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The Illumination

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It took a few days, but after several cups of tea, a good book, and lots of warm snuggles from his friends, Volt was back to normal--if slightly shaken still. The girls brought him homework from class, and the Winx would visit him when they could (especially Flora). Now that he was feeling better, it was time to actually catch up on all of the homework he owed. He sat on the floor of the dorm, typing up a paper on his laptop. Ella was lying on the floor behind him, her feet resting on his back.
“Did Palladium say that we had to include all of the plant’s medicinal purposes in detail? There are over five hundred, and most of them are pretty redundant,” He asked her.
“He said all of the important ones,” Ella explained. “Since the plant you’re writing about is Minervan, I’m sure you could get away with fudging a few of the details,” she commented casually. “What was it call again?”
“The Karrkarstraven,” Volt replied.
“Right! The Karkarstriven!” Ella giggled. “It doesn’t roll off the tongue easily.”
“That’s because you’re saying it wrong,” Volt explained. “First, you roll the first ‘R’. It’s not just ‘Karkar’ it’s ‘Karrkar’. And it’s strah-ven, not strih-ven. Karrkarstraven.”
“Karrkarstraven!” Ella laughed. “It’s still a really weird word.”
“It means ‘Bud of Life’ in old Minervan.” Volt said calmly. “Old Minervans liked their words long and complicated.”
“Must’ve been a fun language to learn.” Ella said. After a moment’s pause, she asked, “What does Karkarstriven mean? Do you know?”
“It’s a battle cry that means ‘kill them all,’” Volt replied, back to focusing on his paper.
“Wait, really?” Ella asked, moving so that she was sitting up right behind him.
“Yep. If a Minervan shouts ‘karkarstriven,’ you know you’re boned.”
“Has Mira ever cried ‘karkarstriven’?”
“Once. Her opponent still has nightmares,” Volt recounted. He typed up some more before asking, “Do you think I should mention that you shouldn’t consume the Karrkarstraven raw?”
“Yeah, that seems like important info. I’m assuming it’s poisonous raw, then?” Ella asked, lying back down. “Does it like, shut down your body or something?”
“Actually the opposite. It gives you so much energy you kinda go crazy. It’s why the flower and the battlecry sound so similar.” Volt pulled up his browser before searching the name of the flower. “Here, Ellie, look.”
He moved his laptop to the side, and Ella looked up at the picture. “Oh, it’s so pretty!! Do Minervans keep Karrkarstravens as houseplants?”
“Oh definitely not, they smell horrible,” Volt said. “Mira, Psyche, and I can’t even smell them without feeling like upheaving our guts. And no, their smell can’t be blocked, it’s that strong.”
“Geez, the more you tell me about Minerva, the more it sounds like an inhospitable planet. You must’ve had a rough childhood.”
“Actually, Minerva’s not so bad. However, the ‘not so bad’ parts aren’t interesting, so I don’t talk about them much.” Volt said. “Though I can say that out of everything, I miss the food the most.”
“I miss the food back in Koyu,” Ella agreed. “Nothing like a good, delicious, palace-cooked meal.”
“My sisters and my favorite meal was and will always be Weezeldorf Stew. We actually have a family recipe that’s to die for. If we ever get to visit Minerva, Mira and I will whip you up a batch.” Volt promised. “And that is the conclusion of my paper! Yay me!” He clicked save and shut off the laptop, before groaning and falling to his side. “I think that’s the last assignment I owe...thank the gods of Minerva, I felt like I was dying.”
“Stop being so dramatic,” Ella playfully scolded, gently kicking Volt on his back. She asked, “Also, aren’t Weezeldorfs those big, scary rabbit thingies that eat people back on Minerva?”
“Yep! In the Mountains, killing a Weezeldorf is a rite of passage, after which the meat is cooked and the bones are made into armor for the person. When Mira did it, she even killed giant Weezeldorf. We had enough meat for a whole week of celebrating.” Volt said. “She also makes a mean Weezeldorf Stew.”
“Wait, a giant Weezeldorf!? They get bigger??”
“Oh yeah. The one I showed you was the smaller average sized kind.”
Ella let out a slow whistle of amazement. “Your planet is crazy, man.”
“Yeah, but I love it,” Volt happily sighed.
There was a gentle knock on the door, and Liz poked her head in. “Are you nerds getting ready?” She asked.
“Ready for what?” Volt asked.
With a groan, Liz said, “I’ll take that as a ‘no’. Okay, get off your hides you nerds we’ve got to get you ready for the dance!” She snapped her fingers, and Volt and Ella were magically lifted to their feet. “Please at least tell me you have your outfits ready?”
“I do,” Ella said. “It’s a dress made from night satin, which is a rare fabric from back on Koyu. I’ve been keeping in my closet this school year.”
“Okay, good,” Liz sighed. “What about you, Volt? Have you at least gone shopping for a suit? There are plenty of nice shops in Magix, I’m sure they could whip up something you’d like.”
“…about that…” Volt mumbled.
Before he could say anything, Christa came into the room. “Oh! Ella! There you are, I was looking for you!!” She clumsily ran up to Ella and looked at her nervously. “Um...did you...would you...want to come to the dance with me?”
Ella was surprised for a moment, then she smiled gently and said, “Sorry, Christa. I’m already going to the dance with someone.”
“Oh.” Christa’s voice was surprisingly quiet. “Okay. Volt, are you going with anyone?”
“Mira,” Volt answered. "We planned on going together when we found out it was a school mixer. Which brings me to my second point--I'm wearing a dress while Mira wears a suit."
All of the fairies (now including Roxy) blinked in surprise. "A dress??" Christa asked. "Do they even make dresses in your size?" She walked around him, hovering her hands just above his body. "Volt, no offense, but your dimensions are a kind of weird for dresses."
"Wow, none taken," Volt scoffed. "Actually, I'm planning on asking Stella to make my dress for me, since I've finally gotten my homework done." He walked to the door and said, "See y'all later!" Before walking out of the dorm.
In the hallway, he quickly ran into Daphne. After she jumped in surprise and put her hand on her chest to calm herself down, she smiled and said, "Hello, Volt. Are you feeling better? I was just coming to see you."
"I'm doing okay," Volt replied with a smile. "I'm on my way to ask Stella to make my outfit for the dance."
"Wonderful! It will be nice to see you dancing with the other students. Are you going with someone?" She asked curiously.
"Mira, actually," Volt said. He heard the whirring sound of a windrider and commented, "And I think that's her." He jogged outside to see Mira in her Red Fountain uniform, holding her helmet under one arm. A lot of the girls outside were watching her, then her and Volt as he came up and gave her a hug. "Hey, Volty. Are you feeling better?" Mira asked. She and Psyche had called him whenever they could to keep a check on him.
"Much, thanks." Volt said. Looking at the bike, he asked, "Did you finally get yourself a windrider?"
Mira giggled as she said, "Nah, I just took Diablo's again." Hopping off the bike, she added, "Do you think that Stella can make a suit in my size?"
"Oh definitely. She's a professional, after all," Volt assured. The two of them walked through the hallway until they reached Stella's personal studio classroom, where she taught magic fashion.
When they came in the door, she looked up from the designs she was grading and lit up with a smile. "Volt and Mira! What a pleasant surprise!" Getting up, she walked over and hugged the two of them. "I heard you're going to the dance together! Excited?"
"Excited and a little nervous," Volt admitted. "How'd you find out, though? I've only told my friends and Daphne."
Stella held up her phone and said, "Mira told Brandon and he texted me."
"Oh." Volt said. "We were hoping you could make our dance outfits for us."
"Sure! What color of suit would you like, Volt?" Stella asked excitedly.
"Oh, um, actually I want a dress. Mira wants a suit," Volt corrected, slightly nervous. This kind of thing was fairly uncommon even back on Minerva, so they didn't know how people from Magix or even Solaria would react.
Stella looked at the two siblings with shock, and began quivering with excitement. "This will be amazing!" She squealed before taking out her tape measure. As she began measuring Volt's shoulders, she asked, "Do you know if your sister is going to need anything?"
"Psyche?" Mira asked. "Probably not. She's having too much fun planning the Cloudtower prank with Trixie."

"And then Pumpernickel will jump from the table and begin tickling everyone nearby. They'll be laughing so hard they won't be able to stand up!" Trixie excitedly explained to Headmistress Griffin. She was holding Pumpernickel, a living jack-o-lantern that had tentacle-like vines growing out from his underside.
"I was also thinking we could use that transparency spell we learned," Psyche said. She snapped her fingers and became see-through. "So Trixie and I could pretend to be ghosts!" The two witches smiled brightly at their headmistress.
"While it is impressive you have a prank this complex, don't you think it's rather childish? We're trying to ruin the fairies' night not give them a good time." She criticized. Her words were harsh in tone, but her face seemed more concerned.
"Well, the pranks might be harmless," Trixie said, "But they're still pranks. Who'd enjoy a dance where the punch bowl comes to life and splashes all over your pretty dress?"
Griffin reread their proposal with Trixie's words in mind. "Well, it would certainly be memorable. Very well, you two can enact your prank during the dance."
Psyche and Trixie laughed and high-fived, before flying out of Griffin's office. Pumper gurgled happily in Trixie's arms as the witches giggled. When they got back into their dorm, Psyche said, "I'm going to Alfea early, I promised Mom and Dad pictures, and I’m going to do my siblings’ makeup. See you there!!" She flew out the open window and through the sky.
Trixie and Pumper waved as she flew off, before Trixie pulled out a flower pot and sprinkled some sparkle dust into it. "Is Mr. Pumper hungry??" Trixie cooed.
Pumper gurgled again and happily up to the top of the flower pot, before digging his vines into the soil. He purred, especially once Trixie put him in the window where the sun was shining. "Nice pumpkin," a familiar voice said, making Trixie jump.
She expected to see Bloom, but when she turned she saw a Bloom look alike with dark blue hair. "You're Doom, aren't you?" She asked. She hadn't met the infamous witch yet, but Psyche and the others had talked about her.
The Bloom clone smiled, with a weird mix of cruel superiority and genuine happiness. "How wonderful that someone recognizes me as me!" Her voice sounded just like Bloom's, except colder and much more snide.
"Your reputation precedes you," Trixie replied, trying to keep calm.
"No need to be so nervous, dear, I'm here to make you an offer!" Doom laughed. While it was a genuine laugh, something about it sent shivers down Trixie's spine. She'd met plenty of evil witches before, but something told her that Doom was more evil than Trixie could understand.
Keep her busy, Trixie, and don't let your guard down, Trixie thought to herself, before asking, "What offer?"
"You like tricks and pranks, yes?" Doom asked.
"Yes...I'm the Witch of Tricks," Trixie replied suspiciously.
"Well, then this will be right up your alley!!" Doom exclaimed. She squeezed her hands together, before pulling them apart and revealing a ring made of shadow. "A Wraithix could boost your trickery to amazing extremes! All I ask is that you claim the Luminous Charm and Jewels for me."
"Don't think I don't remember what your Wraithix did to Psyche, or Angelo and Diablo for that matter." Trixie said. "No thanks."
Doom didn't seem to acknowledge Trixie's refusal. She stood up and walked over to Pumper's pot and began gently rubbing his head. "You know, I've never seen a sentient pumpkin before."
"I grew him myself, back home on Whimsii," Trixie said, nervously watching Doom pat Pumper's head. "Pumpernickel has been with me since I was little."
"I see," Doom said, her voice becoming a disturbing mumble. Without warning, she shot a bolt of darkness at Trixie, knocking her unconscious. With a cackle, Doom threw the half-made Wraithix at Pumper. When the magic collided with the pumpkin, there was a flash. In Pumper's place was a new Wraithix. Its golden band looked like a pumpkin vine, and it had an orange, green, and yellow jewel that looked like a jack-o-lantern. With another cackle, Doom made a small purple giftbox and put the Wraithix inside. She also added a small tag, before setting it on Trixie's bed and disappearing in a void of darkness.
When Trixie came to, she groaned and rubbed her head. "What happened? I feel like I had a nightmare…" she looked at the empty flowerpot and gasped. "Pumpernickel!! Pumpernickel!!" She began calling, running around the room looking for her pet. "Pumper, where are you?"
After she'd scoured the whole room, she sat down on her bed. The gift box tapped her and she picked it up curiously. The tag read, "Think about it." When she opened it, she gasped.
"Pumpernickel!" Trixie gasped. "'ve been turned into…" her eyes began tearing up as she gently touched the bracelet that used to be Pumpernickel. When she did, the Wraithix latched itself onto her wrist. Trixie's grief and anger were intensified tenfold, and darkness swirled around her before she was dressed in a new, darker outfit.
With a wicked cackle, she said, "Look out, Alfea! Here comes TRIXIE!!" Before she flew off.

When Psyche reached Alfea, she touched down and immediately noted the suspicious and untrusting looks most of the fairies were giving her. Not long after she arrived, she heard a voice call, "Psyche! Over here!!"
She turned and saw Volt's friends and ran over to them. "Hi guys!" She laughed, giving them each a hug.
"Whatcha doing in Alfea?" Christa asked curiously. "Witchy business?"
"Well, that, and I promised Volt that I'd help with his makeup," Psyche explained. "Where are my siblings, anyway? I was expecting them to meet me."
"They're um...they're kind of caught up in something," Ella chuckled nervously.
"Right," Psyche sighed. "Can you take me to them, please?"
"Yeah, of course!" Liz said. "This way!" She began leading the way, and Ella grabbed Psyche's hand and guided her. The fairies led Psyche through Alfea, and (despite the other, far less inviting fairies) Psyche was having a fairly enjoyable time. She also was mentally scouting places to set Trixie's tricks.
When they got to Stella's fashion room, Psyche heard shouting and the occasional shriek of alarm (or maybe pain). There were also crashes and bangs, like someone was throwing Stella's equipment everywhere.
Curiously, Psyche poked her head in when Roxy shrieked, "Shut the door! Don't let Zing out!!" Psyche quickly jumped inside and shut the door tight--right as Zing crashed into it.
"Grab him!!" Roxy shouted. Psyche jumped to grab Zing, but the little Shockrabbit dashed off in a zing of electricity.y, dodging her in a second.
“We’re going to help decorate!!” Ella shouted through the door. “Good luck!!”
Psyche rolled her eyes before watching Zing bounce around as a small ball of electricity through the room. Volt and Mira were tangled in fabric, and Stella and Roxy were watching Zing bounce around. Their hands were twitching with anticipation; Stella was in her Fantasmix, while Roxy was in her Believix.
“Sorry, Psyche!” Roxy shouted. “Zing escaped from my room and got spooked by Kiko! He’s moving too fast to use my calm down spell, either.”
“That’s okay! I hope you don’t mind me casting a small spell on Zing,” Psyche said, transforming into her witch’s outfit. “I promise that it won’t hurt him!!”
“That’ll be fine!” Roxy said.
Psyche nodded and closed her eyes. Her ponytail began floating in the air and she closed her fists, keeping her middle and index fingers extended and pressed together. She pressed the tips of her fingers together and muttered a chant, and a greenish-white ball of energy grew on top of her fingers. With her eyes still closed, she cupped her hands and the spell rested on her palms. She opened her eyes, which were glowing the same greenish-white. As if blowing a kiss, she gently blew on the spell. It glowed like a spectral flame, with smaller lights breaking off and floating in the air. Moving her hands, Psyche moved the lights around her as if directing spirits. In a flash, she noticed Zing, and shot the spell right at him.
The spell collided with Zing, surrounding him in a green aura. Zing was fast asleep, but the spell was levitating him in the air. Psyche moved her hand as if gesturing Zing to come closer, and sure enough the little Shockrabbit floated to her. Psyche caught Zing and floated back down to the ground, her eyes going back to normal. “You know, when he isn’t trying to electrocute you, he’s really quite soft and sweet!” She cooed, before handing Zing back to Roxy.
“That was...amazing!” Roxy said with amazement. “Did you learn that spell at Cloudtower?”
“Oh no,” Psyche laughed. “I learned that from the Deep Witches on Minerva. It’s a powerful sleep spell, but I distilled it since Zing’s so small. He’ll wake up in a few hours.”
“Thank you so much, Psyche!” Roxy told Psyche happily. “And he is really cute, isn’t he?”
Suddenly the doors to the room slammed open--luckily Zing didn’t stir. Standing halfway in between the room and the hall were the remaining Winx girls. Bloom, front and center, said, “We came as soon as we heard the...commotion…” She looked around the room and asked, “What happened?”
Collectively, the triplets, Stella, and Roxy said, “Zing…” in exasperated voices.
Looking at Zing, Bloom said, “...oh…” in a small voice. “Well, we’ll help you clean up,” she added. Walking up to Volt and Mira, she said, “First, let’s get you two unwrapped…”
After about ten minutes, the room was clean and Stella was finishing up on Mira and Volt’s outfits. Volt’s dress was a beautiful dark blue and covered with sparkles. It had long sleeves but only covered his chest. The skirt was long and cut open on the side. These were connected by mesh fabric. On his feet he wore sandal-like shoes with blue heels. Mira had a reddish-pink suit with a pink shirt and white bowtie. Her jacket was unbuttoned, and she had black slacks.
Immediately Psyche pulled out her phone and handed it to Tecna. “I promised Mom and Dad pictures! Could you take them for us?”
“Of course,” Tecna assured. Psyche smiled and snapped her fingers--her witch outfit became striped pajamas, like a prisoner’s outfit, with chains and cuffs on her wrists. She floated behind Volt and Mira and the three of them smiled as Tecna snapped a few pics.
After Tecna snapped the pictures and gave Psyche her phone back, Psyche asked Stella, “Can I use the vanity in here, please?”
Stella smiled and said, “Of course!”
Psyche smiled back and said, “Thanks!!” Before shouting, “OKAY I NEED EVERYONE OUT! I’VE GOT TO WORK A COUPLE OF MIRACLES HERE!!” Everyone was startled, but they all complied and left Psyche with her siblings.
Mira and Volt both sat down at the vanity, and Mira crossed her arms and huffed. “You and I are identical, and Volt is pretty much a male version of the two of us, so...yeah..” she let her voice drop with a shrug.
Immediately, Psyche began giggling, and just as quickly the giggling became a low cackle. She walked up to Mira and loomed down, looking her straight in the eye. Mira was taken aback by the intense smirk and laughing. “You know...I’m the only one of the two of us who took our princess makeup classes while you were out hunting the Famperstike, so...yeah…” She grinned as Mira’s face drained of color.
Leaning back, Psyche clapped her hands together and smiled brightly at Volt. “Okay Volty-Bolty, so we all know that our eye our best feature!” She snapped her fingers and two cases appeared: one for jewelry and one for makeup. “However, like always, your hair is in the way.” She walked around him, and he stiffened up nervously. With a sigh, she hugged, “And, as always, it’s a tangled mess.” She held out her hand and a hairbrush flew into her palm. She held Volt’s head in place and began stroking it it through Volt’s white locks. Psyche was met with resistance, so began brushing harder, despite the sparks.
“Ow! OW!! OWWWWW!!” Volt shouted. He pulled his head from her hand, and the hairbrush pulled with it. Turning his head and pouting at Psyche, he complained, “That hurts!”
Looking at Volt, Psyche narrowed her eyes and put her hands on her hips. Crossing her arms, she leaned in and narrowed her eyes at her brother. “Pretty hurts, Volt,” she said, before suddenly screaming, “DO YOU WANT TO BE PRETTY OR NOT!?”
Taken aback by this sudden outburst, Volt nodded and sat still as she finished brushing. When she was done, she said, “I have a hair clip from grandma that will go with your dress perfectly!” She pulled out a hair clip of several sapphires made to look like flowers. She moved the bangs that resembled a lighting bolt out of his eyes and clipped them in place.
Once again smiling, Psyche told Volt, “I’m going to need you to close your eyes, okay?”
“Okay…” Volt agreed, before closing his eyes tight.
“Relax a bit, Volt. I’m not going to hurt you,” Psyche giggled.
“Oh!” Volt gasped. He relaxed his face and Psyche began applying dark blue eyeshadow, mascara, blush, and lipgloss.
“Okay! Open your eyes now!” Psyche giggled.
Volt opened his eyes and gasped. The dark blue brought out the electric blue of his eyes, his eyelashes were big and fluffy, the blush gave his face a cute rosiness and his lips were shiny. “I’m...I’m beautiful…” He gasped happily, almost tearing up.
“Hey!” Psyche scolded. “No crying! I just finished!” As Volt nodded, Psyche turned to Mira. “As for you, Mira...I think just some blush will work! As for your hair…” she mumbled thoughtfully.
“Oh, I was just going to wear my hair down,” Mira said.
“Yeah, you were,” Psyche said snarkily, “but now you’re not. I’m thinking a braid would look nice!”
“Wait, Psyche, you know how I am about people touching my hair…” Mira muttered nervously, growing a bit pale again. She pulled her hair over her shoulder and began stroking it with her hands.
“Mira, don’t worry about it,” Psyche said. “You know I’m not going to hurt you.”
After a moment, Mira let out a sigh and nodded. Looking at her, Psyche had an idea. “You know, your hair looks kind of nice on your shoulder like that.” She began gently braiding it as Mira sat stiffly, her breathing a bit heavy. Mira’s snowy cold locks were smooth and straight, and easy to work into a braid. When Psyche was done, the braid sat on Mira’s right shoulder. Soon, Psyche got out her makeup kit again and applied blush to Mira’s cheeks.
Stepping back, Psyche used her hands to make a frame around Volt and Mira. “You both look great!” She said, before quickly adding, “And they said it couldn’t be done!!”
Before either Mira or Volt could get mad, Psyche flew up and gave them a big hug. “You both look awesome, you’re gonna rock the party, Trixie and I are going to ruin and avoid the punch bowl. Bye!” She quickly let go of them and flew through a wall.
Mira and Volt looked at each other and shrugged, before going to meet their friends out in the hall.

Psyche made herself invisible as she floated through the walls, as to not prematurely scare any of the fairies. She mentally called out to Trixie, using her powers to make sure Trixie heard her. Before long, Psyche flew through a wall into an empty classroom only lit up by the windows outside. In the corner, hidden from the light, was a shadowy figure floating a foot above the ground. "Hello, Psyche…" Trixie murmured as she floated into the light. She had a demented smile, and her eyes were flashing from green, to purple, to orange at rapid, off-beat speeds. Her hair was longer, now falling to her waist, with even more tripes of color. She had a black cloak and a large witch's hat, her dress (robe??) was dark purple, with orange-black striped stockings and green boots.
"Oooooh, is that what you're wearing?" Psyche asked. "I like it! You look so cute, Trixie-Pixie!"
Trixie was taken aback by Psyche's words (despite the fact that Psyche had called her that nickname several times before). She was even more taken aback by Psyche coming up and kissing her. "Come on, let's get everything set up!!"
Psyche turned herself and Trixie mildly transparent, and the two of them flew through a wall.

It took longer for the Winx to gush over Mira and Volt's outfits than it had been to get their makeup and outfits done. It eventually ended in a group picture with the Winx standing around the siblings, with them all giving peace signs. When the picture snapped, Mira and Volt relaxed.
"Hey, where did Psyche go?" Musa asked. "Did she just up and disappear?" She was half-joking, but they all knew that with Psyche, it could go either way.
"Oh no, she's setting up her prank with Trixie," Mira explained.
The Winx all jumped a bit with surprise before Tecna complained, "Cloud Tower's still at it, huh? Should we be worried?"
"Maybe a little," Mirs said, "But c'mon. It's Trixie and Psyche. They're harmless!!"

Psyche watched a bit nervously as Trixie magically filled another party popper with spiders. "Um...Trixie...Trixabee...isn't that a little too far?? We never planned on spiders."
Trixie grinned her manic grin and said, "I just thought of it!! The spiders aren't deadly but their electric bites sting and shock!!" She cackled, before Psyche panicked and covered her mouth as a pair of Alfea fairies walked through.
Luckily, they didn't notice the pair of witches, and left soon after they arrived. Psyche sighed with relief and let go of Trixie, before saying, "I know this prank isn't the nicest thing in the world, but isn't this kind of cruel? Maybe we should, y'know, dial it back a bit."
"Psyche, it will be fine," Trixie said in an unconvincing voice. "All I need you to do is rise up from the floor and shout 'boo!' Everything else will fall into place…" her voice trailed off eerily before she began cackling again.
Psyche didn't quite respond to Trixie's words, but looked around and asked, "Hey, where's Pumpernickel? Isn't he supposed to go on the punch table?" She began looking around for the little pumpkin.
"Eh…here!" Trixie said. She was holding a pumpkin with a jack-o-lantern face...except this one had fangs and its skin was inky black.
"Pumpernickel? Are you okay?" Psyche asked, reaching out to pat him.
"He's fine!" Trixie snapped, pulling the black pumpkin out of Psyche's reach. "Just get to your spot and wait."
Psyche furrowed her eyebrows, but magically made up her face to look ghostly. As she sunk into the floor, she noticed something odd. All of the wandering spirits in the room were avoiding Trixie. Psyche pondered this as she sunk below.

Soon, the party started and the boys were arriving. Ella was dressed in a black satin gown that sparkled like the cosmos, Liz had a bright purple dress with tulle skirt, Christa had a white lace dress with a pink belt and a pastel rainbow flower crown, and Roxy had a green dress with a leopard-print skirt. The pixies were even dressed up in little dresses of their own.
A windrider landed with two riders, both with matching purple suits. When they took off their helmets, everyone saw it was Angelo and Diablo: Diablo's hair was slicked back, while Angelo's was spiked. Scanning the crowd, Diablo growled, "I'm gonna kill her!!"
"There, there, Diablo." Angelo gently said, patting Diablo's shoulder. "I'm sure Mira has a good reason. Take a deep breath, okay?"
Diablo slouched, before inhaling a deep breath and calming down. "It's okay. I'm okay." Nudging Angelo, he said, "Let's go get some babes."
"Diablo, your lack of decency will never cease to amaze me," Angelo sighed, before the two brothers walked towards the school.
"Hi Angelo, hi Diablo," Ella said as they walked up.
"Ella! You look lovely tonight," Angelo said, before kissing her hand. "Are you our welcoming committee?"
"Sorry, but I'm waiting on my date," she giggled. "Kieran from Koyu."
"Ah, well I hope you have a lovely evening," Angelo said before walking inside.
When Angelo was out of earshot, Diablo leaned towards Ella and whispered, "Kieran's a terrible dancer, but he won't admit it."
Giggling, Ella whispered back, "I know, he's on the royal guard."
Grinning, Diablo held his hand out for a fistbump. "Good luck, girl," he said, before she fistbumped him and he headed inside.
The party was jumping--Musa was DJ, with Tecna adding technical assistance. Diablo scanned the room.
"She's not here yet, I asked Bloom," Angelo said. "I hope she comes soon, I want to see her dress."
"Pfft like Mira of all people would wear a dress," Diablo scoffed. When Angelo glared at him, he said, "hey, she's your dream girl, not mine." He held up his hands and walked into the crowd, leaving Angelo by the door.
Angelo scanned the room nervously, before sighing and mixing into the crowd.

Outside the lunchroom, Volt swallowed nervously. "It's okay, Volt," Mira said. "You look beautiful and I look handsome. Screw their gender roles, we're in charge." She patted his cheek, and he calmed down a considerable amount.
"Okay, I'm ready," Volt said. The two of them nodded to each other, and walked into the dance.
The music didn't stop, mostly because Musa had already seen them (though she herself paused to take a picture). However, the rest of the dance had its eyes on the duo. Volt and Mira grinned, and they walked out on the dancefloor.
They were quickly joined by Volt's Alfea friends, and the six of them were laughing and dancing together. Seeing how much fun Volt and Mira were having, the rest of the students shouted with excitement and joined the fun.
After a few fast-paced dances came the first slow dance. Mira put her hands around Volt's waist, and he put his on her shoulders, and the two of them slowly swayed together.
"Thanks for doing this with me, Mimi," Volt mumbled.
"It's no problem, Vovo, I've been wanting to do this too!" Mira whispered back with a giggle.
Ella was trying to dance with Kieran--a handsome Koyuvian young man with dark green hair and eyes, but he kept accidentally stepping on her feet. "Sorry, Princess Ella," he'd mumble each time.
"It's fine," Ella would mumble back. They danced slowly together until Ella noticed Christa standing by herself at the punchbowl. Patting Kieran's chest, Ella asked, "Hey, Kieran?"
"Yes, Princess?" Kieran asked nervously.
Looking at him, she asked, "Do you want to sit down for a bit?"
With a sigh of relief, Kieran said, "Yes please, your highness." He politely let go of her and offered to lead her to a table.
"Oh, I'm going to keep dancing, okay?" Ella asked, looking at him, then Christa.
Seeing the look in her eyes, he grinned and gave a small chuckle. "Have fun, your highness. I think I'm gonna snag a few cute guys while I'm here." He winked and walked over to a few smaller, younger looking red fountain students.
Ella giggled and sauntered over to where Christa was standing, sipping punch and just staring off. With a sly grin, Ella came up beside Christa and asked, "Mind if I cut in?"
Christa jumped a bit but giggled and drank her punch. "I thought you had a date," she laughed.
"Pfft he has two left feet," Ella laughed. She looked up at the glowing streamers and commented, "These are pretty, did you make them yourself?"
"Stella helped me!" Christa excitedly told her. "She said I have a fantastic eye for color!"
"You really do," Ella told her. "Those flowers look absolutely lovely in your hair." After she said that, another slow song began and she offered her hand and asked, "May I have this dance?"
Christa's face flushed bright pink, and Ella took her hand before leading her onto the dance floor. They began dancing together--Volt discreetly high-fived Ella behind their backs.
When the fast dances picked back up, Mira separated from Volt and went to get something to drink. Volt was rocking out with his fairy friends, smiling and dancing around.
A bit away, Diablo was checking Volt out on the dancefloor. The dress really showed off the fairy's muscles, and the eyeshadow made his blue eyes sparkle. Puffing out his chest, Diablo started walking up to Volt when Mira stepped in the way and pushed him on his chest. “Don’t even think about it,” she said calmly, before finishing her punch and joining Volt on the dancefloor.
As the siblings danced together, Angelo walked up and patted Diablo’s shoulder. “Bro, he has a boyfriend, remember?”
Diablo just growled and crossed his arms as Angelo walked over and began dancing with Mira and Volt. Aside from Diablo himself, everyone was having a grand time dancing. Suddenly, the lights began flickering before completely shutting off. A spectral, greenish figure rose from the ground, wearing what looked like a striped prisoner’s jumpsuit. Everyone was still for a moment, but Volt and Mira recognized the figure as Psyche, and nodded to the Winx to let them know she was safe.
Psyche’s hair began floating around her head, and her eyes glowed with ghostly light. She held her hands out ominously, and Mira and Volt watched with termoring with excitement. At the top of her lungs, she shouted, “BOO!!”
The sound boomed in across the dance floor, and for a moment nothing happened. Suddenly, the punch bowl flipped through the air, spilling over the students nearby and hitting a specialist in the head. With that, all of the decorations began attacking the partygoers. Not just playfully, either, they were hurting everyone they attacked. The Winx looked at Psyche to see if she’d been Wraithixed again, but she looked just as surprised as everyone else. “Psyche, what’s going on?” Bloom asked as she ran up to Psyche.
“I don’t know! Trixie set up the prank, I was just supposed to set it off by shouting ‘boo!’” Psyche gasped, pulling at her hair anxiously. When a napkin bat dive bombed her and Bloom, she blasted her magic at it and disintegrated it.
It was clear that these tricks were trying to actually hurt the dancers; Volt and Liz transformed into their Enchantix, the Winx transformed into their Fantasmix, Roxy in her Believix, and Ella and Christa in their winx. As soon as Ella transformed, she realized that the tricks were attacking anything with light; she was that Kieran and the other specialists had their glowing phantoblades active, which was getting their attention.
Flying up to the Illuminates, who were all taking out as many tricks as they could, Ella said, "I have an idea! I can lead these things out of here!!"
After blasting a snake made of streamers, Volt asked, "Okay, just be safe!!" He hugged her for good luck, and she floated to the center of the room.
Ella fired a beam of moonlight into the disco ball, which stunned all of the tricks and made them turn and stare at her. She was wracked with anxiety for a moment, but then concentrated. Her body began glowing, with increasing light (thanks to a donation from Stella and Christa). When she was a beam of pure light, she said, "Come and get me," before sending out a pulse of light.
All of Trixie's minions growled and flew at Ella. Not wasting any time, Ella flew out of the dance in a trail of moonlight. When she and the tricks were gone, the Winx surrounded Trixie.
Volt, Mira, and Psyche began clearing out as many students as they could before Trixie could summon more minions. Liz, Christa, and Roxy tried to help, but Mira told them, "We can't let Trixie's Wraithix wipe anyone's powers!!"
"We're immune to it, so we'll help the Winx anyway we can," Volt explained, before giving his friends a hug.
Before he ran out with Diablo, Angelo gave Mira a hug. "Be careful!!" He let her go before running out with the other students. The Illuminates nodded to each other, before turning to see the Winx in a circle around Trixie.
Despite being outnumbered six to one, Trixie wasn't phased. "Really?" She asked. "Surely you realize I have more tricks up my sleeve?"
Before anyone could comment about the pun, Trixie pulled down her sleeve, from which spiders crawled out. When the spiders hit the ground, they each grew massive.
The Winx prepared to attack, just as Mira froze. Quite literally, in fact, as ice began crawling up her leg from the floor. There were only three spiders, and they each attacked Tecna, Musa, and Bloom respectively. As Flora, Aisa, and Stella turned their attention back onto Trixie, they were suddenly tangled in vines. The black pumpkin had come to life, and Psyche gasped. "That's not Pumpernickel."

Luckily, the moonlight gave Ella a boost as she flew through the night, otherwise the creatures surely would have caught up to her by now. However, she could feel the glowing and fast flying start to drain her powers.
Ella kept pushing; she told herself, "I have to keep going!! I can't quit! If I can keep them away, then everyone will be safe!"
Just as Ella's power failed, she was overcome with a powerful sensation. There was a shining light as her Winx turned into a much more powerful Enchantix. Her wings resembled big grayish-blue moths, a black dress, and her hair in two buns. She looked at her beautiful new form and grinned. In a loud, booming voice, she bellowed “KARKARSTRIVEN!!” and took out all of the creatures with a blast of moonlight.
With her body tingling from the energy, Ella confidently flew back to the dance. She arrived just as Trixie set the spiders and the pumpkin onto the winx and her friends. “Stella!” She shouted, before sending a beam of light to power Stella up.
When Stella received the power from Ella, her Fantasmix reacted to the power and...she started laughing. It was a very infectious laugh, despite the situation; “You know, it was a really good prank,” she even told Trixie.
Trixie seemed confused, to the point that she was stumbling and tripping on her words. Stella began glowing, pulsing out sunlight that spread to the other Winx and making them laugh too. With all of the Winx laughing, Ella and the Illuminates were caught in the infectious energy and began laughing too. As she laughed, Stella flew over to Trixie and patted her back. “This was the most exciting dance I’ve been too!” Throwing her hand in the air, she shouted, “Glorious Spotlight!!”
Several magical spotlights lit up on Trixie, and Stella flew back. “Let’s give her a round of applause!!” All of the fairies, plus Mira and Psyche, began cheering, which made Trixie blush. Where it was from the spotlight, or the applause, her dark aura quickly vanished and she turned back into her normal self. Additionally, her Wraithix became a small pumpkin with a face.
“Wait...what happened??” Trixie asked. She looked into her arms and happily gasped. “Pumpernickel!!” She gave the small pumpkin and laughed happily.
Suddenly a yellow light grew from Stella’s chest. Like with Aisha, it flew in front of her before flashing into a jewel. This jewel was bright yellow and shaped rather like an arrow head. In his hands, Volt summoned the Luminous Charm, and the jewel flew into the slot directly across from Aisha’s. “Wow.” Ella whistled, looking around. “This was some party…”
With a sigh, Trixie muttered, “I wish I could fix it…”
With a smile and a snap of her fingers, Stella said, “I think I can help with that.”

In a few moments, it was like Trixie had never attacked. Everything was back and better than ever, with a new spooky look to it. Trixie was apologizing to everyone (though they all easily forgave her), and at the end of the night, Stella was standing by the punch bowl, talking with Bloom.
“Stella?” Stella turned and saw Volt standing sheepishly in his dress. After a moment, he gave her a big hug and said, “Thank you for everything!” When he let her go, she looked and saw that Mira was dancing with Angelo, Psyche was with Trixie, and Ella was with Christa.
With a small grin, she asked, “May I have this dance?”