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The Sevasey Collection

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Aching Nap


Kelly frowned as he stepped into the all too quiet apartment knowing that Matt was home given that his truck was parked outside in the driveway and it was early in the afternoon. Usually Matt would be in the living area looking over construction plans or reports, or in the kitchen snacking. Kelly placed his keys down on the table next to Matt’s then shrugged off his jacket and threw it down over the back of the nearest chair.


Kelly made his way through the apartment in search of Matt. He walked into their darkened bedroom and found Matt curled up in bed underneath a couple of the thickest duvets they owned that had only been added to the bed, and he knew just by his even and softened breathing that he was asleep. Suddenly a nap sounded like a good idea, but a nap with Matt sounded like an even better idea. With that a soft loving smile made its way to his lips as he stripped down to his briefs as silently as he could letting the discarded clothes fall languidly to the floor in a neat pile by his feet.


Kelly raised the blankets just enough for him to slip in between the warmed sheets. He pressed his body against Matt’s back and wrapped his arms around him as he pressed his face into the nape of his neck inhaling the familiar and comforting scent that was him.


“Kelly.” Matt’s voice was thick with sleep as he involuntarily pressed back into Kelly’s warm embrace.


“Go back to sleep sweetheart.” Kelly kept his voice light almost at a whisper despite how badly he wanted to ask Matt if he was alright given that he did not often nap during the day.


Matt grunted and Kelly knew it was a grunt that signalled that he was not feeling well as it was almost turned into a whine near the end. "I’ve got a headache and the pills aren’t helping." Matt informed Kelly of what he had already figured out although it was good that Matt was sharing as usually he would remain tight lipped and suffer in silence, or try to at least.


Kelly knew there was nothing he could say and how sensitive Matt could be to sound and light so instead he tightened his arms a little tighter around Matt and pressed a kiss to the exposed skin of his neck before he let himself relax and settle down into the mattress. He waited until Matt’s breathing evened out before he allowed himself to fall asleep.