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Father Mine

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"Poor Draco, Poor Scorpius" Hermione said softly and Severus could do naught but pull her into a hug right there in the doorway.

It was not an easy task, explaining death to a toddler. Especially when the first instance of death he'd had to deal with was that of his own mother. Hermione had said that Rose already understood, after the loss of Hermione's familiar Crookshanks the previous year, but Scorpius hadn't a pet to learn from, and the boy had cried when he'd finally understood that he wouldn't be seeing his mother again, though thankfully he was not as distraught as they'd expected, the distance between mother and son showing clearly, in how soon his tears had dried and how he had only asked for his father.

Draco had eventually appeared that evening, when Scorpius and Rose were already asleep, and as he looked worse than Lucius had as he eyed the two children sleeping in Rose's 'magic' bed, Hermione had wondered briefly if that has been his attention all along.

"Shall I wake him? He's been asking for you." Hermione asked him gently but Draco was quiet for a while as he looked the sleeping children over, his appearance rough but his face a blank mask, eerily reminiscent to when Severus occluded and she wondered briefly if Draco was employing the same technique to keep his emotions in check. She wasn't surprised when he answered in the negative.

"No. No don't wake him" The words were said with such a firm finality to them she almost raised an eyebrow as they all made their way back downstairs.

They were in the living room when he finally spoke once more, he was staring at his feet. "I don't want to impose but-"

Severus put a firm hand on his shoulder as he spoke. "He is welcome as long as is needed Draco, His presence is no burden" Severus briefly looked to Hermione for confirmation as he spoke and she nodded, adding in a gentle tone. "We'll take care of him Draco, you do what you need to do"

As he spoke Severus hadn't removed his hand from the trembling man's shoulder, and after a moment of tense silence he let out a choked noise of grief and threw himself into Severus's embrace, as he wrapped his arms around him in a rib-crushingly tight hug, which Severus returned without hesitation.

Instinctively she knew that this was something he would never have been able to share with his own father, no matter how sympathetic Lucius was to his son's pain.

He needed this, she knew and she backed away graciously allowing the men their space, only hearing the broken sobs start when she closed the living room door, making sure to set the kettle to boiling so the noise of the bubbling water covered anything else in the small kitchen , including her own tears of sympathy for the two hurting blonde haired boys in her home.


Draco left looking more haggard than when he arrived, it was with no small amount of worry they let him go, but they hoped that he would have some comfort knowing Scorpius was safe and cared for. When Severus sat down on the sofa with the cup of tea she offered him, he pulled her into a seat in his lap, with her own cup held in one hand, she made sure to wrap her spare arm around him in a half hug, encouraging him to rest his head upon her chest as she placed a gentling kiss in his hair.

"Did he say anything?" She questioned him gently and he simply shook his head looking somewhat weary himself. "Not a word, just cried until he had nothing left."

She tsked sadly and pressed her face against him. "I feel so bad for him Severus, he looks so broken, was he occluding?" Encouraging him to keep his head resting on her chest as he talked, his own free arm wrapped around her waist, she stroked his hair with one hand as she nursed her tea with the other.

"He was. He has no skill at subterfuge, he can't misdirect or create false memories like myself, but he can put up mental walls that are almost as impenetrable as my own, he lacks the subtlety but can keep you out by sheer force of will, it would take some effort on my part to break his shields if I deigned to, which I do not."

"We shouldn't tell Scorpius he came, he'll be more upset that we didn't wake him, we'll tell him he sent an owl or something, so he knows that his father hasn't forgotten him and is thinking of him, but is still busy"

Putting both their cups on the table, he kissed her softly. "You're amazing witch, do you know that?" Blushing she ducked her head shyly into his neck, dropping a kiss on the scar there that made him grunt in unexpected pleasure. "Give over Severus."

"No, I mean it Hermione. You're a wonderful person, and a wonderful mother, you always know just what to do" Chuckling softly she returned the kiss gently upon his lips and he smiled into the kiss.

"You may lack the experience of being a toddler mediator but you're just as good with them as I am Severus. Rose adores you and it's quite obvious that Scorpius does also."

Fighting a blush at her praise he shrugged her off, and Hermione sensing that he was becoming uncomfortable allowed it to drop for now.

When their tea was finished they mutually decided it was time for them both to retire also, retrieving their current books and making their way upstairs.

The T shirt he slept in, clung to his slightly damp body when he returned from the shower, enough to highlight some of the lean muscles on his frame, and it made her mouth water, though when he shyly reached for the hairbrush she made sure to temper her amorous intentions...for now, as she took the brush from him. It was still something that he never asked her to do, but she always took the brush from him when he reached for it, it brought her almost as much comfort as it did him. It grounded her. It was also something that had never been said, by either of them, but she had decided never to initiate any form of sexual intimacy during this time. Not unless he chose to. Even as she had to hold back a groan at the fresh clean male scent of him, combined with his presence as he sat on the floor in front of her, effectively between her thighs that made her currently already aroused body shudder in delight. But she had long decided that she wanted this to forever be a source of comfort for him, un-associated with any other worries or issues. She wanted him to always have this if he needed it. And she would always give it, no matter what.


It wasn't much longer that night that she was writhing in the same bed with him between her thighs once more. Though this time she was on her back, with her legs over his shoulders and her hands fisted in the bedclothes, thankful for the silencing charms in place.

He had his issues with sex and intimacy she knew, but she was determined that they could work through them together, and so she'd done the most Hermione thing she could do...and research.

For example after some reading, it was that night she had discovered it was an intrinsic part of his nature, that he was more comfortable following a direct command from her than he was being forced to make a decision by himself. She supposed it wasn't just a life spent following orders, but there was a somewhat Slytherin aspect to it also, always wondering if questions posed were subterfuge or a double edged sword,with no right answer. Yet a simple statement , was a straightforward and Gryffindor way of speaking.

So it was with some delight that, rather than posing him the question "Would you mind going down on me?" at which point in the past he'd become immediately bashful and nervous, due in part she imagined to his self-doubt wondering if this was a trick question or some test he would fail at, instead she simply told him "Severus, I want you to lick my cunt" which as it turned out, was the quickest way to find herself thrown naked into a bed, with 6ft3 of aroused male going to town between her thighs and she made a mental note to herself to memorize that.

And that was where she found herself now , writhing under the sharp tongue of Severus Snape.

"Oh fucking hell , oh Christ , oh God, oh Merlin...Severus!"

Her hips arched from the bed in a desperate attempt to get closer to him, as his rapier tongue buried inside her cunt, the bridge of his nose pressing against her clit.

She felt dirty, wanton and utterly debauched, practically grinding herself against his face as she was, but the dark chuckle from him vibrated through her and she shuddered in the hedonistic delight of it.

"Are you sure my name is fitting among all those deities Witch?" There was dark chocolate, whiskey and sex in that voice, but also an undercurrent of need, of self-doubt and that was another thing she'd discovered already about Severus Snape. He longed to be needed. To be wanted.

But she also knew he was a damn good legillimens, and a natural one at that , so it was often he could pick up on stray thoughts and emotions without any outward intent to do so. So she made sure that all she ever allowed him to see , or hear was the utter truth.

"Severus... right now you're my deity. Don't fucking stop, I need you"

His groan of delight had her fisting the bedding so tightly she was certain she'd put her fingers through it, but couldn't bring herself to care. And as she felt herself climbing that pinnacle , she decided to put the next part of her plan into action.

A quick glance down proved he was indeed hard, she knew he was most definitely a giver, and that nothing aroused him more than giving her pleasure and she noted with delight that nothing was hidden by the tented thin boxers he was wearing.

"I'm going to cum. I'm right there Severus, I want to cum around your cock, put your cock inside me right now!"

It was a breathless command and after a moment's hesitation on his part , she gasped out again. "I'm right there, in me now please!"

He quickly shrugged out of his boxers, excitement outweighing hesitation and sank into her depths.

He gasped but she gasped louder.

"FUCK! You feel so good inside me , I'm going to come around your cock Severus, touch my clit right now and I'm going to come on your cock"

Mouth hanging open slightly and eyes as dark as coal he did as she bade her, following her commands to the letter and rubbing her clit just so.

His hips were pumping into her, the fast erratic beat that she'd come to know meant he had seconds before he was going to lose himself , but she knew she was going to get there first.

She grasped his shoulder , nails scorching a path in his skin as she cried out her orgasm into his neck.

"I'm coming! I'm coming on your cock Severus, oh god...your cock, SEVERUS!"

He hissed as her nails broke the skin of his shoulder, but it ended in a choked moan as her cunt clenched around his cock in her orgasm and he buried his face into her neck, his hips jerking against her, pure instinct having him driving his cock as deep into her as he could and as he gasped out his own orgasm as she moaned at the delicious sensation of him bumping against her cervix, causing a pleasant ache to travel through her followed by the warmth of his release as it filled her.

When he could breathe again he rolled off her so as not to squash her and she arched her back in languid pleasure, smiling as she stretched noticing his appreciative wide eyed gaze upon her breasts and smiling at his open admiration.

The happiness in his gaze made her giddy, he looked like a teenager who'd gotten his first bit of tail, and she grinned.

"Merlin Severus... you wore me out, would you get me a drink of water ?" It was a question she knew, but she refused to order him about in all aspects of his life.

With another smile that made her almost ache to see it on his face, he practically leapt out of bed naked to fetch her a glass from the bathroom and she smiled at his pleasure, it fed into her own good mood until she was almost drunk on the sensation.

When he returned with the glass , she reached for it but he held it back from her with a cheeky smile, holding the glass for ransom in exchange for a kiss which she deftly delivered.

From her reading she knew not to make a big fuss of this , not to praise him too much for his accomplishments as it would only draw association in his mind for his past failures.

"Tease" she whispered against his lips before kissing him , and then taking the proffered glass.

He bounced into the bed beside her with the exuberance of a man half his age, then he winced and reached over his shoulder , finding the cat like scratches she'd left behind.

"Gods, I'm sorry Severus , would you like me to heal you?"

She knew what his answer would be before she said it.

"No" He was quick to reply, almost too quick and she had to hide her smile. "No it's nothing, let's get some sleep it's been a long day" It took everything in her not to snort at his attempted misdirection, it was a very poor showing for Severus but he was a post-coital male so she'd allow him this laxness.

Settling into his embrace she made sure to sigh deeply as she relaxed into his arms, and she was certain she felt his chest puff out under her.

As sleep encroached on her , she heard his gentle words "Thank You" and responded fuzzily in kind. "Thank You"

Then as it always seemed to do so in her life, things went to hell as she was awoken in the night by piercing screaming and Severus's panicked eyes met hers as he clutched his hand at his heart and gasped for breath, and her own heart sank to her stomach at his choked words.

"Something's wrong"