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A Different Kind of Ride

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  Bakugou didn’t know how to react to what was happening. As it turned out, even when forced to stay in his human form, Kirishima wasn’t any less of a fucking powerhouse. Demons had been flooding the surrounding areas a lot lately, and this was the tenth day in a row that Bakugou had gotten called on to help eradicate a demon infestation. This time the demons had overrun an inn rather than a more open space, and Bakugou cringed at the request to “please avoid breaking anything.”

  Bakugou had initially been a bit worried knowing that they’d be fighting in a confined area this time around, but Kirishima insisted he’d be fine anyways, so he let him come along. Of course Bakugou knew that Kirishima could take care of himself, but this? This was something else.

  Bakugou hadn’t even done anything yet, and Kirishima had already cut down over half the demon swarm. Some part of the blond’s mind was trying to remind himself to get it together and help Kirishima, but he was stunned in awe. Kirishima didn’t have any sort of special power while in this form--no, he was just a normal guy with couple of blades--yet he was tearing up the enemies as if they were insects instead of vicious, otherworldly creatures. It was, in a word, amazing.

  Within minutes, every last demon was gone, the only traces of them being the black smoke they left behind. There wasn’t a piece of furniture out of place, a dent on any walls, or even scratch upon the inn floor. The sheer perfection of the job had Bakugou’s mind reeling as he tried to understand how the boy responsible for it ever ended up as his servant.

  Bakugou’s eyes wandered from the condition of the room they were in to fall on Kirishima. The redhead was panting softly, his hair a mess and his clothes covered in the smoke left behind from the demons. There was a terrifyingly voracious look in his eyes that made Bakugou’s heart stop--a sharp reminder that Kirishima was not entirely human.

  Bakugou was tempted to say something, but there was no need. The second it dawned on Kirishima that the threat had been neutralized, he calmed down, and the look disappeared. His whole demeanor seemed to change in an instant, and a bubbly smile crossed his face.

  “Told ya I could take care of myself!” Kirishima stated proudly. “We can go back home now, right Master Bakugou?”

  Bakugou had to blink a few times and shake his head to process the words. He was still a bit spaced out from what he’d seen just moments ago, so his brain wasn’t fully in the present.

  “Yeah,” Bakugou eventually replied. “Yeah we can go.”

  Well, they couldn’t go immediately. They still had to let the people know that the inn was safe to return to and collect their payment. Bakugou felt a tad uneasy as Kirishima followed behind him while he took care of these things, and when he risked a brief backwards glance he saw that Kirishima had that look back in his eyes; but this time it seemed his target was Bakugou.

   What the fuck is up with him?


  Kirishima could not have been more eager to hurry up and get home already. It had been ten days, ten freaking days, since the last time he had Bakugou to himself, and he was going insane. Tonight was supposed to be their first free night in ages, but they ended up getting called to take care of a stupid demon problem at an inn. Kirishima was a bit frustrated when he found out he’d have to fight in his significantly weaker human form, but he was determined to achieve his goal nonetheless. He would end things as quickly as possible and finally get some alone time with Bakugou.

  Right now they were still flying home, and Kirishima could swear he was going to pull something in his wing with how hard he was pushing himself to just get back already. As soon as Kirishima’s feet hit the ground of the ledge outside the cliffside cave they called a home, he less-than-graciously threw his master off his back and shifted into human form once more.

  “Hey, what the fuck was that for?” Bakugou asked as he picked himself up off the floor. “You wanna fucking die you shitty serv--mmph!”

  Kirishima couldn’t wait anymore, and he lunged forward to kiss the angry blond. He was, admittedly, a bit possessive of his master, so spending so much time apart from him had made Kirishima miserable. Now that he finally had Bakugou alone for a night, he was sure as hell going to appreciate every minute of it.

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“Hey, you okay?” Bakugou asked once the kiss broke, genuine concern on his face.

  “Yeah.” Kirishima nodded, burying his face in the blond’s neck. “I just missed you a lot, that’s all.”

  Bakugou grinned. “I missed you too, dumbass.”

  Feeling encouraged by the words, Kirishima wasted no time in lifting Bakugou up and carrying him into their home. He threw the blond onto their bed (don’t get him started on how hard it was to get that thing up the mountain in the first place) and climbed on top of him.

  “Well aren’t you fucking eager,” Bakugou commented.

  “I’m not even going to deny that.” Kirishima laughed, kissing Bakugou once on the lips before moving down to his neck. Maybe on a different day he would’ve taken time kissing over every inch of it, but today he went straight to where he knew the blond’s sweet spot was and attacked it. He kissed and licked and sucked at it until he had Bakugou moaning loudly underneath him, and he couldn’t be more proud of himself.

  “H-Holy shit Kiri,” Bakugou stuttered out.

  Kirishima squeaked when he felt hands roughly grip his backside and squeeze, his shocked sound trailing off into a moan as his hips were forcefully ground against the blond’s. Kirishima’s patience had long since run out, and he was eager to move things along already.

  He quickly tore off both his and Bakugou’s clothes with little regards to where they landed, which had the blond laughing and smirking up at him.

  “Didn’t realize going a few days without my dick in you made you this crazy,” Bakugou mocked.

  “ Ten. ” Kirishima corrected. “That is much more than a few.”

  “Shut up.”

  “Make me.” Kirishima smiled as he said it. He loved provoking Bakugou at times like these.

  “You little bitch, you know I will.” Bakugou grunted, using one hand to grab Kirishima by the hair and pull him closer before shoving three fingers of the other into the redhead’s mouth.

  Kirishima didn’t need any instruction to know what to do from there. He sucked gently at the fingers in his mouth, locking eyes with Bakugou as he did and making a show out of it. He held back a chuckle at the way the blond blushed at his actions. The sound Bakugou made when Kirishima started running his tongue between his fingers was obscene, and the redhead made sure to commit that to memory.  

  Kirishima grabbed hold of Bakugou’s wrist and pulled his fingers out of his mouth. “With all due respect, Master Bakugou,” he said, wiping the saliva off his mouth. “Hurry the fuck up.”

  Kirishima knew he was playing a dangerous game by pushing his king’s buttons at a time like this, but he couldn’t help it. He just hoped he was spurring the blond on and not tempting him to take things even slower.

  “You asked for it, you stupid lizard,” Bakugou said, and wasting no time in pulling Kirishima flat against his chest with his ass facing upwards.

  Without warning he shoved two fingers straight into the redhead’s entrance, muffling the resulting scream with a kiss. He slid his tongue into Kirishima’s mouth at the same time he started pumping his fingers in and out. Kirishima shuddered and let out a series of muffled moans. Despite the harsh treatment, he wasn’t in any pain; he just wanted more .

  “H-Hurry! C’mon, please!” Kirishima whined.

  “Still not going fast enough for you?” Bakugou asked. He nodded. “Well that’s just too bad.”

  Kirishima wanted to scream as the blond slowed down, lazily twisting his fingers inside him. Kirishima tried to rock his hips to get them deeper, to move them faster , but every time he tried Bakugou just pulled away.

  Kirishima wanted to be good and behave, and he never had problems submitting to his king’s torturous whims before, but right now he just couldn’t. Letting out an inhuman roar of frustration, he removed Bakugou’s fingers from inside him and pinned both of the blond’s wrists above his head.

  “Sorry sir, but I can’t wait any longer,” he said, a dark look in his eyes: the same as he’d had before.

  “Bastard, you better let go of me right fucking now or I swear—”

  “What? You get to ride me all the time, don’t I get a turn?”

  “Different kind of ride, Eijirou.”

  “Your point?”

  Kirishima smiled down at the angry look on Bakugou’s face and kissed him quickly before slamming himself down onto the blond’s dick. They both cried out as he took him to the hilt in one motion, and Kirishima already felt his legs trembling. It hurt, but not nearly as much as it sent jolts of pleasure throughout him.

  The dull ache of being stretched and the satisfying feeling of being completely filled—that was what Kirishima was missing. As soon as his legs felt normal again, Kirishima began to slowly raise his hips before sitting back down. He briefly admired the way Bakugou was groaning and squirming beneath him before quickly growing impatient with his own pace and speeding up.

  Kirishima set a brutal pace for his own fucking, repeatedly impaling himself on his master’s dick. He felt Bakugou moving more violently, simultaneously thrusting up into him and trying to free his wrists from his grip.

  Kirishima didn’t let up, though, and kept Bakugou firmly pinned while he rode him. He just knew that if he let the blond go, he would torture and tease him for ages again before letting him finish—and while normally Kirishima had to admit he liked it, tonight he didn’t think he could bear it. He at least wanted to come once before handing the reins back over to Bakugou.

  “Shit, Kirishima, fucking slow down you slut.” Bakugou growled.

  “No!” Kirishima refused. “This feels so fu—aaaah—cking good! I—o-oh!” Kirishima gasped as he felt that spot being hit. He planted his hips down firmly and circled them carefully so Bakugou’s dick was constantly rubbing up against it.

  “Hey, no, don’t you dare,” Bakugou warned him. “I didn’t say you were allowed to—a-ah!”

  Bakugou couldn’t finish speaking before Kirishima was sinking his teeth into the sensitive part of his neck. He didn’t bite down hard enough to break skin, but the unpredictability caused by just how sharp his teeth were gave both of them a sort of thrill.

  Kirishima rolled his hips harder, and babbled incoherently as several shudders racked through him before he finally finished, dirtying himself, his master and his bed. He continued rocking his hips until the last tremors subsided, and his grip on Bakugou’s wrists slackened.

  He had about half a second to relax before he felt himself being flipped, and next thing he knew he had his face shoved against bed and his ass yanked into the air.

  “What the fuck, ” Bakugou said, snapping his hand harshly against the redhead’s backside, “was that?”

  “A-Ah! I don’t know! I just, uh…” Kirishima struggled to find an explanation other than ‘I was just really horny, man.’

  “I think you’re forgetting something, shitty servant,” Bakugou growled before hitting him again. “I fucking own you, you got that? You’re half human, don’t make me train you like an animal.”

  “Y-Yes sir!” Kirishima nodded. It was beyond him why being threatened and yelled at like that turned him on as much as it did.

  “That’s what I like to hear,” Bakugou remarked smugly, before thrusting right back into his servant’s used hole.

  Kirishima cried out and squirmed slightly, but he didn’t fight back. He could tell that Bakugou was bent on revenge when the blond pinned both of his wrists behind his back with one hand and shoved his head down with the other.

 If Kirishima thought his own pace had been unforgiving, he was not prepared for the speed at which Bakugou pounded into him. The dragon boy was so sensitive at this point it almost hurt, but dammit if it didn’t feel good—an opinion he made sure to voice to his cocky master.

  “Tch, you just really love it when I use you, huh? Masochistic piece of shit," Bakugou accused, yanking his hair in emphasis. Kirishima only moaned in response.

  Kirishima loved when Bakugou was like this. He loved being pinned down and fucked senseless with no choice other than to take it. Sure he had his moments where he wanted control, but at the end of the day, at the blond's mercy was where Kirishima liked to be. 

  Between the pleasure of being able to serve someone he held so dear, the feeling of having his most sensitive spot being abused with every thrust, and—oh—now Bakugou was biting his shoulder, Kirishima couldn’t keep it together anymore, and he came for a second time with a loud yell.

  “Shit, done again already? And here I thought you could hold out long enough for me to make you beg for it.” Bakugou sighed almost regretfully, but he didn’t slow down.

  “W-Wait! Please stop, it’s too much! I can’t!” Kirishima wailed. Now it was getting overwhelming, and tears were welling in his eyes.

  Luckily for him, even though Bakugou could be a little mean, he wasn’t that cruel, so he pulled out the moment he saw that Kirishima was being serious.

  “Sorry...I’m sorry,” Kirishima panted out.

  “Shh, it’s okay. You’re okay,” Bakugou soothed, gentling running a hand through the messy red hair. The concern for his lover brought out his softer side, and Kirishima found it adorable.

  Still, Kirishima felt a little guilty that Bakugou still hadn’t finished, so he pulled himself up and knelt by the edge of the bed. Bakugou gave him a questioning look, and he grinned up at him and said, “Fuck my mouth Master Katsuki.”

  Kirishima felt a rush of pride at the way Bakugou blushed at his words, but the blond quickly recovered from his embarrassment and was now standing with his hands buried in Kirishima’s hair and his member pressed against his lips.

  “Don’t hold back, okay?” Kirishima murmured.

  “Don’t tell me what to do,” Bakugou responded, though his voice was soft rather than commanding.

  Bakugou tightened his grip before shoving all the way into the redhead’s mouth, his dick jabbing at the back his throat and making him gag. He held himself there a moment, and though Kirishima was trembling, he showed no signs of discontent. Bakugou smiled at him before pulling out and thrusting back in, repeating this action.

  Soon he was fucking the redhead’s face at the same brutal pace he’d been pounding him earlier, holding him firmly in place as he used his sore throat. Bakugou might’ve felt guilty for enjoying the feeling of Kirishima gagging around him if it weren’t for the fact that the servant was grabbing at his hips and practically urging him to be rougher.

  “You’re so cute, Eijirou. Always so eager to please,” he said fondly, biting back a moan.

  Kirishima whined, and the vibration sent a shiver up Bakugou’s spine. The blond was getting close, and they both knew it; his movements were getting more frantic and erratic. Kirishima squeezed his thigh encouragingly, and Bakugou moaned, forcing Kirishima’s head down as he came down his throat. The redhead shivered and swallowed, and he panted heavily when his master pulled out of his mouth.

  “Holy shit Eiji,” Bakugou gasped dumbly.

  “Was that good?” Kirishima asked, grinning brightly before wiping the excess saliva from his chin.

  Bakugou nodded. “So good. You are so good.”

  Bakugou pulled Kirishima up onto the bed with him, hugging him closely and kissing all over his face. “I love you, you know that? I love you so fucking much.”

  Kirishima smiled. “I know. I love you, too.”

  “And you know I...I don’t think of you as just a servant, right?”

  “I know, Master Katsuki.”

  Bakugou chuckled softly and shook his head. “And you know you don’t have to call me that, right?”

  Kirishima giggled as well before kissing him on the lips. “I know. It’s just...before I met you I never really had any purpose or anyone who cared about me. It feels good being able to say I belong to someone like you.”

  Bakugou kissed him back softly. “You are such a sappy idiot. I missed this so damn much these past days, you don’t even know.”

  Kirishima laughed and nuzzled against his neck. “Trust me, I know.”