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my baby has two sides,  gemini, 

oh baby,  that's the bad side



They met over an online chatroom.

Midoriya never really put much thought into his sexuality until he was well past sixteen years old; it just never occurred to him that he might be different, that maybe he isn't the same cut and fold as everyone else. He just didn't seem like a sexual person, never got a hard-on, never masturbated and porn generally disinterested him. So, it came as a surprise, really, for after he got punched in the face for the first time in his life he got a boner.

Honestly, he felt like after that point in his life, it all went downhill.

"You're new to this sort of shit?" Bakugou Katsuki, a police officer from two cities north of where Midoriya lives and only a fifteen minute drive—or, if you're poorer, like Midoriya who is a struggling university student—an hour bus ride away. It's been exactly six minutes since they've met and he's pretty sure Bakugou has said 'fuck' and 'shit' a total of twelve times each. "Whatever. I'm not into anything really fucking hardcore, so it should be fine."

"A—Ah okay," Midoriya tacks on for the sake of the conversation. He's read a bunch of books on BDSM, watched a gazillion different pornos and even took to reading scholarly articles on D/S relationships and still: he has no idea what he should be doing right now. Though he's pretty sure most books said the dom will take care of any demands in the relationship, but that doesn't seem—

"Stop looking like I'm going to fucking murder you," Bakugou grumbles, shoving his hands abruptly into his sweater pockets before glancing up and down along Midoriya's person, "I almost feel like a cradle robber and we're only three years apart."

"Oh," Midoriya says, glancing down at his shoes before looking back up to Bakugou, "Sorry?"

Bakugou frowns.

"Great," he murmurs, "Whatever, let's just go eat dinner."

Bakugou doesn't particularly like talking, Midoriya realizes half-way through the conversation.

He's met a total of three doms—including Bakugou—and he was starting to get under the impression that most dom's are narcissistic assholes that just like to hear themselves talk. Bakugou is different though and Midoriya can't place his finger on what exactly it is. Bakugou doesn't really even seem that interested in Midoriya but is here out of some sick politeness or something, but he's not trying to exert himself over Midoriya.

Which honestly is better than his first date that had just straight up said within the first 5 minutes of meeting each other 'call me master' in front of the waitress and Midoriya had high-tailed out of there the moment the guy slipped into the washroom.

"Don't do that," Bakugou ends up snapping out half-way through their dinner and Midoriya stops his hand mid-air in nervously twirling the loose strand sticking out of his sweater. He frowns, grits his teeth a bit, before hissing, "Sorry. You're just being fucking annoying with all this fidgeting. I'm not going to murder you or fuck you, so chill the fuck out."

"Eh? You aren't?"

Bakugou pauses, "To which one?"

"Uh—" Midoriya says, voice going a pitch higher, "The second one?"

"We just fucking met," Bakugou sighs out, "And you seem like you're about to fucking bust a nut from just being around me."

"I'm always like this, honestly," Midoriya defends in a gentle soft tone, because he is always like this—it's why his best friends are all so nervous around him, sometimes—well, maybe not everyone but Todoroki is always hovering behind Midoriya as though he's going to collapse.

He raises a brow to that, "Shit," he says, squinting at Midoriya as though he's finally seen him for the first time tonight, "You're a legit sub, what the fuck."


"Most people are into the shit you're into because they've been abused, have sexual trauma or their moms didn't love them or some psychological bullshit. I know, I'm a cop, I see abused people fitting that category more fucking often than I wish I did. You're just a nervous fucking wreck." Well, Midoriya can't exactly say he fits into the first category, because he doesn't. His mom was kind and lovable, he's never been sexually abused or anything of the like, if anything he always assumed he was just asexual or something.

"Is..." he pauses, frowning because he's not really sure what he should say to that, "Is that bad?"

"Nah. Just weird." Bakugou stands abruptly at that, motioning for Midoriya to stand, "It's easier if I know what kind of crazy you are."

"R—Right..." he follows suit hesitantly, "Where are we going?"

Bakugou doesn't even ask him as he pulls out his wallet and slaps down a few bills to pay the bill, tossing a mint in Midoriya's direction before slipping one into his own mouth, glancing at Midoriya as to ask 'what do you want?' before pointing outside. "We're going."

"Where?" Midoriya asks, mostly because he promised Uraraka that he would text her every hour—unless he was doing something unspeakable—or at the very least every two hours with frequent updates of his location. He tugs out his phone, prepared to type in that he's leaving.

"Home. Obvi—fucking—ously."

Midoriya can suddenly feel his face go hot, so quick? He thought Bakugou said they weren't doing anything tonight? Or was that just a lie? Or maybe him being a natural sub is a good thing or something? Did I miss something? Midoriya can't help but think as he slips himself nervously into the passenger side of Bakugou's car, glancing all around as though to witness the area before he disappears and get's murdered.

Home apparently means home, as in his literal home, because Bakugou literally just takes him home—and when they get there he promptly kicks Midoriya out of the car with a 'I'll message you later' before driving away with a screech surfacing off his tires—and Midoriya feels his giddy mood completely disperse as soon as Bakugou is swerving angrily around a stop sign and disappears—Midoriya vaguely feelings like not stopping at a stop sign is illegal, but decides to save that particular comment for later—and frowns at his front door.

He honestly half expects Bakugou is never going to message him again.

Three days after meeting Bakugou his phone buzzes abruptly waking him from his sleep and Midoriya grabs it without seeing whose calling and asks sleepily, "Hello?"

"I'm outside."

Midoriya pauses, pulls away his phone and frowns at the caller ID 'Bakugou Katsuki' who? He frowns and then abruptly realizes. "Oh," Midoriya says exhaling as he jumps out of bed and walks towards there's a loud thumping noise against his door. His mom must be out or something, and for a blessed moment Midoriya is eternally grateful before opening his door and hanging up on Bakugou. "Hello?"

"Did you just wake up?"

"Yeah?" Midoriya says opening the door wide enough to let Bakugou slip inside from, and Bakugou glances to him, frowning. He glances at the clock, it's 7 AM, probably the earliest he's woken up in ages.

"Where's your bedroom?"

"Oh," Midoriya makes a vague sleepy motion towards his bedroom and Bakugou points to the couch and mutters 'sit down' harshly enough that Midoriya awkwardly does. A part of him feels like he should go and supervise Bakugou—Bakugou is practically a stranger—but finds himself sleepily nodding off on the couch until Bakugou is crouched in front of him and pulling off his—

"Um," Midoriya says, kicking his leg away from Bakugou and rolling to the side, and out of fear of getting beat half to death doesn't yell 'what the fuck' because Bakugou had just suddenly stripped him to his underwear, "Aren't you a cop? I'm pretty sure this is rape—"

"Don't even say that as a fucking joke, brat," Bakugou hisses, slapping his hand over Midoriya's mouth in consequence, "Just fucking sleep."

Midoriya, his eyes widen in horror, when he realizes Bakugou isn't trying to molest him at 7 AM, but it just trying to dress him. 

"Why are you dressing me?" Midoriya decides to ask, at some point feeling like it's mandatory that he demands why some complete stranger has decided to strip him and dress him on this lovely morning. 

"Shut up."

And the funny thing is, Midoriya does. 



* * * 



Bakugou ends up dressing him in the most uncompromising outfit ever, that briefly, he worries for Bakugou's fashion sense but let's it go as he's being dragged into Bakugou's car, early, very very early in the morning. "Um," he hasn't really directly ever had to say Bakugou's name yet, and briefly he wonders if maybe Bakugou prefers to be called things like 'master' or hates his first name, and his brain runs twenty-miles a minute before he says, "Ba-ka, oh shit, I meant, uh, Katsuki-san?" 

Bakugou snaps his teeth at him. 


Bakugou exhales nosily, obviously annoyed, but Midoriya is starting to get the sense that Bakugou is always annoyed. Well that just leaves one more option...

"I don't think it is wise if I call you 'master' in public—"

"What the fuck?" Bakugou says, looking momentarily surprised as he hits the brakes abruptly down. "I don't fucking care what you call me, but say my name one more time and I'll beat you."

Police brutality, is all Midoriya can think spitefully—too scared to actually say it, though—there's a lot of variables to keep in mind: Bakugou is a police officer, and he's pretty sure police officers have gotten fired in the past for having 'sexually deviant' relationships, that and it's not exactly polite to bring bedroom stuff into the public, well, that's at least what he read online. 

"Get out," Bakugou grunts, slapping Midoriya on the thigh in order to wake him from whatever thoughts he was thinking about, and Midoriya shoots him a wide-eyed look, stunned. "I said, get out." 

"Where are we?" It takes him exactly five seconds to process that they're in front of ihop, and he closes the door behind him, blinking and confused. "Breakfast?"

"Yeah, get in," Midoriya is suddenly floored with the realization that the last time and this time Bakugou hadn't bothered to ask for his opinion, actually Bakugou didn't even ask him if he was free today. It's rude, that's what it is. "You have class in two hours, so get a fucking move on."

"I—" he trails hesitantly in, glancing back at Bakugou as he angrily yanks open the door for him, before frowning, "How do you know that?"

Bakugou physically rolls his eyes, "You told me your entire schedule when we were planning dinner, fucking moron." He turns away from him, motioning for a seat for two people at the waitress, and Midroiya trails after him, confused. 

"Oi," Bakugou snaps, and Midoriya blinks back into focus, glancing at the waitress, confused. "Drink."

"Oh," Midoriya says, "Coffee, thanks." 

"So?" Bakugou asks, leaning backwards into the seat, looking just in his element, and Midoriya wants to asks why they're up before 8 am like old people, and why in hell Bakugou actually looks awake. 

"So, what?" Midoriya chokes out, feeling flustered under his intense gaze, it's too early for this, he can't help but think pathetically, "Oh, the name thing? Can't I just call you Katsu—"


"Fine, I'll just call you Mas—"

"Oh! Bakugou," Midoriya's mouth snaps shut immediately, eyes going wide as he turns to whoever just called out to Bakugou. Bakugou merely shoots him an annoyed look, mouthing 'No', before turning to the newest addition. "What you doing here man, it's your day off."

"Spikey hair," Bakugou intones dryly, "Feeding the fucking homeless, what does it look like?"

"Oh, you're with a friend?" Spikey hair, Midoriya really doubts that's his name, in a full police uniform greets him with a wide smile, and a thumbs up, "Didn't think you have friends aside from Kaminari and I." 

"Not a friend, now go fuck off," Bakugou snaps back, giving the guy his middle finger, Midoriya mostly sits there, almost shitting himself. 

"Yeah whatever," spikey-hair says, sighing, "I have to go start my shift anyway. Later, Bakugou's friend."

"Not a friend," Bakugou and Midoriya reply back immediately, and spikey-hair laughs as he leaves. Midoriya blinks, confused, "Do you usually eat here?"

"Yeah, it's close to the precinct," Midoriya is struck in horror, does Bakugou really not care? Or does he just trust that Midoriya isn't going to pull anything? He could probably scream 'this cop is a pervert' and all the waitresses here know Bakugou by name and face. "Hurry up and pick something, this is pissing me off."

Strangely, before he was considering 'Bakugou', plain and simple, but the thought of calling his dom—maybe, he's not really sure, they haven't really spoken about the other side of their relationship yet—something everyone calls him seems strange. "What about Kacchan?" 

Bakugou drops the spoon he was mixing his coffee with abruptly, "What?" 

"You said I could call you anything!" Midoriya protests, feeling embarrassed just for saying it, but Bakugou grits his teeth, as though remembering he did say that. 

"Fucking hell," Bakugou murmurs, "Whatever, dumb fucking Deku." 

Midoriya feels his face go hot abruptly. 






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They've been seeing each other for a week and a half at this point. 

He had assumed their unsuccessful previous 4 dates would be enough to deter Bakugou from ever talking to him again, but he doesn't stop. He texts Midoriya (generally at really strange hours with large gaps between the messages, Bakugou is a cop) and half the time their outings aren't planned, just Bakugou calling Midoriya and waking him up at insane hours before dragging them somewhere out. 

A lot of BDSM sites specifically ones about dom/sub relationships often talk about the divide between 'dating' and 'fucking', and that when it comes to dom/sub relationships, people should always be ready to make the distinction. 

And he would, really he would, but he's starting to think of this relationship as something more similar to 'dating' rather than fucking, they haven't even kissed yet. "Maybe he's just shy," Uraraka offers, flicking some water off her straw at Iida who hisses at it like a cat being thrown into a bath, "Or maybe he thinks you're the shy one and wants to go slow." 

He does want to go slow, being honest, but at the same time he wants to see what kind of dom Bakugou even is in bed before they get into anymore of whatever the fuck this currently is. What if Bakugou sucks? Well, on a subconscious level he knows this isn't true, Bakugou has been a good dom that or Bakugou is just a natural at bossing people around. 

"I'd rather not hear about your sinful conquest," Iida says tightly, pushing up his glasses that just seem to gleam in a menacingly religious way. 

"Its just bdsm," Uraraka rolls her eyes, sighing as she leans back into her seat before springing up suddenly excited. Midoriya, strangely, has a very bad feeling. "Oh, I know, give me your phone."

"Uh?" Midoriya says, cradling his phone to his chest in order to do the exact opposite of what she wants. 

Uraraka impatiently decides to snatch it out of his hands, quickly pulling up Bakugou's contact (that, even if he was held at gunpoint, would never admit to the contact name). "The fuck? Did you name him 'Big Dick Energy'?" 


Iida shoots him a disapproving look, "Midoriya." 

"No," Midoriya repeats, leaning over the table to snatch his phone back, "Uraraka give it back—"

"Shut up," Uraraka chirps happily, fingers glossing over the screen in a quick way, "Okay so just invite him over to your place, me and Iida will take care of your mother, and ta-da! dicking time!" 

"Oh no," Midoriya mostly says, "I—I—" can he even invite Bakugou to things? He doesn't know what kind of sub Bakugou even wants him to be, completely passive and submissive or only passive and submissive in the bedroom? Those two things are very, very different. What if Bakugou hates aggressive subs (and knowing Uraraka's texting style he'll come off as very aggressive). Except in the 6 seconds of having an existential crisis Bakugou actually calls him.

"Oh shit," Uraraka says and Midoriya shoots her a dark look before snatching his phone back.


"Why the fuck did you just text me: let's get down and dirty at my place daddy, winky face." A quick look to his phone actually does confirm that Uraraka had thought it would be a good idea to text: let's get down and dirty @ my place daddy ;)

God fuck.

"I was hacked?" Well, technically he's not really lying because he was hacked by a destructive force called Uraraka-chaos. Bakugou's non-committal grunt though isn't really all that reassuring so he blurts out a more honest, "My friend texted it."

"Why?" Bakugou snaps, and in the background Midoriya can hear the guy he had met at Ihop (whom he had later learnt the name of, Kirishima) talking about how they need to go to a domestic dispute. 


"God fuck," Bakugou snaps, before hissing a more low and quiet, ominously says, "Don't think you're getting away with this."

"Okay." Half of him hopes that means they're about to get into some real kinky sex but a more realistic part of his brain that isn't driven by sex and hormones offers that in reality Bakugou is probably thinking of physically maiming him. 

Bakugou huffs, sounding annoyed, before hanging up without even a bye. 



* * * 



It takes two hours of Bakugou impatiently sitting in front of Midoriya, arms crossed, face pulled into a scowl, silently, before Midoriya offers the truth. 

In return Bakugou pulls out exactly 17 pages of papers. 

"What is this?" Midoriya says, already aware that it's a contract but mostly he wants to hear it come from Bakugou's own mouth. 

Bakugou shoots him an unimpressed look, "Are you fucking stupid?"

"I know it's a contract, but—" Honestly, till this point, their BDSM meet-up thingy felt more like dating thing than a casual sex kind of thing, and he was expecting for them to just evolve their own likes and dislikes over a period of time rather than get it out of the way. Contractually. It seems almost impersonal. 

But then again, they've never exactly clarified what either of them are looking for. 

"I'm a cop and I'm going to be leaving a shit load of fucking bruises and cuts on you so don't give me that confused bitch ass hurt expression," Bakugou snaps, uncrossing his arms and tapping to the top paragraph, "I'm just making sure I'll win any legal fight if you try to sue me."

"Then how do I win if you do hurt me?" Midoriya blurts out before he can even stop himself, before he awkwardly shifts away, trying to avoid looking Bakugou in the eye. "I just—I mean I don't think you'll do anything I don't like, but—"

"Just write what you don't like and if I do any of them that's reason for the contract to be nulled and for you to take legal action," Bakugou explains swiftly, shaking his head, "Don't be fucking stupid. When it comes to this kind of stuff its important to protect yourself, especially on the receiving end."

Midoriya nods mutely, unable to argue any further with that before pulling it up to actually read it. 

It seems pretty general, mostly just stating that the two parties involved (with Bakugou's name signed on 'dom of relationship') are in a consensual BDSM relationship that involves physical violence at a controlled level. The next page, though, is an entire list of kinks. 

"Um?" Bakugou had already went through and checked his own kinks, but it's still weird to just see them all laid bare like this, "Biting, slapping, hitting, burn play—"

"Are you gonna read every fucking one out loud like this?" Bakugou snaps, "Just fucking check it off."

Midoriya shoots him a weird look, especially after he glances past the checked 'breeding kink', "Shouldn't we discuss them? I'm fine with most things, aside from scat and peeing, I guess. But I don't get what breeding kink means..."

"God fucking hell," Bakugou groans, leaning back and running his hands over his face in a long-drawn out way that Midoriya equates with Bakugou being embarrassed. "It's just fucking without a condom, okay? We have to get tested before that shit anyway."

"Uh-huh, exclusive relationship, no videos, no public sex..." Midoriya really doesn't mind much, but it is partially reassuring to be told its going to be exclusive and he's not going to be passed around like a public toilet whore. "Heels?" 

"Got a fucking problem?" 

"No like, do you wear them or do I?" Midoriya says softly, trying to convey the fact that he really doesn't care that they're going to be wearing heels—if anything his legs look fantastic in heels—but Bakugou pauses, before shrugging, uncaring. "You stepping on me with them might be fun."

Bakugou, for once, actually splutters before shooting him a dark look, "Get checking, Deku." 



* * *



Their first kiss is mostly an accident but it sends fireworks exploding within Midoriya's stomach, anyways. It had only happened because Bakugou was busy cutting his nails (Midoriya, over time, has come to realize that Bakugou likes to aggressively.... take care of people?), and Midoriya had leaned down at the same time Bakugou was moving up in order to snap at him to stop moving. 

Once their lips mets there was a tense second where Bakugou had stiffened before he was just as quickly pressing Midoriya into the couch with his entire body weight, large and aggressive. Midoriya has kissed people before, heck, he's even kissed Uraraka before; but kissing Bakugou is almost as though drowning. 

The moment Bakugou pulls away he wishes they could return to what they were doing, but Bakugou snorts at the probably desperate look on his face, and Midoriya's eyes fall to his lips, "I have to go soon, dumbass." 

"I know," Midoriya concedes too, licking his lips almost as though in afterthought, "What time are you off tonight?"

"Who knows," Bakugou shrugs out, "I'm off for the next four days after this shit though." 

Midoriya presses his lips closed after that, not really wanting to ask for anything because he's not even sure if he's allowed too. Honestly, he knows he's rushing things, him and Bakugou still barely know each other and while he does kind of trust Bakugou with dressing him, cutting his nails and brushing his hair, he's not sure if he's ready to trust Bakugou with his physical well-being in a setting as intimate as having sex. 

Even as he was checking things off he can't even say for sure he's into those sort of things, how is he supposed to know when he's a virgin

But, on the flip-side he's also incredibly horny and really wishes they could speed up this entire flirting stage and skip straight to him being bound to the bed as Bakugou fucks him. 

Sinner, he can imagine Iida saying in that same disapproving frown he always does. 

"Okay," Midoriya says after a beat of silence and Bakugou's tossed the nail-clippers onto the table and has taken to throwing an arm behind Midoriya on the couch. He knows Bakugou has to drop him off at home before Bakugou heads to work, and realistically they should be getting ready to go now, but he timidly curls into Bakugou's side not really wanting to get up now. In a sudden wave of braveness he murmurs out softly, "Can I stay here?" 


Midoriya chokes on thin air, feeling his chest constrict nervously as he forces out the words, "Like just wait here..."

Bakugou side-eyes him, almost as though considering him, and Midoriya wishes he could shrink down and disappear out of his gaze, but instead he keeps himself absolutely still. It's not a big deal if Bakugou says no, it isn't. That, at least, is what he tells himself. "Don't you have class tomorrow?" 

"I can skip it," Midoriya rushes out to say and then wants to hit himself for sounding so fucking desperate. God, fuck his hormones. Bakugou simply narrows his eyes on him. 


"Hm?" Midoriya echoes out, breath hitching. 

"Go to your shitty fucking class and I'll pick you up afterwards," Bakugou clarifies, before sighing out, "Whatever, you can stay here, I don't give a fuck honestly." 

Midoriya tries really hard not to perk up at that, not even sure why he's so happy that Bakugou is letting him stay in his place while he's at work. They are technically dating (he thinks, honestly he's not completely sure), and sure he's slept over at Bakugou's place like once before, but that was because it was 4:23 AM after going to a 24/7 McDonald's and Midoriya didn't want to go home and risk waking up his mom.

This, this feels a bit more like 'hey, we are a couple and we trust each other'. Kind of. Maybe. 

After another five minutes of Bakugou and him just lounging on the couch Bakugou finally does get up and get's ready for work, and Midoriya smiles softly when Bakugou kisses him and mutters a soft, "Don't break anything" before going.