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Chuck Vs. Christmas

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Casey opened the door just enough to ask Chuck what he wanted.
“Hey Casey, can i come in”
“No” John said closing the door a little more
“Um ok” Chuck looked at him confused “Well Ellie wanted me to bring this casserole over, she has been practicing recipes for Christmas dinner, and honestly I can't eat another thing so I thought you would like some.”
Casey grabbed the tupperware “Thanks” and shut the door.
Chuck knocked again “Casey are you ok?” knock “Caaaasey, i’m not going away, i'll keep knocking until you answer me”
Casey growled as he cracked the door open again “Chuck, I can kill you 36 way with just my thumb if you knock on this door one more time I will show you one of those ways.” he scowled and slammed the door.

Chuck laid down on his bed thinking about Casey, just for once he wished he would open up to him, even just a little. He looked over to the lamp next to his bed and smiled.
“Hey Casey, I know you are listening and this way you cant ignore me, Casey I am your friend, Sarah, Ellie, Awesome and even Morgan, we are all your friends, whether you like it or not. it's not ok to just shut us out all the time, to you it may just be another mission but our friendship is real and i just…” a big hand wrapped around his throat turning him around. A pair of blue eyes were glaring into his .
“Do you ever stop talking Bartowski”
“Casey I cant breath” Chuck struggled to say
Casey let go “seriously Bartowski let it go, not everyone has girly emotions like you”
Chuck placed his hand on Casey’s very solid chest clearing his throat to stifle a moan, he locked eyes with Casey “Casey” he didn't let Chuck finish what he was going to say he sighed a little, grabbed chucks hand and led him out the window over to his apartment
“I cant believe im doing this” Casey mumbled under his breath before opening the door and allowing Chuck to see what he was hiding. He looked over to Chuck as a smile slowly formed on his face “O my god Casey, this is your big secret”
Casey growled “I swear Bartowski if you tell anyone about this you won't live to see Christmas.”
“Colonel John Casey’s giant secret is he loves Christmas decor?” Chuck tried not to laugh but he couldn’t hold it back.
Casey growled “I knew this was a bad idea” He tried pushing Chuck out the door but before he could Chuck wrapped his arms around him. “Bartowski” he growled louder than Chuck had ever heard.
“Uhh sorry Casey” Chuck slowly let go and backed away bracing himself for Casey to hit him “I was just thanking you for letting me know something slightly personal about you”
Casey grabbed Chuck’s tie pulling him closer, the already small gap between them disappeared.
“Casey remember i am the intersect you can not kill me”
“Do you ever shut up”
Before Chuck could process what was happening Casey’s lips were pressed to his. Chuck pulled away “uh Casey what was that”
“You said you wanted to thank me” he grinned grabbing the back of Chuck’s neck pulling him into another kiss. This time instead of pushing him away Chuck opened his mouth letting Casey’s tongue in. Chuck slide his hands under Casey’s shirt, running his fingers over Casey’s hard chest of muscles made him instantly hard. He blushed knowing Casey could feel it. Casey growled, Chuck had figured out the meaning of all of Casey’s different growls over the past year but he had never heard this one before. Chuck took a chance and pulled Casey’s shirt off. Casey grabbed Chuck’s tie again this time using it to lead him over to the couch. Casey sat on the couch pulling Chuck with him.
“Quick question Casey,” Chuck ignored the look on Casey’s face “why does one need this many christmas themed couch pillows, I mean i understand two or three but you have like ten, that is a bit much how do you expect people to sit, this is...”
“Chuck if you don’t stop talking one of these pillows will be so far up your”
Chuck kissed Casey before he could finish his sentence. Chuck took his tie off before Casey had the chance to strangle him with it. He slowly began grinding into Casey who he could feel getting hard under him. Casey moaned as he began to unbuttoned Chuck’s shirt as he kissed his way down to Chuck’s neck lightly biting as he slowly slide Chuck’s shirt off.
“John” Chuck moaned
Casey almost lost it right as his name left Chuck’s mouth