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The Illumination

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The first thing that the Winx did when they were all reunited was put Flora’s Luminous Jewel into the Luminous Charm. With five out of seven jewels, all of the jewels were beginning to grow a distinct glow. “So we have white, yellow, blue, magenta, and green, which means we still need red and cyan,” Volt said, pointing to each jewel. He, the winx, his sisters, and his friend were in the courtyard with Faragonda.
“We’ve certainly made good progress,” Tecna agreed, “but doesn’t anyone else think it’s strange that neither Doom or the Trix have made any attempts to steal the Luminous Jewels?” She crossed her arms nervously. “We all know Doom loves pulling at the strings, I’m just worried she might be manipulating us to her own ends.”
“That is troubling,” Bloom commented. “But for right now, we just need to keep Doom from hurting anyone, whether we find the Luminous Jewels or not.” She put her hand on Volt’s shoulder as he made the Luminous Charm disappear into a flash of light.
Faragonda nodded. “As long as Volt has the Luminous Charm, the Jewels are safe. Doom can’t even use the Luminous Charm as it is, considering that not all of the Jewels have been found.”
“Well, that’s not nerve-wracking,” Volt sarcastically commented. “Doom’s already targeted Psyche and Mira, I don’t know if I can handle her targeting me. We all know I’m the wimp of the three of us.” He crossed his arms nervously as Psyche and Mira put their hands on his shoulders.
"Well, the Winx have Fantasmix, all of your friends at least have their Enchantix, and then you have your sisters, Trixie, Diablo, and me," Angelo reassured Volt. "And you're a lot braver than you give yourself credit for."
Volt nodded, but didn't make any comments. Mira and Psyche both hugged him, before walking out of the office. Patting Volt's shoulder, Ella said, "Let's get going, we have that potions exam, remember?" Volt nodded and followed his friends out.
When all of the students were out, Bloom excitedly turned to Faragonda and said, "We want to take the kids somewhere fun, like a concert."
Faragona turned and looked out the window, where Volt, Mira and Psyche were all hugging each other goodbye. Psyche and Trixie disappeared in bursts of magic, while Mira, Angelo, and Diablo climbed on their wind riders and flew off. Volt and his friends walked back into the school. Faragonda nodded and said, "They've been under a lot of stress lately, haven't they?" She turned with a kind smile. "That sounds like a wonderful idea. I'll contact their headmasters, and we'll organize their schedules to make it work."
The winx all laughed and high-fived, before they all walked out of the building.

Back at Cloudtower, Trixie sat on her bed and admired the greenhouse Girder had built; it was attached to their window like a flower box. Pumper was currently napping with Blue, while Psyche was taking her Psychopathy classes, and Girder was out fixing something in the castle. With a sigh, Trixie popped in her earbuds and began listening to music.
While most of Trixie's music was upbeat and happy, she came across one song that was slower and more somber than the others.
It was enchanting and unnerving at the same time, like listening to a music box that was meant to stop working years prior. The lyrics were hard to understand, but it was something about missing loved ones. Trixie looked at the album cover, and it was the image of a girl with green pigtails. "Sirene Du Vert," Trixie read.
Sirene's song was relaxing, but the more that Trixie listened, the dizzier she became, like her soul was floating out of her body.
As Trixie drifted off, it was beginning to feel like her body was moving on its own in some way. There was a muffled voice that slowly grew louder, "Trixie...Trixie!!" Trixie's eyes jolted open and she saw Psyche and the two pixies looking at her worriedly. Blue's eyes welled up with tears and she hugged Trixie tight. "Ow…" Trixie groaned, rubbing her temple. "What happened? My head is killing me…"
Psyche let out a sigh of relief and gave Trixie a drink of water. "Blue woke up and found you just completely unconscious on the bed. You've been out for a few hours now, but we've been trying to wake you up the whole time."
After drinking the water, Trixie was beginning to feel better. "Thanks, Psyche," she said, standing up and giving Psyche a kiss. "I was listening to a new song from Sirene Du Vert."
"Who's Sirene Du Vert?" Psyche asked, sitting down.
Trixie paused for a moment, then asked, “I haven’t told you about her? She’s my absolute favorite singer!” Trixie pulled up one of Sirene’s songs and handed her headphones to Psyche.
“Even more than Musa? ‘Cause that’s pretty hard to beat, honestly,” Psyche said, putting the headphones in.
Trixie grinned, with her smile slightly too wide and a little uncomfortable as she said, “Don’t worry about it, you’ll agree soon enough.” She hit the play button; Psyche’s eyes became glassy before glowing green. She fell backwards onto her bed as Trixie stood above her, still maintaining her overly-wide grin. Girder and Blue watched worriedly.
“This is what happened with Trixie,” Blue whispered. The green glow spread, and Psyche began floating in the air, emitting the sickly color.
When Psyche landed on the bed again, Trixie made no move to wake her up. “What do you think?” Trixie asked.
Immediately, Psyche sat up, her eyes still glowing green. She slowly turned to Trixie and gave the same warped smile. “Sirene is my favorite singer, didn’t you know?” The green faded, and the girls went back to mostly normal.
Out of sight, Girder and Blue held each other in worry.

Doom and the Trix were eating lunch at a table; since Doom was the only one who wasn’t a wanted criminal in the Magic Dimension, she got to choose the food. This time she got takeout that was kinda spicy and burned at their mouths. Looking up through watery eyes, Darcy commented, “I would have never guessed you like spicy food.”
“We don’t get a lot back home, so I’m enjoying it while I can,” Doom commented. She took some food before sipping her tea.
“You know, Doom, I’ve been wondering, is your name supposed to be, like, ‘Dark Bloom’, or something?” Stormy asked. “Is Doom actually your name?”
Doom calmly put down her food. “That’s a question for my parents. You can always ask them…” she turned to Stormy with a dark look, “ the afterlife, that is.” Stormy jumped a bit and wolfed down her food.
Despite the confrontation they’d had the night before, Doom was surprisingly amenable. Icy found it suspicious. “Doom, what are you playing at?” she asked, putting ehr fork down. “You’re being...decent.”
“I’m in a good mood, that’s all,” Doom said in a calm voice. “When all seven Luminous Jewels are found, I can use their power to open a portal to the Cursed Dimension and reunite with the Jinx.” She continued eating without a care.
“I don’t think you’ve told us about the Jinx,” Darcy said. “Other than that they’re opposite versions of the Winx. Before we meet them...what are they like?” She rested her chin on her palm and stared intently at Doom.
Doom raised an eyebrow and asked, “You really want to know?”
“I mean, kind of,” Icy admitted. “There are so many different ways to be ‘opposite’ from them that it’s hard to picture what they’d be like off the top of my head. Give us an idea of your friends.” All three Trix put down their utensils and stared intently at Doom.
With her eyebrow still raised, Doom looked at the three of them. “Well, if you insist. I guess, first we have Kierra, the Witch of the Darkening Eclipse--Stella’s opposite. She’s pretty depressed, and absolutely hates anything happy. She’s got a lot of shadow magic. Then there’s Fauna, the Witch of the Wild--Flora’s opposite. She’s practically feral at all times, but loves causing trouble. She has lots of Wild Magic. There’s Nisha, Aisha’s opposite. She’s the Witch of Dunes, with sand magic. She’s pretty ruthless, and will do anything for power. There’s Shusha, the Witch of Silence. She’s Musa’s opposite and frankly she’s the only person who kind of freaks me out. You wouldn’t think silence magic to be particularly creepy but…” she shivered. “Last but not least is Recma, the Witch of Destruction. She’s even crazier than Fauna, and purely exists to cause as much damage and destruction as she possibly can. She’s real fun at parties.”
“...Sounds like it,” Icy drily replied. “Well, if they can get rid of the Winx, then that’s fine by me.” She looked at Doom’s wrist and asked, “Aren’t you missing a jewel?” The Wraithix only had three; the red, the blue, and the yellow, but not the green. Doom herself looked at it and replied, “Really? I hadn’t noticed…” before laughing. “Nah, I sent Green out to do a task for me.”
All three Trix asked, “What task?”
With another laugh, Doom answered, “If I told you that, it would ruin the surprise!” The Trix looked at each other with suspicion, but dropped the inquiry.
When Angelo walked into the stadium for his morning sparring with Mira, but she wasn’t there. “Angelo?” He turned to see Diablo walking out in his casual clothes. “What are you doing in your uniform, dude? We have the day off?” Diablo was talking in a teasing way. “You’re such a nerd, dude.” He rubbed Angelo’s hair payfully.
Angelo laughed quietly, before admitting, “I’m waiting for Mira. She and I spar every morning, and Mira’s never late. I wonder if she’s not feeling well…” he wondered nervously.
With a scoff and an eye roll, Diablo swatted Angelo’s forehead. “Angelo, she’s your girlfriend and you didn’t think to check on her? Gah, you really are a nerd.” He grabbed Angelo’s arm and pulled him out of the stadium and down to the dorms. They went straight to Mira’s room and knocked on the door. When she didn’t immediately answer, Diablo opened the door. Mira was lying on her bed, her headphones in, listening to a song. She didn’t seem to notice them, and didn’t react as they walked in. They shared a look and Diablo shook his head and took a step back. Nervously, Angelo stepped forward and gently shook her shoulder. Immediately, she grabbed his arm with a death grip, before looking up. “Oh! Sorry Angie,” she apologized, pulling out her headphones and sitting up.
“Pfffft...Angie??” Diablo laughed.
Immediately, both Angelo and Mira retorted, “Shut up, Diablo,” in perfect unison.
“Oh gods, they’ve already synched up,” Diablo muttered to himself, looking away from the lovebirds.
After a glare at Diablo, Mira smiled at Angelo and asked, “So, what do I owe the visit? You usually don’t come directly to my room.” She grabbed his hands lovingly with happy, flushed cheeks. Then she looked at his outfit and asked, “Why are you in your uniform? Isn’t this the weekend?”
“I asked him the same thing,” Diablo said. “The answer might shock you!” When both Angelo and Mira glared at him again, he laughed,put his hands up in the air, and walked out of the room.
When he was gone, Angelo looked back at Mira and said, “Mira, we were supposed to spar this morning. When you didn’t come, I got worried and so Diabloe and I came to check on you.” He sat down and asked, “Are you feeling okay?”
Mira smiled. “I’m fine! Sorry I forgot about sparring; I’ve just really been into this pop star Psyche sent me. Want to listen?” she held out one of her earbuds to Angelo. With a shrug, Angelo took it.
Diablo was getting bored, waiting by Mira’s door, so when a group of cute first years walked by, he followed. He didn’t notice the sudden green glow coming from Mira’s room. Nor the strange noises as he called, “Hey guys, y’all got any weekend plans?”

The hard part about planning to take the triplets to a concert was that the Winx didn’t know what kind of music the triplets liked--much less their friends. Musa and Bloom were walking through the courtyard, looking at nearby concerts that would take place soon.
“A lot of these would be old out,” Musa commented. “It’s not easy to just randomly take people to a concert after all.” As they walked, there were several students with earbuds or headphones, with dazed expressions.
“I know, but just with how stressed the triplets are, concerts are the one thing we know the three of them enjoy,” Bloom argued. “It’s just a matter of the music.”
“I understand, Bloom, but…” A girl playing music on loudspeaker walked by, and Musa suddenly shrieked and held her ears in pain. She stayed like that until the girl was gone, and the sound of the music faded.
“What was that?” Bloom asked, “Are you okay?” She put her hands on Musa’s shoulders.
“Listening to that music was like someone was jabbing hot pokers into my ears,” Musa said. When Bloom bit her lip, Musa Snapped, “I’m not exaggerating! Whatever that song was, there was something severely wrong with it.” She rubbed her ears and groaned, “My ears are still ringing.”
“I wasn’t really listening, but it didn’t sound too bad to me,” Bloom replied. “Do you need to go to the nurse’s office?” She tried to support Musa’s shoulders, but Musa irately shook her off.
“I’ll be fine; I’m going to my room.” She walked off angrily, leaving Bloom startled and bemused. She kept holding her ears, even though the music wasn’t playing out loud anymore. While she walked off, Bloom continued to the school; this time of day, Volt usually worked out in the gym.
Today, he was dancing ballet while wearing headphones. In a leotard and tights, it was a lot easier to notice his muscular frame than with the bag clothes he usually wore. He had the gym to himself, so he was inhibited by anyone in his way. He leapt into the air, spun a few times, and landed in a split before noticing Bloom. When he did, he stood up and grabbed his towel before pulling his headphones out. “Hey, Bloom, what’s up?”
“Just seeing how you’re doing,” Bloom replied. “Did you know that the mirror will make you magic dancing shoes if you open your heart in front of it.” She walked up until she was right in front of Volt.
“Oh yeah, that happened already,” Volt said. “They weren’t really my style so I gave them to Psyche. And I’m okay, I enjoy dancing in solitude, after all.” He sat down on a bench and drank from his water bottle. “It helps me think.”
“Whatcha thinking about?” Bloom asked, sitting with him.
Volt drank from his bottle some more and then sighed. “Well, for starters, Tecna’s comment stuck with me. Doom has a way of getting people to do what she wants, by her Wraithix powers or sheer manipulation. I’m worried we’re unwitting pawns. After that, I just really miss Orbo, especially since Psyche and Mira are dating Trixie and Angelo.” He lounged back a bit before asking, “How are things with you and Sky? Aren’t you engaged? I think Stella told me so but I don’t remember.”
“We are, we just haven’t figured out what we want to do for our wedding,” Bloom bashfully replied. With a laugh, she patted Volt’s back. “Anyway, the Winx and I are planning on taking you, your sisters, and all of your friends to a concert. Any requests?”
“Well, you know I love classical,” Volt said, patting his phone. “I’ll see what Psyche and Mira say; we usually do things with majority rules.” He stood up and said, “I’ll call them after I get a shower,” before walking out.
On his way to his dorm, Volt passed Musa, who was still rubbing her ears in pain. “Musa, what’s wrong?” He asked.
With a grunt, Musa explained, “I was walking with Bloom, and someone was playing this gods-awful song that felt like hot pokers jabbing in my ears. I couldn’t even hear the music and now my ears are ringing like crazy.” She rubbed her ears, but it didn’t help.
For a moment, Volt was silent as he thought. “I don’t know how much it’ll help, but I could send you some of my favorite Minervan classics. My favorite is Fortuna’s 9th, it really captures the feelings I have with lightning and thunderstorms.” He looked at Musa curiously, with a bit of hopefulness.
“Well, it’s better than nothing,” Musa accepted, before rubbing Volt’s hair. “You’re a thoughtful kid, Volt. Send them to me and I’ll give a listen. You heading up to your dorm before lunch?”
Volt nodded. “Yeah; Psyche and Mira might not mind smelling, but I have a standard of hygiene I like to keep. Also, I’ll text my sisters about that concert before I meet you for lunch and send you the songs.” He began scrolling through his phone as he walked up the stairs.

When lunch came, Musa was listening to the song that Volt had recommended: Fortuna’s 9th. It was energetic, quick, and booming, and really reminded Musa of Volt when he was serious in a magical battle. And, miraculously, it really made the pain from the other music go away.
She looked up to see Volt himself, looking uncomfortable with the expressions his friends and other classmates had. It was a dazed, glassy look that just seemed wholly unnatural. He was just listening to his headphones while they tried to get him to listen to something else.
After a few minutes, he checked his phone, quickly finished his food, took care of his tray and headed over to the Winx’ table. “Mira and Psyche just texted me; they want to go see some singer called Sirene Du Vert...they sent me one of her songs but I don’t feel like listening to it right now.”
At the mention of Sirene’s name, Stella, Flora, Tecna, and Aisha perked up with bizarre smiles. “Sirene Du Vert?” Stella asked in a lofty, dreamy voice that matched her dazed expression.
“She’s my favorite singer!” Flora gasped in the same dazed voice. By now, Musa, Bloom, and Volt were all cringing in concern.
“No way, me too!” Stella, Aisha, and Tecna all gasped in harmony. If Volt didn’t know better, there was a strange green gleam in their eyes, like their thoughts and voices weren’t their own.
All of a sudden, Liz walked up and stood next to Volt, holding her shoulders. “Sorry; the girls are just freaking me out today. Everyone keeps talking about this Sirene Du Vert, but honestly her music is...subpar at best.”
As soon as Liz said that, nearly everyone in the cafeteria let out a collective gasp and turned their eyes to her. “Okay...obviously not what you wanted to hear,” she amended, looking at the shocked, but somehow still blank faces.
“Let’s...uh...let’s go play a video game,” Volt suggested, putting his hands on Liz’ shoulders and leading her out of the cafeteria while everyone watched them.
After the two students left, Musa got up and said, “I’m going to research this...Sirene singer.”
Now the only one who didn’t have some sort of dazed expression, Bloom uncomfortably stood up. “I’m, um, just going to go,” she said, before following the others. When they were gone, everyone’s dreamy, dazed smiles returned like nothing had happened.

Volt refused to take his headphones off at this point. He asked, “Why do I have to come?” He looked at Liz, who just shrugged.
“Because Sirene’s amazing.” The uncanny, flat unison in everyone’s voices (barring the few unaffected) was enough to send chills down Volt’s spine. Even Diablo, the second most stubborn person Volt knew, had the same dazed voice. Somehow emotionless but with the same obsessive tone.
Because Volt and Liz’ music tastes differed, they were each listening to their own thing. Musa was sitting with Bloom, both of them looking like they’d seen a ghost. Before they’d taken off, Musa told Volt that there was no information on this Sirene whatsoever. She came out of seeming thin air, and now was spreading faster than the speed of sound.
“There’s something wrong with her music. An enchantment or something; no one knows who she is, but when they hear her music, suddenly she’s been their favorite for years. And then they get that zombified look.” Musa had told Volt, Liz, and Bloom in private. “The part that is causing me pain is the enchantment in the music.”
The plan was for Volt to cause as big of a surge that he could to disrupt the concert’s power so Sirene couldn’t be heard, then for Liz and Bloom to give Musa some light so she could try to musically restore everyone. Volt had his doubts; if one wasn’t paying attention to Sirene’s music, then they could surpass its power. Ignoring a full concert they were attending was nigh-impossible.
As they came to land at the concert hall in Magix City, Musa had to hold her ears. “It’s not loud, but I can hear her singing,” Musa said. “I think people are playing her song while they wait.” She curled up with her palms pressed to the sides of her head.
From his backpack, Volt pulled a pair of earmuffs, and gently put them over Musa’s ears. They were made of silver and gold, decorated with jewels. Volt grabbed Musa’s hand, and she could hear his voice faintly in her head. “These are the enchanted Muffs of Peace. They will block any and all noises causing you pain. I know silence isn’t really your thing, but a bit of silence is a lot better than suffering.” He smiled kindly at her before sitting back down.
Luckily enough, everyone else queued up for the concert was too focused on Sirene’s music to notice the few that weren’t listening. They really just played games on their phones to pass the time while they waited. The wait was surprisingly short, and soon, they were being led to their seats. Shortly after sitting, Volt stood back up. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have had that soda before coming.” He shuffled along in front of a few irate viewers, before walking out of sight.
Liz watched him nervously, before noticing Diablo discreetly roll his eyes. She narrowed his before pulling out her phone and texting him. “Wait, you’re not dazed out?”
He texted back. “No, I’m not a total moron! Something’s wrong with that Sirene, so I just willfully ignore her music while pretending to listen. C’mon, Lizzy, I thought you knew better.”
“Yeah, well how are you going to ignore Sirene’s music blasting out on loudspeaker? What will you do then, Diablo?”
“...Okay maybe I am a total moron, but beside the point. Y’all are terrible at hiding that you’re conscious, and it’s making them suspicious. So you’d better hope that we can stop Sirene before they force you to listen to her.”
“That’s the plan.”
“Don’t know nothing about no plan, but for all of our sakes, let’s hope it works.”
They put their phones away as Volt came back to his seat. When he was sitting again, Liz shifted his headphones and whispered in his ear. “Wait, really?” Volt asked in surprise, before she and a few other patrons shushed him.
All of a sudden, the lights went out, and spot lights lit up onstage. Standing there was a pale girl with bright green hair, green clothes, and dark green makeup. The closeup of her face on the screens revealed she had poisonous green eyes. The only thing about her that wasn’t green was a small purple-black gem on the choker collar she was wearing.
“That’s her…” Musa gasped in alarm.
“Hello my little guppies!” Sirene shouted, causing uproarious applause that was more deafening than what her music did to Musa. Sirene laughed and smiled at the applause, but it felt disingenuous. Sirene was definitely hiding something. She put the mic to her mouth and sang a single note; it drove the audience crazy but it was an ear-piercing shriek to Musa.
It was overpoweringly loud, and a green soundwave blasted over the crowds. Of course, all of the brainwashed listeners loved it; to Musa, it felt like nothing short of an attack.
"I wanted to say thank you to all of my loyal fans!!" Sirene giggled, waving her hands in front of her.
Everything about her was off. Her feet shifted like she was floating. Her smile looked as if she didn't know how and was faking it. Her eyes were slightly too wide, and gleamed with unnatural light. However, Bloom could also feel something...deep in her Fantasmix, that Musa was likely too distracted to notice.
Before she could hone in on the feeling, another feeling caught her attention. "Doom is here," she gasped out loud, startling Musa, Volt, and Liz.
"What?" Musa asked, using her magic so the four of them could hear each other, even at talking volume.
"Doom is here," Bloom repeated. "I can feel it in my Dragon Flame." She stood up, looking around nervously, trying to pinpoint Doom’s location. It was behind the stage, but otherwise vague. “Keep Volt and Liz safe, I’m going to try to find her.” She walked out of the stadium, past concert workers, before heading outside. Once out of the crowd, she transformed into her Fantasmix and flew up and around. Luckily it was an outdoor stage.
Following the feeling in her Dragon Flame, Bloom landed on the girders above the stage. As soon as she landed, Bloom heard wicked laughter that was unsettlingly familiar, even though she’d only heard it a few times. Directly in front of her, Doom floated until she herself was standing on the girders as well. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t my interdimensional copy,” Doom said. “I’ll never get over how ridiculous you look in that out. It’s like imagining myself in ugly clothes, with terrible hair.”
“You do realize that aside from color, our hair looks the same, right?” Bloom irately asked.
“Ha! You wish your hair was as nice as mine,” Doom laughed, flipping her hair.
Bloom rolled her eyes. Dealing with Doom was no easier than trying to hold a conversation with the Trix. “Whatever,” she groaned. “What are you doing here, Doom?” She crossed her arms, before eyeing the Wraithix. At some point, Doom had added another gem: orange. However, one of the five gems was missing.
“Admiring my jewelry?” She held it up, and each of the jewels glinted in the light. “I’m supposing you’re wondering about Green? Well, I’m using her right now.” She pointed down at where Sirene was dancing.
Bloom looked down at Sirene, then back up at Doom. “Wait, if she’s a Wraith, then why are Stella, Tecna, Flora, and Aishan acting this way? They’re immune to Wraithix because of their Fantasmix.” She looked at Doom in frustration, with small flames sparking in her hands.
For a moment, Doom was stunned with surprise. Then she snickered. Then she snorted. Then she began belly laughing so hard that she’d have fallen onto the stage if she didn’t have the ability to fly. “You think this is the Wraiths’ power? They don’t have mouths, you moron!” After she collected herself, she floated up in the air. “Green is really just a placeholder; I could have even used the Trix for this. However, with their reputations it wouldn’t have worked. I’d tell you how I did it, but…” she grinned and winked, “I don’t want to.” With a laugh, she whipped out an inky magic tentacle that Bloom was barely able to dodge.

As Sirene sang, even the magic earmuffs Volt had given Musa weren’t enough to block the noise. Volt and Liz were having trouble as well, it seemed. At this point, even besides the screeching noise, Sirene’s singing sounded discordant. She didn’t even seem to be trying to sound good at this point.
“That’s not even a language I know!” Diablo complained, surprising Musa. “Make it stop!”
Fighting off her own pain, Musa shouted, “Harmony Shield!” She held her hands in front of her, and shining music notes appeared around her and the trio. They didn’t make Sirene’s singing vanish, but it greatly diminished the effect. Without Sirene’s powers holding them back, the fairies were able to transform. Diablo got a devilish grin and pulled out his sword.
“Finally!” he cackled. “I’ve been itching for a fight ever since Mira went all loopy!” He began vaulting over concert-goers as the fairies flew to the stage. Sirene noticed them as they flew closer, and let loose a soundwave that pushed them back.
As she was about to do it again, Diablo shouted, “Demon Blade!” His sword lit up with red flames, and he slashed it at the soundwave, sending a flying red blade of fire. The energies collided with a thunderous boom. However, this let them pass through and confront Sirene directly.
Face to face with the singer, all of her unnaturalness was in full force. Her eyes looked in different directions, with each eye a slightly different green. She was floating, but was slouched like a puppet. Her hair moved on its own, almost like… “Doom’s Magic…” Musa gasped. “You’re the Green Wraith!”
Sirene giggled and gave a ‘cutesy’ grin that just came off as creepy. “Guess you found me out!” Her mouth didn’t move with her words. Not that it mattered, because in a flash, she was back in her Wraith form, and didn’t have a mouth anyway. “But can you fight all of us at once?” She sent a green soundwave out into the crowd--as she did, Musa noticed the purple jewel on her necklace light up.
“Liz, Volt, Diablo! Hold off the crowd! I’ll take on the Wraith!”
The crowd surged towards the stage like zombies, with fairies and witches taking on their transformations, and specialists drawing their weapons. Diablo grinned eagerly as he leapt into the crowd, happily punching and kicking the fans away. “Woo!!” He bellowed.
In the air, Liz and Volt fired spells at the fairies and witches, dodging what they fired back. However, things became complicated when the other Winx, their friends, and Volt’s sisters joined the fight.

Despite having a wild grin on her face, Doom didn't laugh while she and Bloom fought. She fired inky blots of magic that Bloom was barely able to dodge. Likewise, Bloom was hitting flaming hearts back at Doom, and Doom was having just as much trouble.
"You've definitely improved since last time!" Doom admitted, strangely gleeful about the fact.
Bloom replied, "Putting up with you for this long has taught me a thing or two!" She fired a large fire heart at Doom point-first. Doom grinned and smacked it away.
Both girls were a bit out of breath, as being on equal footing kind of made it hard to try to beat each other. Bloom stared seriously at Doom, and Doom just grinned evilly at Bloom. "Why are you so happy about this, anyway?" Bloom asked. "The Trix always hated it when I got stronger."
Doom shrugged. "It's no fun if there's no challenge. Besides, once I can bring all six of you to face all of us Jinx, then it won't matter how strong you are, anyway." She threw her hand up in the air and created a purple-black cephalopod out of her dark magic.
Bloom followed suit, creating a dragon out of her flames. Bloom and Doom threw their hands out towards each other, palm first, and their constructs clashed in the air.

There was a boom in the air above, like someone was setting off fireworks. Musa didn't look up, mostly because she was still fighting the Green Wraith. Fighting the wraiths three on one had been hard enough; one on one was near impossible, even with Fantasmix.
The Wraith's movements were quick and her form was fluid; she could dodge a sonic wave and unleash one right back at Musa in a second. She wasn't doing much of that, though. Instead she was throwing bolts of dark green energy that sent chills as it flew past. By now, the Green Wraith wasn’t even pretending to sing; she was just wailing and moaning like a ghost.
This didn’t change the effect it had on the crowd; they surged forward, just as hypnotized as they’d been. However, it did make it much harder for Musa’s sound shield to work. The Green Wraith’s wailing, along with the screeching noise emitted from her jewel made the noise unbearable.
This did not help Musa’s efforts to fight her; the only thing that was even remotely helping at this point was the positive energy emanating from her Fantasmix. Wait a minute… she thought. She closed her eyes and summoned some magic between her hands. “Memory of a Melody…” she whispered. She began singing a single note; the magic spell spread outwards. It pushed against the Green Wraith’s wailing like two gentle waves crashing together. Everyone in the immediate vicinity of the stage blinked, the green in their eyes turning a light purple, before fading.
“Huh?” Flora asked, looking around. “Was I...about to attack you, Volt?”
“My head is pounding…” Stella groaned. Suddenly another fairy pushed past her, trying to get at Musa.
“Sorry!” Volt shouted, blasting the fairy away. She flew back, but righted herself as if nothing happened and flew right back at them.
“Hey! What are you doing!?” Aisha shouted, fighting raging fans away from the stage to protect Musa and the kids. The others followed suit, making it much easier to hold back the crowd.
Musa kept singing, creating a more effective barrier against the Green Wraith’s wailing. The Green Wraith wailed more loudly, which did push Musa back, but not by a great deal. The two of them stared at each other, before Musa began singing the words to a lullaby her mother had sung her when she was young.
The extra power from the words boosted the spell enough that it was able to overpower and cancel out the wailing. This allowed Musa to walk right up to the Wraith; she held out her hand and fired a bolt of magic from a wordless spell. It hit the crystal dead-on, cracking the crystal.
The Wraith’s voice faltered, and Musa sang louder. With the sudden hesitation, the zombified fans slowed down, and Volt looked over at Musa. He didn’t know if it would help, but the song she was singing was so familiar…
Volt landed on the ground and began singing along with Musa. With his voice combined with hers, the spell grew stronger and cracked the crystal even more. One by one, the others joined along, singing different lullabies. Despite being different songs, they harmonized effortlessly. Musa’s power grew, and on the final note, everyone’s voices blended together.
With that, the Wraith’s dark crystal shattered, and her voice fanished completely. With a quieter moan, the Wraith shrunk into her green Wraithix gem and flew off, leaving a trail of green light. Musa stopped singing when the Wraith was gone. Her knees shook and she collapsed. Volt quickly flew back to her and helped her stand back up. “Are you okay?” He asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” Musa grunted. She looked out at the crowd; they weren’t aggressive anymore, but their faces were still blank. They were kind of bumping into each other, without Sirene to guide them. “I still need to help them, though.” She walked up to the mic Sirene had been singing into and whispered, “Memory of a Melody…”

After their summons clashed, Doom and Bloom kept firing spells at each other in rapid succession. They collided in the air, but neither of them could get a hit on the other. Before long, Bloom was in the air above Doom, her wings fluttering furiously to keep herself aloft.
The wailing coming from the Wraith onstage hurt Bloom’s ears, but it seemed to boost Doom’s power. The Fantasmix power was just enough to hold against Doom and her Wraithix, but only just enough. With a laugh, Doom said, “Your face looks so dumbfounded! C’mon, it’s not that hard. I’m the Witch of the Kraken’s Ink! You think I don’t have a siren song spell?” She held her sides as she doubled over in laughter. “It’s how I conquered half the worlds back in my dimension!”
“So it’s your magic powering the Wraith, and not the other way around,” Bloom realized.
“I figured you’d be immune. The noise fairy wasn’t a surprise, either. I’m not sure how the kids resisted, though,” she pondered. “Those are the mysteries of life, I suppose,” she decided with the shrug. Looking down at the stage, she grinned, before wickedly smiling at Bloom.
“It looks like your little noisy fairy friend is trying to combat my spell. Such a shame, no mere music spells can fight my siren’s spell,” Doom said, with a casual shrug. She summoned more dark magic and fired it at Bloom. As Bloom tried to dodge, it curved in the air and struck her.
With a shriek, Bloom fell, barely managing to flutter to the girders. She ended up on all fours, exhausted. As she looked onto the stage, she saw a powerful song emanating from Musa, combatting the wailing from the Wraith. Musa’s song was familiar, much like a faint memory that had nearly been lost. Bloom felt some of her strength return, and she sent a small bit of magic Musa’s way to bolster her spell. A slightly brighter glow emitted.
When Volt began singing, the spell grew stronger and brighter. The light and power continued to grow as more people joined in singing as well. Musa’s spell flowed over, and Bloom felt her power growing. She struggled, but she managed to stand up and fly up in the air until she was level with Doom. “You know…” she panted. “For a witch, you talk too much.”
Bloom flew up in the air above Doom, holding her hands above her head as she summoned her flames. “Burning Love Heart Strike!!” She bellowed as she fired the magic at Doom.

Musa sang into the microphone, her song echoing through the stadium. The same light from before began to grow from her chest, and it pulsed from the speakers in large, bubbly music notes. Like with the others who’d broken from Sirene’s spell, their eyes flashed with the purple light before going back to normal.
Once the spell was broken, everyone was watching Musa, completely mesmerized. After a short while, as more people broke from the spell, the purple light Musa was emanating turned red, before floating out in front of her. Still singing, Musa held out her hand as a red jewel dropped into it.
“The Red Luminous Jewel!” Volt gasped. He summoned the Luminous Charm and held it out. With a small nod and smile, Musa gently pushed the jewel, which floated through the air and attached itself with the others.
Unlike the other times, when this jewel joined its siblings, all of the Luminous Jewels flashed at once. Musa’s aura grew brighter, until a burst of sparkling, music-note magic spread in every direction.
She finished the song, and looked at the crowd, both worried and hopeful. Suddenly, everyone burst into applause, creating a roaring noise that was louder than the awful sounds Sirene had been making. However, unlike Sirene’s sounds, the roaring cheers filled Musa with warmth and joy.
“You did it!!” Volt laughed, giving Musa a big hug. The other Winx joined as the cheering continued.
A sudden boom made everyone jump, especially as a figure crashed into the stage. They all looked to see a slightly singed Doom stand up from a hole she’d made from crashing. Everyone had their eyes on Doom, including the cameras that had been set up to film the concert. Doom looked around with wide eyes; the first time that any of them had seen her shocked.
She looked like she was going to try to play it off, but Bloom floated down fro mthe rafters in her Fantasmix, with an orange aura and her hair whipping around as if in a whirlwind.
“Who is that girl?”
“She looks just like Bloom!”
“But wait, isn’t Bloom that fairy flying above her?”
People began shouting in confusion, and a dark, shadowy aura grew around Doom. She floated up in the air-- “She’s a witch!!”--and the Green Wraith’s gem flew and reattached itself.
Doom glared at Bloom, her eyes cold and dark with pure anger and hatred, as her hair began moving on its own like octopus tentacles. With a voice as dark as her magic, Doom told Bloom, “You will regret this.” Behind her back, an inky black hole opened up, and she floated backwards into it, disappearing.
Bloom pretended not to be bothered by Doom’s threat as she flew down and hugged her now-awoken friends. “I’m so glad you’re okay!” She laughed. Despite laughing, it felt like Doom’s cold glare was on her back.

Back in the cave, Doom was watching Bloom through her inky screen. “So you turned your Green Wraith into a siren to try to take over the magic dimension?” Darcy asked. “I’m…actually surprised it didn’t work.” When Doom didn’t say anything, she asked, “Doom?”
“No, that wasn’t the plan,” Doom replied. “Almost everything was going to plan...but then she ruined it!” With a growl, she slashed the screen. It evaporated as Doom clenched her fist.
Nervously, Stormy asked, “Doom, are you okay?”
“I’ll be fine,” Doom answered coldly. “This is just a tiny bump. The last Luminous Jewel is within reach.” She turned to the Trix with a serious look and said, “And for this last one, you’re going to help.” She opened her palm, and shadows twisted above it until it took the shape of a black bracelet with purple, diamond-shaped gemstones.

On Eraklyon, Diaspro’s mother, Diamond, was sitting in the lounge, reading a book. “Interesting-looking book,” a voice commented, making her jump. “Is it any good?” She looked up to see a girl with inky-dark hair, dressed in a dark hood and dress sitting in the chair opposite her.
“Y-you’re that evil witch who looks just like Princess Bloom!” Diamond gasped. “I’ve heard about you!” She stood up and asked, “Who are you? What do you want?”
“I’m Doom, Supreme Overlord of the Cursed Dimension, and Witch of the Kraken’s Ink,” the girl--Doom--replied with a cold, calm smile. “And I want nothing more than to help you out!” Her words seemed hardly credible, but her demeanor was lax and nonthreatening.
However, Diamond couldn’t help but ask, “Help me with what?”
Doom grinned. “All you want is for your daughters to marry princes. Now, I’ve heard that didn’t quite work out with Diaspro, but a little spirit tells me that there was a betrothal between your younger daughter, Safira, and Prince Voltatious of Minerva.”
“That’s correct,” Diamond agreed, “but there’s no way that Lucretia and Marcus would make their son do that.” She looked off to the side. “Poor Safira, she always had liked Volt.”
“Poor Safira, indeed,” Doom agreed, her voice still sounding ingenuine, “but what if I told you there was a way to make Volt’s parents go through with the betrothal? After all, it’s only right that they commit to their promises.”
“What way?” Diamond asked suspiciously.
Doom grinned, before holding out a beautiful but bizarre bracelet. “It’s easy! It just involves this bracelet, and your power of gemstones.”
Diamond stared at the strange, glowing bracelet, and slowly moved forward with a strange purple gleam in her eyes. A bright purple light filled the room as she gently touched her finger to it.