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All The Myriad Ways

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"This has got to be the worst uniform I’ve ever seen," says Cody.

Stanley sticks his head around the closet door. “What’s the matter with it? It looks awesome!”

"It looks like a BDSM outfit," Cody replies flatly, laying the black leather jacket back on his boyfriend’s bed with some distaste.

Stanley blinks. “So?”

"So we’re working in a fucking coffee shop!" says Cody. "Why the hell do we need black leather jackets?"

Stanley saunters out of the closet, grinning and smoothing his own jacket down his sides. “You’re just mad ‘cause you don’t look as sexy in it,” he says, flopping down on the edge of the bed next to Cody.

Cody glares at him. “You look like a fucking idiot.”

"In fact," says Stanley, as if he hadn’t spoken, "I think you’d look a lot sexier without it." He leans close, arms snaking around Cody’s waist.

The stupid pickup line makes Cody flush to the roots of his hair. “That doesn’t even work,” he mutters, “I’m not wearing it now, you dumb f—”

He is promptly cut off by Stanley’s mouth.

They don’t talk about much for a while after that.