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The Illumination

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“It was freaky, Miss Faragonda,” Stella said. “These girls looked, no joke, exactly like us. much as Doom looks like Bloom.” Everyone in Faragonda’s office turned to look at Doom, as if imagining her with the indigo hair and purple eyes.
“What did you say these girls’ names were?” Faragonda asked.
“Nisha, the Witch of Dunes, Fauna, the Witch of the Wild, Kierra, the Witch of the Darkening Eclipse, Recma, the Witch of Destruction, and Shusha, the Witch of Silence,” Tecna listed. “They were...tailor-made to oppose us. They had no reservations about destroying us.”
Standing up and looking out the window, Faragonda sighed. “While I can’t help but worry about these Jinx girls, as long as we hold onto the Luminous Charm, we should be safe.”
“Honestly, Doom might be the least frightening Jinx,” Musa said. “Compared to the others, she seems the most sane...though that’s not saying much. She turned Volt into a Wraith!” Luckily neither Volt nor his sisters were there.
Faragonda looked back. “I feel bad for the poor boy. Was he terribly upset by the ordeal?”
“I’m not sure. He seems...livelier,” AIsha commented. “Less timid. He’s always been brave, but it’s nice to see him acting more confidently.”
“Well, that’s good to hear. Is he excited to see his parents?” Faragonda asked.
“If he is, he hasn’t said so,” Tecna said. “I think that he mentioned visiting Orbo at Red Fountain.”
“Did he forget that today’s Family Visit Day?” Faragonda asked.
The Winx all shrugged, and Faragonda sighed. “Well, let us hope that Doom nor her comrades see fit to attack today.”
“Yeah, about that. Our Fantasmix power isn’t super effective against the Jinx, but I don’t know how well our Illumix power will work against the Wraiths,” Bloom said. “Volt, Mira, and Psyche are immune to the Wraithix Shadow spell, but they aren’t immune to the Wraith’s direct powers. Psyche was overtaken by a Wraithix, Mira was possessed, and Volt was turned into a Wraith.”
“Not to mention that their magic is fully from the Illumination, while our Illumix powers only have part of that power,” Flora added.
As they all sat there worriedly, a rainbow light appeared above Faragonda’s desk. In a flash of light the Luminous Charm appeared, floating parallel to the desk surface. Lights began beaming upwards, and as the Winx watched, the holographic image of a fairy appeared. “Abigail!” The Winx gasped.
“Hello, girls!” Abigail happily said, waving.
“Abigail?” Faragonda asked in shock. Hearing her voice, Abigail turned around.
Bowing her head Abigail said, “Yes, I am Abigail. Are you Elisa Faragonda?”
Faragonda nodded, with a look of awe and confusion. “Yes I am. And you are Abigail, the legendary Fairy of Joy.” Bowing her head, Faragonda said, “It is an honor to meet you in person. Well, sort of.”
Abigail laughed. “I could say the same. I’ve met many of your students and they all speak very highly of you.” Abigail put her hand on her chest, and extended the other to Faragonda. “Consider this an open invitation to visit the Cave of Jubilation whenever you wish.”
“Thank you,” Faragonda said. Abigail smiled kindly, and turned back to face the Winx.
“Abigail, how are you…?” Bloom asked, just waving her hands around in Abigail’s direction.
“I’m an Illuminate, dear. My Illumination Light connects me to the Luminous Jewels.” She smiled brightly and added, “and the Fantasmix Stones connect me to all of you!! I will be able to provide guidance when you need help with your Illumix powers, and I’ll assist you with the Jinx in any way I can.”
“Thanks, Abigail,” Bloom said. “We really appreciate it.”
“As for your question, Fantasmix and Illumix both have their strengths and weaknesses. Raw power won’t necessarily work against the Wraiths, but the power of joy isn’t necessarily going to work against the Jinx themselves. The better you understand your opponents, the easier it will be for you to decide which power to use.” She grinned brightly as her image disappeared.
“Let’s hope we don’t need to use either,” Musa muttered, as the Luminous Charm vanished.
“Well, it’s Family Visit Day, and I don’t think Doom will want to draw attention to herself,” Faragonda said. “You said Volt is visiting Red Fountain. Will he be here in time?” Once again, all of the Winx shrugged.

In the Red Fountain arena, Orbo was dressed in his J’valikts fighting clothes, facing a line of young men, all in their Red Fountain uniforms. Mira was in her own uniform, standing next to Orbo. Angelo and Diablo were both in the lineup, both kind of nervous to be taking a lesson from Mira, as well as Volt’s boyfriend.
With a calm smile, Orbo sat on the ground. Mira didn’t smile, but she sat next to him. “Please, sit down,” he said.
The boys all looked at each other, then sat on the ground. With a calm smile and a wave, Orbo said, “Hello, my name is Orbo! Starting today, I’ll be your instructor for an ancient Minervan fighting style, known as J’valikts! Mira hear will be my teacher’s assistant. Any questions?”
One boy asked, “Are you a triton?”
“Sometimes!” Orbo said. “It’s part of my mixed Androsian and Minervan genetics.”
Another boy asked, “Why are we sitting down?”
“J’valikts requires a calm, quiet mind. Meditation is necessary before any lesson,” Orbo said. “We’re going to close our eyes, and take in a deep breath. In through the nose, out through the mouth. In through the nose, out through the mouth.” Orbo, Mira, and the boys all took deep breaths. “Now, let’s stand up and stretch.” Everyone stood up and Orbo led them through some stretches, before turning his head and seeing Volt watching from the stands. When he saw Orbo looking at him, he waved excitedly.
Noticing Volt, Mira shouted, “Volt, what are you doing?”
“I wanted to watch Orbo’s first lesson!” Volt shouted back. “I don’t have any classes today!”
“That’s because it’s Family Visit Day! Aren’t we all meeting Mom and Dad at Alfea?”
Volt blinked. “OH NO I FORGOT!!” He practically screamed. He transformed into his Illumix and flew off in a bolt of lightning.
With a sigh, Mira muttered, “I swear he’s such an airhead.”
“That’s why I love him,” Orbo said. Turning to his students, he said, “Okay, we have enough time to practice a few moves before your families come!”

Despite being in a slight panic, Volt’s lightning didn’t go out of control. Ever since his Illumix powers seemed to have stabilized his lightning a bit. He landed in the center of the Alfea courtyard, quickly dropping his Illumix and trying to be inconspicuous...despite having just hit the ground in a blast of lightning.
“Voltatious!” Volt jumped at the sound of Griselda’s voice and turned around to see her angrily marching up to him. “What were you doing? You’re late!” She was soon standing in front of him, crossing her arms irately.
“Ah, sorry, I wanted to see Orbo’s first lesson,” Volt embarrassedly admitted.
“Well, your parents have been waiting for you for almost half an hour. Detention after school on friday, and try not to be late to that, okay?” She walked off, and Volt saw his parents standing with Psyche.
He ran up to them, calling, “Mom! Dad!” He gave his parents a big hug, and saw they were talking with Bloom, Daphne, and their parents.
"Volt's top class is definitely Flora's nature class. He especially soared when they went on the topics of weather magic," Bloom was saying.
Lucretia smiled. "That's wonderful to hear, Volt! I'm glad you and your sisters are doing so well with your schools."
"Speaking of, Mira is actually dating our cousin," Daphne said with a small laugh. "We might become family by marriage!"
"A union between Minerva and Domino would certainly be quite the alliance," Oritel said. "Will you be opening Minerva again sometime?"
"My brother and sister are still wary, especially after the escapades during the wedding," Marcus said. "But with Mira and Psyche forming relationships with non-Minervans, it might help to convince them."
As the rulers discussed politics, Bloom asked, "Volt, how are you doing? Is the incident back in the Cursed Dimension bothering you at all?"
Volt shrugged. "I mean, kinda? Being a Wraith wasn't fun but...idk when i turned back I just felt really good about myself." He sighed and said, "but getting detention does not help."
"Griselda's tough, but she cares," Daphne assured. "She was probably worried you were attacked by Doom for the Luminous Jewels."
"That chick needs to learn how to take a break," Psyche said, causing all four of them to laugh.

It had only been a day or so, but life in the Cursed Dimension with the Jinx was not what the Trix had expected it to be. Whether it was from lack of personal knowledge of their long-time nemeses, or something else, the Jinx being the opposites of the Winx led to some...surprising discoveries.
The Trix were used to Doom at this point, with her cool, calm demeanor and surprisingly domestic personality. However while in Omegea, she never seemed to leave her office. According to Nisha, she wasn’t a social butterfly and generally stayed away from groups of people while at school.
Nisha herself, as deputy headmistress, was sadistic and harsh dealing with the students. She’d throw students into detention for the smallest infractions, and more often than not, nothing at all. She seemed to take it all in as a hilarious, cruel joke, laughing each time she dished out punishment. She didn’t target the Trix, luckily enough, but there were a few “unlucky coincidences” they couldn’t shake the feeling that she was behind.
Fauna was an irresponsible party animal in and out of class. She took the role as the shapeshifting instructor for the witches. She wasn’t as aggressive as the Trix would have expected, but threw a raging party nearly every night...which left more and more witch students at the mercy of Nisha’s punishments. It was hard to sleep any night she decided to throw a rager.
Kierra, for lack of better words, was a creep. Outside of her twisted dark magic lessons that disturbed even Darcy, she would stay in the shadows, eerily watching the students in the halls or the cafeteria, glowering at them when they were having too much fun. If they didn’t notice her and kept having too much fun, then she’d cause something bad to make them miserable.
Shusha wasn’t as creepy as Kierra, but she was a harsh librarian. She would forgive quiet voices, but any voices that were too loud would be stolen until the students’ were done studying. However, she always gave them back. As long as the students followed the rules, they would be fine.
Recma was, without any question, nuts. She revelled chaos for chaos sake, and encouraged her students to curse, hex, and trick anyone they encountered. While she didn’t cause undo damage to the school itself, she took frequent “destructo” trips to Cursix city or the forest.
Aside from Nisha’s potential tricks, the Jinx were surprisingly...welcoming to the Trix. They seemed to appreciate the Trix’ own evil and wild personalities. Recma in particular enjoyed Stormy’s ability to create destructive, wild storms. The Trix were given a dorm of their own, and the Jinx would visit and invite the Trix to random acts of evil.
“You know, for being the dictators of an entire universe the Jinx are...surprisingly nice,” Stormy commented, sipping a boba tea she’d gotten with Recma. “Almost makes me regret not coming to the Cursed Dimension sooner.”
“Still, Doom makes me nervous,” Darcy commented. “She won’t even let us go after those Chix girls, almost like she’s worried about us becoming more powerful than she is.”
“I agree it’s suspicious she won’t let us,” Icy said, “But it’s only been a few days, and we don’t even know that spell they were going to use on the Winx.”
There was a knock on the door, and Kierra opened it to step into the room. In her gravelly, monotone voice, she said, “Doom wants us in her office. Now.” She stepped out into the hall, and walked with the Trix as they headed to Doom’s office.
“Did she say what she wanted to talk about?” Icy asked Kierra.
“No,” Kierra flatly replied. Her demeanor was as cold as ever, so the Trix didn’t push it. Kierra wasn’t much for talking, as they’d come to realize. After a short, silent walk, they entered Doom’s office, where the other Jinx were waiting. Doom was sitting at her desk, while the other Jinx stood around her.
“Good to see you all here, ladies,” Doom said, resting her chin on her intertwined fingers. “Are we all rested from our encounter with the Winx?” She asked. None of the other Jinx answered, just standing there stoically. “Good to hear. Now that we’ve regained our energy, we need to focus on our most important goal: stealing the Luminous Jewels.”
“How are we going to pull that off?” Kierra asked. “It’s not like all nine of us can go to the Magic Dimension.”
“That’s true, but we can go one at a time.” She held up her Wraithix. “I can send each of you to the Magic Dimension. When there, you try to steal the Luminous Jewels. And if you succeed, of course, you can use the Jewels to come back home.”
“What about the Trix and me?” Icy said. “Can our Wraithix do the same thing?”
“Yes, actually, so I’m expecting you three to work together when it’s your turn,” Doom said.
“Our turn?” Icy asked.
Doom held up her Wraithix again. “Let’s start with my darlings; they need a chance to stretch.” She held the Wraithix up to her mouth and said, “Darlings, go steal the Luminous Jewels.” The Jinx expected all five gems to begin glowing, but instead the red, blue, and green gems glowed and detached themselves from the bracelet, before disappearing into swirling holes of darkness in their respective colors. When they were gone, Doom said, “I want each of you to think about what your plans are to steal the Luminous Jewels. You are dismissed, I have papers to sign so this school doesn’t crumble.” As a group, the Jinx and Trix walked out of the office.
“What should we do?” Stormy asked.
“It’s easy, cause as much destruction as possible. Intimidate those wimpy fairies into giving up the Luminous Jewels,” Recma said, putting her arm over Stormy’s shoulder.
“Doom told us to plan our attacks,” Nisha said, “Not that you even know how to plan…” she muttered under her breath. Recma didn’t seem to notice--or if she did, she didn’t mention it.
Shusha rolled her eyes and headed to the library, while the other Jinx went to their various classrooms. The Trix stood still, looking at each other with worried expressions. “This is going to take some getting used to,” Icy sighed.

“Volt!” Ella shouted, waving her hand. She walked over to Volt’s family, followed by who appeared to be her family. A man, woman, and teenage boy who all resembled her. When she joined, she gave Volt a hug and said, “King Marcus, Queen Lucretia, it’s a pleasure to see you again.”
“The pleasure is ours, Ella,” Lucretia said, taking Ella’s hands into hers. “Thank you for being such a good friend to Volt.”
Ella smiled and stood back, holding out her hand to introduce her family. “Volt, Psyche, King Marcus, Queen Lucretia, I’d like you to meet my family: King Kurt, Queen Akay, and Prince Silver of Koyu.” The two families bowed cordially.
King Kurt said, “I apologize we were not able to attend the wedding ceremony, though from what I’ve heard…” he let his sentence hang.
Marcus laughed and said, “It was a total disaster. We’re lucky our kids managed to keep their heads on straight.” He ruffled Volt’s hair. “How are things on Koyu?”
“Well enough,” Kurt replied. “We’ve been dealing with some giant mosquitoes. Luckily all we need is to break out the giant fly swatters.” The two kings laughed while Silver curiously looked at Volt.
“You’re Volt, right?” Silver asked.
“Um...yes?” Volt replied curiously.
Silver got a devilish grin and said, “When Ella first started talking about you, she said you were cute but you already had a boyf--” suddenly, Ella clasped her hand over his mouth.
“I knew you were going to embarrass me!” Ella gasped angrily.
With a glare, Silver pulled Ella’s hand off his mouth and said, “Why’d you bring us to meet him, then, if he was just going to embarrass you?”
Ella tensed when they heard, “There you are, Ella.”
The three of them looked to see Wizgiz irately marching up to them. “I’ve been wondering where you and your parents have been.” He briefly acknowledged Volt saying, “You’re doing fine, Volt. As for you, Ella, I’d hope that some of your best friend’s studying habits would have rubbed off on you. Just because you can turn into a bat does not let you sleep in class.”
Ella’s parents noticed Wizgiz and walked over, while Volt sidestepped and went back to his family. “Mom! Dad! Psyche!” Mira’s voice called, She was in her Red Fountain uniform, running over and waving. She was with Trixie, who immediately jumped into Psyche’s arms.
“Trixie!” Psyche laughed.
Curiously, Volt asked, ‘Trixie, shouldn’t you be at Cloud Tower?”
“We’re going there next; my sister wanted to visit her alma mater while they’re here, so I figured we could join your family’s tri-school tour!” Trixie explained with a giggle. “Psyche told me about it and I thought it sounded fun!” She noticed someone in the crowd and said, “Speak of the devil! Hey! I’m over here!!”
Three adults walked to their group, wearing strange, colorful outfits, much like Trixie’s. Bloom looked, and recognized one of them. “Oh! Francis!” She called, waving.
“Hi, Bloom!” Francis replied. The two fairies laughed and gave each other a hug. “I was shocked to learn you’d teaching while my little sister was in school!” Francis put her hand on Trixie’s head and patted it.
Turning to Volt’s family, she smiled kindly. “You must be Psyche, Volt, and Mira. Trixie has told me a lot about you three; she says you’re a lot of fun!”
“Princess Francis of Whimsii, yes?” Oritel asked.
Francis nodded, and immediately, Mira and Volt spun around to face Trixie. “You’re a princess!?” the two of them exclaimed.
Mira turned to Psyche and added, “Why didn’t either of you tell us?”
The two witches began laughing. “Purely for those reactions,” Trixie said.
Volt groaned and turned back to Francis. “So you used to go to Alfea?”
“Yep! I’m the Fairy of Laughter,” Francis said. “Crown Princess of Whismii, and the guardian fairy. You know my sister, Trixie. These are our parents, Queen Francis II and King Hugo!”
Like their daughters, Francis and Hugo looked like friendly, kind people. Just with...alarmingly brightly colored clothes. “It’s nice to meet our daughters’ friends,” Hugo said, extending his hand. When Psyche took it to shake, it turned into a bouquet of white lilies.
Hugo laughed and his real hand popped out, and Psyche gasped, "how lovely!" She held the flowers and smiled.
"Flowers as beautiful as the girl holding them," Hugo said with a bow.
"Dad…" Trixie said, "She's my girlfriend, I should be the one giving her flowers." The three of them laughed.
As Psyche talked with Trixie's family, Mira walked up to Volt and asked, "are any of your friends joining us?"
"Nah, Christa, Roxy, Ella, and Liz are all staying at Alfea. Are we meeting the twins at Red Fountain?" Volt asked.
"Yeah," Mira said.
Hearing this, Bloom said, "Oh, why don't we tag along? I'm sure they, Auron, and Victoria would be happy to see us."
"Is that allowed?" Mira asked. "Aren't you and Daphne teachers?"
With a laugh, Daphne said, "I'll talk to Griselda. You all enjoy!" She jogged off to find Griselda, while Mira shrugged at Volt.
"Oh hey, there's Christa's family!" Psyche pointed out. The triplets and Trixie waved, and Christa and her family walked over.
In shock, Bloom asked, "I-is that...Santa Claus?"
"Didn't we tell you that Christa was Santa's daughter?" Volt asked.
"I mean, yeah, but I still wasn't expecting Santa to come visit Alfea!" Bloom replied.
Santa walked up and said, "Hello, Volt and Mira. How have you two been?"
"Pretty good," Volt said.
"School is school," Mira added. Neither of them mentioned being kidnapped into another dimension or Volt's transformation there.
"That's good to hear," Santa said. Turning to Bloom, he commented, "And Bloom, have you been behaving since you moved to Domino, hm?" His voice was teasing and he laughed when Bloom's face went red.
"Just kidding, my dear, you've always been a kind soul," he assured, patting her shoulder.
"Um, thanks," Bloom said. "It's an honor to meet you in person, Santa!"
Santa chortle and once again the families began mingling--Santa and Hugo seemed to be enjoying embarrassing their daughters with bad jokes. Psyche and Trixie joined the other kids and they talked, when a shiver ran down her spine.
Psyche spun around to find the source of her discomfort, which immediately alerted her friends. "Psyche, what's wrong?" Christa asked. "You look like you've seen a ghost!"
"I see ghosts all the time," Psyche corrected. "This is different." She scanned the crowd, looking for something out of the ordinary...when a girl with ruby-red hair jogged up to the group.
"I heard you're visiting all three schools!" The girl said. "Maybe my parents and I could tag along?" She indicated to adults behind her: a man with sapphire blue hair and a woman with emerald green hair.
"Ummm, do you go here?" Christa asked. "I've never seen you before."
The girl pouted. "That's mean, Christa! I'm Ruby, the Fairy of Color!"
Christa blinked in surprise. Her expression and tone became territorial as she asked, "Excuse me?" A rainbow colored light grew in her hand.
"Okay, Christa, let's go over here," Volt immediately said, before a colorful brawl broke out.
"Gee, I don't know what I said!" Ruby commented innocently. Psyche narrowed her eyes a bit. As chipper as she herself was, this girl behaved a bit too weirdly.
"Yeah I'm gonna walk over here," Psyche said, pointing with her finger. Leaving Ruby and her parents with Trixie wasn't something she wanted to do, but by the forest spirits she needed to figure out what was going on.
She quickly found Volt and Christa. Volt had his hands on Christa's shoulders and was talking to her. "Christa, Ruby is a bit weird, but I don't think she's trying to one-up you."
"'The Fairy of Color?' Seriously, Volt!? At least I have a cool name for my powers!" Christa argued. "I'm fine with other light fairies but the fairy of color…" she gritted her teeth.
"No, I get it. I don't recognize her, either." Volt said. When he noticed Psyche, he asked, "What's up?"
"I just got a way from Ruby. That girl makes my skin crawl," Psyche said. "I do think it's a *bit* coincidental that she shows up as the fairy of color all of a sudden." She noticed Griselda walking by and called, "Miss Griselda?"
Griselda sighed and walked over, saying, "No, Psyche I'm not going to reverse Volt's detention."
"Actually that's not what I was going to ask about," Psyche said. "Do you know of a girl named Ruby that goes here?"
"The Fairy of Color? Yes, she's from Chroma. She's a third year here, but has been going home more recently to care for her sick grandmother." Griselda explained.
"Oh." Psyche replied.
"If that's all I need to find Ella of Koyu. Her parents are going to be hearing about all of her missing assignments." Griselda said.
"I saw her earlier, she was pulled away by Wizgiz," Volt told Griselda. "Haven't seen her since."
"Fine. You three go join your families, you'll be leading them on tours of the school," Griselda instructed. The three teens nodded and joined their families.
The fun, friendly conversation had quickly turned into bickering between the adults during the time they'd been gone. Even Mira and Trixie, who got along pretty well, were arguing over who was stronger.
The only ones not caught up in the fighting were Ruby and her parents, and they still made Psyche's skin crawl. "What happened?" Volt asked.
"Mira says I couldn't survive a day in Minerva's mountains!" Trixie complained.
Mira countered, "I wouldn't be able to do any circus acts, according to Trixie!"
Volt and Psyche looked at each other, dumbfounded. "That'" Volt asked.
This surprised both of the girls and they looked at each other. "Man, what were we doing?" Mira asked as they both began laughing.
"What about the adults?" Psyche asked.
"I think they're a snide comment away from declaring war on each other," Trixie explained. "Something about Minervans being snobs."
Immediately, Psyche felt her irritation spike...but then was immediately struck by how odd that was. She'd never gotten this mad about being called a snob. In fact, she usually just laughed it off.
She looked at Volt and Mira, who both also looked ready to blow their lids. However, seeing how calm she was made them calm down themselves. Volt cleared his throat--loudly--which got the attention of the adults and actually managed to stop their fighting. "Griselda says that we'll be showing you guys around the I guess for right now that means Christa, Bloom, Daphne, and me."
The adults looked at each other with the same shocked expressions that Mira and Trixie had earlier. They began laughing nervously and apologizing. Apparently it had all started because Marcus hadn't understood a joke Francis had said. It was a weird reason for everyone to go up in arms, but at least they were calmed down now.
Volt and Christa led the tour together, pointing out the classrooms and talking about their classes. Ruby didn't offer any input, but her family followed behind like the brightest pack of baby ducks in the magic universe.
"Here we have the greenhouse!" Volt said. "Flora and I have been working on introducing Minervan plant species! So far it's gone well; we even recently planted a Karrkarstraven!" He led the group into the greenhouse, where Flora was talking with her family.
"Oh! There's my little plant buddy!" Flora laughed. She gently grabbed Volt by the arm and led him to her family. "Mom, Dad, Miele, this is my student, Volt. He and his sisters are responsible for all of the lovely new plants here in the greenhouse!"
"Hi," Volt shyly said. "I'm Prince Volt of Minerva, and the Fairy of Lightning." To demonstrate, he made some small sparks in his hands.
"How ironic, a fairy of lightning with a fondness for plants," Rhodos commented. His tone was hard to read, but his words were pretty hurtful.
The sparks in Volt's hands died and he hung his head in shame. "Rhodos!" Alyssa snapped, elbowing her husband.
Sensing the same tension as before, Volt laughed and said, "I guess it is pretty ironic, but Minervans do love nature, second only to Lynphea!"
This seemed to appease the two adults and they immediately calmed down. Flora, however, seemed concerned. "What just happened?" She whispered to Volt.
"I don't know, but something is making people jump at each other's throats," Volt whispered back. "Mira, Psyche, and I are trying to keep the tensions as low as we can."
"Okay, I'll let the other Winx know. Tell your sisters I think the three of you are doing great!" She smiled supportively and gave Volt a quick hug.
Volt joined the group and said, "Why don't we show you the Minerva species we planted?" He, Christa, Psyche, and Mira all began pointing out the different Minervan plants. There were other families in the greenhouse at the time, all admiring them as well. It made the three feel a sense of pride knowing the positivity their plants were spreading.
Well, until people around them began arguing. And the more people that argued, the more aggressive the arguing became. In all honesty it was making Volt nervous.
After a thorough tour of the school, the group stopped in the courtyard. Now, nearly everyone around them was having some sort of argument. "Should we go to Cloud Tower now?" Volt asked Psyche.
"Yeah, let's do that," Psyche agreed. "Mom, Dad, are you ready to visit my school now?"
"Yes, of course," Marcus said after a nervous look at all of the fighting. "Hugo, Francis, and Francis Jr., will you all be joining us with Trixie?"
"Absolutely!" Hugo heartily agreed. "I want to see what kind of trouble our girls have been getting into!"
Michael commented, "I'd like to see Red Fountain, if you'll be visiting later."
"You're more than welcome to join," Marcus said. "Oritel, Marion, Daphne, and Bloom, will you also still be tagging along?"
"Yes, it will be nice to see the family," Marion agreed.
As Ruby piped up that she'd be joining, Psyche pulled Christa to the side. "Christa, can you do a favor for me?" She asked.
"Of course, Psyche, what is it?" Christa replied.
"I think Ruby and her family might have something to do with all the tensions here at Alfea. Do you think you could stay here and try to calm everything down while we're gone?" Psyche requested.
"Of course!" Christa agreed. "Nothing that a Cringle can do better than cheer people up!"
Relieved, Psyche gave Christa a hug. "Thanks, girl. I owe you a smoothie."
With a wink, Christa said, "Make it a milkshake and you've got a date." Psyche laughed and joined the others.
Standing with Trixie, she asked, "Who's ready to go meet some witches??"
She and Trixie held hands and summoned a spiral of magic. The swirling energy picked the group up and carried them through the air. Trixie and Psyche kept holding hands, but everyone else bumped and tumbled into each other. Otherwise, it was a lot of fun.
Except while he flipped, Volt accidentally crashed into Ruby's mom. Not much happened, but she growled at him and his blood ran cold. Mira manipulated the wind a bit and caught him, giving the woman a shocked and confused look.
After a topsy-turvy five minute flight, Trixie and Psyche gently deposited everyone at Cloud Tower's door. The two bowed dramatically, and everyone applauded.
As everyone walked into the school, they were soon greeted by headmistress Griffin. "Well, well, well. I was wondering when you two would show up." She sounded like she was teasing. She put her hands on Trixie and Psyche's shoulders, and the girls stiffened up. "These two hold the record for the number of pranks they've pulled on the other students."
"That's our Trixie!" Hugo laughed, side-hugging Francis II.
"She's always been enamored with tricks and surprises," Francis II lovingly agreed.
Francis laughed and recounted, "I received my Enchantix when one of her pranks backfired!" As she laughed, Trixie's face flushed bright red.
"I mostly just help," Psyche admitted with a blush of her own.
Griffin laughed. "Aside from that, these two have been some of the most promising young witches in this school since the Trix!" Everyone knew Griffin's beef with the trio, and both Psyche and Trixie winced at the comparison.
Griffin then added, "but they're more than ten times the witches than the Trix ever have been." Both Trixie and Psyche looked at Griffin with a bit of shock. "Enjoy the tour, I'm sure they have lots to show."
It was Volt and Mira's first time visiting Cloud Tower, since they generally hung out at Alfea. The gothic aesthetic really did feel like a fit for Psyche, it even resembled Deep Minerva.
"Wow, Trixie, I can definitely see why you chose to go here," Francis commented with a whistle of appreciation. "Though I'm still irritated you're not the Fairy of Tricks." She grabbed Trixie's shoulders and playfully rubbed their cheeks together.
"Stop it," Trixie laughed, pushing Francis' face away. "I was never really into the whole fairy thing, you know that. My winx only lasted like two minutes!"
"But you were so cute!!" Francis said, starting to tickle Trixie. The two sisters laughed and began playfully wrestling, with Trixie more or less forgetting she was helping Psyche show off the school. Psyche didn't mind and giggled as she watched the two of them.
"Just like us when we were little," she whispered to Mira, who also giggled. Volt was looking around the room with slight awe.
"This reminds me of Aunt Crystal's palace!" He exclaimed, with the sound reverberating around the room. Some of the witches gave irate glares at him, and he quickly apologized bashfully.
When they got to the school's cafeteria, the fighting had already begun. Except with the witches...spells were being thrown into the mix. "Oh geez," Volt said as he dodged a hex.
"This is getting out of hand," Psyche groaned. She looked at Ruby, who was watching the chaos with a sly grin. Her parents watched as well, but their expressions were much harder to read.
Clara, a witch from Psyche and Trixie's class, fired a blast of dark magic at Vex, one of their other classmates. Vex dodged and the spell flew straight at Volt.
With a gasp, Psyche threw out her hand and cast a spell to dissipate it before it hit. When Psyche felt her anger spike at Clara and Vex's carelessness, she took a deep breath and calmed herself down. "Well, that's Cloud Tower," she said brightly. "Let's move on to Red Fountain!"
She looked at Trixie, and the two girls shared a solemn nod. Trixie then said, "Mom, Dad, Francis, let's try to cheer these witches up!" Trixie's family laughed at the idea, and Trixie gave Psyche a thumbs-up.
To get to Red Fountain, all three Illuminates joined hands and powered up Mira's wind magic. Without Trixie's family in the group, the winds weren't as strong, and as a result were less turbulent. Mira had quietly suggested dropping Ruby and her family off above the forest, but Psyche and Volt talked her out of it.
When they landed at Red Fountain, Volt immediately looked around. "Orbo!" He happily shouted, running towards Orbo.
Orbo turned, and at first his expression was happy, but it quickly became angry and suspicious. He quickly walked towards Volt's group, and Volt froze with alarm. When he approached, Orbo immediately grabbed onto Volt (much more tightly than usual) and glared at Michael. "Who are you?" He asked aggressively.
"Michael Cringle, who are you?" Michael asked in response.
"Orbo de Aquos, Volt's boyfriend," Orbo said, his voice still aggressive.
"Okay, and?" Michael asked.
"And I don't want you near him," Orbo growled, his grip tightening.
"Ow," Volt quietly said, pulling Orbo's hands off his shoulders. "Orbo, Michael is Christa's big brother. He's just a friend, I promise." He smiled kindly at Orbo, and held his hands
Orbo, without a word, pulled his hands out of Volt's and walked away. "How rude," Lucretia commented. "I don't think I've ever seen Volt act like that before."
"It's fine," Volt said. "I'll talk to him when he calms down." He felt hurt, but knew that Orbo likely wasn't thinking properly, like everyone else had been all day.
"Mira!" A voice called. Mira turned to see Angelo running over. He hugged her and kissed her before waving a few people over.
Diablo, and who Mira assumed were Angelo and Diablo's parents, came over. "Mom, Dad, this is my girlfriend, Mira. Mira, this is my mom, Victoria, and my dad, Auron."
The twins definitely took after their father, except he had rainbow hair. Their mom looked fully Dominian, much like Bloom's family. "Nice to meet you," Mira politely greeted, holding her hand out.
"Aw get in here!" Auron laughed. He pulled her into a group hug with Victoria and Angelo, while Diablo stood to the side and rolled his eyes.
When Diablo looked at Volt, he noticed Volt's sad expression and asked, "Hey, Volt, are you okay?"
"I'm okay...just had a bit of a fight with Orbo," Volt explained. "He got jealous of Michael."
"Wait, what?" Diablo asked. He'd only known Orbo for a short time but that seemed way out of character. He looked up at Psyche for confirmation, and when she nodded he noticed the red-haired girl.
"I'll go talk to him for you," Diablo assured Volt, before running off.
"Wait, Dia--" Diablo was gone before Volt could finish. "...nevermind," Volt sighed.
After the hug, Mira said, "Angelo, could you help me show everyone around Red Fountain?"
"Sure thing, sweetie," Angelo agreed with a wink and a thumbs-up. The two of them began leading the group through the school, showing off their different classes.
"I'm officially Orbo's teaching assistance for his J'valikts class," Mira said. "It's an ancient form of Minervan fighting. Angelo and Diablo are in our class!"
"I think Diablo wants to get you back for the entrance ceremony," Angelo laughed. "So he wants to take you on at the same level you originally beat him."
"If he wants that he has several more years of training to go," Mira commented. The two of them laughed, which was refreshing with all of the fighting that had been going on that day.
Now that she thought of it, Psyche realized that the fighting had now followed them to Red Fountain, too. She cursed silently, and looked at the still-smug Ruby. The look Diablo had given her...he knew something was up.
They came into the stadium, where Orbo and Diablo were fighting. Orbo had a staff made of purple Morphix, and he was lunging and striking at Diablo, who was barely keeping up with his defense. When Diablo noticed the group, he let his guard down, and Orbo quickly took him out.
With the end of his staff pressed against Diablo's nose, Orbo said, "next time, mind your own business."
Orbo turned, and his expression darkened when he noticed the group. "Um, this is where Orbo and I teach J'valikts," Mira said, leading the group to the center of the stadium.
With an irate sigh, Orbo dissipated his staff into bubbles. "I guess that counts as a demonstration of sorts," he commented. "J'valikts is an ancient fighting technique that's been taught on Minerva for generations," Orbo's delivery was flat, annoyed, and dry, like he couldn't care less about the fight style he and Mira had spent years learning.
He continued to droll on when suddenly there was a shout. Out of nowhere, Diablo had tackled Ruby and was holding her up while she struggled.
"What are you doing!?" Ruby growled, the sweetness of her voice completely gone.
"You radiate some nasty vibes!" Diablo shouted. "So consider this your vibe check!" He threw her at her parents.
When all three collided, there was a plume of multicolored smoke. It cleared to reveal the Wraiths, all tangled up together. "I knew there was something up!" Diablo shouted. "Thank Arcadia for my anger management therapy."
The Wraiths all growled and stood up, ready to attack. Before they could do anything, Diablo shouted, "and this is for turning me into a monster!" Before socking the Blue Wraith in the face.
"YEAH, THAT FEELS GOOD!" Diablo shouted, pulling out his blade. With the Wraiths' disguises gone, their spell seemed to vanish as well. Orbo's face went from angry, to shocked, to confused in a manner of seconds.
Volt transformed into his Illumix, Bloom transformed into her Fantasmix, Psyche donned her witch robes, and Mira summoned her wings. Along with Orbo, Angelo, and Diablo, they surged into battle against the Wraiths.
The battle was intense. The Wraiths were completely unhinged, morphing and bending their bodies in unnatural ways, growing extra limbs, and blasting waves of negative energy.
"Livewire!!" Volt shouted. He hit his palm against one of the Wraiths, and shot straight through it with a blast of electricity.
"Glowing Embers!!" Bloom shouted, shooting small glowing sparks at the Wraiths.
The Wraiths, for their part, were mostly quiet except for the animalistic growling. Mira was a whirlwind with her blade, and would have been a deadly force if the Wraiths were more corporeal.
Psyche was sending wave after wave of spiritual energy, which pushed the Wraiths back more and more each hit.
Orbo was using his Morphix, making it sticky and gluey to slow the Wraiths down as much as he could.
Angelo and Diablo combined their Angel Sword and Demon Blade spells, creating beams of white-hot fire. Despite the Wraiths being outnumbered, they didn't back down. Most of their efforts seemed focused on Volt, only deflecting the others as needed.
Volt's Illumix powers outstripped his Enchantix nearly tenfold, but he could feel his energy wearing out and winding down. A hit from the Blue Wraith knocked him back into Orbo, who caught him and asked, "Volt, are you okay?"
"Just getting tired," Volt said.
"Well, it's a good thing we're here!!" A voice shouted. Volt looked up, and saw the Winx in their Fantasmix, his friends in their Enchantix, as well as Trixie and her family.
The Wraiths stopped moving and looked up, pausing before they disappeared into their gems and flew off. "Aw!" Stella pouted. "I was hoping to bust those guys up."
Volt laughed before fluttering down with his Illumix disappearing. "Glad that's over," he said.
As they all flew down to join the others, Tecna said, "Good thinking, Psyche. If you hadn't had Christa and Trixie ease tensions I don't know what would have happened."
Psyche blushed at the compliment, and Mira asked, "Why do you think the Wraiths targeted us, though?"
Volt yawned and said, "I think I have an idea." He summoned the Luminous Charm. "I think Doom's changed her strategy. She's trying to steal the Luminous Jewels now."
A hush fell over the group at the thought, before Stella said, "Let's head back to Alfea, we're holding a huge party!!" This perked everyone up a bit and they gave a collective cheer.

The Wraiths floated into Doom's office and reattached themselves to her bracelet. Seeing this, Nisha commented, "Didn't go according to plan?"
"I didn't account for Psyche's level of awareness," Doom admitted. "Not a mistake I'll make again. The Wraiths weren't the best for the job."
Nisha chuckled. "And the Trix are?"
"Probably not. Icy is protective of her cousins," Doom said. "But if it all fails, then trust in my backup plan."
"Alright," Nisha agreed. She got up and headed to the door. "Better luck next time, Doom."
After Nisha shut the door, Doom said, "Luck? I don't need luck."