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Lay With Me


Their job undoubtedly had risks, and as hard as they worked to minimise those risks there was no way to eliminate all the risks. When they returned to their apartment after a very long drawn out shift that included a trip to Chicago Med, their guards had fallen, and the professional demeanour they maintained while at the firehouse melted away. The need to be together was overwhelming along with their exhaustion. The pair had fallen into bed together after they shed their clothes, taking comfort in each other.


It wasn’t often that they ended up the position that they were in, with Kelly rested almost across Matt who was lazily lent up against the headboard of the bed. Their legs were entwined with the crisp white sheet covering them. In the dull light of the bedroom Matt could see the bruises that was still developing on the parts of Kelly's exposed skin, the blue and purple hues slowly changing from the red that marred his skin originally after the initial impact. Kelly's head was rolled to the side, his ear pressed to Matt's chest, listening intently to the heartbeat that he loved with his eyes closed.


"An epsom salt bath will help." Matt broke the silence as his fingertips of his right hand gently traced over the curvature of Kelly's spine, up and down repeatedly. His left hand held Kelly's hand, his thumb sweeping over his knuckles that were scrapped and skinned despite having gloves on.


"Hmmm." Kelly hummed out without much conviction. He was utterly exhausted and a lot sorer than he wanted to admit, but he was also content as he was.


"Kel?" Matt questioned concerned as Kelly still had to stay awake for another hour or so before he could actually sleep given that he had a minor concussion, and even then he would still need to be woken regularly.


"I’m awake." Kelly breathed out as he moved his neck just enough to press his lips to Matt's bare skin but he paused as his neck protested the movement which Matt immediately picked up on. Matt's concerned spiked even more despite all of the scans and x-rays that Kelly had had that showed he had escaped with no serious injuries. Given his past neck injury and subsequent surgery, the worry was understandable.


"How much pain are you in?" Matt knew he was in pain, that much was obvious, but the level of pain was what he needed to gauge as he knew Kelly's pain tolerance was high. It was on par with his stubbornness at times.


"A building partially collapsed on me, I was buried under rubble... everything hurts." The answer had Matt closing his eyes and letting out a long breathe as the memory came rushing back to him, the dust that had choked them and caused visibility issues, the sound of the pass alarm that wailed louder than the groans of the remains of the building, and the realisation that it was the man he loved that was trapped, that was buried in the partial collapse. His hand had stopped its roaming over the soft skin, over his spine, and instead flattened out across his lower back.


"I know, trust me I know you were trapped." Matt spoke the words so calmly but inside he felt anything but calm. When he realised that it was Kelly's pass alarm wailing at the scene, he felt as though his lungs seized and his heart stopped momentarily. It was only a slap on his shoulder from Herrmann that sparred his into action, that slap he would be eternally grateful for. Although he was eternally grateful that Kelly was alive and laying in bed with him, laying with his body partially on top of him. And grateful that he could provide comfort to the ravaged man.


Kelly heard the crack in Matt's voice, the emotions of the last twelve or so hours finally surfacing. He not only felt but also heard as Matt's heartbeat increased. He shifted his weary body, a groan of pain slipping past his lips unintentionally, as he moved to sit up.


"Stop Kel." Matt's hand lightly pressed against his back whilst his other tightened around Kelly's hand forcing him to stop moving. "Don't want you to hurt yourself. Just stay where you are, I know you’re as comfortable as you can be." Kelly stopped trying to push himself up, instead he moved his neck so that his chin was rested on Matt's sternum, and he was facing him. Matt's face wore a tormented expression that was also marred with utter exhaustion. The facade they both wore had simply faded in the privacy of their home.


"Tell me." It was two small words but they meant so much. It meant that they were partners that shared in the others feelings, that shared what they felt. It was also a part of the healing process that they both needed after what could have easily left one of them alone, and one of them dead. In the privacy of their home, of their bedroom, there was no need to hide, there was no need to pretend that they weren’t who they were. Kelly knew that Matt needed to say all that he felt, to explain what he felt, to share his pain.


"The sound of your pass alarm terrified me today, I froze." Matt paused and lifted his hand from Kelly's back to his head, pushing his fingers through the short dark brown speckled silver hair softly, brushing it back. "You terrified me today. And then at the hospital when I was waiting... it was just a lot." He stopped himself from saying that all he could see was Kelly unresponsive.


"I love you." Those words weren’t spoken aloud often between the two, it was shown through actions more often than not but Kelly knew Matt needed to know, needed to hear the words. "And I’m going to do everything I can to come home to you." It was not a promise he made lightly, and it wasn’t an absolute promise that he was always going to come home but it was that he would do everything he could too.


"I know you will." Matt knew what Kelly was saying to him and it made him all the sweeter. Kelly let his head drop back down so that his ear was once again pressed against Matt's chest as his neck was aching more at the angle that he was on whilst being face to face with him. Matt's hand didn’t pause in its movements through his hair.


"What can I do to help, to ease the pain?" Matt asked softly knowing that he had refused any pain medication. He had gently rubbed arnica into his skin, and even that had caused him pain. Every movement seemed to elicit a wince or a groan or just a tortured look to cross his face.


"Lay with me." Kelly's words were slightly slurred as his body fully relaxed and Matt's movements lulled him. Matt smiled softly and let his own body relax underneath Kelly's.


Matt watched as Kelly's eyes fluttered closed finally succumbing to the exhaustion and despite the concussion that Kelly had, Matt didn’t rush to wake him instead he glanced at the bedside clock making a mental note of the time, and watched him sleep. "I love you too Kelly."