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The Illumination

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To make up for how he had acted while under the Wraith's influence, Orbo was sending flowers, chocolate, and stuffed bears to Volt nearly every day. It was sweet, but everyone was getting irritated by these deliveries interrupting class.
On their day off, Mira, Orbo, and the twins visited from Red Fountain. It was Volt's and Orbo's first face to face meeting since family visit day, and Orbo was holding a bouquet of lilacs and a box of chocolates.
A few girls were whispering to each other at the dramatic show while Orbo nervously brought the gifts to Volt. "Orbo," Volt gently said, "I'm not mad at you, you don't need to keep apologizing." He put the gifts on a bench and kissed Orbo's cheek.
"Really?" Orbo asked worriedly.
"Of course, sweetie," Volt said. "Everyone was acting weird that day." He hugged Orbo and said, "I appreciate the gifts, though. Thank you."
Mira walked up and playfully hit Orbo's shoulder. "See, bud? I told you Volt wasn't mad at you."
With a sigh of relief, Orbo bent down and kissed Volt. "I love you," he said, pressing his forehead against Volt's
"I love you, too," Volt replied.
"Awww you two are so cute!!" Ella gushed.
"It's cute until you see them do it almost everyday," Mira commented, "then it becomes absolutely adorable."
"Are Psyche and Trixie coming, too?" Ella asked.
"Nah, the two of them are going on a date today," Mira said. "They said something about a picnic with their pixies."
At the mention of pixies, Rhea flew up and sat on Volt's shoulder, while Nike and Polaris did the same for Christa and Ella. "Girder's been looking forward to it," Rhea said. "It's all he's talked about all week."
"You keep in contact with Girder and Blue?" Volt asked. "I didn't know that."
Rhea shrugged. "Girder doesn't really give us a choice y'know. He's always looking for something to fix, be it at Cloud Tower, Alfea, or Red Fountain."
"Really?" Ella asked in surprise. "I never notice him!"
"He's good," Polaris said. "It's kind of funny, actually."
“Kinda creepy if you ask me," Volt commented. "The fact that he pops into our school without anyone noticing?"
"Just because you're oblivious doesn't mean everyone else is!" Nike heckled.
Volt paused for a moment, then sighed. "I really can't argue with that, can I?" Everyone began laughing when the Winx came outside.
“Oh!” Bloom gasped in surprise. “Mira, Angelo, Diablo, Orbo, we weren’t expecting to see you today!” She gave her cousins a hug, while Aisha hugged Orbo.
With a laugh, Aisha asked Orbo, “Are you done sending Volt apology gifts every day now?” as she draped her arm on his shoulder.
Orbo’s face flushed and he nodded shyly. Bloom said, “We were planning on visiting Magix City today, would you like to join us?”
“We had a thing planned today, sorry,” Volt apologized. “We’re going swimming at Lake Roccaluce!”
“That’s no issue,” Bloom said. “We can just meet later.” As she said this, the Winx’ bonded pixies flew down in a small swarm, all of them uniting with their bonded Winx. Everyone laughed as their pixies nuzzled them.

The Trix were called to Doom’s office, and they were all extremely nervous. Would this be the moment that Doom decided she didn’t need them anymore? Would she strip them of their Wraithix and send them back into Limbo? When they walked into the office, Doom had her back to the door and was facing the window.
Not turning to face them, Doom said, “It’s your three’s turn.” She turned to them with an unreadable expression. “I hope that your connection with the Illuminates will not prevent you from stealing the Luminous Jewels.”
“It won’t!” Icy replied. “We already have a plan for what to do.”
Doom raised her eyebrow and asked, “And what is that, exactly?” she sounded thoroughly unconvinced.
“An invention of our ancestors, the Pixie Spell. It takes bonded fairies and pixies and switches their places. We’ll use it to turn the Winx, Volt, and his friends into pixies, and they won’t have the power to protect the Luminous Jewels from us,” Icy explained.
“If they’re too weak, there will be no point in absorbing them and their magic,” Doom said. “Is this Pixie Spell permanent?”
“No, but we can make it last long enough to steal the Jewels,” Icy said. “It’s a powerful spell, so even if we wanted to, we can’t make it permanent. By combining the power of the Vacuums and our Wraithix, we can secure enough time to steal the Luminous Jewels and return before the fairies and pixies switch back.”
Doom sat, and tapped her finger on her chin thoughtfully. “It sounds like a solid enough plan; I’ll allow it. You can use your Wraithix to travel between the dimensions.”
“Alright, but we need to go back to our room to cast the spell ,” Icy said. “We can’t just randomly cast it, we have to do it properly."
"Do what you must," Doom said. "Prove that you deserve the power I've given you." She spun away from the door in her chair and faced the window.
After the Trix left, she snapped her fingers, and her swirling dark screen appeared. She watched the Trix as they walked to their room.
When they shut the door behind them, Icy said, "Let's do this. And remember, don't hurt my cousin." All three Trix activated their Wraithix forms, and subsequently summoned the Vacuums. A glowing magic circle appeared under their feet as they began chanting.
"Take the mighty, make them weak, take the future, make it bleak. Magic switched and forms replaced, powers gained shall be erased. From small to large and large to small, switch the bond and make them fall!"
The Vacuums, as well as the Trix' Wraithix began glowing. A small glowing sphere appeared and fired into a portal that appeared. "Let's go, sisters," Icy said. The three Trix summoned their portals and stepped through.

While everyone laughed, the Luminous Charm appeared in midair, floating horizontally. When everyone looked at Volt, he said, "It wasn't me!"
The Jewels began shining bright, and Abigail's holographic image appeared. "Abigail?" Bloom asked with confusion.
Looking distressed, Abigail said, "Winx, there's not much time. I feel a dark spell coming from the Cursed Dimension."
"What kind of dark spell? Is Doom attacking?" Aisha asked.
"No, the magic is coming from the Cursed Dimension, but it is Magic Dimension in origin," Abigail said. "Be alert!" She and the Luminous Jewels vanished.
"Whoa," Volt said. "That was Abigail?"
"Yes," Musa said.
"I wonder what she meant," Stella pondered.
As if on cue, a portal appeared above their heads and a beam of light fired onto them. The fairies and pixies all shouted in alarm; the fairies began feeling weightless and lightheaded, while the pixies felt sluggish and heavy.
Mira, Diablo, Angelo, and Orbo shielded their eyes, and when they looked, their jaws went slack. Like before, there were nine fairies and nine pixies. Now, however, they swapped.
Each of the former fairies still resembled their usual selves to a degree, with miniature versions of their original winx forms. Likewise, the former pixies resembled their usual appearance, except now they were human-sized in their own winx forms.
"My head is spinning," Volt said, before looking at the others. When suddenly, he looked at his hands and yelped in alarm. His hands sparked, but they were like little bits of static. Meanwhile, the human-sized Rhea was looking at her hands in surprise and alarm.
Each bonded pair stared at each other, and Stella commented, "Do you think this was the dark magic Abigail warned us about?" She fluttered up to Amore and landed in her palms.
"I think that question answers itself," Tecna commented, flying up to Digit.
"How do you feel?" Ella asked Polaris worriedly.
"Heavy," Polaris giggled. "What about you?"
"Extremely light," Ella replied.
As the two of them giggled, Bloom said, "Not to damper the mood, but our powers have been reduced; also, the pixies are only Winx-level fairies!"
Mira shook her head rapidly. "Maybe there's a way to reverse this," she said. "Ever curse has a countercurse, right?"
"That's true," Orbo agreed. "But before that," he gently grabbed Volt from Rhea and pulled out his phone to take a picture. "Volt, you are too adorable!!" He squealed.
"Hey!" Volt protested, stamping his foot down and shocking Orbo. "This is a serious situation!" His voice squeaked a little which made Orbo go, "Awwwwww!"
"Orbo, buddy," Diablo said, "you are way too into this."
"I like cute and small things," Orbo retorted. "And Volt as a pixie is the cutest and the smallest."
Volt crossed his legs and pouted, while Mira walked up to Rhea. "Rhea, you're an Illuminate, right?"
"Yes," Rhea replied, still with her shy demeanor.
"And as Fairy of Reflections, maybe you could take a crack at reversing it," Mira suggested.
"I-I'll try," Rhea stuttered. Nike came up behind her and patted her back.
"You can do it, Rhe!" Nike assured, patting Rhea's back.
Rhea nodded and pulled the small mirror clip from her waistband. In her hands it grew into a hand mirror, and Rhea gently touched the surface. The glass rippled like water and she drew a circle, before facing it to Ella and Polaris. She placed her palm on the back of the mirror and focused, with a beam of light shooting towards them.
When the light faded, Ella and Polaris were still switched. "Let's see if Professor Wizgiz knows what's going on," Flora suggested. "This seems like Metamorphosymbiosis."
The others agreed, and they all went to Wizgiz' office. He was absolutely floored at the sight of the swapped pixies and fairies, but luckily seemed to have an idea. "The Pixie Spell," he said. "An ancient, complex form of Metamorphosymbiosis. It was created by the Ancestral Witches, but only ever successfully cast once."
"It must have been the Trix, then," Tecna said. "Abigail did say the magic was from our dimension in origin, and using a spell the Ancestral Witches made seems right up their alley."
"This must be their attempt for the Jewels," Mira realized. "First the Wraiths, now the Trix. They must have cast the Pixie Spell to incapacitate you while they steal it."
"As pixies, we're not strong enough to hold the Trix off, and as fairies, the pixies only have winx-level powers," Aisha said.
"We're still plenty tough!" Chatta announced.
"The Pixie Spell might boost your powers a bit," Wizgiz said, "but it doesn't compare to the power of the witches who cast the spell."
"Yeah, the Trix with their Wraithix were tough to fight even with Fantasmix," Musa said.
"We'll have to make do with what we can," Tune commented. She looked up and asked, "Professor, is the Pixie Spell permanent?"
"I'm not sure," Wizgiz admitted. "Information on the spell is limited. The Ancestresses didn't offer much about it, and the fairy they cast it on wasn't quite the same after."
The fairies and pixies shared a nervous look, and Christa sighed, "That's not exactly reassuring."
Wizgiz sighed and said, "I'll try to find a way to reverse the spell, but until then, try to stay safe."
"Okay, Professor," the group said, before leaving.
In the hallway, Aisha asked, "Should we go to our dorms?"
"It might be safer to stay as a group," Tecna suggested. "The kids can come to our quarters until the spell is over. Or, if, as the case may be."
"Aw," Nike pouted. "I wanted to try out my new, big wings!"
Christa floated up and patted her head. "I know, sweetie, but like Wizgiz said, we have to stay safe."
Nike grumbled, but everyone else sat patiently, and nervously waited.

The Trix emerged through their portals from the Cursed Dimension, right outside of Alfea. They weren't noticed, luckily enough, but they didn't have any way to tell if the spell had cast properly. They didn't have that spying spell Doom had, so they'd have to check for themselves.
With a snap of her fingers, Darcy turned the three Trix invisible, and they floated up towards the Winx' room. Through the window, they saw the fairies and pixies, all switched up.
"It worked!" Stormy laughed, giving Darcy a high-five.
"Sh!" Icy shushed. "We don't want them to know we're here."
"We can just steal the jewels now," Darcy whispered. "None of them are powerful enough to stop us."
"They have to summon the Jewels, remember? They won't summon them if they know we're nearby," Icy argued. "And like I said, I don't want to hurt my cousins."
"Okay," Stormy and Darcy relented.
"Good. Let's keep an eye on them," Icy said. The three witches stayed invisible, and kept their eyes on the mixed up fairies and pixies.

It got boring fast just waiting in the Winx' room. Even trying out their new powers grew uneventful, especially because Volt and Bloom couldn't make much more than small sparks. After trying to read a novel and giving up because it was too big, Volt's stomach growled. Quite loudly, too.
"Hungry, are we?" Chatta said with a laugh, playfully poking him.
"Well, we were going to go to Magix and have lunch," Volt explained. "Though I feel much hungrier now that I'm so small." He held his stomach, which rumbled again. At the same time, Rhea's stomach rumbled, and she blushed with embarrassment.
"We should get some food," Mira said. "I'm a bit hungry myself."
"Why don't we go to the cafeteria?" Christa suggested. "We can stay as a group and be safe, while still getting food."
"Yay!!" Nike shouted. She flew up in the air excitedly, hitting her head on the ceiling. "Ow!" She said, rubbing it.
Everyone laughed, and Christa said, "Don't forget, you're much bigger now." She flew up and sat on Nike's shoulder. The others followed suit, and the pixies flew from the dorm to the cafeteria.
It was a lot harder to eat as pixies, the fairies soon realized. Everything was much larger and hard to hold. Grapes and strawberries were about the size of their heads!
The pixies had less trouble eating, but they didn't seem quite as satisfied with their portions. Volt was sitting cross-legged on the table, munching a pea from Rhea's plate, while Rhea hungrily scooped peas into her mouth. A lot of people were staring at the bizarre sight of these new fairies, and eventually Faragonda approached the table.
Luckily enough, when she saw Rhea, she recognized her and gasped, "Rhea?" Before looking down and continuing to ask, "Volt?? What happened?"
"Something called the Pixie Spell," Amore said. "It turned the fairies into pixies and us into fairies."
"The Pixie Spell?" Faragonda asked, now in deep shock. "Oh no, that's definitely not good. Is this another attempt to steal the Luminous Jewels?"
"We think so," Bloom said, "but we don't have definitive proof."
"Wizgiz is looking for a way to break the spell," Aisha added. "So we're not pixies forever."
"From what I know, the Pixie Spell does wear off, but still be careful. All of you are vulnerable in this state," Faragonda warned. "I'll assist Wizgiz with his research." She walked off, leaving the group anxiously quiet.
"We'll be fine," Orbo assured, unassuredly. "Mira, Angelo, Diablo, and I will protect you guys." He gently picked Volt up and kissed his forehead.
"Orbo…" Volt sighed, half-exasperatedly, before giggling. He admitted, "I really don't want to go back to the room just now. We should be safe as long as we stay on school grounds, right?"
"I think so," Flora replied, "but I'm not sure if we should risk it."
"This might be our only chance to really feel what it's like to be pixies, though," Volt argued. "And for the pixies to feel what it's like to be fairies."
"I wanna do it!" Nike immediately blurted.
Ella said, "Besides, if we don't summon the Luminous Jewels, the threat isn't as great."
Flora didn't look entirely convinced, but everyone else agreed. When they were outside, Nike led them all to the pixie game stadium she'd set up for the pixies to exercise in. The fairies laughed and ran into the stadium, beginning to play the games that Nike had set up.
Meanwhile, Nike and the other pixies were flying into the air and testing out their newly enhanced powers. Nike was summoning different kinds of sports equipment, and started a flying soccer game with the other pixies. Rhea sat out, staring intently at her hand mirror.
Stella quickly grew tired with her smaller body and flew from the stadium to sit with Rhea. "Whatcha doing?" She asked pleasantly, admiring her reflection. "Ooooh I make such a cute pixie! And you're such a cute fairy!"
Rhea giggled, and said, "I'm trying to scry and see where the Trix are. They can't be too far, but whenever I try the image fades out before I can find them." She waved her hand in front of the mirror and focused.
The surface of the mirror began glowing; at first Stella thought it was reflecting the sun, but then the light began to rapidly change colors. Stella watched the hypnotic display until there was a bright flash that stunned the two of them. Without Rhea's focus, the mirror shrunk back down into a belt buckle.
"That was bright," Stella said, rubbing her eyes.
"Are you okay?" Rhea asked, worriedly. "I'm so sorry, I don't know what that was."
Stella blinked a few times and said, "it's fine, we're good. I'm the Pixie of the Shining Sun, so a bit of light is harmless."
Rhea sighed with relief. "That's good at least." The two of them giggled, when suddenly the Luminous jewels appeared.
"Huh?" Rhea asked in surprise. Abigail's image appeared again.
"The dark magic is nearby!" Abigail warned. "You need to--" a blast of dark magic shot towards the jewels, and Rhea was barely able to pull them out of the way.
"You missed!!" Stormy's voice shouted. Rhea and Stella froze, looking up to see that the Trix were floating in the air above, their Wraithix forms ready for attack.
"I won't this time!" Darcy growled. "Shadow Bullet!" She fired another dark spell at the two, but Rhea shrieked in alarm. In a flash of light her mirror appeared between her and the Trix, growing in a shield-sized mirror that reflected Darcy's spell right back at her.
"Nice going, Rhea!" Stella laughed. However, Rhea didn't laugh back. She clutched onto the Luminous Jewels and screamed at the top of her voice, "It's the Trix!!"
The pixies and fairies froze and then flew together. As a group, they faced the Trix defensively. With a cackle, Icy said, "Oh no, we're so scared! The Winx are now tiny pixies!"
Stoically, Mira looked at Lockette. "Lockette, with your boosted magic, can you get everyone out of here?"
Lockette looked at her hands, much larger than they'd ever been, and pulled out her now equally huge keystaff. "I think so."
Mira nodded and turned to the boys. "You three think we can handle these witches?" She asked.
Orbo summoned a Morphix bo staff, while the twins pulled out their swords. "Of course," Orbo said. "Any student of ours can handle this."
Looking back at Lockette, Mira said, "We'll keep the Trix busy, try to teleport somewhere safe!!" She summoned her paladin wings and the four Red Fountaineers charged at the Trix.
"I don't know if I can do this!" Lockette gasped nervously.
Immediately, the fairies and pixies shouted words of encouragement, and Bloom landed on Lockette's shoulder, telling her, "I believe in you."
Lockette took in a deep breath and nodded, holding the staff above her head. In a flash, all of the fairies and pixies vanished. "Dang it!" Icy cursed under breath.

Doom watched the mixed up fairies and pixies disappear, and then watched the Trix deal with the warriors without trying to hurt Mira. She sighed and said, "I shouldn't intervene, but I shouldn't waste a golden opportunity like this." She held her Wraithix up to her mouth and said, "Yellow, darling."
The yellow gem glowed and floated until it was about level with Doom's face. "Darling, you have the ability to sense pixie magic, correct?"
The yellow gem flashed, which Doom took to mean as a 'yes'. "Good. Please track our little friends and intercept them."
An inky portal appeared and the yellow gem flew through it. "Are you sure about that?" Nisha asked from the doorway, before walking up and sitting across from Doom. "Interfering with the Trix' plan? I don't think they'd take that too kindly," Nisha pointed out.
Doom shrugged. "It is a decent enough plan, just...very poorly executed," she said. "A shame, really, I was really expecting them to win."
Nisha looked at the raging battle between the Trix, and focused on the intense looks between Mira and Icy. "You shouldn't have picked followers that have a familial connection to your targets."
"If I'd known, I wouldn't have," Doom sighed. "Still, the Trix are of some use, even if for later."
The two witches continued to watch the fight.

After teleporting, the group collapsed in Pixie Village. Several pixies jumped at the sight of them, and looked suspicious. Because these pixies didn't know about the switch, the group did rather look like a bunch of strangers.
Luckily, Concorda flew up and immediately recognized them. "Girls?? What happened?"
"The Trix cast the Pixie Spell on us," Digit explained. "We got all switched up between pixie and fairy!"
Discorda came up, and grimly said, "That is certainly troublesome." She turned to the other pixies and shouted, "Pixies! These are the Winx and their bonded pixies! They've just been put under the Pixie Spell!"
With her words, pixies all gasped in realization and became significantly warmer to the group. Concorda and Discorda were joined by Athena, who noted, "Oh dear, it seems that the boy fairy and his friends are under the spell's effects as well." She flew down to him and helped him stand. "Let's get you all some tea with honey, it should help."
"Tea with honey sounds amazing!" Amore gasped.
Looking up solemnly, Discorda said, "Sorry, Amore, but you all are too large to fit inside."
All of the pixies looked aghast, and after a moment, Amore slumped and sat down next to the Tree of Life. Seeing her like this, Stella said, "You can have mine!"
Amore shook her head, "No, it's fine. I hope this Pixie Spell wears off, though."
The pixies and fairies looked at her sadly, before the guardian fairies led the fairies into one of the cabins. Sitting around a table, Bloom asked, "Not that I'm not happy to see you, but what are you three doing in Pixie Village?"
"The Codex is not in immediate danger," Concorda explained. "Because Ninfea has been gone for so long, it's our responsibility to protect Pixie Village in her place."
Volt looked down sadly, still upset that he hadn't been able to prevent Ninfea's transformation into the Yellow Wraith. Seeing this, Athena said, "Volt, it's not your fault what happened. You did your best to protect Pixie Village, and that's all Ninfea would ever ask of you."
Bloom patted Volt's shoulder, and Tecna asked, "Do you know anything about the Pixie Spell? Is it permanent?"
The three pixies all sighed, and Discorda said, "We know and fear the Pixie Spell, as many fairies and pixies should. Even the Alfea Champions feared the spell's power, which is what led them to refuse bonding with pixies."
"That actually makes a lot of sense," Aisha said. "Because the Pixie Spell only works when a fairy is bonded to a pixie, right?"
"Yes. The spell requires the darkest magic possible to cast, but, fortunately, it is temporary," Concorda said. "The only fairy that it was successfully cast on was a fairy of the dragon's flame. The Ancestral Witches thought they could steal it more easily from a little pixie. She was stuck in that form for three days, constantly trying to evade them."
"Three days…" Tecna said thoughtfully. "If we go by that scale of time, this spell can only last on us for eight hours." After some quick calculations, she concluded, "that means we have until sunset before the spell wears off."
"How much longer will that be, do you think?" Musa asked. "Being this small has really lost its charm."
"It's been about five hours, so three more," Tecna calculated. "Then the pixies and we should switch back."
"Can we hide from the Trix that long?" Ella asked worriedly. "They already know where Pixie Village is. They've attacked it twice now!"
As Bloom opened her mouth to say something, there was a flash of yellow light, a loud "boom!" And then the shouts of scared pixies. The fairies and guardian pixies flew outside to see a crater with a glowing yellow jewel hovering above it.
Everyone immediately recognized what it was, especially as the Yellow Wraith took on the shadowy visage of Ninfea. "I have to say, she's MUCH more intimidating when we're pixie-sized," Christa admitted.
Before anyone could respond, the Yellow Wraith silently flew forward and hit the group with powerful yellow magic. The fairies were thrown to all sides, unable to fight against it.
"Hey!" Chatta shouted. She summoned some magic and blasted it at the Yellow Wraith; however it seemed to have little to no effect. Of course, she wasn't a Fantasmix fairy.
The other pixies joined in, trying to converge their magic to damage or at least stop the Wraith. The Wraith, though, focused on the fairies, unaffected by the pixies. She combined magic and physical moves to beat up the small fairies, but using their own powers they could lessen the damage to a degree.
Flora summoned magical vines to entangle the Wraith, and they died on contact. Because they were thorn vines, the Wraith was at least temporarily stuck.
"Let's go!" Volt shouted worriedly. The fairies joined their pixies and the group flew off.
While flying, Bloom commented, "we can't go back to Alfea, and now Pixie Village isn't safe! Isn't there anywhere we can go??"
Volt thought for a moment, and gasped. "Lake Roccaluce!" He picked up speed and flew surprisingly fast enough to stay ahead of the group.
After a rather long flight, the group came to the shore of lake Roccaluce. There were still two and a half hours to kill before the spell would finally wear off, but still no one felt safe.
Volt sat on a rock and dipped his feet into the water; his magic and water didn't mix well, but he'd been hoping that with his improved Illumix powers, that mix wouldn't be an issue.
Luckily enough, this seemed to apply to being a pixie as well. There was a tiny bit of static electricity, but it was so weak that it only tingled a bit. Volt kicked his legs, splashing the water. He was so small that the surface tension was making it a lot harder to do.
Eventually he gave up and sighed, and Ella came next to him. "Not the really the day we had planned, is it?" She asked.
"Hardly. I was hoping to actually swim; I feel like if I try when I'm this small I'd drown." He pulled his knees to his chest and added, "Musa's right, being a pixie gets old really fast."
"Honestly, that's how I feel about being a fairy," Polaris commented, standing in the water next to the rock. "When my powers were weaker, I felt more in control. Now it feels like I'm going to blast magic at any second."
Lockette, who was nearby, added, "And trying to use the full extent of my fairy powers is exhausting."
"There's not too much time left," Tecna assured. "Before much longer, we'll--" she was interrupted by a gale of wind that scattered the fairies in all directions.
"Well, well, well," Icy taunted. "It looks like the Vacuums still work as well as ever." The three jewels were glowing in their triangular formation.
At the same time, the glowing gem of the Yellow Wraith came into view, before she took on her form. Noticing her, Icy commented, "and it looks like Doom sent us a little help, too."
"What did you do with Mira and the boys!?" Aisha demanded.
"Don't worry, I didn't hurt them," Icy laughed. She landed on the surface of the water, which immediately froze over.
"They're just having a nice long nap," Darcy continued, as she landed next to Icy.
"Besides, they wouldn't summon the Luminous Jewels for us," Stormy finished, landing on Icy's other side.
Suddenly, Ella popped up and shouted, “Volt’s under the water!” She was in a full panic mode, trying to break the ice as hard as she could.
With a sudden shriek, Icy stomped on the ice, breaking it up. Darcy put her hinges on her temples, and Volt was lifted from the water, completely unconscious from cold and the water. He floated into Icy’s hands and Stormy began rubbing her index fingers like a defibrillator.
She pressed them against Volt's chest and his body seemed to jump up. He stirred a bit, and slowly grabbed onto Icy's finger. Everyone paused...until he clenched his grip and shocked her.
Stormy yelped and jumped back, and Volt took the opportunity to fly from Icy's hands and straight to Rhea, who immediately hugged him. "You little brat!" Stormy yelled.
Icy put up a hand to quiet her down, while holding out the other. "Give us the Jewels, Volt, and we'll leave you and your friends alone."
"Doom's trying to use the Jewel to absorb the Winx!" Volt shouted.
"I said your friends, not the Winx," Icy drily stated. "I don't want to have to fight you."
"Then don't!" Volt said. "Just go back to the Cursed Dimension."
"You know we can't do that. Not without the Jewels." She summoned ice shards and fired them at the group. They seemed to fly around Volt and Rhea, but hit everyone else.
With shouts, the fairies and pixies surged forward, summoning their respective magics. The Trix' eyes widened in alarm, especially as Rhea flew away from them and to the Yellow Wraith. "Ninfea, if you're still in there…" she said, holding up her mirror.
The Yellow Wraith looked at her reflection and stared at it, completely transfixed. In a flash of yellow light, the Wraith was gone, and Ninfea was back to her normal self. She promptly fell unconscious, however, and Rhea had to catch her.
Right after, the sun began to set. All of the fairies' and pixies' bodys began glowing, and in bursts of sparkles, the fairies turned back into fairies, and the pixies turned back into pixies.
Backing away, Icy said, "Time to go."
Stormy protested, "But--"
"TIME. To go," Icy reiterated. The Trix held up their Wraithix and summoned the portals back to the Cursed Dimension. As Volt watched, he could have sworn Icy had a relieved smile on her face.
When the Trix were gone, the fairies and pixies quickly celebrated before flying back to Alfea to check on Mira's group. Luckily they were waking up now, mostly unharmed. Volt and Mira shared a hug, equally relieved to see each other back to normal.
Orbo commented, "Aw, I was hoping you'd be a pixie a little while longer." He fake pouted before saying, "At least I got pictures!" He laughed and ran off as Volt irately chased him.
As the two of them ran around, Psyche and Trixie popped in, dressed in outdoorsy clothes and holding a picnic basket. Looking around, Psyche asked, "So, what'd we miss?"

Back in the Cursed Dimension, the Trix shamefully bowed their heads while they met with Doom. "Not only did we not acquire the Luminous Jewels, but due to the mirror pixie having fairy powers, we lost the Yellow Wraith." She sighed, rubbing her temples.
"I apologize on behalf of us all," Icy said, stepping forward. "I was sure we could intimidate them into giving us the jewels."
"That only works if you're intimidating," Doom said. "The Wraith was scarier than you three, and not even half your size! Icy, you in particular. Your protectiveness of that cousin is getting in the way of your mission."
"Next time, we'll--"
"Next time, I'm sending one of the Jinx. You three will stay here unless they need your assistance." Doom began looking through paperwork. "Now, I have a school to run, and an upcoming appointment. You're dismissed."
The Trix walked out, and in a silent cloud of green smoke, Susha appeared. "You're next, my friend," Doom said. "Where am I sending you?"