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-''Are we sure we want to do this? It just seems weird…I mean… It’s Jin Hyung…'' - Jungkook said, wiggling nervously at his seat on the floor, among tons of pillows and cushions.

-'' I think it will be fun…I’m so excited.'' – Taehyung said, sitting between Jimin and Jungkook, clapping his hands like a little child, excitement evident in his brown eyes.

-'' Hush, he has a lot of experience in this.'' – Jimin bends slightly so he could shoot a glare at Jungkook.

-''Fine, fine… but all I’m saying Namjoon Hyung and Yoongi Hyung have even more of experiences…''

- ''Can you imagine going to Suga Hyung and asking him to teach you about sex?'' – Jimin said incredulously. Taehyung laughed.

- ''I could… ''- He laughed, his boxy smile was radiant, Jimin smirked.

- ''I thought anyone closely sane?'' – He nudged him with his shoulder and smiled, his eyes completely disappeared into small crescents after seeing Taehyung’s hurtful pout.

- ''I’m just kidding TaeTae love.''

- ''I know.'' – Tae brought his head closer to Jimin’s and Jimin leaned on, connecting their foreheads together, sharing the thoughts as Hobi Hyung used to say whenever they did that. For them, it was a comfort, the closeness, but for the other’s it was some weird “soulmate” thing. They didn’t care.

It wasn’t true that only Jimin and Tae shared that bond because with Jungkook they were complete. They were not really just friends, not the brothers either, or simply band members, no… they were so much more. What first started like play soon involved in something much, much bigger and stronger.



It started a year ago when Jungkook was only seventeen. Jimin and Tae were always close. Jungkook found them making out one day, inside Jimin and Hoseok’s room, when Hoseok was out. Jungkook was utterly confused. The idea that they hide this from him hurt him, he was angry, until they explained that they were only practicing. They were sitting on Jimin’s bed when the bed owner spoke.

- ''How do you know you are a good kisser if you don’t practice Kook? Tae is cool, so he agreed to help me perfect my technique, that’s all.'' - Jimin explained matter-of-factly.

- ''And he has a crush on me…'' - Tae said seriously.

-''No I’m not!'' – Jimin shrieked.

-''Yeah, he does.'' – Tae was nodding to endorse his words more. – ''He always moans and whimpers when I twirl my tongue inside his mouth.''

- ''Kim Taehyung! That’s not true!'' - Jimin gasped incredulously.

Tae just looks at Jungkook and mouthing -“oh yes it is…” - without a sound. Jimin smacked Tae’s arm and Jungkook laughed.

- ''Anyway…'' - Jimin was acidly eyeing Tae and then turn his eyes towards Jungkook. – ''You are not freaked out or anything? I mean, we are Idols, we are not allowed to date and… well… once we do… we should know what are we doing… don’t we? So…that’s why Tae and I were experimenting a bit…''

Tae snorted. – ''Yeah, a bit… ''- That earned yet another slap from Jimin and Jungkook furrowed his brows.

-''What kind of experiments Tae?''

-''Oh well, we… ''- Tae started, but Jimin covered his friend's mouth.

-''It doesn’t matter Kooks, you are underage! You shouldn’t know about these things yet, so don’t ask.''

-''I’m not that young Jimin!'' – Jungkook protested. He hated when they called him young and innocent. He was far away from that. – ''I know about Namjoon’s Hyung secret folder “RyanBearMemes”.''

Both Jimin and Tae looked at him wide eyes.

-''You didn't…'' -  Jimin started, but Tae burst out laughing. -''Oh of course he did.''

-''Kookie you shouldn’t watch that!'' – Jimin hissed, but Jungkook just raised his chin up.

-''I am old enough to know about those things, besides Yugyeom and I watched a few together, it’s not a big deal.''

-''Oh my… if Jin Hyung founds out…'' - Jimin put his head into his hand, shaking his head in worry. But as soon as certain thought came to his mind, he started giggling, earning the weird looks from the other two. His shoulders started shaking in silent laughter.

-''Oh, that would be even worse than when he caught me jerking off one morning. It was so embarrassing…but learning that his little precious Jungkookie is watching porn, hah, he will blame Namjoon Hyung.'' – He laughed devilishly until Tae corrected him.

-''Hmmm, I hate to break this to you, but I’m afraid he would blame you and me for it...saying that we were the ones who showed him “that filthy stuff”.''

Jimin stopped laughing. – ''Fuck, you are right. Junkgkook, it’s all your fault! I will kill you if you get caught and we got blamed for that!''

-''I’m not planning to get caught. Besides, it’s not a big deal…it’s not that I’m doing anything. Damn it, I haven’t kissed anyone yet.''

Both Jimin and Tae looked at him seriously.

-''Are you serious Kook?'' – Jimin asked, tilting his head little as to better see blushing Jungkook, who was twirling the hem of his shirt.

-''Yes well…as I have the chance to meet anyone long enough for that to happen…and you know how weird I am with girls…I just…I just freeze every time some speak to me. I…I don’t know really what to say to them and so… yeah…''

-''Oh, Kook…'' - Jimin started, but Tae interrupted him.

-''Would you like me to kiss you Kookie? Or Jiminie…we would both do it.''

Jimin choked on his own spit and it took Tae’s large hand to slap him a few times on his back for him to regain his breathing, brushing the tears in his eyes.

-''Tae, what the fuck…''

-''Well, you would do it ChimChim… it’s our Jungkookie, of course, you would do it. ''– Tae said, looking at his best friends face, before turning to Jungkook.

– ''Kookie, if you up to it, I’m in…''

-''You are not kidding Hyung?'' – Jungkook’s wide eyes were shocked and curious. He always wondered what would be like to kiss Taehyung, which beauty and energy he often not so secretly admired. To have his long slender fingers caress his face and his sinister tongue to explore his mouth and his neck. Jungkook shuddered at the thought. And Jimin, who he loved to tease, but caught himself looking at his perfect plush lips and his strong, but gracious body ever so often. Oh yes, all of his Hyungs were extremely attractive, and even though he respected and admired Namjoon and Yoongi Hyungs, striving to, one day, have the same dominance and calmness as they do…enjoying watching Jin Hyung looking gorgeous, wanting secretly to be cared by his eldest Hyung and enjoy his attention all to himself…. Or having his mind thoroughly confused by Hoseok Hyung, with his intense stares and sweet smiles, while he rolls his hips as he dances …well… Jungkook could not be blamed. He loved girls, especially Noona’s, they are his secret kink, but… he was such a sucker for his Hyungs. He just could not help it. The thought that he could be "a little gay" for his Hyungs was unnerving at first, but he stopped worrying about that after a year or two. And that’s why he was so hurt and jealous when he saw his beautiful and handsome Tae kissing Jimin’s plump lips while caressing his thigh and found himself wanting the same. He wasn’t sure to whom he was jealous off, Tae or Jimin, or both.

Now he was looking at Tae’s brown eyes and knew that he was telling the truth.

-''I… I would…like…that.'' – He said quietly, bowing his head, too embarrassed to look his Hyung into their eyes. He heard shuffling and soon he felt long gentle fingers, Tae’s, tilting his chin up.

-''Kookie…look at me…'' - Jungkook finally locked his eyes with Tae, breathing heavily.

-''Can I kiss you? Or would you like to kiss me?'' –Tae’s deep sensual voice did not help Jungkook’s nervousness at all, but the warmth in his heart was burning wild, making him get lost in his Hyung’s eyes.

Jungkook felt huge affection towards his Hyung. Tae was always like that, giving him the options to choose from, whichever felt easier to Jungkook and accepting whatever he decides. Tae was fearless and enigmatic and Jungkook often wished he had that calmness and acceptance of life like Tae does. Jungkook could feel the love emanating from his Hyung and his heart started beating even faster. Tae was always the one who could read him like the open book, the first one who managed to slip in his shy shell and open him up for the rest of them, no matter how wrong that may sound. He was the first one who Jungkook allowed to get so close that much, to help him built his on and off-stage personality and became a person he is today. Tae acted like true manknae sometimes, but his large spectrum of interest and characters allowed him to be attentive, caring, thoughtful and wise. He was truly spectacular… sweet and silly in one moment and completely handsome and seducing in another. If Jungkook didn’t know better, he would have thought that those are just the roles Taehyung play, but in fact, it was just the whole Taehyung…Taehyung who would always pay extra attention to Jungkook’s needs and wants, just like this time. Tae didn’t just go for the kiss…he gave Jungkook a choice to lead if he wants to or to simply give himself up into his Hyung’s care.

Dominant by his nature, this time though, Jungkook wanted to be lead, so he breathed out only one word - ''You…'' - Before closing his eyes in wait.

Pretty soon he could smell Tae’s body lotion, distinct lavender, and soft chamomile. He always smells so gentle. Maybe that’s why Jungkook loves sleeping with Tae at night and have Tae engulfed him with his long and warm arms and calming scent. Soft and warm breath tickled his face and even with closed eyes, he could feel Tae’s closeness. His long fingers traced skin of Jungkook’s cheek and he grabbed a fist full of his own shirt to calm his nervousness.

The lips, gentle and soft brushed his own, making the maknae's heart skipped the beat, again and again, …until he felt soft, but the firm press of Taehyung’s mouth on his. Jungkook nearly fainted. All those time, they were carefully observed by Jimin, eyes round and filled with the desire to join, as he was biting his lower lip.

The kisses were slow and gentle. Both of the men enjoyed the sensation and small pecks. Jungkook opened his mouth slightly to catch some needed breath when he felt Tae’s tongue brushing his lower lip. He pushed his own to meet Taehyung’s and was surprised by the new feeling he got. Tae swirled his tongue around Jungkook’s and Jungkook whimpered as the small moan escaped his lips.

-''You see! I’m not the only one!'' – Jimin exclaimed and the kiss broke, causing Jungkook to groan in annoyance at the interruption.

-''Would you say that Jungkook has a crush on you too now because he moans when you do that…that…thing with your tongue?''

Jungkook slapped Jimin’s thigh loudly, making the latter yelp in surprise and pain.

-''Why did you do that for?'' – Jungkook’s victim wanted to know.

-''Probably because you have no tact what so ever!'' – Jungkook hissed.

-''Why you little…'' - Jimin started, but Jungkook interrupted.

-''Who do you call little, shorty?''

Taehyung laughed as Jimin attacked Jungkook and they wrestle on the bed.

Tae got his phone out and start filming them. He typed “Angry duckling attacks feisty bunny! Wanna bet who will win Hyung?” and sent it to Hoseok. He was replied in a few moments:

-“A muscle bunny might be strong, but don’t underestimate the power of the angry duckling! I toss my money in the pond where ducks roam!”

Taehyung laughed and surely, the duckling did win by using a sly move, straddling innocent bunny, pulling him by his shirt and kissing him full in the mouth. Jungkook, surprised by only a few seconds, quickly got a grip of his sanity and flip them over, so he was hovering above Jimin and kiss him back with the newly awoken passion. Jimin only response was to grip him more firmly by his hair and pull him even closer.

Fast and loud breathing interlocked with slight moans of his two closest friends, burned up the fire inside Taehyung and he quickly tossed his phone on the table and went to join them on the bed.



Soon the make out and touch “experiments” were not enough, they wanted more…they needed more. They jerked each other off, while their bodies kept twitching in ecstasy, covered with sweat and cum. It was so different when they felt the hands of each other touching the most intimate parts of their bodies, but everything changed when Tae bend down one day and licked Jimin’s head while taking care of him. The lewd sound Jimin make at that moment, made all three of them stop and look at one another.

-''Fuck Tae, do that again… ''- Was all Jimin said, tossing his head back when Tae placed his mouth around Jimin's cock again, this time sucking at the head with a new passion.

-''Oh my God!'' - Jimin moaned loudly, arching his back and gripping at the sheets, his body shaking and Jungkook's eyes widened, watching Tae sucking Jimin off, with awe, learning every move, every lick, so he could try it himself on Taehyung later on.

From that day on, things became more intimate, less playful, and more intense. Those were not experiments anymore, those were the lust-driven desires needed to be fulfilled and all three of them jumped at it without blinking.

The first one to notice the change was Jin Hyung. He approached them one day and asked them bluntly were they having sex. They blushed and started stuttering explanations at the same time before Jin raised his hand to silence them.

-'''I don’t need to know the details. I just want to warn you to be extra careful. You’ve been flustered, giggling, glowing and smug…it's too bloody obvious. Now I know that the rest of the guys won’t care since we all were playing with one another in one period or the other, but be careful about the staff and managers. They must not know.''

-''You did!?'' – Tae asked and Jimin shushed him. Jin chuckled at Taehyung's curiosity.

-''Well you can’t expect to put seven hormone-driven guys into the same room, forbidding them to date and taking them to see “special” lady friends to quench their sexual thirst only once a month and not expect that they will not play with one another at least from time to time, especially when we working out on a new album and the tension is overwhelming.

-''You mean…Suga Hyung…and…and Namjoon Hyung and you…together?'' - Jungkook murmured with wide eyes, he was completely shocked with that idea.

-''All of us…''- Jin said slowly, watching the youngest member. - ''...played with one another at some point, whether it was a quick hand or something more. It just helped with the tension, the need. It was never what you three have, that’s for sure.'' - He added smiling.

-''Even Hobi Hyung?'' – Tae asked. He always felt certain attraction towards this Hyung, ever since that damned kiss in “The Rookie Kings” series.

Jin snorted like he was finding Tae’s desire to keep Hoseok’s innocence hilarious. Hoseok was anything, but innocent. He felt that too many times. Jin was wondering why Hoseok didn’t make his move towards his two favorite dongsaengs, Tae and Jiminie by now. He loved to seductively tease them ever so often, watching them squirm and blush, although Taehyung kept his calm better than Jimin, who would become flustered. Jin had to reprimand Hoseok so many times whenever he takes things way too far and all four of them agreed not to include the maknae line when “the need” occur, but instead to go to each other for help. They also knew that the maknaes are close, but they had no idea of how much, until now.

Jin ignored Tae’s question and went for a more urgent matter.

-''Did you have sex yet? Or you still do handjobs and blowjobs?''

Jungkook blushed even more. Jimin’s rosy cheeks became brighter red as he bit his lip. He looked like a child caught in something he should not do, he was so adorable. Tae, however, was calm. He gulped, glancing at his two lovers, before answering like it was the most natural thing in the world.

-''We didn’t get to that yet, but we did talk about it. We agreed that we would like to try it, but all three of us are nervous. I personally I’m afraid a little, I don’t want to hurt them.''

Jin observed silently his favorite dongsaeng and not for the first time admiring the deep and fascinated mind of Kim Taehyung.

-''Even after all those years TaeTae, you still manage to surprise me with your maturity. It’s good you have concerns and you feel fear when those things are in question. Tell you what, when you are ready and if you need any help or guidance in the matter or simply need someone to talk to, I am here.'' - He said, watching all three of them in turn. - 'Besides, you can allow yourself to wait for it though. Show maturity and practice being a little less obvious. You know what they will do if they found out about your little relationship, the scandal and all. Picture it, you are smart enough. Plus Jungkook is underage. I don’t need to remind you of that either. Don’t do stupid things and don’t try things if you are not sure. Try practice some self-restraint and not hump one another like a pack of bunnies.'' - Jin's eyes shifted at Tae who just inhaled enough air to make a joke of Kookie's nickname and warned. - ''Don’t say a word Tae.'' – Tae huffed and pouted, but Jin ignored him, continuing. -''Come to me if you have some questions, I will help you the best I can.'' – And with that, he left them to ponder at his words in silence.


Now sitting in Jin’s and Suga’s room a year later, waiting for their Hyung to show up and help them take the next step was new for three young men. Even though they started out of fun, the desire they felt towards one another was multiplied by the passing time. The intense and the forbidden fruit they tasted, only became sweeter and sweeter with every new consummation. They were ready for the next step for quite some time. Plus Jingkook was eighteen now, which in Korean standards, he was, technically, of age.

Jungkook was watching disapprovingly at Jimin and Tae’s pressed foreheads. Even though he knew that they loved him in equal amount, he could not help it, but feel an occasional sting of jealousy every time when ’95 liners grew more touchy and close without him involved.

-''Hey, what have I told you about mental conversation while I’m in the room?'' – Jungkook said indignantly. The pair in question simply smiled and separate from one another, looking adoringly at their youngest lover.

-''Sorry, Kookie, but you know we love you, do you?'' – Tae said, wrapping an arm around Kookie’s shoulders and pulling him into an awkward sitting embrace, kissing his head. Jimin pulled Jungkook’s arm so he falls sprawled across Tae’s legs. Using the moment of having Jungkook's head in his lap, Jimin started kissing him on his cheeks, nose, and forehead.

-''Aaaaww our little baby is jealous…'' - He teased him between kisses.

-''Aish Jiminie stop.'' – Jungkook fought weakly, earning a slap on his head from Jimin.

-''It’s Hyung for you, your brat!''

Jungkook just giggled and Tae watched them with adoration.

Their commotions were interrupted by Jin, who just entered his and Suga’s shared room. Since Suga will be in his studio entire day and night, Jin decided to hold the “class” in their own room. Jin was a little surprised at the common sense of his dongsaengs, since they, indeed, have enough patience to actually wait a while, before deciding to use Jin's offer of help.

-''Try not to break anything. Yoongi will kill you if you break any of his stuff. Not even your puppy face Jimin would ease up his cold fury, trust me I’ve tried.'' – Jin looked at them using his best puppy look he could muster and Jungkook wondered how could anyone refuse anything from Jin Hyung?

-''Damn you’re good. ''– Jimin murmured.

Hearing him, Jin laughed and eased up the sudden tension in the room. They all knew why they are here and what was about to happen.

-''So, you came to me a few weeks ago, asking me to teach you about sex. I know you were disappointed that it didn’t happen right away, but for these things need serious preparations, especially if it’s your first time, which it is, is it?''

He asked and the maknae line nodded reassuringly.

-''Good. But first, Tae, could you tell me what was that going on with you and Hoseok in the hall next to the bathroom yesterday?'' – Jin suddenly asked.

All eyes switched on Tae, who gulped nervously.

-''N-nothing is going on… H-Hobi Hyung was simply said I smelled nice. ''– He said and after seeing Jin’s raised eyebrow, went on explaining. – ''I just finished taking a bath, when Hobi Hyung appeared with a towel in his hands, ready to take a shower after practice. That’s when…when he sniffed me and say that he really love the way I smell. I thought he was complimenting me on my new shampoo.''

-''Tae do you really take me for a fool?'' – Jin asked calmly and Tae’s eyes widened.

-''N-no…'' - Jungkook and Jimin were silently watching.

-''Then why don’t you tell me the truth?''

-''I was…''

-''Tae…You were craning your neck invitingly for Hoseok to sniff, leaning back on the wall and deliberately exposing your torso in the process, knowing pretty well he would not resist the urge to run his hands on your skin. I know, I’ve seen it all.''

Tae’s eyes were round now, his face blank, showing no emotions, but for stillness. He didn’t move a muscle.

-''You also said that you taste even better, did you now?''

Jimin’s eyes grew hotter. -''Bitch you didn’t.''

-''Hush Jiminie, I’ll get to you too… ''- That silenced Jimin instantly, now thoroughly afraid of the faith awaiting him in a few moments.
Jin’s eyes left Jimin’s with a silent warning, returning on Tae’s once more. -''Didn’t you Tae?''

-''I don’t know why does it matter?' – Tae asked curtly. He disliked being exposed like that in front of Jin and this one something that he didn’t want to share with Jungkook and Jimin right now, but Hoseok was his weak spot.

-''It matters because I’m trying to see just how serious all three of you are for what you asking of me. So indulge me, please. Did you say it?''

-''I don’t know why I need to tell you anything, seeming you were there at the time, watching everything like a true voyeur you are Hyung.'' – Tae spoke calmly, his deep sensual voice purring as he watched Jin with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Two can play that game.

Jin shifted only slightly but didn’t remove his eyes from Taehyung’s.

-''You presume a lot my dear dongsaeng. I always knew how interesting a character you are, never knowing what will you be from one second to the other. Dominant man who will fearlessly take what he wants and whenever he wants, or submissive pup, that will allow Hoseok to pin him on the wall, his knee between your legs while sucking at your neck. You have very seducing moan TaeTae, it was…quite…enjoyable.'' – Jin said, his eyes sparkling. Taehyung glared at him, an angry shiver ran through his body, but he stayed calm.

-''Until some noise interrupted us. I’m glad to finally know it was you Hyung.'' – Tae said with the same sweet voice Jin used, smiling wickedly.

Jungkook was furious at Taehyung. Not only did he not tell them about this little “event”, but he was actually mad that he was interrupted. His rambling thoughts were stopped firmly by Jin’s stern eyes. They were buried deep down inside of him, revealing his bare soul.

-''Now Jungkookie, I don’t want your jealous tantrums. You are not better yourself, remembering how much you enjoyed giving me the back massage just the other day. I could feel your hands nearing my ass on multiple occasions, accidentally brushing at it and pretending it wasn’t on purpose.''

The tips of Jungkook’s ears turned red and he bowed his head down, not able to withstand Jin’s intense gaze. In some other time he would love to tease his eldest Hyung and to have the staring contest with him, but this time he was far too ashamed for getting caught, that he had difficulties looking at him right now, remembering far too well the erotic dreams he’s been having lately, ever since Jin Hyung showed up with blond hair for their “Fire” MV shooting. Even though he is turned to his brown hair again, the change was there and Jungkook could not deny it. Sometimes he just wanted to dominate his Hyung, but sometimes he just desired to be under Jin’s power.

-''If I were to brush you between your legs back then, I would discover a fully hard erection, would I know Jungkookie? Do you lust for your Jin Hyung, hmm?''

Jungkook let small whimper, still looking at his hands and knees. His palms were sweaty and his heart thumped like a drum. Damn you Jin Hyung, he thought. He could almost sense the smug expressions from his boyfriends.

-''Call me Daddy… ''- Jimin whispered to Jungkook, causing Tae to smirk and bite his lip harshly so he won’t laugh.

-''I heard that…'' - Jin said and the two smirking men grew silent, watching their Hyung intently, Jungkook still looked on the floor, his jaw clenched.

-''Jiminie, you grew overly clumsy these days. ''– Jimin’s breath hitched in his throat.

-''M-me?'' – He choked. Jungkook smirked, still looking at his hands. It's Jimin's turn now.

-''Yes, you…a lot of things simply slip through your fingers every time Yoongi is around, aren't they?'' – Jin continued, eyeing Jimin intently. - ''So you simply need to bend down to retrieve it, right in front of his nose, exposing that booty of yours so nicely…and those pants, keeps getting tighter and tighter aren’t they?''

-''Well, why shouldn’t I show my ass when it’s so nice looking?'' – Jimin smiled sweetly.

-''So plump…'' - Tae added.

-''And bouncy.'' – Jungkook joined. They look at one another, smirking and finished in unison. – ''Peachy Jibooty!''

They snickered, covering their heads with their hands when Jimin smacks them on it. Jimin turned to smirk Jin and added.

-''Besides, it’s not my fault that Suga Hyung loves to watch me bending down. It’s not like I want him to stare.''

-''Oh no, not at all.'' – Jin intercepted. – ''You simply hate it, I know. Poor thing…I guess you also hate how poor Namjoonie gets flustered and shy when you sit next to him and put your hand on his knee, rubbing it gently. And you laugh now and then, smacking him in between and each time your hand is closer and closer to his crotch and he began to squirm. Oh yes, I know you simply hate it. Or when Hoseok runs his eyes up and down your body with that smirk of his, oh yes you hate that too.'' - Jin teased. - ''Poor Jiminie, you can’t walk around, sit, eat or laugh without some of us not “raping” you with our eyes. Oh no…how sad…'' - He made a clicking noise with his tongue, pretending to be deeply saddened by Jimin’s dismay.

-''Why does all of this have to do with why we are here!?'' – Jimin asked annoyingly.

-''Well, seeing how hungry you are for somebody else’s attention, I begin to wonder whether or not you are serious of steps to the next level among yourself. You seem careless and reckless.'' – Jin said, crossing his arms and staring them down. Jimin scowled at his Hyung, but Taehyung spoke calmly.

-''Jin Hyung, we are very serious about this. We waited long enough and even though we might felt a bit naughty and tempted by somebody else’s attention, we are still 100% certain that we love each other strongly and passionately to take this to the next level.''

Both Jungkook and Jimin looked at Tae. The “love” subject never came up during their conversations, but they all felt it deeply and none of them got the need to say anything to deny it, because they knew it was true. They simply acknowledged the obvious fact, they were too deeply and intimately in tune with one another, bonded with love, trust, and respect.

-''Plus, we did experiment a little, but we never went all the way. You told us to wait and we did because we respect you and know you only meant for the best. You offered us help and here we are, asking for it. We might be weak for our Hyungs, but that’s because we love and respect you. Don’t make us beg Jin Hyung.''

-''Fuck Taehyung you will be an awesome actor in that “Hwarang” show of yours. I almost believed every word you said.'

The large box grin adorned Taehyung’s face. -''But I did mean everything I said.''

-''Oh I bet you did....anyway…'' - He clapped his hands together. – ''Let’s get started. Is there anything you would like to know first?''

-''When did you cross that line Hyung? With…with other Hyungs…'' - Jungkook asked, raising his head to look at Jin.

-''Well… ''-Jin started, flicking his eyes to the ceiling, trying to remember. - ''First it was only jerking off together while watching porn, Suga, Namjoon and I. Hoseok soon followed. I’m sure you all know about Ryan folder, I mean everyone does. Namjoon admitted its existence on television.''

-''It’s RyanBearMemes now. ''– Jungkook corrected, not knowing himself why he needed to show Jin that he watched it too. Jin simply waved his hand in dismissal.

-''Yeah? Oh well…I haven’t look at it in a quite while now. I never found watching those entirely satisfying. I’m more erotic type. I need to see the passion in order to get off.'' – He said matter-of-factly. Jungkook hung on every word.

-''But soon that wasn’t enough, we needed more and we started jerking and touching each others…the rest naturally followed. The need only grew more and bigger with each year. We are so familiar with each others bodies and desires by now that I think I would recognize all of them by a simple touch on their skin.''

-''Are you not in love with one another?'' – Jimin asked and Jin simply shook his head.

-''No…I don’t think we ever were. All of us understood the implications that would bring and we were satisfied enough only to be there for each other, whether it was to talk, comfort, observe or fuck.''

-''How can you speak so calmly about it all?'' - Jungkook asked. – ''I mean…it seemed like you are not embarrassed even in the slightest by all of this.''

-''Well I’m not. I’m your Hyung, I have to be easy for you to talk with me about this things. We are Idols. We don’t have the luxury of finding things like others of our peers do. We can’t date. We can’t afford scandals or other gossips, so naturally, we turn to one another. I am glad to be here for you.''

-''But who was there for you?'' – Tae wanted to know.

-Well, I was 22 when we debuted. I had some experience. I wasn’t a virgin when I joined the group. Yoongi wasn’t either, but Yoongi had experience with both males and females before our debut. We talked about it few times. Let’s just say, him and I helped each other the most in the beginning. Even though he was closest to Namjoon, there were still some things we couldn’t talk with him about. It was more like bro type of relationship between them, it still is, so I kind of slip in the middle naturally. Namjoon crossed that virginity line year after we finished “American Hustle Life” when he returned to the US to work with Warren G. Let’s just say Namjoonie discovered his taste for girls with darker skin color.

-''I thought he returned slightly different…more…more grown, in a way.'' – Jimin mused.

-''Exactly.'' – Jin said.

-''Damn it, why didn’t we know about this!? We are members of this group as well!'' – Jimin was annoyed.

-''Did you share your little relationship with the rest of the group as well?'' – Jin asked with a raised eyebrow.

-''That’s different!'' – Jimin defended himself.

-''How so? ''– Jin wanted to know.

-''Well first of all, what we have is deeper from losing virginity and second it’s like you excluded us from your inner circle and yours inside jokes. ''– Jimin was vexed and Jungkook was with him on this. Tae, however, was silent and observing.

-''First of all Jiminie, you were too young and innocent.'' - Jin said but was interrupted by Jimin. -''We were never that innocent!'' – He interjected.

-''Jiminie! Having dirty thoughts and jerking off is not the same as being so physically intimate with someone. Having your cock inside women or a man or someone’s member inside yourself is a completely different feeling. It is deep and it’s awakening. So no, you don’t know what is like, because you are here, asking me to teach you. And no, you were not ready to talk about it two years ago or even last year for that matter. You might be ready now and that’s why we are here. Stop acting so offended because you didn’t know those intimate parts of ours. You, Taehyung and Jungkook have a small exclusive circle of your own and we don’t try to join in. We are waiting for the right time when all of us will be of the same maturity to be equals. There is five years difference between Jungkook and me, now that’s a difference, which will grow smaller and insignificant as the years pass, but now I’m having trouble imagining him doing anything sexual, because for me, he is still my Kookie that I drove to school every day, helping him with homework, looking after him, and now all of the sudden, he is of that age when he could get a girl pregnant. Do you have any idea how weird does all of this seem to me?''

Everyone was silent after this. Both Jungkook and Jimin hung their heads in silence. Only Tae still looked at Jin with a blank expression on his face. He suddenly asked.

-''What about Hobi Hyung? When was he included to your…um…jerking off circle?''

Jin laughed heartedly.

-''I honestly have no idea.'' – Jin answered after he calmed enough. – ''Hoseok was always secretive about his private life. I don’t know what his preferences are either, beside the fact that he likes to fool around with us. I never saw him with the women before to be honest.''

-''I did.'' – Tae said calmly. All eyes were at him now, mouth opened, waiting for the answer.

-''Remember the last time we had the rest of our day off after the morning dance practice?'' - The rest of them nodded after a moment of two upon remembering.

-''Well, I forgot my earphones so I went back alone, since none of you wanted to go with me.''

-''We were tired!'' – Jimin exclaimed loudly.

-''No, you were just too excited to go out with Kai.''

-''Well, Jongin and I have so little chances to hang out, seeming that our group’s schedules never match. That was perfect opportunity.''

-''Who cares?! ''– Jungkook exclaimed. – ''Tell me about Hobi Hyung.''

-''Yeah, skip to the point. ''– Jin urged.

-''Well… ''- Tae took a breath. –'' I went back and just before I reached the door I heard some lewd noises. Naturally I needed to peep inside and there was Hobi Hyung on the dance floor…fucking that dancer girl, from the behind…the one with pink and purple ponytail.''

-''Son of a bitch!'' – Jin exclaimed. – That’s why she had to be removed from the dance crew. They said she started to make trouble. I told him not to fuck with the staff.''

-''Did he saw you?'' – Jimin asked curiously, eating himself up for not being there to witness with his own eyes. Jimin always loved to find out the filth of other members. It was his way to ease up his own perverted mind.

-''He did.'' – Tae answered.

-''And?'' – Jungkook asked this time.

-''And nothing…his eyes grew wide for a moment when he noticed me…and fuck…I couldn’t move, I was rooted on the spot, he was so bloody hot at that moment. He smiled wickedly and snapped those sinful hips even harder and faster into her. I nearly chocked.''

-''What did you do?'' – Junkook shifted, so he was facing Taehyung now. He was finding this strangely arousing, seeing Tae wiggle nervously at the memory itself.

-''I ran to the bathroom…with an enormous boner if I may add…what’s worse, when I jerked myself off and opened the toilet door, there was Hobi Hyung, leaned on the wall across it, with crossed arms and a sly smile on his face. I bloody shrieked from fright, I was not expecting him there at all. He came nearer, watching me. I can imagine the way I looked, completely fucked up. He smiled and bit his fucking lip and you know the way I am Jiminie, when he bite his lower lip and smile in the process.'' – He looked at Jimin, who smiled compassionately. Indeed Jimin knew. It was the same way he felt every time when Suga Hyung compliments him…utterly and completely fucked up.

-''And he leaned on so close. You know how he gets into your personal space.'' – Tae continued with his story and hearing the last part, everyone nodded for themselves, knowing perfectly well the way Hoseok could make you flustered by drawing so close and watching you intently with his predatory eyes, while smiling sweetly. Tae took a large breath before went on explaining animatedly.

-''And he whispered with that sexy voice of his....with his mouth right here.'' – He showed how close Hoseok was, nearly 3 cm apart. – ''"Did you enjoy that Taehyungie?" and I nearly came all over again.''

-''Fuck…what did he do?'' – Jin asked this time. His eyes were round, like he was watching the intense drama show. He literally made the movement of grabbing the popcorn and reaching up to his mouth, when he remembered where he was and quickly pushed his hands down on his lap. Jimin barely choked the laughter building inside his throat after seeing this.

-''He just smiled widely and left. I only remembered sinking down to sit, since my legs were shaking.''

The end was followed by a few seconds silence, in which no one spoke, until the fifth, a quite amused voice came from now opened door.

-''I had no idea, my dear Taehyungie, that I have such an effect on you.'' – Hoseok spoke with a wide grin, making all of them jerk on the spot.

-'Fuck Hoseok! You scared the shit out of me!'' – Jin yelled, clutching his heart and huffing and puffing loudly.

-I am sorry Jin Hyung. I was just passing by when I heard Jimin shouting. – Tae sent icy daggers stares with his eyes towards Jimin, who squirmed uncomfortably. Hoseok entered the room and closed the door. He leaned on the bookshelf and went on.

-''I stopped to see if everything is ok when I heard my name spoken. Naturally, I perked my ear to hear and man, was I surprised.'' – He said grinning, looking at Tae with a mixture of curiosity, affection, and lust. – ''We always had a thing for each other, didn’t we Taehyungie?'' – He asked and Tae inhaled breath loudly, not breaking the eye contact, making Hoseok smile even widely and somehow, more wickedly.

Jungkook didn’t like that above half. -''Stop playing him…'' - Jungkook hissed and Hoseok shifted his gaze to look at maknae, cocking one of his eyebrows in amusement.

-''Hah, I always liked jealous Jungkookie.'' – He laughed and Jungkook jumped on his feet. The atmosphere in the room was electrified in a second.

-''Jungkook what the hell do you think you’re doing!?'' – Jin yelled and went to grab Kook’s hand, but failed to do so, because Jungkook was in front of Hoseok’s face in the instant.

-''Kookie!'' – Tae and Jimin both jumped, reaching out for him, but Hoseok’s raised hand made them stop.

-''Don’t…'' - Hoseok mused, the smile still on his face, eyes not wavering from Jungkook’s face. – ''The young cub wants to be the wolf. Let him prove himself.''

They stared at one another almost a full minute. Kook’s muscles flexed and twitched as he fought his sudden anger and willing himself to calm down. His jaw was clenched and he looked so dangerous. The other three men were slightly afraid, since they never saw Jungkook so angry, fighting his self-control so fiercely and yet staying put.

-''Ah, look at you Jungkookie, resisting the urge to hit me. You grew up so much my dear one. You are not out little bunny anymore. You are more of… hmmm…'' - He ran his eyes up and down Jungkook’s body and back on maknae's eyes again. – ''More like panther…yes…definitely something fierce.''

-''Taehyung is not to be played with…Jimin also… ''- Jungkook hissed acidly and Hoseok bit his lip from overwhelming desire to fuck their youngest brat until he couldn’t walk.

-''And what about you?'' – Hoseok asked. – ''Should I not play with you then?''

Jungkook watched him with slightly different gleam in his eyes, fighting the raging battle of anger and lust in his mind. Hoseok only seemed innocent and frightened. It was just the mask. In truth, he was quite dangerous when his lust was awakened and he always loved to be challenged. The ARMY would never believe this of him and that's exactly what he is counting for. Let their sunshine be their hope and let his seductiveness and love for sex stay hidden within the group. Jungkook admired him very much. It was a different kind of admiration, intertwined with desire. As he had natural submissive place under Namjoon and Yoongi and Jin was his secret crush, Hoseok was the one he wanted to challenge and try to prove himself, knowing that even though he is much stronger than Hobi, it was his dominant aura that made Jungkook want to be spoiled by him. Not thinking much, he just reacted, listening to his gut feeling and suddenly, grabbing Hoseok’s neck to pull him into a kiss.

-''Whaaat!!!!'' – Jimin and Jin yelled in unison and Tae opened his mouth in shock. Even Hoseok’s eyes were wide at first but quickly relaxed into the kiss, grabbing Junkgook’s hair firmly to keep him in place, while he slipped his tongue into his mouth. They grabbed at each other like their life depends on it.

-'Woah, woah, woah, time out, time out!'' – Jin jumped on his feet, reaching for both men, separating them. Both Hoseok and Jungkook, lips swollen and glossy, looked at one another in challenge as to wait what the other would do next. Jin's voice interrupted their silent fight.

-''What the hell was that Jungkook?''

-''It was a kiss, I’m sure you heard of it.'' – Jungkook was annoyed with stupid question and respond with the deepest feelings, which earned him a hard flick on the head from Jin.

-''Don’t be an insufferable brat! I know what it was. I just don’t know why it happened! In one moment you wanted to rip Hoseok’s throat and in next you were kissing him. That part I didn’t understand.''

-''I could never hit Hoseok Hyung or any Hyung for that matter, so I kissed him instead. Jimin Hyung taught me that.''

-''Me? When did I…? '' – Jimin started but then suddenly remembered their first kiss. –''Oh...yeah... I did…'' - He became smug after that.

-''Well, aren't you full of surprises Jungkookie? I'm impressed.'' – Hoseok said, still smiling. – ''And just for the record, I would never hurt Tae or Jiminie, or you…I love you all way too much.''

-''I know you do…it’s just… the way you looked at Tae sometimes it’s…it’s like you want to eat him and I grew jealous, especially because I know how flustered he becomes when you do so. It feels like you…like you…''

-''Like I’m stealing your place? '' – Hoseok finished. Jungkook nodded and Tae moved, cupping Jungkook’s face, making him look at him.

-''Never think of that again!'' – He said sternly. –'' You are mine…you are in my heart and you could never be replaced. Do you understand? Do you understand what I’m saying Kookie?''

Jungkook nodded, feeling foolish. He glanced at Hoseok.

-''Sorry, Hyung. I behaved badly towards you.''

-''It’s alright Jungkookie…I totally understand you. Our Taehyungie always knew how to invoke so hard and strong feelings in one’s chest, no wonder everyone loves him.''

Hoseok said patting Jungkooks shoulder in friendly matter.

-''Anyway, why are you gathered here and why was I not invited?'' – Hoseok asked looking between them all. The maknae line felt embarrassed instantly, which left Jin to answer the question.

-''You are aware that they are in a relationship? All three of them…together…with one another… you must have, you share the room with the two? You surely noticed something.''

Hoseok nodded. –''Well, of course, I just never asked, figuring they will tell us if they want.''

-''Yes, well…they still hold the V card and now they feel ready to step to the next level in their relationship…that's where I come in.''

-''Why? Are you going to give them pointers of what to do or....khm...deflower them yourself? ''- Hoseok laughed loudly.

-''Yah! Enough!'' - Jin yelled at him, gritting his teeth.

-''Oh, Jesus, this all sounds so bloody wrong when I hear you saying like that!'' – Jimin grunted. – ''Let’s just forget about it all, I’m already tensed beyond a relaxing point.''

Jungkook simply stared at him, but Tae was determined. -''No Jiminie, we are doing this, we all agreed and who knows when the next chance will occur. I don’t want to do it alone, we talked about it and you know why, so please calm down and take a deep breath.''

Hoseok starred at him, his curiosity intrigued. He wet his lips and asked. - ''Can I help?''

Jin turns to look at him, finding that idea rather appealing.

-''As a matter of fact, you can.'' - Jin said at the same time Jimin shouted. - ''No!''

Jin looked at his black-haired dongsaeng. – ''Jiminie you are not an equal number, I could guide you better if there are two pairs in the room, besides Hoseok, is better in this than me anyway.''

Hoseok corked his eyebrow at this, but Jin interrupted whatever Hoseok wanted to say. - ''You have to be gentle with them, it's their first time.''

-''Okay.'' - Hoseok answered, holding his hands up in surrender.

-''I mean it Hoseok, you are too rough sometimes.''

-''I will behave Hyung, don't worry. So...who will I have the honor of teaching?'' - His eyes fell on Taehyung and Jungkook quietly moved closer to Tae. Jimin on the other hand was a nervous wreck.

-''Oh my God…I’m so fucking…nervous…and anxious. What if I fucked up?'' – Jimin huffed, jiggling his knee up and down, while standing fidgeting.

-''You can fuck up, as well as down, sitting or laying on your back, on your sides, kneeling…the choices are countless, just use your imagination.'' – Hoseok said, making Jin laugh and the other two maknae’s smiled, but Jimin…Jimin was still uneasy.

-''Jiminie you are thinking too much…just relax.'' – Jin said and pulled Jimin to sit with Jin on his bed. Jin sat with his legs spread, leaning back on the wall, making Jimin sit between his legs with his back turned. He started massaging Jimin’s tensed shoulders, kneading the muscles on his neck and back. The rest of the company sat back down among the pillows and cushions that were tossed carelessly on the floor.

-''Hoseok before you make yourself more comfortable, could you lock the door. I don’t think Jimin or I would survive another addition to our little…khm…”class”''. – Jin said and Hoseok went to do as he was bid. He returned seconds later and sat himself behind Tae who hugged Kookie’s back and was touching his ear to calm him. That always worked on Jungkook, whether to calm him or arouse him. The differences were in the pressure. If it’s aimed to calm and to put to sleep, the touches are gentle, but firm, as you can feel the constant touch, rubbing, pulling and kneading softly. If you are the person who loves to have their ears touched, this kind of movements creates the feeling of comfort and safety.

The other, more sensual way, is when using feather liked fingertip touches, following the earlobe and caressing the skin around-ear and gently scratching the temples before returning to the ear again. The process slowly progresses on massaging and scratching the scalp and creating the tingling sensation. Tae knew this. He knew how Jungkook reacts on his touches. He knows which sided of Jungkook’s neck are the most sensitive. That’s why Jungkook sometimes jerks out of Taehyung’s reach when he deliberately starts to play with his ears in front of the camera. Because Jungkook never knows of how would he reacts, or better say, how would Taehyung make him feel since Taehyung loved to tease him with touches in public and Jungkook was always alerted and ready to prevent the raging boner situation from happening. He was so weak for Taehyung. Jimin has his own magic on maknae, but Taehyung is unique in any way.

Feeling that Jungkook became completely calm and relaxed, Taehyung began the other technique, which slowly, but certainly woke up every nerve in Jungkook’s body. Planting the small kisses on his neck, Taehyung soon made Jungkook breathing faster and deeper, moving his chest prominently more up and down as if trying to catch enough breath to calm his body from fidgeting.

During that time, Hoseok observed Tae’s sensual ministrations carefully, while glancing up on the bed towards another couple, who was in their own meditation state. Jimin had his eyes closed and was breathing more calmly, while Jin’s fingers massaged his scalp slowly. Jimin hummed in relaxation, his body completely calm.

Jin pulled Jimin on himself, so Jimin lay on Jin’s broad chest. One hand still caressed Jimin’s hair, while the other wrapped around Jimin’s waist, rubbing his stomach in the calming matter. His mouth was at Jimin’s left ear.

-''Tell me Jiminie, what do you want?'' - Jimin craned his neck to look at Jin’s eyes, searching for comfort. His eyes gazed at Jin’s plump lips and Jin knew what his dongsaeng wanted, so he kissed him sweetly. Jimin released the breath he was holding and with that released all of his restraint, in Jin’s care. After a moment or two, Jin’s hand slide down to Jimin’s crotch. Jimin arched his back and gasped in Jin’s mouth, moaning at the sudden touch. Jin pulled back, making Jimin whimpered at the loss.

-''Do you want Hyung to take care of you or do you wish one of yours boyfriends to help you out?'' – Jin asked, still rubbing Jimin between his legs, looking straight at Jimin’s flushed face. Jimin’s shallow breathing and ever-growing erection weren’t helping with his decision what so ever, but he finally managed to look at Tae, slightly cursing at the sight. There was Tae, licking Jungkook’s neck, with his hand under younger man’s shirt, rubbing gently at his sensitive nipple. Jimin knew how much Jungkook must be aroused at the moment. His eyes were closed, his mouth pressed in the tight line as he tried not to make a sound. Tae would always tease Jungkook until breaking point, waiting to hear Jungkook’s moans and Jungkook will firmly torture himself by refusing to fulfill Taehyung’s desires. It was stubborn and patient seeking game they played and Jimin had no patience to wait, so they often played it among themselves, when Jimin was not around or somewhat else occupied. It will usually end up by Jungkook breaking and moaning loudly, gasping for air, or Taehyung losing his patience and jumping straight to the point. Now, however, they both stood their ground, teasing each other, while Hoseok rubbed Taehyung’s thighs on each side, head resting on Taehyung's shoulder, watching them and biting his own lip, imagining Tae’s tongue wrapped around his own cock.

-''T-Tae…'' - Jimin called weakly and Tae opened his eyes, looking at his soulmate.

-''Tae I need you.'' – Jimin raised his arm invitingly and Tae looked at nearly lost Jungkook before he heard a soft whisper in his ear.

-''Go, I’ll take care of Jungkookie.'' – Hoseok kissed Tae’s cheek and moved to kneel behind Jungkook’s back once Tehyung rose to join Jin and Jimin on the bed.

-''Let’s continue what we started shall we?'' – Hoseok said, grabbing Jungkook’s hair and pulling his head back, not so hard, tilting it slightly so he could kiss maknae’s mouth. Jungkook’s response was immediate.

Tae settled himself above Jimin, straddling his muscular thighs and kissing him deeply in the mouth. One of Tae’s hands went behind Jimin’s neck to keep him steady as he started rolling his hips slowly on Jimin’s crotch. His other hand, however, went behind Jimin’s back, straight on Jin’s erection. Jin gasped at the touch, not expecting that bold movement at all. Tae looks at him with such seduction, without breaking the kiss with Jimin that Jin almost moaned from arousing sight in front of him. Tae squeezed Jin’s member more tightly, causing Jin to jerk his hips straight into Jimin’s ass. The friction from both back and front Jimin’s lower part caused him to gasp and break the kiss. – ''Oh God.'' – He choked, but was silenced again by Tae’s tongue showed down his throat. Jin reached to unbutton his jeans and to release his throbbing member free, allowing Tae to have a firm grip on his leaking cock.

-''Oh, fucking shit Tae…I wasn't supposed to part....p-participaaaah....participated. - He moaned into Jimin’s neck, biting it and sucking it. Jimin was losing it, whimpering profusely into Tae’s mouth and groping for his ass to move faster and harder.

Down on the floor, Jungkook was painting. Mouth still glued to Hoseok’s, Jungkook body twitched as the elder’s hand jerked him as best as he could in the tight confinement of Kook’s jeans. Hoseok’s other hand gripped and tugged and messed with Kookie’s hair. Feeling that the young man was close, Hoseok quickly slid Jungkook’s briefs from his throbbing dick and continued his movement at a faster pace, having more room now to bring the maknae to his orgasm. Jungkook kept arching his back, his ass pressing on Hoseok's front, squirming from the high pleasure of Hoseok's expert hand. He broke the kiss to cry out.

-''Hyung…I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna… aaaah...''

-''Let it go…'' - Hoseok kissed Jungkook’s neck, tracing the line to the latter’s ear by his sinful tongue. - ''Cum for Hyung Kook…cum for Hyung.''

-''Oh fuck… oh f-fuck…'' - Jungkook moaned, gripping at Hoseok’s hair with both of his hands, tugging at it viciously as he rode off his orgasm, spilling his seeds on Hoseok’s arm and his own legs.

-''Fuck, fuck, fuck…'' - Jungkook was gasping for air, his vision still darkened by the intense orgasm. Hoseok’s movements were sharp and intense, without a break. Hoseok was edgy and sinful and Jungkook felt completely dominated by him.

-''Good lad.'' – Hoseok praised him. –'' You were so good Jungkookie''. – He raised his hand covered with Jungkook’s cum and suck on his fingers, tasting it. He played with it, letting sliding on his tongue before he pulled the young man into a passionate kiss. After they stopped to catch some breath, their eyes fell on the bed. Tae’s shirt was now off, and he was on his knees, bobbing his head on Jimin’s cock, while still jerking Jin off. The sight was completely arousing. Tae’s perfect little ass in his loose pants did wonders on Jungkook’s imagination. He felt the twitch of his dick getting hard again and all he wanted was to bury it somewhere. Hoseok saw it too.

-''Are you ready for more? Do you want me to teach you how to fuck?''

-''Fuck Hyung I never knew you can be perverted like this, it’s fucking turn on.'' – Hoseok laughed at Jungkook’s words and gazed towards the bed.

-''Who do you wish to fuck, TaeTae or Jiminie? I believe both would be ready to receive.''

-''I want to fuck you Hyung.''

Hoseok’s eyes widen at that as he sifted to look at his young protégée.

-''Oh but no…I do not bottom. If you want you little ass fucked, that I can do, but for another way around, you have to have me deeply into your spell, which you, my dear Kookie, don’t. Don’t feel discouraged though, only three truly ever did, two of which didn’t have dicks, so I did the fucking anyway. But there are still these three wonderful specimens on this bed and I believe even Jin Hyung will allow you to fuck him if you want, he is quite versatile.''

-''Damn it Hyung, when I just thought that I knew you before…seeing and hearing you know, I see that I had no clue of who you truly are.'' – Jungkook chuckled. Hoseok kept hugging him from behind, caressing the young man's hair with his clean hand, while planting a few kisses here and there.

-''I don’t allow just anyone to see this side of me. It’s reserved for special people only. For all the rest I’m ever smiling and positive Hope.''

-''You are bloody scary Hyung…''- Jungkook said, tilting his head to look him in the eyes. -''Sexy, but scary.''

Hoseok chuckled darkly. –'' That’s alright Kookie I love you, so you have nothing to be afraid of. Oh fuck…'' - Hoseok moaned as his eyes switched to the bead where Taehyung, mouth still wrapped around Jimin's member, reached down, under his pants and pushed his hand into his own briefs, all the way to his perky little ass. The way his butt muscles were clenching in his pants, Hoseok knew he was touching and prodding his rim. The sight was too much for Hoseok, who wanted his younger bandmate for a quite while now, but as his Hyungs forbid him to actually take advances on the young ones, he kept himself at bay, watching Taehyung grew more and more gorgeous and sinful. He reached down to his pants to palm his still painfully clothed dick.

-''Oh God Taehyung…''

Hearing his voice Tae turns his head slightly as his lips pouted perfectly around Jimin’s cock, to look at Hoseok and Jungkook with half-lidded eyes. As Jin removed Taehyung’s hand and replaced it with his own, choosing the faster pace since he was close. Tae’s now free hand was now wrapped around Jimin’s shaft, holding his member steady for his tongue to swirl around the length, probing at his slit occasionally, making Jimin losing his mind.

-''Hyung do you want me to help you?'' – Jungkook asked seeing how much difficulty Hoseok is having while pressing harshly on his jeans.

-''No…'' - He croaked. – ''I want Taehyung…fuck I want him badly.''

Taehyung’s eyes flashed with lust at those words and he sucks on Jimin more intently.

-''Ah, TaeTae!'' – It didn’t take much for Jimin to fill Taehyung’s mouth with his cum. He fell back at Jin, who’s arm was already spoiled by his own seeds, but he was too lazy to move yet, so he just hugged Jimin closer with his clean hand and kissed his hair, while Jimin observed with closely lidded eyes.

Taehyung stood, his pants opened showing an outline of his erected cock behind his briefs. His soft tummy glistened with a slight sweat, while he placed his hands on his neck, invitingly.

Hoseok rose from Jungkook and went to stand in front of Taehyung watching him hungrily. He reached to cup Tae’s face, running fingers down his jaw, his thumb brushing Tae’s lips, while others pressed him firmly to his body.

-''Show me that tongue of yours.'' – Hoseok croaked and Tae obeyed, pressing his playful tongue around Hoseok’s thumb. Hoseok inhaled sharply and purred at the sensation.

-''What a perfect little creature you are Taehyung, so divine…'' - Tae placed his mouth over Hoseok’s thumb and suck on it while watching him in the eyes.

-''Jin Hyung…Tae is mine. T-teach the others whatever you want.''

Jungkook wanted to protest, but Jimin hushed him and called him on the bed. Hoseok started pushing Tae towards Suga’s bed.

-''Yoongi would be furious if you have sex on his clean bed!'' – Jin warned, but Hoseok didn’t care.

-''I deal with Hyung later…right now I simply don’t give a fuck…ah, Taehyungie…''- He opened his mouth moaning quietly as Taehyung sucked Hoseok’s fingers.

-'Want me to take care of you Hyung?'' – Taehyung said, removing his fingers with the loud pop from his mouth and pressing his bulge on Hoseok’s and that was too much. Hoseok lunged at Tae’s mouth, kissing him passionately for the second time in their lives. They fell on Suga’s bed, limbs intertwined as they grind on each other in pure lust, mouths pressed in a neverending kiss.

Hoseok pulled at Taehyung’s pants and slid them off his long handsome legs, together with his underwear. Tae was gorgeous, like some Greek God, his tanned skin was glistening from sweat and small needy whimpers, nearly caused Hoseok to explode.

-''Fuck Tae, you are so gorgeous, my God…'' - Hoseok whined and Taehyung’s eyes shined, like cats. In many ways, Tae was a cat, cuddly, goofy, adorable and playful, but at the same time mysterious, moody, seductive, elegant and utterly fabulous.

He reached down to take Taehyung’s cock in his hand, ignoring the pain in his lower region. Taehyung purred at the touch, arching his back and enjoying every second of it.

-''Hyung! Toss me the bottle, please.'' – Hoseok demanded. There was quiet swishing sound and Hoseok catch the small bottle with his right hand, opening it and pouring some of the lube on his fingers.

-''Keep it…I prepared two.'' – Jin said. – ''Slowly, slowly Jungkook, let him adjust. We have time, don’t rush it.''

On the other bed laid Jimin with Jungkook's fingers deep inside his ass.

-''Curve you fingers towards his stomach... ''- Jin said, kneeling behind Kook's back and watching Jimin squirming in front of them. - ''Touch him slowly, gently...try to find the...'' - At that moment Jimin nearly screamed as Jungkook found his prostate.

-''Fuck Kook is there anything you can't do great from the first time?'' - Jin said and Jimin moaned at his words. - ''The Golden maknae. ''- Jimin looked at Kookie with heavy-lidded eyes, mouth smiling slightly. - ''My Golden maknae.'' - He added before he tossed his head back on the mattress and moaned again, fucking himself now on Jungkook's fingers. - ''More...Kookie...more!''

-''Great Jungkookie, I think he is ready now. Fuck Jiminie you look so fucking hot, I'm hard all over again. Kookie put a condom on.'' - Jin instructed. - ''Use the lube, a lot of it. Jimin is sensitive now, it's his first time, it needs to slide nicely.''

Junkook did as he was instructed, lining himself in front of Jimin's entrance and rub his tip on the bundle of nerves.

-''Jungkook fuck, don't tease...f-fuck me...'' - Jimin growled, pulling Junkook's arms so he was hovering over him and wrapped his legs around maknae's waist. Jungkook entered slowly and carefully. Jimin hissed at the sudden stretch, brow furrowed in pain.

-''Don't push it too hard. Let him adjust. You are doing great Kookie, both of you do.''

Back on the Yoongi's bed, Hoseok smiled at Jin’s careful instructions and rubbed his fingers lightly on Taehyung’s rim, massaging it. Taehyung was gnawing on his lip now, eyes closed as he breathed heavily. Hoseok's other hand stroked Taehyung's cock lazily, keeping him on the constant edge. Soon, one of Hoseok’s fingers probed in Taehyung's rim, causing him to gasp at sudden uncomfortable sensation. Even though they all fingered themselves many times, they never did it to each other, so Taehyung was quite surprised by the difference that he felt. Hoseok pushed another finger in, slick with lube, carefully working him open. Taehyung groaned loudly at an uncomfortable feeling when Hoseok spread his fingers inside.

-''Tae. Are...a-are you okay?'' – Jungkook asked from the other bed, hissing at the tightness and warmth, already slowly and steadily thrusting his hips into Jimin, making him crazy.

-''Faster Jungkookie...harder...c' mon...'' - Jimin urged impatiently, but Jungkook was careful not to hurt him yet.

-''Mhm...'' - Tae answered and moaned loudly. – ''Hyung, there oh!'' - When Hoseok found his prostate.

-''Do you like that my dear kitten, hmm?'' – Hoseok asked smiling and he could hear Jungkook growled on the other bed after hearing Tae’s new nickname.

-''His is not your kitten Hyung!''

There is a loud slap on naked skin and Jin’s disapproving voice.

-''Jungkook! Concentrate on the task at hand. You can’t be at two places at the same time.''

-''He can’t call him kitten Jin Hyung.'' – Jungkook was persistent.

-''Oh he can call him however he wants! Taehyung likes it!'' - Jimin yelled, grabbing Jungkook's ass, pulling him deeper inside himself. - ''Jungkook you better fuck me like there's no tomorrow or I swear to God I will aaaaaaah.... ''- Jimin threatened him, but was stopped by a hard thrust of Jungkook hips. Jungkook was mad now, his hips were snapping harder and harder into Jimin, who screamed in pleasure. - ''Yes!! Like that! Fuck!''

-''Jungkook will you fucking relax!'' - Jin yelled at him.

-''No, no! No, it's fine''s perfect.'' - Jimin spoke in high pitched voice. - ''I l-like oh oh! Jungkookie!''

-''He. Must. Not. Call. Tae. His. Kitten!'' - With each word, he buried himself deeper and faster into Jimin, who rolled his eyes on the back of his head from the overwhelming pleasure of having his prostate abused in such a fashion.

-''Oh but Taehyungie loved when I call him a kitten. Do you kitten?'' – Hoseok asked while pressing at Taehyung’s sweet spot, causing him to roll his eyes on the back of his head as well, whimpering. He made purring noise, which made Hoseok chuckle and soon add yet another finger.

-''Hobi Hyung!'' – Taehyung gasped when constant brushing of his sweet spot became unbearably hot. He was bucking his hips, impaling himself on Hoseok’s fingers, wanting more.


-''Please what kitten?''

-''F-fuck me…'' - Tae breathed weakly, shaking from desire.

-''As you with my Taehyungie...'' - Hoseok smiled, kissing Taehyung on his lips.

-''Damn it…'' - Jungkook cursed from the other bed, hearing Tae’s submissive words. – ''No Hyung, no fucking way!''

Jungkook slid himself out of Jimin, causing him to grunt desperately. -'' Jungkook you fucking prick! Aaaah!'' - But Jungkook didn't care, he was already marching towards another bed, where Taehyung laid sprawled and open, looking wonderfully hot and sweaty.

-''Jungkook, what the hell! Come back here!'' – Jin yelled, but Jungkook didn’t listen.

-''You will not be Taehyung’s first Hyung…I will!'' – There was death serious note in Jungkook's voice and he saw Taehyung’s lips spread into a wicked smile, eyes sparkling. The truth dawned on Jungkook's mind and he knew that Tae was toying with him, waiting for his reaction. He planned this. The wicked bastard planned this, Jungkook thought. Taehyung knew that Jungkook won’t be able to resist. He would never allow not to be his first or Jimin’s for that matter. They were his and he was theirs and there is the simple plain truth.

Hoseok glared at him. His desire for Taehyung was evident.

-''Oh Hell no Jungkook. Why don't you go and finish Jiminie, he needs you.''

-''You will not fuck Taehyung...Hyung!'' - Jungkook said serious, looking dangerous. Taehyung bit his lip, chest heaving as his cock twitched at the sight of his angry boyfriend.

-''Oh, you look so hot like that Kook.'' - He said and Jungkook's eyes found him.

-''I will deal with you in a moment.'' - Jungkook said in a low dangerous voice which made Taehyung shiver.

This was high-class dominance and Hoseok had to admit, he was annoyed but satisfied at the same time.

-''Hobi.'' – Hoseok felt Jin's palm on his shoulder. – ''You can’t come between them love, back off.'' - Jin’s voice was soft, but firm and Hobi soon relented, leaning back at Jin’s naked chest, while grasping for his hair and tilting his hair so he could smell Jin’s neck.

-''I’m in pain Hyung, huge pain.'' – Hoseok groaned into Jin’s skin, tugging at his hair.

-''I will help you out.'' – Jin reached down to unzip Hoseok’s shorts and take out Hoseok’s very painful and very sensitive cock. He growled at the touch, squeezing his eyes shut for a moment.

-''Let me help you Hyung.'' – Jimin pushed Hoseok to sit on the edge of the bed, while he knelt on the floor between his legs. – Jin Hyung, observe Kookie, he is all worked up now. Make sure he doesn't hurt my TaeTae. - Jimin said, taking it Hoseok's cock deep into his mouth.

-''Oh God Jimin! Your mouth feels so good, fuck...fuck!'' - Hoseok groaned, gripping at Jimin's dark locks to keep him steady.

-''Jungkook why don't you try to calm down before you try it with Taehyungie?'' - Jin suggested, but Jungkook shook his head.

-''Oh I'm fine Hyung.'' - He said calmly, watching Taehyung underneath him. - ''I'm calm and I know just what to do now. Go help Jimin.''

-''Yah! If you haven't left him hanging like that, I wouldn't need to! ''- Jin scolded, but Jungkook still watched Tae, who was returning his gaze with unbelievable calm and desire.

-''I am sorry Jiminie.'' - Jungkook said, turning his eyes at Jimin, his stomach turned as he saw how sexy Jimin looked, kneeling down and swallowing Hoseok's cock passionately, as Hoseok kept bucking his hips and fucking himself inside that wonderfully warm and wet plump mouth. Jimin hummed in a reply at Jungkook's apology, creating the vibrating sound around Hoseok's cock and the latter tossed his head back, moaning loudly.

-''Fuck Jimin, fuck, oh God!''

Turning his eyes from Jimin, only to look at Taehyung again, Jungkook's breath hitched again as he saw Taehyung stroking himself slowly, one of his eyebrows arched as he watched him silently. Jungkook lunged at him, kissing his lips with more passion and fervor than ever before.

-''You are mine.'' – He murmured in his mouth. – ''I fucking love you, you are mine Tae… you are mine.''

Taehyung felt like the entire cage of butterflies fluttering inside his chest and the cauldron of molten lava in his belly. He wanted to giggle from happiness and scream from the need he felt.

-''Kookie…please… please…I want you inside…''

-''Fuck Tae, I ought to let you suffer more…''

-''No… ''- Taehyung's usually deep voice was soft and pleading.

-''You did that on purpose Tae…''- Jungkook said. - ''You teased me with Hobi Hyung...'' – He kissed Tae hungrily swirling his tongue in his mouth and pressing his erection on Tae’s sensitive skin. –'' You knew how I would react.'' – He bit Tae’s earlobe and whispered wickedly.

-''N-no…Kookie… ah fuck…''

-''Admit it Tae…admit it…'' - He sucked on Tae’s neck, brought his hips down, making Tae cry from need. –''Admit it and I will give you want you desperately need.''

-''Please Kookie, please…I need you…only you…fuck…aaah!''

-''Jungkook! Stop teasing him that much, he will cum dry.'' – Jin said, observing them. Hoseok turned his head to look at them as well, glaring at Jungkook. He knew he was punishing Tae because of him. Jealous pup…one of these days Hoseok will teach him a lesson. He hissed when Jimin sucks on him a bit hard. He turned only to see Jimin is watching him. Jimin disliked to be ignored while he works his butt off, or in this case, his mouth. With a loud plop, he let go of his dick and pushed him to lie on the bed.

-''You know how much I hate to be ignored while others are having fun Hyung. ''– He said pushing himself onto Hoseok as he was to straddle him, but he kept moving up, towards Hoseok’s head. Hoseok knew he screws up. He touched Tae and he ignored Jimin and now he is going to make him pay for it. – ''But what I do love, Hyung…'' - Jimin took his cock and brushed his head on Hoseok’s lips. –'' Is the wiggling tongue, inside my little…'' - He slid more up. - ''…plump…'' - He placed himself more comfortably above Hoseok's face. -'' Ass.'' - Jimin finished, his hole lined with Hoseok's mouth now. He heard Hoseok shaking from delighted laughter, his hands caressing Jimin's thighs and perfect ass. Jimin wiggled his booty. – ''Come on Hyung, I don’t have all day.''

He yelped when Hoseok gripped his ass more harshly and run his tongue over his puckering hole.

-''Oh my God yes…yes, Hyung!''

-''God Jimin, quiet yourself…we might be alone, but you never know.'' – Jin warned. – ''Jungkook if you keep teasing Taehyung like that, I will fuck him! ''– Jin yelled loudly.

-''Oh, I think….ah…that e-entire…house heard y-you now…oh yes there…Hobi Hyung there…''

-''Shut up! ''– Jin smacked Jimin’s butt, causing Jimin to moan loudly and Hoseok to groan underneath.

Jungkook decided that he cannot wait any longer himself. He rose up and take off the condom that was still on his dick from Jimin.

-''Here, put a new one. ''– Jin held it out.

-''No, I want to feel him.'' – Tae growled.

-''It’s your first time Tae. We have to be sure…''

But Tae had enough. He jumped, growling deeply, as he took a hold of the small bottle. He pushed Jungkook on his back, pouring a generous amount on his palm and jerked him a few times to make it slippery and then straddle Jungkook’s hips, to line his entrance to his cock.

-''Tae careful…''

But Teahyung made a deep rumbling sound from the bottom of his throat. He looked so wild and sexy that Jungkook’s nearly choked. Taehyung closed his eyes and slid himself on his lover's cock, hissing at fullness, taking a few moments to get used to the size. He breathed heavily, while Jungkook forgot how to breathe at all.

Suddenly his hips rolled slowly, getting familiar with the new feeling. This was wider and deeper than even his long fingers couldn’t reach. Jungkook was brushing all sorts of new nerves, somewhat painful, others extremely pleasurable. He rose up carefully and slid back down, still hissing at the friction. He did it again, this time sliding down faster and faster until he was bouncing on Jungkook’s cock like there’s no tomorrow. Jungkook buried his heels on the mattress, snapping his hips up into Tae’s ass with such passion, that Jin was in awe. Loud wet noises of skin slapping to one another, created such lewd sounds, together with their moaning that Jin nearly came for the second time.

-''Ah Jiminie, move I need Hoseok.'' – Jin pushed Jimin off and poured lube on his ass. – ''You. Me. Fuck. Now!'' – He commanded and Hoseok didn’t have to be told twice.

-''You don’t need to prep me, just smash…'' - Jin commanded and Hobi put the condom on, added extra lube and slam himself deep into Jin in one go.

The loud shriek escaped Jin’s mouth but was quickly silenced by Jimin’s cock.

-''Be quiet Hyung, someone might hear you.'' – Jimin smirked and Jin rolled his eyes.

-''I love how your lips look around my cock Hyung.'' – Jin slapped Jimin thigh at those words as he pushes the tip of his tongue in Jimin’s slit, making the younger man momentarily speechless.

Meanwhile, Taehyung’s muscles grew slightly tired, losing the rhythm as his climax approaches, so Jungkook flipped them over, nearly tossing Tae on another couple, but Jimin caught him, helping him kneel upright, so he could kiss his lips. Tae arched his back slightly, allowing Jungkook to push back into him and continue to rock his world.

-''Aaaaaa…you hitting it… oh!'' – Tae’s deep voice boomed inside the room and the tapping sound continued more erratic and loud by any second.

-''Ah, Teahyung why do you need…to…sound…so…fucking…sexy…God…damn…it…fuck!'' – Hoseok kept slamming deep into Jin with every single word, hitting his sweet spot with every thrust. The force of Hoseok’s thrusts caused Jin to impale himself onto Jimin’s cock deeper and deeper until it was buried deep inside his throat. Jimin was taken by surprise. He totally lost it, spurting his seeds deep into Jin’s throat, causing him to choke and cough severely, gasping for air once his windpipe was freed. Jin was crying now, the overwhelming sensation was too much. He came for a second time, soiling Yoongi’s sheets with his cum, while burying his head in his arms on the bed, sobbing from over-stimulation. This wasn’t supposed to be this way. It supposed to be easy, awkward sex between three virgins. He was supposed to be the sex guru, not this. Fuck, when did all gone to hell? Jin arched his back beautifully as Hosek hold his hips tightly, snapping his hip in animalistic pace, seeking his own release.

Jimin watched all of that with almost no energy what’s so ever, but he reached down to grab Taehyung's cock and help him cum while Jungkook still fucked him. Damn, this was all so fucked up, they are all perverted, but Jimin loved it. He loved the new light he saw his Hyungs. He loved how submissive their eldest Hyung could be as well how bloody sexy Hobi Hyung is dominating. He wondered what Suga Hyung and Namjoon Hyung were like.

Some ten seconds later, Jungkook came with such force into Taehyung, that he nearly pushed them both from the bed. Bloody golden maknae, even this he does with brute force. Still recovering from the shock, he didn’t notice right away that Tae orgasm was all over his hands as well. All three fell on the bed, exhausted until they heard Jin’s cries while Hoseok kept ramming himself into him.

-'Hoseok, I can’t…please… it’s…it’s too much… Hobi stop…please…''- Jin cried and Hobi snapped and quickly pulled away.

-''Fuck Hyung, did I hurt you? Oh my God! Are you okay?'' – He went for Jin's face, cupping it and started kissing his cheeks and lips.

-''I’m sorry Hoseok, I can’t endure it, I’m sorry…'' - Jin shook from overwhelming waves of pain and pleasure. Jin was always over-sensitive after orgasm and Hoseok's stamina was truly magnificent.

-''That’s fine, don’t worry.'' – Hoseok ripped the condom off and started jerking off, but was stopped by Jungkook’s hand.

-''Here, allow me…'' - He said bending down to take his Hyung into his mouth. He bobbed his head a few times until he said. – ''Fuck my mouth Hyung.''

-''Jesus Jungkook.'' – Hoseok exclaimed, a new wave of heat racing into his groin and he grabbed Jungkook’s head to keep him steady as he first slowly, but then more passionately started bucking his hips into maknae’s mouth. Tae went to kiss Hoseok’s lips and then lick the sweat from his neck, sucking at the skin and leaving slight marks. Hoseok was very close and Jungkook, exceeding in everything he does, practiced deep throat on Taehyung, who was quite big until he felt no gag reflex what’s so ever. Stopping only to gasp for breath now and then, he licked and sucked until Hoseok warned him he was about to cum. Hoseok’s groan was not loud, but more sinister to hear as he filled Jungkook’s mouth.

He crashed on the bed next to Jin, who was in Jimin’s arms, watching. Jungkook moved Hoseok’s cum in his mouth, tasting it properly, but before he could swallow it, Taehyung bends down and kissed him, edging his tongue into Kookie’s mouth to have a taste.

-''Now that’s just nasty!'' – Jimin said and wrinkled his nose in disgust. To swallow cum after a blowjob is one thing, but playing and sharing it in your mouth it’s just disgusting in Jimin's opinion. Taehyung went to tease him.

-''Do you wanna taste?'' - Tae came, holding a small amount of it under his tongue.

-''Come near me with that thing and I’ll smack you bloody. No offense Hyung!'' – He turned towards Hoseok who laughed.

-''None took.''

-''I might take you up on it.'' - Tae said, gulping it down and smiling his box smile.

-''So what is like not being a virgin anymore?'' – Jimin asked and Tae’s grin grew wider. He sighed happily and lay across Hobi’s thighs. – ''Oh, It’s the best feeling.''

Jimin chuckled. Jin groaned.

-''Thank God it’s over. I don’t think I could survive yet another séance with you three and Hoseok.''

-''Sorry, Hyung.'' – Hoseok laughed contently and the three maknae’s watched sheepishly.

-''Fuck me!'' – Jin exclaimed looking at his clock. - ''That’s it…everyone out… they are going to be here soon. Look what we did from Yoongi's bed, damn it!''



Things certainly grew much more interesting in Bangtan dorm from that day. Yoongi found out that something has tampered with his bed and he forced the answer from Jin the same evening. He came crashing into Hoseok’s room demanding an explanation. Jin blamed Hoseok, saying that he came asking Jin for sex, but deliberately used his bed instead of Jin’s. On the demand of why Hoseok calmly replied.

-''I missed you. I wish you were there to satisfy my needs, so I had to fulfill my desires by sniffing at your scent from your pillow instead.'' – Yoongi went silent at this, eyeing Hoseok, but with less anger. Not when Hoseok was smiling so nicely. Yoongi always had a soft spot for nice and cute things.

-''He is such a good actor''. – The maknae line stood on the door of Jungkook’s room, peaking through and listening to their Hyungs. Tae was admiring Hobi’s acting skills, while Jimin shivered at Yoongi’s fury.

-''I would never be able to answer him so calmly, not when he’s angry.''- Jimin said.

-''Well our Hobi Hyung is something special, as is Jin Hyung.'' – Jungkook added as he closed the door and went to sit on his bed, the two other men joining him. – ''It’s pretty cool of them both for not rattle us out to Suga Hyung.''

-''Yeah, they are awesome.'' – Jimin added.

They sat in silence for a while, thinking about what happened today. Taehyung already made a mental note to fuck Hobi Hyung on one of these days, while Jimin made other devilish plans how to make Namjoon's and Suga's lives miserable with unwanted boners. No one could resist the Jibooty, especially not now, when it's open for business. Jungkook, however, couldn’t erase Jin Hyung’s cries and moans from his memory, wishing he was able to do more things with him today. He was quite sad when Jin said he wants nothing to do with them in sexual ways in a long time, which was too bad since Jungkook wanted exactly that. He was overprotective over Tae today. He loves his Hoseok Hyung, but the way he was looking at Tae, wasn’t alright in Jungkook’s book. He knew that Tae is desirable and that he will grow even more and more beautiful with every passing year and Jungkook would love nothing more but to lock him into the golden cage and keep him only to himself. He was selfish, but he couldn't help it. Tea simply awakes the jealous monster in his chest. Taehyung is his. He might share him with Jimin but is his. He would have to pay close attention to Hoseok Hyung, to make sure he does not reach for his Taehyung again.

Jimin never woke such jealousy as Tae did. Sure, Jungkook loved his shorter Hyung. Jiminie was so sweet and smart, hardworking and strong, but gentle at the same time. Jiminie is many things and he loved all of them. He was “Let me teach you 50 shades of how to Park me before you ride me”, naughty and kinky as hell, but Tae…fuck… his feelings towards Tae might be more serious than he thought. Didn’t he tell him that he loves him today? Fuck. He will have to talk to him about it. Breaking the awkward silence Jungkook finally spoke.

-''So…what are we going to do now?''

-''I have something in mind.'' – Jimin said, pulling the bottle of lube from his pocket.

-''You did not steal that from Jin Hyung?!'' – Taehyung asked.

-''I borrowed it. I shall return it back… if there is anything left that is.'' – Jimin giggled.

Tae laughed and Jungkook shook his head in disbelief.

-''So, will you tell us what do you have in mind?'' – Kookie asked.

-''Oh since you and Tae are opposite virgins…''

-''How do you mean opposite?'' – Jungkook interrupted and Jimn huffed.

-''You didn’t get in the ass and Tae didn’t stick it! Opposite!''

Taehyung laughed. –'' Talk to me dirty baby.''

Jimin smacked him on the arm.

-''I’m serious… well… I thought we could…um…maybe…fuck all three at the same time…''

-''How do you mean?''

Jimin took an exasperated sigh.

-''Kookie, use your wits a bit, I know you have them. I mean I know you spilled half of your brain and golden soldiers straight into Tae today, but still, there must be some left for me.''

He yelped when Kookie hit him in the ribs playfully.

-''Are you thinking what I’m thinking right now?'' – Taehyung asked Jimin, wide eyes.

Jimin raised his eyebrows and bit his lip… - ''Maybe…''

-''You want to send Chim Chim explorer into Kookieland, while TaeTae orders his 300 Hwarang’s soldiers to claim Mountain Jibooty yelling “This is Bangtan!!!”?''

Jimin almost choked and then roared with laughter, tossing himself on the bed and clutching his stomach. Tae joined him, wholeheartedly.

-''I knew you would understand Tae!!!'' – They shook, laughing even louder when they saw Jungkook’s face. He was completely exasperated, shaking his head in disbelief.

-''You know what, I’m done. I’m so done with you two for tonight. I’m going to play “Overwatch”, I don’t care… noup… no…nyet…nada….nein…ani….''
They just continued laughing, brushing the tears from their eyes, knowing full well that Kookie would join as soon as they start. But before that, the light joyful laugh is exactly what they need.



Hearing the laughter of the maknae’s room, Suga turned to see if they are out of their earshot. Hoseok closed the door behind him and pushed Suga gently towards his bed.

-''Come now Hyung, you must be tired. Let your Hoseokie take care of you, hmm?''

-''What about the others? Jimin…He might barge in.''

-''Jimin wouldn’t come tonight. ''– Hoseok said slyly. – ''He has other plans with TaeTae and Kookie. He would be sleeping there tonight.''

-''How do you know that?'' – Yoongi asked curiously liking the idea of having some private time with Hobi.

-''Oh, I have my ways of knowing.'' – He kissed Yoongi’s mouth. – ''Let me abuse your sweet spot a little shall I?''

-''You better not miss it.'' – Suga warned.

-''When did I ever?'' – Hoseok smirked and allowed himself to be pulled on the bed in Yoongi's embrace.


The End