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The Illumination

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Now that Mira and Angelo were officially dating, Angelo and Trixie both tagged along on the Illuminates’ hangouts. Currently, Mira and Angelo were holding hands and sipping their smoothies, while Trixie and Psyche were talking about Pumpernickel. Volt felt like a fifth wheel, and thought, I miss Orbo.
He finished sipping his drink when his phone began ringing. Pulling it out, he answered it for the holographic image of Tecna to pop up. "Oh, hey Tecna. What's up?" He asked.
“Hello, Volt! I know you’re hanging out with your sisters right now, but I just got a message from an old friend of mine, and I was wondering if you three would like to come to Zenith with me ?” Tecna asked.
Volt looked up at his sisters, who were both looking at the phone. “I would,” Psyche said, “But Trixie and I are going to take Pumpernickel to Pixie Village to see if we can get him healed. Thanks, though!”
Mira added, “I also appreciate the offer, but I don’t think I should travel somewhere that cold right now. Especially with what happened at the restaurant.” She shivered from the memory of the incident.”
“I’ll tag along,” Volt said. “Can I bring my friends from school?”
“Oh, certainly! We’ve already invited them,” Tecna said enthusiastically.
“We?” Volt asked.
“Of course! Bloom and Musa are coming along, too! So are the boys,” She smiled and said, “Have fun, just let me know when you’re coming back to the school, okay?”
Volt looked up at his sisters again, and said, “Actually, I’ll come back right now.” He stood up, gave Psyche and Mira each a kiss, then transformed into his Enchantix and flew off to Alfea.
Mira and Psyche watched him fly off, before looking at each other with concerned frowns. “You think he’s upset?” Psyche asked.
“Nah, I think he’s just missing you-know-who,” Mira replied. “Mind if Angelo and I tag along? Maybe we could help with Pumpernickel.”
Psyche smiled and agreed, “Sounds fun!”

As their party flew towards Zenith’s frozen surface, Volt stared aimlessly out the window and sighing. His friends were watching him with concerned looks, but didn’t want to bother him.
Quietly, Bloom pulled Tecna to the side and whispered, “Tecna, I love Volt as much as anybody, but is it really a good idea to bring the Fairy of Lightning to the world of technology?”
“I think he should be fine, as long as he can control his powers.” Tecna said.
“He can’t control his powers,” Bloom harshly mumbled. “That’s the point! If he gets upset, scared, or angry, boom! Planet wide power outage!” They both looked at Volt, who was still staring out the window.
Both women looked at him for a moment, before Tecna commented, “I...don’t think that’s going to be an issue.”
Coming up to them, Musa added, “I wish his sisters were here, we could ask them what to do!” The three of them looked at him again, and noticed that Rhea was fluttering up behind Volt.
Rhea sat on Volt’s shoulder and sweetly asked, “Do you see something in your reflection? Or are you looking into the stars?” She snuggled up to Volt’s cheek and added, “They’re both beautiful, though…”
“No, not really Rhea,” Volt sighed. “I’m just feeling kind of lonely lately.” He looked at Rhea’s reflection. “Sorry sweetie, but I don’t feel like talking about it right now.”
Rhea curled up on his shoulder and gently stroked his cheek. “That’s okay, Volt, you don’t have to.”
Nike and Polaris began whispering to each other. The two pixies flew up, and Polaris reached into her hair, and pulled out a small glowing yellow star that she levitated and filled with energy, until it popped into a glowing, star-shaped hacky sack. Nike and Polaris began kicking the hackey between the two of them. “Rhea! Volt! You should join us!”
The two pixies kicked the hackey over to Christa and Ella who laughed and began kicking the hackey between the four of them. Volt turned around and watched them despondently. Rhea looked from Volt and and the girls, then flew and joined the hackey game. She was giggling along with the others, and she waved for Volt to join.
With a shrug, Volt got up and reluctantly joined the game. At first he was kind of slowly kicking it, until he laughed and picked up speed. His smile was warm and infectious, and soon everyone was laughing. “Buckle up!” Sky said over the intercom, “we’ll be entering Zenith’s atmosphere soon!”
As Volt took his seat, and Rhea sat on his shoulder and held on. As Bloom looked, his smile looked like it could light up a city.

Mira, Psyche, Angelo, and Trixie were led through the woods by the Winx’ bonded pixies. “Thanks for this,” Psyche said. “Trixie and I have been worried about Pumper ever since the dance.” She put her hand on the sick, brownish Pumpernickel who could barely wrap his vine around her arm.
“Of course!” Amore said. “We’re more than happy to help you and this cutie!” She flew down and patted Pumpernickel, who weakly grinned.
Even Trixie’s usual whimsy and humor was greatly faded, as she sadly stroked the top of Pumpernickel’s head. Seeing her distress, Tune fluttered over to Trixie and said, "No one blames you for what happened to you and Pumpernickel."
"I know," Trixie said. "I'm just so mixed up about it. Pumper is sick because he became a Wraithix, and I fell prey to that very Wraithix! I'm from Whimsii, I should be happier than that."
"Anyone can fall prey to the Wraithix," Mira said. "In fact, the only ones here who haven't are the pixies!"
"Unless you count Ninfea," Angelo said, before Mira elbowed him. "Ow!"
“As I was saying,” Mira continued, with a glare at Angelo, before taking Trixie’s hand, “There’s nothing for you to be ashamed of. We’ll get Pumpernickel healed, and I’m sure the pixies will be happy to help.” She patted Trixie's hand, and Trixie seemed a bit comforted, especially as Psyche put her arm over her shoulder.
Soon, they stepped into pixie village, where a crowd of pixies came to stare at the newcomers. Livvy flew up to the group and asked, “What’s going on? Is something wrong?”
Trixie held out Pumper and said, “I’m sorry, my friend is sick. We were hoping you’d be able to help him…” She was fighting back tears a bit as Pumpernickel wiggled weakly.
“Oh no!” Livvy gasped. A group of pixies gently grabbed Pumpernickel from Trixie. “We’ll get him taken care of for you, okay?”
Trixie nodded as the pixies flew off.

The Trix flew into the cave, half expecting Doom to be waiting with her trademark smirk. What they found instead was a note that read, "taking care of an errand. You know what to do. I'll be expecting a performance when I get back."
Icy growled and crumpled the note in her hands. “I hate her so much…” she growled. “Thinks she’s so much better than us because she has ‘the Kraken’s Ink’ and that stupid ‘original’ Wraithix. I wish I could just snatch it off of her wrist and show her the power of a real witch.” The other Trix nodded and grunted in agreement
“Hey,” Stormy said, “You know, trying to turn that Abigail into a Wraith might not have been a good idea with how powerful she was, but what if we could get a lot of little wraiths, enough for our Wraithix to overpower hers?”
“And how would we do that, exactly?” Darcy asked. “We all know it’s difficult getting just one person to become a Wraith. How would we get that many?”
“Well, we know that half of the Winx are coming back from that Cave of Jubilation. If I were to guess, Doom is out taking care of the remaining Winx. So that means that none of them are protecting Pixie Village.” She smiled devilishly as the two other Trix seemed to get the idea.
“Ohhhh,” Icy and Darcy said at once.
“Do you think we can pull it off in time?” Darcy asked.
“Pfft, how hard could it be? And we all know how Doom is with her schemes.” Stormy asked. “We probably have all the time in the world.”
All three of the Trix grinned and flew off.

When the group got off of the ship, Volt shivered. They’d dressed in warmer clothes to combat the cold temperatures of Zenith, but Volt was still taken aback by how cold it still was. He shivered a bit, making a few sparks of lightning that connected to the ground. He wasn’t going to say anything until Christa blurted, “It’s so cold!!” and started shivering.
“I did tell you to dress warm,” Tecna said, before snapping her fingers. The jackets that the other fairies were wearing became thicker, and they all sighed with relief. They looked at the tall, futuristic buildings, and Ella let out a whistle.
“Kind of reminds me of the trees back on Koyu,” she said. “Except...y’know...with more lights.” She made a general wave with her hands towards all of the buildings.
“It’s nothing like earth,” Roxy agreed, before Tecna began leading the way down the street.
“My friend, Radiant has been developing a videogame that she plans to release to the whole Magic Dimension. We haven’t been in touch in a while, but she offered to let my students, friends, and me try it out before she releases,” Tecna explained. Smiling to the others, she added, “I’m very happy to be introducing you all to her.”
“Sounds exciting!” Bloom agreed. She looked back at the younger fairies; while Ella, Christa, Roxy, and Liz seemed happy and excited, Volt was looking around nervously. There weren’t any sparks flying, so that was good at least. She hung back a bit, letting the others pass her until she was walking side-to-side with Volt. “You doing okay, Volt? You seem nervous.”
When Volt looked at Bloom, she was taken aback by the mix of sadness and worry in his eyes. “Something about being here feels oppressive; it's like I’m looking into a reverse reflection of myself and Minerva. I feel like I don’t belong here.” He sighed, and Bloom could tell there was more to it, but she didn’t press the issue.
“Do you think you’ll be okay, or would you rather go back to Alfea?” Bloom asked, putting her hand on his shoulder. There was quite a bit of static electricity coming off of him; it made her arm hairs stand up a bit, but there wasn’t any shock.
Volt shook his head no. “I kinda don’t want to be alone right now, so I’ll be fine.” He went quiet, not explaining himself. He picked up the pace until he was next to Ella, who put her arm on his shoulder.
“Something wrong with Volt?” Musa whispered to Bloom.
“He’s not comfortable in Zenith, but there’s something else, and he won’t tell me what it is,” Bloom explained. Both of the girls looked at each other, worriedly, before another glance up at Volt again.
After a moment, Musa suggested, “Maybe we could use our Fantasmix powers to cheer him up? I remember him mentioning a lullaby his mother would sing to them, I could probably play it for him with my ‘Memory of a Melody’ spell.”
Bloom shook her head no. “Using our Fantasmix powers like that doesn’t feel right,” she said. “I feel that he just needs some space; and who knows? Maybe playing this game with his friends will help cheer him up.”
Soon, Tecna shouted, “Radiant!” She ran up ahead to a lavender-haired young woman before giving her a quick hug. The two girls were talking as the group caught up with her. “Everyone, this is my childhood friend Radiant.”
Radiant’s expression was much more stoic, but she kindly nodded her head in greeting. “I recognize the famous Bloom and Musa from the Winx Club, but who are the rest of you?” While it was a fairly blunt question, she seemed innocently curious.
“Ah, this is my boyfriend, Timmy, Bloom’s boyfriend Sky, as well as a few of our students: Liz, Christa, and Roxy of earth, Ella of Koyu, and Volt of Minerva,” Tecna introduced.
Radiant gave Volt a sudden, stoic look and commented, “Minerva? The changeling world?” While this was once again an innocent question, Volt gasped in shock and took a step back.
Immediately, Tecna turned to Radiant and said, “Radiant, you shouldn’t say that! It’s a harmful stereotype against Minervans!” She hit Radiant lightly on the shoulder and gave her a stern look.
Radiant’s expression didn’t change, but she turned to Volt and looked him straight in the eyes. She was pretty intimidating, and Volt could feel his electricity sparking a bit from his hands. “My deepest apologies, Volt. I’ll be more mindful of this now.” She nodded her head again before asking, “You’re the Fairy of Lightning, correct?”
“Um, yes?” Volt replied.
“Interesting; I heard that Minervan Lightning Training is very intensive. Perhaps you could tell me about it sometime?” Her expression softened a bit and she gave a small grin, before going stoic again.
“Sure?” Volt asked, with confusion.
Ella patted Volt on the shoulder, and she told Radiant, “Sorry, he just gets overwhelmed easily.”
“Right, right,” Radiant said, “Well, follow me, and I’ll show you my game.” She turned around and led the group through the doors of one of the buildings. There were groups of Zenithians watching them with the same stoic expressions. After a brief, speedy elevator ride, they soon stepped into a large computer lab. There were several gaming consoles with younger Zenithians hooked up and playing games.
The fairies and specialists took in the lab in awe, when suddenly there was shouting. Two Zenithian boys threw away their controllers and attacked each other. Everyone except Radiant in the group gasped in shock. Immediately, Sky and Volt jumped into action and pulled the boys apart. The boys’ aggression didn’t cease, but it seemed entirely focused on each other. “Get them to containment!” Radiant commanded. A couple of big robots came and grabbed the two young boys before escorting them out.
“...That’s what keeps happening,” Radiant said, not looking at the rest of the group. “My game is multiplayer, but everyone who plays it immediately goes aggro and attacks the other players. I’m sorry, Tecna,” she added, looking sadly at Tecna. “That’s part of why I called you here.”
Tecna walked up to Radiant and put her hand on Radiant’s shoulder. “It’s okay, Radiant,” she comforted. “I’m more than happy to help.” Tecna walked up to the main console, where the main screen of Radiant’s game and put her hand on the console’s surface. Quietly, she muttered, “Software Diagnostic.”
Green lines of energy drew themselves across the whole computer; when they connected on the screen, black lightning sparked outwards, breaking Tecna’s spell and shocked her. Familiar, though digitized laughter played from the computer. The screen glitched out, until the dark image of Doom appeared. Well, a very digital image of Doom. She was much more angular than usual, looking like a poorly rendered npc. She had her arms crossed and she grinned through the screen like she was looking directly at them--which she likely was.
“Why hello girls, Volt,” she said before giggling evilly. “I added some fun updates to the game!! I’ll be able to make this dimension just like back home in no time.” Leaning in close to the screen, she asked, “Won’t you play with me?” before the image switched back to the main title screen, as her wicked laughter faded away.
“Oh no…” Volt mumbled, terrified.

While Pumper was away, being treated by pixies with power of plants and flowers, Trixie began to cheer up a bit with pixies entertaining her, and Psyche holding her hand and resting her head on Trixie’s shoulder. Eventually, Trixie started laughing again and using her magic to play harmless pranks on the pixies.
One of the pixies flew up to Trixie; she seemed a little mopey. She had long blue hair, and blue wings that looked like dripping teardrops. “How are you feeling?” the little pixie asked. “Do you need to cry a bit?”
Trixie gave a small giggle and said, “Thank you, but I’m feeling a lot better honestly. She held out her finger. “I’m Trixie, the Witch of Tricks. What’s your name, cutie?”
The pixie shook Trixie’s finger and said, “I’m Blue...the Pixie of Tears. You have a lot of positive energy...would you like to bond with me? It’s okay if you don’t…” she added, nervously rubbing her shoulder.
“How could I not?” Trixie asked, giving Blue a big smile.
Blue didn’t quite smile back, but she seemed to perk up a little with surprise. Cautiously, she flew up and sat on Trixie’s shoulder. With a giggle, Trixie pat Blue’s head gently.
Psyche giggled at the two of them and gently nudged Mira, giggling as she pointed at them. Mira didn’t laugh, but she did grin and silently giggled. Angelo also laughed, but he looked away and did so as quietly as he could.
“I NEED TO SPEAK WITH THE WITCHES WHO OWN THE PUMPKIN! I NEED TO SPEAK WITH THEM!!” A surprisingly deep pixie voice shouted. Psyche looked in the direction of the voice when she was struck on her forehead by a small and surprisingly heavy object.
“Ow…” Psyche groaned as she rubbed her forehead.
“Ouchie…” the deep-voiced pixie grunted. This pixie was a lot different from the others in the village. Unlike the others, this one seemed male. He had short hair and a muscular frame. He wore a tool belt and carried a hammer. He reminded Psyche a bit of Rhea, with bright white hair and electric blue eyes. Looking up he straightened up his posture and held out his hand, saying, “Girder, Pixie of Construction. I have an offer for you two.”
“Psyche, Witch of Ghosts,” Psyche introduced herself. “And what’s this offer of yours?” She asked, shaking his hand with two of her fingers.
Girder held his hands behind his back; he seemed very serious and professional. “I would like to build a small greenhouse for your pumpkin friend. I can enchant it in a way so the temperature is always perfectly suited for Pumpernickel’s recovery.”
“That sounds amazing!” Psyche said. “And what would we owe you, Girder? Actually, is it okay if I call you Gir? Or Girdy, perhaps?” She smiled at the small, muscular pixie.
“I would prefer to be referred to as Girder, if you don’t mind, Princess Psycharmi.” Girder politely but firmly requested.
“No need to be formal, and I actually prefer being called Psyche,” Psyche told him. “While you’re building the greenhouse, you’re more than welcome to stay with us in Cloud Tower; even longer if you’d like.” She smiled kindly.
Suddenly, Girder’s serious expression broke in a huge and excited smile. “Really? You mean it?” He squealed excitedly as his feet kicked out. “That’s so exciting! There are so many things I can fix in Cloud Tower!” He flew up and gave Psyche a hug in her cheek before sitting on her shoulder, like Blue was with Trixie.
Soon, a pink, flowery pixie came out and flew up to Trixie. Immediately, Trixie stood up and asked, “How is he? Is Pumper doing any better?”
The pink pixie nodded. “He’s regaining some of his color; it’s a slow process so far, but it’s definitely working. It might take a few more hours, so all the patience you can spare is appreciated.” She nodded her head and flew back.
“Thank goodness…” Trixie muttered. Her eyes began to well with tears and she sniffled a bit. Blue’s hand glowed with blue light and she touched Trixie’s cheek. Trixie began laughing and crying, while her tears streamed like a waterfall. All of her worries and regrets from the dance and Pumpernickel’s condition came out at once. Blue kept her hand on Trixie’s cheek, but Trixie could hear her crying, too.
“We only just arrived and you’re already crying?” A snide voice asked. The teens looked up to see the Trix floating up in the air, watching them condescendingly. Icy continued, “we were hoping for no confrontations, but we can handle you, even if there are four.” Silently, she held her hand up as dark, blue-black energy gathered in her palm. “Frozen Comet.” She shot a pitch-back chunk of ice directly at the group.
“Angel’s Blade!” Angelo shouted. When he whipped out his sword, which was alight with bluish-white flames. He leapt into the air and sliced through the black ice, breaking it and melting it at the same time.
As he landed, the girls took on their respective magical forms. The Trix did nothing but smile as Darcy said, “Well, if it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get.” All three of the Trix summoned their power and attacked at once.

“If Doom is inside the videogame, can we beat her by beating it?” Christa asked.
Volt shook his head. “I can sense the electricity from the game, and how Doom is manipulating it. She’s using that electricity to mess with the heads of the players. If any of you play, she can use that same power on you.”
Musa commented, “Well, Tecna, Bloom, and I are all Fantasmix fairies, we should be immune to Doom’s tricks.” She sounded confident, but also questioning, looking to Volt to confirm.
“I only think that’s if Doom is using her Wraithix powers directly on you,” Volt said. “But since she’s not directly using her Wraithix on the players, but on the game itself, she can affect you.” He thought for a moment. “If you’re in the game itself, you should be immune to this mind trick. With my powers, I should be immune, or at least resistant to this. I’ll play the game as an outside player to act as a buffer.”
“A buffer?” Liz asked. “Why would we need that?”
Tecna looked at Liz seriously. “If we’re inside the game, then our lives will be tied to the characters we’d be playing as. Volt won’t have such a weakness; his character will be able to regenerate at will.”
“Do you think we can do it?” Bloom asked.
For a moment, Tecna thought. “It shouldn’t be all of us. Bloom, Sky, Timmy, and Liz, you should stay out here with Volt. Musa, Christa, Roxy, Ella, and I will go into the game.” When Bloom looked like she was going to protest, Tecna said, “Bloom, I know you want to help, but you’re the one Doom is after. Going into a digital realm where she has any power is too dangerous.”
“What about the rest of us?” Liz asked.
“Musa and I are Fantasmix fairies; we have more advantage against Doom. Ella and Christa have light powers, which will be useful in a digital world. As for Roxy, her animal powers can make communication with any npcs easier,” Tecna explained. “Volt, can you protect the others from the electric power?”
“Yes. Along with my Illumination,” Volt said. He walked up to the computer, and began typing. “Sorry, Radiant. I need to make an opening for Tecna and the others to go through.” After a few more seconds, the computer began beeping. Looking up, Volt said, “Tecna, you need to hurry. This gate won’t last forever.” He walked over to a VR headset and put it on, before creating an avatar. “Hurry!” He urged.
“Right!” Tecna said. She grabbed onto Musa’s hand. Musa then grabbed Ella’s, who grabbed Roxy’s, who grabbed Christa’s. Her Fantasmix stone appeared on her chest as she said, “Digital Upload.” The green lines of light enveloped her body, before spreading to the others. Techna placed her hand on the console, and the fairies turned into green energy that flew into the console.
They travelled through a tunnel of light, before appearing in what looked like a white void with a checkered floor. The girls themselves were dressed in high-tech, full body suits with full covers. Looking at her outfit, Ella commented, “Not bad, but it’s not really my style.”
“It’s to protect us from dissolving into the code,” Tecna explained. She tapped a button on the side of her helmet. “Volt, Radiant, do you read me?”
“I’m right here,” Volt’s voice said. They looked at a bizarre avatar that looked nothing like Volt.
“I’ll meet you in the game, okay?” Volt said. He looked up at the menu and reached out, then disappeared. Tecna looked up and shot a bolt of energy; this activated the button and the menu changed to the game’s map. Their tech suits were changed to character skins, which still had the technical appearance--just more fashionable. Volt’s Avatar resembled him more, with white hair and blue eyes, however his facial features looked nothing like real life. “Hey guys,” Volt said, his voice still flat. “Just to let you know...since I’m only playing the game as an outside player, I don’t have any of my powers.” He turned and indicated a large black hole made of swirling code. “Before you use any of your powers, I have to warn you. Being here is a corruption of the code. Using your powers will destabilize it even more, and my hole will collapse.”
“Wait, really?” Christa asked. “ are we supposed to fight Doom?”
“Only use your powers to fight Doom. Otherwise, play the game how it’s supposed to be played,” Volt said. “Follow my lead, okay?” He walked forward, holding an aesthetically matching laser rifle. Suddenly, four enemies jumped out, and Volt shot them down with lightning blasts from his gun. They went down like normal game enemies.
“I thought you didn’t have any of your powers!” Tecna teased.
“I might have hacked a few upgrades,” Volt said with a low chuckle. “Doom’s influence is weak here; I can feel it in the electricity. We’ll encounter enemies that will glitch super hard, and they’ll be a lot harder to beat, so be on your guard.” He had a far more commanding presence than usual. He ran forward, and the other fairies followed behind him.

Outside of the game, the others watched Volt lead Tecna’s team through the game. In the real world, he was acting far more serious than usual. In fact, it was almost like he’d switched bodies with Mira. And, despite the intensity of his demeanor, not a single spark of lightning flickered from his body.
“Wow,” Timmy commented. “And I thought I was an intense gamer. Volt’s like an entirely different person!”
“I think he’s still upset,” Sky said, “but he’s not angry. He just seems really sad.” He looked at Bloom, who nodded. “When this is all over, and everyone comes back from the Cave of Jubilation, we should take the triplets out to do something fun.”
“What do they like to even do?” TImmy asked. “All we’ve ever seen Mira do is train.”
Volt tapped his microphone and said, “Mira, Psyche, and I all enjoy concerts,” before turning it back on and saying, “No, I’m still here.”
Liz crossed her arms and sighed. “I really wish I could help him.”
Suddenly, an alarm started blaring; Radiant ran to one of the consoles and said, “It looks like you’ll have a chance. The quarantined players have gotten out; it looks like Doom branched her powers past the game and into the building’s wiring.” They heard noises, like a herd of wild animals was rampaging in the lower levels.
“It looks like we have to fight,” Bloom said, before activating her Fantasmix
The others nodded, and both Liz and Radiant activated their Enchantix.

With a scream, Mira was knocked into a tree by a shadow arm that Darcy had summoned. Psyche's green aura was ignited as spirits of the dead began rising from the ground. A wave of ghosts flew at Stormy, but she just laughed and spread her hands apart before clapping them. A sonic thunder blast fired at Psyche, making her cover her ears in pain. Angelo was having the most luck against Icy, but even he was struggling against the full power of her Wraithix.
Trixie was using her own powers to evacuate with pixies, along with the bonded pixies they’d come with, Girder, and Blue. After Darcy knocked Mira to the side, she flew up behind Trixie. “Double Vision!” She shouted. Waves of dark energy flew at Trixie.
Crossing her arms, Trixie shouted, “Mirage Twist!” When Darcy’s spell hit where she was floating, everything grew so blurry that no one nearby could really see what was going on. When Darcy summoned a ball of dark magic and threw it where Trixie had been, the illusion did Trixie and pixies she’d been protecting. “Surprise!!” A voice said, and Trixie hit Darcy with orange energy that blasted her and shot her into the ground. She smiled triumphantly, but was hit with a bolt of dark lightning and fell out of the air with a shriek.
“Trixie!” Psyche gasped. She summoned all of her strength and stood up, grunting out, “Banshee Wail…” She opened her mouth and let out a cacophonic scream, sending out sound waves that pushed Stormy’s backwards. After she’d pushed it back enough, she absorbed the power from the spirits she’d summoned and shot off to catch Trixie before she hit the ground. Stormy’s thunder blast hit the ground and broke, sending bits of dirt flying.
Looking around, Psyche saw that while most of the pixies had been evacuated, a fair few remained. She landed on the ground and laid Trixie gently to rest on the grass. As she looked down at Trixie’s unconscious form, anger began rising in her chest. She felt some sparking around her wrist; as she looked, a bracelet with a green-white skull jewel was adorned on her wrist, and she felt a surge of power. However, as soon as it appeared, Psyche could feel the power fading.She held her hands together, and quietly she muttered, “Spirits of wisdom, spirits of light, hear my plea and hear my plight. Take the defenseless and sweep them away, mists of the spirits, save the day!” She spun on her heel and held out her hands, releasing wisps of magical mist blew through the village, creating a translucent barrier that obscured everyone’s vision.
“What is the meaning of this!?” Icy shrieked. “Arctic Wind!” A cold wind blew the mist away, leaving an empty field where it had been. All that remained was Psyche defiantly standing her ground, wearing a white hood that faded away like mist itself.
All three Trix glared at her, and summoned their respective dark magics. “What did you do?” Icy growled. “What kind of trick is this?”
“It’s no trick,” Psyche retorted, crossing her arms. “You forget that Wraithix you possessed me with; I used the energy and my own power to make a plea. Pixie Village has been moved somewhere safe.”
“Wraithix?” the Trix all asked. Their confusion was great enough that their spells immediately disappeared.
“Aurora Vortex!” Mira shouted. A pastel rainbow beam suddenly shot from her hand, blasting Stormy out of the way. With her wings shining, Mira flew in front of Psyche. “You think we don’t know? You and your boss tricked Psyche into taking a Wraithix, forced a Wraithix onto Trixie, and possessed Angelo and then me with the blue and red wraiths.” Even though she was holding her ground, her voice was still shaking. With a shriek of anger, she screamed, “DON’T PRETEND YOU DON’T KNOW!!” The force of her rage was enough to send an arctic cold wind that blew the Trix backwards.
Mira floated to the ground in front of Psyche. Psyche immediately walked up behind her sister and held her shoulders. “Mira! You need to be careful! Don’t use up your magic.”
When Mira looked back at Psyche, Psyche was alarmed by the tears in her eyes. “I’m fine, Psyche. Now let’s show these three what real sisters can do.”

The fairies ran through the game, encountering more and more glitchy enemies, just like Volt had predicted. Eventually they slowed down when a strange noise was coming from Volt’s avatar. Musa asked, “Volt, what is that? Are you listening to music?”
“No, it’s some kind of alarm from the building,” Volt said. “But look around; the game is seriously glitching out; we must be really close to Doom right now.” The graphics were darker, and shadowy tendrils were growing everywhere.
“Volt, you need to disconnect!” Tecna gasped. “If the alarm is going off then you’re in danger!” She tried to grab Volt’s avatar, but her hand passed right through him. She moved around so they were looking at each other.
Volt replied, “No, not when we’re so close! We need to get Doom out of here!:
“It’s not worth your life!” Tecna snapped. “Volt, I’m sorry,” she said, before hitting Volt’s avatar with a bolt of green energy. Volt gasped in surprise, but in a flash, his character was gone.
Ella asked, “Don’t we need Volt to sense where Doom is? And what about his ‘buffering’?” She didn’t seem super upset, but concerned as she said, “I don't think Volt will appreciate being forced out of the game like this.”
Tecna shook her head. “We have to keep going. I know Volt will do his best to keep us safe from out there. We can’t leave him defenseless.” She put her hands on Ella’s shoulders and smiled kindly.
Christa hugged Ella and said, “He’ll forgive us; Volt loves us after all.”
“That’s right,” Roxy agreed. “Let’s keep going.”
Ella nodded, and the fairies kept moving through the game. Tecna took the lead; she was using her magic, but just enough to sense Doom’s presence. Whatever was causing that alarm they’d heard from Volt was worrying, but with Volt’s code hole in the air they’d be able to go back and help him if needed.
Roxy, Ella, and Christa held hands; the game was becoming emptier and emptier, with less enemies to face. Soon, there was no one else in the game saide from the group; Musa and Tecna joined the others in holding hands as they kept moving forward.
Soon, they were just floating through the air as the map was eroded beyond recognition. “Well, well, well,” Doom’s snide voice commented. “It looks like our little adventure party made it after all!” She was sitting on a throne of black iron bars formed to look like octopus tentacles. “Shame, really, I was hoping the boy would be with you. You know, the cute one.”
“Don’t talk about Volt like that, you creep!” Musa growled. She fired her gun at Doom, but Doom just laughed and made it vanish in a whirl of technological darkness.
Without pause, Doom began laughing and stood up, her chair dissolving as it was dust. “I’m not a part of the game, you moron! These digital weapons won’t have any effect on me!” Her hair began moving on its own, and it shot out like octopus tentacles, whipping out and smacking against the fairies. With a scream, Christa shot aurora beams at the hair, making it hiss (yes, the hair hissed on its own) and retreat.
“It’s time to transform,” Tecna grimly stated. “We found Doom, now we fight her.”
Tecna and Musa activated their Fantasmix, Roxy activated her Believix, Ella activated her Enchantix, and Christa activated her winx.
Mockingly, Doom said, “Oh no, there’s a bunch of fairy’s threatening me! Whatever shall I dooooooo?” WIth a laugh, she summoned her inky powers and fired them at the fairies.

Outside the screen, Volt made a burst of electricity to push the rampaging zenithians back. They were less zombie-like than he’d been expecting; in fact their rage seemed to have increased tenfold. “Remember not to hurt them!” Radiant shouted, creating an energy wall to push them back. “They’re not themselves right now, but they’ll still get injured!” At the same time, Zing was bouncing around, causing terrible static shock
“We’re trying!!” Liz snapped, using a spark to scatter a few of them. “Volt!”
“Right!” Volt shouted. He flew to her and they grabbed each others’ hand. “Convergence! Stun Flash!” Their magic combined and a burst of light sparked out, freezing a group of the players. However, there were still more coming.
Sky kicked a few of them away, grunting, “Radiant, how many players did you have go mad before you called us?”
“Not this many!” Radiant replied, sending more energy walls. “Some of these people are workers, and I think that people are coming in from outside!”
When Bloom looked, she said, “You’re right; Doom must be spreading her power past the game!”
Volt looked at the game console and shouted. “I’m sorry, Radiant!” He flew over to the console and shouted, “VOLTATIOUS STRIKE!” He punched it as hard as he could.
Absolutely everything but the console shut off. All of the lights in the building shut off, as did all of the buildings outside in the city. All of a sudden, a number of the attackers lost the will to attack, excluding the ones who’d played the game. Volt kept his fist planted in the console. “I can’t move!” He shouted. “I’m the only thing keeping the game on!”
“We have to hope Tecna beats Doom soon,” Radiant shouted, fending off more of the players, because you’ve turned off everything including Zenith’s weather regulator!” Outside, a blizzard was starting to gather.

Mira and Psyche moved in flashes of light; they’d hit the Trix with their magic or fists, and when the Trix tried to retaliate they’d be somewhere else. The blinding green and pink light they were emitting seemed to burn at the shadows of Wraithix. However, they were moving so fast that the lights didn’t burn at the Wraithix for long before they moved again.
Is this the light of the Illumination? Is this their true power? Icy thought to herself. She made ice walls, but Mira and Psyche would shatter them with each strike. At this point, Mira wasn’t even using her wings, being held aloft by her light.
“You can tell Doom,” Mira started.
“That the Illuminate Triplets,” Psyche continued.
“ARE TIRED OF HER!” The sisters screamed in unison, striking all three Trix with a mixed green-red light. The Trix were pushed back with a scream of alarm, flying back into the trees.
They looked up to see Mira and Psyche, both still glowing, and glaring at them with blood red and poisonous green eyes. The energy radiating from them was as cold as a polar vortex, and the clouds above them were swirling like a powerful storm. “Let’s get out of here,” Icy said. “Pixie souls aren’t worth this, and honestly, I want to have a word with Doom.” The three witches were enveloped in darkness, and vanished.
When the Trix were gone, Mira and Psyche floated back to the ground. Psyche was in her white hood, and Psyche was in her paladin armor. With a deep breath, Psyche twisted her wrist in a circle, and the same mist from earlier spread from where she was standing. When the mist cleared, Pixie Village was back, and even repaired from the damage the fighting had caused. Angelo was sitting with Trixie, and the two of them stood up at the sight of the sisters.
Tears welled in Psyche’s and Mira’s eyes as their magical forms disappeared. They ran over and collapsed on to their knees and hugged Angelo and Trixie. “What happened?” Angelo asked. “The mist rolled in and all the buildings began fixing themselves!”
“Sorry, that was me,” Psyche apologized. “I was just trying to keep you both safe, along with all of the pixies.” At the mention of the pixies, they peeked out from behind the buildings and flew into the open.
“Thank you so much!” Girder laughed, giving Psyche an open-armed hug. “We’re going to be the best of friends! I can’t wait to live in Cloud Tower with you!”
Psyche laughed a bit and told him, “I can’t wait, either!”
Trixie smiled, but still looked a bit worried. The flower pixie from before flew up and told her, “While the village was hidden, Pumpernickel made a miraculous recovery!”
There were happy gurgling noises and all of a sudden, Pumper launched himself into Trixie’s arms. “Pumper!!” All four of the teenagers laughed. Pumper gave a big smile and wrapped his vines around them in a hug.
“How wonderful!” Amore gasped. “Stella would love this!”
Together they all laughed and sighed with exhaustion, before Psyche and Mira both gently drifted off to sleep.

"Screen Saver!!" Tecna shouted. She created a green shield in front of her and Christa as Doom's hair whipped out at them. Doom herself was having no issues, even gleefully laughing as she shot blasts of the Kraken's Ink at the fairies.
"Ringing Bells!!" Musa shouted. She created a glowing magic bell and rang it in Doom's direction, creating a sonic wave. Doom didn't seem fazed, and created a small black hole that absorbed the hit.
Both Ella and Roxy were blasting as much magic as they could at Doom, but all she did was laugh and swat it away the same way she was with everything else. Eventually the fairies were just floating there, out of breath, while Doom was grinning smugly with her hands on her hips. "Give up, yet?" She asked. "Sooner you do the sooner I can get to the white haired wonder."
"What do you even want with Volt?" Musa asked.
Doom just grinned. "Well, I've managed to get to his sisters; the other two are powerful, yes, but Volt is on another level. If I can get him, well, the Luminous Jewels would be mine in no time."
The fairies all stared at her in shock, before she laughed and summoned two inky black holes. Octopus tentacles shot out and began hurling inky blobs of darkness at the fairies that were hard to dodge. As the blobs flew, they spread Doom’s corruption through the game. Watching this, Tecna realized what was happening. Like the other times they’d faced her, Doom was just toying with them. They’d use up what time they had to fly back through Volt’s portal, trapping them in the game forever.
However, if Doom could manipulate the game’s code, so could Tecna. Turning to Christa, Tecna asked, “Do you think you can keep Doom distracted for the time being?”
For a split second, Christa looked worried, but she quickly nodded in determination and said, “Yeah. Distractions, I can handle.” She flew out and joined the others, creating illusions and light tricks to keep Doom’s attention away from Tecna.
While the others were fighting directly Doom, Tecna summoned a green digital keyboard and began typing. Numbers and letters began spinning around Tecna. After trapping the other fairies in one of her tentacles, Doom looked at Tecna and asked, “What are you doing?” in a condescending voice.
With a serious glare at Doom, Tecna replied, “Beating you at your own game.” The keyboard wrapped around Tecna’s hand like an arm cannon. “Perfection Solution!” She fired a green beam from the arm cannon, hitting Doom squarely in the chest. Green lines spread across Doom’s body, before immediately disappearing.
Doom patted her chest for a second before laughing and asking, “So...what was that supposed to do, exactly?”
For a second, Tecna was silent, before donning a small, sly grin. “Just this,” she said, snapping her fingers. Green lines shot out from Doom, spreading to her tentacles. The tentacles all began glowing bright green, releasing Tecna’s friends and snapping back to ensnare her. Doom struggled against them, but the combination of Tecna’s and her own magic was too much for her to immediately escape from.
“Tecna! You did it!” Musa laughed, flying up and giving Tecna a hug.
As the other fairies flew up, Tecna scolded, “Save the hugs for later!” She pointed to the now much smaller code hole. “I had to use my powers to manipulate the game code, and that cut into the time we had left!”
Immediately, the fairies began flying towards the hole as fast as they could, leaving Doom behind them. As Doom struggled against her new confinement, she was that the green light was spreading to the tips of her fingers. If she stayed longer she’d be deleted from the game. “Smart move, Tecna,” she whispered, before disappearing in a whirl of darkness.
Even without a watch, Tecna could discern what time they had left to escape, wasn’t enough. “We won’t make it in time!!” She shouted, flying faster. The others picked up the pace as well.
Since she still only had her winx, her wings were smaller and she couldn’t fly as fast. It was likely Volt could hack open another gateway, but they couldn’t risk it being too late. She knew by now what she needed to do. Quietly, she muttered, “North Aurora Light Speed!” She magically fired for lights, each one hitting one of her friends and turning their bodies into light.
In beams of brilliant light, the fairies shot through the black hole right as it closed, shooting out of the console in a burst of technomagic energy, before shivering from the cold. They looked at the unconscious Zenithians and their exhausted friends; Volt, however still had his fist planted in the console, though he was looking considerably weaker, on his knees and shaking.
Tecna gasped, “Volt! You can stop, we’re outside of the game!” She ran up and was going to try to shake him out of it, but a bolt of electricity shot out and shocked her hand. She shrieked and jumped back, before Zing hopped over at lightning speed and landed on Volt’s shoulder, releasing a huge shock of electricity.
“Thanks, buddy,” Volt laughed, as his whole body began glowing light blue. He looked at Tecna with glowing blue eyes and said, “Christa’s still in there!”
“Wait, Christa didn’t come out with us?” Musa asked. She did a head count and gasped. “I thought she had cast the spell that gave us that speed boost!”
“She did,” Radiant said, “But she didn’t cast it on herself.” She pointed to where Christa’s frozen figure flickered on the screen.
“If I stop...Christa will be lost…” Volt grunted. He was clearly in a lot of pain at this point, but with the glow and surging electricity, he was physically untouchable.
Ella knelt down next to Volt as close as she could. “Volt, we all love Christa, but you’re going to kill yourself from exhaustion!! We’ll find a way to get her out, I’m sure.”
Volt’s blue glow faded, and he collapsed into Ella as the console’s screen flickered off. Looking up, his eyes began watering and he gasped, “N-no…” before dissolving into tears.
Liz and Roxy knelt down and hugged Volt, while the adults sadly watched. Suddenly there was a whirring sound; as they looked up, the console’s screen was on again, but this time swirling with color. As they watched, a glowing figure floated out from the screen; when it landed and the glow faded, they gasped to see it was Christa, in her enchantix.
Christa’s enchantix had a rainbow dress with rainbow-colored wings that had white borders, and her hair was in a braid on her shoulder. Her eyes were closed for the moment, but when she opened them, she asked, “What just happened? Everything just suddenly went black, and then I saw a shining light.” She looked at her gloves and gasped, “Cool! My Enchantix!”
“CHRISTA!” Christa’s friend swarmed her in a group hug.
“Thank goodness…” Tecna sighed in relief, putting her hand on her chest. Suddenly a magenta light grew from behind her hand, floating from her chest and forming a magenta jewel that was the same shape as Stella’s yellow jewel.
Volt pulled away from his friends and gasped, “A Luminous Jewel!” He summoned the Luminous Charm, and the magenta jewel floated in place until it was in the small spot above the blue jewel. “Four jewels! That’s more than half of them. We’ll get them all before Doom does, for sure.” Turning to Tecna, he asked, “Oh yeah, what was Doom doing in the game anyway?”
Musa gave a small, panicked laugh, saying, “Oh no reason, just to cause trouble!”
Tecna, Ella, and Roxy all gave her looks, but didn’t dispute. Volt looked confused, but said, “I need to get that temp regulator thing working again before we all freeze.” With a surprising amount of strength left, he flew out the window.

When Doom re-manifested, she found the Trix sitting around the cave, casually waiting for her. “Well, I hope my video is ready,” Doom said smugly, walking up to Icy and holding out her hand.
“You didn’t tell us about the Illuminates,” Icy said in a deathly calm voice. Doom was taken aback by the demeanor, but quickly regained her nerve and sat down.
“Are all of you three in a frosty mood?” She teased, flipping her hair. Suddenly a dark bolt of lightning shot by, barely missing her. In surprise, she looked at Stormy, who had her finger pointed, but was looking in the other direction.
“What is this about?” Doom asked. “You three don’t really think you can take me on, do you?”
Silently, Darcy stood and handed Doom a phone. “Video’s here.” As Doom grabbed the phone, Darcy pulled her in close and glared her in the eyes. “Next time we hear you’ve used one of your Wraithix tricks on the Illuminates, then we’re going to have a chat.” She let go of the phone, leaving Doom to fall back on the couch while the Trix all stood and left.
Doom stood up and summoned her inky screen, which conjured images of all three Illuminates. “What was that about? What is your connection with them?” she mumbled to herself. She stared at the images longer, but nothing struck her. With a sigh, she sat down and laughed as she watched the video of the Trix dancing.