a swirl of darkness, she turned into Doom. "I'll have you hand over the book now."
The Winx, Roxy, and Liz defensively gathered around Tecna, and Bloom shouted, "We have Fantasmix!! You can't beat us!"
Doom just chuckled and said, "Bloom, my dear, you forget: I'm the Witch of Ink." She snapped her fingers, and torrents of black ink spilled from every book in the archive, filling up the room.

“Volt, Christa, Ella, Mira, Angelo, Trixie, and Psyche, evacuate as many pixies as you can,” Aisha told them. “We’ll fight off the Trix!”
“Wait, Angelo and I can help!” Mira argued. “You shouldn’t have to fight by yourselves!” She and Angelo pulled out their weapons.
“It’s sweet of you to be concerned,” Flora kindly said, “But even with their Wraithix, the power of Fantasmix won't let them wipe out our powers."
"We got this!" Stella assured, with a wink and a thumbs-up.
As Mira was about to protest again, Volt put his hand on her shoulder and shook his head. "Let's split up, we can cover more ground that way," Psyche added. The others nodded and split up into three groups. They began directing the pixies as orderly as they could, trying to keep them from panicking and getting as many to safety before the Trix arrived.
"Ok, let's do this." Aisha said. "Magic Winx! Fantasmix!" In a flash, the girls were in their Fantasmix forms.
Shapes of darkness formed in the air above the Village, before revealing the Trix. The Trix surveyed the area, before noticing the Winx. "Are they everywhere!?" Stormy groaned.
Icy chuckled and said, "Don't forget, sisters, we have back up!" She held up her wrist and tapped her Wraithix.
The Trix all held up their Wraithix and shouted, "Destroy Pixie Village!" Their jewels floated into the air and shone brightly, taking on the shadowy forms of the Trix' bonded fairy animals.
Immediately, the animalistic wraiths began rampaging, destroying houses and causing all sorts of mayhem. Luckily, the students had cleared out a good number of pixies. Laughing, Icy taunted, "So, are you going to stop us, or our wraiths?"
"You're despicable!" Stella growled.
"We need to stop the Wraiths!" Flora gasped. "We can't let them get to the students!" The Winx nodded and split up, each taking off after a different wraith. The Trix nodded to each other, and began scanning for the pixies.

When Bloom realized she could breathe, she opened her eyes and gasped. The world around them looked like it had been drawn on a page with black ink. Only the Winx, their students, and Doom were in color. When the others opened their eyes, Musa asked, "Where are we?"
Tecna, ever vigilant, scanned the area. "It's unlike anything I've ever seen! According to this, this entire world is made of ink!!"
They all heard laughing and turned to see Doom floating in the air above them. "Impressive, isn't it?" She asked. "It's one of my favorite powers!" She laughed as she floated down and landed on the ground, before sauntering up to the fairies. "Now, you can hand me that book, or have some fun in the world I created."
The fairies defensively pulled the book back, and Doom laughed. “Very well, this will be fun.” With a deranged cackle, Doom spun around and disappeared in a swirl of darkness.
“Let’s transform,” Bloom said. “Magic Winx, Fantasmix!” Tecna, Musa, and Boom transformed into their Fantasmix.
“Enchantix!” Liz shouted, transforming.
“Believix!” shouted Roxy.
With all of the fairies transformed, they scanned the area. The forest, despite resembling the illustrations in a chapter book, seemed to have depth and tangibility. In the distance, there was a girl wearing a hood and holding a basket. “Little Red Riding Hood?” Bloom asked. The fairies all looked at each other and cautiously followed behind her.

Despite having split up, the Illuminates and their friends found each of their groups fighting off a different Trix.
Volt faced off against Stormy, the two blasting and deflecting lightning at each other. Psyche fought Darcy, their respective dark magics combatting with nearly equal measure. Mira found herself with Icy, and she knew that her own northern wind magic would be no match for the polar power Icy possessed.
Still though, she had to try. She pulled deep into her magic, and transformed into her paladin form. "Get away from here you witch!" She shouted, sending a gust of wind at Icy with her blade.
Icy chuckled and redirected the wind. "Nice try, little girl, but no wind will ever be as cold as mine!" She shot icicles at Mira, which Mira blocked with her sword.
"Are you sure, because to me it sounds like you're blowing hot air!!" Angelo shouted, blasting fire from above.
"You insolent!!" Icy growled, blasting ice magic at Angelo. Luckily enough, Angelo's flames were hot enough to combat the ice.
Mira took this opportunity to summon some light. It was a small bit, but she could already feel her power draining away from her. "Illumination Blast!!" She managed to gasp. A beam of pure white light shot at Icy, knocking her into a tree.
Meanwhile, Aisha, Stella, and Flora were facing off against the new Wraiths. "Lavender Blossom!!" Flora shouted, before throwing a strongly perfumed ball of smoke at Stormy's Wraith. The Wraith shrieked and coughed, but began writhing around more.
"We have to be careful, we don't want to cause extra damage to Pixie Village!" Aisha warned. "Summer Shower!!" She blasted hot water at Icy's Wraith, which countered with a dark blast of ice.
"Chandelier Shining!!" Stella shouted. Her light came in small, crystalline beams that hit Darcy's Wraith in different places. Like with Flora, the Wraith thrashed around before shooting it's tongue out at Stella. "Ew!!! Light Blade!!" Stella summoned a sword made of light and cut the Wraith's tongue, causing it to drop her. The three fairies flew up until they were back-to-back.
"How are we going to beat them?" Flora asked. "Our attacks only make them angrier!!"
Aisha thought for a moment. “We need to get the Wraiths as far from Pixie Village as we can!” She told the others. Holding out her hand, she shouted, “Dance of the Tide!” A spiral of glowing water spun out and struck cy’s Wraith. It let out a screech of pain and lunged at Aisha; she flew back, just out of its reach.
Seeing what she was doing, Stella shouted, “Glorious Spotlight!” She summoned a blinding light and blasted it at Darcy’s Wraith. It had a similar reaction as Icy’s Wraith, and lunged at Stella. For good measure, she shot some more beams of light to make it mad.
Before Flora went to attack the last Wraith, she waved the pixies over. “Pixies, I need you to tell the Illuminates to get the Trix away from Pixie Village. I don’t know what Aisha is planning, but it might be dangerous.”
“You got it, Flora!” Chatta shouted.
“Nike, Polaris and I will warn Volt,” Rhea said. She flew off with Nike and Polaris.
“Piff, Amore, and I will tell Psyche!” Chatta shouted. Her group flew off next.
Digit turned to Lockette and Tune, and shrugged. “I guess we’re going after Mira.” They all flew off.
When the pixies were gone, Flora held her hand out towards the last Wraith. “Beauty of Nature!” she shouted. A pink light and glowing petals appeared around her hands, and it spun around from her hands, like a windstorm of sakura petals. They hit Stormy’s Wraith, knocking it back a bit. With a screech, the Wraith flew after Flora.
“I hope they’ll be okay,” she muttered to herself as she flew off.

Little Red Riding Hood didn't notice the fairies following behind her. Much to Liz and Roxy's surprise, the wolf didn't appear, either. They watched her enter the house with no issue, and through the window, they saw her give the treats to her grandmother.
"Okay, this is not how I remember the story going," Liz mumbled.
"Do you think this is the Legendarium World?" Roxy asked nervously.
"No, it can't be," Tecna said. "The Legendarium world was still in color, not like this. Also, Doom said she creates this world. There's no way she could have created the entire Legendarium world."
"Why don't we ask Little Red Riding Hood and see if she knows anything?" Musa suggested.
"That's not a bad idea," Bloom agreed. She knocked politely, and they saw Little Red and her grandmother react, but neither of them went to open the door. Bloom opened the door slightly and said, "Sorry to in...trude…" when the others passed through the door, they found themselves in a palace.
It was a baby's christening, and everyone was dressed in medieval-looking garb that made the fairies look terribly out of place. No one seemed too perturbed by them, luckily, but Bloom felt an uncanny chill down her spine.
"Doom...Doom is here. I can feel it…" she mumbled, looking around disconcertedly. The witch wasn't obvious among the crowd, but Bloom's Dragon Flame was restless.
The other fairies looked around anxiously, but Doom was nowhere to be seen. "Should we transform?" Roxy asked.
"That sounds like a good idea," Bloom replied. "Magic Winx! Fantasmix!!" The Winx girls transformed into their Fantasmix, while Roxy activated her Believix, and Liz activated her Enchantix.
"I was wondering when we'd get to party!!" A booming, ethereal voice laughed. The hall's grand entrance flew open and Doom walked in, accompanied by several infamous fairytale villains. Her ink tentacles were waving in the air, like she was trying to taunt the fairies (which, in her case, she probably was). With an evil cackle, she held out her hand, and all of the people in the hall dissolved into ink clouds, before being sucked into Doom's cape. With a wicked grin, Doom held her hand out and pointed at the fairies. The Illumination Book fought against Tecna's grasp, before pulling itself open. Like the people in the hall, the contents from the book were sucked out in a cloud of ink. This ink cloud formed in a black orb with words flying around it. It quickly flew over to Doom, who told the fairytale villains, "Please keep our guests busy, I have some reading to do." She flew off as the villains growled and rushed at the fairies.
Immediately, Roxy, Liz, Musa and Tecna summoned their power to combat these characters. Bloom, however, immediately flew over to Tecna. "Tecna! I need the book!" She urged.
Tecna nodded and handed the book right to Bloom. "I'm going to confront Doom," Bloom told the others. "Please keep the monsters off my tail!"
"Gotcha, Bloom!" Musa shouted. The other fairies blasted an opening amidst the villains, allowing Bloom to quickly fly through.
Bloom pursued Doom. She couldn't see the witch, but she could very much feel her power. The halls were long and twisted--no doubt so that Bloom had trouble following her.
Doom's presence felt like it was everywhere--understandably, since it was a world made from her power. Luckily, the highest concentration of that power, Doom herself, was easy enough to follow.
Without warning, Bloom found herself at a dead end. The hallway just ended. "Doom…" Bloom growled. She sighed and said, "I hope Aisha is having less trouble."

Volt was cornered. Stormy was overhead, blasting lightning all willy-nilly. Her attacks were so erratic that it was taking all of Volt's focus to redirect and deflect her attacks. He'd miniaturized and was hiding in one of the less damaged houses. Christa and Ella weren't able to miniaturize yet, so they were focused on guiding what pixies they could away from the village.
Volt looked around frantically, trying to figure out what to do. Suddenly he noticed Rhea in the house next to him. An idea struck him. "Rhea!" He shouted, catching her attention.
Rhea looked at him, absolute terror shaking her eyes. "Can your mirrors reflect lightning?" Volt asked her seriously. Stormy sent another round of bolts, but she didn't seem to notice Volt talking.
Despite looking absolutely terrified, Rhea nodded. Volt nodded and said, "I need you to aim your mirror at Stormy."
With a shaky nod, Rhea pulled off the buckle on her belt. It grew into a hand mirror about as big as Rhea herself. She moved the mirror around until Volt could see Stormy's reflection in the glass.
Volt wasn't certain this would work, and he was terrified of the prospect of it failing, but he took in a deep breath and calmly said, "Ball Lightning." He created ball of sparking lightning that he threw towards Rhea.
Rhea clenched her eyes tight and hit the ball with her mirror. The lightning flew out and collided with Stormy, taking the witch by surprise. Seeing his chance, Volt flew out of the house and grew to full size, charging powerful lightning and blasting it at her. His eyes sparked with bright blue lightning as electricity swarmed around him.
Psyche and Trixie were in a bind. Even with Psyche's spirits and Trixie's tricks, it was almost like Darcy could predict their movements and counter them before they could even strike.
"I knew Darcy was powerful, but this is insane!" Trixie whispered as she hid behind a rock with Psyche. Darcy floated past them, not seeming to notice they were there until Psyche felt a hand grab her by the arm.
Psyche shrieked and blasted Darcy with as much spirit energy as she could muster. Darcy shouted in surprise and anger, but let go of Psyche. Trixie grabbed Psyche's hand, and the two witches floated above Darcy.
Darcy did nothing but smirk at the younger witches. She snapped her fingers and she was surrounded by hundreds of identical copies. "Her illusions," Psyche growled with frustration
"Those aren't just illusions," Trixie said. "Those are trick copies. I can usually make one--two at the most. I can't even count how many Darcy has."
Looking at them, Psyche could immediately tell which Darcy was real. She looked at Trixie and whispered, "Teleport us away real quick, I have a plan."
Trixie nodded and the girls vanished in a burst of confetti. Psyche quickly relayed her plan to Trixie before Darcy found them. "Ready?" Psyche asked.
"Wait." Trixie said. She gave Psyche a quick peck on the mouth, then said, "Okay, now I'm ready."
Psyche was taken aback for a moment, then nodded. The two witches moved from their hiding spot, and Psyche began summoning her power. "Restless spirits of the forest, answer my call," Psyche commanded. Glowing, greenish wisps of spirit energy began curling up from the ground like smoke.
All of the Darcies began grinning, until they heard wild laughter. Trixie suddenly popped out in a burst of smoke and sparkles, shouting, "Is this your card!?" She pulled out a deck, holding it in one hand before throwing it, knocking out a group of Darcy clones. With party favors, jack-o-lanterns, and other tricks, Trixie whittled down Darcy's army until it was just Darcy herself.
Darcy growled and tried to summon more copies, but they all dissolved into the collective energy that Psyche was summoning.
Psyche's hair was whipping around her head, and she was illuminated in a ghostly green glow. Her eyes were alight with blue, ghostly flames as she held the sphere of energy above her head.
Icy summoned icicles in the air and shot them at Mira. Mira was in her Paladin form still, keeping the air cool around her to preserve energy. She hit Icy's attacks with her sword, shattering them with ease.
Angelo was flying on his sky rider, blasting fire at Icy when he could. However, with Icy's Wraithix, her ice constantly quickly overpowered Angelo's fire.
"Mountainous Snowstorm!!" Mira shouted. From her hand exploded a polar-cold wind that blasted straight at Icy. The air was so cold that bits of ice hit Icy too. Mira knew the cold wouldn't bother Icy too much, but a strong wind didn't hurt.
Mira felt drained from the spell, and her wings faltered, dropping her to the ground. Her magic evaporated around her, and Mira felt completely exhausted. She braced herself on the ground, her arms shaking.
"Mira!!" Angelo shouted. Mira looked up weakly, seeing that Icy was summoning ice power to hit her with. Suddenly, Angelo struck Icy from the side, shouting, “Leave her alone, frostbite!!” He landed in front of Mira and pointed his flaming sword at Icy.
“A-angelo…”Mira groaned, trying to get up. She collapsed back down before she could. She saw Icy glaring at Angelo, drawing in icy blue-white magic.
“Stay out of the way, fire boy,” Icy growled. She hit Angelo with a blast of powerful magic, knocking Angelo into the tree and freezing him in place.
Seeing this, Mira felt very, very angry. The cold air flowed into her, rejuvenating her power and lifting her up. The wind blew around her and her paladin form appeared in a glow of cold light. Mira flew up with her wings, her eyes glowing with cold blue light, like aquamarines lying in winter snow.
Despite being apart, the Trix all came to the same realization as they stared at the wild expressions, white hair, and electric blue eyes. These were faces the Trix hadn’t seen in years, but they suddenly recognized.
When the Illuminates collided with their respective Trix, they knocked each of the witches back. The Trix all flew backwards from the force of the hit, and collided into each other in the center of the village. They saw bright lights as the Illuminates flew up into the air. In a panic, Icy scanned the area until she saw a group of pixies cowering together. In front of them was Ninfea, holding her arms out protectively.
Looking closely, Icy saw a golden-yellow aura surrounding her. With an evil cackle, Icy blasted ice at the pixies. “Brace yourselves!!” Ninfea shouted, blocking as much of Icy’s magic as she could. When Icy was done, she started cackling madly. Ninfea looked, and gasped with horror--every pixie aside from her had been frozen. Ninfea was overtaken by a feeling of despair. She collapsed, to hocked to even cry.
The Illuminates all froze in shock when they saw what happened. There was a sudden wave of negative energy emanating from Icy that pushed the Illuminates back and wiped away their power-ups. Mira collapsed from the sky, her paladin form dissolving. Volt and Psyche dove to catch Mira, who was now completely unconscious.
They watched in horror as Icy waved her hand in a circle, and Ninfea suddenly clutched her body. Her body turned to shadow, with a yellow aura with a yellow light in the center. The darkness was sucked into the yellow light, which became a small, yellow, ovular jewel. The jewel floated to Icy, who clasped it nearly aggressively. She turned to the Illuminates and waved near-sarcastically.
Suddenly, a resonating screech filled the air, and the Trix looked surprised--nearly scared. They flew away as the Illuminates slowly lowered Mira to the ground. The Illuminates’ friends gathered around them, before surveying the destroyed state of the village. “We failed…” Volt quietly muttered, tears streaming down his cheeks.

The fairytale villains were easy enough to beat--the problem was that there were so many of them. It took just a single blast to make most of them dissolve into ink, though some took two blasts. But every time that they defeated a villain, a new one ran to take their place. Some of the villains were coming back, like they were regenerating.
“This is annoying!!” Liz shouted, blasting powerful purple magic at a witch for what seemed to be the fourth time.
Roxy sent swipes of green magic with as much effort as she could muster, but like Liz, she seemed to be wearing down. “I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up!” She panted, her magic faltering a bit.
Musa noticed the younger girls struggling and shouted to Tecna. “We need to take out as many as we can!” She held up her hand and shouted, “Resonant Echo!!” A wave of reddish-purple sound energy blasted outwards, temporarily disabling some of the stronger villains and wiping out the weaker ones.
“Chip Damage!” Tecna shouted. A green bolt of energy shot to the ground and blasted out into smaller bits of the same green energy flew out and struck the other enemies, destroying the ones that remained.
Tecna and Musa flew down to Liz and Roxy and helped them up, before guiding them up through the hallway that Doom and Bloom had flown through. After a moment, they found Bloom staring at a dead-end wall. Bloom looked frustrated, but brightened at the sight of the others. “I’m glad you’re okay!”
“Those guys were nothin’!” Musa laughed. Then they heard roaring and shouting coming from where they’d just been. “Though...the next wave might be a bit tougher…”
“I can’t blast this wall down, but if we converge, we just might be able to,” Bloom suggested to Tecna and Musa.
Tecna and Musa nodded, and the three girls summoned energy. “Fantasmix Convergence!” Their magic combined into a swirling ball of light and color---orange, red, and purple. The light blasted at the wall, breaking the books and dissolving it into ink.
The world around them started dissolving into ink, leaving them in an off-white void. In the distance, there was writhing darkness, like an octopus made of darkness. “Five bucks says that’s where Doom is,” Liz said.
The fairies all flew towards the darkness, and Bloom could feel the presence of Doom approaching. When they got close enough, they all saw Doom staring at the orb of ink intently, and the strange images surfacing. Doom didn’t even look at them when they approached; she held up her arm and said, “Get them, my darlings.”
The jewels flew off her bracelet and formed into the Wraiths, all three of them flying at the girls. “Wraithix Shadow!” Doom shouted dismissively. The Wraiths pulsed out dark energy. When it hit Roxy and Liz, their transformations dissolved and they collapsed to the ground. In the darkness, though, Bloom, Musa, and Tecna were...glowing.
Roxy and Liz could barely keep themselves up, and Bloom looked at them in concern. “Warm Embrace,” Bloom muttered. She blew a flaming kiss towards the young fairies, and golden-orange flaming dome protected them. It blocked out some of the darkness, and they were able to sit back up.
The Wraiths flew at the Winx. “Passion Flame!” Bloom shouted, shooting a burst of flame. Unlike most times, her magic definitely damaged the Wraiths more. The Winx girls ended up back to back as the Wraiths flew around them.

The Winx girls ended up back to back as the Wraiths flew around them. They had been crawling around, attacking Pixie Village on the ground, but it wasn’t surprising that they could fly--especially with all of the other Wraiths being able to fly. However, they were flying faster than the Winx anticipated, creating a kind-of tornado of shadow.
“This was not what I was expecting,” Stella said, surprisingly calm, “but good idea, Aisha.”
“It’s not over yet,” Aisha said. She flew up into the air and focused, summoning blue-turquoise energy that was gathering in the air above her. “Dance of the Tide! Tidal wave!”
Glowing water exploded from energy above Aisha’s head, shooting out and striking the three Wraiths at once. They stopped and glared at Aisha. Aisha calmly told the other fairies, “When I say so, we need to converge.”
When the Wraiths flew at Aisha, she flew straight up away from the other fairies so that the Wraiths pursued her. She dodged and weaved, making as confusing of a flight pattern as she could. When they were good and confused, she shouted, “Ocean Mist!!” Steam escaped from Aisha’s body, creating a cloud cover.
Aisha flew back down and joined the other two fairies. They could see the silhouettes of the Wraiths in the clouds, flying around and knocking into each other in confusion. “I...almost feel bad for them,” Flora commented.
“Well, whether or not, we need to finish this,” Aisha said. “Dance of the Tide!”
“Beauty of Nature!”
“Glorious Spotlight!”
Their Fantasmix spells glowed in their hands as Aisha’s cloud cover faded and the Wraiths looked down at the Winx. With growls of anger and hunger, the Wraiths flew straight at the three fairies. “Fantasmix Convergence!!” The Winx shouted, combining their Fantasmix spells and blasting them at the Wraiths in a beam of pink, turquoise, and yellow. The Wraiths hissed and screeched in pain, collapsing into their jewels and flying away.
A short distance away, the jewels rejoined the Trix, who glared at Winx and vanished. The Winx all sighed with exhaustion and floated back down to the ground, when Aisha mumbled, “That...was terrifying…” between heavy breaths.
Flora patted Aisha and said, “It was a very brave you to do.”
“Definitely!” Stella laughed. “Aisha, you’re the bravest fairy I know.”
Suddenly, a blue light grew from Aisha’s chest. It flew into the air in front of her, before flashing into a jewel. It was fairly large, royal blue, and was shaped like an umbrella. It glowed by itself, and floated above her cupped hands.
“Is this...a Luminous Jewel?”Aisha asked.
“We should find Volt!” Flora gasped.
The three fairies flew back to Pixie Village.

For the first time, the Wraiths didn’t feel like as big of a threat as they had. They would try to swoop in and hit the bubble protecting Liz and Roxy, but the Winx would hit them with their magic and drove them off. Bloom still had the book, when she thought of something. “Tecna! Don’t you have a magnetism spell?”
“Yeah!” Tecna shouted. Bloom tossed her the book, and Tecna held it out and shouted, “Loot Magnet!” A green aura lit up around her hands and glowed around the book. The pages began glowing a lighter green, and the pages began flapping like the wind. The orb of ink that Doom had created began moving away from her, and she gasped in anger.
“Kraken Grip!” Doom growled. She created a liquid-ink tentacle with her right hand that lunged into a magical tug-of war with Tecna.
“Burning Love!” Bloom shouted, shooting bursts of flame at the Wraiths.
“Memory of a Melody!” Musa added, shooting out little bursts of music and soundwaves at the Wraiths. With their combined magic, the Wraiths shrunk back into their jewels and flew back to Doom.
Musa and Bloom nodded to each other, then flew over to help Tecna. The two of them grabbed Tecna’s shoulders and flowed their magic into hers, boosting her spell. They started to gain leverage, before Doom growled and several more tentacles shot out and grabbed onto the orb, yanking it and slowly dragging it back to her.
Suddenly they felt another surge of energy, and saw that Liz and Roxy had joined, and were adding their own energy to the spell. A rainbow of color shot out and hit the ink orb, yanking it from the tentacles and knocking Doom onto her back. The orb flew back into book, flashing with bright light.
When the light died, the girls found themselves back in the archive. Doom was still on the floor, rubbing between her eyes like she had a headache. Standing up, Doom said, “Well, it’s been fun playing with you, but I’ve got what I needed.” She grinned at them before snapping her fingers and disappearing in a whirl of darkness.
The fairies drifted down to the ground, and their transformations disappeared. They sat on the ground, all completely exhausted, until the completely collapsed into a pile onto each other.

The Winx froze in horror when they saw how destroyed Pixie Village was. The groups of frozen pixies, the destroyed buildings, and Volt crying over his unconscious sister. Flora flew over to Volt and put her hands on his shoulders. Immediately Volt stood up and hugged her tight, absolutely bawling.
“I’m sorry, I failed,” He babbled. “I tried to get Stormy out of here but...but they stole Ninfea! They turned her into a jewel!”
The Winx gasped in shock, but Rhea flew up to Volt and hugged him. “It’s not your fault…” she sweetly mumbled. Volt calmed down a bit and straightened up, but his eyes were still teary.
He noticed Aisha’s blue jewel and asked, “That’s one of the Luminous Jewels, isn’t it?” He held out his hands and the Luminous Charm appeared. Aisha’s jewel floated over to it, and rotated until it fit in its spot--the bottom right spot. It shone bright, and then the white jewel flashed.
Rhea smiled sadly, and looking at her, Flora heard her small voice in her head. “I wish that Pixie Village wasn’t destroyed…” Flora felt a surge of sympathy for the little pixie, and her Fantasmix Stone glowed and small ball of light and petals shot up. The petals spread across the village, and in a flash Pixie Village was back to normal. The frozen pixies were still frozen, though. Stella walked up to those pixies and said, “Warm Sunlight.” She created a small light that thawed the pixies out.
“Will we get Ninfea back?” One pixie asked.
Volt looked away in shame, but Aisha assured her, “Yes, we will make sure of it.”
Volt and Psyche helped Mira onto Angelo’s wind rider, and he assured them, “I’ll get her to the infirmary.”
Psyche and Trixie said goodbye to Volt and the others before flying off to Cloud Tower. Volt collapsed onto his knees, and Ella and Christa walked up, before kneeling down and hugging him.

Due to their collective exhaustion from their encounters, Volt and his friends were allowed to rest for the remainder of the school day. The Winx themselves were tuckered out, and hanging out in their own dorm--except Flora, who went to check on Volt.
When Flora got back, she looked concerned and kind of sad. “He seems traumatized,” she said. “He’s asleep now, but he’s still shaking. I hope this doesn’t give him nightmares.”
She sat down next to Tecna, who was intently reading the book. Bloom sighed. “I feel bad for him and his sisters. They’re powerful, but that’s a lot for anyone to handle. And with Ninfea...what did the Trix even do to her?”
“They turned her into a Wraith,” Tecna said. “I found a chapter on Wraithix, and one of the powers is make people fall into despair and turn them into Wraiths to boost their Wraithix powers. It’s likely that Doom told them to do that while she came to Alfea for the book.”
“That’s...awful…” Stella gasped in horror.
“Well, if we finally defeat Doom, the trapped spirits will be freed,” Tecna said. “I’ve been reading about the Luminous Jewels. According to this book, the Luminous Jewels will appear when we discover our greatest personal strengths. It also says that finding all seven of the jewels will ‘activate a great power for the fairies who find them.’”
“I wonder what that means,” Musa commented.
Tecna shrugged and kept reading.

The Trix reappeared in the cave to see Doom lying down with a cup of tea. “Did you get me the jewel?” She asked in a deep, raspy, and annoyed voice. She didn’t look at them, but held her hand out.
Icy opened her hand and the jewel floated from her hand over to Doom. Doom’s Wraithix glowed, and the yellow jewel attached itself to her bracelet. She didn’t get up, or summon her inky spy screen.
“Did you manage to steal the book?” Icy asked.
“Didn’t need to. I know what I need to know,” Doom replied. “Get some rest, we’re going to deal with those fairies a lot more.”
The Trix collectively groaned.