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Chuck Vs. Christmas

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“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Reagan, Happy Birthday to you” They all sang as she blew out her candles
“What did you wish for?”
“I can’t tell you aunt Sarah or it won't come true”
“Thank you for coming Walker”
“Of course Casey, I have yet to miss one, sorry I can't be here tomorrow for Christmas though”
“We understand Sarah, that is part of the spy life, can you believe she is 4, where has the time gone” Chuck cut in
“Well i can’t believe you and John actually got married and had a kid”
“You still jealous Walker?” John walked over with pieces of cake for them
Chuck’s phone rang
“Hey Ellie is everything ok?”
“Well I hope Reagan doesn't mind sharing her birthday”
“You have a nephew”
“Holy shit Ellie, I thought you had like two weeks still”
“He decided to show up tonight, I would have called but I was already here working when my water broke and it went so fast I didn't have time, can you guys come to see him?”
“Yes, of course, we will be right there”

“Hey Chuck, I want you to meet your nephew” She teared up “Charles Zachary Woodcomb”
“Ellie” Chuck started to cry as Ellie handed him the baby “you named him after me?”
“We did, you mean so much to me, to us, and I wanted to give him a strong name and you are the strongest person I know”
Devon cut in “We will call him Zac though, just so we don't get confused”
Casey put his hand on Chuck's shoulder “guess we need another one so we can name her after Ellie” he laughed.
“I agree” chuck smiled kissing Casey’s cheek
“Lando is going to be happy to not be the only boy now” Chuck handed the baby to Casey
“I still can't believe Alice agreed to let Morgan name their son after a Star Wars character” Ellie shook her head
“Technically he convinced her to name him Landon, he just left out the part about us calling him Lando” Chuck laughed.
“Reagan, would you like to hold your baby cousin?” Chuck sat her in the chair with a pillow, Casey walked over and laid the baby on her lap
“He is so tiny, was I this tiny?”
“You were actually a bit bigger, you were supposed to be born a week before, but I guess you wanted to be a Christmas Eve baby” Chuck kneeled down next to her


“Casey, Casey, wake the hell up John” Chuck was shaking him
“You know it’s Christmas Eve and Santa doesn't come till tomorrow right?’ he growled
“That was Quinn, It’s time”
“Why are you just laying there, get up”
They got dressed and rushed out the door
“Hey Morgan sorry for calling so late, it baby time”
“Holy shit no way”
“I know I'm freaking out, we are on the way to the hospital, can you go hang out at the house with Jayne or take her to your place, I will let you know when the baby is here and when you can come visit”
“Of course dude, I am so excited for you, love you buddy”
“Love you too buddy”
“Oh my god Casey do we have everything”
“Yes Chuck, we have gone over your checklist every day since the start of the month, we have gone to three fire stations to have the car seat checked, we are fine” He reached over and grabbed Chuck’s hand “Are you crying”
“Our baby still doesn’t have a name, we even had extra time and we still don't have one”
“We agreed we would wait till we meet them to pick one”
“What if we can’t decide”
“Chuck call Ellie and let her know”
“Oh my god I forgot to call Ellie”
“Hey Ellie we are on the way to the hospital, baby is coming, I love you, call me when you can” he hung up the phone

They went to check in at the front desk “They are prepping her for surgery, follow this nurse and she will take you back to get dressed”
They stood outside the door in their scrubs waiting to go inside the room
“This is it, Casey, this is the day we have been waiting for”
Casey wrapped his arms around Chuck
Someone opened the door “ok dads its time”
Time went so fast and so slow at the same time, Casey had to remind Chuck a few times to breath.
“It’s a girl” the dr said holding up their baby
“A girl” Casey smiled
“She isn’t crying” Casey started to freak out
A nurse walked over, gentlemen we need to clear the room
“No that is our baby girl, we are not leaving her” Casey was trying not to yell
“Sir I am sorry, we will take you to a room to wait”
“Wait for what” Chuck’s voice broke
“Come with me please” she lead them to a room down the hall “please wait here, someone will be with you soon”
“You will tell us what is going on right now” Casey was trying not to punch a hole in the wall
“She isn't breathing, they are working on her right now, I will be back with details as soon as I have them, again I am sorry” she left
“Casey this can’t be happening”
Chuck fell into Casey, “She will be ok Chuck, she has to be ok”
The door opened, the both jumped
“Ellie, she, it’s not good” he had trouble speaking through his cries
She wrapped her arms around both of them “It will be ok guys, i just know it, wait did you say she?”
“It’s a girl,” Casey said, still fighting back tears
Chuck wasn’t sure how long the three of them stood there hugging but he will never forget the moment the door opened and they brought her in
“Here is your perfect little girl, who wants to hold her first?”
“Him” Chuck pointed to Casey
“Are you sure Chuck?”
Chuck nodded
“Ok take your shirt off and sit in the chair, she needs to feel your warmth and your heart beat,” the nurse said
“Hi baby girl” Casey ran a finger over her cheek “I’m your dad” he began to Cry
“She was born at 5:19 am, she is 21 inches long and 9lbs 9oz, it took them a bit to get her breathing, but she is perfectly fine, you will have to stay here for 48 hours just to be safe, if you need anything to let me know, Congratulations you two”
Casey looked down at her “You and daddy already have something in common, how about you both promise me to never scare me like that again”
“Sorry to tell you this John, but you will spend every day for the rest of your life worrying about her” Ellie smiled at him “Congratulations guys, she is so beautiful, what is her name”
“We have not” Casey started to say
“Reagan” Chuck smiled at Casey “What if we name her Reagan” he bent over giving them each a kiss on the forehead
“It’s perfect”