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Hot(ish) and Heavy

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They’re all kinds of hot and heavy now. Have been for a while, thank you very much.






They’ve been heavy for a while, long before heroic high schools and hand-in-the-face villains. To talk about Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugou is the very definition of heavy, childhood friends scrambled in a mix of messy feelings, classmates who expressed themselves through tears and intense battles.


The heavy’s been there for over a decade.


The hot? Well, that’s a bit... newer.


Leave it to them to wait until their last year at U.A. to get to, as Katsuki calls it, the good part — which, in hindsight, they could’ve been enjoying a while ago. Kacchan is so amazing is a regular part of Deku’s vocabulary, probably said more times than any kind of praise for All Might, yet somehow Katsuki had taken it as an insult instead of the tender declaration it was actually meant to be.


Oops. His bad, he guesses.


Let the record show that if Katsuki had a time manipulation quirk he’d go back to junior high and smack himself. All this time he could’ve been nibbling at the one spot on Izuku’s neck that makes him whine his name like a prayer, but nope, he had to be emotionally constipated.  


What’s the saying? Making up for lost time?


Hence the secret kisses after class, the lingering touches during dorm room study sessions, and thanking the higher powers that be for collared shirts. The trade-off is that the hot stops before things get too heavy , and not to sound like a basic teenage boy, but damn Katsuki is ready for some heavy — the sexual kind, not the he’ll be fine if he dodges a FUCKING GRENADE kind. Don’t judge him. He’s dealing with a cute, muscled boyfriend who feels the need to wear a hero costume that shows off the curve of his ass — skills, shows off his skills , that’s what he meant. Right. Of course.


Maybe it’s some kind of punishment. Divine intervention for being an asshole for so long. He’s gotten better, and really, that should count for something, right? He’s able to take a compliment from Deku — kinda — and he’s easier to work with on a team — sort of. He’s still hot-tempered, but it’s manageable, and if he’s in a good mood he’ll use a classmate’s god given name instead of Shitty Hair or Raccoon Eyes. Sure, Icy Hot Bastard retains the insult, but he should get some brownie points from the universe for his improvements with everyone else, right?


All he’s asking is for his freckled face boyfriend to say he’s ready to take that next step.


As it stands Izuku’s fine with kissing, oh, so much kissing, and if he’s feeling really feisty they’ll get a bit handsy. Katsuki knows what Izuku’s penis feels like — through his shorts, of course. It’s not that it feels bad, oh no, hell no, but Katsuki’s ready to incinerate his clothes and-  


Argh! When did he become that guy ?


Once upon a time all Katsuki Bakugou cared about was becoming the number one hero, but he just had to kiss Izuku, had to discover how soft his lips are, had to find out that his incredibly round ass fits perfectly in the palms of his hands. So now? He wants to be number one in heroics and in the bedroom... or something like that, he’s not sure what he’s saying, but whatever it is it’s annoying as hell. That thing about having a time manipulation quirk? Yeah, he wouldn’t smack himself. He’d tell himself to stay the course, to not fall into those big green eyes, to never kiss those lips and ignore the tingle in his heart whenever he hears Izuku say Kacchan so sweetly. Because this right here? Being the starved for touch boyfriend? Makes him want to set off an explosion in his own face.


Maybe his younger self had the right idea. Pushing Izuku Midoriya away is for the best. He’ll tell him they should focus on their studies, their final round of training camps, and the prospect of working at an agency. No more kissing. No more touching. No more-


“Kacchan? I think I’m ready.”




That’s not what he’d expected to hear when Izuku asked if he could come to his dorm room. He should’ve seen the signs, though. It’s well past midnight and Izuku knows that Katsuki goes to bed early, yet he still felt the need to message him, asking to come up but not really stating why. When he got there he was more flustered than normal, like paying Katsuki a visit so late was some kind of taboo. Of course, after Izuku says the words, Katsuki realizes the sexual implications of a late night visit.


What was that he said about pushing Deku away?


No. None of that. Katsuki holds the door open for him, may have even thrown a smirk his way — ah, he did, because the blush on Izuku’s face is damn near comical. Izuku sits down on the bed, trying to find the right words as Katsuki closes the door and walks over to join him. “What brought this on?” Katsuki asks, because yeah, he’s been aching for this but he’s not gonna paw at Izuku like an animal until he’s given a clear, confident yes .


“Just... I’ve been thinking about it for a while, actually. I just... I wasn’t sure because it’s a pretty big deal, but... I-I really want to, Kacchan. I want you. I’ve wanted you for so long, ever since... oh my god why aren’t you stopping me?!”




“The mumbling!”


“Oh...” Katsuki shrugs. “Thought you wanted me to let you compliment me or whatever.” What he doesn’t say is that the embarrassed shade of pink dusting Izuku’s cheeks is adorable. Kissable. Ah, that’s a good idea, so Katsuki leans over and kisses the scattered freckles on Izuku’s cheek. It has the desired effect of making the pink shift to a more noticeable red.


“Normally yes, but this is embarrassing! We’re gonna discuss... y-you know...”


“Sex?” Wait, what does he mean discuss ? Katsuki decides to voice out his question and asks, “What do you mean discuss?”


“Well... there’s a lot of things to talk about first.”


Where that damn nerd pulls the notebook out of, Katsuki has no idea, but it’s in his lap now, pages full of notes on- “Are you serious?”




“You... have notes for-”


“There’s just a lot to take into consideration! Doing it safely, first of all.”


“So condoms and lubrication?”


“Among other things...” when Katsuki doesn’t respond Izuku speaks again. “Our quirks, Kacchan,” he says as if it’s obvious.


“You think I’m gonna blow your dick off or something?”


“N-no! No no no!” Izuku waves his hands in a frantic motion, an action that Katsuki’s all too familiar with. “Just... thought it’d be good to discuss safety measures, especially with One For All . Of course, there’s also methods of staying quiet since we’re in the dorms. I could cover my mouth, or maybe bite into your pillow, or-”


“Ok. Stop,” because the image of a naked Izuku sinking his teeth into his pillow is too enticing, especially when he’s supposed to be focusing on the conversation. “Maybe... maybe just start from the beginning.” That can’t take too long, right? Even if Deku likes to mumble like an encyclopedia podcast, he does have an off switch... eventually...


“Right! Of course! So, that’d be the conventional methods of protection: condoms and lubrication. Of course, there’s a lot of options for those, so I took the liberty of writing down the best rated ones.”


It’s here that Katsuki flips open the notebook to see that Izuku has, most certainly, dedicated pages to condoms, brands of condoms, best rated condoms, allergies to be cautious of, lubrication, flavored lube, various scents, which brands to stay away from, and that’s all before he gets into any quirk precautions and creative ways to stay quiet — the words BALL GAG are frantically scratched out.


Katsuki takes a deep breath and runs a hand through his hair. Heavy. They’re too fucking heavy. More importantly, “I’m too sober for this.”