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The Illumination

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From the Trix’ expressions, they hadn’t seen the Jinx before, either; which was fair, considering this would have been their first time in the Cursed Dimension, and the only Jinx who’d been in the Magic Dimension was Doom. They looked back and forth from the Winx to the Jinx with confusion and a little distress. Quietly, Icy mumbled, “This is going to give me vertigo.”
The Winx weren’t better off in the slightest, staring at their dark doubles in frozen shock. Flora’s knees were shaking, and Tecna was holding her head like she was going to faint. Stella was staring with disbelief, Aisha’s eyes were narrowed aggressively, and Musa had her teeth and fists clenched. Doom looked like she was reveling in their discomfort.
“Well, even though you won’t get to know each other, might as well make with the introductions,” Doom said. “As you all know, I’m Doom, Witch of the Kraken’s Ink and Bloom’s opposite. Flora, your opposite here is Fauna, the Witch of the Wild. Stella, meet Kierra, the Witch of the Darkening Eclipse. Aisha, this is Nisha, the Witch of Dunes. Musa, here’s Shusha, the Witch of Silence. Last but not least, Tecna, we have Recma, the Witch of Destruction.” She gestured to each of the other Jinx, but they didn’t give any gesture of introduction.
It was very, very clear that these witches were connected to the Jinx. Fauna was nearly identical to Flora, with the same facial features, body, and hair length. However, her eyes were blood red with slit pupils, her smile was filled with razor-sharp fangs, and she had a tail, cat ears, and claws. She wore a short gray dress with a shredded hem, short sleeves, and cut-out shoulders underneath a black corset. She wore black fur cuffs on her wrists, and black fur moccasin boots with silver plating on the shins. Her hair had stripes of orange mixed in, and she had black marks under her eyes.
Kierra had a greater resemblance to Stella, except she was much paler with dark blue eyes, and long black pigtails that were blonde at the tips. Unlike Stella, her hair hung over her eyes. She wore a dark blue halter top strapped on her right shoulder, a dark blue, spiked studded belt over a long, open-front skirt. Underneath she wore blue shorts and knee-high boots with crescent moon cuts on the top, and blue fishnet stockings. On her forearms were orange gauntlets, and in her hair she wore an orange headband and blue hair ties. She had dark blue markings under her eyes.
Nisha looked a lot like Aisha, but had the slit pupils, claws and fangs. Her ears were fanneded, and her ears and the tips of her cas had gray, reptilian scales. Her hair was shorter than Aisha’s, styled in a curly bob with a small ponytail in the back. She wore a red shawl with her torso and her biceps covered in bandages. She had a dark red short skirt with a shredded helm. Around her waist was a red sash that hung to her knees, clipped with a small skull. She had dark red knee-high boots and torn, dark-red fingerless gloves.
Shusha had much lighter hair than Musa did, in two buns, and she had orange eyes. Her mouth was completely covered in a heavy, metallic mask, with cups covering her ears, held in place with green straps that wrapped around the back of her head. She wore a loose green stop with her right shoulder uncovered and her left arm was covered in a long, loose sleeve. She had a wraparound skirt that fell to her left side, with her legs exposed. On the hems of her shirt and skirt, as well as her collar and the cuff of her sleeve were a lighter green. Under these, she had a dark green skintight suit, with long sleeves that ended in fingerless gloves and shorts. Her boots were knee-high, and unlike more boots, widened at the top like a cone. She had green marks under her eyes.
Recma was paler, like Tecna, but her hair was bright green, she had purple eyes, and she had a wild, manic smile. She had black headphones that wrapped around the back of her ears with pointed antennae, connected by an arch that fell on the back of her neck. She had a turquoise high-neck tank top with fabric that hung in the front and back of her legs with a light orange stripe that ran down to her waist. Under that she had a dark teal, short-sleeve, tee-shirt with frayed sleeves and hem, and black leggings. She had black fingerless gloves with light orange bars, and dark teal, knee-high boots with light orange heels and toes which were frayed on the top.
After introducing each other Jinx, Doom gestured to the Winx. “And Ladies, we have our sugar-sweet sickening opposites, the Winx! Bloom, Fairy of the Dragon’s Flame; Flora, the Fairy of Nature; Stella, the Fairy of the Shining Sun; Aisha, the Fairy of Waves; Musa, the Fairy of Music; and Tecna, the Fairy of Technology.” At the mention of their respective Winx’ names, each Jinx narrowed her eyes and glared. As if an afterthought, “Oh, and also here are the Illuminates; Volt, Fairy of Lightning; Mira, Warrior of Snow; and Psyche, Witch of Spirits. Anywho, Ladies, you know what to do.”
Immediately, each Jinx dove down and attacked her Winx, while each Winx transformed into their Fantasmix. Starting off, Kierra fired spells of pure shadow at Stella. “Shining Shield!” Stella shouted, creating a shining sun-shaped shield that barely withstood the force of Kierra’s attacks. Kierra growled and summoned more darkness, swinging her hands at Stella with the darkness in them. Stella countered with star-shaped light that only seemed to enrage Kierra more. As Kierra attacked her, Stella tried to find some common ground with her. “I-if you’re the Witch of the Eclipse, then you have the power of the sun and moon, like I do! I-it almost makes us the same!” She managed to stammer.
Kierra stopped attacking for a moment, and told Stella in a deep, raspy voice, “I find the moon less annoying when it blots out the sun. But you and your smile annoy me most of all.” She finished with an accusatory point at Stella, before blasting more darkness at her.
Despite not attacking directly right away, Shusha was quick and quiet, making it very hard to detect and attack her. Whenever Musa thought she had a handle on where Shusha was and blasted a soundwave, Shusha would vanish from that spot and move somewhere else. After several unsuccessful attacks, Musa growled in frustration and asked, “The Witch of Silence!? How does that even work!?”
Without a word, Shusha’s eyes went unnervingly wide and she thrust her hand towards Mmusa. A wave of silence hit Musa at once, so quiet so quickly that it even hurt her ears. Musa held her ears and tried to scream in pain, but no sound came out. When Shusha stopped, Musa looked up at her and said, “Ah. That makes sense.”
“Wow, I knew that my opposite would be weak but this is pathetic!” Nisha taunted, blasting waves of heat at Aisha. It was fairly dry already, and Nisha’s power seemed to make it even drier. Being a witch of the desert, that made sense. “You can’t even summon enough water to attack me properly!”
With a glare, Aisha flew up to face Nisha and began summoning her gummy pink Morphix. “I don’t need to summon water; I can shape the water molecules into whatever I need,” Aisha proudly retorted, shooting the growing Morphix blob at Nisha.
With a cackle, Nisha summoned a glowing blob that she formed into a sword. When the sword cooled, Aisha realized that Nisha was manipulating molten glass. She sliced through the Morphix with ease, before summoning more molten glass blobs. “Funny,” Nisha commented, “I can do the same thing with glass!” She shot the molten blobs at Aisha, who barely managed to scream and dodge.
Fauna was cackling madly and slashing at Flora, with wisps of wild magic spilling from her claws. Her movements were wild and unpredictable, but with a strange cat-like grace, much like an acrobat. “Lotus Blast!!” Flora shouted, firing the petal-filled energy at Fauna. The magic hit Fauna, and seemed to hurt her a bit, if only because of Fauna’s use of wild magic. “The power of nature will top you!” Flora declared.
There was a moment where Fauna looked confused, but it was quickly replaced with a strangely calm and cocky grin. “The ‘power of nature’?” She taunted. “What do you think I am? Nature is about strength, power, survival of the fittest; not just pretty flowers!” As she talked, Fauna’s face began changing. Her features were morphing as if being molded by an unseen force. Flora watched in horror as Fauna took on the form of a large, wild cat. One covered in dark purple fur and green acid dripping from its fangs. When she was done, she opened her much larger, but still blood-red eyes, “It will be fun hunting you down.” She leapt into the air and began flying at Flora, her mouth gaping wide.
All Tecna could do was shield herself from Recma’s fierce, relentless attacks. Recma used powerful green lightning that shattered every shield that Tecna was able to summon. Recma would throw in an occasional curveball with green fire, or a gust of wind. She seemed to have all of the elements in her command, but they all had the same effect on Tecna’s magic--it shattered and destroyed every bit of energy Tecna summoned. “You’re illogical! Just destruction without any counterbalance will leave nothing!” Tecna shouted. She summoned some power and fired it at Recma.
Even though the energy hit Recma, it didn’t seem to affect her much. Instead Recma just unleashed a wild, deranged laugh. She was laughing so hard that she threw herself backwards and completely flipped through the air. “‘Illogical’!?” She screamed with laughter. “I don’t act on ‘logic’ you dumb fairy! Destruction is instinctual, natural, and most of all…” In a flash, Recma was right next to Tecna. In a lower voice, she said, “It’s inevitable.” She summoned her green lightning again and blasted Tecna back with full force. With more wild laughter, Recma shouted, “I’m just speeding the process along!”
The Illuminates were still weak, so it was a good thing none of the Jinx were focusing on them, instead directing their energy at the Winx. However, Doom did give the Illuminates a smirk and said, “You know, I really should thank the three of you. This wouldn’t have been possible without your help.”
“Don’t listen to her!” Bloom shouted. She fired flames at Doom, but Doom just laughed it off and hit them away with her own magic. Unlike the other Winx and Jinx, these two weren’t as talkative; after dealing with each other much, much longer than the others had, they didn’t have much else to say to each other.
“Oh Bloom, Bloom, Bloom, you know you can’t protect them forever,” Doom teased, flying effortlessly out of Bloom’s attack range. However, Bloom flew as quickly as she could after Doom. Watching them called to mind the holographic Dragon and Kraken that Faragonda had made. Bloom flew straightforward like a dragon; Doom swayed and weaved like a squid,
It was disturbingly mesmerizing, watching them fight. Powerful opposing forces, the cores of their very dimensions. Along with ethereal beauty, there was a cosmic horror that pulsated through all three Illuminates every time they clashed. It felt like the power inside of Volt was trying to bust out, but not just from his emotions.
“It’s like they’re making the Illumination happen again,” Mira commented in horror and awe, as all three Illuminates stood up.
“Is that bad? Psyche asked. For the first time since they were kids, she sounded nervous and unsure.
Mira said, “It’s not good: the original clashes between the Kraken and the Dragon are what made the two seperate universes in the first place! And you know the effect that the Illumination has on magic.” While Mira was always grim, her voice felt morbid.
“So it’s bad,” Volt concluded.
Suddenly, a voice whispered, And it’s all your fault.
Volt spun around and looked, but there wasn’t anything behind him. The same voice whispered, If it wasn’t for you, then the Winx wouldn’t be here. Volt looked around again, electricity sparking in his hands. This time, there was a black shadow swirling in the air when he looked.
“Wh-what?” Volt asked, looking into the abysmal darkness. It seemed to be reaching out to him, trying to pull him in. He turned to face the shadow, transforming into his Enchantix. His lightning began sparking more uncontrollably.
“Volt, what’s going on?” Mira asked, jumping back from the electricity.
Even though Volt wanted to tell her what he was seeing, his voice was caught in his throat. You weren’t strong enough to protect yourself. You weren’t strong enough to protect your friends, as Volt watched, a grayish-white version of Volt stepped from the darkness with glowing red eyes. In the same chilling voice, he said, “And now, you’ve put them all in danger.”
There was a cold feeling in Volt’s chest, like a stone. He fell to his knees and his eyes began watering. “Volt, are you okay? What’s wrong?” Psyche asked, kneeling down and putting her hand on his shoulder.
Shadow Volt walked up to Volt and kneeled down, whispering, “You don’t deserve to be called the Fairy of Lightning. No matter how much power you have, your heart will always be too weak. And your weak heart will never be able to protect anything.” Shadow Volt chuckled before saying, “Thought it’s not like you even tried.”
The cold painful look grew until Volt felt like his chest was going to burst. All of the Winx, Jinx, and Trix all looked at the shining white light coming from Volt’s direction. With a wicked grin, Doom said, “Just in time.”
Mira and Psyche watched in horror as a black shadow began wrapping around Volt’s body. He looked up at them, his face scrunched and tears streaming down his cheeks. “VOLT!!” Both girls screamed.
All of Winx stopped their fighting against the Jinx and flew towards the Illuminates, each of them shouting, “Volt!!” However, as soon as they got close, Volt’s body evaporated into shadow, leaving a glowing white jewel. Unlike the other Wraithix gems, this one was shaped like a butterfly with lightning-shaped wings and antennae. “VOLT!!” All of the girls screamed, flying to the jewel at once. However, it began flapping its wings and shot to Doom in a bolt of lightning.
Doom held up her wrist and admired the white jewel. “Ah, finally. This boy has such powerful emotions, I’ve been waiting to harness them.” She began laughing madly again.
“GIVE US OUR BROTHER BACK!!” Mira and Psyche screamed, flying at Doom as quickly as they could. However, Doom only laughed and swiped her hand, hitting them back with purple-black lightning.
The Winx gasped, and Aisha and Musa caught the sisters before they hit the ground. Both Mira and Psyche had been knocked unconscious, but tears still streamed down their face. After putting the two girls gently on the ground, all of the Winx glared up at the Jinx, who were looking down with smirks. At once, the Winx shouted, “FANTASMIX CONVERGENCE!”
All six Winx summoned their Fantasmix spells, each one taking the form of her Fantasmix stone. They fired the beams into the air, where they combined into a glowing, bright power. “LIGHT OF FANTASMIX!” They fired the power at Doom.
The power hit, but just as quickly it dispersed, revealing the Jinx, all unharmed. A transparent shield flickered away.
“Fantasmix counters Wraithix, Winx!” Doom taunted. “But not when five of us don’t have Wraithix!” She didn’t keep laughing, but her wicked grin didn’t fade. “Ladies, it’s time to finish this.” All of the Winx summoned their magic. “Power Absorption!” They shouted.
They fired the magic at the Winx; right before they hit, large stones jutted up from the ground and blocked the attack. Dust blew through the air, but when it cleared, three fairies were standing protectively in front of the Winx. In a disturbingly familiar voice, one in a red winx said, “Let’s go. Lumi!!”
“On it!!” A fairy in a yellow winx summoned a colorful light, before spinning on her heel and throwing it at the Winx in a wave. They didn’t get a good look at her face before they vanished.
When the light faded, the Winx, Psyche, Mira and the three other fairies were gone. Doom glared at where they’d been. “The Chix...of course,” she growled, before calming herself down. “No matter...they don’t have anywhere to go…” she mused, looking at her white jewel.

When the light faded, the Winx’ Fantasmix disappeared, and they looked around. “Oh thank goodness we made it in time!!” the same voice said. “Y’all have a lot of guts facing the Jinx like that!” The Winx looked and gasped in alarm; the Trix were standing across the room. Well, not necessarily the Trix, but three girls who looked just like them. “I’m Bernie, and these are my friends Lumi and Rockie. We’re the Chix!”
Bernie was clearly Icy’s opposite. She had tanner skin than her Trix counterpart, and her hair was jet-black. She had bright orange eyes, and her winx was a short, red , collared dress with flame-shaped wings. “I’m the Fairy of Fire!”
Lumi was Darcy’s opposite. She had long, platinum-blond hair and golden eyes. Her Winx was was a bright yellow halter top, with loose sleeves, and a yellow skirt with a transparent outer skirt. Her wings were shaped like light beams. “I’m the Fairy of Holograms!”
Rockie was Stormy’s opposite. She had curly brown hair, and bright green eyes, and her face was covered in freckles. Her Winx was a dark brown tanktop and cargo shorts, like a mountain climber. “I’m the Fairy of Stones!”
The Winx were quiet for a moment, but Bloom stepped forward. “I’m Bloo, the Fairy of the Dragon’s Flame. These are my friends: Stella, the Fairy of the Shining Sun; Flora, the Fairy of Nature; Aisha, the Fairy of Waves; Musa, the Fairy of Music; and Tecna, the Fairy of Technology.” Looking down at the sisters, she added, “These two are Psyche, the Witch of Spirits, and Mira, the Warrior of Snow. The two of them are sisters of a student of ours.”
“The Dragon’s Flame?” Bernie asked. She gasped and slammed her fist into her palm. “I knew It!” She shouted, making everyone, even the other Chix, jump in surprise. “Why else would Doom disappear for six months? Where else would she disappear to? She went to the opposite dimension and brought the Jinx’ opposites here!” She flung her hand out towards the Winx, and Aisha flinched and took a fighting stance.
The Chix all looked at her with varying disdain, and Aisha embarrassedly admitted, “Sorry, you three just look like enemies of ours.”
Rockie and Lumi looked annoyed, but Bernie nonchalantly commented, “We look like enemies of yours, you look like enemies of ours. Let’s just move past this and deal with the fact that all of our enemies are gathered at the school for witches.” After a moment, she asked, “You said they’re sisters of your student? Where is your student, then?”
Bloom sighed. “Doom turned him into a Wraith. We didn’t see him fully form his Wraith body, but we have to assume he’s a White Wraith based on his jewel.”
“Was that the bright light we saw?” Lumi asked. “We thought it was a signal flare. Was that student of yours an Illuminate?”
“Yes,” Bloom said.
“You know what Illuminates are?” Stella asked in surprise.
Sarcastically, Rockie replied, “You don’t just have them on your side, you know. The Illumination is the collision of two dimensions, not just one.” She levitated to small rocks and flung them together.
“Right, right, sorry,” Stella chuckled.
Tecna said, “Anyway, Bernie, what were you saying?”
Bernie continued, “It’s likely that when she turned him into a Wraith, his Illumination light affected his Wraith form. Since it was so bright, I think he might have been turned into a Wraith of light instead of the usual Wraith of shadow.”
“Considering that Volt is the Fairy of Lightning, that can’t mean anything good,” Tecna said thoughtfully.
Flora sadly said, “I was hoping our Fantasmix powers could help Volt, like they did with Mira and Trixie.”
“I thought that Fantasmix would’ve at least been strong enough to face the Jinx one-on-one!” Aisha added. “But even our most powerful spells were like nothing to them!” She pouted and crossed her arms.
Mira and Psyche, both still unconscious, began stirring. At the same time, Bloom’s stomach growled. Smiling kindly, Bernie said, “Let’s wake up these girls and get some food. I’m sure you need to get your strength back.”

After the Winx disappeared, Doom groaned. “Sad…I was hoping to play with my new toy.” She looked at her Wraithix again and sighed, before all of the Jinx floated down to the ground. In a second, they were all in civilian clothes. Doom wore an indigo cocktail dress and a purple jacket with an ink-drop pin on the lapel and gray boots. Her Wraithix didn’t change, though. Fauna wore a black cocktail dress with a snow-leopard jacket, with golden claws on her fingers, and black boots with gray claws. Kierra wore her hair down, with a dark blue hoodie, light blue sweats, sneakers and an orange beanie. She also had dark circles under her eyes. Shusha still had her mask, but she wore a green hanfu. Nisha had a red sports bra, red shorts and dark red leggings with green sneakers. Recma had a teal shirt with open shoulder, with a frayed collar and hem and a green lightning bolt on the front, She had blue fingerless gloves, blue jeans, turquoise boots, and the black straps of her bra were visible. Without their witch markings, their resemblance to the Winx was clear. Aside from the cruel expressions, it kind of looked like the Winx wearing costumes.
“Doom!” Icy exclaimed. “We need to talk!”
For a moment, Doom looked genuinely surprised. “Maybe later, babes,” she nonchalantly, before stretching. “I haven’t been home in forever, and my bed and I have some catching up to do!” She yawned as she walked calmly inside the school, leaving the Trix with the remaining Jinx.
“You don’t wear that all the time, do you?” Nisha asked, looking the Trix up and down. "I mean honestly, the six of us run an entire dimension and we don't stay in our witch robes!"
Nisha’s expression was so intense, the Trix immediately froze with shock and transformed back into their civilian clothes. This time, all of the Jinx (even Doom, who’d stopped when she’d heard Nisha criticize the Trix) looked at them. “It’s better…” Nisha admitted, before giving a half-shrug and adding, “but that’s not saying much.”
Just as Stormy was about to go off on Nisha, Doom called, “Nisha, sweetheart, could you have the Normalists stoke out Skyspire? We need to keep an eye out for our guests.”
“Okay!” Nisha called back. Icy kept her eyes on Doom as she finally headed inside. However, she took a breath and let it go; Doom wasn’t going anywhere, and neither was Volt.
Nisha and the other Jinx left, walking in different directions and leaving the Trix by themselves in the courtyard. “Well...isn’t this fun…” Darcy said, crossing her arms and looking around. “So this is the Cursed Dimension…”
Stormy’s stomach growled, and she said, “Well, we’re here now, so let’s find the cafeteria.” The Trix walked inside, as a feminine, inky-black figure flew into the air from the building.
In the Headmistress’ office, Nisha sat at Doom’s desk and pulled out a small crystal stand. She placed it in front of her on the desk and waved her hand above it. The crystal began glowing, and a holographic screen appeared above it. The screen flickered for a bit, before the image of a young man appeared. “Lady Nisha,” the young man said with a small bow.
“Now, now, Rex, what did I say about being so formal?” Nisha playfully teased. “You can just call me Nisha.”
“Of course, Lady Nisha,” Rex replied, not dropping his formal tone. “How can we assist you?” he asked.
“Doom needs you to scout out Skyspire. There are some fairies there that we need to keep an eye on,” Nisha explained.
Rex’ eyes went wide with surprise. “Doom is back?” he asked with disbelief.
“Yes; she just arrived,” Nisha said. “And she brought the Winx with her. The Chix intervened at the last moment and brought them to Skyspire. We just need you boys to let us know when they leave.”
“Of course,” Rex said. “We’ll deploy immediately.”
“Good boys,” Nisha said, before deactivating the crystal and staring out the window. She saw Doom’s astral projection form fly off, doing who-knew-what elsewhere. With a grin, she commented, “Took you long enough, Doom.”

After a fulfilling lunch, the Winx and the sisters had enough energy to move around easily. However, both sisters were deeply depressed because of what happened to Volt. They ate a fair amount, but didn’t look like they were enjoying their meal. Between looking at each other, the table, and the occasional glance at Bernie, they weren’t very responsive to their surroundings.
“Your little friends don’t seem to be doing so hot,” Lumi said.
Stella shook her head. “I’m not surprised. Both of them had fallen under the effects of the Wraithix, but Volt...he’s just gone…”
Flora sat down next to Psyche, who turned to her and quietly cried. Mira looked like she was trying to be strong, but was moments from tears herself. "We have to get Volt back," Bloom said, determinedly, "if nothing else."
"We can't face the Jinx with our Fantasmix powers," Tecna argued. "As useful as they've been against Doom's Wraithix, we have to face the fact that the Jinx' raw power outmatches ours right now.”
After a moment of silence, Flora asked, “Didn’t Volt say something about the Luminous Jewels, a while back? That when we found all seven of them, we’d unlock a new power?” She was inquisitive, not sure if she remembered correctly.
“He did, but we don’t know what that power is supposed to be,” Aisha confirmed. “It didn’t appear when we collected all of them. Unless that power is the one that Doom used that brought us all here.” She leaned against the wall, crossing her arms in frustration.
“I don’t think that’s it,” Flora said. “That’s the Jewels’ power. We knew this. The power Volt was talking about sounded like a power specifically for us. Tied to the Jewels, but something else.”
Mira looked up. “I read about an effect of the Illumination on fairy magic before. If a fairy harbors the light of the Illumination inside of herself, she can unlock amazing power through discovering her greatest strength.”
“Right! Illumix!” Psyche gasped, snapping her fingers. “It’s a theoretical power that the researchers of the Illumination speculated.” She stood up and said, “I think it said that the fairy in question would be able to cast a spell to use the maximum amount of power she has, as well as travel between the two dimensions."
"Well, that sounds useful, but what are the strengths that you’re talking about?” Aisha asked.
“I think it’s tied into how you found your Luminous Jewels,” Psyche explained. “Think about it. How did you find each one? They didn’t all appear at random.”
“I think Doom was manipulating the situations, of course,” Mira said, “but the Jewels were released from your own strength. I think that without realizing it, you’ve halfway earned Illumix already.” She crossed her arms thoughtfully. “Maybe if we can get through to Volt, his Illumix might break him out of being a Wraith.”
The Winx each thought about how they’d earned the Luminous Jewels. “Well, mine appeared because I led the Trix’ Wraiths out of Pixie Village by attacking them.” After a moment, she said, “Maybe courage? But we’re all pretty brave.” She said. “No, yeah, bravery.” Surprisingly, she flashed with green light.
Stella added, “I think mine was from encouraging Volt, and cheering up Trixie to break her out of her Wraithix. Maybe optimism? I think I’m pretty positive!” Like with Aisha, she flashed with orange light.
One by one, the Winx listed off what their strengths were, each of them flashing with the same kind of light as Aisha and Stella. Compassion for Flora, wisdom for Tecna, independence for Musa, and love for Bloom. “I feel so powerful,” Musa said.
“Do you think we can transform into Illumix?” Bloom asked.
“Well, let’s find out,” Mira said.
The Winx all looked at each other and shouted, “Magic Winx! Illumix!” Light began shining through the entire room as the Winx transformed.

After her nap, Doom got out of bed and walked to her office. Being headmistress on top of ruling the entire Cursed Dimension was tough, but it was nice to finally be able be in her familiar territory. When she walked in, the crystal on her desk was glowing. She waved her hand over it, and the image of one of the Normalists popped up. “Clyde,” she said formally. “How’s it going?”
“The Winx are on their way to your location,” Clyde said. “ have new wings.”
“New wings?” Doom asked confusedly. “They have a new transformation? What is it?”
“I don’t know what it’s called,” Clyde said. “But it definitely looks more powerful than that lacey one that they had earlier. Anyway, they’re on their way and I think they’re almost there.” He disconnected immediately.
Doom growled with irritation. “Well, thanks for nothing, Clyde,” she said. Snapping her fingers, she creamed the smoky, inky screen and the image of the other Jinx and the Trix appeared. “Ladies, we have a problem. The Winx are heading back with a new power, and Clyde didn’t think to tell me until just now. Everyone to the courtyard, now.” She waved the screen away, transformed into her witch robes and headed outside.
All of the Jinx and Trix convened in the courtyard, all of them in their robes and ready to fight. “We have to be ready for when the Winx arrive,” Doom said. The other Jinx nodded.
“Oh Doom!” Bloom’s sing-song voice rang from above the Jinx, and they turned to see the Winx, the Chix, as well as Mira and Psyche. “We’re already here.” All of the Winx waved, to the shock of the Jinx.
“So, you do have a new power,” Doom confirmed grimly. “You surprise me, Bloom.”
“It’s called Illumix,” Bloom said confidently, “and we’re going to use it to get the Luminous Jewels, and Volt.” Bloom’s bangs were braided out of he hair with a ribbon, and she had a tiara. She wore an elegant gown with an open-front skirt, a teal bodice, and light blue sleeves. On her hands were fingerless gloves, and teal boots. She had teal shorts, and a transparent short skirt over her longer skirt. Her wings were large and shaped light dragon wings.
Musa had a short red hanfu with one short sleeve and one long. She had a light blue belt on her wrist. She had a back ribbon on her right arm. She had black shoulder straps and black shorts, with red boots tied with black ribbons. She had large blue headphones. Her wings were formed in a perfect “x” with a large music notes
Tecna had a headset with a green visor. She had a purple bodice with light purple sleeves. She had a silver belt with a triangle jewel, over the openings of her jacket. She had light purple pants, dark purple boots with green arrows. She had technological gadgets on her wrists. Her wings had a techno-grid pattern.
Aisha resembled a mermaid, with her hair tied up up with a pearl. She wore a green, seaweed-like wrap with strings of pearls. She had an open skirt with long seaweed fabrics. She wore dark green shorts and boots. Her wings resembled fishy fins
Stella’s hair was up in pigtails, and she wore a blue tiara. SHe wore a wrap top with a gold, sun-shaped pin, orange shorts under a long, yellow transparent skirt. She wore orange boots and light blue fingerless gloves.
Flora had her hair tied up in a high ponytail, held in place with flower. She had an elegant, flowery gown with dark pink sleeves and chest, a long pink open-front skirt with a white underskirt. Her sleeves opened like flowers, and she had pink, flowery boots. Her wings were shaped like large flower petals.
“Illumix, huh?” Doom asked. “No matter. We still have you outnumbered.” She went to snap her fingers, when a bolt of fire shot out and hit her hand. Doom shrieked from the burn and shook off the pain, glaring up at Bloom. “Very well, if that’s how you want to play. Ladies, let's finish greeting our guests." She snapped her fingers again, and the Volt's jewel on the Wraithix floated off. Unlike the others it fluttered its wings like an actual butterfly, before the White Wraith formed his body.
He was much, much different than the other Wraiths. For starters, he was made out of pure electricity, with electric blue skin and white eyes and hair. He was wearing an unfamiliar outfit, and his wings sparked with lightning. He glowed with a dangerous light, and looked ready to fight. The only thing he had in common with the other Wraiths was his lack of a mouth. "White, darling, acquire your sisters for me," Doom said calmly. In a flash of lightning, Volt flew up to his sisters and knocked Mira out of the sky, before hitting Psyche with a bolt of lightning.
"Mira! Psyche!" The Winx shouted. Luckily, the two sisters managed to right themselves in the air, and faced off against the Wraith of their brother. It was an intense fight; Mira and Psyche were fast, but the Wraith was as quick as lightning and just as strong. It took a great deal of their power to just keep him from electrocuting them.
The Winx and the Jinx flew at each other, each girl striking her opposite with full force. Kierra blasted a three-dimensional shadow at Stella, taking the form of a horrifying hand with eight fingers circling the palm. Stella created two rings of light around her fists that spun like buzzsaws and sliced through the shadows. The shadows still warped and wrapped around Stella as Kierra flew closer. Now that Kierra and Stella were on fairly even footing, the battle between their light and darkness was more intense than ever.
Nisha was summoning large blobs of her molten glass in large, shapeless masses. They swirled around her like a ring of liquid fire. Thrusting her hand towards Aisha, Nisha fired all of the molten glass at Aisha at once. Aisha, unfazed, created a rubbery Morphix shield. The glass cooled and hardened into a large lump; Aisha used the elasticity of her Morphix to fire the lump back at Nisha. With a shocked, disgusted look, Nisha held out her hand again and shattered the lump effortlessly. As she was about to fire again, Aisha shot out her Morphix, completely encasing Nisha in a spherical cocoon. Spots began glowing and bubbling, and soon it became a swirling mix of Morphix and glass.
Fauna began her assault of wild magic, immediately shapeshifting into the venomous cat from before. As she lunged at Flora, Flora waved both hands in front of herself and disappeared in a flurry of petals. In surprise, Fauna roared and shifted midair, becoming a monkey with wildly long arms and wicked claws. Just as suddenly as Flora had disappeared, plant tendrils shot out and completely entangled Fauna. Fauna screamed with an animalistic madness and tore the vines to shreds. Fauna snarled at Flora as her warped magic began squirming in her hands. She placed her hand on one of the tendrils, which warped into a cyclopic plant monster with razor-sharp teeth. It shot at Flora with a hiss, and Flora had to summon a giant rose to counter it.
Recma was wildly flinging green lightning at Tecna, laughing maniacally. Tecna had a light blue, solid energy shield that withstood all of Recma’s attacks. After an onslaught of wild, destructive lightning, Tecna fired a bolt of her own energy, which wrapped Recma in an energy net. Recma immediately struggled against the net, but it took her a solid minute to escape. She began flinging more rocks at Tecna, but Tecna just redirected them back at her.
Shusha relied on her teleportation abilities immediately, but Musa could hear the displacement of the wind where she appeared. Musa immediately blasted a soundwave in Shusha’s direction. Shusha looked surprised, but cut off the sonic attack with a wave of silence. Shusha summoned her dark silence powers to combat against Musa, sending blasts of silence at Musa. Musa countered with blasts of music. The music and silence collided, making a bizarre balance between sound and silence.
Doom and Bloom collided with deadly force, the Dragon’s Flame and Kraken’s Ink exploding against each other with blasts of the Illumination’s light that blew them back. However, neither girl seemed bothered by the energy blasts and would immediately attack each other again. Doom thrust her hands out and blasted her tendril-like dark magic while Bloom shot a dragon-shaped flame back.
“Volt! Please wake up!” Psyche pleaded, summoning a shield of spiritual energy to deflect the White Wraith’s powerful lightning.
Mira flew up behind the White Wraith and summoned a glowing red windy light. “Healing Wind!” Mira commanded. She blew the magic at Volt, and the red wind blew around the White Wraith in a small whirlwind. However with an electric hiss, the White Wraith blasted the wind away.
While his expression was blank, the White Wraith’s lightning grew wilder and more uncontrollable as he grew more distressed. As the two sisters called out to Volt, the White Wraith held the sides of his head and fell to his knees as his lightning arched out from all over his body. The girls had to stand back as the White Wraith and his lightning grew brighter and more intense.

Volt was floating in a cold, dark space. There was almost nothing around him, aside from a few other souls aimlessly floating around. Where am I? Volt asked. How did I get here? He thought about it, but his memories were hazy and vague. His name was Volt...or was it Bolt? He had three, no two, sisters named...Tina and...Mikey? He was the Pixie...Sprite...Spirit...of Lightning? Wind? Tornadoes?
Why am I here? Volt asked himself.
“Because it’s all your fault,” a quiet voice hissed. Volt turned to see a shadowy version of himself floating by his side with a wicked grin.
“What’s my fault?” Volt...Bolt...Jolt...asked with confusion. “What did I do?” His voice sounded weird, like he was in some sort of dream. “I don’t remember…”
Shadow Volt gave a hiss-like laugh and vanished without explaining anything. “It’s all my fault…” Suddenly, Volt’s head surged with memories, making his head spin. “It’s all my fault it’s all my fault it’s all my fault it’s all my fault,” Volt began repeating, holding the sides of his head in his panic.
“Volt! It’s not your fault!” A faint voice shouted. Volt looked up a growing light above his head. It was an image of his two (he knew it was two) sisters.
“Mira! Psyche!” Volt shouted. However, the sisters couldn’t hear him; his voice seemed limited to the empty space he was in. He saw glowing white arms blasting lightning and striking his sisters; he assumed this was his wraith body fighting his sisters. Stop it. He thought. Despite being trapped in this void, there was a twinge in his arm and the white arm hesitated.
Psyche and Mira definitely noticed, because Psyche gasped. “Mira, did you see that?” She looked at Mira and said, “For a second, I felt a flash of Volt’s soul! I saw his arm twitch.”
Yes! Yes! Volt thought.
Mira shouted, “Volt! Please, none of this is your fault. You’re kind and selfless, and the only reason you’re suffering is because you care so much!” Her voice was caring and distressed, but Volt could tell she was telling the truth, not just trying to make him feel better.
“You put everyone before you,” Psyche continued. "You always try to make everyone happy. Please, Volt, come back to us!"
Volt began floating towards the light, trying to reach his sisters, when suddenly a cold, vice-like grip grabbed him and began pulling him back. "Where do you think you're going?" Shadow Volt hissed as he tried to drag Volt into the darkness.
"I'm going to my sisters!" Volt defiantly retorted, fighting against the creature. "They need me!!"
"The only reason they need you is because you brought them into this mess in the first place!" Shadow Volt hissed.
"No! Mira, Psyche, and I have been through everything together. We're there for each other and it's not my fault nor their's!" Volt began pushing more towards the light, as his senses slowly began to return to him.
"They're better off without an unstable electric neurotic like you," Shadow Volt hissed.
His words stung Volt's chest. It was true. His powers were unstable, and he was anxious nearly all the time, but surely...surely there as something…
"Volt! Don't give up!" He heard Stella's voice shout. "I had such a wonderful time making that dress for you, and your hope inspires me to this day!"
"You are so wonderfully kind, even giving Zing a chance even though he terrified you!" Flora added. "I've never seen such a caring person before!"
Aisha added, "You're so much stronger than you realize, and you've always been humble!"
"You never let anyone tell you who to be!" Musa called. "No matter what you always stay true to yourself!"
"You learn from your mistakes! You're eager to learn new things and you always listen when others know more," Tecna added. "You give helpful advice and tutor your classmates."
"We all love you, Volt! You're never at fault for being the hopeful, kind, brave, independent, wise, and loving person you are! You gave us so much, and we will never be able to thank you enough!" Bloom shouted. All of a sudden, glowing screens popped up all around Volt.
Memories. Happy memories that the Winx had spending time with him. Volt and Aisha in Pixie Village. Volt and Stella at the dance. Volt and Tecna on Zenith. Volt and Musa at the concert. Volt and Bloom on Minerva, and so many more. Memories of his classmates, his friends, his family. So many moments that he hadn't realized were so important to those around him. The small things he always did to make others around him feel better.
A warm, happy feeling grew in Volt's chest, and his soul began glowing with a white light. Shadow Volt shouted, "No! Impossible!" As the light grew brighter.
"Eh, that's kind of what we do," Volt said, as he exploded with light.

As Mira, Psyche, and the Winx all called out to Volt, lightning streamed from the White Wraith's eyes like streaming tears. The Wraith's movements became wild and erratic, like he was fighting for control of himself.
Electricity began wrapping around the White Wraith like a spiderweb, until it completely encased him. Soon, it morphed into a glowing white silhouette. Blue fractures appeared across as everyone froze and watched.
With a blast of light and energy, Volt burst out of his light cocoon. However, he had changed, like a butterfly. This new form resembled his original Winx, but looked far more powerful. His wings were shaped like large lightning-like butterfly wings. He wore a blue princely jacket with a sash and his Luminous Jewel pinned on the chest, with shoulder tassels, and lightning bolts on the cuffs. His jacket had a tail in the back, and buttons in the front. He had black pants and gray boots. His eyes were closed, and his expression was serene.
"Is that…?" Flora asked.
"Illumix!!" Bloom gasped excitedly.
Immediately, Volt's eyes opened, sparking with electricity while his irises glowed like neon lights.
Doom watched with mixed awe, disgust, and terror. She still had the Luminous Charm, which oddly enough also had Volt's jewel. Silently, Doom threw her hand at Volt, and her inky tendrils shot out to him.
Volt turned to face them, and the static electricity was enough to repel them, ever so slightly. "Lightning Volt," Volt said. In a flash, his entire body turned to lightning, and he shot over to Doom, snagged the Luminos Charm, and joined his sisters midair.
Psyche and Mira both gave Volt small grins and determined nods as he made the Luminous Charm vanish again. With a snarl, Doom shouted, "GET HIM!!"
All nine witches flew at Volt at once, and he went back-to-back with his sisters. Each of them held up their hands and shouted, "Illuminate Convergence! Shadow Dissipation!!"
All three of them shot beams of white into the air, which combined into a growing sphere of white energy. The energy pulsed outwards, hitting each of the witches. All nine immediately dropped to the ground in their civilian clothes. As she weakly looked up after hitting the ground, Doom's eyes were filled with pure malice.
"This won't last long," Volt said. "We need to leave ASAP."
"Just a second," Bloom said. She flew up to the Chix and told them, "thank you for your help. I don't know if we'd still be around if it hadn't been for you." In her heart, she made a wish. Her Fantasmix stone appeared on her chest, and from it three lights appeared. Three new Fantasmix stones flew to the Chix, and she said, "the power of Fantasmix is a good counter for Wraithix, as well as spreading joy and love," she explained.
"Thank you," Bernie said. "I hope that we can meet again sometime...under different circumstances, of course."
Bloom smiled. "I hope so, too." She soon rejoined the Winx and Illuminates. "So how do we get home?"
"We can use our Illumix to go back to the Magic Dimension, and I'll use the Luminous Charm to take Mira and Psyche home," Volt said. "But we need to act fast, because I think our angry witch friends will break out of that spell soon."
The Winx all nodded, closed their eyes, and one by one vanished into thin air. Volt, Mira, and Psyche each put their hands on the Luminous Charm, and vanished in a flash of light.
"NO!!" Nisha bellowed. "How did they get away!?"
With a sigh, Doom stood up. Her face was calm, but malicious as ever. "Now, now, Nisha. We just have to steal the charm back." With a wicked grin, she said, "Things just got a lot more interesting."

The Winx and Illuminates appeared in the air above Alfea, and slowly floated down. The courtyard was filled with students from all three schools, all watching in awe as they touched the ground.
Immediately, Trixie, Angelo, and Orbo ran up to the Illuminates, each giving their respective partner a big hug and a kiss. The Illuminates' other friends swarmed them with hugs, and the fairies were fawning over Volt's and the Winx' new forms. Soon, the crowd parted as Faragonda approached. "Do you have the Luminous Jewels?" She asked.
Volt nodded and showed her, before vanishing them again. Faragonda nodded and said, "Why don't the nine of you get some rest? I have the feeling that this wasn't the last we've seen of Doom."
The crowd dispersed, with the Illuminates saying goodbye to each other before splitting off. Volt also hugged and kissed Orbo goodbye before he joined Mira and the twins. When everyone was gone, Volt yawned and his Illumix disappeared.
"I'm gonna nap for a week…" he muttered.
Ella said, "Ooh, let's make a fort from the couch cushions!!"
With excited laughs, the other fairies ran with Volt to their dorm, leaving the Winx smiling behind them. They didn't know when Doom would attack again, but for this moment, everything was fine.