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The Illumination

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"Hey, I was thinking," Ella said to Volt as they sat in the Alfea courtyard. The both of them had gotten flurries from an ice cream stand in Magix, and were sitting by the well eating them.
"That's dangerous," Volt said, before laughing as Ella hit him. "What were you thinking about?"
"Well, we've been to earth, right? We have enough time during break to go to each of our homeworlds. Koyu for me, Whimsii for Trixie, Domino for the twins, and Minerva for you, Orbo, and your sisters. We can show everyone around the kingdoms. It'd be fun, don't you think?"
"Oh yeah! Psyche and Mira would love that! And I think Orbo would be onboard with it too," Volt agreed. "Where do you think we should go next?"
"How about Koyu?" Ella suggested. "My home planet is pretty dark year round, but it'd be fun to have everyone visit." She blushed a bit and said, "I've been wanting to take Christa there for a while too."
"How's that going?" Volt asked. "I mean, you two seem happy together."
"Really good," Ella said. "She makes me really happy, like you and Orbo. I love having midnight snack runs with her."
Volt laughed, "I remember when you nearly gave us all a heart attack when you both were munching on Oreos."
The two friends laughed, and then Ella said, "You seem a lot happier and more confident now that Orbo's close by."
"Well...yeah," Volt said. "It was love at first sight for Orbo and me, and we've been dating for a few years now. I feel a lot happier and more at home knowing I can see him almost all the time. Don't get me wrong, of course, I've had an amazing time at Alfea with you all."
"I like Orbo, and I get it. You two are perfect for each other," Ella said. "Rumor has it that he's going to propose when you graduate."
"Rumor?" Volt asked. "He's flat-out told me plans to propose. And I've already told him I'll say yes."
"Awww you two are so cute!" Ella gushed, as Volt playfully pushed her away.
"Let's send out a group message," Volt suggested, "So everyone can see it." He typed up Ella's suggestion and sent it out, quickly receiving unanimous agreements in the replies. "Looks like everyone's on board!" He and Ella high-fived.

Kierra never came to Doom's office on her own, so Doom relented and went to find Kierra herself. She found Kierra sleeping on a couch in her "office", with her hand in a half-eaten bag of chips.
With a sigh, Doom gently poked Kierra with the tip of her finger, trying to touch her as little as possible. "Kierra, wake up," Doom said. Kierra snorted in her sleep a bit, and Doom poked her a bit more aggressively. "Kierra, it's time to get up!"
This witch could sleep through a hurricane, which Doom knew from personal experience. However, there were a few tricks. Doom knelt down by Kierra's ear and said, "They say the sun is never going to set in Magix again."
"Imup!" Kierra shouted, sitting up in alarm. She looked at Doom with half-asleep eyes and asked, "You were lying, weren't you?"
"Only way to wake you up," Doom justified. "I'm sending you after the Luminous Jewels. It's your turn."
Kierra groaned and laid her head on her pillow. "Why do we have to steal 'Luminous' Jewels? I don't wanna deal with any annoying light."
"Because the Luminous Jewels will let you finally be rid of all the light your dark heart desires," Doom said. "Besides, your powers of shadow should work well against the Winx."
For a moment, Kierra was motionleaa before grunting and getting up. "Okay, fine, but let me get ready." She stepped into the shadows and vanishsed.
Darcy was reading a dark spellbook in the library when she felt Kierra shake her shoulder. When Darcy looked up at her, Kierra asked, "You're a witch of darkness, right?"
"Yes," Darcy said, slightly confused.
"Fantastic," Kierra said in a flat voice. "Transform, you're helping me." She grabbed Darcy by her wrist and pulled her through the shadows, reappearing in Doom's office with both of them in their witch forms.
Seeing Darcy, Doom asked, "Getting some assistance, are we?"
"This is too much work to do on my own," Kierra replied, putting her hands on Doom's desk.
Doom shrugged and said, "Can't argue with that, I suppose." Darcy was pretty sure Doom had just insulted Kierra, but either Kierra didn't notice or didn't mind, because she fully didn't react.
"So where am I sending you?" Doom asked.
Turning to Darcy, Kierra asked, "One of the Illuminates' friends calls herself the 'Fairy of Night' right? Where is she from?"
"If I recall correctly, she's from Koyu," Darcy said. "I'm part Koyuvian myself, and it's supposed to be a thickly wooded planet that's very dark."
For a moment, Kierra smirked and scoffed. "Fairy of Night, huh? Well, I'll give her a night she never forgets."

When they learned of the kids' plans to visit different worlds, the Winx and Specialists immediately went to see Faragonda.
"I know we shouldn't stop them," Brandon said, "but they're focusing their efforts back on the Illuminates."
"I know I had said we should let them relax without us," Aisha said, "but that was before we knew Shusha had an attack going in Gardenia."
"I believe a few of you should chaperone," Faragonda suggested. "The kids are well aware of the threat, so I don't think they'd mind you coming along to protect them."
There was a knock on the door, and Volt came in. "Oh, good, you're all here," he sighed in relief. He came in almost sheepishly and asked, "If it's not too much trouble, could a few of you come along when we visit the different worlds? I'd feel safer, especially after the Shusha attack."
"Sure!" Bloom readily agreed. "Are your friends okay with that, too?"
"Yeah, we talked it over and the attack while we were on earth really shook us all up," Volt explained. "We're kind of nervous that another Jinx will pop up while we're visiting the different planets."
"That is understandable," Faragonda said, "especially when Doom seems to be focusing her efforts on you specifically."
Volt's face paled a bit, but he didn't say anything else. Seeing his nervousness, Bloom put her hand on his shoulder and assured, “Don’t worry, Volt. We’ll keep you safe.” She gaveVolt a quick hug before letting him go.
“I’ll go tell the others,” Volt said, running off.

Not much later, they were gathered outside. Unfortunately...not everyone was able to come along. According to Ella, the planet was pretty arid and flammable, so neither Aisha, Bloom, nor their respective cousins could tag along. Luckily enough, the triplets promised to take lots of pictures.
According to Ella, there weren’t any cell or power towers on Koyu, so technology was kind of weird. Tecna decided to stay behind for completely unrelated reasons. Brandon, Helia, and Mira would be manning the ship to fly to Koyu. It was Mira’s first time piloting so she was a bit nervous.
It was a good thing that she was a decent pilot--if somewhat jerky--pilot, and they made it with only minor nausea. The landing was a bit bumpy, but it was decent enough that they didn’t fly out of their seats. When they climbed out of the ship, Volt and Psyche dramatically held onto each other and gagged before grinning playfully at her.
As Mira began swatting her siblings as she chased them around, Ella smiled, clasped her hands together and sighed happily. “Oh, it’s so good to be home!” The friends looked around at droplet-shaped huts and luminescent fungi. They were resting on “branches” up above, with curious faces poking out. The group smiled and waved, but the people (mostly kids) ducked back inside of their houses.
Christa came up to Ella and said, "Your home world is as beautiful as you are." The two girls hugged as a man came up.
“Princess Ella,” he said, bowing. “Are these the friends you brought to visit?” He asked.
“Yes!” Ella said. “Adnan, these are my friends; Prince Volt, Princess Mira, and Princess Psyche of Minerva; Christa, Liz, and Roxy from Earth; Princess Trixie of Whimsii; and our teachers: Princess Stella of Solaria, Flora from Lynphea, and Musa from Melody; Brandon from Eraklyon and Helia from Lynphea.” Everyone waved at their introduction, and Adnan bowed respectfully to them all.
“Please follow me, everyone,” Adnan said. He led them through the village with more drop-shaped huts with people peeking out and watching them. Soon, they came up to the palace; it was a large drop shape, with two long branch-like structures extending in different directions. When they walked into the palace, Adnan led them to a room where he pulled out veils, handing them out to the group. They were different colors, seeming to correspond to what planet each of them was from.
“Aww you, look so cute!” Ella gushed, playfully flicking Christa’s bluish-green veil.
Mira crossed her arms irately and said, “Mine looks like a wedding veil for a princess.” Mira had never liked the idea of wearing a veil for her wedding, or in general.
“Aw, don’t be such a sourpuss,” Psyche teased. “We gotta respect Koyuvian traditions.” She was also wearing a white veil, as was Volt. Mira didn’t snark back at her, but huffed a bit, blowing at the veil in front of her face.
“C’mon, my parents will want to see you!” Ella said. She grabbed onto Volt and Christa by their wrists and pulled them through the palace into the throne room. The others ran quickly behind her, even though the adults were still getting their veils on.
The palace was large, with lines of wood on all of the walls. There were golden mushroom lights on the walls that gave a surprising amount of light, and there were several people that the kids ran past who bowed to Ella. When they got to the throne room doors, Ella kicked the door down and shouted, “I’m home!!” She ran up and gave her parents a hug.
King Kurt and Queen Akay laughed as they hugged her. Meanwhile, Prince Silver was nowhere to be seen. “Nice to see you all again,” King Kurt said to Ella’s friends after they let go of each other. “Welcome to Koyu!”
“Thanks, King Kurt,” Volt said politely. “And thank you for having us!”
“Of course, any friends of my daughter are welcome!” Kurt laughed.
For a moment, Mira was silent, and then asked, “What do you do when someone isn’t welcome?”
Kurt shrugged. “Some things are better left unsaid, my dear.”
After another moment of silence, Mira said, “That’s fair enough!”

The portal deposited Kierra on Koyu, like she’d asked, in a particularly dark part of the planet. A portal opened next to her, and Darcy floated through. Looking around, Darcy scoffed, “Ugh, Koyu. What a dump.” She looked around; there were some luminescent mushrooms, but no nearby buildings.
“So much darkness,” Kierra sighed, holding out her arms like she was basking in sunlight. She summoned a ball of darkness that grew bigger and bigger. She clapped her hands, popping the darkness bubble and putting out the glowing mushrooms around them. “I could do wonders with a world like this.”
“If it got any darker, it would extinguish all life on this planet,” Darcy said. “Isn’t there any light on your homeworld?” The question was kind of off-hand, and she was not expecting the intense answer.
“Only when I give permission,” Kierra said. “If there’s any light without my permission, then I condemn them to darkness for the rest of their life.” She looked Darcy in the eyes, and Darcy shivered at the cold, empty blue irises. Their eyes were locked for a moment before Kierra turned and sighed, saying, “Unfortunately, we have to get those Luminous Jewels for Doom.”
“How are you planning on doing that?” Darcy asked, half-sarcastically. Unlike Doom, Kierra didn’t seem much like the planning type.
“That’s what you’re here for,” Kierra said flatly. “We’re going to combine our powers and make a monster,” she explained. She held out her hand to Darcy, who reluctantly took it. When Darcy’s hand was in Kierra’s. Kierra gripped it tight, and her dark blue magic began mixing with Darcy’s purple magic.
As Kierra focused, Darcy felt Kierra’s magic overpowering her own. It didn’t quite hurt, but it was not pleasant. The dark blue and purple mixed into pitch-black energy with a glowing indigo aura. It twisted and morphed into a large, multi-legged gecko with glistening, iridescent black scales. It had eight fiery eyes made of dark energy, and crystalline spines of the same color running down its back. When it was formed, it clung to the branches vertical to the two witches and stared at them. Kierra let go of Darcy’s hand, and Darcy immediately collapsed from fatigue.
Silently, Kierra stared at their creation as Darcy struggled to stand back up. In the dim purplish light, Kierra’s face was ghostly and almost unreal with her wide, nearly manic grin. Darcy backed up a bit with a bit of fear when Kierra turned that grin towards her. “Ready to have some fun?”

After the adults finally caught up with the kids (they popped into say hi to Kurt and Akay), they gave everyone a big group hug. “So, ready to see Koyu?” Ella asked. “I want to show you all the sights!”
Suddenly, Volt shouted, “Wait a second!” He pulled a large, semi-rectangular, clear crystal. He held it up like a smartphone and said, “Flash!” The crystal flashed, and a holographic groupie of everyone in the hall appeared in the crystal. He tapped a symbol on the center, and the picture disappeared. “I brought a Photon Crystal to send quick pics to the others!”
"Oh, good idea, Volt!" Psyche said.
Looking at Ella, Volt asked, "It won't bother anyone, will it?"
"Hrm...maybe turn the flash down a bit," Ella said. "Bright lights aren't good for Koyuvian eyes."
"Got it," Volt said. He drew a line on the crystal. "Okay, ready!"
"Awesome! Let's go!" Ella said. Excitedly, the group ran outside.

With Ella leading the pack, they took an extravagant and beautiful tour of Koyu. It was like spelunking, and out of everyone Psyche was having the absolute best time doing it. Mira was holding up well enough, but she kept a slightly shaky grip on Volt and Christa.
Everywhere they stopped--a library, a cafe, and a very nice mall--Volt would take a picture. They came to a village that was a bit far off from where the palace was, in a particularly large and cavernous area. Mira quickly found a bench and collapsed into it, pretty worn out from shaking a lot.
"Princess Ella!" A few kids called as they flocked to her. They laughed and began playing around; now that they'd been there a good amount of time, the residents were a bit more open to the tourists.
"Whoa! I like your hair!" A little girl said, looking up at Volt.
With a chuckle, Volt knelt down and said, "I can do something fun with your hair, too. Let me see your hand." The girl held her hand out to Volt and he held it with both of his. He sent static electricity through his arms and through the girl’s. It wasn’t enough to hurt her, but it made her hair stand on end.
“That tickles!” The girl laughed, making Volt smile.
Watching the two of them, Trixie said, “Wow, that was like...instant!”
“Volt’s always had a way with kids,” Psyche explained.
Meanwhile, Christa was making rainbow-colored auroras that the kids watched with amazement. Luckily enough, Christa’s light magic was based more on color than the intensity of light, so she didn’t hurt any of the kids’ eyes.
Stella was standing with Musa and Flora on the side, looking a tad weak and pale. Seeing her, Brandon put his hands on her shoulders and asked, “Stella, are you doing okay?”
“Yeah, I’ll be okay,” Stella said. “Just feeling a bit weak.” She stepped off to the side where she couldn’t be seen by the Koyuvians, and created a bright enough light to recharge herself a bit. Luckily, her Illumix powers were enough to give her a decent amount of energy. When she was recuperated, she joined the others again.
Everyone was having a good time, when suddenly, there was a pulse and all of the luminous mushrooms flickered off. It was extremely dark, save for Volt, who had a faint, light blue glow, and Christa who was still making her Auroras. The kids flocked to Christa and Volt, scared of the sudden total darkness.
In the darkness, Stella sensed something; it was a strange, cold feeling that sent shivers down her spine and turned her stomach. It was horrible and bizarrely familiar, like something she’d felt before. In the distance, through the darkness, she saw several bluish-purple lights moving at a rapid pace towards them.
“Um, guys?” Stella said. “Something’s coming!”
Before the others could react, the strange purple lights were on top of them. The creature attached to these lights was huge, heavy, and very, very cold. It knocked Stella back with hat seemed to be its tail, and the cold feeling completely overtook her, making her collapse weakly. As Stella lost consciousness, she heard terrified screams and shouts.

Stella woke up in an infirmary, with Flora and Musa sitting on either side of her bed. “You’re awake!” Flora gasped as Stella sat up and rubbed her head. “How are you feeling?”
“Like all of the energy has been knocked from my body,” Stella said. It was much brighter in this room than anywhere else they’d been in Koyu. She looked up and saw that the golden mushroom lamps were glowing extremely bright.
“Ella made sure that the lights were turned up extra-bright to help you recover,” Musa explained. “We were so scared, you were so pale and you weren’t moving. Flora and I have been taking turns with the boys and the triplets watching over you.”
“How long have I been unconscious?” Stella asked.
Musa smiled calmly and said, “Just a few hours. That monster of darkness did a doozy on you.”
“What about Christa?” Stella asked worriedly. “She’s a light fairy, too.”
“Christa is from the North Pole, she’s used to darkness,” Flora assured her.
Musa asked, “Are you strong enough to climb out of bed?”
Stella did the same spell again to recover her strength, and climbed out of the bed. The three fairies walked out of the infirmary and through the palace to the throne room. Everyone was waiting for them there, and Brandon immediately gave Stella a big hug. “Thank goodness you’re okay!” He said with relief.
When he finally let Stella go, everyone grouped together in front of the thrones of the royals. Silver was still missing, which was a tad more concerning now that they knew about the shadow monster. “Is she here?” Abigail’s voice asked.
Stella turned to see Volt holding the Luminous Jewels, with the projection of Abigail. “Hello Stella,” Abigail greeted with a curtsey. “My apologies for being so late, the others have informed me that you’ve already had a run-in with the latest threat.”
“The shadow monster?” Stella asked.
Abigail nodded. “Its origins seem to be a mix of magic from our dimension and the Cursed Dimension,” she explained. “Sorry, by the time that I sensed it, it had already attacked you. I’m afraid Koyu makes some interference for me.” She bowed to the royals and said, “It is a lovely planet, though.”
“No worries,” Kurt assured Abigail. “Thank you for contacting us when you could.”
For a moment, Stella thought to herself, then said, “I think I know what it is!” When everyone turned to her, she explained, “When the monster attacked us, I got a cold, scary, familiar feeling. Musa, you remember that feeling you got when we faced Shusha on earth?”
“Yes, of course,” Musa said.
“That’s the feeling I got, and I think it’s the same feeling that Bloom gets when we face Doom. What I mean is that I think this monster was made by Kierra--and possibly Darcy, because the magic is more purple than Kierra’s blue magic,” Stella explained.
"That's...pretty sound logic," Mira said with a bit of surprise.
"Makes sense to me," Liz added.
"But if this is Kierra's attempt to steal the Luminous Jewels, why would she just send a giant monster at us and then...let us leave?" Musa asked.
"That's what I wanted to mention," Ella said. "After the monster attacked, several people...disappeared. I think Kierra is using the monster to take people." She looked at the thrones and added, "I'm worried that's what happened to Silver."

The monster came barrelling into the cavernous Void where Kierra and Darcy were waiting. It flew through the bars of the makeshift cage that the witches had made. After it passed through, the new captives collapsed, but were helped up by the others; namely, Prince Silver.
"Prince Silver, what's going on?" A young Koyuvian asked.
"Don't worry," Silver said. "They can't hold us forever." He gave a comforting smile as the young boy turned to his mom and held tightly onto her.
He turned and glared; it was much darker here than most of Koyu, but he could see the distinct figures of the witches who'd taken him and his people. "You're awful confident," Darcy said, smirking at him through the bars.
"The Winx and my sister are here on Koyu," Silver said defiantly. "And I can't wait for when they come to deal with you."
Darcy laughed. "Well, they'd better be ready to hand the Jewels over." She'd promised Icy not to hurt the Illuminates, but that Fairy of Night was open game.
"I think they're more than capable of handling a couple of cowards like you," Silver said.
With a growl, Darcy threw a magic spell at him, causing him to fly backwards and hit the ground. Stoically, Silver stood up and brushed himself off. When Darcy went to attack him again, Kierra grabbed her arm and stopped her. After a second of surprise and rage, Darcy calmed down.
Kierra floated up to the cage, looking at Silver disdainfully. "Your confidence annoys me. For a planet of darkness, it is far too friendly and cheerful here. Once I have a hold of Stella's power, the first thing I'll do is make this world a living nightmare for you and your sister." A dark force suddenly pulled Silver up to the cage bars. "You can count on it."
She magically dropped Silver, who glared at the two witches. With a wave of Kierra's hand, the shadow monster materialized behind her. Kierra put her hand on the monster's forehead, and magically commanded its next attack. With a roar, the monster flew off, leaving them all in the pitch blackness.
"Where is it attacking now?" Darcy asked.
"The palace. I figured our 'friends' could use some more incentive," Kierra explained. Darcy didn't say anything, but a seed of worry developed.

The feeling of Kierra was faint; so faint, in fact, that Stella couldn't pinpoint. Koyu was a large planet, and she didn't seem to be in the same city like Shusha had been.
After about a minute of focusing, Stella slouched from the effort. "Sorry, everyone. She feels pretty far off. I don't--" suddenly, the cold feeling hit her so hard she nearly fainted, collapsing into Brandon's arms.
There was a loud roar, and then the sounds of screaming. Stella quickly righted herself and the group ran outside of the palace; the monster from before was back, revealing its huge lizard-like form. It didn't knock the lights out immediately, but was clinging to the top of the palace.
"We have to stop it!" Ella shouted. "Let's go!!" She, Liz, and Christa transformed into their Enchantix, while Volt and the Winx transformed into their Illumix, and Rocy into her Believix.
Psyche and Trixie followed suit, transforming into their witch robes. Mira, Brandon, and Helia took charge of evacuating the Koyuvian citizens. "Fungal Frenzy!!" Flora shouted. Several mushrooms began whipping out and hitting the monster, making it roar in fury.
It opened its mouth, and fired a pitch-black beam of energy that Flora was barely able to dodge. The energy hit several of the glowing mushrooms, making them flicker off.
"Prismatic Flare!!" Christa shouted, firing a rainbow colored energy ball at the monster. It hissed and backed away from her.
"It's weak to light!" Musa realized. "Stella, Christa, hit it with everything you've got!!"
Stella and Christa nodded and flew together. "Light convergence!!" They shouted, "Radiant Aurora!" They fire a powerful, bright beam of light that burned the shadow monster, making it cry out in pain. This blast was enough to make it retreat, and it tried to crawl away.
"After it!" Liz shouted. The fairies and two witches began pursuing the monster as it scrambled through forests of branches.
It was fast, but the fairies were luckily fast enough to keep pace. Before too long, they came out in a large, empty, nearly pitch-black space. "We're in a void," Ella realized. "Be careful, it's a large, empty space. They could be anywhere."
Without warning, she was hit from behind with a scream. With a laugh, they heard Darcy say, "Or we could be right here!"
It was hard to see her, and Kierra was nowhere to be found. “Halo Light!” She created a bright ring of light that barely penetrated the darkness, but made the group more visible.
Out of nowhere, Kierra seemed to materialize behind Stella and growled, “So annoying,” before hitting Stella with a blast of pure shadow. Stella screamed in shock and a bit of pain from the spell, but she didn’t fall unconscious or drop her own spell. She spun around and fired a beam of light at Kierra.
With a twirl of her hand, Kierra spun into shadow and avoided being hit by the light. There was a growling noise and then they were hit by the shadow monster. It scattered them in different directions; Volt ended up colliding with something hard; he created a bluish light from a ball of electricity, and saw the cage filled with Koyuvians, including one he recognized. “Silver!”
“Volt!” Silver happily shouted. “I knew you’d come!” He ran up to the bars and asked, “Where’s Ella?”
“I’m not sure,” Volt admitted. “It’s hard to see here, and we’re getting attacked by a couple of witches with shadow powers.”
“The ones who took all of us,” Silver said in realization. “If you find her, will you tell her I’m here?”
“Of course. I even have an idea,” Volt said. He took the jewel pinned to his jacket and handed it to Silver. It didn’t take on the full Luminous Charm, but it did glow faintly in Silver’s hand. “We’ll make a flash of light when we win; use this to signal where you are.”
“Okay, good luck!” Silver encouraged. Volt nodded, and flew back into the darkness.
To act as a beacon for her friends, Stella put the halo above her head like an angel. She focused on making it brighter, hoping that it would deter Kierra and beckon her fiends. She saw some other lights--she figured those were her friends signalling her. “Stella!” Ella’s voice made Stella jump a bit, but she was relieved to see Ella.
“Thank goodness,” Ella said, giving Stella a relieved hug. She created a halo of her own, which was made of a lighter, paler yellow light. The two of them began flying to rainbow-colored lights that they were sure came from Christa, when there was a crack of thunder and they saw lightning flash in the distance.
“Oh no, Volt!” The fairies gasped, immediately flying towards where the lightning was sparking. When they came close, they saw that he was fighting against shadowy clones of Kierra and Darcy. The others also flocked to where he was, likely drawn by his lightning.
When they were gathered, Stella quickly made a light halo for each of her friends. Kierra didn’t waste any time attacking; she hit Stella with a shadow ball. Quickly, Stella was able to create a light shield to keep her from the brunt of the spell. Stella retaliated with a light ball that Kierra dissipated with a whip of shadow. With a growl of anger, Kierra flew at Stella with an aura of blue-black shadows. She rammed into Stella, knocking her back through the air.
After spinning around a bit, she right herself and struck back with golden light from both of her hands. Kierra hissed, shielding herself as much as she could, before using the surrounding darkness to try and hold Stella back.
While the two opposites fought, Darcy and the shadow monster focused on the others. Darcy had replicated herself several times over; this time, though, they weren’t just illusions. They could hit with all of the power Darcy had. The Darcy clones attacked simultaneously, but moved separately from each other. Psyche hit as many Darcy clones as she could with a special spell that made them vanish--Darcy quickly replaced them with new ones.
Trixie and Christa teamed up against the shadow monster, with Christa using auroras and Trixie using magic fireworks to stun and blind it. Musa helped them by sending soundwaves at it that seemed to disrupt its solid form.
Volt hit as many Darcy clones as he could with bolts of lightning, with several to arch out and hit multiple clones at a time. None of them seemed to flinch or dodge, and it seemed to work like a hydra, with the clones even popping out doubles. Even with his boosted Illumix powers, Volt was quickly wearing down. Liz was helping as much as she could, sending purple sparks at as many Darcy clones as she could, while Roxy used waves of magic butterflies.
Flora was having more luck, with the amount of mushrooms around them. She used spores, pollen, and just the stems to flick out and hit Darcy clones. Unlike with Psyche, Volt, and Liz, who just seemed to be adding to the sheer number of clones, the ones that Flora got seemed to cough themselves out of existence.
Ella was holding her own against a large number of Darcy clones, with all of them focusing their efforts solely on her. “Why are you doing this??” Ella asked, shooting off small, star-shaped lights. “You’re Koyuvian, too! This is your homeworld!”
“Here?” All of the Darcy clones attacking Ella scoffed. “I wouldn’t show my face if I was from this backwater world. You all live on a planet so dark you don’t even see the stars, but you call yourself the Fairy of Night?” The clones began laughing cacophonously, so loud and disjointed that Ella nearly had to cover her ears in pain.
However, through the pain, she managed to mutter, “Moon Vision.” Her eyes began shining with a silver light. She could see the void with a gray, night vision-like sight. She could see Silver holding Volt’s Luminous Jewel, and sighed a bit in relief that he was safe. She could also see each of the clones for what they truly were; humanoid shadows with just glowing purple eyes.
She saw the original Darcy; she was back behind the others, watching from a distance. She focused on the real Darcy and quickly flew up to her; right before Darcy could react, Ella pulled back her hand and punched her right in the face. With the surprise and pain, Darcy’s clone spell dissipated and all of the copies vanished, leaving Darcy by herself. Seeing that the fairies’ focus was all turned to her, she quietly muttered, “Uh-oh.”
Around the same time, Stella and Kierra clashed and collided like two comets made of light and shadow. Despite being in her element, Kierra seemed to be having trouble keeping toe to toe with Stella. It was no doubt she was already a bit spent from creating the shadow monster, and Stella could tell that she was tiring out. With a strong burst of light, Stella shot Kierra back, where she collided with Darcy.
The two witches looked at each other worriedly, then used their magic in another attempt to get the shadow monster to attack, but the monster wasn’t doing much better than they were. Stella began glowing with a golden aura and began summoning a golden light. “Ray of Optimism!” She threw her hands forward, and a blinding beam of light fired at the two of them.
In a panicked move, the witches flicked their wrists. In a moment, the shadow monster wrapped around the two of them, and they completely vanished. The cold feeling disappeared so it seemed they’d gone back to the Cursed Dimension. Immediately after the spell wore off, Stella felt absolutely drained, and her Illumix nearly immediately vanished.
“Stella!” Volt shouted. He shot to her in a bolt of light, catching her before she fell. When she was safely in his arms, he asked, “Are you okay?”
With a stretch and a yawn, Stella said, “I’m good...just sleepy.” She smiled and closed her eyes, quickly falling asleep.
Now that Kierra was gone, and Stella wasn’t in danger in dropping to her doom, Ella quickly flew up to the cage and happily (and tearfully) reunited with Silver. He gave the Luminous Jewel to her, and after a moment, Liz asked, “Now what? How are we supposed to get all of these people back?”
There was a whirring noise and two headlights appeared as the ship floated into the void with them. “Thank goodness we found you!” Mira said over the intercom. “Did y’all beat the witches without us?”
“Yeah, sorry,” Volt said. “But you guys can still help! How many people can you fit in there?”

It took a few trips, but they got all of the Koyuvians to safety. Stella’s nap was short enough, and she woke up energized and feeling generally good. After it was all said and done, Kurt and Akay invited them all to dinner as a thank you. The spread was colorful and looked delicious.
Ella was next to Volt as they ate, and she quietly told him, “Sorry, Volt. This whole thing was a disaster. I wanted to show you my homeworld and how beautiful it is but…” she sighed and poked at her food.
“Ella, I had a great time today,” Volt assured her. “Honestly, I’m relieved that we had Stella with us, before Kierra and Darcy could do anything worse. And honestly, you really saved us back there.”
“Thanks, Volt,” Ella said. “But maybe this ‘visiting different worlds’ idea isn’t necessarily a good one…”
“Nah, it’s good! If the Jinx are going to attack us anyway, might as well have some fun,” Volt told her with a grin. “If you want, we can go to Minerva next! I think you’d like the Deep.”
“That sounds nice,” Ella agreed with a smile. The two friends grinned again, before continuing to eat their food.

Kierra and Darcy collapsed into Doom’s office, and Darcy immediately fell unconscious while her Wraithix form vanished. “What happened?” Doom asked the two of them, with mild concern.
“Darcy had to overexert her Wraithix,” Kierra explained. “Stella unleashed an insane spell on us, and Darcy was barely able to get us out of there.” She stood and picked Darcy up off of the ground. “Needless to say, we didn’t get the jewels.” She walked out of the room.
After Kierra left, Doom sighed. “Well, that was a bust,” she said. “Oh well, let’s see what Fauna can do.”