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Father Mine

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It was 9pm on Friday Evening and Severus Snape was sat in his home at Spinner's end , drinking tea and reading. It was the same thing he did most every day since the end of the war some 5 years ago.

He was a man of means, independently Wealthy, after the end of the war. 20 Years of teaching at a school where you receive room and board , meant that he'd had very little to spend his money on over the years due to being too occupied serving two masters , teaching the youth of wizarding Britain and trying to prevent harm or death coming to the golden trio.

Conditions which were not conductive to a frivolous and cash spending lifestyle. So years of saving , along with the order of Merlin money and the 'guilt' money left in Dumbledore's will , meant that Severus Snape could officially live out the rest of his life as a man of leisure , and he intended to do exactly that.

An intelligent man such as he could not however be content to sit at home watching daytime television , so to prevent his mind from stagnating he brewed specialist potions when asked for St. Mungos , consulted with the unspeakable about rare or dark magical items and tomes and offered his services as a master legillimens to the Magical Law Enforcement.

It was that last occurrence that had a patronus appearing in front of him, from none other than the Minster of Magic himself , and former head Auror Kingsley Shackle-bolt. Requesting urgently for him to attend him at St. Mungos.

Placing his book down with a sigh and looking forlornly at the cup of tea that he'd just brewed to perfection , he stepped through the floo.

The dark skinned man that greeted him was the palest Severus had ever seen him , and he also looked vaguely nauseous , as did the two aurors that were flanking him. They were stood sentry outside a private room, he also noticed the floor had been cleared of staff which was odd.

"Thank you for attending Severus, I must admit I wish it was under better circumstances"

He inclined his head to the minster.

"Just so. However I am here now , so if you could explain what was so urgent it had to separate a British man from his cup of tea ?"

"A great crime in itself I'm sure" The minister responded with a small smile , and Severus smirked in return.

A moment later, the man's look turned stoic once more.

"Before we begin Severus, I must apologise but I need to ask for your oath , that you shall not speak of this case with anyone I do not first permit you to do so"

His eyebrow raised at the man's solemn tone as he replied. "There is no need for Apologies Kingsley , I've taken such an oath of privacy for every open case that I've worked with the ministry on , you know this it's standard protocol when using consultants outside the ministry "

"I am aware , but it's not that part of the oath that I am apologising for it's this. I must also ask you to swear an oath to refrain from doing anything that would get you thrown in Azkaban once you find out the details of this particular case"

His eyebrow flew to his hairline as he met the Minster's intent gaze. That was a new addendum he'd not had before, and his curiosity peaked at exactly what that meant. However it was the thinly veiled look of anger in the back of the man's eyes that he noticed , as well as the pointed way he met his gaze that made him realise just what a Slytherin way he'd worded that oath... Instead of making Severus swear not to act out, or not to do anything illegal...he'd used the very vague wording of not doing anything that would get him thrown in Azkaban...for example getting caught. A almost imperceptible nod from the Minister and a vague flick of his eyes towards the two aurors showed Severus he was following the mans line of thinking. The man had as much said that he wanted him to act, though as Minister for Magic he needed Plausible Deniability with two aurors in witness to boot, so if anyone asked he could say under veritaserum that he had asked Severus not to do anything that would get him arrested , and the two aurors would also be able to confirm it. Slytherins really did make the best politicians.

Intrigued he wondered just what had got the minster so angry , as to seek out vigilante justice in the form of one ex death eater.

He reached out his wand , and swore to the Minister. "I Severus Snape , swear that I shall not speak of this case with anyone that you do not permit me to do so with , and that I shall not do anything that get me thrown in azkaban"

The two Aurors seemed to relax once he'd stated his oath , though all still looked grim.

"Now , are you going to explain to me what exactly has caused you to drag me here at night and swear urgent oaths of secrecy"

The man looked him in the eye and sighed.

"We need you to perform legillimency on a child"

He inhaled sharply and rose his eyebrow, though spoke calmly. "As a Class One Felony Assualt in most circumstances, that's not something that should be asked lightly Minister, I'm assuming there is extenuating circumstances?"

The Minister inhaled sharply himself , and Severus did not miss his clenched fists , nor the same from the two aurors behind.

" This child is believed to have been assaulted by her father , however the mother is distraught and hasn't yet allowed a mediwitch or wizard to touch her. The mother walked in on them in what appeared to be a compromising situation , we need you to use legillimency on her to ascertain if this was the first instance or if there has been other abuse and to what extent, as the child is too young too speak clearly of it"

He felt a rage burning inside him at the Minister's words. That Fucking Monster, too young to speak clearly , How old is she?

His thoughts were clearly echoed on the faces of the two Aurors. Once more he recognised the wise Slytherin choices the Minister had made.

Green and Block the Aurors. Both Family men , both with young daughters. Both would quite happily look the other way if Severus decided to take matters in his own hands.

"The child is from a well known family, hence the need to try and keep this as quiet as possible while we investigate, the media would have a field day with it and as the father is currently whereabouts unknown, if this shit hits the press he's going to dissapear to the wind so if we want any chance of catching him we need to keep a lid on it"

That explained closing off the floor then.

"You believe the mother then, that he's assaulted the girl ?"

His eyes met Severus's sadly.

"I know the mother well Severus , and her word is enough for me , though by law we must see to due process"

He inclined his head to the Minister and with a nod the man gestured for the auror to open the door.

When he stepped through the door to the private room , his stomach clenched like a vice while his heart lodged in his thoat.

Seated on the bed talking to a nurse , was none other than the tearful figure of Hermione Granger , holding tightly to the child in her arms, 4 year old Rose Weasley.