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The Illumination

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“In recent events, a concert by overnight sensation Sirene Du Vert was cancelled by the famous Winx Club, when it was revealed that the singer was using mind control magic to control her listeners.” Volt and his friends were watching a news report on the television. Currently the image was of the Green Wraith in her Sirene disguise, before changing to an image of Doom after she’d crashed into the stage. “A person with a striking resemblance to Winx Club leader, Bloom, was revealed to be in control of the creature.” The reporter continued, “Here with us is the famous leader of the Winx Club, and savior of the Magic Dimension, Bloom!”
The camera panned over to reveal Bloom sitting on a plush couch, dressed up with makeup and with her hair up. The reporter said, “Welcome, Bloom.”
“It’s good to be here,” Bloom replied with a smile.
“Can you tell us about this Doppelganger of yours?” The reporter asked.
Bloom nodded and said, “This will sound like a stretch, but that other girl is named Doom. She’s the Witch of the Kraken’s Ink, and she is from a dimension that is the opposite of ours.”
“Doom?” The reporter asked in surprise. “Tell me more about her.”
Bloom’s expression went from a small smile to a grim frown. “Doom is very unfriendly and cold. She’s manipulative and twisted, and she’s been putting the Winx and I into several dangerous situations. She’s focusing purely on us, but has used her Wraiths on others. They’ve attacked, they’ve possessed, and she’s used the Wraithix to turn some of my friends evil.” She sipped her water before continuing, “Doom wants to bring her friends, the Jinx, to our dimension so they can absorb our powers to boost theirs. We don’t know anything about the other Jinx, but we can only assume that they’re as dangerous as Doom is.”
“How would she bring her friends, do you think?”
“The Luminous Jewels, which have the power of the Illumination. They connect our dimension to hers. We’ve been keeping Jewels safe, and Headmistress Faragonda is putting a protection spell over Alfea for extra security.”
“That’s reassuring,” the reporter said. “I’m glad you’re keeping the Magic Dimension safe. Up next we have a report from Oppositus…” Volt turned the TV off before she could continue her report.
“Well, it’s reassuring that Doom’s become common knowledge,” Volt commented. “But I’m still worried about the Jewels.” He hadn’t told the others yet, but he felt the rising power emanating from thim, and the pocket dimension they were hiding in was hard to contain. He didn’t want to worry anyone, especially now that they needed to protect all seven jewels.
“They’ll be fine!” Christa assured. “Every time Doom has tried to attack Alfea, the Winx have been able to stop her with just their Fantasmix powers. She’s no match for all of them!”
“Doom hasn’t attacked us at full power,” Volt replied. “She has five wraiths, plus the three Trix with Wraiths of their own. She’s only ever sent one Wraith at a time, except when she first attacked us. And when she did that, Mira, Psyche, and I had to summon all of our Illumination power to drive them off.” He turned to his friends with a grim expression. “If she attacks us with everything she’s got, I don’t think we stand a chance.”
When his stomach growled, he blushed and said, “I think I’m going to get some food. I’m hungry.” He left the room and his friends in a grim silence. As he walked down the hall, he ran into Daphne.
“Hello Volt!” she said, waving happily and smiling. When Volt could barely muster a smile in return, she asked, “Is something wrong, Volt?” She put her hand on his shoulder to stop him.
“I’m fine, just some anxiety,” Volt said. “I’m feeling hungry so I was heading to the cafeteria.” He pointed in the direction that he’d been walking.
Daphne still looked concerned, but she sighed and said, “Okay, I’ll let you go eat. But you know that you can talk to me about anything, right?”
Volt nodded and said, “Thanks, Daphne,” before continuing to walk. Mira and Psyche were at their schools, and he didn’t want them to worry--knowing Psyche and Mira, they’d drop whatever they were doing, and he wanted them to enjoy their weekend.
“Volt!” Ella’s voice shouted. Volt turned to see her running up from behind him, along with Roxy, Liz, and Christa. When they caught up with him, Ella said, “We’re feeling kinda hungry too, so we decided to eat with you.”
It was a small gesture, but Volt was feeling a lot calmer. Ella linked her arm in his, giving him a wink as they walked down the hall. When they got to the cafeteria door, it was shut. When Volt looked at his friends, they were all grinning excitedly and biting their lips.
With narrowed eyes, Volt walked suspiciously up to the door and opened it. He looked across the room and gasped. “Orbo!?” Orbo was standing across the room with Mira, Psyche, the Winx, the Specialists, Angelo, Diablo, and Trixie.
Slightly nervous, Orbo held his arms up for a hug. Happily, Volt ran up and jumped into Orbo’s arms and gave him a big kiss on the lips. “Orbo, what are you doing here??”
“I got him a job as a J’valikts instructor!” Mira bragged. “C’mon, Volt, I told you I was doing this a while ago.” She walked up as Orbo was holding Volt and proudly patted Orbo’s shoulder like he was an animal she’d caught.
Orbo put Volt on the ground and said, “I’ll be able to see you so much more than when living on Minerva.” He smiled happily at Volt, and the two of them staring at each other happily.
Bloom had her arm linked with Sky’s, and she rested her head on his shoulder, watching them happily. “I’m so happy for Volt,” she said. “He’s so lucky to have found love that young.”
While Orbo and Volt were still hugging each other and slightly dancing around, a bright light began growing in between the two of them. A rainbow of colors spun from it, and in a flash the Luminous Charm appeared, slowly spinning in the air while the Jewels glowed. Volt and Orbo backed away in surprise, while all of the others stared.
“I’m guessing that wasn’t on purpose, was it, Volt?” Nex asked. “You look like you’ve just seen a ghost!”
“No, I’ve seen ghosts before and that’s not the right expression,” Psyche corrected. She turned to Volt and gently asked, “Volt, is something wrong?”
“It’s fine...I’m just having some trouble keeping the Charm hidden,” Volt explained. “The Jewels are very powerful and it seems that they’re linked to my emotions.” He put his hands out to the Charm and tried to vanish it, however it stayed in place. Slowly rotating like a pinwheel.
“I’m not surprised,” Faragonda said, walking into the room with Saladin and Griffin. “The Luminous Jewels hold the power to traverse between the Magic and Cursed Dimensions. They’re charged with the light of the Illumination, much like you are. Though it seems that they can’t just be stored away.” She walked forward and held her hand out to the Luminous Charm, which floated above her palm.
Musa commented, “I’ve been wondering; if the Jewels are how you can cross from one universe to the other, then how was Doom able to do it? She doesn’t have any of the Luminous Jewels.”
Griffin grimly commented, “I’d say the same way she freed the Trix from Limbo. I’ve read up on Wraithix, and it can tear open small interdimensional holes. It’s strong enough for her to cross over, but too unstable to bring anyone else.”
“It’s likely why she’s so interested in the Jewels in the first place; with them she can open a large enough portal for her Jinx friends to come through, and carry out their plan to absorb the six of you,” Saladin continued thoughtfully.
“I don’t like the sound of that,” Brandon said. “I mean, I’d give anything to have more Stellas in my life, but not if one is planning on absorbing the other. That’s just...weird.” He laughed a bit at the stink eye that Stella was giving him.
Flora commented, “I’m both curious and worried about the powers the Jinx have. We know Doom is the Witch of the Kraken’s Ink, and that she and the others are meant to be the opposite of us. But what constitutes as the ‘opposite’? Is my opposite the Witch of Fire or something?” She bit her index finger anxiously.
Faragonda gave the Luminous Charm back to Volt and said, “Well, hopefully you don’t have to find out. Griffin, Saladin, and I are going to place the protection spell. This should keep Doom and the Trix away from Alfea and the Luminous Jewels.” Together, the three headmasters walked out.
Looking at the Luminous Jewels, then thoughtfully resting her hand on her chin, Aisha mused, “You know, if we have all of the Luminous Jewels, shouldn’t know...use them?” When everyone looked at her with confusion, she elaborated, “With seven jewels we can open a portal between worlds. Why don’t we try to put Doom back into hers?”
Tecna thought for a moment. “Theoretically that could work, but we don’t know how to use the Charm, and she might just use her Wraithix to come back, just like the first time.”
“If she does, then we’ll destroy the Wraithix and just send her back again,” Aisha commented. “There’s one of her, and six of us. And besides, her Wraithix doesn’t work on us! Heck, Bloom, you took her down easy at Sirene’s concert.”
“There was more to it than just ‘taking Doom down easy’,” Bloom said reluctantly. “Musa’s music powered me up and I caught Doom by surprise. She retreated on her own, but I think that was just from being found out.”
Volt nervously raised his hand. “Not to be negative or contrary...but…”he shrunk into himself. “I think this is a really bad idea.”
When everyone looked at him, his face flushed and backed into Orbo, who put his hands on Volt’s shoulders. Taking a deep breath, Volt continued, “We haven’t seen Doom at full power yet, I’m sure. If you think about it, Doom has the power of the Kraken’s Ink. That makes her a powerful witch on its own. Her Wraithix boosts her powers and she has five Wraiths now that can fight for her. Then she also has the Trix, whose own powers are boosted by Wraithix, with a Wraith each.” He ran out of fingers to count, but said, “As powerful as we all have become, we really shouldn’t underestimate her.”

“So what’s Phase 2?” Stormy asked with a yawn. She came out into their little living room area to see Doom, Icy, and Darcy watching the TV report. When the picture of Doom popped up, she snickered and commented, “that is not a flattering picture of you.”
Doom looked annoyed, but commented, “I couldn’t care less about how flattering the picture is. The fact that there’s a picture of me at all is the issue.” She sighed and turned off the TV and commented, “Well, at least I don’t have to worry about it for long, because I’ll be back home soon.”
Darcy looked at Doom and asked, “The Cursed Dimension, correct? Aren’t you widely known there, too? What’s the difference?”
Doom looked at Darcy seriously and answered, “There, I’m ruler of the entire dimension. Here, I’m just a criminal who tried to hypnotize others with a magic pop singer.”
Icy smirked and commented, “And here I thought everything was according to plan, Doom.”
Again, Doom was annoyed, but didn’t do anything but say, “Minor hiccup; everything else has worked out just fine. Well, are the three of you ready? It’s time to steal the Luminous Jewels.” She clapped her hands together and smiled encouragingly at the Winx.
“How, are we going to do that?” Icy asked. “I mean, they’re going to put a defensive shield around the school. It’s not like we can just break through it…” when Doom grinned devilishly, Icy asked, “Can we?”
“You three haven’t been fully utilizing the power of your Wraithix,” Doom explained. “We’re going to hit Alfea with everything we’ve got.” She stood up straight and held her fist up, flaring her nostrils confidently. With another smile and a wink to the Trix, she said, “Let me show you everything you can do with a Wraithix.”

It was an even divide between who agreed with Aisha, and who agreed with Volt. Volt hadn’t wanted to start a fight, but luckily the argument was remaining fairly civil. Bloom said, “She’s too big of a threat for us to let her stay in Magix. I’d rather face her than her and all of her friends.”
“If we keep the Luminous Jewels safe, then we don’t have to worry about the other Jinx or Doom’s plans,” Tecna argued. “Going after Doom with the Charm in hand is practically giving it to her.”
Flora added, “Also, because the Luminous Jewels are connected to Volt, it would likely be putting Volt in direct danger.”
“We can protect Volt. We’ve been protecting all three of the Illuminates all this time, after all,” Stella rebutted. “It’s no use holding onto the Luminous Jewels if we don’t try to use them! We could be saving the entire Magic Dimension!”
“We could be putting it in danger,” Tecna retorted. “It’s best not to play into Doom’s hands...again. I’ve been wondering why Doom hasn’t made any attempts to steal the Jewels so far. What if she’s been waiting for us to collect them all?” She looked at Volt, who was being consoled by his sisters.
As the Winx all faced each other to keep arguing, Volt spoke up. “Wait, wait. Mira, Psyche, and I talked. If Doom tries to attack, then we use the Luminous Jewels on her. But only if then, okay?”
All of the Winx looked at the Illuminates, before nodding and mumbling their agreement. Only Tecna asked, “Are you really okay with this, Volt? We don’t want to put you in any unnecessary danger.”
“I’ll be fine. I’m a strong fairy. Besides, I’ll have Psyche, Mira, and all of our friends with me,” Volt assured, with Psyche and Mira each taking one of his hands. He still seemed nervous, but much more confident with the two of them at his side. The Luminous Jewels glowed brighter in response to his feelings.
After everyone calmed down, they finally began eating their food. Volt sat with Orbo, with the two of them laughing and feeding each other. As the Winx watched him, he seemed to sparkle and laugh more with Orbo by his side then without. It was a new side of Volt that they hadn’t seen before, and his smile had never been brighter. It was like he was glowing.
All of a sudden, a resonating boom shook the entire school. Everyone ran out of the cafeteria together to see Doom and the Trix floating in the air above the forcefield the headmasters had made. All three of them were smiling smugly as they looked down at the school. “Oh good!” Doom called. “I was worried that wouldn’t get your attention!”
“What do you mean ‘wouldn’t get our attention’!?” Bloom exclaimed. “It sounded like you were trying to knock down the entire school!!” She looked ready to fight, but Sky held her back.
“She can’t break through the barrier,” Sky said. “It’s the combined power of all three headmasters. No way can they match it.”
Immediately, Doom began laughing. Unlike her laughter from before, which had been calm if condescending, this laugh was wild and unhinged. It was like Volt had said. Doom had been holding back before, but now they were going to see her at her worst. When she was done laughing, her hair was moving on its own, tossing itself and twisting around on its own. “This version is funny, but mine is much better. Prince Sky of Eraklyon, is it? Don’t be so sure. I’ve taught the Trix a little trick…” looking at the Trix, she asked, “Are you ready?”
All four witches held up their hands, and their Wraith Jewels began to glow. The jewels removed themselves and formed a circle that floated in the air in the middle of the four of them. Lines of light connected the jewels, which began glowing brighter. All four witches thrusted their hands in the direction of the forcefield and shouted, “Wraithix Convergence! Shadow Drill!”
A gigantic beam of pitch-black energy blasted from the middle of the jewels and struck the surface of the forcefield, with a pointed end that drilled powerfully and relentlessly against the shield. At first, it didn’t do anything except make a terribly loud noise. Then cracks began forming as the protection spell began breaking. There was a shattering noise and the black energy broke through and struck the ground. The Winx, the Specialists, and everyone stared in horror as the forcefield completely shattered, and the energy beam disappeared. The gems all flew to their respective witches, and they all descended until they were floating right above the ground. Storm clouds began gathering, and a distant thunder rumbled.
“Well…” Stella commented, “this is bad.”
The Winx transformed into their Fantasmix and flew into the air, facing all four of the witches. Some of the students came out, and Volt and his friends transformed into their Enchantix and flew up in the air to help the Winx. “Ten fairies, four witches,” Liz said confidently. “This’ll be a piece of cake.”
Doom grinned wickedly and snapped her fingers. All five of her gems flew off of her Wraithix and formed their bodies. They’d already seen the original three Wraiths, but they hadn’t seen the Yellow Pixie Wraith, or the Orange Centaur Wraith. The Yellow Wraith looked painfully like Ninfea, but the Orange Wraith was unrecognizable. The Trix followed suit, summoning their Wraiths, taking the forms of their fairy animals.
In a much smaller voice, Liz commented, “Oh…”
“Keep Volt safe!” Bloom shouted, as Doom immediately flew up to her and struck her with her magic. Bloom flew back a bit, before flying up to Doom again and hitting her with flames. This didn’t have the same effect on Doom, who didn’t fly back as far.
Volt still had the Luminous Charm, but he was clutching onto it as tightly as he could. He flew away from the combat as quickly as he could. Doom took a moment from fighting Bloom and sent the Red Wraith after Doom. The Wraith was quick, much faster than Volt could fly. Soon she was in front of Volt, growing to her giant size and reaching out towards Volt.
“Volt!!” Volt heard his friends shout, flying up behind him.
Volt looked back and saw that Doom was raising her hand again. He shrunk the Luminous Charm down and turned it into a pin for his lapel. Summoning his power he used a wind to blow his friends back to the ground by the door. “Wraithix Shadow!” Doom and the Trix shouted.
Darkness pulsated from all of the Wraiths at once, covering Alfea in a dark haze, making it significantly harder to see. After the fairies landed, the shadow washed over them and their transformations dissolved. All of the other students who’d come outside collapsed to their knees and were shaking. Even Faragonda and Saladin were disarmed. Griffin, seeing the danger that the students were in, shouted to the specialists. “Get the students inside!”
Nex, Helia, Brandon, Sky and Timmy began helping students stand and walk inside. Angelo and Diablo were slightly affected by the shadow, but they managed to pull in some support of their own. Volt turned back to the Red Wraith, and began summoning lightning to blast at her.
Before Volt could fire it, the thunder got louder, the storm clouds grew thicker, and it began raining. The wind picked up as Stormy laughed wildly, and her Wraith flew in circles in the air, summoning more storm clouds. Aisha was going toe-to-toe with Stormy, using the rain to boost her Morphix. She made the consistency more rubberlike and used it to bounce Stormy’s lightning back at her. However, with Stormy’s boosted power she’d shock the Morphix whenever Aisha tried to trap her in it.
Darcy was up against Musa, each of them sending soundwaves of magic at each other that cancelled each other out. Darcy’s Wraith was trying to get the jump on Musa, but couldn’t get close to her because Musa would let out a sonic scream to push it back. It would have been funny if not for the situation.
Stella was against Icy, blasting beams of sunlight against Icy’s ice shards and blizzards. It was a fairly balanced battle; Stella’s full Fantasmix powers were on full display and she was definitely enjoying herself. She’d spin in the air, shooting star blasts at icy that hit her as hard as Icy’s ice would hit Stella. If Stella wasn’t melting it with a sunlight shield.
Flora was against the Yellow Wraith, and it didn’t help that the two of them had similar powers. However, while Flora’s plant had green stems with normal petals, the Wraith’s were pitch-black with sickly yellow petals. “Ninfea, please listen to me! Please get a hold of yourself!” Flora pleaded. She was holding back as much as she could to stop from hurting the pixie inside of the Wraith, but it was clear that Ninfea wasn’t present. The Wraith attacked relentlessly; she was smaller than the others, but she wasn’t any weaker.
Psyche and Trixie were up against the Blue and Green Wraiths, which would intermittently attack between the two of them. Trixie was throwing every trick spell and hex she could at the monsters, but they’d either deflect or just pass right through. Psyche was having more luck with her ghostly mafic, but it didn’t do much more than slow the Wraiths down a bit. Not easy when they don’t have souls, Psyche thought. At least the Wraiths weren’t hurting anyone else for the time being.
Mira was against the Orange Wraith, blocking the jabs and swipes of its spear with her sword. She was in her paladin form, and despite the strength she’d been gaining with her magic, holding the form was draining on her, especially holding it as long as she did. How long can we keep this up? Will we be beaten by Doom’s forces? She thought. The Specialists were still helping fairies into the school; it wasn’t likely they’d be able to fight off the Wraiths, anyway.
“Ink Blot!” Doom shouted, blasting fully liquid inky power at Bloom. Bloom was barely able to counter the attack with her own magic.
“That’s disgusting!” Bloom protested.
Doom just cackled madly. “When will you finally figure out I’m the Witch of the Kraken’s! Ink! Emphasis on Ink, Bloom!” She summoned more blobs of ink and fired them at Bloom. They weren’t easy to dodge, and judging by the sounds of when they went splat, they weren’t very fun to get hit with, either. Doom was cackling like a demon, throwing more and more blobs of ink.
The gloves were off and Doom was just having fun going buckwild. “Blowtorch!!” Bloom shouted, holding her hands out. A near bladelike flame shot from her palms, shooting straight at Doom. Doom just laughed and summoned her usual swirly inky wormhole. The flame flew into it, and shot out bright purple. Bloom, not knowing what to do, made a flame with her hand and knocked the flame back like a tennis ball. This seemed to catch Doom by surprise, especially when it hit her.
Volt clapped his hands, blasting lightning at the Red Wraith. She was still in her giant form, but he was aiming for the jewel, trying to disrupt her power. Just by wearing the Luminous Jewels, Volt felt his power boost dramatically. After several misses, Volt got a big bolt to hit right on the center of the jewel. Just was he expected, the Wraith gave a small, whining wail as her body turned into red light and shrunk into her gem. The gem shrunk to its usual size, and flew back to Doom. Doom, who was busy flinging spells at Bloom, briefly looked back at Volt before turning back to her opponent.
Everyone was flying around, but it seemed that the Wraiths, Trix, and Doom were herding the Winx towards the general same area. It wasn’t obvious, but it seemed to be more and more like that the more he watched. He looked up and saw Mira fighting the Orange Wraith. Fluttering his wings, Volt shot up towards the two of them and told Mira, “Go land and rest your magic a bit!” He said. Up in the air, he was closer to the lightning storm that Stormy had summoned and used the lightning to fight.
It was hard keeping up with the Yellow Wraith; her plants were quick and vicious, and Flora was still having trouble bringing herself to try attacking the small Wraith. She was also pretty quick, despite how small she was. “Petal Storm!” Flora shouted. Her hands glowed and petals shot out in a flurry, blowing all over the small Wraith that Yellow had trouble fighting against. However, it didn’t do much in terms of actually fighting. Out of nowhere, Mira dropped out of the air and kicked the little Wraith away. “Mira!” Flora gasped in shock.
“What? It’s not Ninfea! It’s a monster wearing her face!” Mira protested. The Yellow Wraith hissed and opened a gaping (for her) mouth filled with tiny sharp fangs. Mira jumped back with a small shriek. “EW!!” she squealed, punching the Wraith away.
“Okay..I believe you…” Flora admitted sadly. “I just wish that there was a way we could bring Ninfea back.” As the Yellow Wraith flew at the two of them, Flora shouted, “Lotus Blast!” striking the Wraith with her magic. The two of them went back to back, so the Wraith couldn’t hit them from either angle.
Psyche and Trixie grabbed hands and jumped and dodged the two Wraiths’ attacks. “Convergence! Jack’o Blast!” they shouted together. A glowing jack-o-lantern appeared around their joined hands, and a burst of blue-white flames shot out at the Wraiths. Both Wraiths tried to dodge, but the flames honed in on their gems, and struck them each with a burst.
Both Wraiths let out a moan and vanished into their gems, before reattaching to Doom. Happily, Psyche and Trixie high-fived, before Trixie suddenly sneezed. Between Icy and Doom’s powers, the air was growing colder. Psyche told Trixie, “Get inside, you’re going to get sick.”
“What about you?” Trixie asked worriedly.
Psyche grinned and gave a thumbs up. “I’m the Witch of Spirits, and I trained in Deep Minerva. I can resist the cold.” She snapped her fingers, and a ghostly wind swiftly whooshed Trixie inside.
As quickly as she could, Psyche launched into the air and joined Volt in fighting the Orange Wraith. “Hey Volt, need some help?” Psyche playfully asked, before hitting the Wraith with a soul spell.
“Thanks, Psyche,” Volt said. “ it just me, or is getting colder?”
“It’s getting colder, with all of the cold-powered witches...and maybe Mira,” Psyche replied. “Everyone’s going to get sick if we don’t end this soon.”
“You’re right,” Volt agreed, “but I’m worried. Doesn’t it seem like Doom is corralling everyone?” He shot a lightning bolt into the air, which sparked amongst the clouds and shot down onto Wraith all at once.
Psyche looked down, and she noticed that between Doom, the Wraiths, and the Trix, it was like they were trying to keep the fairies in a tight circle. “You’re right, Volt,” she agreed. “I don’t like the look of that.”
“Let’s take care of this Wraith, and then we’ll do what we do best,” Volt said. With a sly grin and added, “cause trouble.” Without another word, the two of them thrust their palms in the Wraith’s direction, firing off a ghostly flame mixed with lightning. The power struck the Wraith’s gem, and it gave a moan as it shrunk into its gem and reattached itself to Doom’s Wraithix.
Flying next to each other, Volt and Psyche shared a look and Volt asked, “Shall we?”
Psyche nodded, and the two of them grabbed hands. “Convergence! Luminous Comet!” A white aura surrounded the two of them, and they flew at top speed, quickly hitting all of their enemies and throwing them all off balance.
They regrouped with the others; they were still more corraled than Volt was comfortable with, but with four Wraiths down, things were starting to look up.
Doom, the Trix, and the remaining Wraiths floated in the air around the little group.
Even though she didn’t move, Doom’s expression was very telling. She had them all right where she wanted them.
Volt quickly patted his lapel. Luckily, the Luminous Charm was still pinned there, so Doom hadn’t managed to snatch it off when he and Psyche had hit her. There were still the Trix and the Wraiths in the air, and Volt wasn’t sure how accurately he could fire any power from the Jewels. He looked at Aisha, who nodded. Volt pulled the Charm off of his lapel and grew it to full size, holding it in both hands.
With the Luminous Jewels back out, the battle suddenly became a free-for-all. The Trix struck down at Volt all at once, with Volt barely able to dodge their hit. He flapped his wings as fast as he could, clutching the Luminous Charm tightly.
Before the Trix could reorient themselves, Psyche and Mira hit Darcy and Stormy from the side, knocking them into Icy.
Doom began flying after Volt, but Bloom and Stella struck her at the same time and knocked her away before she could get close. Icy’s Wraith slithered through the air towards Volt as he weaved around dodging magical attacks. All of a sudden, Volt was surrounded by images of Darcy.
“C’mon, Volt, we’re family,” Darcy taunted, her voice resonating from the multiple copies. “You can trust me with the jewels.” She held her hand out pleadingly, with eyes that did not match the sugar-sweet tone she was trying pass off.
Volt clenched his fists and threw his hands out, sending bolts of lightning in all directions, evaporating all of Darcy’s illusions and shocking Darcy herself. There was a moment where her eyes went wide with surprise, but otherwise she didn’t seem to be upset. “Impressive,” She admitted before Volt was able to fly off.
This time he ran into Stormy, who crossed her arms and grinned wickedly. “We haven’t gone one on one since Pixie Village, have we cuz?” She asked. Summoning lightning of her own, she said, “Don’t expect me to go easy on you.” She fired the magenta lightning bolts at Volt.
Holding the Luminous Charm in one hand, Volt outstretched his other. The lightning redirected around him and he fired it right back at her. Just like with what Volt had just done, Stormy redirected the lightning again. When it flew back at him, Volt didn’t try to control or redirect it. Instead, he closed his eyes and absorbed the power. Instead of blasting more lighting, Volt created a whip-like lightning bolt and flicked it at Stormy. It hit Stormy with a crack and a boom, and the force from it sent Stormy flying backwards.
Instead of waiting for someone else to come up and attack him, Volt flew towards Doom, summoning more power to the jewels, making them glow brighter and brighter. Soon, he was right in front of Doom, who turned to face him. Her face was surprised, and Volt said, “Goodbye, Doom. It hasn’t been a pleasure.” As he went to fire the energy stored in the jewels, a cold hand grabbed his wrists and proed his hands apart, taking the Luminous Charm straight from him.
Volt looked to see the Blue Wraith holding the Jewels in his hands. The Blue Wraith looked at Volt with his blank face and threw the Jewels at Doom like a frisbee. Doom caught it effortlessly, and everyone froze with shock. With a laugh, Doom said, “You are so naive... you think forcing the Wraiths into their gems will make them stay there?” She began laughing more and more, before looking at the Luminous charm with a smile of pure malice.
Silently, but still smiling, Doom snapped her fingers. All of her Wraiths detached from the Wraithix and flew at the Winx and Illuminates. Their gems grew larger and they didn’t form their bodies, but by pure force, they knocked the Winx and Illuminates in a group together. The Winx were on the ground, dazed and hurt, but the Illuminates managed to stand.
“Now...let’s get back home,” Doom said. She held her hand out towards the Winx Illuminates, and the Luminous charm began spinning like a pinwheel, faster and fast as the Jewels’ rainbow light grew brighter. The rain stopped, but the clouds still covered the sky. The Specialists and students started coming out as a beam of rainbow light shot from the Luminous Jewels.
In a split second, the Illuminates jumped to each others’ sides, and a white forcefield sprung up as the rainbow beam hit. The light became blinding, and everyone looked away, shielding their eyes. When they looked again, the Winx, the Illuminates, the Trix, and Doom were all gone.

When the light vanished, the Illuminates collapsed to their knees. “That was exhausting,” Psyche yawned. The Winx’ Fantasmix disappeared, and they got up to help the Illuminates stand.
“Where...where are we?” Bloom asked. It resembled the Alfea courtyard, except very, very different. The shape of the buildings was almost the same, but the designs of the pillars and the windows resembled something out of a halloween store. It looked like it was about to fall apart from age. Instead of pink, the buildings were a dark shade of red. Just like back in Alfea, the sky was covered in dark clouds, except these ones were nearly pitch-black.
“Omegea, the school for Witches here in Cursix,” Doom answered, with the Luminous Charm floating above her hand. “Welcome to the Cursed Dimension, I’d show you around, but you won’t be seeing much of it anyway.” She laughed wickedly,before shrinking the charm and pocketing it.
“Doom” Bloom shouted. “Give us back the Luminous Charm, or we’ll take it by force!” The other Winx took combative poses, ready to transform and fight Doom again.
Once again, Doom began laughing. Her laughter was quick, wild, and completely confident. “Oh, Bloom, Bloom, Bloom, don’t you understand? We’re not in the Magic Dimension anymore.” As Doom said this, five dark figures leapt from the roof of the school.
The five silhouettes flew through the air, before joining Doom. As they all descended, the Winx and Illuminates watched with dread as they all became more visible.
Each one of these witches resembled one of the Winx, despite some minor differences. Each one looked wicked, dangerous, and ready to attack. After all of they’d been through, they were finally looking at the Jinx. With a wicked grin, Doom finished, “You’re on our turf, now.”