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The Illumination

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Flora was in the greenhouse with the Illuminates, Angelo, Diablo, Christa, Liz, Ella, Roxy, and Trixie. They were digging in the dirt, planting in all sorts of rare plants that the triplets had ordered from Minerva. Volt and Ella were talking about the flower that Volt was planting. “Is this the Karrkarstraven?” she asked. It was a fragile-looking, icy-blue lily with transparent petals.
“Nah, this is the Klivoghejn. It’s pretty and the petals make delicious tea. However, the plant will die once all the petals are picked. You have to be careful, because it doesn’t seed until the petals are rotten. So you have to be careful how much tea you make with it.”
“Oh cool!” Ella gasped. “Are we gonna plant the Karrkastraven?”
“Probably not. It’s super aggressive and is an invasive species. I special ordered one for Flora and am going to teach her how to take care of it. She’s talking with Faragonda about adding a room in the greenhouse to keep it in.”
“A room by itself?” Ella asked. “Does it really need that?”
Volt stopped planting the Klivoghejn, straightened his back, and stared her dead in the eye. “It will take up the entire room. Trust me.” He then went back to patting in dirt, before stepping back and admiring his work.
After a moment of surprised silence, Ella commented, “Well, either way, it’s sweet that your parents are sending all of these Minervan plants.” She looked wistfully at a lovely moonbloom.
“You want one?” Psyche asked, making Ella and Volt both jump. “We have a few more plants that are coming from home. They bloom under full moons, and they’re really quite beautiful.” She was holding a small, potted, heart-shaped flower in one hand, and Trixie’s hand in the other. Trixie was munching on some multicolored berries, popping them into her mouth one at a time.
“Really?” Ella asked excitedly. “My mother would love one of these!!”
“Cool!” Psyche said. “I’ll tell mom next time we call.”
As the four of them talked, Flora walked up and said, “It looks great!! You all are doing an awesome job!!” Noticing that Psyche was holding the small heart flower. “Oh, Psyche!! I know the best place for that flower. Mind if I take it?” She asked.
“Sure!” Psyche enthusiastically agreed. She gave Flora the flower, and Trixie pecked Psyche on the cheek.
Trixie told her, “I’m going to watch Flora plant it. See you soon, sweetie!!” Blowing Psyche a kiss, Trixie giggled and skipped after Flora.
Seeing Psyche’s face flushed, Volt commented, “You two as so cute, it’s sickening.”
“Oh like you aren’t all over Orbo when you’re in the same vicinity!” Psyche scoffed.
Volt shrugged. “I’m passionate.” He grabbed another plant, his trowel, and began digging a spot for it.
When Ella looked at Psyche curiously, she shrugged and commented, “Eh, they’re in love. What can I do?” Playfully hitting Ella’s shoulder, she added, “Let’s get planting.”
After some time, they were joined by Christa, who quickly gathered Ella and led her away. After about forty-five minutes, Psyche asked, “I wonder what happened to Mira?”
Immediately after Psyche asked, there was a loud “WHOOP!!” and the loud, heavy footsteps running towards them. As Volt stood up, he was ran into by Angelo, which threw him off his feet with an “oof!”
“Oh geez, sorry Volt!” Angelo gasped, helping Volt stand back up.
“It’s okay,” Volt grunted. “But what’s the rush, buddy?”
Angelo was absolutely giddy, jumping around excitedly before saying, “I gotta get ready!!!” He exclaimed happily before running off again.
Not too long after Angelo ran off, Diablo jogged up. “Did Angelo run this way?” He asked. Psyche and Volt nodded and pointed in the direction Angelo had run. With an exasperated groan, Diablo ran off in the same direction, not even thanking Volt and Psyche. They watched him as he left with mounting irritation, before they saw Mira walking up with Christa and Ella.
“So Minervan auroras are orange?” Christa asked. “That’s so cool! I’d love to see it!”
Mira grinned calmly and said, “I’ll talk to my parents about letting you visit sometime. My aunt and uncle would be pretty okay with you coming up to see the auroras, though.”
“Really??? Omg!!” Christa gasped. She gave Mira a quick hug before telling the triplets, “Ella and I are feeling pretty tired, so we’re going to head back to our dorm.”
“Okay, thanks for helping,” Volt said, giving both of them a hug. Soon, it was just Psyche, Volt, and Mira standing together and admiring the plants. “It was sweet of Flora to let us add Minervan plants to the greenhouse. It really makes Alfea feel like home.”
“Oh! Speaking of Minerva, I’ve talked to Saladin of bringing in a J’valikts tutor to Red Fountain. And I’ve been talking up a certain half-merman Minervan ambassador," Mira said, gently nudging Volt with her elbow.
Volt's face lit up. "Really??"
"Yeah! He's like, 18 now, right? We were taught J'valikts together and he was always the top of the class," Mira said. "Besides I'm sure he'd take any opportunity to spend more time with his 'Volty-Bolty'," she then teased, playfully tickling Volt.
Volt giggled and pushed her away. “Stop it, you know I’m ticklish!” He laughed. Immediately, both of his sisters gave devilish grins and began tickling Volt everywhere they could reach. Volt fell to the floor as Mira and Psyche kept tickling him, until he lifted his hand and sending out a small pulse of electricity which hit the girls and made them start laughing. Soon, the three of them were all lying on the ground, out of breath.
“Hey, Mira,” Psyche asked, “why was Angelo barreling through here? Diablo asked where he was and then left without even a ‘thank you’.” She huffed a little. “He’s so rude.”
“Don’t I know it,” Mira commented. “But the reason Angelo is so excited is because he asked me out on a date, and I said yes.”
Both Psyche and Volt sat up, looked directly at Mira, and exclaimed, “WWHHHHAAAATTTTT!?!?!”

When Diablo caught up with Angelo, he hit his brother on the side of the head and asked, “Dude, what the heck!? I see you disappear, hear you whoop and then suddenly you’re running off like we hadn’t promised the Degenerates to help plant their dumb Minervan plants. It’s not like you, dude, you never dodge a promise.”
Angelo had slowed down to a normal walking speed, when he blushed and said, “I...uh...asked a girl out on a date and she said yes!” He seemed to still be really giddy and kind of bashful.
“YOOOOOOOO!!!!” Diablo shouted, happily jumping around and patting Angelo in a congratulatory manner. “Was it Christa? Liz? Roxy? Ella’s pretty hot, too.”
“1. I’m sure Christa and Ella are an item, 2. Liz and Roxy are just my friends, and 3. You know I’ve been crushing on Mira since we first met. So...anyway, Iasked Mira out.” Angelo explained.
“Well, I can’t say that your choice of a date thrills me, but I’m happy you’re coming out of your shell a little.” Diablo said calmly. “So, what made you you stop chickening out and finally ask her out? Heh, I bet you were shaking and stuttering the whole time.” He playfully punched Angelo’s shoulder.
“I was not!” Angelo protested.

“He was shaking and stuttering the whole time,” Mira giggled. The triplets were gathered in Volt’s room, sitting on his bed. It was their day off, so they were having their weekly hangout at Alfea.
“That sounds like Angelo,” Psyche giggled. She was brushing Mira’s hair while Volt was munching on chips.
“Really? I always thought he was more confident,” Volt said. “Like Diablo, but much less cocky.”
“Well, for the most part,” Mira said. “But he’s much more sensitive than you’d expect. He came up to me with a Heart-a-dil, blushing and shuffling his feet. I thought he was going to tell me some bad news, honestly.”

“I had asked Psyche what the different Minervan flowers and their meanings, and she pointed out a beautiful flower that she said would bind the love of two people if they planted it together, so I thought it would be a good idea to ask Mira out as she and I planted it together.” Angelo added, as he and Diablo worked out in the Red Fountain gym.

“He actually came up to me and asked what flower you’d find prettiest,” Psyche giggled. “He was all blushy and nervous, like he was a little kid giving his first crush a valentine! I mentioned that you liked heart-a-dils and he was absolutely giddy! I decided to joke around and told him that silly story about heart-a-dils binding love.”
“You what!?” Volt exclaimed, before belly laughing and almost choking on chip crumbs. “Psyche, you’re awful!” He laughed.
“So that’s why he was so upfront about planting that flower together,” Mira said thoughtfully. “I thought he was just using it as an excuse to talk me one-on-one.” She giggled and said, “It was really cute, though! When I said I’d plant the heart-a-dil with him, it looked like he was gonna explode with excitement.”

“I kept my cool, played it smooth, and as we were patting the dirt around the flower, I told her how beautiful she is and asked her if she wanted to have dinner with me tonight.”
“Wow, talk about a confidence boost!” Diablo congratulated, patting Angelo’s shoulder as they walked to the locker rooms. “You haven’t asked anyone out since that cute boy back home on Domino.” He looked out the window, thoughtful and slightly suspicious.
Angelo shrugged, saying, “I mean, Mira is worth it.”

“He kept stammering about how pretty I was, and honestly...he’s just so cute!” Mira gushed, before falling back on Volt’s bed and hugging a pillow. “I haven’t felt this way since Olaf back in the mountains.”
“Olaf? Isn’t that the guy who found out about your feelings for him, and then used them against you in that fight before asking out another girl?” Psyche asked, her voice grim. She and Volt looked at each other with suspicion.
“I mean, yeah, but Angelo’s not like that,” Mira said, sitting up and walking to the window. “He’s sweet and kind...I’ve never met anyone like him. Well, except maybe you, Volt.”
“Consider me flattered,” Volt said. “But in all fairness, we all know he’s kind of like Diablo too.”
Mira furrowed her brow and looked at Volt with confusion. “Okay, maybe, but I think he’s different.”
With a small sigh, Psyche grinned and said, “I’ll help you get ready, sis. Let’s go see if Stella has an outfit that’ll go with your eyes.” She grabbed Mira’s hand and ran out as Volt got up and walked into the dorm.

“Thanks for sticking around,” Flora told Liz, Trixie, and Roxy as they all walked out of the greenhouse. “I’m sure the triplets appreciate getting some extra quality time together.
“No problem, Flora!” Roxy said happily. “You know that we’d do anything for the Illuminates.”
Flora smiled happily as the three girls walked back to Liz and Roxy’s dorm. As she stood there happily, Stella and Aisha walked up. “Hey Flora! We just got back from our double-date in Magix. How did the flower planting go? It looked like the girls had fun!”
“Oh yes, it was wonderful! Everyone had a lovely time, and Angelo even asked Mira out. It was adorable, he was so nervous.” Flora giggled. “Come on, I’ll show you the flowers we planted!” She motioned for Stella and Aisha to follow her inside.
“The Minervan Goldtrunk, the heart-a-dil, the Zammuckis,” Flora listed as she pointed the flowers out. “And my personal favorite of the Minervan flowers, the Klivoghejn! Mira said its name means ‘frozen joy’”
As Aisha, Stella, and Flora looked more closely, the petals began shimmering with a crystalline, beautiful light. As the light grew, the winx girls heard a soft voice whispered, “Aisha...Stella...Flora...return to the cave...return to the cave…” before the light died and the voice vanished.
“...I’m not the only one who heard that, right?” Stella asked, almost unsure of the answer herself.
“No, I definitely heard it, too,” Aisha said. “But what cave?”
Flora thought about it and said, “I expect that we need to go to the Cave of Jubilation again. Think about it, it’s the Frozen Joy. The Cave of Jubilation is an ice cave. I think that Abigail might be calling us.”
“Let’s tell the others, and get the boys to fly us there,” Stella said. Flora and Aisha nodded, and they walked out of the greenhouse together, before running into Mira and Psyche.
“Stella!” Psyche said. “Mira needs a dress! She has a date with Angelo tonight!”
Stella asked, “Really?? Awwww!!” She rubbed the top of Mira’s head. “So sweet!”
With a sigh, Aisha put her hand on Stella’s shoulder. “Stella, we need to get going. If Abigail is calling us back to the Cave of Jubilation, there has to be a reason.”
“Right, right,” Stella said. “Christa has a key to my studio, she’ll be able to help you with that. We’re going to be gone for a little while, so tell me everything when we’re back!” She patted Mira’s cheek and then the Winx girls headed off.

A few hours later, Christa stood back to admire her work. Mira was dressed in a sparkling, wine-red gown with transparent sleeves, burgundy heels, and a golden bracelet with a large, single garnet. Her hair was decorated with red ribbons and and pearls. Psyche gave her a touch of makeup, and her blue eyes sparkled, especially against all of the red.
“You look amazing!!” Psyche squealed.
Mira looked at her outfit a bit self-consciously, saying, “I don’t it me? I don’t know if it feels like me.” She gently patted the dress, as if it as a slight itch on her skin.
With a sigh, Volt said, “Mira, your date is in less than an hour, we can’t have you second-guess it again. In fact,” he checked his watch, “Angelo should be here to pick you up!” He grabbed Mira by her shoulders and led her outside.
In Alfea’s courtyard, Angelo was sure enough next to his wind rider. He was in a light blue shirt, charcoal gray vest, dark blue tie, black plants and black leather shoes. When he saw Mira in her dress, his mouth was agape, and he seemed to be at a loss for words. “Hi,” Mira said when she came up and gave him a kiss.
“Uh...hi…” Angelo said, before also hopping on the windrider and starting it up. Mira waved to Psyche and Volt as she and Angelo took off.
Without looking at Volt, Psyche commented, “You and Liz are planning on spying on Mira and Angelo’s date, aren’t you?”
“How’d you know?”
“I am your sister, Voltatious. Count me in.”

In their underground cave, the Trix paced around. They hadn’t had anything to do since attacking Pixie Village, while Doom had gone to Cloudtower and gave Trixie a Wraithix. “I hate that she can go out and cause mayhem, but we have to stay here and wait for her!” Stormy complained.
Darcy sighed. “You know we can’t disobey her. Her Wraithix is more powerful than ours; she’s in charge.” She was making shadow puppets on the wall of the Trix fighting the Winx.
“What if…” Icy mumbled, catching the attention of the other two witches.
“What if...what?” Darcy asked, only half curious.
“What if we gained a Wraithix gem so powerful, we became more powerful than Doom? We’d finally be in charge again and she wouldn’t be able to tell us what to do!” She got excited, until she saw the surprised and scared look, and sighed, “She’s right behind me, isn’t she?” She turned around and said in a forced-cheery voice, “Doom! How’s it going?”
Doom was holding some grocery bags, which she set on a table she had conjured previously. “So, you want to find a Wraith that can overpower my four, as well as my magic?” She asked in a strangely nonchalant voice. With a sly grin, she asked, “And how are you planning on doing that?”
After a moment’s silence, Icy said. “Abigail. The fairy that created Fantasmix. If we can make her fall into despair, the Wraithix gem will have extraordinary power! And...without her, then the Winx will likely lose their Fantasmix.”
After a moment of silent unpacking, Doom said, “That’s a decent conclusion. Let’s make a bet. If you three can turn Abigail, the Fairy of Joy, into a Wraith, then I’ll allow you to be in charge. But, if you can’t, then you have to sing one of the Winx’s songs in a personal concert.” She held out her hand. “Deal?”
“What if I say no deal?” Icy asked.
“Well, then I won’t let you go attack Abigail,” Doom replied.
The Trix whispered and deliberated with each other, before Icy turned back and sighed, “Deal.” She and Doom shook hands, and the gems on their Wraithix’ flashed.
“Have fun, girls,” Doom called as the Trix flew out of the cave. She summoned her inky smoke screen, before focusing in on a dressed-up Mira and Angelo. “A date, huh?? Red, darling,” Doom said, raising her Wraithix up to her mouth. “Why don’t you go give them some fun?”
Doom’s red gem glowed and flew off out of the cave.

The flight was much easier this time around, but still took a long time (the Cave was still quite a distance from Alfea). Towards the end, Stella, Flora, and Aisha were napping together while the boys piloted. “Ladies,” Brandon’s voice came over the intercom, waking them up. “We are approaching the lovely Cave of Jubilation. The sky is clear, and we are not being attacked by giant blizzards, so we’ll be able to land with no issue!”
Up front, Helia and Nex gave Brandon irritated looks and both sighed. In the back, the girls woke up and stretched. Looking out the front viewer, Nex said, “It looks like Borean and Australon are waving us in.” The icy lovers were simultaneously motioning for the ship, while waving happily hello.
The specialists landed the ship and the girls climbed off. Happily, Stella shouted, “Australon! Borean!” Before running up and giving them a big hug.
“Stella! Flora! Aisha! It is wonderful to see you again!” Borean laughed, holding Stella up.
“It is a pleasure, but we must make haste. Abigail and the Council need to speak with you three,” Australon instructed. He gently put his arms around Flora’s and Aisha’s shoulders, and the group began walking into the cave.
“So how are things?” Stella asked. “I know we were here not a super long time ago, but I’ve been dying to visit.”
As Borean and Stella gossiped, Astralon nudged both Flora and Aisha. When he got their attention, he pulled out a small dark greenish-blue box. Inside was a golden ring with a beautiful jewel. Conspiratorially, he whispered, “I’ve been wanting to propose to Boree for a while, but I only just got the ring.”
“Awwwww!” Aisha and Flora quietly gushed. “I’m sure he’d love it.”or a while now, but I only just got the ring.”
“Awwwww!” Flora and Aisha gushed.
“I bet Borean will just love it!” Flora whispered.
“I really hope so,” Australon whispered back, slightly nervously.
As they walked, Brandon asked, “Is it just me, or are the caves warmer than last time we came here?”
“No, they’re definitely warmer,” Nex commented. “And I’m guessing it’s not because we have a trio of Fantasmix fairies with us, is it?”
“That’s the thing,” Borean said, “We don’t know. All Abigail aid was asking us to watch for you guys when you arrived.”
As they walked through the cave, they saw the ie spirit and the saber tooth cat--whose kids were playing together, as well as other icy denizens they hadn’t seen the first time they’d visited the caves. They waved at the ice people, and while the ice people seemed friendly enough, they also seemed tired and sluggish.
Soon, they came to the large, cavernous throne of Abigail and her council. When they came in, however, only Abigail was seated on her throne. Like the others, she seemed sleepy and tired, but she perked up when she saw the fairies. Abigail was dressed in a lacy ballgown with large lace wings and long white hair. She flew down from her throne and and gave the Winx a hug. “How wonderful, I wasn’t sure if the message had gone through.”
“Of course! You know we’re more than happy to help protect the Joy and all that,” Stella said.
“Abigail, are you alright?” Flora asked. “You seem so tired…”
Abigail gave Flora a tired, sad smile. “I am tired,” she said. “But that’s why I need your help. Your Fantasmix powers will be able to save the Cave of Jubilation. Speaking of, would you please transform into your Fantasmix, please? I need you to follow me.” Looking at the boys, she said, “and boys, why don’t you spend some time with Australon and Borean?”
The boys looked at Australon and Borean, who waved flirtily. They shrugged, and walked over to the two icemen, giving them highfives. As the boys all talked the girls shouted, “Magic Winx! Fantasmix!” They transformed into their Fantasmix.
“Wow,” Brandon said. “Still takes my breath away every time I see it.”
Blushing a bit, Stella fluttered up and gave Brandon a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks sweetie.” The boy and girls hugged each other, before Abigail began flying and the Winx followed her.
As they flew through the cave, the Winx could see that the ice was dripping, slowly melting from the increase in temperature. “How terrible,” Flora gasped. “What’s causing this?”
“Yeah, normally I’d be all for the warmth,” Stella said, “but this just feels wrong.”
Abigail sighed. “It’s the Fantasmabeast. It’s dying.” She explained.
“The Fantasmabeast?” Aisha asked. “What’s that?”
“The Fantasmabeast is a legendary creature that is able to spread joy across the universe,” Abigail said. “It lives in this cave, creating a cold magic that sustains the cold and the magic of the Cave of Jubilation. It’s also my bonded fairy animal. When I was a young fairy, I had wanted to find the creature and see it myself; I fell in love, and I decided to stay with it. Unfortunately, the Fantasmabeast was, and still is a highly coveted prize for hunters.”
“Oh my,” Flora gasped.
With a small grin, Abigail continued, “I created Fantasmix because I combined my magic with the Fantasmabeast’s in order to protect it, and, well,” She twirled in the air, motioning to her dress. “With all of the hunters we drove out, word of the transformation of joy, and more people came to see. Everyone who braved the caverns, meaning no harm to me or the Fantasmabeast, was invited into my council. When the nymphs heard, they came to investigate, and I showed them the power; I named it Fantasmix after the Fantasmabeast.”
“Awwww, how sweet!!” Stella gushed.
Abigail nodded. “Not many seek Fantasmix, as it is difficult to earn, and even fewer have come to find the Fantasmabeast. While I’m glad for the safety, the beast has been losing power for many years; and...well, since when Wraithix and its power of despair came into our world, the Fantasmabeast’s power and life force have been draining even faster.”
With concern, Aisha asked, “Is it because you gave us the power of Fantasmix?”
“Oh no!” Abigail gasped. “Fantasmix spreads joy, it makes our power stronger. But…”
“If the Fantasmabeast fades, our Fantasmix will disappear as well?” Flora asked.
“Yes, and worse,” Abigail said. “The Fantasmabeast sustains the caves and all who live here. If the Fantasmabeast fades, we all do as well…” Her voice was quiet and scared, but it was clear she was more concerned for the others than herself.
Flying up next to Abigail, Flora put her hand on Abigail’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll help the Fantasmabeast for you.”
With a kind, grateful smile, Abigail put her hand on Flora’s, before letting her go and flying forward. “Through here,” she said, motioning to an ice wall. She waved her hand, creating an opening that she flew through, soon followed by the Winx.
When the Winx flew into the new cavern, they gasped. In the center lie a giant blue dragon with white feathered wings.

Luckily enough, Mira had told Volt and Psyche where Angelo was taking her to dinner. Volt was dressed up in a dress shirt and vest, while Liz and Psyche had on lovely dresses. Psyche had gone back to Cloudtower to get her dress and tell Trixie what was happening, so she pointed to the group of Amore, Rhea, Chatta, and Lockette. “What’s with the pixies?”
“They insisted on coming,” Volt said with a shrug. “No Trixie?”
“Pumper’s still not feeling well from being turned into a Wraithix so she’s nursing him back to health,” Psyche explained. “Don’t worry, Volt, you’re handsome, people could believe you have two dates.”
“Don’t give him a big head,” Liz teased, making Volt frown with annoyance.
Amore grumbled, “I still think you shouldn’t be trying to ruin Mira’s date,” as Volt walked forward.
“Relax Amore, we’re not going to ruin her date. We’re just going to spy on her and Angelo make sure that he’s not going to be a creep and hurt her,” Volt said as the pixie crossed her arms and glared at him.
Suddenly, Volt ran into someone and heard a growl of, “Watch it!” He looked up to see the wild red hair and purple eyes of Diablo.
The two boys appraised each other before both asking, “What are you doing here?”
Before Volt could say anything, Chatta interjected, “Volt and Psyche just want to make sure everything goes okay for Mira and also to make sure that Angelo isn’t a big creep!”
Everyone looked at Chatta before Volt commented, “Yeah, what she said. And you?”
“Your sister is a little psychopath, I don’t want her hurting Angelo,” Diablo said. “He’s my little brother and I am not letting a warrior princess knock his lights out.”
“Mira wouldn’t do that,” Psyche huffed.
“She tries to knock my lights out every day!” Diablo argued.
After clearing her throat, Liz said, “Um, Diablo, that’s because you deserve it.” Chatta giggled, and the two of them high fived.
Looking at Lockette, Volt asked, “Lockette, do you know where mira and Angelo are sitting? We can find a good table to keep an eye on them.”
“Hold up,” Diablo said. “One guy with two girls? You’re going to get dirty looks from all around the restaurant. With me, we can pass off our four-person group as a double date. And don’t worry, I’ll pay for my share.” He looked at their confused faces and said, “What? I’m cocky but I’m not that big of a jerk!”
Volt looked at Psyche, who shrugged, then at Liz who also shrugged but kind of nodded. With a sigh, he groaned, “Okay, fine, but only because you’re paying for yourself.”
“Great!” Diablo said. “Since you already have Psyche, I can sit with Lisa here.” He reached his hand out to Liz.
Volt grabbed Diablo’s wrist and coldly asked, “Um, shouldn’t Liz decide who she wants to sit with?”
Diablo blinked in surprise, then looked at the cold, serious looks that Volt and Psyche were giving him. After a moment, he said, “Huh. It’s a family thing; I guess that makes sense.” He pulled his arm away from Volt and looked at Liz. “Okay, Liz, would you like to sit with me?”
Liz looked him up and down, before saying, “Yeah, I guess you’re cute.” She linked her arm in his, and they all walked inside.
When they came up to the host, Volt requested, “Table for four, please.”
“Make that a table for seven,” A voice from behind said, making them jump. They turned to see Bloom, Musa, and Tecna dressed up behind them.
“What? How?” Volt asked.
“Amore tattled,” All three Winx said at once, pointing to the now-blushing pixie.
“Are you going to stop us?” Psyche asked.
“This is us stopping you,” Tecna said. “It’d be a shame for you to dress up and not get to have a nice dinner.” The host grabbed some menus and led them to a table where they all sat together. Mira and Angelo were nearby, but they were both focused on each other.
The pixies got their own table, and Rhea was daintily laying a napkin on her lap. “Awww, what a cutie,” Musa gushed, looking at her. Rhea heard her, and looked away with a blush.
Turning to Volt, Tecna commented, “I’m surprised that you need to watch after Mira. I always got the impression she was the most level headed of the three of offense, of course.”
Drily, Volt and Psyche said, “None taken.”
Volt continued, “Mira got a crush on a guy once before, and he used that to cheat and beat her in a fighting competition. Let’s just say, Psyche and I are wary of guys who ‘like’ Mira. We just want to keep her feelings safe.”
“Huh, Angelo had a crush on a guy a while back who did something similar with him,” Diablo said. “I beat up the little turd, of course, but I want to make sure Angelo doesn’t get hurt, either.”
When everyone gave Diablo annoyed looks, he asked, “What?”
Bloom sighed and groaned, “I can’t believe we’re related…”
“I can,” Tecna commented, “You two have a similar facial structure.”
Both Diablo and Bloom looked at her and said, "Thanks Tecna," in the same dry tone Volt and Psyche had.
Musa snorted and started giggling as the waiter came by and took all of their orders. Volt noticed that at Mira's table, she and Angelo were doing the same--except they were holding hands as they did so. When no one was looking, Volt shot a tiny bolt of static and shocked the two of them, making them jump and pull their hands apart.
When Volt looked back though, Musa was giving him a suspicious look, to which he shrugged and mouthed 'what?'
She shook her head in slight disappointment as Volt ordered his own food, and as they were handed their drinks she told him, "Volt, you said you weren't going to do anything."
"It was a little shock, nothing major!" Volt protested. "I don't like how 'handsy' Angelo's getting."
"They're holding hands, Volt. It's a date," Musa said. "Does she send gusts of cold when you go out with Orbo?"
With an embarrassed blush, Volt muttered, "No…"
They saw Mira shake her hand off, then begin looking around with suspicion and annoyance. "Oh geez," Musa said. In a flash, she ran up to the stage and said, "Hi everyone, are we having a nice evening? My name's Musa, and I'll be playing you a special song tonight!"
As Musa began singing, Volt looked to see Mira staring directly at him and his group. He sparked a bit from surprise, which caught Psyche's attention; she tensed when Mira's eyes narrowed into a glare.
As Angelo was about to turn around, Mira put her hand on his and said something that Volt and Psyche couldn't hear, which made him laugh. With a sly grin, Angelo snapped his fingers, creating a blue flame that he used to light the candles. This made Mira laugh, luckily taking her attention away from trying to incinerate (or maybe freeze; it was Mira, after all) her siblings.
When Volt and Psyche turned back to their group, Bloom was giving them a knowing, slightly smug grin. "I'm guessing Mira's not happy with your meddling," she commented.
Diablo snuck a glance, to which Mira not-so-subtly drew her finger across her throat. Diablo's face went a bit pale as he resituated and drank his water.
Psyche sighed and whispered to Volt, "Mira's gonna kill us."
"Probably," Volt whispered back. The two of them briefly hugged each other before watching Musa onstage.

"It's...glorious," Flora gasped, as Abigail flew up to the beast. The Fantasmabeast tilted its head to her, and they pressed their foreheads together.
"Girls, meet Alclavia, the Fantasmabeast," Abigail said. She motioned them forward and said, "Don't be shy, she doesn't bite."
Alclavia made a musical, singing-like call that felt like it was drawing the three fairies in. When they put their hands on her, her scales were cold, but her gentle eyes made them feel warm. She sang to them again, before laying her head down and looking away. She seemed even more tired and sluggish than everyone else in the cave.
“Oh dear,” Abigail sighed. “She’s even worse than I realized.” Looking at the Winx pleadingly, she asked, “Please help Alclavia; I don’t know what will happen to the universe if she fades. Plus I’ll miss her.”
“We’ll do our best,” Flora assured. She flew up into the air, and tapped into her Fantasmix. While there weren’t any plants nearby, the energy of the Cave spoke to her. “Beauty of Nature!” Flora shouted. Pink and green energy grew in her hands, and Klivoghejn flowers began sprouting from the cave walls. Unlike the Klivoghejn in Alfea, they were all different colors.
“Glorious Spotlight!” Stella shouted. Her hands began glowing with golden-yellow light that shot out, hitting the Klivoghejn flowers and making them glow with beautiful colors.
“Dance of the Tide!” Aisha shouted. She began dancing around, making the snow particles spin around in the air, creating a breeze that blew the Klivoghejn flowers, making them shake. The shiny Klivoghejn flowers shook, creating a rainbow of light that lit up the cave like a disco ball.
Despite the amazing sight, and the Winx using their Fantasmix powers to try to make Alclavia happier, Alclavia didn’t react. Instead, she sighed again and closed her eyes.
"Alclavia…" Abigail sighed, hugging Alclavia. Flora, Aisha, and Stella looked at each other with worry; this seemed to affect their magic, because the girls' spells dissolved immediately.
Flora, Aisha, and Stella huddled together, and Stella whispered, "I was sure that would work! I thought that cheering Alclavia up would help."
"She doesn't seem to have any physical wounds," Flora said, "So I don't know how I can heal her."
"Her energy is off," Aisha said. "Not just because it's fading. I feel a strange pull in her power, something that's weakening it. I just...don't know what."
"Maybe if we could get Alclavia to relax," Flora said. She flew up in front of Alclavia's face and said, "Aromatherapy!" A pink mist curled off of her, with small flowers appearing in the air.
Alclavia inhaled deeply, paused for a moment, then sneezed, blowing Flora nearly completely across the cave. It would have been almost fun, if Aisha didn't suddenly drop to the ground in pain. "Aisha!!" Flora, Stella, and Abigail all gasped.
"I...I don't know what's going on!" Aisha gasped, before screaming in pain again. She was on all fours, and her Fantasmix was flickering in and out.
Outside, the Trix were at a back entrance to the cave, hitting the mysterious magical barrier that was keeping them from entering with their magic. After about three tries, Stormy growled, "What is with this thing!?"
Darcy touched the barrier and cringed. "Fantasmix magic. One of the Winx made a barrier to keep us out."
With a wicked grin, Icy asked, "Just one of the Winx? This'll be a cinch. Ladies, let's hit it with everything we've got."
The three witches held up their hands, and the jewels on their Wraithix began glowing, and their Wraiths formed in the air. "Wraithix Convergence!! Wraith blast!!" The Trix shouted. The jewels floated together, and the Wraiths fused into a giant shadowy blob. The combined Wraiths flew at the barrier, colliding with it and completely shattering it.
With another shriek, Aisha’s body was enveloped in a turquoise blue light that collected in her wings before shooting out, leaving her unconscious but still transformed. “Oh no!” Abigail gasped. “Someone broke Aisha’s wish.”
“What does that mean?” Stella asked.
Abigail explained, “Whatever wish Aisha granted, it required a constant use of her magic. Someone broke through that magic, undoing the wish and hurting Aisha.” When Stella and Flora gasped in shock, Abigail added, “Don’t worry; luckily enough Alclavia and I are here to help. Ally, can I get a hand?” She asked, turning to Alclavia.
Alclavia slowly looked up, nodded and Abigail put both of her hands on Aisha’s Fantasmix. Alclavia began singing, and her horns began glowing. Abigail’s own Fantasmix stone began glowing, and aurora-colored energy twisted from the stone, down Abigail’s arms, and into Aisha’s stone. Aisha’s wings flashed and she opened her eyes.
“Huh? What happened?”Aisha asked in a dazed voice, before laughing. Abigail sighed in relief before letting go of Aisha. Aisha blinked in surprise and stood up. “That was...weird.”
“Sorry,” Abigail apologized. “Ally and I charged you up with extra joy to wake you up.” As she said this, Flora noticed that Alclavia seemed to get more tired and much less happy.
It clicked for Flora. “Abigail,” she asked, “you said that you created Fantasmix by combining your magic with Alclavia’s, right?”
“Yes, of course,” Abigail said solemnly.
“Well…” Flora started to say, when she was interrupted by screaming.
As the screaming continued, there was a familiar, unpleasant voice that was calling, “Abigail...oh Abigail, where are you hiding?” The voice grew closer, until suddenly they were face to face with Icy, Darcy, and Stormy. Seeing Abigail, the witches grinned wickedly and said, “Hi girls, surprise!” without warning, she summoned a large shard of ice and shot it at Abigail.
Abigail's eyes narrowed and with a wave of her hand deflected it like it was nothing. She inhaled deeply, and in a single breath released a power, cold wind that blew the Trix backwards. However, as if reacting to the chill, Alclavia shivered and winced (though it resembled pain more than cold). When Flora looked at Abigail, her sneer was nearly identical.
As Stella and Aisha flew in to fight, Flora flew up and grabbed Abigail, pulling her back. “Flora!” Abigail gasped in surprise. “What are you doing? I need to protect Alclavia!”
Flora, slightly distraught, blurted, “Abigail, you’re hurting Alclavia!”
Abigail froze and blinked in surprise. In the smallest voice Flora ever heard, Abigail asked, “What?”
Icy came flying up to the two fairies, and Flora shouted, “Tulip Barrier!” she created a flower-shaped forcefield around her and Abigail, before saying, “Abigail, Alclavia reacts to your emotions. I think your worries and sadness are what’s weakening her.”
Abigail gasped again, and she looked more distraught. “What...I’, I’d never hurt Alclavia!” Her eyes watered, and Icy struck Flora’s shield, making it pop. Flora stayed up in the air, but with consistently slowing wings, Abigail drifted to the cave floor, where she began sobbing. Alclavia let out a sow, tired call before going limp.
With a wicked grin, Icy muttered, “Got you now.”

The increasing frequency of cold winds sent shivers down Volt's back for more than one reason. Every time he'd glance at Mira, her eyes would be narrowed and she'd make some sort threatening gesture. Because they were siblings, Volt knew she was good on her threats.
When Musa's song was over and she joined the others, the waiter came up and said, "lovely performance, Miss Musa. Now, what would you all like to order?"
They all put in their orders for food before they all started talking amongst themselves. And, if Volt didn't know better, Diablo and Liz were flirting. "We are so dead," Psyche commented.
"At least Mom and Dad can talk to us through the mediums in the Deep," Volt said.
With a confused look, Tecna asked, "Mediums of the Deep?"
"Oh yeah, the Witches in the Deep in charge of communicating with spirits from beyond the grave." Volt said. "Kinda like Psyche, but they do it professionally."
"They're the ones who trained me in using my magic," Psyche explained.
“Suddenly you make so much sense,” Diablo told her bluntly.
Liz nudged Diablo’s shoulder as Angelo got up from his table and walked to the restrooms. As soon as he was out of sight, Mira got up and walked over to the group table. With a cold voice, she said, “Volt, Psyche, can I have a word with you two?”
Before they could respond, Mira grabbed them both by their ears and pulled them up from their seats. “Ow, owowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow!” Volt and Psyche shouted as Mira dragged them outside.
When they were out of the restaurant and out of the way of the door, Mira let their ears go and, with her back to them, calmly said, “So, you two decided to stalk me on my date, huh?” Her voice was calm, and not as cold as usual, which made Psyche and Volt tense up.
“Uhhhhh…” They started to say, when she whirled around and glared at them. Her eyes flashed with reddish-pink light and a cold wind whipped around her, giving the two of them shivers.
“WHY DID YOU THINK THIS WAS OKAY!?” She screeched at them, creating an extra cold gale that nearly blew them off of their feet. “DID YOU EVEN THINK AT ALL!?” She took a deep breath to calm herself down.
Volt started to say, “Well, we were thinking about Olaf, and…”
Mira groaned and facepalmed. “I told you, Angelo’s different. He and I talk. Like, really talk. He’s been nothing but sweet to me, and it’s not like I’m blabbing about fighting.” Her face fell a bit and she asked, “Don’t you two trust me?”
Psyche and Volt looked at each other, and before they could respond, Mira said, “Never mind. I hope you enjoy your dinner. Don’t interfere with mine.” She pushed past the two of them and headed back inside.
Feeling guiltier and more ridiculous than ever, Psyche and Volt walked back inside and to their table. When they sat down, Bloom asked, “She wasn’t happy that you decided to spy on her dinner, was she?”
“How did you know?” Psyche asked.
“It was easy to guess,” Bloom said.
Musa added, “We also saw her yelling at you outside. Dash that; everyone saw her yelling at you two.” She gave them a knowing, slightly smug grin and added, “You can’t say we didn’t warn you.”
With a sigh, Volt said, “Okay, okay, fine. You were right, Psyche and I shouldn’t have interfered.” He half-heartedly made a spark with his fingers. Without realizing, the spark shot from his finger, bouncing around until it struck a waiter, who yelped and spilled drinks all over Mira and Angelo.
When he realized what he’d done, Volt gasped and jumped up. He went over to Mira and Angelo’s table. “I’m so sorry,” he apologized to Mira. “That was an accident!” He began to try drying Mira off, but the drinks were already stained into the dress.
“Volt! Stop!” Mira shouted, pushing him away. “You’ve done enough already!” With her strength and a gust of cold air, Volt was pushed up into the air before crashing into a family’s table.
With everyone looking at her, Mira’s face flushed with embarrassment, anger, and a bit of sadness. Her face seemed to get redder and redder, until they realized that the Red Wraithix Jewel was flying at her. Before anyone could stop it, the Red Jewel hit Mira and a pulse of cold wind blast out from every direction.
When the light faded, Mira wasn’t Mira anymore. Her skin was bright red, and she was dressed in full-body black armor. Her wings were made of black energy, and her hair was whitish-pink light. Her eyes were glowing and she had sharp fangs. She was wearing the Wraithix jewel on the center of her breastplate. With a screech, she summoned an icy-cold wind that whipped around the restaurant, creating a windy vortex that was blowing everything around.
“Magic Winx! Fantasmix!” Bloom, Tecna, and Musa shouted. They transformed into their Fantasmix as Volt and Liz transformed into their Enchantix.
"Mira, we don't want to fight you!" Psyche shouted as she transformed into her witch robes.
"LEAVE ME ALONE!!" Mira screeched, unleashing another gale of cold wind.
"Flaming Heart!" Bloom shouted, creating a shield of flame to block the cold wind. It helped some, but the cold would also circumvent any openings.
Angelo and Diablo jumped on either side of Blue and created their red and blue flames. Their flames mixed with Bloom’s, bolstering the power of the shield. “We got you, cuz!” Diablo shouted.
Psyche, Volt, and Liz all looked at each other and nodded. Psyche knelt down and began chanting, while Volt and Liz flew around the shield, Volt sparking with lighting and Liz sparking with flames. They blasted their magic at Mira, who screamed and countered with an even colder wind.
Frost spread across Liz and Volt’s wings and they were blown backwards. “Digital Web!” Tecna shouted. She caught the two of them in a net of glowing green energy, but then they were shivering and their faces were blue.
“Fortissimo Blast!!” Musa shouted, shooting a powerful soundwave at Mira. The soundshock startled Mira, but only for a moment.
“I’ll heat them up!” Angelo shouted. He dove from the shield next to Volt and Liz. Muttering quietly, he summoned glowing blue heat in his hand that radiated over the two of them. Their wings thawed slowly and the color was returning to their faces, but they were still shivering.
With a hiss, Mira shot black feather from her wings at them. The Winx and Diablo all cringed with anticipation as the blade-sharp projectiles flew at them like bullets.

“Abigail!” The Winx gasped. After the fairy dropped to the ground, the Trix began began circling her like vultures. They held out their Wraithix, dark energy flowing out of the jewels and circling Abigail.
As Abigail cried, Alclavia let out a low moaning hum that sounded like she was in pain. As the Winx watched, Abigail’s Fantasmix stone began glowing with a strange, bluish-white light, and a black shadow began spreading around her body,
“You just had to tell Abigail that she was hurting Alclavia, didn’t you?” Stella asked in exasperation.
Flora replied, “I didn’t think she’d react like this!” She summoned some energy and shouted, “Beauty of Nature!” She tried to bloom the Klivoghejn flowers again, but Abigail’s sorrow was making the cave melt even more, and the spell fizzled out barely before it even escaped her hand.
"C'mon, we need to take out the Trix!" Aisha shouted. "Sea Foam Splash!!" A wave of salty water shot from her hand and washed towards the Trix, who all shrieked and clew out of the way.
"Watch it!! Tornado Fist!" Stormy shouted. She created a fist made out of spinning wind that she shot at the Winx, knocking them in different directions.
"Shimmering Rainbow!!" Stella shouted. She sent a spinning rainbow that hit the Trix, and briefly discolored their outfits. When Flora looked at her in surprise, she shrugged and said, "Christa taught me that one."
With a shrug back, Flora shouted, "Lotus Blast!!" She summoned her spell and fired lotus petals at the Trix.
Even though the Trix weren't focused on Abigail anymore, she was still falling deeper under the Wraithix spell. "It's not working!" Stella shouted. "Glorious Spotlight!" She summoned a golden light and flew up to Abigail.
The light seemed to affect the darkness, but touching it made both Abigail and Alclavia shriek with pain. "Stella!" Flora and Aisha both shouted. Stella quickly dissolved the spell.
"We need to focus on Alclavia," Aisha said. "If we can heal her, then Abigail's darkness should go away." She flew over to Alclavia, who barely looked up to see her. "Hey, girl," Aisha said. "Dance of the Tide!!"
She began spinning around in the air, creating a cool sea breeze that wafted towards Alclavia. Alclavia didn’t seem to react, except sneezing and blowing Aisha several feet away. The cold air gave Aisha chills, which grew worse as she was hit with a blast from Icy.
The Trix were firing spells at the Winx again, and blocking would take away all of their focus from Abigail and Alclavia. Also, none of them wanted to say it, but they could feel their Fantasmix powers starting to slip.
Looking at Abigail again, Flora noticed that she was hugging her own shoulders. “Cover me!” she shouted to the other girls. She dove down towards Abigail again; as the Trix went to throw curses at her, Aisha and Stella shot spells that collided with the dark spells and dissolving them. Flora shot down until she was in front of Abigail, who looked up with a half-shadow face, a glowing eye, and tears streaming down her face.
Slowly, she knelt down and hugged Abigail. The dark parts kind of hurt to touch, but she held Abigail tight; Abigail hugged her back and began crying even harder. She silently rubbed Abigail’s back as Abigail’s sobs grew quieter and her breaths grew steadier. Alclavia lifted her head a bit, and the light seemed to be returning to her eyes. As Aisha and Stella watched, the darkness started retreating off of Abigail. Abigail’s wings began shimmering and steadily raising.
As Abigail calmed down, Alclavia began stirring more. Seeing this, the Trix growled and summoned their Wraiths. With excited grins, Aisha and Stella nodded at each other and their Fantasmix stones began glowing bright and they summoned their special spells. “Fantasmix Convergence! Sunny Beach!” They shouted. A wave of warmth and mist blew into the Wraiths, completely dissipating them.
As the warmth and mist wafted over Abigail and Flora, a burst of bluish-white light burst from Abigail. In reaction, Alvlavia fully stood up. She was absolutely huge, with a long neck, and her wings spread to their full length.
Abigail and Flora stood up, and Abigail gave Flora a gentle kiss on the cheek. “Thank you,” she said, her wings fluttering as she gave the Trix a stern look as she flew in front of the now fully awake Alclavia.
With a small, disingenuous smile, Abigail told the Trix, “Well, thank you for visiting, but I think it’s time for you three to go home.” She tilted her head to the side and and grinned.
The Trix grouped together suspiciously as Abigail straightened her neck and looked at the Trix with near-innocent surprise. “Still here?? Do you need some motivation?” Behind Abigail, Alclavia began humming. “Well, bye girls!! Song of the Fantasmabeast!!”
Abigail and Alclavia began harmonizing, making the temperature of the cave steadily but quickly drop. As they sang, the icy cave walls began shining with beautiful colors. With a final grin at the Winx, Abigail and Alclavia sang a loud, high pitched note, the force of which actually blew the Trix out of the cavern they were in. As the Winx listened, the “oofs” and “ouches” faded until their screams faded into the wind.
When they were gone, Abigail spun in the air, covering her quivering smile as her eyes filled with tears looking at Alclavia. Happily, Abigail flew forward and gave Alclavia the biggest hug she could. Alclavia sang happily, and smiled at the Winx. “Don’t leave Ally hanging!!” Abigail laughed.
With shrugs and laughter, the Winx flew up and joined Abigail in hugging Alclavia. When they let go, Abigail turned and wrapped her arms around Flora. “Thank you so much…” Abigail whispered. “Your kindness saved me…”
They both pulled back in surprise when a green glow emanated from Flora’s chest. In a flash, it became a bright green jewel that was the same shape as Aisha’s. With happy squeals, Aisha and Stella flew up and joined Flora and Abigail in their hug. Seemingly feeling left out, Alclavia put her head in between their arms. All the girls laughed happily as the Cave of Jubilation returned to its icy cold glory.

Diablo was in the middle of fighting Mira sword to sword, while the Winx and Angelo focused on restoring Liz and Volt. Psyche's chanting grew faster and more intense. A growing light green glow emanated into a green flame spiralling into a holographic image of an old man who looked around confusedly.
“Princess?” He asked, looking at Psyche, before looking at Volt and gasping. “Prince Voltatious! Princess Psycharmi, what’s going on?”
“Captain Thaddeus!” Psyche said. “Mira’s been possessed by a Wraith!” She pointed at Mira, who was slashing away at Diablo, who was barely able to block her attacks.
The ghost’s--Captain Thaddeus’--expression faded from shock to stoic determination.
He flew up to Mira, being immune to the winds since he was a spirit. As Mira was about to strike at Diablo again, he flew in front of Mira and shouted, “Princess Miranda, what are you doing?”
Mira’s morphed face blinked in surprise. She shook her head a bit and looked around, her glowing eyes fading slightly before she began holding her head and reeling. Now awake, Volt gently tapped Rhea and said, “Show her...herself…”
Rhea looked at him and shrieked in terror. “Nonononononononononono!” she squealed.
“Rhea...please…” Volt asked.
The other pixies patted her shoulder and Amore said, “We’ll come with you.”
Still terrified with wide eyes, Rhea nodded before fluttering her wings and flying up to the distressed Mira monster. Rhea grabbed the tiny mirror on her belt and grew it into a hand mirror that was nearly bigger than she was. She held it up so it was facing Mira, who looked at it in and gasped in shock.
Seeing what Volt had Rhea do, Psyche grabbed Angelo’s shoulders and said, “You need to talk to her.”
“But…” Angelo started.
“Talk. To. Her.” Psyche demanded. “You’re the only one who can get her back to herself. Mira needs you, Angelo.”
Angelo looked from Psyche, to Volt, Winx, and then Diablo. He nodded and said, “Okay.” He stood up, squared his shoulders and walked up to Mira. Diablo was standing a bit away from her. Angelo nodded to Diablo, who ran back over to the others and summoned his flames to heat Volt and Liz up.
Angelo stood still, nervous but determined. He looked at Mira, who looked up at him with her half-corrupted eyes. Stepping forward, he grabbed Mira’s hand and held it with both of his own. “Mira, please snap out of this. I was having such a nice time with you. I...really like you. I have since we first met, and I was so nervous when I wanted to ask you out. This has been...magical. Except for the possession of course.” Gently, he leaned in and kissed Mira on the cheek. Even though Mira’s skin was bright red, she blushed as she touched her cheek.
With a determined look, Mira stepped back from Angelo and grabbed the gem on her chest. With growls of effort, she pulled at the jewel, which began glowing bright red at her effort. With a triumphant roar, Mira dislodged the jewel from her chest, which shot out of her hand and away from the restaurant.
In a flash of red light, Mira’s monstrous form disappeared, leaving her back in her dress. She looked...normal, if slightly disheveled. The coldness of the air faded away in an instant, and the color finally completely returned to Volt and Liz, waking them up as their Enchantix dissolved. The Winx dissipated their Fantasmix as Mira pulled Angelo into a tight hug.
Psyche helped Volt stand as Diablo supported Liz. Looking at Angelo and Mira hugging each other, Volt said, “We need to make it up to them, don’t we?”
“We do,” Psyche agreed. “We really do.”

When the fairies came out of Alclavia’s chamber, they found Brandon and Borean wrestling while Helia, Nex, and Australon cheered them on. When Brandon noticed the girls, he let go of Borean and ran up to them. “Girls! How did everything go?”
“Flora saved the Fantasmabeast and Abigail!” Stella gushed, giving Brandon a big hug.
Happily, Helia ran up and hugged Flora tight. “I’m so proud of you!” He gushed, giving her a kiss.
“We knew you could do it,” Nex said, giving Aisha a hug.
Seeing all of them, Borean hugged Australon and sighed happily. “So romantic, this is probably the best moment of my life!” Borean gushed.
With a small smirk, Australon looked at Borean and said, “I think I can make it better.” He got out his ring and got on one knee. “Borean, you’ve been the light of my life for so many years. I love you so much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”
Clapping his hands excitedly and holding back tears, Borean laughed and said, “Yes!! Yes!! Of course!!” Australon slipped the ring on Borean’s finger, then he stood up and they kissed as the Winx, Abigail, and Specialists cheered.
After a happy celebration of the proposal, the Winx and Specialists boarded the ship and flew back to ALfea as the icy denizens waved goodbye.

“Okay...what’s going on?” Mira asked. “You know I don’t like surprises.” Volt and Psyche had blindfolded Mira and were leading through Alfea’s courtyard. “If you try to scare me I will beat you up!”
“Oh come on, Mira, don’t you trust us?” Psyche asked.
“No,” Mira said flatly.
“Okay, we’re here!” Volt said happily. He undid the blindfold, and he and Psyche showed Mira the little table that they, Trixie, Ella, Christa, Liz, and Diablo had set up. “We had to convince Diablo, but Faragonda gave us permission to use the kitchen, so we can make you any food you want!”
Mira sat down and Ella handed her a menu. “Take your time, and order anything you’d like.”
As the others flocked away, Mira looked at Angelo and asked, “Did you know about this?”
Angelo grinned and shrugged, saying, “Psyche and Volt might have told me back at the restaurant.” He snapped his fingers, creating a small blue flame that he used to light the candle. “Your siblings are pretty great.”
“Yeah, they are,” Mira agreed. “And Diablo’s not so bad, I suppose.”
“Oh no, we all know he’s terrible,” Angelo commented, making them both laugh. Mira looked to see Psyche and Volt hiding behind a bush, watching her and Angelo. Except this time, they were giving her thumbs-ups.
And the evening just got better from there.