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The Illumination

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Doom was not happy with the Trix, and she made it very clear. She didn't outright curse or threaten them, but there was a cold air when she talked to them--if she talked to them at all. It was kind of scary, especially after how she'd started warming up to them.
This didn’t seem to affect the other Jinx, who all treated the Trix fairly the same. It was getting kind of boring just hanging around Omegea, so the Trix decided to confront Doom about it. When they walked in her office, she didn’t react much to them. Clearing her throat, Icy said, “We want to leave Omegea.”
“Where will you go?” Doom asked. “Cursix?”
“The Magic Dimension, we want another chance,” Icy continued.
“No,” Doom firmly rebuffed. “You had your chance. Shusha is now on assignment. I said I'd give you all a chance to steal the Jewels. It wouldn't be fair to the others if I gave you two, now, would it?" She signed a paper, and then looked up. "Look, I have a school and a universe to run. You can explore the Cursed Dimension as much as you want, except for Sky Spire, the fairy school. And don't go to the Magic Dimension without my permission."
"Why do you have to run the school?" Stormy asked. "What about this dimension's version of Faragonda?"
"Witchhazel? Retired," Doom replied.
"Huh, you'd think she'd still be in school," Darcy said. "The fairy version just won't stop."
"She didn't retire herself; I retired her," Doom explained, before looking up. "So, do you still have business or are we done here?"
"You said Shusha is on assignment?" Icy asked.
"Yes. She's our stealthiest witch. Now get out of my office and go shopping or something," Doom commented, waving the Trix off. The Trix shuffled off out of the office, and Doom sighed, "what am I going to do with those three?"

It was midterms at Alfea, and everyone was on edge--especially Volt, but that wasn't anything new. "Volt, what will you be doing in the simulator today?" Palladium asked.
"Um, I'm going to try to bring life to a desolate planet," Volt said, his knees shaking a little.
Patting his back, Ella whispered, "Volt, you've got this! You're an Illumix fairy and you've been studying!"
Volt nodded, and stepped into the simulator. His test went mostly alright, sowing seeds and using static electricity to gather clouds. However, when he fired a bolt of lightning to start the rain, it seemed to fry the simulator and the simulation dissolved.
"Sorry!" Volt gasped.
"No issues, Volt, it's an easy fix," Palladium assured. "You were trying to start the rain, correct?"
"Yessir," Volt said. "I was trying to get a water cycle started for the plants."
"Interesting, mind explaining that a bit?"
"Sure! The planet had enough water for me to make the storm and everything. If I can get to rain in a semi-consistent cycle, it would provide the plants with a steady source of water," Volt explained. "That way the life I bring can be sustained."
"Very impressive forethought, Volt," Palladium said. "A+!"
Volt sighed in relief, and promptly collapsed onto the bleachers when he left the simulator. His friends immediately flocked him and gave him a big group hug. Walking in, Stella saw the group and asked, "Celebrating something?"
Volt smiled proudly. "I got an A+ on my simulator exam!"
"Good job!" Stella congratulated. "By the way, your sisters are waiting for you in the courtyard."
"Oh!" Volt happily gasped. He jumped up, and Stella walked with him and his friends through the school halls.
"I had to take my simulator exam twice," Stella giggled. "I had a long night beforehand and I actually fell asleep."
Ella laughed and said, "I bet that was interesting."
"Let's just say I turned a desert into a jungle," Stella laughed.
"I accidentally fried the simulator," Volt admitted embarrassedly, "but Palladium gave me credit for what I was trying to do."
"And now we have like, two weeks of free time before classes start again!" Christa said.
They walked outside, and Volt walked up and hugged his sisters. "How did it go?" Mira asked.
"I passed," Volt said.
"I told you!" Psyche said, playfully elbowing him. "You're the biggest bookworm in Minerva!"
Volt added, "I also short-circuited the simulator."
Both Mira and Psyche paused for a moment, and then they both began wildly laughing. "Only you, Volt," Psyche said. "Only you."
When they'd calmed down, Mira said, "Orbo's doing the midterm for his class, but he says he loves you and can't wait to see you."
"Aww," the girls cooed, making Volt blush.
To change the subject, Volt asked, "Now that we're out of class, what do you guys want to do?"
Roxy suggested, "We could go to Gardenia and visit the Frutti Music Bar. I bet my parents would be happy to see you guys."
"Ooo yeah!" Christa said. "I've been wanting to visit earth for a while now!"
"Me too!" Liz agreed.
Volt looked at Ella and his sisters and asked, "What say you?"
"Sounds fun!" Psyche said. "I've been wanting to see more of earth!"
"I'm definitely curious after visiting the North Pole," Mira agreed.
"Same!" Ella said.
"Well then, let's go to earth!" Volt announced. The girls all cheered excitedly, with Stella giggling.

On top of a skyscraper, at the top of the antenna on the roof, Shusha stood still, her robes blowing in the wind. She looked down at the noisy city below her. It was chaotic and loud, and even crashed against her noise-proof mask.
This was to claim the Luminous Jewels for Doom, but Shusha couls have some fun and make this city much more bearable.
She flipped from atop the antenna and spun through the air, before vanishing in a puff of green smoke.
Shusha appeared in an alleyway; fortunately it was more quiet than the rest of the city, but that wasn't saying much. There was a loud concert nearby, and it was driving her nuts.
As quiet and calm as a ninja, Shusha floated to the edge of the alley to locate the source of the noise; there was an outdoor pavilion where a band was playing for a screaming crowd.
Shusha silently stared at the concert, the noise growing louder and louder as it continued. She decided to start there.
Dark energy grew around Shusha, gathering around her hand. She curled her hand into a fist, extending one finger. Pulling down her mask, Shusha pressed her index finger against her lips. She blowed silently, and a plume of green mist billowed outwards, washing over the entire concert.
No one seemed to notice, until the music stopped. Everyone looked to see that the band was still playing, but not a single note could be heard. After a moment, everyone realized that they couldn't speak. People began panicking, silently screaming and running around.
Shusha stepped back into the shadows, vanishing once again.

The Illuminates and their friends were teleported right outside of the Frutti Music Bar. Volt, Mira, Psyche, and Ella looked around in awe. "So this is earth?" Volt asked. "It's so cool!"
Roxy laughed. "You bet! Come on, I want to introduce you to my parents." She led her friends inside. It was pretty calm, not very busy, and they saw a man at the bar on his phone while a woman sat across from him.
With a groan, the man said, "Great, Andy's band won't make it." He put his phone down and questioned, "who will we have play tonight?"
The woman put her hand on his and said, "Don't worry, dear. I'm sure you'll find someone." Noticing the teens, she turned and smiled, saying, "Roxy!" She got up and hugged Roxy.
"Mom, these are my friends from Magix: Volt, Christa, Ella, Liz, Mira, and Psyche. Guys, this is my mom, Morgana." She gestured to the others, who waved.
Morgana smiled kindly at the kids. "Mira, Volt, and Psyche, the royal siblings from Minerva, correct?"
"Yes ma'am," Volt said.
"Roxy's told me a lot about you three. I'm glad she has such kind friends." Morgana complimented.
"Over here is my dad, Klaus," Roxy continued. She walked up and asked, "so why can't Andy play tonight?"
Klaus sighed. "He says that his band all lost their voices, and that their instruments all stopped working at once. He mentioned a green mist but it all seems a little convenient to me."
"I don't think he'd make excuses, Andy loves performing here," Roxy said. "If you want, I could call the Winx and see if they want to jump in instead."
"I'll try to see if I can get Andy here, if not then yeah," Klaus said, kissing her forehead.
"Okay, well my friends and I are going to the beach!" Roxy said. She led the others from the bar, onto the sand.
"Wow! It's gorgeous!" Psyche laughed, spinning around with her hands in the air.
"Too bad we don't have swimsuits," Volt lamented. "I would love to take a swim."
"Ah! Leave that to me!" Christa announced. She snapped her fingers and a swimsuit manifested for each of them, with a speedo for Volt.
Looking at the speedo, Volt commented, "Um, Christa…?"
"Oh come on you look fabulous!" Christa said, before giggling and snapping her fingers again, giving him swim trunks.
"Yay!" Psyche laughed. She summoned a volleyball, while Volt summoned a net from two bolts of lightning. The group started a game: Volt, Ella, and Christa vs Psyche, Roxy, and Liz, with Mira as the referee.
They had fun, just volleying back and forth in the sand, until they grew too hot. Volt then shouted, "Last one to the water is Weezeldorf food!" And they all laughed and ran into the tide; excluding Psyche, that is.
"Psyche, come swim with us!!" Ella encouraged.
"No thanks, I'm good!" Psyche politely declined.
Volt explained, "Psyche can see and feel ghosts in the water, and since she attracts spirits, she's had several less-than-pleasant experiences swimming."
Mira added, "She's usually okay in a swimming pool, but she says that drowned spirits are the most vengeful of all."
"Aw, poor thing," Ella pouted. She then shouted, "Psyche! Make sure you use sunscreen!"
Psyche laughed and gave a thumbs-up. While standing there, a woman tapped on her shoulder; she turned to see a woman in her thirties, holding a camera. "You're such a pretty girl with lovely white hair, can I take your picture?"
"Ooh, let me get my siblings," Psyche said. She shouted, "VOLT!! MIRA!! COME OVER HERE!"
Volt and Mira swam out, a stood on either side of Psyche. "She wants to take our picture!" Psyche said.
"Oh!" Volt and Mira both gasped. Volt took on an overly-dramatic flexing pose, while Mira winked and kicked her leg up behind her, and Psyche blew a kiss to the camera. The woman took the picture, and the three of them stood together, laughing. The woman snapped another picture and asked, "Where can I send these to you?"
Volt gave her his email, then thanked her as he and Mira ran back into the water. Volt and the other girls played in the water, laughing without a care in the world.

Back at Alfea, after the exams were done for all of their classes, the Winx came together. "So what should we do?" Bloom asked.
"The Illuminates and their friends went to the Frutti Music Bar, maybe we could surprise them," Stella suggested.
"That might not be a great idea," Aisha commented. "I know we're supposed to protect the triplets, but they deserve to have some time off from us as well as class."
Suddenly, Musa stiffened, like she suddenly had been paralyzed. They saw her shiver, then look up in shock. "What the?" She asked.
"Musa, what's wrong?" Flora asked in concern.
"I just had the weirdest a hundred voices were suddenly silenced," Musa said.
"...You've been watching Star Wars, haven't you?" Bloom asked.
"No!" Musa said. "...maybe. But I'm serious. It's like when I was fighting Shusha back in the Cursed Dimension."
The other Winx looked at her with varying degrees of alarm and disbelief. The mention of Shusha, even just the Cursed Dimension itself, was enough to put them on edge.
"It's gone now," Musa said with a sigh. "But that was just awful…"
Stella patted her shoulder. "Maybe you're just stressed from all that we've been dealing with this school year. Why don't we all have a girls' day in Magix City?"
At that moment, there was a burst of smoke and confetti, and Trixie as well as Angelo, Diablo, and Orbo appeared. "Oh hey!" Trixie said.
"Hey guys," Bloom said, hugging her cousins. "What's up?"
"We're trying to get to earth," Angelo explained. "The triplets texted us that they were hanging out there."
"I think they just wanted a day with their friends," Stella said, "Not their SOs."
Orbo gasped. "Is Volt mad at me? Did I do something wrong?" His eyes began tearing up with worry.
Aisha giggled and gave Orbo a reassuring hug. "Don't worry, bud. I think the triplets just need a break right now. Especially Volt."
"Why don't you guys hang out with us? I'm sure we can all have fun," Stella suggested.
"It would be a good chance for bonding," Tecna added.
Diablo crossed his arms and said, "I'm not sure how I feel hanging around a bunch of teachers."
Bloom got an irritated grin and pulled on Diablo's ear. "Well, you'll be hanging out with your cousin, so deal with it."
"Ow! You know I'm technically older than you, right?" Diablo asked, pulling out of Bloom's grip. "I was thirteen when you were born."
"Yeah, but then you were frozen for eighteen years, so it doesn't count!" Bloom argued. The two of them growled and glared at each other, before Angelo interjected himself and pushed them apart.
"Diablo, if Mira wanted us to come she would have invited us. And how long has it been since we were able to hang out with Bloom and Daphne?" Angelo asked.
Diablo sighed and relented, "Okay, fine."
"Great!" Bloom said. "Let's go!" The group left Alfea and headed to Magix.

It was almost too easy; Shusha was an expert at silently creeping through the shadows, going unnoticed until her green mist silenced whatever was nearby.
So far, no one had noticed her, and as far as the people knew this epidemic of silencing green mist was a bizarre coincidence. However, Shusha knew that she eventually had to stop messing around and get the Jewels. She had chosen to come to earth because Doom had told her that three of the fairies that the lightning boy was friends with came from this world.
Shusha stopped in an alleyway and closed her eyes. She took off the headphones of her mask and began listening. In the distance, she heard a few familiar voices: the Illuminates.
Shusha readjusted her mask to block out the noise again, and vanished in green smoke towards where she'd heard them.

After playing on the beach for a while, the kids went to the bar for lunch. Klaus offered a free meal to Roxy's friends, but the triplets insisted on paying, using a few golden Minervan coins. They ate happily, and Liz said, "This was a great idea for the first day of break!"
"It really is," Volt said, patting Roxy's back. "I've been dying to visit a beach for so long. Thanks, Roxy."
"I'm glad you all are enjoying it," Roxy said. "You think you'd like to visit earth again sometime?"
"Probably, if our parents let us," Mira said. "It's nice that we get to visit worlds outside of Minerva and Magix."
They all laughed and talked, when suddenly a group of young adults ran in. They immediately ran up to Klaus looking panicked. He was surprised but asked, "Can I help you?"
The group all began gesturing wildly, like they were trying to talk but the sound wasn't coming out. As the friends watched them in surprise, the Luminous Jewels appeared in a flash of light. Abigail's image appeared, and she said, "I apologize for not detecting it sooner, but there is a dark power near to where you are; it seems to be removing any sounds it comes across."
One of the kids watched in surprise, then wildly pointed at her. Realizing what he meant, Mira said, "I think that's what happened to them!"
The young man nodded, still looking panicked. Klaus asked, "Well, why didn't you say so?"
With an irate look, the young man mouthed out words silently. As the man silently scolded Klaus, the group of friends ran out of the Frutti Music Bar.
The sky was overcast, and there was a lingering green mist. "Be careful," Volt said. "I have a suspicion of what this is."
Mira took in a deep breath, and blew a wind to clear as much of the mist as she could. When they had a decent path, she whispered, "Be as quiet as you can."
"Why?" Liz asked in a hushed whisper.
"If it's who we think it is…" Psyche started.
"We're in a lot of trouble if we make a lot of noise," Volt finished. They continued walking silently, looking for any sign of the witch.
In the back of the pack, Christa held her shoulders nervously. The beach was empty of people, but all of their stuff was left. It gave a cold, ghostly feeling that crawled under her skin. Suddenly, she felt a hand grab her shoulder. She froze, and slowly turned to see a light-haired woman in green robes, with a scary gold mask. Christa began to shriek, but the woman swiped her hand in front of Christa's face, and her voice...stopped.
The others noticed and turned to see the now white-faced Christa faint, with the witch floating and facing them. Without a word, Volt and Mira ran forward, grabbed Christa, and carried her as the group ran. "Who is that!?" Liz asked. "She looked like Musa!"
"That's Shusha, Musa's opposite counterpart from the Cursed Dimension," Mira grimly explained. "She's the Witch of Silence, and hates all noise."
"Why is she after us!?" Roxy said. "We're not with Musa, and we're not in Alfea!"
"I'm guessing Doom sent her to steal the Luminous Jewels," Volt said. "I bet that's why that band lost their voices and their instruments."
"Is there any way to beat her?" Ella asked.
"We have no idea," Psyche said. "Only Musa has gone up against her so far." They continued running, until Shusha appeared right in front of them.
In a hushed whisper, Volt told Roxy, "Run, and text the Winx that Shusha is here!" He and Mira gently put Christa down, and the group took on their magical forms.
As the others prepared their magic to confront Shusha, and Shusha summoned her own dark power in return, Roxy flew off. She didn't head right back to the Frutti Music Bar, but instead tried to find somewhere she couldn't easily be found. In her rush, though, she ended up flying through the green mist, and suddenly everything about her was silent. When she got to her safe spot, a good distance away from Shusha, Roxy pulled out her phone and typed up a message.

It was really neat, hanging out with the Trixie and the boys. They hadn't had much interaction without the Illuminates around, so it was cool getting to know them. After a while, they were sitting at a boba shop sipping their drinks, while Trixie ate a banana split she'd ordered.
"You still sad Volt didn't invite you?" Aisha asked.
Orbo sighed. "A little," he admitted. "Especially after the fiasco on Minerva, I thought that he'd want to spend as much time together as possible."
"Come on, Orbo, you know he's thrilled to have you close. He calls you every morning just to say he loves you," Flora said. "He just hasn't had much time to have fun with just his friends and his sisters."
"I guess," Orbo agreed. "I hope they're having a good time."
"I'm sure they are," Bloom said, pulling out her phone as it buzzed. She opened the message and then said, "...or maybe not."
She flipped the phone around, revealing a message from Roxy that read, "Shusha is in Gardenia!!"
"Oh geez I should have known that feeling was correct!" Musa said, standinf up. "We have to get to Gardenia now!"
"Wait, who's Shusha?" Diablo asked. "Have we faced her before?"
"You haven't, she's from the Cursed Dimension, like Doom," Musa said. "She's my opposite, the Witch of Silence."
"Doom must have sent her after the Luminous Jewels, like she did with the Trix!" Bloom said. "C'mon, we have to help them!" The group got up and ran to a nearby transporter.
The transport was fast, and they found themselves in the now eerily quiet Gardenia. Musa looked around and said, "I don't like this. The silence is deafening."
Tecna knelt down and analyzed the green mist wafting in front of them. "This magic signature matches Shusha. This must be what is causing all of the silence. In other words, try not to touch it.”
“Let’s transform and keep above the mist,” Bloom said. The Winx transformed into their Fantasmix and flew above the mist. Trixie transformed into her witch robes and joined the fairies in the air. On the ground, Orbo created a purple morphix bubble to protect him and the twins from the mist.
The Winx and Trixie stayed in the air, but close to the boys so they wouldn't be separated. Musa followed the unnerving silence, and she realized that she could just outright sense Shusha from her lack of sound.
Before long they came to the Frutti Music Bar, which was crowded with people. Everyone was silent, even Roxy, Klaus, and Morgana who they noticed. "Roxy!" Bloom called. Roxy looked up and waved, but didn't say anything.
The Winx had to fly above the crowd a bit, but they managed to get to the family. "Did Shusha hurt you?" Musa asked.
Roxy gave a so-so gesture, and then began clapping her hands together. Despite her hands hitting each other, no sound was made. "Oh," Musa said. "Don't worry, we'll get all of the sounds back."
Roxy nodded and gave a thumbs up, before pointing. "Is that where Shusha is?" Bloom asked. Roxy nodded again.
"Okay," Bloom said. "Thanks, Roxy. Stay safe!" The Winx flew out of the bar and joined the boys and Trixie. "Roxy says that Shusha is that way," Bloom said.
"Okay, we're right behind you," Orbo assured. The group moved down the beach, and as they did they began seeing flashes of light.
They picked up speed, and saw Volt, Mira, and Psyche all trying to fight Shusha at once. Shusha was throwing green spells at the triplets, and the triplets fired back in return. Despite the intensity of the battle, it was completely silent.
Under the effects of Shusha's silence, the triplets' spells weren't as effective, because they couldn't say them aloud. The other fairies were on the ground, tending to Christa and keeping any spells from hitting her.
As soon as they were close, Shusha stopped. The triplets tried to use this to get in a surprise attack, but she swiped her hand and hit them with a wall of silence that knocked them back.
The triplets hit the ground, all of them knocked out of their respective transformations. Now that the triplets were out of commission, Shusha turned her full focus on the remaining group. Before anyone could move, she vanished in a puff of green smoke.
Suddenly Stella was hit from behind, as Shusha suddenly appeared and attacked her. She then disappeared and reappeared behind Aisha, as if trying to feel for the Jewels. Aisha whipped around and tried to use her Morpix, but Shusha just dissolved in a burst of silence.
"Orchestral Wave!" Musa shouted, sending a sound wave at Shusha. Shusha didn't bother dodging, and instead hit Musa's magic with her own.
Trixie tried to hit her with a surprise firecracker, but Shusha effortlessly deflected it. Her powers seemed much more intense now than when Musa had faced her back at Omegea. Then she realized; back then they'd been amidst a noisy battle. Now there was a near-perfect silence. If her powers relied on silence, then of course she'd be more powerful.
"Burning Heart!" Bloom shouted, firing a heart-shaped flame at Shusha. As Shusha got ready to deflect, Musa inhaled and screamed as loudly as she could. Shusha flinched and her barrier dissipated, leaving her to be hit by Bloom's spell.
When she was hit, a bit of light came off of her and hit Volt, who coughed--audibly--before sitting up and going, "Wait, what?"
Shusha glared coldly at Musa, but Musa just matched it, clenching her fists. Shusha flew at Musa, and Musa summoned glowing music notes around her. Musa thrust her hands forward, shooting the music notes at Shusha. Shusha teleported to dodge, but mistakenly appeared in front of one. When she was hit again, more lights fell off of her and scattered, bringing more sounds back.
While Shusha tried to reorient herself, Musa gently touched her Fantasmix Stone and began singing. It was a soft, wordless melody, but it carried outwards, bringing energy to her friends. Volt and his group got up and transformed again, and the sky began clearing up as seagulls began squawking.
In a mad attempt to steal the Jewels, Shusha wildly lunged at Volt, trying to snatch the jewel from his chest. Before she could reach it, he grabbed her by her wrists and shocked her. Shusha pulled out of Volt's grasp, and looked around. Musa's song was spreading further, bring back even more of the sounds that Shusha had removed.
When Musa stopped, Shusha glared at her again. Silently but angrily, Shusha drew a line across her throat, before vanishing in green smoke again. Musa shivered and commented, "Well, I'm glad that's over. For now at least."
"Yeah, but I'm worried," Aisha said. "If Shusha is that powerful on her own, what will the other Jinx be able to do?"
There was a moment of silence before Volt floated down onto the sand and transformed back to normal--with Orbo goggling his swimsuit. "Let's not worry about that now, and get back to our beach day!" He kissed Orbo's cheek and said, "I'm glad you could make it, I was worried you were too busy."
"I'm never too busy for you, babe," Orbo said, before pulling Volt up into a kiss.
"Guys!!" Roxy shouted as she happily ran up, hugging her friends. "Oh my gosh, I was so worried! I'm so glad you're okay!!"
"Of course!" Volt laughed as he hugged her back. "What'd you expect?"
Everyone landed and transformed into different swimsuits. "You know, a beach day sounds wonderful," Musa said. "Quite literally."
They all laughed at her joke, and continued to play on the beach.

Shusha floated through the portal into Doom's office, transforming into her civilian clothes before hanging her head in shame. "Didn't get the Jewels, did you?" Doom asked calmly.
Silently, Shusha shook her head no. Doom said, "Well, it was a good effort. If it wasn't for the Winx showing up, I'm sure you would have gotten it. Take a break, you deserve it."
Without a word, Shusha bowed and teleported from the room. Doom pulled out a chart and marked it; three attempts so far, and five more to go. "Let's see if Kierra has better luck," she said thoughtfully, circling Kierra's name.